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Danton Burroughs with John Carter's Sword created by John Coleman Burroughs

THE MARS NOVELS: Complete Text & Illustrated Bibliography
The first 6 titles are in PD
- for research only
A Princess of Mars
The Gods of Mars
Warlord of Mars
Thuvia, Maid of Mars
The Chessmen of Mars
Master Mind of Mars
A Fighting Man of Mars
Swords of Mars
Synthetic Men of Mars
Llana of Gathol
Public Domain Editions in eText

Each of the Barsoom titles are featured in the 
ERB C.H.A.S.E.R. Illustrated Bibliography
Publishing info, cover and interior art for pulps, hardcovers and paperbacks, 
research info, reviews, links, and entire text of the novels.
A Princess of Mars: Art: Schoonover, Frazetta, etc.
Gods of Mars
Warlord of Mars
Thuvia, Maid of Mars
Chessmen of Mars
Mastermind of Mars
A Fighting Man of Mars
Swords of Mars
Synthetic Men of Mars
Llana of Gathol
Skeleton Men of Jupiter
John Carter and the Giant of Mars

Voice of America Serialization of A Princess of Mars
Part of their Special English Program: 
American English Made Easier:  Read + Listen + Learn
Text and Audio Summaries collated in ERBzine:
The Hillman ERB Log Notes Project
The Under the Moons of Mars Trilogy
A Study Guide for Fans and Researchers

These log notes sequentially pinpoint and elaborate on the 
important events throughout the novel. 
The information is presented in the form of hundreds of questions and answers. 
The answers in version 1 are invisible until the reader drags his mouse
across the screen which highlights the hidden text.
The alternate version 2 is complete with visible answers

Each chapter title bar has links to the actual novel text
and to the Spratt graphic novel interpretation
An Alternate Version with visible answers for easy printout:
Each chapter title bar has links to the actual novel text:
An Alternate Version with visible answers for easy printout: 
Each chapter title bar has links to the actual novel text:
An Alternate Version with visible answers for easy printout:
Each chapter title bar has links to the actual novel text:
An Alternate Version with visible answers for easy printout:
Thark Head Sculpture by John Coleman Burroughs
Scores of interpretations of Thark appearances 
by the best-known ERB artists
NEW: The First 8 Rooms of our Series of Tars Tarkas Images

Gallery I
Gallery II
Gallery III
Gallery IV
Gallery V
Gallery VI
Gallery VII
Gallery VIII

Exploring The Fantasy Worlds of ERB with Den Valdron
ERBzine 1402
Den Valdron: Fantasy Worlds
ERBzine 1403
Valdron: Gulliver On Barsoom?
ERBzine 1404
Valdron: HG Wells' Barsoom!
ERBzine 1405
Earth Invades Mars
ERBzine 1406
Griffith's Honeymoon in Space
ERBzine 1407
Mighty OAK of Barsoom I
ERBzine 1408
Mighty OAK of Barsoom II
ERBzine 1409
Malacandra on Barsoom
ERBzine 1414
Lost Canals of Mars
ERBzine 1415
The Real Primeval Mars
ERBzine 1416
Religions of Barsoom
ERBzine 1417
The Fall of Barsoom
ERBzine 1418
Are Barsoomians Human?
ERBzine 1419
Matching Mars & Barsoom
ERBzine 1420
Barsoomian Geography II
ERBzine 1421
Secret of Thuria I
ERBzine 1422
Secret of Thuria II
.ERBzine 1423
Evolution of Common Language
ERBzine 1484
Valdron Feedback Forum
ERBzine 1485
Monkey Men of Pal-ul-don
ERBzine 1486
Star of Pellucidar
ERBzine 1487
Pellucidar: Survival of Species
ERBzine 1488
Next Stop, Pellucidar
ERBzine 1489
Weiroos of Caprona
ERBzine 1490
Mystery of Caprona
ERBzine 1491
Paradox of the Moon
ERBzine 1492
Lunar Lost Worlds
ERBzine 1493
Puzzles of Amtor
ERBzine 1494
Unravelling Amtor
ERBzine 1495
Anthropology On Amtor
ERBzine 1496
Inside Amtor
ERBzine 1497
Beneath Barsoom
ERBzine 1498
Barsoom Before JC
ERBzine 1499
Mass Extinction On Barsoom
ERBzine 1502
Evolution On Barsoom
ERBzine 1503
Matching Mars III: Poles
ERBzine 1504
Eurobus Deconstructed
ERBzine 1505
Eurobus Revisioned
ERBzine 1506
World Fantasy Convention 
State of  Publishing Today.
ERBzine 1507
JC and the Giant of Mars
ERBzine 1508
Linguistic Archeology & Orovars
ERBzine 1509
White Apes & Green Men
ERBzine 1510
Tharks In Space!
ERBzine 1511
Kline's Venus
ERBzine 1512
The Other Moon Maid: Maza
ERBzine 1513
Pulp Venus
ERBzine 1514
Farley - Radio Free Venus
ERBzine 1515
Farley - Radio Pellucidar
ERBzine 1516
Pulp Pellucidar
ERBzine 1782
Time and Pellucidar
ERBzine 1743
Cummings Tama/Mercury
ERBzine 1744
Monsters of Sesame Street | a | b |
ERBzine 1520
Skull Island Lost Civilization
ERBzine 1521
How'd Kong Get So Big?
ERBzine 1742
Aelita Russian Princess/Mars
ERBzine 1780
Otis Adelbert Kline's Jan
ERBzine 1781
Otis Adelbert Kline's Tam
ERBzine 1786
Valdron Sex On Mars
Lovecraft: Almost Human
ERBzine 1741
Barsoom Religions II
ERBzine 1783
Brackett: Colonial Barsoom
ERBzine 1784
Carter Colonial Barsoom
ERBzine 1785
Post-Modern Barsoom
ERBzine 1935
Sojarr Titan
ERBzine 1936
Jongor Saga
ERBzine 1937
Secret History of Opar
ERBzine 1938 
Tarzan on Mars Review
ERBzine 1939
ERBzine 1968
Tarzan at Core of Mars Review
ERBzine 1969
La, Priestess of Barsoom
. Lin Carter Articles by Den Valdron
Carter's Callisto
Shape of Thanator
Alien Races of Callisto
Civilization of Callisto
Barsoom-Thanator Connection
Callisto Pellucidar
Callisto Future
Literary Zanthodon
Literal Zanthodon
Linguistic Zanthodon, 
Pellucidar, Mangani, Pal-ul-don
. .
Colonial Barsoom
Colonial Appendix
Den Valdron's "Ganymede or Bust" Series
ERBzine 1930
1. Tarzan On Mars
ERBzine 1931
2. Forgotten Sea of Mars
ERBzine 1932
3. Mike Resnick's Ganymede
ERBzine 1933
4. Ganymede: Two Universes
ERBzine 1934
5. Resnick's Ganymede II
1444 Planet Mars 1901 
1445 Planets Inhabited? 1908
1446 Is There A World Inside Of The World?  1913
1438 Burroughs’ Barsoom and Lowell’s Mars:
A Map for the Interpretation of Barsoomian Geography

Click for Full-Size Image
Map of Barsoom by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Map of Barsoom
Mars poster by Ballantine ~ Art by Gino D'AchilleBarsoom covers by Gino d'Achille
..Barsoom art by Whelan  .Mars Art by Joe Jusko
Chessmen of Mars by Whelan

Whelan art for Bradbury's Martian Chronicles
Schiaparelli Mars Maps 1888

Argosy All-Story - February 18, 1922 - Chessmen of Mars 1/7
Amazing:  July 1927 Annual - Mastermind of Mars
Blue Book: May 1930 - A Fighting Man of Mars 2/6
From the ERB Pulp Magazine Illustrated Bibliography


Predictions of Future Innovations and Inventions on Barsoom
Chronology For the Princess of Mars Trilogy
Huck's Gazetteer of Barsoom
Huck's Mars Map

Huck's Barsoom Glossary
Burroughs Crater On Mars ~ photos & maps
Pulp Magazine Bibliography ~ Illustrated
James Spratt: Jetan artist (first of three parts)

Martian Game of Yano
Illustrated Biblio of ERB Comics, BLBs, Trading Cards, Pulps, Collectibles, etc.
ERBdom Fanzine Index
Jeff Doten's Toys on Mars

ERBzine Silver Screen: Resource Guide the ERB Films
ERB Screen Heroines: Part I ~ Part II
Barsoomian Crossword Puzzle
Skeleton Men of Jupiter (from John Carter of Mars): summary and commentary
Barsoom Story Treatment by TMarking

Preliminary Pre-Production Work on the Paramount Princess of Mars Project
Mapping Barsoom I: Can It Be Done? by Rick Johnson
Mapping Barsoom II: Compromises by Rick Johnson
Mapping Barsoom III: The Past by Rick Johnson
Rick Johnson: Valley Dor and Links to Barsoom articles, sketches and fiction
Rick Johnson: Barsoom Geography

Cristian Sildan: Barsoom Analysis I: Demography, Polity, Society and Economy
Cristian Sildan: Sociology & Morality
Cristian Sildan: Barsoom Analysis III: Girl, Reconstructed
Cristian Sildan: More Barsoomologist and Amtorianist  Musings


Thoat Model by JCB


Pulp Magazine Bibliography ~ Illustrated
ERB the Prophet: Future Visions of Mars I with St. John Art
ERB the Prophet: Future Visions of Mars II with St. John Art
ERB the Prophet: Future Visions of Mars III with St. John Art

Frank Schoonover bio and gallery (first ERB illustrator)
J. Allen St. John: (ERB's best-known artist): Bio, Gallery, Links to St. John features)
St. John Gallery III
Russ Manning Bio and Art Gallery
Thomas Yeates Art Gallery
Dark Horse ERB comics bibliography

Princess of Mars 1921 illustrated serialization
Fighting Man of Mars pulp magazine art by Hoban
Master Mind of Mars pulp magazine art
Master Mind and Fighting Man of Mars art by Frank Frazetta

Fighting Man of Mars art by Mahlon Blaine (Canaveral edition)
A Princess of Mars art from Oxford Press Edition
Mars First Edition Dust Jackets
David Burton Mars Art
David Burton: An Artist Journal: Barsoom Art ERBzine 1698 ~ ERBzine 1708

Older Biblio Covers Section
Foreign Edition Paperback Covers
Frank Blisard's Memoirs of Mars ~ Original Art
Otis Adelbert Kline (ERB imitator) art from his Outlaws of Mars

ERB Artists Encyclopedia
Dan Parsons Artist Profile
Aaron Lopresti ERB Art Folio
A Computer Animation Project by Kurt Metz
Illustrated ERB Bio

The Martian: UK Sun Serial in 31 Illustrated Chapters
A Princess of Mars Illustrated Czech Adaptation
Thuvia, Maid of Mars Illustrated Czech Adaptation
Paul Privitera Art ~ Gallery II
Tarzan/John Carter Sunday Pages

Rafael Kayanan Gallery of ERB Art
Rafael Kayanan Unofficial Pre-Production Art for the JC Film

James Spratt: Master Sculptor, ERB Artist (A Princess of Mars) and Creator of ERB Martian Chess (Jetan from Chessmen of Mars) and expanded variations (Chess Variants) on the game (Sarang)
A Princess of Mars: Illustrated
Jetan I
Jetan II
Jetan III
The Mars Art of Thomas Yeates
from our Yeates Tribute Galleries
Thomas Yeates Barsoom Gallery I. . .Thomas Yeates Barsoom Gallery II
ERB's A Princess of Mars
Illustrated by James Spratt
1301 Princess of Mars Illo Contents 1302 Princess 1: On the Arizona Hills 1303 Princess 2: Escape of the Dead
1304 Princess 3: My Advent On Mars 1305 Princess 4: A Prisoner 1306 Princess 5: I Elude my Watchdog
1307 Princess 6: A Fight That Won Friends 1308 Princess 7: Child-Raising On Mars 1309 Princess 8: Captive from Sky
1310 Princess 9: I Learn the Language 1311 Princess 10  Champion and Chief 1312 Princess 11 With Dejah Thoris
1313 Princess 12 A Prisoner with Power 1314 Princess 13 Love-Making On Mars 1315 Princess 14 A Duel to the Death
1316 Princess 15 Sola Tells Me Her Story 1316a Princess 15 Pt. 2


John Carter of Mars Sunday Pages by John Coleman Burroughs ~ 1941/1942
plus Novelization of the JCB strip by Dale R. Broadhurst
Contents I: Strips 1-10
Contents II: Strips 11-20
Contents III: Strips 21-30
John Coleman Burroughs: John Carter Sunday Pages Summaries I
John Coleman Burroughs: John Carter Sunday Pages Summaries II

John Coleman Burroughs JC strip: Behind the Scenes
John Coleman Burroughs' Llana of Gathol Gallery
John Carter and the Giant of Mars: Illustrated Synopsis
JCB's Synthetic Men of Mars Gallery
Dejah Thoris poses by Jane Ralston Burroughs
Dejah Thoris: Jane Ralston Burroughs
ERB Heroine I ~ Jane Ralston Burroughs
ERB Heroine II ~ Jane Ralston Burroughs
Lost John Carter art



Illustrated Biblio of ERB Comics
John Carter of Mars: Early Years
John Carter: Marvel Covers 1-15
John Carter: Marvel Covers 16 -29
DC Weird Tales Covers
John Carter Funnies Comics by JCB

The Martian Illustrated Version of A Princess of Mars as it appeared in England's THE SUN
Serialized over 31 weeks


The R.E. Prindle Series
Chattering from the Shoulder Columns by David "Nkima" Adams
Gladiators and ERB
A Princess of Stories
Terry Wilcutt: Astronaut and Shuttle Commander: ERB an influence and inspiration
A Study of Martian Fashion
ERB: Case of the Missing Foreword (Princess)
Barsoom's Legacy
Sword of Theosophy series: John Carter Beginnings?
Theosophy II: Quest for Gullivar Jones Carter
Theosophy III: Does it really matter? Fantasy and Truth
ERB Religious Themes
Gods of ERB I
Gods of ERB II
Gods of ERB III
Princess of Mars film project ~ first steps
ERBzine News Today: Latest News Releases
Burroughs’ Barsoom and Lowell’s Mars: Geography by Leathem Mehaffey
Are All the Planets Inhabited?: 1908 Chicago Newspaper Article
A Princess of Mars on Voice of America
Martian Time by Ekman and Gangale


Tesla's Vision of the Future


Predictions and Images of Future Innovations and Inventions
ERB at the Columbian Exposition 1893 (docu-fiction 10 chapters)
Tarzana Ranch 1921 (docu-fiction)
ERB Personal Library with eText editions, covers, art, inscriptions, etc.
The Defenestration of ERB
Tesla: Master Mind of the Age
Hugo Gernsback / ERB Connection

Carl Sagan. . . and Barsoom
ERBzine 1384:  An ERB Fan Tribute: Carl Sagan
From the VOA broadcast: The year is nineteen-forty-seven. Twelve-year-old Carl Sagan is standing outside a small house in the eastern city of Brooklyn, New York. It is dark. He is looking up at the sky. After a few minutes, he finds the spot for which he has been searching. It is a light red color in the night sky. Carl is looking at the planet Mars.
"I can remember as a child reading with breathless fascination the Mars novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs. . . . I can remember spending many an hour in my boyhood, arms resolutely outstretched in an empty field, imploring what I believed to be Mars to transport me there."



Torakar of Mars by Den Valdron
A Princess of Jasoom by Jeff Long
Parody: Jeff Long's Barsoomian Blade
Parody: Jeff Long: Labors of Lakor
Parody: Jeff Long: Brain of Lakor
At the Core of Mars: fan fiction novel serialized
Return to Barsoom fan fiction: Part 1  ~ Part 2
James Spratt's Illustrated Adaptation of ERB's A Princess of Mars
The Calot of Dar
A Panthan's Story fan fiction
Barsoomian Reminiscences of Sherlock Holmes
Barsoom: Untold Stories (round-robin interactive fan fiction project)
Dancing the Night Away ~ Humorous Barsoom fan fiction
ERB the Urban Legend
Poem: A Princess of Mars by Charles R. Turner
To Dak Kova By Miss India Boone

Danton's Den: Weekly Webzine with rare items from the Buroughs Tarzana Archive
On the Web: Links to the Burroughs Family Archive
Tarzana Treasure Vaults
Tour of Danton Burroughs Residence and Burroughs Family Archive
JCB John Carter Projects in Danton's Archive


November 22, 2004
Dear Mr. Hillman,
I must prepare for a Planetarium, in Milan, Italy, an evening about  "Mars in science fiction". Unfortunately, all Barsoom illustrations I  found show only the hero fighting the villains or the monsters. Could  you... send me the scan of some more detailed picture of Barsoom, its  cities, scenes and inhabitants?
Fabio Femino
Milan, Italy
Mr. Femino's excellent presentation with many large images of Mars in fiction is featured at:
Planetarium Mars Presentation

English translation

Visit our John Carter of Mars Movie Site


Visions of Barsoom:
100 Years of John Carter
Compiled by Bob Zeuschner


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