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This CONTRIBUTORS INDEX serves as both a tribute to fans and scholars who have shared their work with us... 
and as an aid for readers/researchers who ask, "Who wrote what... and where's it hidin?'"
The list of contributors is alphabetized and includes links and brief descriptions of their projects. 

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Edgar Rice Burroughs




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David "Nkima" Adams
ERBzine 0396
A gateway site leading to 50 of David's ERBzine articles, including the Nkima Chats series.
ERBzine 0993  "Good Ole Days" Christmas
ERBzine 1123 Baum, Burroughs, and the Theosophy Connection
ERBzine 1146 Nkima Collage: Tarzan Dreams
ERBzine 1298 ERB/London by David Adams
1367: Adams Morphology: Tarzan Twins
1368 Adams Morphology: Tarzan/Tarzan Twins
1369 Adams Morphology: Jungle Tales
1383 Adams' Lord/Jungle Study
1389 Nkima: Tarzan/Speed of Big Cats
1941 Maureen O'Sullivan Biography Review
Duane "Lion Man" Adams
ERBzine 0847 BURROUGHS BIBLIO-PRO-PHILE: Adams bio with links to all of his ERBzine features
ERBzine 0297 Art Gallery - The best of Duane's ERB art
ERBzine 0390 Moon Maid Glossary with George McWhorter
ERBzine 0659  Fires of Tohr Comic/OTR Comparison ~ ERBapa Reprint
ERBzine 0660 Fires of Tohr Radio Serial Summary Eps. 1-18
ERBzine 0661 Fires of Tohr Radio Serial Summary Eps. 19-39
ERBzine Comics Encyclopedia is the gateway to all of Duane's DELL COMICS Features
ERBzine 0789 Murray Tarzan Comics
ERBzine 0848 Candid Mots and Shots
ERBzine 0849 Dell Comics Project
ERBzine 0850 Dell #1: A Comparative Study
ERBzine 0851 Dell 1-10
ERBzine 0852 Dell 11-20
ERBzine 1478 Tarzan Dells: 21-30
ERBzine 1552 Dell Tarzan Summaries 31-40
ERBzine 1553 Dell Tarzan Summaries 41-50
ERBzine 1569 Dell Tarzan Summaries 51-60
ERBzine 1571 Dell Tarzan Summaries 61-70
ERBzine 1572 Dell Tarzan Summaries 71-80
ERBzine 1573 Dell Tarzan Summaries 81-90
ERBzine 1574 Dell Tarzan Summaries 91-100
ERBzine 1575 Dell Tarzan Summaries 101-110
ERBzine 1576 Dell Tarzan Summaries 111-120
ERBzine 1577 Tarzan Summaries 121-131
ERBzine 1566 Dell Tarzan Annuals 1-3.
ERBzine 1567 Dell Tarzan Annuals 4-7
ERBzine 1596 Dell Tarzan Annuals  8-10
ERBzine 1597 Dell Language Banks
ERBzine 1595 Dell Places: A-F | G-L | M-R | S-Z
ERBzine 1598 Dell Things: A-E |F-L | M-R | S-Z
ERBzine 1690 Dell People/Animals A-Z
ERBzine 1479 Dell Overview ~ All Titles

Jill Adams
ERBzine 1977  Studley Oldham Burroughs Family Memories by Grandaughter Jill
ERBzine 1978: Final Years of my Grandfather Studley Oldham Burroughs
ERBzine 2039: Cartoon art of my Grandfather Studley Burroughs 
Jim Adams

ERBzine 3191: Mars Fiction: A Warrior Walks Barsoom
Steve Allsup

ERBzine 0887  90 Years of Tarzan
ERBzine 1749  Dark Horse meets Gold Key
ERBzine 6092: A Bridge Too Far

ERBzine 2724  - Minidoka 
William Armstrong

ERBzine 0579 Tarzan Memories I
ERBzine 0610 Tarzan Memories II: Tarzan the Apeman Introduction
ERBzine 0640 Tarzan and the Golden Lion silent film I: All captions and illustrating stills
ERBzine 0641 Tarzan and the Golden Lion silent film II: All captions and illustrating stills

John Barnes  "Gahor of Gathol"
ERBzine0858 Barsoom: Untold Stories I ~ A FanFic Round-Robin Project
ERBzine 0859  Barsoom: Untold Stories II ~ A FanFic Round-Robin Project

Robert R. Barrett
ERBzine 0650 Introduction to the McWhorter Index of the Burroughs Bulletin (New Series)
ERBzine 3147:   The Story of Armstrong W. Sperry
Sailor Barsoom

ERBzine 2145  Telepathy in Pellucidar
ERBzine 2306: Loose String ~ Cos-Ata-Lo
Lane Batot
ERBzine 4543: Presentation of the 2013 Louisville Dum-Dum
ERBzine 1983: Conversation Regarding Jane Goodall and ERB

Scott Beachler
ERBzine 0979 Original Pencil Drawings from Under the Moons of Mars
Thomas F. Bertonneau

ERBzine 2808  ERB and the Masculine Narrative
Rosalie Bier

ERBzine 3475: Art from Tarzana Hall of Fame Member

Joan "J the V" Bledig
ERBzine0168Grand Opening of the Oak Park ERB Museum
ERBzine 0169 Oak Park ERB Museum Photos (In Preparation)
ERBzine 0170 Title Page Medallions
ERBzine 0060: Jane and Gimla Discover Tarzan
ERBzine 1534 Meet Joan Bledig
ERBzine 1535 Bledig Collection I
ERBzine 1536 Bledig Collection II
ERBzine 1537 Bledig Collection III
ERBzine 1538 Bledig Collection IV
ERBzine 1539 Bledig OkaR'nR in Canada
ERBzine 1540 Joan's Dum-Dum Photos I
ERBzine 1541 Joan's Dum-Dum Photos II
Frank X. Blisard

ERBzine 0457 Meet Frank X. Blisard ~ Blisard Watch
ERBzine 0280 JACK OF TIME - ERB Novel Intro & Ch. 1 - "After the Fire..."
ERBzine 0291 Tarzan vs Tarzan I
ERBzine 0292 Tarzan vs Tarzan II
ERBzine 0293 Tarzan vs Tarzan III
ERBzine 0286 Disney's Multicultural Gold (Tarzan vs Tarzan IV)
ERBzine 0330 Jack of Time: Chapter 2 (Pt. A) Time Bomb
ERBzine 0359 Memoirs of Mars ~ Blisard Art & Nkima Commentary
ERBzine 0433 JACK OF TIME - Ch. 2  (Pt. B)  Time's Fool - Graphics & Links Laden
ERBzine 0433t JACK OF TIME - Ch. 2  (Pt. B)  Time's Fool - Fast-loading Text Version
ERBzine 0434 JACK OF TIME Ch. 2 (Pt. C)  Time's Tool - Graphics & Links Laden
ERBzine 0434t JACK OF TIME Ch. 2  (Pt. C)  Time's Tool - Text Version
ERBzine 0436 Jack of Time 2D Time & Tide - Text Version
ERBzine 0555 JACK OF TIME Ch. 2  (Pt. E)  Time For War
ERBzine 0663 JACK OF TIME Ch. 3 Othello's Fellow

Fred Blosser
ERBzine 2161  Lost Empire of Pellucidar
ERBzine 2059  Castaway of Pellucidar
ERBzine 4977: Tarzan vs. Frankenstein on the Island of Dr. Moreau
Matthew Bluhm

ERBzine 0536  A Panthan's Story
Al Bohl

ERBzine 3110 - Behind-the-Scenes stories of the making of Tarzan: Lord of the Louisiana Jungle (Many Feature Pages)
ERBzine 2892: Spotlight on Al Bohl

Brian Bohnett
ERBzine 1170  The Soldier Author and the Master of Adventure ~ Part I
ERBzine 1171  The Soldier Author and the Master of Adventure ~ Part II
Bruce "Tangor" Bozarth

ERBzine 0203 ERB Notes
ERBzine 0128 Code of Tarzan
All-Gory Pulp Parody 123 chapters of the Ratnaz files written with Bill Hillman
Barsoom Contributor in Barsoom: Untold Stories I ~ A FanFic Round-Robin Project
ERBzine 1296  Transcribed list of ERB Library books from information compiled by Danton Burroughs

William Brent
ERBzine 4194: Meet William Brent
ERBzine 4194a: William Brent Art Wall
Dale Broadhurst

ERBzine 1110 Burroughs Biblio-Pro-Phile Series: Dale Broadhurst
ERBzine 1133 The Gods of ERB I: The Religions of  ERB Fiction
ERBzine 1134 The Gods of ERB II: Spectres of the Supernatural
ERBzine 1135 The Gods of ERB III: Beyond the Farthest Stars
ERBzine 1107 John Carter: Sword of Theosophy Revisited
ERBzine 1108 John Carter: Sword of Theosophy Series: Lupoff of Mars
ERBzine 1109 John Carter: Sword of Theosophy Series: ERB and the Search for Ultimate Answers
ERBzine 0828 Rex Maxon: Turok / Hal Foster Connection
ERBzine 0826 Rex Maxon Reprints
ERBzine 1192 Princess 1921 Serialization I
ERBzine 1193 Princess 1921 Serialization II
ERBzine 1439  Guide to ERB & The Press features many newsstories from the Broadhurst Collection
ERBzine 2274  JOHN CARTER AND THE PERILS OF MARS ~ A Novelization of the 1941-43 Sunday strips by John Coleman Burroughs
ERBzine 1127: ERB Wartime Files
Sky Brower


Phil Burger
ERBzine 1410 Phil Burger's News from the Neocene
ERBzine 1411 Thoughts on Return of the Mucker
ERBzine 1412 Mesa, Mormons & Martians
ERBzine 1413 Clergy, Laymen, Pop Sci & LTF
ERBzine 1298  Selected Book Titles and Inscriptions from the ERB Library
ERBzine 1971 Burger: In Defense of Carson Napier
ERBzine 1972  Hescox Interview
ERBzine 2186  A Few Words Relative to this Remarkable Personality ...  Danton Burroughs
Danton Burroughs
Danton Burroughs Official Family Archive Website
John Coleman Burroughs Tribute Site: Tarzana Treasures Archive Series
ERBzine 0902 Jane Ralston Burroughs Tribute
ERBzine 0714 John Coleman Burroughs Tribute
ERBzine 0353 John Coleman Burroughs WWII Propaganda Art Booklet: X Marks the Spot Pt. 1
ERBzine 0354 John Coleman Burroughs WWII Propaganda Art Booklet: X Marks the Spot Pt. 2
ERBzine 0715 John Coleman Burroughs WWII Propaganda Art Booklet: Conservation
ERBzine 1201 The ERB Personal Library Project ~ Titles and Info contributed to the Hillman research on the collection
ERBzine 2159  Danton the Writer
Edgar Rice Burroughs

ERBzine 0219 Lost Words of ERB: Online links to ERB's articles, letters, & obscure work Many photos and articles

George and Harry Burroughs
ERBzine 1150 Harry Burroughs  Letters I: 1884-87 & Chicago
ERBzine 1094 Burroughs Brothers in Yale I: Hilites
ERBzine 1095 Burroughs Brothers in Yale II: Hilites
ERBzine 1096 G. Burroughs Letters from Camp 1884-86
ERBzine 1097 G. Burroughs Letters from Yale 1886-87
ERBzine 1098 G. Burroughs Letters from Yale 1887
ERBzine 1099 G. Burroughs Letters from Yale 1888
ERBzine 2776  WWII Autograph Books
Jane Ralston Burroughs

ERBzine 1465  Hybrid of Horror 
John Coleman Burroughs

John Coleman Burroughs Official Website ~ Art ~ Anecdotes ~ Photos ~ Letters ~ Fiction ~ Strips
ERBzine 1160 JCB Analysis of Weiss TA Screenplay
ERBzine 0166:  Art Gallery
ERBzine 1465  Hybrid of Horror
ERBzine 2175   John Carter Animation Project
ERBzine 0335: Short illustrated bio
ERBzine 3401:  JCB Rare Art: Hundreds of Pieces
ERBzine 2840: Directory of the JCB John Carter comics in THE FUNNIES
ERBzine 2288: JCB's John Carter Sunday Strips
ERBzine 2841: JCB's John Carter Big Little Books
ERBzine 2175: JCB's John Carter Animation Project and Folio Guide to JCB Mars Art
Linda Burroughs  - Many scans for Burroughs Archives and access to Danton's collections for ERBzine features
Mary Burroughs

ERBzine 0334 John Coleman Burroughs: A Love Story
ERBzine 0336 Memories of John Coleman Burroughs
ERBzine 0376: ECOF 2000 Guest of Honour: Memories of JCB
ERBzine 3699: Meet Mary Burroughs 1 and 2

Mary Evaline Burroughs and the Burroughs Family
ERBzine 0920 - ERBzine 0928  Memoirs of a War Bride ~ Major Burroughs Civil War Anecdotes ~ Family Genealogy

Studley Burroughs
ERBzine 0053  Biography and Art
ERBzine 1977  Family Christmas Memories
ERBzine 1978  Final Years
ERBzine 2039 Cartoon Art
David Burton

ERBzine 0535  An Artist's Profile
ERBzine 1698 Volume I
ERBzine 1708 Volume II
ERBzine 1714 Volume III
ERBzine 1715 Volume IV
Mickey Burwell

ERBzine 1425  Burroughs Biblio-Pro-Phile
ERB Comics Gallery UK Volumes 4 and 5
ERBzine 2811  Tarzan's Africa: 21 pages of photos from the Burwell African Safari
Christopher Paul Carey

ERBzine 6289: Swords Against the Moon Men
Elaine Casella

ERBzine 1976: ECOF Convention Host and Reports 
Quentin Castle

ERBzine 4132:  Boy: the Fact of Fiction
ERBzine 4147: The Revenge of Tarzan's Revenge
ERBzine 4499: Tarzan and the Period Drama
ERBzine 4854: Tarzan the Last Silent Action Hero
Shawn Cavender

ERBzine 5864: Fire Lily: Dejah Thoris Cosplay
ERBzine 5824: Jacqueline Goehner: Dejah Thoris Cosplayer
ERBzine 5825: Tasha MacKenzie: Dejah Thoris Cosplayer 
Camille "Caz" Cazedessus II

ERBzine 1152 Burroughs Biblio-Pro-Phile with links to the ERB-dom Index compiled by Bill Hillman

Michael Chabon
ERBzine 3047 - Two Famous ERB-Influenced Writers in Conversation: John Carter of Mars Film 
Karl Comendador

ERBzine 6094: John Carter Barsoom Art
ERBzine 6095: Tarzan Art
Kevin Conran

ERBzine 3694: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and Conversation over lunch
ERBzine Mike Conran

ERBzine 0576 A Burroughs Biblio-Pro-Phile: The Mike Conran ERB Collection
ERBzine 0576m The Mike Conran ERB Collection - Small image mosaic display
ERBzine 0577 Mike Conran Biography: ERBapa Reprint
Ron Cooper

ERBzine 2722   University of Louisville presents George T. McWhorter, Lord of Tarzan ~ ERB Memorial Collection
Vern Coriell

ERBzine 0655 BURROUGHS BIBLIO-PRO-PHILE ~ An Autobiography by the Founder of the Burroughs Bibliophiles ~ Pt. 1
ERBzine 0656 BURROUGHS BIBLIO-PRO-PHILE ~ An Autobiography by the Founder of the Burroughs Bibliophiles ~ Pt. 2
ERBzine 1685: Vern Coriell's Special Book Collection from George McWhorter

David Critchfield
ERBzine 0548 Dum-Dum 2001: A Florida Odyssey Photo Journal
ERBzine 2080 Dum-Dum 2008: Where Gather the Apes of Kerchak
ERBzine 2080  Dum-Dum Trail
ERBzine 2347  Go To Pellucidar

Phil Currie
ERBzine 2058   ERBivore Archive No. 1
ERBzine 5102: ERBivore No. 2
ERBzine 5103: ERBivore No. 3
Raymond Cuthbert

ERBzine 1747  A Comparative Review of J. Allen St. John art books
ERBzine 5837: World of Comic Art article: St. John
ERBzine 5838: World of Comic Art article: Foster
ERBzine 5839: World of Comic Art article: Gernsback
Ron de Laat

ERBzine0167 Holland's SuperERB Fan
ERBzine0465 German Picollos
Collectibles Emporium: Many comics & cards features submitted by Ron
ERBzine 1002 - ERBzine 1018: Artists Illustrated Encyclopedia
1373: Tarzan Apeman Colour Cards
1374 Tarzan & Mate Colour Cards
1375 Tarzan Escapes Colour Cards
1376 Tarzan Finds Son! Colour Cards
1377 Tarzan's Secret Treasure
1378 Tarzan's New York Adventure
1379 Tarzan Triumphs Colour Cards
1380 Tarzan's Desert Mystery Cards
1381 Tarzan and the Amazons Cards
1382 Tarzan and the Leopard Woman cards
Jeff Deischer
ERBzine 5018: Antarctica and Mars in Early Genre Fiction I
ERBzine 5019:  Antarctica and Mars in Early Genre Fiction I
Seth Kallen Deitch

ERBzine 0510 AT THE  CORE OF MARS ~ a 16-chapter novel
ERBzine 1145 ERB The Urban Legend by Seth Deitch
Lydie Denier

ERBzine 3338: Meet Lydie: Bio and Photos
Georges T. Dodds

ERBzine 1801  The Ape Man: His Kith and Kin Project: Hundreds of rare ancient documents and line drawings
ERBzine 1902   Simian Fiction Contents
Rob Donkers

ERBzine 5170: Weissmuller Comics from Belgium
Jeff Doten

ERBzine 0278 Studio Workshop - Toys On Mars!
ERBzine 0438 Dressed To Kill ~ A Study of Martian Fashion
Assorted Logos: ECOF ~ Mars Fiction ~ Danton Burroughs

Gaylord Dubois family
ERBzine 2115: Wendy Hoffman's Personal Memories of Grandpa Gay
Serena DuBois

ERBzine 2105   Feral Children in Fiction and Fact
Dewet Du Toit

ERBzine 3697: Real Life Tarzan. . .plus many updates
Laurence Dunn

ERBzine 0458 ERB Traveller - Main Navigation Site
ERBzine 0389 ECOF 2000: Elvis, Tarzan, Superman...!
ERBzine 0391 ...beyond 30ºW: A Profile on an International ERB Fan
ERBzine 0439 Tales from an ERB Traveller - Greystoke Convention 1988
ERBzine 0439p  Greystoke Convention 1988 Photo Gallery
ERBzine: Regular ERB Traveller news reports for the Motes & Quotes Newsletter
ERBzine 0532  ECOF 2003
ERBzine 0551 Dum-Dum 2000 Report - MMA Map and Visit
ERBzine 0673 ERB Traveller: ECOF & Dum-Dum  92
ERBzine 0603 Michigan Military Academy Symposium
ERBzine 0605 Dum-Dum 2001
ERBzine 0884 Laurence Dunn: Dum-Dum 2003 Journal
ERBzine 0952 Dum-Dum 2002: Tarzana
ERBzine 2893  Heritage Models series

Bill Dutcher
ERBzine 2774: Jasoomian Fanzine Thoughts
Scott Dutton

ERBzine 0505 Return to Barsoom I
ERBzine 0506 Return to Barsoom II

Kathy Dyer
ERBzine 0839 Photo Memories of Dum-Dum 2003 Louisville ~ Part 1 ~ Part 2

Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.
ERBzine 1294 ~ A Late-'20s Inventory list discovered by Danton Burroughs and transcribed by Bruce Bozarth
Sean Egan

ERBzine 2197 Edgar Rice Burroughs article in SFX Magazine Pt. I
ERBzine 2198 Edgar Rice Burroughs article in SFX Magazine Pt. II
ERBzine 3739: 100 Years of Tarzan 
Fredrik Ekman

ERBzine 0438 Dressed to Kill ~ A Study of Martian Fashion (art by Jeff Doten)
ERBzine 0507 Chronology For the Princess of Mars Trilogy TBA
ERBzine 0604 Carson Napier Before Venus
ERBzine 0853 A New ERB Comic ~ The Phantom
ERBzine 0867 & ERBzine 0868 Barsoomian Crossword Puzzle and Solution
ERBzine 1631  Chronology For E. R. Burroughs' Venus Series
ERBzine 3693: Role-Playing on Barsoom - Review
ERBzine 1630: Marking Time on Burroughs' Barsoom with Thomas Gangale
ERBzine 3747: An "Unknown" Burroughs First 
Jack Elliott

ERBzine 2804  Searching For The Lost Valley 
Jean Elliott

ERBzine 0858 Barsoom Untold Stories Project I
ERBzine 0859 Barsoom Untold Stories Project II
ERBzine 0857 Barsoom Untold Stories Project III
ERBzine 0895: Dancing the Night Away

Allen Ellis
ERBzine 0044 Comic Book Adaptations of ERB's Tarzan Stories
ERBzine 0258 Northern Kentucky University Syllabus: Understanding Tarzan: 87 Years of an International Icon
ERBzine 0245  Films in Review: An excerpted letter to the editor ~ An Interesting Bit of Burroughsiana submitted by Allen Ellis

ERBapa Members (Edgar Rice Burroughs Amateur Press Association)
ERBzine 0328 ERBapa Archive: History ~ Hilites ~ Members ~ By-lines ~ Index
ERBzine 1640:   Early Years Index
ERBzine 0651 ERBapa Index 60-74
ERBzine 0652 ERBapa Cover Gallery: Nos. 51-75
ERBzine 0653 ERBapa Cover Gallery: Nos. 1-50
ERBzine 0645: ERBapa Index 75-100
ERBzine 2280: ERBapa Index 101-125
ERBzine 1001: Cover Gallery Beyond 100
Eli Eshed

ERBzine 0990 Tarzan in the Holy Land I
ERBzine 0991 Tarzan in the Holy Land II
ERBzine 0992 Tarzan in the Holy Land III
ERBzine 0874 Tarzan in the Holy Land IV
ERBzine 0854: Tarzan in the Holy Land V
ERBzine 0855: Tarzan in the Holy Land VI
ERBzine 1648: Tarzan in the Holy Land VII
ERBzine 4971 and ERBzine 4971a  Tarzan in the Holy Land VIII 
Mary Fabian

ERBzine 1983  A Conversation  with A. Lane Batot: Regarding His Association  With Jane Goodall and ERB
ERBzine 1472: Report on Oak Park Dum-Dum 2005
Ronnie Faulkner

ERBzine 2177   ERB's Martian Novels as an Early Paradigm of Racial Toleraation
Henry Franke

ERBzine 3662: Whither For Art Thou, BBs? Dum-Dum Presentation Editor of the Burroughs Bulletin and Gridley Waves
Kenneth "Thandar" Fuchs

ERBzine 0872  Africa at the Time of the Greystoke Arrival
ERBzine 0545 Thandar's Dum-Dum Memories and Photo Galleries
Stan Galloway

ERBzine 2990   The Teenage Tarzan
ERBzine 2291: Photo Tour of the 2009 ECOF El Dorado Hills, CA
ERBzine 3939: Bridgewater Event
ERBzine 3662: Poetry Presentation 
Peter Geissler

ERBzine  2723  "TARZANS TIERE" (The Beasts of Tarzan) 
Rohinton Ghandhi

ERBzine 3648: The Verdun Natatorium - Tarzan Connections
Jeffrey Gibson

ERBzine 1472: Dum-Dum 2005 Oak Park Report
William Gilmour

ERBzine 5098: Tarzan and the Lightning Men
Geary Gravel

ERBzine 4795: A TALE OF SOLO PAXIS: A Barsoomian Folktale
ERBzine 5151: The Final Pilgrimage
Ronald Greenfield

ERBzine 3925:  My experience with the Worlds of Burroughs! 
Rob Greer

ERBzine 0576 Photo tour of the Mike Conran Collection
ERBzine 1126 ECOF 2004 Portrait Gallery

Scott Tracy Griffin ~ "Lord Passmore"
ERBzine 0190 Dum-Dum 99 Treasures from the Vaults of Tarzana
ERBzine 0364 Hollywood Report
ERBzine 2183  Danton Burroughs Remembered
ERBzine 4016: Meet Scott Tracy Griffin: Tarzan: Centennial Celebration book
ERBzine 4015: Tarzan Sunday Pages by Scott Tracy Griffin and Gray Morrow
ERBzine 4017: Tarzan: The Centennial Celebration I
ERBzine 3946: Tarzan: The Centennial Celebration II
ERBzine 3899:  Tarzan Centennial Celebrations
ERBzine 4852a: Tarzan: Centennial Reviews
ERBzine 4852: The Tarzan / Santa Monica Connection
ERBzine 6089: Tarzan on Film
Tom Grindberg

ERBzine 6275: Colourful Ape Man
ERBzine 6276: Tarzan Art II
ERBzine 6277: Tarzan Art III
India Boone Grow

ERBzine 0111 India's Pan-at-lee and other poems
Jim Hadac

ERBzine 1472: Report on Oak Park Dum-Dum 2005
ERBzine 2311  Photo Album IV from the Waterloo Dum-Dum 2008
ERBzine 2309  APA reprint: European Trip: Visit with Fredrik Ekman
ERBzine 3123: ECOF 2010 Photos ~ Shenandoah Caverns, VA 
Ron Hall

ERBzine 2141 I Saw the Giant Vampire Bats! (Tarzan Escapes)
Martin Hash

ERBzine 2057 Tarzan Tribute
ERBzine 2756: Tarzan's Journey ~ Travelogue I
ERBzine 2756a: Tarzan's Journey ~ Travelogue II 
Jonathan Hart

ERBzine 2109: The Burroughs Legend by Sandy Miller reprint
ERBzine 3122:  2010 ECOF Photo Page
Kurt Hathaway

ERBzine 5873: What I. . .? Pulp Covers
Ralph Herman

ERBzine 3131  Tarzana Hall of Fame research
ERBzine 4197: WWII on Tarzana Ranch 
Michael Hatt

ERBzine 5648: Tarzan Slept Here book
ERBzine 6250: 2017 Dum-Dum: Coldwater Michigan
Doc Hermes

ERBzine 0981 Doc Hermes Reviews the Philip Jose Farmer Tarzan Novels
ERBzine 0469 Reviews of the Tarzan novels in ERB C.H.A.S.E.R. Encyclopedia
ERBzine 0732: Review in C.H.A.S.E.R: Tarzan and "The Foreign Legion"
ERBzine 0495: Review in C.H.A.S.E.R: Tarzan and the Golden Lion
ERBzine 0490: Review in C.H.A.S.E.R: Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar
ERBzine 0484: Review in C.H.A.S.E.R: The Return of Tarzan
ERBzine 0722: Review in C.H.A.S.E.R: Tarzan the Invincible
ERBzine 0729: Review in C.H.A.S.E.R: Tarzan and the Forbidden City
ERBzine 0723: Review in C.H.A.S.E.R: Tarzan Triumphant
ERBzine 0730: Review in C.H.A.S.E.R: Tarzan and the Castaways
ERBzine 0485: Review in C.H.A.S.E.R: The Beasts of Tarzan
ERBzine 0497: Review in C.H.A.S.E.R: Tarzan and the Ant Men
ERBzine 0210: Review in C.H.A.S.E.R: Tarzan and the Valley of Gold
ERBzine 0759: Review in C.H.A.S.E.R: The Eternal Lover
ERBzine 0739: Review in C.H.A.S.E.R: The Skeleton Men of Jupiter
ERBzine 0726: Review in C.H.A.S.E.R: Tarzan and the Lion Man
ERBzine 0720: Review in C.H.A.S.E.R: Tarzan and the Lost Empire
ERBzine 0728: Review in C.H.A.S.E.R: Tarzan the Magnificent
ERBzine 0724: Review in C.H.A.S.E.R: Tarzan and the Leopard Men
ERBzine 0494: Review in C.H.A.S.E.R: Tarzan the Terrible
ERBzine 0725: Review in C.H.A.S.E.R: Tarzan and the City of Gold
ERBzine 0727:  Review in C.H.A.S.E.R: Tarzan's Quest
William Herr

ERBzine 0969 William Herr's Tarzana ECOF 2002 Journal
Bob Hibbard

ERBzine 3698: How to Make a Leather ECOF Badge
ERBzine 4498: My Frank Frazetta Museum Adventure
ERBzine 5831: Master Leathercrafter Pages
Edward Hickman

ERBzine  1768 William Edward Hickman's nephew remembers
ERBzine 1767:  Notorious 1928 Hickman Trial
ERBzine 1766: Notorious Hickman Trial Remembered
ERBzine 1766a: Hickman Family Memorabilia
Bill Hillman (ERBzine Editor & WebJed)

Hillman ERB Cosmos Navigation Chart to thousands of  ERB sites
ERBzine 0573 BURROUGHS BIBLIO-PRO-PHILE ~ Hillman bio with many links

Hillman Family
ERBzine 0194 I See By The Papers
Sue-On "Dejah" Hillman

Countless photos from ERB gatherings and locations and family
ERBzine 0216 Princess Dejah's Amazing Amtorian Gardens
ERBzine 0385 Dejah's ECOF Diary: Day 1- Clarksville Tennessee
ERBzine 0386 Dejah's ECOF Diary: Day 2 - Clarksville Tennessee
ERBzine 0387 Dejah's ECOF Diary: Day 3 - Clarksville Tennessee
ERBzine 0388 Dejah's ECOF Diary: Day 4 - Banquet & Beyond
ERBzine 0550 Sue-On: A FanFare Feature on a Jasoomian Princess
Shaun Hoadley

ERBzine 0842  ERB Artist Feature: Intro and Art Gallery
ERBzine 3673: Atlantean Tarot Card Deck design and art I
ERBzine 3673a: Atlantean Tarot Card Deck design and art II
Mike Hoffman

ERBzine 3948: Why Tarzan Matters
ERBzine 3554: Mike Hoffman at work with Pen and Pick - Sketches and Late-Night Jam
Wendy Hoffman (Gaylord DuBois' Granddaughter)

ERBzine 2115  A few personal memories of Grandpa Gay 
Dave Hoover

ERBzine 0340 ERB Art Portfolio - 5 Galleries - Bio Info
ERBzine 0437 ERB Jungle Art Book
Dorothy DJ Howell

ERBzine 1472: Report on 2005 Dum-Dum Oak Park
ERBzine 6025: Legend of Tarzan I and II
ERBzine 6027: Tarzan Fashion I and II and III
ERBzine 6051:Intro to DJ's Jer'ok Novels
J. G. "Huck" Huckenpöhler (Professor A.Q. Porter)

ERBzine 00246m Huck's Map of the Burroughs Crater on Barsoom
ERBzine 0060: ERB and I: The Early Years
ERBzine 0975 Huck's Photo Memories of ECOF 2002: ERB Inc. Office Tour
ERBzine 0976 Huck's Photo Memories of ECOF 2002: Tarzana Tours
ERBzine 0977 Huck's Photo Memories of ECOF 2002: ERB Business
ERBzine 0978 Huck's Photo Memories of ECOF 2002: Friends Old and New
ERBzine 0546 Huck's Photo Memories of Dum-Dum 2003 Louisville I
ERBzine 0547 Huck's Photo Memories of Dum-Dum 2003 Louisville II
ERBzine 1179  Huck's Sacramento ECOF 2004 Photo Album
ERBzine 2277  ECOF 09 Huck Pics I
ERBzine 2275  ECOF 09 Huck Pics II
ERBzine 2292: List of Tarzan Sunday pages with links to ERBzine reprints
ERBzine 2293: List of Tarzan daily strips with links to ERBzine reprints 
Rob Hughes

ERBzine 3601: Graphic Outlaw of Torn/Outlaw Prince Project: Many Pages
Clarence B. "Bob" Hyde  Bob Hyde Memorial Site
ERBzine 0686 BURROUGHS BIBLIO-PRO-PHILE: Odyssey of a Tarzan FANatic - 15 chapters ~ Illlustrated and All-Text Versions
ERBzine 0970 Bob Hyde's ERB Collection I: The Outer Rooms
ERBzine 0971 Bob Hyde's ERB Collection II: The Burroughs Room I
ERBzine 0972 Bob Hyde's ERB Collection III: The Burroughs Room II
ERBzine 1352: Tarzan in Paris strips
ERBzine 4002: Bob Hyde's 1992 African Safari ~ Illustrated Journal series
ERBzine 4014:  Bob Hyde's 1992 African Safari ~ Complete Text (Transcribed by Bill Hillman) 
Wayne "Tin Tin" James   Wayne James Memorial Site
ERBzine 5680: Description of the Complete Collection of the Late Wayne James
ERBzine 0257 Transcript of the Disney Q & A Session at Dum-Dum 99
ERBzine 0464  ERB Stamp Collection
ERBzine 1140 Burroughs Biblio-Pro-Phile I: Hooked on ERB
ERBzine 1141 Burroughs Biblio-Pro-Phile II: My ERB Support Group
ERBzine 1142 Burroughs Biblio-Pro-Phile III: The Book Collection
ERBzine 1143 Burroughs Biblio-Pro-Phile IV: The AV Collection
ERBzine 1182 In Search of ERB in Europe I
ERBzine 1183 In Search of ERB in Europe II ~ The Tarzan Encounter in Disneyland Paris
Karl-Heinz Janssen

ERBzine 5850: Yugoslavian Tarzan Comics: A series
Rick Johnson

ERBzine 1645  Biography and links to articles and fan fiction
ERBzine 1522: Sociology of the Wieroo
ERBzine 1527: Maltheusian Decimation in Pal-Ul-Don
ERBzine 1547: Opar
ERBzine 1710: Conflict!
ERBzine 1965: Rescue In Pellucidar
.ERBzine 1974: Anatomy of an Alien
ERBzine  2296: Pellucidar Opening
ERBzine 3643: Doorways to Pellucidar
ERBzine 5149: Lost in Pellucidar
ERBzine 2388: Bright Flower of Pal-Ul-Don
ERBzine 5128:  Is the 0-220 Possible?
ERBzine 5129: Politics of the 0-0220
ERBzine 3036: Pellucidar and How To Get There I
ERBzine 3037: Pellucidar and How To Get There II
ERBzine 3558: Tarzan Slots
ERBzine 1578: Barsoom Questions
ERBzine 1370: Mapping Barsoom I: Can It Be Done?
ERBzine 1562: Mapping Barsoom II: Compromises
ERBzine 1565: Mapping Barsoom III: The Past
ERBzine 1633: Valley Dor
ERBzine 1634: Swords On Mars
ERBzine 1711: A Panthan of Mars
ERBzine 1712: Spy: Arrival On Mars
ERBzine 2110: Geography of Barsoom for the Casual Visitor
ERBzine 2165: Battle at U-Gor
ERBzine 2166: Lost On Barsoom
ERBzine 2167: Meeting of the Panthans: Pt. I
ERBzine 2168: Meeting of the Panthans: Pt. II
ERBzine 2169: North to Barsoom
ERBzine 2196: Jahar
Ken Jones Eclectica series features many podcasts featuring ERB-related personalities including ERBzine Editor
Marten Jonker

ERBzine Comics: Banner Tarzan Trading Cards Collection
ERBzine 3142: COOP MGM Tarzan Cards: Tarzan and the Huntress
ERBzine 0767a: Moon Maid Serial Art
Michael Kaluta

ERBzine 3603: Outlaw Prince Project Art Layouts and Notes
ERBzine 4151: Carson of Venus Comics
ERBzine 4163: Pellucidar Comic
ERBzine 0753: Minidoka Illustrations
ERBzine 0733: Tarzan: The Lost Adventure Illustrations
ERBzine 1011: ERB Artist Encyclopedia
Rafael Kayanan

ERBzine 1635  Autobio and ERB Art
ERBzine 1635a Rafael's Gallery of Barsoom Art 
Terry Alan Klasek

ERBzine 0060: My Path to ERB
ERBzine 0893  ERBapa Reprint Series: The Papyrus Scroll of  Erich von Harben
ERBzine 0892  ERBapa Reprint Series: Tale of Two Cities
ERBzine 0898 ERBapa Reprint: 1920s Time Portals: Klasek
ERBzine 1436 ERBapa Reprints
ERBzine 1426: The Klasek Collection

Brian Kunde
ERBzine 4130: Pellucidar Play: Barber of Sari
ERBzine 4843: A Play in 8 Acts: Prisoner of Zodanga

Harvey Kurtzman
ERBzine 5595: SHMEGEGGI of the CAVEMEN 

David Lemmo
ERBzine 3920: Comic Con 2012
ERBzine 3799: Tarzan Centennial Sacramento 
Diana Leto

ERBzine 5049: Meet ERB, Inc. Comics Artist  for ERB's The Cave Girl
Frederic Lombardi

ERBzine 0553  Tarzan's Bad Movie Mystery
Jeff Long

ERBzine 1615  Barsoomian Blade Parodies and Podcasts
ERBzine 1620 Princess of Barsoom
ERBzine 1564: The Brain of Lakor
ERBzine  1563: The Labors of Lakor
ERBzine 1615: Barsoomian Blade: Parts I-V
ERBzine 1626: Barsoomian Blade Fiction - Many Parts

Jürgen Lill
ERBzine 1570 Spotlight on a German ERB fan of many talents
ERBzine 1570a: Tarzan Gallery 
Larry Lingeman

ERBzine 1162 Farewell Tarzana: A Final Photo & Verse Tribute 
Aaron Lopresti

ERBzine 0658 Aaron Lopresti Art Portfolio

Tom Lindgren
ERBzine 0310 An Ode to ERB
ERBzine 0483 Tarzan of the Apes interior illustrations (Japanese)
Fred Lukas

ERBzine 5090: A Series of Personal Autographed ERB Film Star Photos
Richard Lupoff

ERBzine 2047  The Michael Chabon Interview - Conducted by Richard Lupoff
ERBzine 3048: Master of Adventure Bibliography I
ERBzine 3048a: Master of Adventure Bibliography II
Janet Mann

ERBzine 2290  Photos from ECOF 2009: Janet Mann and Cathy Wilbanks represent ERB, Inc. at the Burroughs Convention
Ken Manson

0467 Manson Photo in ERBzine Contributor Gallery Part I
1439 Manson: Kin Hopes to Visit Burroughs' Homes
1461 Manson: Oak Park Dum-Dum 2005
1470: Manson: Dum-Dum 2005 Report
1473  Manson: Meet Danton
1679 Manson: ERB / Bradbury Panel
1688 Manson: ERB / Spillane Connection
1778 Manson: Dum-Dum 2007
2854 Manson: The Oak Park Press Files
Manson: History of the Chicago Muckers: 5 Webpages:
Part One: The First Six Issues
Part Two: Issues 7-13
Part Three: Issues 14-20
Part Four: Issues 21-26
Part Five: Issues 27-36
3450 Many, Many Gridley Wave Reprint Scans
3570 Manson: Muckers III: 14-20
4996 Manson: Seeley Interview
4997 Manson: Swedish Trading Cards
5096: Manson: Edna Rice Burroughs
5634: Eleven Early ERBapa Table of Contents Scans
6413 Manson: British Tarzan Comics
6424: Manson: ERB Quotes
6604: Manson ECOF 2020
7089: Manson: ECOF 2019 Chicago
7394: Manson: 60 Years of ERB Cons
7439: Manson: ERB Quiz Show Trivia
Timo Mantere

ERBzine 0797 Spotlighting an ERB fan and pastiche writer from Finland
ERBzine 0798 Love and Peace On Poloda (Fan Fiction)

T Marking
ERBzine 2111 A Princess of Mars script treatment
Don Marquez

ERBzine 6293: Intro and Tarzan Art
ERBzine 6294: Tarzan Art II
ERBzine 6295: Barsoom Art I
ERBzine 6296: Barsoom Art II
John Martin

ERBzine 1542  Poems: Apeman on Trouble Trail ~ Jock Mahoney
ERBzine 2170  Edgar Rice Burroughs Country - Part I
ERBzine 2171  Edgar Rice Burroughs Country - Part II
ERBzine 2172  Edgar Rice Burroughs Country - Part III
ERBzine 2278: ECOF 2009 Photo Tour
ERBzine 3149: John Eric Holmes Memorial
ERBzine 3611: The Edgar Rice Burroughs Commemorative Stamp
ERBzine 4395: The Story Behind the ERB Stamp
ERBzine 4131: John Carter of Mars in Verse
ERBzine 4510: All About Amtor - A 12-Part Illustrated Series
ERBzine 4797: John Carter Mysteries
ERBzine 4798: Tarzan in the Comics
ERBzine 4799: ERB's Great Heritage Lives On
ERBzine 5095: Tarzan to the Rescue - Game Commentary
ERBzine 5113: A Gentleman of Mars I
ERBzine 5114: A Gentleman of Mars II
ERBzine 5115: And Baby Makes Three I (Sequel to A Gentleman of Mars)
ERBzine 5116: And Baby Makes Three II
ERBzine 5159: Poem: Saga of the Gods of Mars
ERBzine 5358: Review of the Special Back to the Stone Age Project
ERBzine 5360: Monster Men and the Magic Number I
ERBzine 5361: Monster Men and the Magic Number II
ERBzine 5362: Monster Men Glossary
ERBzine 4966: Tarzan and the Water Closets
Ted McKosky

ERBzine 3939: Bridgewater Tarzan Centennial Event
ERBzine 4171: Lois Weber
ERBzine 5124: APA Son of Tarzan
ERBzine 5125: Phantom and Santa Fe, etc.
ERBzine 5126: Beach Read and Rainy Day Movie
ERBzine 5127: APA Hollow Earth
ERBzine 4169: Is It The Suit . . .or The Man
J.C. McKnight

ERBzine 0995  Barsoom Legacy

George "Tublat" McWhorter ~ Jeddak of Jasoom George McWhorter Tribute George McWhorter Tribute (alt)
ERBzine 5200   Reprints of the McWhorter Burroughs Bulletins
ERBzine 0630 A BURROUGHS BIBLIO-PRO-PHILE on George T. McWhorter (A 10-Chapter Bio)
ERBzine 0650 The Burroughs Bulletin Index of Issues 1-47 (New Series)
ERBzine 0402-0417 Series: A Virtual Tour & Scrapbook of the ERB Memorial Collection
ERBzine 0390 Moon Maid Glossary with Duane Adams
ERBzine 0148 McWhorter's History of Burroughs Bibliophiles & Bulletins
ERBzine 0149 Burroughs Bulletin Fanzine Mosaic I
ERBzine 0150  Burroughs Bulletin Fanzine Mosaic II
ERBzine 3450: Gridley Wave Reprints
ERBzine 0841  Dum-Dum 2003: Louisville & Burroughs Memorial Collection Brochure
ERBzine 1295 A list of books in the personal library of ERB ~ Supplied by Danton Burroughs for collation
ERBzine 1297 A list of books in the personal ERB library compiled from the Porges Papers at the U. of Louisville
ERBzine 1519 Scientific ERB Names
ERBzine 2002 Addendum to the ERB Library Project: ERB Books after 1943
ERBzine 3001  A Tour of the Memorial ERB Collection at the University of Louisville
ERBzine 1685: Vern Coriell's Special Book Collection from George McWhorter
ERBzine 4549: A Sunday with George McWhorter 
Leathem Mehaffey

ERBzine 1438 Burroughs’ Barsoom and Lowell’s Mars: A Map for the Interpretation of Barsoomian Geography

Bruce Meyer
ERBzine 2090 : The Story Behind the Creation of a Script by a Tarzan Fan (A Burroughs Biblio-Pro-Phile)
Denny Miller

ERBzine 1163 Dum-Dum 2004: Fort Collins ~ Convention and Career Memories
ERBzine 4550: Denny's Flashbacks - Scores of Denny's Career Anecdotes spread across 20 Webpages
Diane Miller

ERBzine 4539: How Fig Tree Creative Artistry Came About
Nancy Miller

ERBzine Denny: Denny Miller Tributes
Sandy Miller

ERBzine 2109   The Burroughs Legend 
James George Monahan

ERBzine 1671  ERB Artist P.J. Monahan Bio family contributors
Gray Morrow

ERBzine 3501: Bio and most Sunday Pages
Maureen Moynihan

ERBzine 1517: An Interview with a Burroughs Expert: Bill Hillman for the U of Nebraska
Rita Myers

ERBzine 4502: The LaVerne Hauser / Tarzan Film Connection 
Nels Myrhoj

ERBzine 1428  The ERB/Canada Connection
ERBzine 0533  OkaR'n'R - Photo Feature
Thomas Akira Nakasone

ERBzine 2188  Danton Burroughs Eulogy
Al Martin Napoletano

ERBzine 2860  - Bandit of Hell's Bend Illustrated
Woodrow Edgar Nichols, Jr. Directory for Scores of ERB-related articles
ERBzine 3177 ~ Nakedness on Mars 
Bill Niemeyer

ERBzine 3430: Personal Collection of Original ERB Barsoom Art
Charles Nuetzel

ERBzine 0886 ERB: A Real Hooker ~ “The Mystery of Missing Foreword” 
Andy Nunez

ERBzine 5638: Meet Andy Nunez
Pete Ogden ~ ERBANIA

ERBzine 0119 ERBANIA Fanzine Mosaic Pt. I
ERBzine 0120 ERBANIA Fanzine Mosaic Pt. II
Dum-Dum Dossier: Dum-Dum 2001: A Florida Odyssey
ERBzine 6412: Pete Ogden Remembered

Jerry O'Hara
ERBzine 1163 Dum-Dum 2004: Fort Collins ~ A Photo Journal
ERBzine 1188 A Photo Tour of the Vinson Collection I
ERBzine 1189 A Photo Tour of the Vinson Collection II

Peter O'Keefe
ERBzine 1162 Farewell Tarzana: A Final Photo Tribute  and Reports from the Tarzana Cultural Center
Michael Orth

ERBzine 0443 Review of Tarzan Forever
Robert Owen

ERBzine 5399: How I Met Johnny Weissmuller
Daniel Palant

ERBzine 4560: Tarzan - King of the Jungle - Israeli Comic
John Pappas

ERBzine 2276  ECOF 2009 Photos
Dan Parsons

ERBzine 1158  ERB Artist Profile ~ Autobio ~ Art

Sean Edward Phillips
ERBzine 1720  Jahlanna of Pellucidar novel - Many chapters
ERBzine 1720a: Jahlanna of Pellucidar Illustrations I
ERBzine 1720b: Jahlanna of Pellucidar Illustrations II
ERBzine 3150: Pellucidar
ERBzine 3151: Pal-Ul-Don
ERBzine 3633: Babes of Burroughs
ERBzine 3633a: Babes of Burroughs II
ERBzine 3634: Beasts of Barsoom
ERBzine 3635: Niocene Era
ERBzine 3637: Did ERB Write Alternate History?
James H. Pierce (ERB's Son-in-law ~ Silent Film Tarzan)

ERBzine 2729   Autobiography: The Battle of Hollywood
ERBzine 4973: College Years
ERBzine 0940: My Famous Father-In-Law
Leia Barrett-Durham Powell

ERBzine 5050: Author, Artist and Creator of ERB Works in Stained Glass 
Martin Powell Author of many of the ERB,Inc. series of ERB Sunday Page Comics
R. E. Prindle

ERBzine 1329: Only A Hobo / The Big Rock Candy Mountain ~ ERB On The Road To Salvation ~ Affair Jack Johnson: a many-part series
1333  ERB On Autopilot in Ozone I
1335 ERB Origin of Tarzan
1336 Something of Value Pts. 1-4
1337 Tarzan Homage to Heracles
1338 Prindle & Adams Forum
1339 Magic Shop ~ Time Travel
1340 4 Crucial Years of ERB Parts 1 - 4
1344 Something of Value II Pt. 1, 2, 3, 4
1345 Something of Value III
1346 Tales of Time and Space II & III
1347 Tarzan and the ABCs
1355 Tales of Space & Time 4
1451 Tarzan's Quest Review
1452 Tarzan/Forbidden City

Paul Privitera
ERBzine 2708: Intro and Directory to the hundreds of pieces of ERB art
    Barsoom ~ Tarzan ~ Pellucidar ~ Other Worlds ~ Amtor
ERBzine Privitera: Privitera Art Galleries
Frank Puncer

ERBzine 1637 Caryl Lee Burroughs:ERB's World War II Letters to Caryl Lee Burroughs/Chase
ERBzine 1632: A Visit With Lee Chase I (ERB's Stepson)
ERBzine 1643: The Return of Lee Chase
ERBzine 3482: On the Border with Bourke
ERBzine 6281: Bio I
ERBzine 6282: Bio II
ERBzine 6283: Bio III

Steve Ramada
ERBzine 1162  Farewell Tarzana Ranch: A Final Photo Tribute and Reports from the Tarzana Cultural Center
Dan Reed

ERBzine 6013: Barsoom Art
ERBzine 6014: Fantasy Worlds Art
ERBzine 0678 BURROUGHS BIBLIO-PRO-PHILE FEATURE: From the Den of the Old Tiger ~ Links to six chapters
ERBzine 6428: Early Fanzines I
ERBzine 6429: Early Fanzines II
ERBzine 6430: Early Fanzines III
ERBzine 6431: Early Fanzines IV
Dale "Vandor" Robinson

ERBzine 0098 Vandor Reviews The Lost Continent (Beyond Thirty)
ERBzine 0060: My Path to ERB
Frank M. Robinson

ERBzine 3388: The Story Behind the Original All-Story 
Harry Roland

ERBzine 2382    Bio and Art Galleries I
ERBzine 2383: Art Gallery II
ERBzine 2384: Art Gallery III: Kendar
ERBzine 2386: Art Gallery IV: Prince Valiant
Bill Ross

ERBzine 0196 History of the BB Dum-Dum Conventions
ERBzine 1155 Bill Ross: ERB Collector I: Paperbacks
ERBzine 1156 Bill Ross: ERB Collector: Dark Horse I
ERBzine 1157 Bill Ross: ERB Collector: Dark Horse II
ERBzine 1460 Bill Ross: ERB Collector: Dark Horse III

S.A. Russell
1360 FanFic: Calot of Dar 1-3
1361 Calot of Dar 4-6
1362 Calot of Dar 7-9
1363 Calot of Dar 10-12
1364 Calot of Dar 13-15
Marci'a Lincoln Rudolph
ERBzine 0283 MY FATHER, ELMO LINCOLN - The Original Tarzan

Charles Rutledge
ERBzine 1746  ERBLOG BITS: ERB and Tarzan Blog Appearances in SINGULAR POINTS
ERBzine 1745  Secret Masters of Callisto novel
Ken St. Andre

ERBzine 3180  Rose of Stormgaard: A Serialized Fantasy Adventure Novel - 30 Chapters

Bruce Salen "Hadron: The Brooklyn Banth"
ERBzine 0060: An "abused childhood"
ERBzine 3481: Bruce Salen Remembered I
ERBzine 3481a: Bruce Salen Remembered II: Canadian Safaris
ERBzine 3481b:  Bruce Salen Remembered II: Eulogy

Jake "Buddy" Saunders
ERBzine 5350: The Martian Legion book and reviews
Jerry Schneider

ERBzine 0595 Tarzan the Fearless: Credits and Production Notes
ERBzine 0599 Tarzan the Fearless:  Jerry Schneider Presents: Serial Synopsis

Richard Senate
ERBzine 3990: Tarrid, The Green Man of Barsoom - Mars Fiction in 12 chapters
Michael Sellers ~ Quantum Entertainment

ERBzine 1059 An Evening With Danton Burroughs
ERBzine 1061 Tarzana Photo Scrapbook
ERBzine 3038  ERB and Avatar

Steve "Thoar" Servello
ERBzine 0352 John Coleman Burroughs Tribute: Synthetic Men of Mars ~ Art and Summary
ERBzine 0896 Tarzan / Bomba Comparison ~ Bomba Glossary
ERBzine 1948  A Review of the Lin Carter "Green Star" Series
ERBzine 1717  Zanthodon Overview
ERBzine 2120 Caspak Review
ERBzine 3566: Sword and Planet Fiction with Charles Allen Gramlich 
Abraham Sherman

ERBzine 4399: John Carter of the Round Table: Differences between ERB's book and Stanton's Film
ERBzine 4972: Thoughts on the John Carter (of Mars) Film
Stu Shiffman

ERBzine0215 Barsoomian Reminiscences of Sherlock Holmes

Frank Shonfeld
ERBzine 1159 Burroughs Biblio-Pro-Phile ~ JCB Correspondence ~ letters ~ photo ~ art ~ bio
Rudy Sigmund

ERBzine 3564: Thoughts of an Aging ERB Fan
ERBzine 3550: ECOF 2011 Minneapolis: Host and Reports
ERBzine 5043: ECOF 2014 Fargo: Host and Reports
ERBzine 5625: A Series of photos of ERB fans and personalities
Cristian Sildan

ERBzine 1601  Meet Christian Sildan
ERBzine 1518  Barsoom Analysis Part I: Demography, Polity, Society and Economy
ERBzine 1796   Barsoomian Analysis II: Sociology and Morality
ERBzine 1940   Barsoomian Analysis III: Girl, Reconstructed
ERBzine 2038  Tarzan and Nemone of the City of Gold
ERBzine 2094   More Barsoomologist and also Amtorianist musings
ERBzine 2146  Pellucidarian Cogitations
ERBzine 2163  Pal-ul-don
ERBzine 3347: Religion of Manator - Cross-Talk with Den Valdron
ERBzine 3349: Interesting Survivability Rates 
Tom Simmons

ERBzine 5569: Meet an ERB Scriptwriter
Penny Singleton

ERBzine  0845  Blondie: Comics ~ Sundays & Dailies ~ Movies ~ Radio Shows ~ Merchandise ~ Trivia ~ Photos ~ Bio

John Allen Small
ERBzine 1579  ERB: Master Storyteller
ERBzine 1966: Tarzan On Mars review
Dave Sorochty

ERBzine 5897: Early Trade Publication Ads & Listings: 1914-1922 
Jerry Spannraft Many Gridley Wave Scans
Richard Spargur

ERBzine 0379 Observations on the Tom Yeates Technique
ERBzine 1684 2006 Dum-Dum/ECOF in Rockville, Maryland: A Report
ERBzine 2801 ERB in My Life I
ERBzine 2802 ERB in My Life II
ERBzine 1167: OkaR'n'R visit to the Hillmans in Canada
ERBzine 2878: Host 2008 Dayton Dum-Dum
James Killian Spratt

ERBzine 1148 Artist Profile: James Spratt, Jetan Artist ~ Part I
ERBzine 1149 Artist Profile: James Spratt, Jetan Artist ~ Part II
ERBzine 1147: Jetan-Sarang: Player pieces, moves, rules
ERBzine 1302: A Serialized Illustrated Interpretation of ERB's A Princess of Mars
David Spurlock

ERBzine 2195: The ERB/David Spurlock Connection 
Ed Stephan

ERBzine 0066a   Characters in ERB Novels

Lee Strong
ERBzine 5819: A Soldier of Poloda author
ERBzine 5820: A Soldier of Poloda
Jim Sullos (President ERB, Inc., Tarzana)

ERBzine 3557: Meet Jim Sullos
ERBzine 3584: Presentation at the 2012 Tarzana ECOF
ERBzine 6421: Jim Sullos and Friends I
ERBzine 6422: Jim Sullos and Friends II
Gloria Draper Sweetser

ERBzine 1636  - Photos and clippings for our Sweetser/Burroughs Bros. Feature
Col. David Taylor

ERBzine 4195: Rare ERB WWII Photos I
ERBzine 4196: Rare ERB WWII Photos II
Khanada Taylor

ERBzine 2807: Barsoomian Map of Lands and Races
Jess Terrell

ERBzine 5896: Tarzan Untamed Core Values
ERBzine 6010: Moon Maid Glossary Update
ERBzine 6418: Evil Queens Anonymous
ERBzine 6419: Sleepover at Opar
G. W. Thomas

ERBzine 0285 Tarzan, Jungle Detective - An Article

Jim Thompson
ERBzine 0334 Preface to the ECOF 2000 Tribute to John Coleman Burroughs Book

Michael Tierney
ERBzine 1695  I am the Ape Man
ERBzine 3719: Meet Michael Tierney ~ Intro to John Carter in the FUNNIES
ERBzine 5398: Tarzan Comics' Mabu Checklist
ERBzine 5660: Tarzan Comics: Dell and Gold Key Index 
Christine Toomey

ERBzine 2162   Me Tarzan, You Paying  ~ A 1993 article from the London Sunday Times
John Tyman ~

ERBzine 2091  New Guinea Tribes ~ ::
ERBzine 2092   Living with the Inuit ~
ERBzine 3390: African Habitats: Forest, Grassland and Slum
ERBzine 4121: Environments and Traditions
ERBzine 4122: Nepal Videos
ERBzine 4128: Sahara and Egypt
ERBzine 5499: Africa
David Ullery

ERBzine 3180: Science Fiction and Fantasy Art
Jairo Uparella

ERBzine 2112   Investigating Mangani and Mangani Dictionaries
ERBzine 2114  A Tarzan Fan from Bogota, Columbia
ERBzine 2113  ERB Ape Language Mangani Dictionaries featuring The Uparella Mangani Project
ERBzine 2307  The Sounds of Spoken Mangani
ERBzine 2385   Hero of the Amazon
ERBzine 2399   Uparella: Tarzan Wild Weapons
ERBzine 2998: Mangani Species
ERBzine 3560: Mangani Grammar Intro
ERBzine 3561: Mangani Grammar I
ERBzine 3562: Mangani Grammar II
ERBzine 3563: Mangani Grammar III
ERBzine 3740: Waziri
ERBzine 4149: Approximation to Tarzan Animation
ERBzine 4998: Real Art Behind the Comic
Steven Utley

ERBzine 1191 Perusing the pulp stacks ~ letters, articles, bios, promos relating to ERB
Den Valdron

ERBzine 1402  Contents Page: Guide to scores of Den's major articles and fan fiction
ERBzine 1580  Torakar of Mars novel
ERBzine 3160  Princess of Az-Lium novel
ERBzine 3347: Religion of Manator - Cross-Talk with Cristian Sildan 
John "Numa" Vaughn

ERBzine 0974  From the House of Greystoke to Vietnam: ERB Memories from the '60s
ERBzine 0997    Letters from Hully Burroughs ~ ERB, Inc. ~ 1963 - 1965

Keith Vaughn
ERBzine 2149   Thoughts on the Evolution of Current Day Flora and Fauna of Barsoom by Vad Varo (Captain Ulysses Paxton) 
Steve Wadding

ERBzine 2869: Ghak's Tales from Pellucidar
Steven A. Warner and Oberon Zell

ERBzine 4299: The Archives of Horz
ERBzine 4497: The Fall of Ancient Barsoom
ERBzine 6290: A Voyage to Horz I
ERBzine 6291: A Voyage to Horz II

Ken Webber
ERBzine 0833 The Russ Manning Collection
Professor John Westervelt

ERBzine 1074 Tarzana Classic Car Collection ~ ERB's Packards
Michael Wexler

ERBzine 0530 Introduction to the Removed Jatora Novel of  24 Chapters
ERBzine 1681: Jatora Novel 
Roy and Dela White

ERBzine 6001: Roy and Dela White ERB Collection
Dennis "Predator" Wilcutt

ERBzine0435 Brothers Dennis and Terry Wilcutt in Conversation: From Comics to Cosmic!
ERBzine 0707 Wilcutt/Woodley Dum and Dummer 2002 Report
ERBzine 2967  Mike Grell Tarzan Sunday pages
ERBzine 4202: Favourite Foster Prince Valiant Splash Pages
ERBzine 4203: 200 Prince Valiant Sunday Pages

Terrence W. Wilcutt ~ NASA Shuttle Commander
ERBzine 0435 Brothers Dennis and Terry Wilcutt in Conversation: From Comics to Cosmic!
ERBzinee 0435a NASA Report
Cathy Wilbanks

ERBzine 2295  ERB, Inc. and Tarzan Swing into the Licensing International Expo June 2-4, 2009 Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada
ERBzine 2290  Photos from ECOF 2009: Janet Mann and Cathy Wilbanks represent ERB, Inc. at the Burroughs Convention
ERBzine 3301  - ERB in Las Vegas pictorial
Mary McGeehan Wild

ERBzine 0938 Review of John Coleman Burroughs' Treasure of the Black Falcon
ERBzine 9939  Synopsis of John Coleman Burroughs' Treasure of the Black Falcon

Eric Wilson
ERBzine 1753  Archetypal Symbols and Erotic Sub-Texts of  Tarzan and His Mate and Tarzan and the Valley of Gold I
ERBzine 1753a: Archetypal Symbols and Erotic Sub-Texts of  Tarzan and His Mate and Tarzan and the Valley of Gold II
Bruce Wood

ERBzine 3039  The ERB Atlas - Many Pages
ERBzine 3046: The Legacy
Bob "Tarak" Woodley

ERBzine 0099 TARAK'S FARSIDE CHAT:  Disney Tarzan Preview Review
ERBzine 0137Tarzan and the Forbidden City Review
ERBzine 0191 DD99: Thanks for the Memories by Tarak
ERBzine 0418 Tarak and the Jewels of Louisville
ERBzine 0419 Tarak and a Princess of Stories
ERBzine 0420 Tarzan of the Apes in All-Story pulp magazine
ERBzine 0316 Tarak Poetry in Motes & Quotes
ERBzine 0060  The First Time
ERBzine 0578 ERBapa Reprint: War Chief
ERBzine 0707 Wilcutt/Woodley Dum and Dummer 2002 Report
ERBzine 0708 ERB in Verse
ERBzine 0709 Kipling and ERB?
ERBzine 0710 Tarak Visits The Mucker
Bill Wormstedt

ERBzine 0060: Fan Anecdote

Scott Van Wynsberghe
ERBzine 3743: Ray Bradbury: The Wizard From Waukegan
ERBzine 3727: Venus: Our Weird, Nasty Sister
ERBzine 3926: Mars Attracts
Thomas Yeates  Gallery of ERB Art
ERBzine 0378 At work creating ERBzine art at ECOF 2000
ERBzine 0379 At work creating ERBzine art at ECOF 2000
ERBzine 2182  Danton Burroughs Remembered

Ed Youngstrom
ERBzine 0165 Warlord Tribute

Oberon Zell
ERBzine 3937: A New Map of Barsoom
ERBzine 3938: Clues to Barsoomian locations in the Chronicles
ERBzine 4497: The Fall of Ancient Barsoom with Steven A. Warner
ERBzine 4851: Doom of Barsoom
ERBzine 5110: Anomalies in the Barsoom Paradigm I
ERBzine 5111: Anomalies in the Barsoom Paradigm II
ERBzine 5112: Anomalies in the Barsoom Paradigm III
Bob "Tardos Mors" Zeuschner

Illustrated ERB Bibliographies Contributed many images and references
Illustrated ERB Pulp Bibliography Contributed many images and references
ERBzine 1120 ERB Religious Themes
ERBzine 2279  Strolling Through the Huckster Room at ECOF 2009
ERBzine 4190: 100 Years of John Carter Art
ERBzine 4191: 100 Years of Tarzan Art I
ERBzine 4191a: 100 Years of Tarzan Art II
ERBzine 4187: Zeuschner Open House

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