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Volume 0464

From the Wayne James Collection

Republic of Niger 1998: 
"Eve'nements du 20`eme si`ecle"
A single stamp with Tarzan swinging on a vine on the left, and Weismuller and O'Sullivan on right. The Eiffel Tower is used as the background for the sheet.
Value = 225F each
Republic of Niger 1998: 
"Eve'nements du 20`eme si`ecle"
This sheet is the same as the single but has 8 other non-Tarzan stamps
Value = 225F each

Gambia: Three Stooges
Larry in an "over the shoulder" Tarzan outfit and Curly and Moe are sitting down in front with striped shirts on. This is from a Stooge 1935 short entitled "Restless Knights" in which the Stooges are wrestling for the queen's entertainment.
Value = D25
Liberia: The Legend of Tarzan
This beautifully illustrated sheetlet of nine stamps issued by Liberia to celebrate the Legend of Tarzan. Featured on the nine stamps are birds & animals, a snake, monkey, and butterfly. The background shows Tarzan as a boy with a small paragraph explaining the story.
Collector's Note:
In the 1935 "Restless Knights" short the Stooges were not really trying to do a Tarzan skit, but rather were doing a wrestling exhibition for a queen. However, there was a Stooge short done in 1937 where Tarzan was mentioned specifically. In "The Sitter Downers" Moe and Larry use dynamite to blow cement off Curley's feet. Curley lands in a tree. His wife, Dorabell, tells him, "Come down outa there Tarzan." and proceeds to knock him out of the tree with a 2x4.
~Wayne James
Kyrgyzstan 2000
72nd Annual Academy Awards
Tarzan pencil sketch with 8 other non-Tarzan stamps.
Value = 20c each
Buriatia 2000
72nd Annual Academy Awards
Phil Collins accepting his award with 11 other AA stamps
Value = 5.00 each

The above stamps are legitimate postal stamps.
However, the recent Disney blitz spawned a flood of "kiddie's" trading stamps  and stickers.
Featured below is a sample of this product.

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Volume 0464

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