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ERBapa 101 ~  Spring 2009

Cover Art: Three Ron Wilbur art pieces: Front: Carter vs Banth | Inside: Dejah | Back: Jungle Girl
                    Back Inside: Ashton Dearholt article
Kaor! by OE: Tracy Scott Griffin: Intro | Mailing contents | Roster | Summer Symposium ERB Art | Long-Term Goals | 205 pages
Dunn, Laurence: John Carter of Mars: Early models/action figures from Heritage Models, Inc.~ 23 colour photos
Lukes, Joe: ERB Collectors Scene: The Madison Squares: Variations in the "Ugly Ducklings" Revisited Part I ~ Publishing History - McClurg/G&D Contract - 23 illos
Ferrier, Joe: My Opinion: ERB Favourites | thoughts on other authors: Kline, Howard, Shirreffs, L'Amour, Grey, Brand, Hemingway, Ruark, Capstick, O'Connor, Huxley, Rand, etc. ~ My Theory: chronology & PJ Farmer ~ Illos: 2 sketches & 1 Tarzan Alive cover
Critchfield, David: Babes in Kong Land review & illo ~ Symmes Monument in Hamilton, Ohio ~ Symmes discussion ~ Illos: Monument & Portrait ~ Short Story: "The Ripper" ~ Pellucidar Crossword Puzzle ~ Comments
Conran, Mike: Snow . . . Who Needs Snow? . . . Or Luggage!: snow safari & snow sculptures - visit to Chicago Muckers ~ Dinosaur exhibit at Grand Rapids Museum ~ 17 photos
Ross, Bill: Annual Trip to Michigan & Chicago To See The Snow and Visit Mike Conran & The Muckers (formerly LaurenceCon) ~ 24 photos
Norwood, Rick: Tarzan and Me #2 ~ Discussion on some of the APA 100 submissions.
Ekman, Fredrik: Carson Napier's Anotar: ERB Sources of Inspiration | Performance | Design | Engine and Instruments | Design Problems | Sources: PV, LV, CV, EV, WV, ERB Bio, Chronology, Aero Files | About Artist Riddarsparre | About Tech Consultant Loven | Mailing Comments
Brown, Ralph: Photos: early Denny (Scott) Miller | Weissmuller & Bobbe Arnst ~ Disney World Pressed Coins: checklist & 8 photos
Huckenpöhler, J.G. : Some Thoughts On "The Greying of Fandom": Local ERB Chapters - Fanzine tally ~ Philip Jose Farmer Memoriam - Comments on APA 100
Row, Heath: Jungle Radio ~ First Impressions: The Return of Tarzan ~ Tarzan on TV: Cartoons and Live Action ~ Mailing Comments
Denkena, Kurt: Fuwalda: Review: Tarzan - Ape-men and Anthropoid Apes Between Science and Fiction ~ 4 illos ~ Goodall quote
Menegazzo, Tony: Story & Art for Tarzan: The Search for Nabuto's Sons - 4 pages ~ Clippings: Leading Couples, Gorilla Birthday, Life on Mars, PJF Obit
Cuthbert, Raymond: Origin of Frank Frazetta's Cover Painting for ERB's The Rider - 3 illos & comics page ~ Comments
Lupton, Robert: Under the Dum Dum Tree: Life changes since APA 40 ~ "Hybrid of Horror" review - Illo: Thrilling Mystery cover
Webber, Kenneth: Commenting on the Centennial ERB-APA. . . Illos: 10 covers Tarzan comics
Hanson, Alan: Under the Andes. . . and the Connection Between ERB & Rex Stout: Stout Admired Tarzan, Dark Struggle for Survival, ERB Met Stout in NY, Did ERB Kneel to Stout? ~ Comments
Manson, Ken: Jodades: Tarzan Meets "The Monsters": Karloff, Ouspenskaya, Dekker, Carradine, Acquanetta, Zucco, Napier, Ankers ~ Comments
Geissler, Peter: Tarzan in theLand of . . . .Sticky Papers I: KOK cards '50s: 30 illos ~ . . . Pretty Pictures: German Comics: 5 covers & series' descriptions
Spargur, Richard C.: Early Fanzine Articles: "Macabre" - 2 cover illos ~ Schauer, Gary: Monarch of Adventure - list of ERB titles ~ Immortal Fame of the Ape Man by Charles Kagay
Hillman, Bill: ERB's Wartime Autograph Book Series 1943 - Highlights ~ ERBzine Contents 1551-1600 in Chronological Order from ERB: The War Years
McGeeney, Bob: The FunAddict: long association with ERB collecting and ERBapa ~ New Look at A Princess of Mars: The Cave
Guidry, John H.: Ch. 101: Duare: Obscure ERB references & items on the Internet: Dator, Dooth, Drovan, Duare, Duma, Durg
Franke, Henry: ERBapa Rap: Danton remembered, APA discussion, Submarines Part 2: History, Timeline, many illos ~ Manning T-Shirts ~ Yeates art coloured
Hadac, Jim: Hollow Earth: Pellucidar and Other Inner Worlds, Part I: Refs & Illos: movies, comics, fanzines, books, Websites ~ Comments
Howell, Dorothy J.: Fiction: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'ok in Exile - Synopsis - Ch. XXI Return from Exile (cont.) ~ Postscript Comments ~ REVIEW Chart: On Tarzan: Ch. 2. "Tarzan the Ape Boy" - Premises - Passages - Response
Martin, John: Tarzan: The Jesse Marsh Years - 4 Dark Horse hardcover reprint covers
Thompson, James F.: A Special Copy of Tarzan of the Movies by Gabe Essoe: Part I: containing hundreds of autographs by ERB fans - Contens of JFT's ERBapa Contributions ~ Want List
Dumont, Richard: The Dell John Carter Comic Covers and Addendum to the Search for the Flying Stegosaurus: 12 cover illos ~ Want List
Moody, James Michael: 1872 Chronology of The Son of Tarzan: Ch. 9 "Korak Rescues Baynes" ~ Comments
Wilcutt, Dennis: Discussion on ERBapa 100 submissions ~ Art: 3 full pages
Griffin, Tracy: Guy From Hollywood: Lou Gehrig, Yolande Donlan, Gwen Caldwell ~ Review: Tarzan: The Mark of the Red Hyena ~ Tarzan and Hollywood Completist's Library III: Supporting Actors ~ Want List
OE Tracy Griffin: The Last Word: Comments on this issue's contributors

ERBapa 102 ~  Summer 2009 ~ Summer Symposium Issue: Favourite ERB Artists
Cover art by Tony Menegazzo: Front - Tarzan and La | Back - Tarzan and Panther | Inside Back - Tarzan Still Lives!
Kaor! by OE: Tracy Scott Griffin: Intro | Mailing contents | Roster | Waitlist | ECOF/DUM-DUM | Back Issues | Dues | Treasury Report | APA Guide | Errata | 229 pages
George T. McWhorter Celebration Card from the University of Louisville (see ERBzine News August 2008)
Kaorospondence: Pat Premio | Patrick Murphy | Jack W. Jones | Peter Geissler | Jim Hadac
Ferrier, Joe: Buffalo Gun article discussing rifles with some connection to ERB ~ sketch by author and Ruger photo
Lukes, Joe: ERB Collector Scene: Madison Squares: Variations in the "Ugly Ducklings" Revisited - Part 2 ~ 30 colour scans and photos ~ Back Issue Comments ~ Art Favourites: Krenkel and Monroe's GD RT
Critchfield, David: Revew of Lost Empire of Pellucidar by Fred Blosser featured in ERBzine 2161 ~ Commentary: Beware the Scientists Revolt Lohae Press ~ Tarzan art by David Burton ~ "Time Has No Meaning": discussion of The Sun Inside by David Schwartz ~ Review of DVD 100 Million BC ~ APA 101 Mailing Comments (5)
Manson, Ken: Jodades: Tarzan, Jane, Cheeta and Boy: Reviews of: East Beach by Ron Ely, Riding Lessons by Bo Derek, Me Cheeta by Cheeta, Tarzan My Father by Johnny Weissmuller, Jr. ~ Review of erotic Tarzan DVD ~ Author meets Tony Curtis, Film's Archimedes Porter with photo and autograph ~ Favourite Artist: Roy Krenkel ~ Mailing Comments ~ Posted rules on getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Norwood, Rick: Tarzan and Me #3: Discussion of ERB- and artist-related appearances in media
Cuthbert, Raymond: The Most Iconic Piece of ERB-Related Art: J. Allen St. John, Burne Hogarth, Frank Frazetta with 8 representative art pieces ~ Mailing Comments
Webber, Ken: My Favorite ERB Themed Artwork: Discussion with 12-related art pieces
Ross, Bill: Favorite Cover Illustrations from the ERB Canon: Krenkel, St. John, Frazetta, Whelan, Hohlwein samples ~ The Quest is Over: 5 New Story RT issues ~ Mike's Book Room: 5 photos
Spargur, Dick: Music for a Terrible Song: Tarzan by Fred Fisher (photo) and Charles Harold 1938 with Midi/MP3 version on YouTube by author ~ Discussion, Lyrics and Sheet Music
Hanson, Alan: Jane: From Baltimore Belle to Jungle Diana - Part One with 6 Foster panels: I: A Hint of Inner Strength | Heaving Bosom Syndrome | Jane Knows First Love | Jane Doubles Her Judgment | Still Bound by Honor | Jane Swoons - Again | Jane Breaks Her Promise | Jane Commits to Tarzan ~ Fav Artist: Frazetta's TCG in ACE
McGeeney, Bob: Artist Favs: Frazetta's TEC, Elwit, Michael Hoffman, Rich Larson (author owns originals by last three) ~ Larson sketch & TEC ACE cover
Conran, Mike: Artist Favs: ACE covers by Frazetta and Krenkel and BB Richard Powers: 7 cover illos ~ 4 Disney Pressed Coins illos ~ ECOF 2009 report, data and 13 photos
Lupton, Robert Allen: Under the Dum Dum Tree ~ Catching up with ERB events over the last 20 years: Friends and Acquaintances lost and found ~ Bio Questionnaire ~ Discussion of The Man Without A World by John Coleman Burroughs and Hulbert Burroughs ~ 10 Years Ago on a Cold Dark Night: ERBapa No. 62 Revisited ~  Comments of #101 ~ Illos: 2 covers & 3 photos
Denkena, Kurt S.: Fuwalda ~ Cartoon Tarzan record cover ~ School assignment on Africa with Hogarth art and photos ~ Tibor comic art 1959
Dunn, Laurence G.: John Carter of Mars: Miscellaneous Styles: War Games & Figurines 10 colour photos ~ Artist Favs: Frazetta PM and Boris Tarzan Calendar cover 1978 - Two colour illos.
Dumont, Richard: Tarzan and Superman ~ Review of Superman on Film, Television and Radio by Bruce Scivally - Colour cover illo
Ekman, Fredrik: Interplanetary Weddings: Weddings as Cultural Markers | Weddings a Plot Devices | Weddings as Local Colour | Weddings as Ideological Statements | Final Words (ed. note: Congratulations Fredrik, to you and your princess, Anna) ~ Mailing Comments
Guidry, John H.: Close Work: Books: Books and Book Collectors by John Carter 1957 and Eccentric Lives and Peculiar Notions by John Michell 1984 ~ ERBapa 100 comments ~ ERB Words: Dusar and Dwar
Martin, John: The Art of the Draw: Art Dislikes ~ Art Favs: Richard Powers in BB Tarzans with 3 cover illos ~ Barney Custer: The Outlaw of Corn discussion with All-Story and ACE covers
Burrows, Robert J.: The Case Files of Dotar Wat: Ch.9 The Case of the Purloined Prince - fan fic with colour art piece ~ Notes on APA 100 and 101
Huckenpöhler, J.G. : Notes on the Postal History of Lutha ~ Logos and 16 stamp illos ~ Harry Roland Memoriam ~ APA 101 Comments
Hillman, Bill: Favourite ERB Artist: Edgar Rice Burroughs ~ Personal sketches and cartoons by ERB - 9+ illos: Polical Cartoons | Christmas 1895 page from MMA's ADJUTANT | Santa Claus 1895 | Battle of the Sugar Bucket | Saint Jessica the Beautiful and Good | Prediction of Ed, Emma, Jessie & dog in a new car in 1906 | Pulling Ed off the Water Wagon | The Bath | The Waltz ~ Online ERBzine Contents for Nos. 1600 through 1650
Menegazzo, Tony: APA 101 Comments ~ Clipping: Mars Fix ~ Tarzan Comic: story & art by author (6 pages)
Burley, Scott: Favorite ERB Related Art: Frazetta in ACE (2 colour illos)  MAN: Tarzan and the Lost Empire and BEAST: Back to the Stone Age ~ Autobio Intro ~ Ellie Frazetta Memoriam and Photo
Row, Heath: Jungle Radio: Letter of Comment (Oldies DVD, ST, etc.) ~ Two Tarzans Meet the Mayor (NYCTV with Crabbe and Weissmuller) ~ Reading Notes on The Return of Tarzan ~ Gridley Wave review nos. 322 - 323 ~ APA 101 Mailing Comments
Howell, D.J.: Lord of Two Worlds: The Chronicals of Jer'Ok-Ta ~ Jer'Ok in the Valley of Mithos: Intro Note | Prologue | Illo by Kaluta ~ Wild Man discussion ~ ERB Art Favs discussion: Vallejo, Yeates, et al ~ Continued Report/Review on Vernon's On Tarzan  Ch. 3 Premises and Responses
Klasek, Terry Alan: New ERB Goodies ~ Fav Artists Discussion
Shelhorse, Brooks: The Radio Man Chronicles ~ Authors related to ERB ~ Ralph Milne Farley's Radio series discussion: bio, glossary, pulp covers, comparison.
Franke, Henry G.: ERBapa Rap: Convention Reports:  2009 Eaton SF | 2009 ECOF | Farmercon IV | San Diego Comic-Con with 23 colour photos
Thompson, James F.: A Special Copy of Tarzan of the Movies by Gabe Essoe: Part II ~ A sharing of inscriptions highlights from a unique autograph book
Van Hise, James: Stepsons of ERB: Tam, Son of the Tiger (Weird Tales) review and art ~ Writing the Fantastic Story by Otis Adelbert Kline - January ~ 1930 ~ OAK In Memoriam by E. Hoffmann Price (ERBANIA #7 - June 1959) ~ OAK in Magazines with 5 pulp illos.
Griffin, Scott Tracy: Tarzan Times Two! The Jungle Twins (5 synopses and 18 colour covers) | Burroughs Babe Mara Corday (13 photos) | Favourite ERB Art (all of it! but maybe Abbett the lunchbox artist)
OE Griffin: Last Word: Comments on this issue's submissions
Favourite Artist Totals: Frazetta 6 | Krenkel 3 | Monroe 2 | Powers 2 | St. John 2 | Vallejo 2 | E.R. Burroughs 1 | Yeates 1 | Abbett 1 | Lunchbox Artist

ERBapa 103 ~  Fall 2009

Cover art by Jason Hardy
Kaor! by OE: Tracy Scott Griffin: Intro | Mailing contents | Roster | Waitlist | Back Issues | Dues | Treasury Report | Elections | Bonus Supplement: Comics Revue October 2009 compliments of editor Rick Norwood | 201 pages
Ferrier, Joe: Jackleg Logic - An abundance of musings concerning ERB - 2 illos by author
Critchfield, David: "Enjoy Your Trip Below": A Listing of Hollow Earth Fiction Books - Colour Collage - Mailing Comments - Quotes
Hanson, Alan: Jane: From Baltimore to Jungle Diana - Part Two: Perfect Hostess - A Mother's Love & Anguish - Flight Through the Jungle - Jane's Maternal Instinct - Jane's Faith in God - Jane's Syndrome: Kidnap, Escape, Repeat - Tarzan's Death Breaks Jane's Spirit - Jane Draws Lustful Eyes - Jane Dies - Well, Almost - More Abductions & Anguish for Jane - The Lady Jane Phase Ends ~ 7 sketches
Brown, Ralph: Neverending Story October 2009 ~ Report on 40th San Diego Comic-Con: List of Guests ~ ERB Connections to past Comic-Cons ~ Bobbe Arnst photo
Webber, Kenneth: Neal Adams: The Burroughs Art ~ 9 sketches and 1 photo ~ Mailing Comments: on 6 members
Menegazzo, Tony: ERB Corner: Lincoln and Joyce photos ~ Trivia, puzzles, Shortcuts ~ Tarzan Story: "$20,000 for Doxie's Return"
Wilcutt, Dennis: Travels: Florida, Dayton Dum-Dum ~ Felipe and Milan visit on way back to Europe ~ Thompson Collection ~ Yeates Princess of Mars report and cover ~ Comments ~ 3 full-page art illos
Manson, Ken: History of the Mucker Magazine: Part One - The First Six Issues Contents, Covers, Illos ~ 9 Comments on #102
Conran, Mike: Dum-Dum 2009 - Dayton, Ohio: Report - Abner Cope Logo art - 19 colour photos ~ Dick Spargur Host: Sites, Guests, Awards, Souvenirs, Panel, Events ~ ERBapa Members Photo
Ross, Bill: ERB Collector: Bibliography of Frank Westwood's fanzine: The Fantastic Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs aka Burroughsiana
Cuthbert, Raymond: Weird Words comic discussion ~ Colour Process stats by Michael Kaluta - Kaluta comics page art ~ Mailing Comments
Lukes, Joe: ERB Collector Scene: The Madison Squares: Variations in t he "Ugly Ducklings" Revisited - Part 3 (conclusion): Dust Jacket Variations ~ 16 illustrations
Bob McGeeney: The Fun Addict - You Lucky Guy: Recent acquisitions ~ Dayton Dum-Dum reflections.
Lupton, Robert: Under the Dum Dum Tree ~ Quotable ERB: Land of Terror followed by book review ~ 3 paperback colour covers.
Norwood, Rick: Tarzan and Me #4: Comments on last issue's submissions ~ Memories of Tarzan ~ Resigning due to work commitments.
Denkena, Kurt: Fuwalda 83: Discussion of Tarzan Paris Exhibit with photos and posters.
Dunn, Laurence: Report on Dum-Dum, Miamisburg, Ohio ~ 3 colour photos.
Huckenpöhler, J.G. : Burroughs Artists, Part 1: The Old Masters: 10 art illos by St. John, Schoonover, JC Burroughs ~ Bob Jacoby Memoriam: Photo Bob presents Denny Miller with his painting ~ Comments
Ogden, Peter: "Dreadful? Writer and Other Other Comments": Comments & Photo on film Beyond the Blue Horizon with Richard Denning ~ Detailed commentary of themes presented by last issue's contributors: Farley, Madison Square Biblio, Derek's Tarzan, ERB art, Zane Grey, background on the Tarzan strips.
Guidry, John: Comments on Son of Tarzan film ~ More ERB Words and Collectibles.
Hillman, William: ERB / Canada Connection I: Canadian Trivia ~ 2 John F. Roy articles - Hardcover editions ~ 4 Personal 1905 Journal Sketches by ERB ~ Online ERBzine Archive Volumes 1650-1699.
Burroughs, Robert: Fan Fic: A Little Precambrian Vacation: ~ APA #102 Notes on 11 contributors.
Geissler, Peter: Illustrating Tarzan of the Apes: 24 illos from 1965 Yugoslavia ~ 21 illos from 1972 Germany: Goddess of Mars ~ Cover new German Tarzan audio book.
Hadac, Jim: The Hollow Earth: Pellucidar and Other Inner Worlds, Part II ~ Discussion and cover art ~ Milan Fibiger illo ~ Bibliography.
Moody, James: 1872 Chronology of The Son of Tarzan: Chapter 11: Ali Ben Kadin Attacks Meriem.
Howell, Dorothy: Fiction: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'ok in the Valley of Mithos: 1: Chimur 28,955 G.S. ~ Ashtar 300 E.G. ~ Postscript: Catalogues, Barker film set, Eclectic Tarzan refs, 'Best of' list for Dum-Dum 2009 ~ APA 102 Feedback.
Franke, Henry: Bob Jacoby Remembered: Death Notice, Memorial Service, Letters from Bob with Japanese handout, photo ~ Discussion of Favourite ERB Artists: Manning, Kenkel, Abbett, Yeates - also JC Burroughs (with original art piece), Kubert, Weeks, Kaluta, Hescox, Whelan, Adams, Frazetta, Crandall ~ 2009 Dum-Dum Report with 27 colour photos ~ 21 illos by Milan Fibiger ~ Baltimore Comic-Con 2009 Report: Photos of Adams, Kubert, Spurlock, Cho and Art Samples.
Ekman, Fredrik: Summary of Les Insurges De Mars - 1987 booklet by Jean-Luc Triolo and artist Serge Fino from the 15th "L'Univers d'ERB" Convention ~ Mailing Comments on three member submissions.
Thompson, James: Description of inscription entries in Jim's "Special Copy" of Tarzan of the Movies by Gabe Essoe: Part III.
Griffin, Scott Tracy: "Teen Tarzan's Urban Adventure" - summary and commentary on the original pilot script for WB's Tarzan TV series 2003 ~ 57-page draft by Mike Werb and Michael Colleary ~ Simpsons connection ~ Burroughs Babe Josephine McKim (O'Sullivan's nude double) with 3 photos.
THE LAST WORD by OE Tracy Griffin - observations on submissions in this issue.

ERBapa 104 ~  Winter 2010
Front and Back (outer and inside) Cover art by Joe Ferrier
Kaor! by OE: Tracy Scott Griffin: Intro | Mailing contents | Roster | Waitlist | Back Issues | Dues | Early Mailer Awards | Treasury Report | Election Results | ERBapa Rules | Summer Symposium: Venus | Memoriam: Harry Roland, Bob Jacoby, D. Ashley King, Bruce Wood | 218 pages
Conran, Mike: Burroughs Statues (32 colour illos): ARTISTS: Neal Adams, William Stout, Frazetta, Ruben Procopio ~ SCULPTORS: Jason Spyda Adams, Shawn Nagle, Tim Bruckner, Procopio, Reel Art Studios
Ferrier, Joe: PART I: Tarzan Traits: Ancestry, Vampirism, Linguistics, Sexploits wit sketches ~ PART II: Fifteen Rifles: rifles described by ERB with 20 illos ~ PART III: Greystoker Grades - APA pages submitted
Hanson, Alan: Jane: From Baltimore Belle to Jungle Diana Part Three ~ Stage Three: Diana of the Jungle, Jane's First Weapons, "I have a mate of my own," Jane Ignored for 7 Years, Jane Comes Back to Life, Jane's Faith Reaffirmed, Jane's Jungle Craft, Jane Takes Charge, An Inherent Weakness, Jane's Beauty Preserved ~ Two St. John illos and two pulp illos ~ Mailing Comments ~ Baseball Digest Oct. 1943: "The Day Babe Ruth Was Convinced He Was Yanks' Tarzan" by H.G. Salsinger.
Critchfield, David: The Children of Tarzan (according to Farmer, Loridans, Eckert, Edson and Wheatley): Tarzan and Jane's Biological Children: Charlotte Clayton, John Paul "Jack" Clayton, Penelope Alice Clayton ~ Tarzan and Jane's Adopted Children: Korak, Bunduki, Boy ~ Tarzan's Children with Other Women: Modesty Blaise, Jean Raoul de Coude ~ Sources ~ A Brief Tarzan Chronology and chart ~ 4 illos ~ Review of Castaway of Pellucidar ~ 2009 Reading List ~ Review of Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008) ~ Mailing Comments
Manson, Ken: History of the Mucker Magazine - Part Two: Issues 7 to 13 ~ with 8 cover illos ~ Meeting Sally Kellerman who made a Ron Ely Tarzan episode (with photo) ~ Tarzan reference in Antiques Flea Market by Barbara and Max Allan Collins ~ Mailing Comments.
Menegazzo, Tony: People Mag 2009.05.04: Elephant article ~ Tarzan fan strip continued (4 pages) ~ Cartoon ~ Comments
Lupton, Robert Allen: Land That Time Forgot: German References, quotes, 11 colour covers and page illos
Lukes, Joe: ERB Collectors Scene: Descriptions of the six Tauchnitz Tarzan titles: TA, RT, JT, BT, GL, ST with 20 illos
Ekman, Fredrik: Barsoomian 101 Part 5: Telepathy: Reasons for Telepathy, Modes of Telepathic Communication, Efficiency of Telepathy, Telepathy versus Speech, Conclusions, Sources
Denkena, Kurt S.: Fuwalda 84: Illos: Tarzan Fashion House in Switzerland, TA Audio Book Cover, Weissmuller film photo from the Tarzan Exhibition in Paris, student sketch of Tarzan and Jane.
Cuthbert, Raymond A.: Kubert cover art (3 progressions)  for "DC Tarzan comic #259" (joke) - actually for unpublished Savage World and notes ~ Mailing Comments.
Ross, Bill: Additional Burroughs Fan Publications fromt he "F" File: Richardson's Facts on the Works of ERB, Zeuschner's Fan Directory of the BBs, Currie Fantastic Worlds of ERB & Kline, Zeuschner's Fantasy Realms of ERB, Gross's Farewell Pellucidar (8 editions), Resnick's Forgotten Sea of Mars (3 editions)
Brown, Ralph: Health report on James Bergen ~ ERB people who died in 2009: King, Woods, Jacoby, Grand, Joyce, Roland, Farmer ~ Sheena and Frank Cho pics.
Huckenpöhler, J.G. : Burroughs Artists, Part 2: BOOKS: The Moderns:Krenkel, Frazetta, Whelan, Yeates, D'Achille | COMICS: Kubert, Manning, Grell, Morrow, Blevins | with representative art ~ In Memoriam: Bruce Wood ~ Comments on #103 submissions
Dumont, Richard: Bolgani the Gorilla: Discussion | 2 photos of Fremiet's Gorilla and Woman sculpture ~ 18 colour pulp covers featuring gorillas.
Webber, Ken: Sonny Trinidad: Burroughs Artist - bio and 2 art pages from his Land That Time Forgot comics art plus Tarzan and animals art piece | Mailing Comments with sketch of Hollywood Tarzans.
Guidry, John H.: In Futile Search: 1001 Books You Must Read Before you DIE mention ~ Racism comments and Esther MacCallum Stewart.
Row, Heath: Jungle Radio: Slouching Towards Tarzana - | Review: Boos of teh New Sun by Eric Leif Davin | Reading Notes on The Beasts of Tarzan | That Old Time Radio Spirit | Scene by Scene: Tarzan and the Trappers | Mailing Comments
Burnley, Scott: Rudy Nebres Tribute with 4 art illos.
Hadac, Jim: Search for the Lost City: South American Adventure: Part 1 - Tarzan and the Valley of Gold cover & poster ~ Tarzan and Great River poster ~ Refs ~ Comments.
Martin, John: The Swords of John Carter - Part III: (PM, GM, WM) Dotar Sojat, Warhoon Arena, Zodangan Officer & Gentleman, Valley Dor, Tribute to Issus, Dator of the First Born, Island of Shador, Solemn Vow, Pits of Helium, Prince of Helium, Kaol, Okar, Kadabran Watchtower.
Spargur, Richard C.: My Day in Africa - Morocco with 8 colour photos ~ Comments.
Moody, James Michael: 1872 Chronology of The Son of Tarzan: Ch. 12: Tantor Rescues Korak.
Klasek, Terry Alan: Oakdale Affair and The Rider review: Cover Art: POD version, 2 Frazettas, John Coleman Burroughs
Hillman, Bill: The WWII Autograph Books of ERB: Book No. 4, 1944 - January - April inscriptions - 2 art sketches - photo of the book | Archive Issues 1700-1750 ~ Hillman Logo sketch by Yeates ~ ERB Website logos
Franke, Henry G.: Remembering Bruce Wood with 1 photo, 1919 Transcontinental Motor Convoys with 10 photos ~ Why Can't a Good Tarzan Movie Get Made ~ FarmerconV ~ I Am A Barbarian art piece by Jeff Jones.
Howell, Dorothy J.: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'ok in the Valley of Mithos: I. Ashtar (cont) ~ Postscript: McWhorter stepping down - trademark legalities.
Shellhorse, Brooks: George Lucas: Warlord of Mars with ERB and Lucas photos - John Carter art: Marsh, Yeates, Manning, Ivie ~ Comments on 5 submissions
Thompson, James: In Memoriam: Bruce "Abner Perry" Wood (Sept 21, 1947 - Nov 10, 2009) Tribute with correspondence ~ Bruce Wood Ex Libris art.
McGeeney, Bob: ERB On Mars - review of Eric Brown's Gilbert and Edgar on Mars with cover art.
Van Hise, James: Stepsons of ERB: Gardner Fox & Warrior of Llarn ~ Ralph Milne Farley & Miles Standish Cabot Trilogy | Tarzan of the Apes fan letters from All-Story Magazine 1912 ~ Article Reprint: "J. Allen St. John" by Darrell C. Richardson with 2 St. John illos ~ Chessmen of Mars Argosy All-Story Weekly cover and Cockrum John Carter art.
Wilcutt, Dennis: Review of The Asylum's Princess of Mars and Cameron's Avatar with photo | 3 sketches | Comments.
Griffin, Scott Tracy: PART I: Twins Times Two! More Jungle Twins Synopses: #6 The Black Tower of Koor | #7 Lair of the Monster Master | #8 The Living Nightmare | #9 King of the Wild Elephants | #10 The Land Where Time Stopped | #11 The Island of Dr. Strangekind ~ PART II: Tarzan and Hollywood: Another Shelf in the Completist's Library: Part 4: Animal Co-stars, continued: The Gentle Jungle by Helfer | My Life in the Wild by Tors | Wild Animal Man by Dhotre and Taplinger | Amazing Animal Actors by Bartel | Animals on Screen and Radio: an annotated sourcebook by Paietta and Kauppila | The Great Show Business Animals by Rothel.
OE Griffin: The Last Word: Comments on each of this issue's submissions

ERBapa 105 ~  Spring 2010

Front and Back Covers by Greg Phillips
Kaor! by OE: Tracy Scott Griffin: Intro | Membership Report: Laurence Dunn leaves - Hans Kiesow and Lyuba Johnson join | Waitlist: Shawn Cavender, Joe Wilcoxon, Phil Petras, Aubrey Stallings, Jim Goodman, Jason Hardy | Back Issues: $20 | Kreegah! to absentees | Dues due: $25 | Early Mailer Awards | Treasury Report: $2,331.29 | In Memoriam: John Eric Holms, David Ash | Cumulative Page Count: 23,149 | Marketing Flyers | Summer Symposium: Venus Novels of ERB | Page Count: 193 pages
Kaorespondence: Laurence Dunn leaving | Jim Thompson: Bruce Wood grave marker
ERBapa Roster: Full membership of 36
Ferrier, Joe: Twenty Two: Significance of 22 in events, places, places, things . .  Favourite 22: Westerns, SF films, Action films, TV series | Better Left Unsaid: commentary | 2 military photos
Ekman, Fredrik: Barsoomian 101, Part 6: Writing - 3 illos - sources | Mailing comments: 5
Manson, Ken: Tarzan & Linda: Danish animated film gives him a new mate - review & 2 DVD covers | Mailing Comments: 10
Critchfield, David: Enter the Lost World of the Warlord: Mike Grell's sword and sorcery comic books - 28 issues reviewed - colour cover & 4 illos - Mailing Comments: 6
Cuthbert, Raymond: Tom Grindberg's ERB Art: bio and 13 art pieces | Mailing Comments: All
McGeeey, Bob: In Memory of Dave Bosco | Bob and Marge's marriage and honeymoon travels | Commentary on ERB article (Success at 35) and state of today's fandom - 3 Crystal Vault of Isis card images
Hanson, Alan: The "Bald, Fat Guy" in ERB's  Fiction: 6-page article
Martin, John: Swords of John Carter - Part IV: Description of swords | Notes on Swords of Mars | Converging Trails: All contributors
Lukes, Joe: The Canadian Harcover "Editions" - Part 1: (McClelland, Goodchild & Stewart) Tarzan of the Apes, Return of Tarzan, Beasts of Tarzan, Son of Tarzan - 16 illos | Mailing Comments: Lupton and Huckenpohler
Lupton, Robert Allen: Under the Dum Dum Tree: happenings: Edson on eBay, R.B. Parker RIP, Cupples and Leon books, Caspak quotes, 5 People Time Forgot colour illos, 2 ship photos, Caspakian Ecca horse photos & alligator pics
Denkena, Kurt: Fuwalda: collection of German Tarzan-related clippings and photos
Webber, Ken: Bret Blevins, Burroughs Artist: photo and 8 art pieces | Mailing Comments: 14
Geissler, Peter: Tarzan in the Land of Pretty Pictures: Part 1 Mondial Verlag  Issues 1-20 ~ Published between October 1952 and October 1958 - A total of 169 issues and 2 specials with extras: Cover Gallery of Issues 1-20 with selected back covers - complete with artist ID, and Issue headers and contents | Illustrating "TheWarlord of Mars" Williams Verlag, Alsdorf, Germany 1972: 25 b/w illos
Menegazzo, Tony: Covers and comments on 2 Tarzan DVDs | Menegazzo Tarzan comic strip - 4 pages | Word Game
Dumont, Richard: Artist Walton Ford and ERB: artists in the New Britain Museum of American Art ~ 3 illos
Ross, Bill: Burroughs Fan Publications from the "G" File: 17 entries with 3 illos
Conran, Mike: Dum-Dum Attendance Chart: Year - Location - Lunch - Attendance - Comments | Ad for Colleciton of the first 100 issues of Mangani Zugor
Guidry, John: Review: The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril by Paul Malmont - famous pulp authors in a fictional story with ERB refs
Huckenpöhler, J.G. : Some thoughts on John Carter's Cabin with map of Hudson River area ~ Comments on Submissions: All
Burrows, Robert: A Little Precambrian Vacation - Part Two - 7-page fan fic | Apa Notes on 103 & 104: 10
Kiesow, Hans: A Complete Overview of Danish Publications of ERB: 34 titles - most adapted for juveniles
Hadac, Jim: Search for the Lost City: South American Adventure: Part 2 | LIFE photo of Mike Henry & Nancy Kovack | Explorer Colonel Percy Fawcett photo |Meeting Dejah Thoris: Jim and Traci Lords colour photo at Chicago's Hollywood Celebrities Convention
Howell, Dorothy: Fiction: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'ok in the Valley of Mithos: III CHIMUR Battersea, Tuatha 310 Lux | Postscript: Appreciation of Cameron's Avatar
Johnson, Lyuba: Reading Tarzan in Ukraine: Intro to fandom autobio - photo and 3 cover illos
Hillman, Bill: Wartime Autograph Books of ERB: 9 pages of entries from 1944 with photos of 5 pages with sketches: Erskine (Renfrew of the Mounted), Siegel (Superman), Jack Benny, Larry Adler, et al | ERBzine Contents Volumes 1751-1800
Spargur, Richard C.: A Visit with Al Bohl: Tarzan documentary maker in Louisiana - 8 colour photos | Epilogue: Bruce Wood (1947-2009) | 2 photos of Jim & Joan Burroughs Pierce headstones in Shelbyville.
Franke, Henry: Remembering John Eric Holmes with photo | Books in Review: Lost City of Z and 1491with covers and Fawcett photo - Mike Resnick Fannish Writings & Blood & Thunder publications | Submarines continued - 5 illos
Thompson, James: Special Copy of Tarzan of the Movies by Gabe Essoe: Part IV - description of autograph entries
Wilcutt, Dennis: Journal notes - recent ERB publications: Dell John Carter in Dark Horse, India's Campfire Graphic Novels | Comments: All - Biblical Archaeology Review and Planetary Report cover pages
Griffin, Scott Tracy: Tarzan and Hollywood: Another Shelf in the Completist's Library: Part 2: Leading Men and Women, Secondhand, continued: 7 titles
Last word by OE Griffin: 4 pages with Lisa Gordon sketch by Tom Yeates

ERBapa 106 ~  Summer 2010 ~ Amtor Symposium Issue

Front and Back Covers by Thomas Yeates (Duare and Thuvia)
Inside Front Cover: Map of Amtor by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Kaor! by OE: Tracy Scott Griffin  ~ Page Count: 284
Member resignations: Brooks Shellhorse and Terry Klasek ~ Rejoining member: Shawn Cavender ~ Waitlist: Brooks Shellhorse, Terry Klasek, Jason Hardy, Joe Wilcoxon, Phil Petras, Aubrey Stalings and Jim Goodwin ~ Back Issues at $20 each: 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99 ~ In Memoriam: Lionel Jeffries (Tarzan the Magnificent), Al Williamson, Frank Frazetta ! ~ ERBapa Rules ~ Recommended Art Site: DeviantART ~ ERBapa Roster

Ferrier, Joe: Lust On Venus ~ Coreword Puzzle ~ Illos: LV jacket and author's Pellucidar sketch
Howell, Dorothy J.: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'ok in the Valley of Mithos: Synopsis, Ch. IV Chimur ~ Postscript ~ Ramblings ~ ON TARZAN comments
Critchfiled, David: A Few Thoughts On The Lad and the Lion with DJ illo ~  The Plunge of the "Knupfen" from The All-Story April 1909 with illo ~ Frazetta art ~ Comments
McGeeney, Bob: Reflections from ERBapa 105 ~ Reflections on Wizard of Venus: The Story, Spirituality, Summary ~ Travels and Finds
Dumont, Richard: Snakes and Tarzan ~ Snakes Illos: 3 Marsh panels, St. John DJ LJ ~ 4 Tarzan comic covers with snakes
Conran, Mike: Carson of Venus Foreign Editions: 33 colour illustrations
Hillman, Bill: ERB's Fantastic Amtor Inventions, Innovations and Prophesies with map ~ Guide to the ERB Venus novels in ERBzine ~ ERBzine Index: Nos. 1800-1850 ~ Illos: ERB Website logos
Hanson, Alan: Carson Napier Revisted: For the Last Time, Hopefully with 7 pulp illos ~ Test reprinted from early issues ~ 14 pages
Ross, Bill: Pulp presentations of the Venus stories with 36 illos: covers and interior pulp art
Brown, Ralph: ERB news and events ~ RIP John Eric Holmes ~ Comments on The Asylum's "The Princess of Mars" ~ Taylor Kitsch photo ~ Comics On Parade No. 3 cover
Martin, John: 42-Page Venus Compilation: Carson of Amtor poem ~ Saga that spanned a decade ~ Napier Swordsman ~ Carson and Duare Love ~ Duare ~ Amtor People ~ Wizard ~ Gods ~ Health ~ Flights ~ Weather ~ I Still Live ~ Hounds ~ Art ~ 8 Doors ~ Untold Tales ~ Quotations ~ Covers ~ Dangerous? ~ Comments | ART: Many Pulp and PB covers and interiors: Stahr, Mantania, Krenkel, Habblitz, St. John, Frazetta ~ ads, ERB photo.
Menegazzo, Tony: Frazetta's death reported ~ cartoons ~ comments ~ Author's Tarzan comic strip continued (5 pages)
Manson, Ken: Luck On Venus ~ Abbott and Costello Meet Carson Napier ~ Hescox Venus sketch ~ Traci Lords autograph and photo with author ~ Comments
Lupton, Robert Allen: Pirates of Venus discussion - Carson Napier's background: Photos Guadalupe Island, Sikorsky Amphibian, Mars, Venus ~ cover art, Harpies sketches.
Cuthbert, Raymond A.: Berni Wrightson and ERB's Carson of Venus - Wrightson Venus art ~ Mailing Comments ~ Al Williams tribute and art
Denkena, Kurt S.: German article on actress who plays Kala in the Hamburg Tarzan musical - photo
Webber, Kenneth: Comics of Amtor: Illos: Broadhurst and Royer with their fan pub of Wizard ~ Art: Royer, Habblitz, Kaluta ~ Two Dark Horse Venus covers
Lukes, Joe: The Canadian Hardcover Editions Pt. 2 ~ DJs, cover pages: Untamed, Terrible, Mucker, Apes ~ UK Penny Magazine 16 illos of The Mucker
Ekman, Fredrik: Barsoomian 101, Part 7: Phonology: Vowels, Consonants, Syllables, Conclusions, Sources ~ Comments
Spargur, Richard C.: Tarzan in Hamburg, Germany colour brochure - 6 pages
Huckenpöhler, J.G.: Other Amtors: Burroughs' Venus in Historical Context: Pope, Munro, Jane, Farley, Kline, Stapletn, Campbell, Weinbaum, Lovecraft, Sterling, Brackett, Kuttner, Moore, Tenn, Van Vogt, Williamson, Bradbury, Pohl, Kornbluth, Blish, Lowndes, Asimov, Anderson,  Zelazny, Niven, Varely, Sargent, Preuss, Bova, Stirling with 2 OAK DJs | MEMORIAM: Frazetta RIP with self portrait and Peter O'Donnell | Comments.
Van Hise, James: There Were Giants In Those Days: Lengthy tributes to Frazetta and Williamson with much art and Bibliography
Moody, James Michael: 1872 Chronology of The Son of Tarzan: Ch. 13 The Search for Korak and Ch. 14 Father and Son Reunited
Row, Heath: If Tarzan Played the Uku-le: A Poem ~ Tarzan Fan Fiction ~ Tarzan Radio ~ Reading Notes: Son of Tarzan ~ Movie Review: LTF ~ New Tarzan series by Briggs ~ Comments
Burnley, Scott: The Carson of Venus Artwork of Mike Kaluta: Commentary and 8 colour pages ~ Eyes of Mars strips: 3 pages: Williamson and Frazetta tributes with b/w Weird Fantasy panel and colour Blazing Combat cover.
Hadac, Jim: To Sail an Ocean of Venus - The Wild Watery World of Venus commentary with ACE and Weird Tales covers, Kline and Sagan photos, Footnotes and Bibliography ~ Comments
Johnson, Lyuba: Boxer Billy or Lost in the Translation!: Mucker tribute and Russian connection - Mucker photo
Franke III, Henry G.: 2010 ECOF, US Capitol and Library of Congress visit: 36 photos and art pieces ~ Harlan Ellison and ERB Park in the news 1995
Thompson, James F.: A Special Copy of Tarzan of the Movies by Gabe Essoe: Part V - Description of the fan inscriptions in this pass-around book ~ Texiera Tarzan art.
Wilcutt, Dennis: ERB activities, comics art collections: Turok, ZG's King, Sergeant Preston, Jungle Jim, Korak, Prince Valiant, Rusty Riley, Carol Day, Cisco Kid, Barks, Foster, Salinas, Wright - Williamson and Frazetta - Lohan as Thuvia - Dyamite and Campfire pubs - Turok and JC art with Dynamite covers - Comments
Guidry, John H.: Tarzan and the Lost Empire with Frazetta ~ Naked Truth of Dejah Thoris
Griffin, Scott Tracy: Passmore's Dum Dum of Solitude in Utah ~ A Love Affair with Eugenics - or Merely a Flirtation ~ ERB Darwinism/Eugenics/Nazi Germany Timeline 1912-1945.
OE's Last Word: Scott Tracy Griffin comments.

ERBapa 107 ~  Autumn 2010

Front and Back Covers by Joe Ferrier (plus two inside covers) - Joe's 14th cover
Kaor! by OE: Tracy Scott Griffin  ~ Page Count: 195
Membership: New member Dave Hoover and returning member Shawn Cavender  ~ Farewell to Jim Hadac.
Waitlist: Terry Klasek, Jason Hardy, Joe Wilcoxon, Phil Petras, Aubrey Stallings, Jim Goodwin, Brooks Shellhorse.
Back Issues for $20@: 93-99 available - see ERBzine for contents ~ Next Submission Date: January 31, 2011 ~ Treasury Report
Rules: See:  | ERB-apa Roster: Names, Fanzine Titles and Contact Info
In Memoriam: Tony Curtis (Tarzan in Manhattan), Johnny Sheffield (Boy), James MacArthur (1967 NBC Tarzan ep: "Pride of the Lioness"
Kaorospondence: Jim Hadac (resigning), John Martin, Henry Franke

Conran, Mike: ECOF 2010 - A Tour of Pellucidar report with 27 colour photos
Ferrier, Joe: Tarzan and the Lion Man discussion - Tarzan "a vampire"? | Ripper vs. Copper Boardgame rules and board | 3 sketches
Lukes, Joe: ERB Collector Scene: Discussion of 6 McClurg printings of Jungle Tales of Tarzan with 5 photos | 10 ERB inscriptions | 1 Comment
Critchfield, David: Three More Lex Barkers: Reviews: Tarzan's Peril, Tarzan's Savage Fury, Tarzan and the She-Devil with 3 stills | 4 Comments
Brown, Ralph: 41st San Diego Comic Con July 22-25, 2010 report with one photo
Cuthbert, Raymond: Lengthy Tributes to Frank Frazetta and Al Williamson (28 pages) with 25 illustrations.
McGeeney, Bob: ERB's TA 1st in Max Allen Collins' Antiques Flee Market myster | Spratt Jetan set and miniatures (4 illos) added to collection | Karla Schramm article and letter with photo.
Hanson, Alan: Operation Kaji Freedom - A Parody by Alan Hanson from 2005 | 2 pulp art illos | ERBapa collection for sale.
Menegazzo, Tony: 5 cartoons and elephant article | Tarzan strip: story and art by Tony continued (4 pages)
Manson, Ken: A Mucker-English Dictionary | 9 mailing comments.
Webber, Kenneth: John Buscema, Tarzan Artist: bio with related photo, covers, comics pages, sketches | 5 mailing comments.
Ekman, Fredrik: Barsoomian 101, Part 8: Morphology - word structure: Compounds, Affixes, Gender, Plural, Genitive, Verbs, Conclusions | Sources, 3 Comments.
Denkena, Kurt S.: Tarzan Chameleon article (in German) (English: ERBzine Eclectica 2010.10 | Comics in Germany report.
Burrows, Robert J.: Case Files of Dotar Wat - The Case of the Unsung Hero - Chapters 1 - 3 (fan fic) | 12 Apa Notes.
Cavender, Shawn: Back in the ERB-apa Saddle | Review: Asylum's Princess of Mars | Some Mailing Comments for last 7 issues - Photo: Mickie James.
Huckenpöhler, J.G.: Some Speculations on the Political Systems of Barsoom: I. Theocracies, II. "Absolute Monarchies, III. Limited  or Constitutional Monarchies | 6 cover illos | Comments on each members #106 submission.
Hillman, Bill: ERBzine Feral Texts Guide | 52 Colour Lead-off Logos for the Weekly ERBzines of 2004 | ERB in Cyberspace: ERBzine Weekly Online Fanzine Story (addendum) | Two 1974 Danton Burroughs photos with Caz and Russ Cochran.
Lupton, Robert Allen: England trip | Out of Tyme's Abyss review and tie-in with Banshee illos, Rush Street Bridge photo, Long Way to Tipperary, WWI, dinosaurs, etc. with 3 cover images.
Hoover, Dave: Three large Tarzan-related illustrations.
Ross, Bill: Burroughs Fan Publications from the "H" File: 10 titles documented with remarks.
Moody, James Michael: 1872 Chronology of The Son of Tarzan: Ch. 15 Greystoke's Return to England.
Geissler, Peter: Complete Illustrations for Thuvia, Maid of Mars (Williams Paperbacks, Alsdorf, Germany, 1972) and Tarzan of the Apes (Editrice Lucchi, Milano, Italy, 1966): 41 b/w illos.
Kiesow, Hans: Tarzan's Fall from Grace?: Intro, Theology in TA and JT, Genesis and the Garden of Eden, Fall from Grace and Return to the Garden of Eden, Regresion, A Few Thoughts.
Howell, Dorothy J.: Jer'ok in the Valley of Mithos (fan fic): Synopsis, IV (continued) | Postscript: Connections via The New York Times.
Martin, John: Swords of John Carter - Part V: Sword of the Warlord of Barsoom - Sword of the Judgement of the Jeds | Farewell to Mom: an ERB debt to mother | Poem: Tarzan Movie Surplus Store.
Thompson, James F.: A Special Copy of Tarzan of the Movies by Gave Essoe: Part VI: Description of inscriptions from ERB fans.
Franke, Henry G. III: Zeppelins: The Real World 0-220 (Part I) - 3 photos and 3 Manning strips: An Overview of Airships - A History of Airships.
Wilcutt, Dennis: Thoughts on Bill Ross, Johnny Sheffield, James MacArthur, Roy Rogers Museum, John Carter Movie, ERBapa improved, Pirates of Venus, Dynamite's Warlord of Mars | 2 full-page art illos | 7 Comments.
Guidry, John H.: The Son of Tarzan: Sheffield | Victoriana: ERBzine Expo 93 slide shows - Devil int he White City by Erik Larson | A Princess of Mars: PC Hollywood? | ERB Words and Collectibles: furp.
Griffin, Scott Tracy: ERB References in Genre Periodicals: Part 2: Life Magazine: The Essential Collection (ERB-related articles) | Part 4: Animal Co-stars (continued): Three books.
LAST WORD by OE Tracy Griffin: Comments of each of this issue's submissions.

ERBapa 108 ~  Winter 2011
Front and Back Covers (colour originals outside and BW inside) by Dave Hoover Art
Kaor! from OE Scott Tracy Griffin: Hoover art description | Membership Reports | Griffin re-elected OE | Treasury Report | Summer Symposium to be Outlaw of Torn | Hanson ERBapa Collection obtained and partially up for auction | ERBapa Roster
Critchfield, David: ERB and Juggling - Six weak attempts to draw a connection between my hobbies (Turck, W.C. Fields, Coriell, Whitehead, Adams, ECOF 2000) | 11 Illos | Critchfield juggling art by Yeates | Sources | 2010 Reading List | Comments
Lukes, Joe: The ERB Collector Scene: Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar: The A.C. McClurg and Co. Variants - 5 illos | ERB Signed Books Pt. 2: Photos of 10 ERB inscriptions.
Geissler, Peter: The Bad, The Worse and Ridiculous: Censoring Tarzan Comis in 1950s Germany - 16 illustrations of showing the censorship.
Menegazzo, Tony: Bathroom Reader excerpt on Max the Gorilla in Johannesburg Zoo | 9 Dum-Dum 2010 photos | Sheffield Obit and photo in Chicago Tribune - Tarzan Far Side cartoon
Cuthbert, Raymond: Murphy Anderson's John Carter of Mars - overview with 2 art examples | Mailing Comments
Ferrier, Joe: Exacerbator: "jack-leg coincidence logic in the ERB novels: Beasts, Terrible, fan theories, Earth's Core, Barsoom, etc.
Dumont, Richard: Brothers of the Spear in Dell Tarzan Comics: Overview with 14 illos (mostly Manning art)
Manson, Ken: Caroline Munro talks about "At the Earth's Core" - Interview and one photo with Ken Manson | Billy Burne in other ERB Works | Comments
Hanson, Alan: ERB's Jailbirds: Most Were Innocent, Of Course:  Jailbirds in the "Roaring Twenties" - You un-Lucky Guy! - Other Innocent Jailbirds - Let the Guilty Pay - Tarzan Behind Bars? No Way! - Captivity Worse Than Physical Pain - Geronimo and Julian - "The Big House" - 4 Illos | Comments
Brown, Ralph: Johnny Sheffield Remembered - 4 signed photos | Illo: dedication to Weissmuller inside Italian book: "Giant of the Faith" | The scoop on missing Jasoomian editor Bill Dutcher.
Cavender, Shawn: ERB pin-up artists: Joe Orsak, Oscar Bazaldua with 7 art samples | Jungle Girl Coco photo | Comments
Conran, Mike: Chicago Muckers Host Dum-Dum 2010: Overview, Sites, Guests, Attendees, Awards, Souvenirs, 15 photos
Lupton, Robert Allen: Beyond Thirty commentary - 2 sub photos - anti-gravity device diagram - 3 cover illos - 4 photos
Ross, Bill: Burroughs Fan Publications from the "I" File: Hoover's Illustrated Tarzan, In Memory of Hogarth, Vannereaux's Index to Jeddak La Tribune Des Amis d'ERB, Barrie's Index to ERB paperbacks, McGeehan's Index to ERB Characters in Comics, Spargur's Index to Long Sword, Cook's Index to ERB Mag and Newspaper Stories, Miller's Info on ERB First Editions, Chapman's I Still Live! by ERB
McGeeney, Bob: Recent ERB book and comics purchases plus other SF and adventure books | Historic Events of the late 1800s through 1910 | Summary
Denkena, Kurt: ERB news from Germany | 6 Tarzan Comic covers |
Guidry, John: Spell checks of names in ERB books - Anagrams of ERB-related names | Gahan House in PEI - UK Motor Yacht Galu
Van Hise, James: Tarzan Spoken English Workbook cover art | Graphic Story Arts Newsletter | Comic Book Artist: A Tale of Woe by Jerry O'Hara (a 5-page article on his association with comic writers and artists - dedicated to Russ Manning) | Barsoomian Times No. 5 reprint | A 1985 Visit with Frank Frazetta by Peter Heck with 2 illos
Webber, Ken: Reviews: Live Action John Carter Movie - Dynamite Comics Warlord of Mars Comic - Celardo takes over writing online Tarzan strip - 2 illos
Spargur, Dick: Edgar Rice Burroughs 101: Background on designing an ERB enrichment course at Wilmington College - A 25-PowerPoint sampling of the 224 of slides prepared for the course.
Hillman, Bill: Directory of online editions 1900-1950 I Logos/Links of other Hillman ERB sites | 1911 Business Correspondencer between ERB and All-Story's Thomas Metcalf (inside story behind the publishing of Under the Moons of Mars) | 52 Colour Logos of the Lead Stories in ERBzine for 2004 | Colour image of the Official 1912-2012 Tarzan Centennial Logo
Martin, John: Dabbling with Drabbles in teh World of E.R.B: 100-word drabble fiction and longer "flash fiction": 35 stories with 5 illos.
Huckenpöhler, J.G.: The Room at the End of the Galaxy: Being a Cautionary Tale of a Life in Organized Fandom - Part I: I Find Fandom, or Vice Versa | Johnny Sheffield Memoriam and 2 photos | Comments
Wilcutt, Dennis: 2010 Remembered: McWhorter and Wilcutt Medical problems, movies seen, books read, Warlord of Mars comics, previewing Briggs' new Tarzan - 9 cover illos and True Grit photo | Comments
Ekman, Fredrik: Computer Gaming on Barsoom: The Ones That Never Were, The Add-Ons, The Other Games, Final Words, Links - 4 illos | Comments
Moody, James Michael: The Son of Tarzan chronology completed - future plans | Comments
Johnson, Lyuba: Convention Visits - Lyuba in Jungle Girl bikini costume at Florida's Sept 2010 DragonCon: 9 photos plus 2 illos.
Burnley, Scott: Heroes: Visiting HeroesCon - 3 Rafael Kayanan art illos, 3 Andy Kuhn art illos | Discussion of Kayanan's projects and influences
Howell, Dorothy J: Fiction: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'ok in the Valley of Mithos: Synopsis, Ch. V Chimur Battersea, Tuatha 310 Lux | Postscript
Row, Heath: On Watching At the Earth's Core | Tarzan Comic Index: Gold Key #140, #169 | Reading Notes on The Son of Tarzan | Scene by Scene: Tarzan's Revenge | Comments
Thompson, James: Fan health problems | Visiting Steve Korshak's art collection | Description of fan and personality inscriptions in the special copy of Essoe's Tarzan of the Movies | Marwencol film documentary | 2 JCB sketches
Franke, Henry: Zeppelins: the Real-World 0-0220 (Part 2) - 35 colour pages of research with over 60 photos and diagrams
Griffin, Scott Tracy: Whatever Happened to Little Jackie Strong or Crag Rats to the Rescue! - real-life boy lost in wilderness as mentioned in ERB's "The Story of Tarzan" article in 1932 | Elmo Roper is Tarzan of the Apes (memories of Enid Markey) |
OE Tracy Griffin's Last Word: Comments on this issue's submissions

ERBapa 109 ~  Spring 2011

Front and Back Covers Art by Joe Ferrier
Kaor! from OE Scott Tracy Griffin: Ferrier art credit | Membership Reports | Wait list | Back Issues | Treasury Report | Total Page Count Over 27 Years: 24,030 | ERBapa Roster | Kaorospondence: Dick Spargur - Suggestions for future ERBapa formats.
In Memoriam: Bruce Salen, Jack Daley, Terry Klasek ~ Actors: Lamont Johnson, Cy Grant, Ronald Gans, Anne Diamond Brownstone.
Cavender, Shawn: Alien Worlds of ERB: Dynamite Entertainment's Warlord of Mars 1-4 comments and 3 covers | Tarzans of the Wrestling Ring: 7 photos | Comments
Ferrier, Joe: African Moon | Ongoing Korak birth controversy | One sketch
Critchfield, David: Two Yarns by William Barton: When Heaven Fell and Down to the Earth Below reviews | "Girl from Pellucidar" by Jason Rubis review | 5 illos | 5 Comments
Hanson, Alan: Tarzan's Country - Backdrop for a Morality Play I | 3 Krenkel illos | 5 Mailing #108 Comments
Dumont, Richard: I Met a Dragon Face to Face poem by Prelutsky - verses added by Dumont
Geissler, Peter: Bravo Tarzan! Ely on 2 covers featuring "Star Cuts" of celebrities including Ely and Barker | 3 Barker articles | Pete Ogden letter
Cuthbert, Raymond A.: Gray Morrow's Barsoom That Could Have Been: Comments on the DC John Carter comics | 6 illos | Mailing Comments for all
Manson, Ken: Bio of Modest Stein | 6 b/w illos | 6 colour All-Story covers | 6 Mailing Comments
Lupton, Robert Allen: Collection update ~ Items and Names appearing in The Cave Girl | 9 illos
Howell, Dorothy J.: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'ok in the Valley of Mithos fiction: Synopsis and Chapter VI | Postscript: 9 comments
Menegazzo, Tony: Tarzan: Story and Art by Menegazzo (4 pages) | 2 cartoons | Mailing Comments to all
Denkena, Kurt S.: Lian: plot summary with 7 illos
Conran, Mike: A Tarzan Statue - life-sized purchased via Craigslist | 5 photos
Lukes, Joe: Lesser-Known ERB Serials: Jungle Girl - Boston Post '33/'34 with 7 Maxon illos | Another Tauchnintz TA printing '24 ~ Different McClurgs acquired | ERB-Signed Books Part 3: 8 illos with inscriptions plus long poem | 3 comments
Guidry, John H.: Mulling over next year's JC of Mars film | Review: Visions of Adventure: N.C. Wyeth and the Brandywine Artists (2000) | More ERB Words and Collectibles
Hillman, Bill: ERBzine Contents: Issues 1950-2000 | Colour logos from lead stories of all ERBzines in 2006 | 1911/1912 Business Correspondence Between ERB and Thomas Metcalf of All-Story (8 letters) | Outlaw Prince (Dark Horse): Rob Hughes adaptation - Yeates and Kaluta art - Brochure
McGeeney, Bob: Collecting and family comments | Films that Influenced ERB (BH: See ERB Bio Timeline for many of the films ERB saw or projected)
Hoover, Dave: Tarzan the Magnificent: Graphic adaptation by the artist: Part I - 6 pages of illlustrations and text
Huckenpöhler, J.G.: "Age-ism" in the Works of ERB - 5 illos | Bruce Salen Remembered | Dynamite's Warlord of Mars 7 covers | Comments on all
Ross, Bill: Burroughs Fan Publications from the "J" File - Many images of Jane - 1998 Dum-Dum Souvenir cover: Many Faces of Jane
Webber, Kenneth: Dan Speigle, Burroughs Artist with 2 art pieces | 13 Comments
Wilcutt, Dennis: The Real La of Opar: Books: Cleopatra, A Life and The Spartacus War | Dynamite News Release with 8 Warlord of Mars comic covers | Mulling: Outlaw of Torn, Campfires pubs, Variant Covers | 2 art illos | Comments on all
Johnson, Lyuba: Tarzan and "The Foreign Legion" comments | FaceBook praises | 7 Mailing Comments
Ekman, Fredrik: Role-Playing On Barsoom: Warriors of Mars, Adventure Gaming Handbook, Red Planet, ERB Shadows of a Dying World, Civilization III | 3 Mailing Comments
Burrows, Robert J.: Case Files of Dotar Wat fiction: Ch. 4 Preparations, Ch. 5 Through the Haze and Vortex | 15 comments for #107/108
Spargur, Richard C.: Purchase of St. John painting on eBay with 5 illos
Thompson, James F.: Report on George McWhorter's medical progress | Memorials: Bruce Salen and Jack Daley
Franke, Henry G.: The Son of Tarzan - Meriem, ERB's First Female Mangani with 9 St. John art pieces
Griffin, Scott Tracy: ERB References in Genre Periodicals Part 3: Scarlet Street | Additional ERB Film Player Issues
O.E. Last Word: Griffin's comments on this issue's submissions

ERBapa 110 ~  Summer 2011 ~ Outlaw of Torn Summer Symposium Issue
Cover Art by David Hoover: Dejah Thoris front and back covers in colour ~ Movie Tarzan sketches on inside covers.
Sadly David passed away on September 4, 2011 ~ We have lost a great talent and fine person.
Kaor! from OE Scott Tracy Griffin: Dave Hoover art credit | Membership Reports | Wait list | Back Issues | Treasury Report | Total Page Count 187 | Print-On-Demand Discussion | In Memoriam: Jeff Jones, Laura Ziskin, Linda Christian, Michael Tolan, Bill Blackbeard, Dave Hoover | ERBapa Roster |
Ekman, Fredrik: Free Role-Playing On Barsoom: Labyrinth Lord - Warriors of Mars, Cineflex - Barsoom, Final Words | 6 Mailing Comments
Geissler, Peter: Munango-Keewati: Devil-God of the Vienna Jungle | Lost Safari Poster | 26 KOK chocolates cards | Tarzan Tryst Theory debunked
Cuthbert, Raymond A.: Murphy Anderson's Return to Barsoom: Commentary and 4 art pieces | Mailing Comments
Ferrier, Joe: Rebellious Responses: 4 pages and 1 sketch
Critchfield, David: The World Below graphic novel from Dark Horse review | 4 illos | 6 Mailing Comments
Brown, Ralph: Neverending Story: Shelbyville visit | Tarzan slots | Carter Movie | Dynamite  Mars comics covers | "Spaced Out Comic" | 14 illos
Menegazzo, Tony: Gordon Scott cover | 10 Elephant Facts | Tarzan Celebrities article | 4-page Tarzan strip art and story by Menegazzo
Hanson, Alan: Tarzan's Country: Backdrop for a Morality Play - Part Two: Developing Leadership Skills, Primitive Values, Tarzan Takes Legal Control, Lord of the Jungle, Legislative Power, Tarzan Controls Population, Law Enforcement | 3 Pulp Illos
Ross, Bill: ERB Collector #91: New Story OT cover by Wyeth | ERB Fan Publications from the "K" File
Denkena, Kurt S.: Fuwalda. . . as a child of 7 - 52 years ago! - Memories and Illos - German Comics: Akim, Tibor: 11 Illos
Conran, Mike: ECOF 2011 Minneapolis report: Hosted by Rudy Sigmund: Guests: Mike Grell, Mike Hoffman, Mike Chapman, Dave Fury | 15 Illos
Lupton, Robert Allen: Background on the England of Outlaw of Torn | 4 Illos
McGeeney, Bob: Outlaw of Torn discussion | Henry III Titles from ABE books
Guidry, John H.: Discussion of stills from the John Carter trailer
Webber, Kenneth: Dark Horse Does Outlaw of Torn - Discussion | 9 Mailing Comments
Burrows, Robert J.: Case Files of Dotar Wat fiction: Ch. 6 - Interrogation (5 pages) | 6 Mailing Comments
Martin, John: The Warlord of Torn - Comparison to other ERB heroes - 3 Illos
Hadac, Jim: Outlaw of Torn as the first book in ERB's Tarzan series? | 3 cover illos | 5 Mailing Comments
Manson, Ken: "Torn" Between 2 ERB Classics | OT Pinnacle cover and McClurg ad
Burnley, Scott: Jeffrey Jones Tribute with 2 Colour Tarzan art pieces | OT Review | Thoughts on changing APA format | 5 Comments | Dejah art by Carpenter
Dumont, Richard: Update on Artist Walton Ford and the New Britain Conn. Museum of American Art | 4 Illos | Pulp Info
Spargur, Richard C.: Looking Back At Torn: Art and Articles from '60s Long Sword fanzine by RC Spargur and Joseph L. Maronna - Colour St. John art
Van Hise, James: Carter of the Red Planet serialized in 1929 Modern Mechanics and Inventions - text and 11 Illos
Huckenpöhler, J.G.: Room at the End of the Galaxy - Part 2: Gafiating: Looking back on Fanzine activity through the years | Klasek Memoriam Photo | Comments
Howell, DJ: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'ok in the Valley of Mithos: Synopsis and Chapter VII | Postscript: Recent reads referring to ERB
McKosky, Ted: What do Ronald Reagan and Theodore Cleaver Have in Common? Evolution of collecting recorded moments | 6 Illos of records and film
Moody, James Michael: APA-TALK | 4 pages of Mailing Comments
Johnson, Lyuba: 8 Mailing Comments for APA #109
Wilcutt, Dennis: Discussion of recent ERB News and Projects | Illos: Dynamite Warlord #10 and Classic Comics Webpage
Thompson, James F.: George McWhorter update | Remembering Terry Klasek | Russia Visit | Mailing Comments 3 pages
Franke, Henry G.: 2011 ERBCOF Minneapolis Report with 14 Colour Photos
Hillman, Bill: ERBzine Directory for 2000-2056 | 52 Colour Logos for the ERBzine Lead Stories 2007 | Outllaw of Torn Notes with 11 Colour Covers | Uparella's Mangani Grammar Lessons Certificate
Griffin, Scott Tracy: Tarzan Times Two! III - Jungle Twins Synopses Concluded: #12 The Haunted Valley, #13 Captives of the Tower, #14 The Garden of the Gods, #15 The Stalkers, #16 Tembo the Avenger, #17 Brother of the Wild Pack, #18 Royal Warriors - with 2 illos | "Mark Evanier Remembers Paul Norris and the Jungle Twins reprint | Starlog Reprint: James Earl Jones on Tarzan and Darth Vader
The Last Word by OE Tracy Griffin: Comments on each APA #110 submission

ERBapa 111 ~  Winter 2011
Cover Art by David Hoover: Three Barsoom Illustrations
Kaor: Contents | 208 pages | Membership Report and Dues | Back Issues Available | Roster Update and Kreegah! | Treasury Report | OE Election Candidate: Shawn Cavender | Idaho Dum-Dum Reports | In Memoriam: Artist Dave Hoover and Actress Eve Brent.
Madison, Charlie: The Iconic First Edition Dust Jacket ~ Illos: 6 versions of Fred J. Arting's Tarzan of the Apes dust jacket | Autobio and Personal History with St. John's Moon Maid cover illlustration
Ferrier, Joe: ERB's Wordy Worlds - the colourful language and character names ~ Joe's summary of his contribution of 85 APA articles
Critchfield, David: Cave Carson: Adventures Inside Earth comics - publication history | Illos: 9 comic covers in colour | Thoughts on Andy Briggs' new Tarzan | Mailing Comments
Lukes, Joe: Grosset and Dunlap Books for Boys and Girls - Part I analysis | Illos: 9 colour DJs and 2 letters
Hanson, Alan: Tarzan's Country: Backdrop for a Morality Play - Part 3: Punishment, Treatment of White Men, Arab Relations, Protector of Animals, Beyond Tarzan's Country, Conclusion
Cuthbert, Raymond A.: Murphy Anderson On Weird Worlds #1 | 5 Murphy art illos | Mailing Comments | Dave Hoover Memoriam with 1 illo.
Webber, Kenneth: John Celardo Daily Tarzan Strips: Summary of the 15 Celardo series | 9 Tarzan strips
Cavender, Shawn: Remembering Dave Hoover | ERB and Wrestling | Dynamite's Warlord of Mars comics | 7 illos | Jungle Girl Gail Kim | Mailing Comments | Artist Daikon
Menegazzo, Tony: Tarzan Through The Ages article reprint | Tarzan strip by Tony - 5 pages of art.
Denkena, Kurt S.: German publications: New book: I, Tarzan - How He Became What He Is by Guy Deluchy (290 illustrated pages) | Many sample illos.
Manson, Ken: History of the Mucker Magazine - Part 3: Issues 14-20 | Contents and 12 cover illos | Mailing Comments
Conran, Mike: Dum-Dum 2011 ~ Pocatello, Idaho | Description and 15 photos
Geissler, Peter: Dave Hoover Memoriam | Austrian Collector's Picture Cards: Return of Tarzan: 25 Illos and descriptions | Rejection of the "Tarzan Tryst Theory"
Goodwin, Jim: Confessions of a Waldo Wannabe autobio | Ballantine/Del Rey Canadian Editions Pt. 1 - Description and list
Martin, John: Flash Fiction for the Holidays: 7 short stories: Night Creatures, It Happened One Christmas, Shrimp and the Barbies, Santa's Dilemma, Christmas Gift, One Night in the Jungle, And a Happy Gnu Year.
Brown, Ralph J.: Ashton Dearhold bio and photo | Summary of 6 unauthorized Tarzan movies.
Lupton, Robert Allen: A Princess of Mars commentary: World events on day of John Carter's death, March 4, 1886 | Describing other Jasoomian events relating to PM.
Hadac, Jim: Articles, events, docs, and pastiches relating to Opar and Atlantis | 11 illos.
Spargur, Richard C.: The Pocatello Affair and the Riders - Dum-Dum 2011 description - 7 illos - Included is a DVD of a major documentary created by Dick.
Ekman, Fredrik: DJIRAI DARA OF MARS Role-Playing Adventure: Background | Part 1: Aboard the Daxor | Part 2: In the Arena | Part 3: The Catacombs | Part 4: Thiskor | Part 5: In Bas Dolor's Palace | Part 6: Battle in the Air | Non-Player Characters | Rewards | Adventure Plots: Ideas for role-playing adventures: Mysterious Moon of Mars, Hidden Valley of Mars, Invisible Mercenaries of Mars | Mailing Comments.
Ross, Bill: 2011 Dum-Dum Photo Gallery: 21 photos | Overview.
Howell, Dorothy J.: Lord of Two Worlds - Jer'ok fanfic: Synopsis, VII cont. | Postscript: Retrospect of APA #13 | 'Ape Man appears everywhere'
Hillman, Bill: ERBzine Directory: Issues 2056-2100 | Links to Hillman ERB Sites | ERBzine 2008: Colour Logo Archive for the Year's 52 Lead Stories.
Moody, James Michael: Mailing Comments for Issue 110.
Johnson, Lyuba: In Memory of Dave Hoover.- Lyuba's photo that Dave used for his Red Sonja art | Dave Hoover art piece | Comments on 10 contributors.
Burrows, Robert J.: Fanfic: The Case Files of Dotar Wat: The Case of the Unsung Hero: Ch. 7 - Where the Past and Future Co-exist | Ch. 8 - Time Out | Comments on 7.
Franke, Henry G.: Dave Hoover Memorial Service: 9 photos and illos plus bibliography | Zeppelins: The Real-World 0-220 (Pt. 3): Long article with 64 illustrations (34 pages)
Huckenpöhler, J.G.: The Road to Pocatello - Part I: Getting There - 8 photos | Dave Hoover Memoriam | Comments on Submissions (all).
Thompson, James F.: Updates on George McWhorter | Dave Hoover and Eve Brent Remembered | 3 illos.
Guidry, John H.: Came Tarzan: ERB and Fandom Memories | Short Book Review: Trick Cinematography.
Wilcutt, Dennis: Dedicated to his mother, Inez Joyce Wilcutt. . . and Dave Hoover | Coming publications | Interview with writer Craig Brewer | 4 illos.
Griffin, Scott Tracy: Tarzan and Hollywood: Another Shelf in the Completist's Library: Part 5: Directors and Crew - Byron Haskin, Wolf Man's Maker, John Patterson McGowan | Comic Strip Classics Stamps: 20 illos and description | ERB References in Genre Periodicals: Part 4: American Heritage: 6 titles.
LAST WORD BY OE: Tracy Griffin: Comments of this issue's submissions | The Burroughs Centennial Reading Project: "Read 'em All!"

ERBapa 112 ~  Winter 2012
Cover Art: David Burton's Thark On Thoat ~ Back cover: Thark Chases Woman
Kaor: Contents | Farewell Joe Ferrier | Waitlist | Back Issues | Treasury Report | Back Issues | Shawn Cavender elected new OE for #113 | Hillman ERBzine Appended (only first part of "The Bride" in this issue)
Insert: Souvenir programmes of Tracy Griffin-produced play: "Dark of the Moon" - Art by Thomas Yeats
ERBapa All-Stars: Complete data on Early Mailers through the run of ERBapa | Perfect Attendance: 11 Members | Longest Submissions
Cuthbert, Raymond: Murphy Anderson and John Carter of Mars | Weird Worlds #2 | 5 illos | Mailing Comments on All
Dumont, Richard: Okapi in Tarzan and the Leopard Men | Commentary and illos on the Okapi | 8 illos
Brown, Ralph: Tribute to Vet, Ben Allen | New BB Chapter: No Cal Mangani | New David Lemmo book: Tarzan: His First 100 Years | Cheetah RIP | Sally Forth comic with Wally Wood's Tarzan on cover
McGeeney, Bob: Celebrating 100 Years - ERB contributions to society - Biblio of 38 Novels and Collections on Africa | Dedication to son-in-law, Carlos Arciniega - victim of leukemia and passing of relatives | Two photos of Tarzan Slot Machines  | OE voting tabulations
Hanson, Alan: Recalling My Author-Artist Relationship with David Hoover (8 Hoover art pieces): Heritage of the Flaming God, Tarzan Chrono-Log, Tarzan Reader illustrator.
Goodwin, Jim: Listing of Tarzan Ballantine/Del Rey Canadian editions: Nos., dates, cover artists | Mailing comments on 11
Critchfield, David: Tarzan's Epic Adventures in Pellucidar: Summaries and 3 photos of Joe Lara's two Pellucidar episodes: Premiere - Tarzan's Return and Ep. #17 - Tarzan and the Mahars | 2011 Reading List of 32 books ~ Mailing Comments: 7 ~ David Burton sketch of Tarzan.
Webber, Kenneth: John Celardo Daily Strips II: Summaries and 7 art samples ~ Dave Hoover Tarzan illo ~ Mailing Comments 7
Menegazzo, Tony: Clippings on Chimp Research and football "Tarzan" | 6-page Tarzan comic by Tony |
Denkena, Kurt: Tarzan clippings, photos and art from Germany
Lupton, Robert Allen: Wandering the Barsoom landscape with John Carter: Observations on body structure and size, age, food, reproduction, etc.
Conran, Mike: Checklist: Dynamite Comics' Warlord of Mars covers: Variations of the many covers by numerous artists
Ross, Bill: Burroughs Fan Publications from the "M" File: Titles, dates, descriptions, publishers | The Martian cover art by J.P. McMahon
Guidry, John: Commentary on Hollywood On the Bayou: Over 1,000 Films Made in or about Louisiana by Ed and Susan Poole
Lukes, Joe: Grosset and Dunlap Books for Boys and Girls - Part 2 | Descriptions | Variants | Dedication pages | 13 illos
Sigmund, Rudy: Thoughts of an Aging ERB Fan: Memories and 16 Colour photos from the author's collection.
Hillman, Bill: ERBzine Directory Issues 2100-2150 | Colour Lead Story Logos from the 52 ERBzine Issues of 2009 | "The Bride" by Ella O. Burroughs Part I: Reprint from Metropolitan Magazine 1913 - Illustrated by Will Grefe
Cavender, Shawn: Comments on recent John Carter activity | 2 pin-up girl photos | Mailing Comments 24
Manson, Ken: A Ship ERB Stood On: Viking Ship from  Chicago's 1893 Columbian Exposition | 4 photos | Mailing Comments 5
Huckenpöhler, J.G.: The Road to Pocatello Part 2: There and Back Again - Dum-Dum 2011 Report with 11 photos | Mailing Comments: All 30
Van Hise, James: ERB's At the Earth's Core serialized in Modern Mechanics and Inventions 1929 - Sample pages with text and art from the issues | Tarzan and the Cage of Death: 2-page comic from TV Tornado #43 November 4, 1967 | Yesterday's Ads: ERB's books 9 | Hal Foster 1938 art that inspired Amazing Stories 1942 illo.
Martin, John: Tarzan: The Next Generation, or, When Boy of the Movies met Korak of the Books - Martin fiction
Spargur, Richard: The Radio Gun Runners: Commentary and art (9) from an ERB pulp contemporary: Robert Milne Farley (More Farley essays in ERBzine)
Johnson, Lyuba: Commentary on George of the Jungle | In Memory of David Burton with 4 illustrations | Mailing Comments: 6
Ekman, Fredrik: An Interview with Paul Frommer discussing Barsoomian language | History of Constructed Languages in Movies | Mailing Comments: 4
Burnley, Scott: Burroughs Artist: Frank Frazetta in ACE, Opar Press, Canaveral Press - 7 FF art pieces (For more see the ERBzine Frazetta ERB Galleries)
Howell, Dorothy: Fiction: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'ok in the Valley of Mithos | Synopsis, Chapter VIII | Postscript
Thompson, James: David Burton Tribute - plus reprint Memorial from | 4 Burton art pieces (More at ERBzine 0535)
Franke, Henry: Report on 2011 Dum-Dum, Pocatello, ID with over 30 colour photos (More at ERBzine 3660) | Zeppelins - The Real-World O-220 (Part 4) with 3 illos
Griffin, Scott Tracy: Rating the recent flood of ERB comics | ERB References in Genre Publications Part 5: Screen World with 12 sketches
OE Last Word: Comments on this issues submissions plus In Memoriam: David Burton, Denise Darcel, Johnn Celardo

ERBapa 113 ~  Spring 2012
Cover Art: Jeff Lasley - Front and Back Covers | Louis Paradis - Inside Front and Back Covers
Kaor: Contents | 213 pages | New OE Shawn Cavender | Membership Report and Dues | Back Issues Available | Roster Update and Kreegah! | Treasury Report | Summer Symposium Topic: John Carter Centennial | Early Mailers | Waiting List: Rudy Sigmund, Phil Petra, Aubrey Stallings, Hans Kiesow
Cutherbert, Raymond: Under the Moons of Mars report with illustration by Jeremy Bastian | #112 Mailing Comments
Madison, Charles A.: Burroughs' Theme: Romanticism Movement essay with 3 photos: Rouseau, Kipling, Haggard.
Goodwin, Jim: Confessions of a Waldo Wannabe: Checklist for ERB Mars Ballantine Del Rey paperback editions | 9 Mailing Comments
Ekman, Fredrik: Barsoomian 101, Part 9: Semantics | Military Terms | Astronomy | Units of Length and Time | Other Words | Expanding Barsoomian | Sources | 5 Mailing Comments
Hanson, Alan: Ron Ely . . . Then and Now: 1969 Steve Allan Show | An Intelligent Tarzan | After Tarzan | 3 photos ~ John Carter Becomes Disney's "Dirty Laundry"
Webber, Kenneth: John Celardo Daily Strips III | Photo and 3 strips ~ John Carter Newspaper Review: Mars Wars - 3 photos
Manson, Ken: Tarzan Meets The Three Stooges: The Connection - 9 photos ~ 10 Mailing Comments ~ 8 pages
Menegazzo, Tony: Tarzan actors collage | 5-page Tarzan strip: story and art by Tony | 22 mailing comments | Weissmuller and Chimps photo
Conran, Mike: Tarzan Library Bindings: A History  ~ 38 small photos and covers ~ Dynamite Lord of the Jungle Checklist
Guidry, John: Under the Moons of Mars: Discussion on Disney John Carter, Asylum Princess of Mars, ERB A Princess of Mars
Brown, Ralph: Farewell Submission and Photo
Lukes, Joe: Grosset and Dunlap Books for Boys and Girls Part 3 ~ Book Variations Pt. 2: 10 Illustrations ~ 1 Mailing Comment
Denkena, Kurt: German Edition: Tarzan of the Apes, Tarzan and the Castaways, Tarzan and the Madman with illos and essay
Lupton, Robert Allen: Discussion of the Disney film ~ Commentary continued on A Princess of Mars: Flying Ships - 3 illos
Hillman, Bill: ERBzine Directory Issues: 2150-2200 | 16 Colour Logos of Hillman ERB sites | Conclusion of "The Bride" by Ella Oldham Burroughs
Spargur, Richard: J. Allen St. John and Sherlock Holmes: 23 Illustrations
Martin, John: Review of the Library of America editions of Tarzan of the Apes and A Princess of Mars ~ Major criticism of the Junot Diaz Introduction ~ Illos: 2 covers and Diaz photo
Dumont, Richard: John Carter Movie Review (negative) - 1 photo
Ross, Bill: Burroughs Fan Publications: "N" File Pt. 1: National Capital Panthans - Mark Wheatley cover illo
McGeeney, Bob: John Carter Film Review and reprints from The Plain Dealer
McKosky, Ted: Finding Tarzan . . . or making peace with the movies - essay
Huckenpöhler, J.G.: Tarzan and the Fires of Tohr: Part of the Canon? Radio and Comic versions (see ERBzine 3141 | ERBzine 0660 | ERBzine 3434 | ERBzine 2398 | John Carter comments and poster illo | Sky Brower visit and photo | John Severin Memorial and Photo | Comments on all 112 submissions
Hadac, Jim: Tarzana 2012 ECOF Memories | Yeates Red Hawk Art | 3 photos | 12 Mailing Comments
Critchfield, David: Science Fiction Classics: What's On Your Shelf ~ Discussion on the number of Castle Omnibus printings ~ Review: Cameron's Sanctum film ~ 4 illos ~ 3 mailing comments
Griffin, Scott Tracy: Completist's Library Part 2: Leading men and Women, Secondhand, continued ~ Checklist: John Carter in The Funnies (Read them all in ERBzine 3720)
Wilcutt, Dennis: Commentary: John Carter Film, Brothers of the Spear book (read in ERBzine 2350), Dynamite suit, Robin Maxwell's JANE, Briggs' Tarzan, New Tarzan film, Mars Anthology, Celardo RIP, Cisco Kid strip by Jose Salinas, Gods of Opar | Disney's John Carter Review and poster
Van Hise, James: John Carter Film Discussion | Review Reprints: German, LA Times (3) | 20 illos | Johnny Sheffield articles reprinted.
Johnson, Lyuba: John Carter of Mars Film Review and Quotes | 7 Mailing Comments
Howell, Dorothy J.: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'okin the Valley of Mithos fiction: Synopsis, Ch. VIII cont. | Postscript: Media excerpts pre-John Carter | 5 Mailing Comments | Al Bohl Morgan City Tarzan Festival Highlights
Thompson, James: A Special Copy of Tarzan of the Movies by Gabe Essoe: Part VIII - Fan autographs, inscriptions and doodles | ECOF 2012 Tarzana comments | 2 Mitch Byrd Prints
Geissler, Peter: Review and Illos: A new Tarzan Boxed set from WALDE + gRAF VERLAG, Switzerland: Tarzan of the Apes, Tarzan and the Castaways, Tarzan and the Madman | All Cover Illustrations and one interior
Burroughs, Robert: The Case of the Unsung Hero (fiction): Chapter 9-10, 20, 30, 40, 50, or More | 8 Maililng Comments
Cavender, Shawn: John Carter: Hits and Misses | 4 illos | 2 reprinted reviews | RIP Al Rio | 20 Mailing Comments
Franke, Henry: Full Coverage: 2012 Tarzan, Lord of the Louisiana Jungle Festival (Morgan City, LA) (Related ERBzine features: 3588) ~ 18 pages and over 30 colour photos.

ERBapa 114 ~  Summer 2012
Front and Back Cover Art by Michael Powell
Kaor:  Summer Symposium Topic: JOHN CARTER CENTENNIAL
Welcome to Rudy Sigmund has officially joined the active ERBapa roster ~ ERBapa back issues are available through Scott Tracy Griffin
Passing of Two Giants: Artist Joe Kubert (age 85) and Author Ray Bradbury.
Critchfield, David: Fearn of Mars - Tribute to John Russell Fearn (1908-1960) ~ Summaries of four 1950s titles: #1: Emperor of Mars, #2 Warrior of Mars, #3 Red Men of Mars, #4 Goddess of Mars with cover art by Ron Turner. Covers of four books currently being read.
Lukes, Joe: ERB Collector Scene: Grosset and Dunlap Books for Boys and Girls - Part 4 ~ Book Variations: Tarzan and the Golden Lion, Tarzan and the Ant Men, Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle with many illustrations ~ ERB-signed Books Pt. 6: 5 sigs and dedications.
Madiston, Charlie: "Facsimile Dust Jackets: How They are Created for": The process and final assembly with many illustrations of jackets: Pirates of Venus, Tarzan and the Leopard Men, Tarzan and the Foreign Legion, The Bandit of Hell's Bend.
Cuthbert, Raymond A.: Another View of Junot Diaz's Introduction to A Princess of Mars. Mailing Comments on all #113 contributors.
Hanson, Alan: ERB and Poker: ". . . it's a lot of fun. Especially when  you win": An Early ERB Poker Game | An Idaho Poker Game Recalled | A Game of Honor | Poker Games in Plots | Poker and Cowboys | Playing for a Woman | Poker in Paradise | Gambling a Natural Impulse ~ 7 Comments
Goodwin, Jim: Reflections on the movie "John Carter of Mars": Dislikes and Likes ~ G & D Comments ~ Comments on 10 #113 contributors
Huckenpöhler, J.G.: John Carter in the Movies: A Brief History - with 7 illos: 1. Bob Clampett-JCB Collaboration | 2. The Paramount Project | 3. The Asylum "Princess of Mars" Movie | 4. Disney's "John Carter" | 5. Other ~ Events Elsewhere ~ Ray Bradbury Memoriam  ~ Comments on all #113 submissions
Dumont, Richard: Lost in Pal-ul-don: American Cinematographer Magazine - Jan and Feb 1987 - 5 illos
Manson, Ken: "Tarzan's March" music from the Ron Ely TV series soundtrack and other works by composer by Sydney Lee ~ 6 illos ~ 10 Comments
Conran, Mike: ECOF 2012 - Woodland Hills, California: Report with 14 illos and chart: Sites, Guests, Award (none), Souvenirs, Panels, Publications.
Denkena, Kurt S.: Fuwalda: Comments: 11. Tarzan and the Ant Men (pulp cover, Manning comic page), 12. Tarzan and the Tarzan Twins (Krenkel cover, comic page ~ List of German comics adaptations of ERB titles with various artists. ~ Tibor: Son of Tarzan ~ 11 illos
Menegazzo, Tony: 4 Flashback clippings ~ Continuation of Tony's Tarzan comic (story and art)
Webber, Ken: Centennial Reflections on John Carter: The Artists Who Drew Barsoom | Barsoom on Film ~ 4 illos
Ross, Bill: ERB Collector: Kayanan Thark art piece ~ ERB Fan Publications "N" File - Part Two: Norb's Notes, Normal Bean, etc.
Martin, John: John Carter: The good and the not-so-good: review of the Disney John Carter Movie
Guidry, John H.: Lost Fanzine of Jasoom - Ch. 114: Tarzan of the Apes ~ Bohls' "Tarzan, Lord of the Louisiana Jungle" praised ~ Disney's "John Carter" panned
McKosky Jr., Ted:  Lois Weber: great pioneer of film and social issues: "Suspense" 1913, "Hypocrites" 1914, "Queen of the Seas" 1918, "Tarzan of the Apes" 1918, "The Blot" 1921, "The Phantom of the Opera" 1925, "White Heat" 1934, etc.
Sigmund, Rudy: The Lost Gordon Scott Spanish Covers. Commentary with 23 large colour covers images
Wilcutt, Dennis: Report on summer's events and the Dynamite Comics: Lord of the Jungle, Warlord of Mars, Dejah Thoris ~ 5 cover illos
Howell, DJ: Fiction: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'ok in the Valley of Mithos ~ Synopsis | Ch. IX (9 pages) ~ PS Comments on 8 submissions - Disney's John Carter
Cavender, Shawn: Alien Worlds of ERB: Comments: Dynamite comics, John Carter DVD, Bohl Tarzan Festival and doc. ~ Battle of Barsoom Comics: Dynamite vs. Marvel 5 illos - 4 Jungle Girl pin-ups.
Ekman, Fredrik: Barsoomian 101, Part 10: Syntax ~ Syntax Basics, Barsoomian Phrases, Secondary Sources, ERB's Other Languages, Barsoomian Sentences, More on Adjectives, Concluding Remarks, Sources ~ 3 Mailing Comments ~ John Carter Centennial in Sweden
Van Hise, James: Ray Bradbury Pulp Writer ~ Tribute articles by and about Bradbury through the years ~ 14 illos ~ 28 page Tribute
Spargur, Richard C.: In and Out of Africa: ERB influences in the visit to North Africa ~ 14 illos ~ Comments on Tarzan in Egypt comics: Foster, Manning, Rubimore refs
Thompson, James F.: Update on George McWhorter and U of L ~ ECOF, John Carter news, new fans, Michael Sellers' JC film book, Khanada Taylor, DeWet Du Toit
Hillman, Bill: ERBzine Directory for Issues 2200-2250, Website Logos, Cover Collage of ERB's Mars Titles, Intro to Dale Broadhurst's 73-chapter novelization of John Coleman Burroughs' John Carter of Mars Sunday Pages: Chapters 1 and 2.
Franke III, Henry G.: Airship Articles and photos: What Might Have Been, Zeppelins, Blackwater Fleet, Man-Hunting Blimps, Afghanistan Airships, Cargo Transports, Renaissance, All-Seeing Blimp, Eye in the Sky, Problems, etc. ~ 9 photos ~ 23 pages
OE Shawn Cavender's LAST WORD: Comments on each of this issues submissions

ERBapa 115 ~  Fall 2012 (with ERBzine references)
Front and Back Cover Art by Jeff Lasley (eBay at "foodfortheworms")
Kaor: 140 pages ~ Election Time ~ Caz Checks in with JANE review ~ Leaving Membership: Peter Geissler and Ken Manson ~ Treasury Report ~ Back Issue Report ~ "Back to Barsoom" Souvenir card and stamp from Tracy Griffin
Ekman, Fredrik: Interview with Kari T. Leppanen ~ His adaptation of A Princess of Mars for Finnish sci-fi magazine Portti ~ 3 illos & 1 colour page
Critchfield, David: Lost Continent: Review of six-book graphic novel series - Japanese in English 1990 ~ 5 illos ~ Review of Andy Briggs' Tarzan the Jungle Warrior ~ 4 Mailing Comments
Cuthbert, Raymond A.: Review of Sean Egan's Ape-Man: The Unofficial and Authorized Guide to 100 Years of Tarzan - Cover illo by Boris ~ Alex Nino illo: "Tarzan and Histah" ~ Mailing Comments for all
Griffin, Scott Tracy: Tarzan and Hollywood: Another Shelf in the Completist's Library Part 5: Directors and Crew: Woody Van Dyke: Horning Into Africa review and quotes.
Goodwin, Jim: Confessions of a Waldo Wannabe ~ Ballantine/Del Rey editions count ~ Dum-Dum 2012 Memories and Mailing Comments
Lukes, Joe: Grosset and Dunlap Books for Boys and Girls - Part 5 (conclusion) ~ Dust Jacket Variations ~ ERB dedication signatures in books ~ 23 illos
Manson, Ken: Who Was Jane's Mother?: Info added by the Maxwell and Briggs Tarzan books
Denkena, Kurt S.: Fuwalda: Updates on German publications, Sunday pages, and press
Howell, Dorothy J.: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'ok in the Valley of Mithos: Synopsis and Ch. X ~ Postscript: Discussion of Kitsch, Entertainment Weekly, John Carter, Dynamite comics suit
Hanson, Alan: Observations on Robin Maxwell's Jane: The Woman Who Loved Tarzan ~ JANE Cover illo
Conran, Mike: Dum-Dum 2012 coverage ~ 14 illos ~ Convention Sites, Souvenirs, Panels, Awards, Events, Reports, ECOF Publications for sale
Madison, Charlie: It's Always the Story that Counts: An Essay (Earlier version appeared in ERBzine 3640) ~ 5 illos
Guidry, John H.: Broken Wings: RIP: Joe Kubert ~ Ray Bradbury ~ Comment on The Secret of Saturn's Rings by Donald A. Wollheim 1954
McKosky Jr., Ted: Robbins Barstow: Master of Adventure ~ 3 illos ~ An apppreciation
Huckenpöhler, J.G.: Some Thoughts On The Pellucidar / Pal-Ul-Don Connection ~ 2 maps ~ Mailer Comments on all ~ Vaclav Cotta illo for Czech PM 1927
Menegazzo, Tony: ERB Reading List ~ Clipping on Elephant Slaughter ~ Tarzan Comic (cont) Story and Art by Tony - 4 pages
Sigmund, Rudy: My Tarzan Holy Grail: Dell Comics - Gordon Scott standee ~ 2 colour illos
Lupton, Robert Allen: Under the Dum Dum Tree: Health problems ~ Barsoom Atmosphere Plant ~ Maxwell's JANE recommended
Johnson, Lyuba: Jane Carver of Waar review with quotes ~ Swords of Waar review ~ 2 Mailing Comments
Cavender, Shawn: Not-So-Dynamite Comics ~ 3 pin-up illos
Franke, Henry G.: Tarzan Centennial Birthday Celebration, University of Louisville ~ 21 Colour illos
Thompson, James F.: The Cathne Editor: Tarzan Centennial Birthday Celebration, University of Louisville report
Hillman, Bill: ERBzine Directory for Issues 2250-2300 ~ Colour Logo Mosaic for 2010 Lead Stories ~ John Carter and the Perils of Mars novelization of JCB's JC Sundays by Dale Broadhurst: Chapters 3 and 4
Cazedessus, Caz: Excerpt of a Mike Taylor review of Maxwell's JANE with 3 illos by Burian
Webber, Kenneth: The Passing of ERB Artists in 2012: Tony DeZungia, Ernie Chan, John Severin, John Celardo, Joe Kubert ~ 6 illos
Burrows, Robert J.: Fiction: Case Files of Dotar Wat: The Case of the Unsung Hero - Ch. 11 Infiltration ~ Apa Notes #113: 15 ~ #114: 7
Wilcutt, Dennis: Update on Dynamite Comics variant covers ~ U of Louisville Celebration comments ~ 5 photos ~ Mailing Comments

ERBapa 116 ~  Winter 2013 (with ERBzine references)
Front Cover Art: Joe Orsak  |   Back Cover: Spanish Movie Poster for "Tarzan's Three Challenges"
Booklet insert from Rudy Sigmund - The programme from ValleyCon38 - Fargo Convention
KAOR: Members Roster, Art Credits, Election: Shawn Cavender voted OE, Early Mailers, Notice: Missed mailings and memberships due, Treasury Report, Back Issue Report
Ross, Bill: Burroughs Fan Publications from the "O" file ~ Illos: Odwar covers 1 and 2 from 1964
Ekman, Fredrik: Single Ticket from Mars to Jupiter: Distance, Route, Speed, Time, Sky, Sources:  ERB, Stellarium,  Zell's Barsoom map
Critchfield, David: Zeuglodon book review (Pellucidar connection) with two illos ~ 2012 Reading List - 5 mailing comments - Marquez illo
Cuthbert, Raymond A.:  Review of Tarzan: The Centennial Celebration by Scott Tracy Griffin and JANE by Robin Maxwell - Grindberg's New Online Tarzan Strip ~ 5 illos ~ Mailing comments
Goodwin, Jim: The Missing Editions - Ballantine/Del Rey ~ Mailing Comments
Hanson, Alan: Tarzan the Fearless, Literally Speaking: * Tarzan's Father. . ."brave and fearless" *Tarzan not always fearless  *Nightmare brought knowledge of fear, *Tarzan "shuddered" once *Respect for nature, but no fear of it *Death held no fear for the ape-man *Self-preservation and caution *Tarzan expected men to fear him *Facing overwhelming odds *Tarzan unconvincing in coward's role.
Denkena, Kurt S.: Fuwalda - Report from Germany: New comic with Foster and Hogarth Tarzan art ~ Sex Kimg;e
Menegazzo, Tony: Tarzan clippings: Washington Post Tarzan 100, Lutz new Tarzan, Gorilla turns 56, Olympians clipping: Weissmuller, Duke Kahanamou ~ 3 pages of Tarzan strip by Tony
Conran, Mike: Dynamite Comics Lord of the Jungle checklist of cover variants
Webber, Ken: Russ Manning Meets Korak - first 11 issues until he replaced Marsh on Tarzan (Dell/GK) - 5 Manning illos - Comments
Lukes, Joe: ERB Collector Scene: "Editions for the Armed Services, Inc."- Biblio info and 9 illos ~ Boys Cinema Part VI: 2 illos - 4 ERB signature illos
Martin, John: Poem: John Carter, Movie Style - 57 stanzas - 4 colour film pics
Huckenpöhler, J.G.: Some Thoughts On The Heritage Of ERB: Scientists, Astronauts, Authors (1st-4th Generation), Spoofs, Misc. ~ Memorium: Sir Patrick Moore and photo ~ Comments on submissions by all
Guidry, John H.: Rewards - Centennial Year Celebration remembered
Dumont, Richard: The Ituri Forest: Map and connections to Tarzan and the Lion Man - Stanley and Livingstone - book of Stanley's experience serialized in Classics Illustrated - Review: The Last Hero by Peter Forbath
Sigmund, Rudy: Celebrating ERB's Creations - Remembering over 40 years of fandom - 5 photos
Lupton, Robert Allen: Reviews and 19 cover illustrations of many of the 2012 publications
Spargur, Richard C.: Tarzan and the Three Stooges: History of 3D and Tarzan Connection - 18 illos
McKosky, Ted: Is it the Suit. . . or the Man - The role of animal costumes in Tarzan films: Crash Corrigan, Johnny Eck, etc. - Don Martin cartoons, 4 illos - Reprinted later in ERBzine
Hadac, Jim: Return to Opar: Farmer titles: Gods of Opar, Times Last Gift, Hadon, Flight to Opar, Song of Kwasin - Map and 4 illos
Wilcutt, Dennis: Personal updates, comments on latest ERB-related books and films, JANE, John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood, 20 comments, Dynamite Dejah cover art
Madison, Charlie: Debt of Gratitude to Grosset and Dunlap - Bandit of Hell's Bend comments - Pulp art and N.C. Wyeth -  5 illos
Howell, Dorothy J.: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'ok in the Valley of Mithos (fiction) Synopsis, Ch. X (cont) ~ Discussion on members, JC film, authorized pastiches
Cavender, Shawn: Dynamite Dejah Thoris, Fortean Times, Doug McClure: Legend, 2012 movies, hopes for 2013, 9 comments, 3 illos with 2 pin-ups
Johnson, Lyuba: Durian fruit in Tarzan and "The Foreign Legion" - 2 photos - 9 comments
Hillman, Bill: Contents of ERBzines 2301-2352, 200 colour images:Website logos, ERBzine Lead-off logos for 52 weeks in 2011 - Colour images of all the Barsoom and Tarzan art pieces in the Tarzana Convention art portfolios created by Bob Zeuschner - reprinted in
Franke, Henry G. III: 2012 Tarzana ECOFat Woodland Hills report with 34 colour photos
Van Hise, James: Article on the condensed version of ERB's THE MOON MAID serialized in four issues of Modern Mechanics and Inventions titled Conquest of the Moon with 20 interior illustrations - Ray Bradbury Tributes continued.
Thompson, James F.: Report on George McWhorter's health progress, Continuation of 2012 convention reports - Contacts with artist Sal Amenndola and 4 art samples
OE's LAST WORD: Comments on all of this editions articles
179 pages

ERBapa 117 ~  Spring 2013 (with ERBzine references)
The ERBapa Webpages in ERBzine start at:

Front and Back Cover Art by Don Marquez
KAOR: Members Roster, Art Credits, Planned Summer Symposium (Son of Tarzan),  Early Mailers, Notice: Missed mailings and memberships due, Treasury Report, Back Issue Report, Illustration: "Martians" by Don Marquez, 175 pages
Ekman, Fredrik: The Flammarion Connection: Flammarion and Burroughs, Flammariaon and John Carter, Conclusion, 4 Comments,Sources: ERBzine 3197, etc.
Cuthbert, Raymond A.: Conversation with Thomas Grindberg, New Artist of the Tarzan Sunday Strip (online) - Comments - 4 illustrations
Critchfield, David: Review: STEAMPUNK: An Illustrated History of Fantastical Fiction, Fanciful Film and Other Victorian Visions (2012) by Brian J. Robb - 8 Illustrations - Underground Miscellany: Best of the Hollow Earth Hassle ~ 4 Comments
Goodwin, Jim: Confessions of a Waldo Wannabe ~ Cryptozoic's Tarzan, 100th Anniversary Trading Cards ~ 36 colour illustrations of the cards
Menegazzo, Tony: 24 comments ~ 4-page Tarzan comic by Tony
Hillman, Bill: Links to ERBzine Archive Nos. 2349-2399 (Brothers of the Spear, Foster, Manning, Dell, etc.) ~ Colour logos of the Hillman 16 ERB Websites ~ 2 Colour JCB JC Sunday pages and their novelization by Dale Broadhurst (Perils of Mars Chapters 5 and 6) - John Carter illo by John Coleman Burroughs
Denkena, Kurt S.: Fuwalda - ERB news from Germany - Maxon/Foster Tarzans in German translation ~ 10 illustrations ~ Planned update of German Bibliography
Dumont, Richard: Beyond Thirty discussion, 3 cover illustrations
Huckenpöhler, J.G.: Some Thoughts ont he Authorized Tarzan Pastiches: Robin Maxwell's JANE ~ Andy Briggs' TARZAN ~ Comments on all 116 contributors
Conran, Mike: Tarzan and the Mayan Goddess - Discussion of the Willliam Juhre strip with mini illustrations from Nos. 131-150.
Griffin, Scott Tracy: Teton Tarzan discussion ~ 6 feedback comments
McKosky, Ted: Beach Red and Rainy Day Movie: Discussion on Paul Du Chaillu influences, Reviews: Between Man and Beast by Monte Reel, Living Dangerously: Merian C. Cooper by Mark Vaz ~ Photo: Frank Merrill and "ape" Charles Gemora
Cavender, Shawn: Alien Worlds of ERB - 17 Dejah and Jungle Girl illos ~ Dynamite comics discussion ~ DVD Review: Jungle Girls Gone Wild Collection of 5 discs: Savage Girl, Jungle Bride, Queen of the Jungle, Jungle Siren, Nabonga, Blonde Savage, Queen of the Amazons, Prehistoric Women, Bowanga, Liane Jungle Goddess, Wild Women of Wongo, Virgin Sacrifice, Rarities.
Guidry, John H.: Gods of Mars re-reading comments ~ Sagan and ERB items of interest in old Horizon hardback mag ~ Book Reviews: Unauthorized Tarzan (Charlton Comics) in Dark Horse hardcover ~ Dynamite's Dejah Thoris Vol. 3 ~ Princess of Mars (annotated) and New Tales ~John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood by Michael Sellers ~ Copyright. . . Status of ERB by Jerry L. Schneider ~ Global Perspectives of Tarzan
Hanson, Alan: My Retrospect . . . My 100 ERB Articles: Complete List (none online) ~ Commentary: Role Models, Life Got in the Way, What Makes an ERB Article, In Defense of ERB-APA, Always Taking Notes, What Does It Mean, Friendships are Best Reward. Cover illo: Tarzan Chrono Log,
Martin, John: Canceling ERB ~ ERB-related stamps article - John special envelopes, cancellations, etc. ~ 12 envelope illos
Burrows, Robert J.: Fan-Fic: Case of the Unsung Hero: Ch. 12 Reflections ~ Comments on all No. 116 contributors.
Howell, DJ: Fan-Fic: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'ok in the Valley of Mithos: Synopsis and Ch. XI ~ Postscript: Jimmy Buffet's A Salty Piece of Land ~ Travis Fimmel spotting in TV's Vikings.
Webber, Ken: Tom Yeates, A Prince of an Illlustrator: Outlaw Prince, Prince Valiant, Zorro, Tarzan, Malibu, Dark Horse, John Carter of Mars Trilogy ~ 1 full-page Yeates illustration.
Hadac, Jim: Bwana: Mike Resnick and his worlds ~ Discussion of his passion for Africa and ERB connections, The Writing, Influence of ERB, Africa, Other Teddies Other Worlds, list of novels - 2 photos - 3 cover illos
Sigmund, Rudy: My Humble Collection - A life time of collecting and enjoying others' collections ~ 23 photos
Franke, Henry G.: 2012 Dum-Dum, Woodland Hills: 34-page coverage with over 90 colour photos.
Wilcutt, Dennis: Favourite Summer books: Searchers, Terrible Glory, Between Man and Beast, Wild Boy, articles, 6 illos, Comments on 116 contributors
Madison, Charlie: Swords of Mars: Switched Jackets and Bad Facsimiles article ~ 8 cover variations

ERBapa 118 ~  Summer 2013 (with ERBzine references)
The ERBapa Webpages in ERBzine start at:
ERBapa 118 Front Cover by Joe OrsakERBapa 118: Back cover - Son of Tarzan by J. Allan St. John
ERBzine Refs: The Son of Tarzan by ERB ~ The Son of Tarzan Film

Front Cover Art by Joe Orsak ~ Back Cover Art by J. Allan St. John: Son of Tarzan
KAOR: Members Roster, Art Credits, Summer Symposium Issue: The Son of Tarzan, Membership Report, Annual Ballot, Kreegah!, Membership Dues, Treasury Report, Back Issue Report
Hillman, Bill: Directory for issues 2400-2451, Logos for Companion Websites, Dale Broadhurst's Novelization of JCB's John Carter and the Perils of Mars Sunday pages: Ch. 7: "The Old Lock Opens" and Ch. 8: "A Shot in the Dark" ~ Photo of Jane Ralston Burroughs posing as Dejah
Griffin, Scott Tracy: Tarzan and Hollywood - Competist's Library Part 6: Moguls and Studios - RKO  and Part 7: Locations ~ Tarzan the Centennial Celebration Book Tour Appearances
Cuthbert, Raymond A.: Carson of Venus in DC's Korak, Son of Tarzan - 3 Kaluta art pieces ~ Mailing Comments for all (Read them all in ERBzine)
Goodwin, Jim: The Tarzan Family Comics descriptions ~ Comments on 14 submissions in No. 117
Critchfield, David: Lost Tales of Opar ~ Gods of Opar Comments with 3 Mike Hoffman illustrations ~ Mailing Comments on 6 submissions
Denkena, Kurt S.: Fuwalda No. 98 - Centenary influences in Germany - Sunday Pages, TARZAN edition with 3 novels, 3D Tarzan film
Menegazzo, Tony: Cartoon Reprints ~ Tony's original Tarzan strip (4-pages: art and story by Tony)
Dumont, Richard: Examination of India's Campfire editions: Lost Continent, Land that Time Forgot, People that Time Forgot art samples ~ Covers of 4 facsimile Classics Illustrated comics
Ekman, Fredrik: The Average Swenson: The Swedes in Burroughs' Fiction: Names, Descriptions, Occupations, Accents and Languages, Conclusion, Sources ~ 3 photos of Tarzanbadet in Sweden ~ 3 mailing comments
Guidry, John H.: Son of Tarzan: One of first three ERB books read in  1955 ~ Comments on Flashman, Internet Collectibles
Ross, Bill: ERB Fan Publications: "P" Files: Panthan Newsletter listed with comments ~ Pictorial History of the Tarzan Movies/Going Ape With Tarzan ~ Pirates of Venus / Lost On Venus - Passing Show Magazine 19 parts.
Huckenpöhler, J.G.: The Son of Tarzan: From McClurg to Dark Horse ~ 5 cover illos ~ Comments on all submissions
Martin, John: Son of Tarzan evolution through the novels, film and comics: Jack, Korak, Boy, etc. ~ Denny Miller's Contribution to the Commemorative Stamp ~ 9 illos (See expanded alternate version in ERBzine 4395)
Conran, Mike: ECOF 2013 Report: Near Chicago hosted by Joan Bledig and the Muckers ~ 24 photos ~ Sites, Guest Mike Hoffman, Awards, Souvenirs
Lupton, Robert Allen: Dynamite ERB comics discussion, collectibles found, Son of Tarzan discussion, the Immortal Tarzan/Greystoke and his many appearances
Van Hise, James: Little Known Modern Comic Book Adaptations of ERB ~ Old Fanzines and Amazing article reprints with illos ~ Habblitz Barsoom 1-page art piece.
Thompson, James F.: Update on George McWhorter's health, ECOF 2013 Report ~ Photo: Mike and Lydia Hoffman (GoH) and Hoffman doing sketch
Webber, Ken: Russ Manning's first art assignment: Tarzan and the Horns of Kudu with 2 original art pages ~ John Carter of Mars Make-Believe Classic Hollywood poster.
Hanson, Alan: N'kima: Tarzan's Jungle Friend I and Confidant with 5 illos: Manu the Monkey, Mannerisms, in Golden Lion, Nkima Debut, Personality, Curiosity/Mischief/Imagination ~ Reflections on Son of Tarzan
McKosky, Ted Jr.: The many sons of Tarzan on the Silver Screen ~ 5 illos
Spargur, Richard C.: Sloths and John Coleman Burroughs ~ Collectibles sought and found ~ 4 JCB Sloth sketches
Grainger, Frank: How I Came to Meet Edgar Rice Burroughs ~ Remembering first introductions to the works of ERB
Howell, DJ: Fan Fic: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'ok in the Valley of Mithos: Synopsis, XI (continued) ~ Postcript: ERB-related publications, news, collectibles
Sigmund, Rudy: My Humble Collection: 18 colour photos
Franke, Henry G. III: San Diego Comic-Con 2013 ~ 30 Photos: Harbour & Naval Station, exhibitors and peronalities (Stout, Yeates, Lopestri, Frazetta, Jr., Thomas, Tollin, Malton, Richardson, Nantier), ERB, Inc. Panels with ERB writers and illustrators, Barsoom art by Lopestri.
Wilcutt, Dennis: On the Bookshelf: Classics and Wild Boy: The Real Lif of the Savage of Aveyron book reading ~ 2 illos ~ Lengthy comments of submissions
Burrows, Robert J.: Fan Fic: Case Files of Dotar Wat: Case of the Unsung Hero ~ Ch. 13: Into the Abyss ~ Comments of 7 submissions
Cavender, Shawn: Son of Tarzan comments with St. John illo ~ 2 original art pieces: Lui Antonio and Igor Vitorino) ~ Jungle pin-up photo:  Penny Mathis ~ 5 Mailing Comments
Editor's Last Word: Comments on this issues submissions and Episode 3 poster from The Son of Tarzan serial.
152 pages

ERBapa 119 ~  Fall 2013 (with ERBzine references)
The ERBapa Webpages in ERBzine start at:
Front Cover and Back Cover: Mars Art by Josh Wright
KAOR: Contents, Members Roster, Art Credits, R.I.P. Frank Westwood, Membership Report, Annual Ballot, Kreegah!, Membership Dues, Treasury Report, Back Issue Report
KAORSPONDENCE: Jim Thompson report on George McWhorter's health and activities.
Thompson, James F.: Report on ECOF 2013 Part 2: Hosted by the Muckers at the Quality Inn, Morris, Il - May 17-19 ~ 10 pages ~ APA photo ~ Mike Hoffman art
Hanson, Alan: Nkima: Tarzan's Jungle Friend and Confidant - Part Two: Talking with Nkima ~ A Close Friendship ~ Nkima's Selfless Loyalty, Confidence and Superiority, Ties with Jad-bal-ja, Tantor and the Waziri, Human Comparisons, Nkima Never Forgotten ~ 4 Mailing Comments ~ 3 Nkima pulp sketches
Ekman, Fredrik: Old film and TV shows with ERB references - 4 photos ~ 2 Mailing Comments
Critchfield, David: Morgo the Mighty: A Pulp Adventure Review ~ 7 pulp art illos
Goodwin, Jim: Warlord of Mars Card Set by Breygent - Part One ~ Jusko trading card illo ~ Mailing comments on all
Cuthbert, Ray: Farewell and best wishes ~ Final submission after unbroken run of excellent contributions since Issue #36 - Winter 1992 ~ Mailing Comments on all
Menegazzo, Tony: 5-page Tarzan strip: Story and Art by Tony - 2 photos
Denkena, Kurt S.: Reports from Germany on ERB-related releases ~ 7 illos
Conran, Mike: Mangani Zugor: Report on Louisville Dum-Dum 2013 ~ 28 photos ~ Sites, Guests, Awards, Souvenirs, Panels, Handouts, Special Events
Huckenpöhler, J.G.: A Sorak of Mars: Short Story fanfic ~ In Memorium: Frederick Pohl (26 Nov 1919 - 2 Sep 2013) - Mailing comments on all 118
Griffin, Scott Tracy: Baby Peggy Remembers Ed and Emma ~ Notes on Son of Tarzan ~ 8 mailing comments
Spargur, Richard C.: ERB, Gen. Charles King and Frederic Remington: Comments on their art and books with ERB refs - Partial Biblio link to ERBzine 1269 ~ 13 art, cover and photo illos.
Howell, DJ: Fiction: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'ok in the Valley of Mithos: Synopsis and Ch XII ~ Postscript comments: Kudos to some members, ERB in Unexpected Places
Hillman, Bill: ERBzine Directory: Links to 50 Dell Comics ~ Website Logos ~ Times of India Interviews with Hillman and John Burroughs ~ 3 photos.
Wilcutt, Dennis: Years activities and interviews with comic art related artists, etc. ~ 4 Sunday pages from the New ERB, Inc. Tarzan strip by Roy Thomas and Thomas Grindberg plus art by Thomas Yeates and Boris ~ Interview: Jay Anacleto award winner of the Russ Manning Award for Talented Newcomer - experience as a Dynamite artist ~ 13 pages.
Martin, John: Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs review and cover ~ Ed Burroughs of Earth (sequel to Disney's John Carter) 2 photos ~ Fanfic: Tarzan the Tree-Hugger ~ Tarzan Switches Blades ~ The Barbarian at the Plate: 3 illos ~ 12 Pages
Cavender, Shawn: Dynamite Comics reports with 5 art pieces ~ Mike Powell Artist Profile with 1 art piece ~ 3 pin-ups
Guidry, John H.: Back to Barsoom: Reports on Worlds of ERB, Encyclopedia of Fictional People plus ERB items of interest.
Lupton, Robert Allen: Comments on the state of BB publications and recent ERB-related publications.
Grainger, Frank: An Informal Psychoanalysis of Tarzan of the Apes: 7 pages
Franke, Henry G.: Reviews of Tarzan: The Stage Musical productions around the US with over 50 large colour photos, programs, credits: 62 Pages.
OE's THE LAST WORD: Comments on submissions from contributors to this issue ~ 2 Josh Wright art illos
ERBapa 120 ~  Winter 2014 (with ERBzine references)
The ERBapa Webpages in ERBzine start at:
30th Anniversary Issue
Front Cover: Mike Hoffman ~ Back Cover: 30 Years of ERBapa
KAOR: Contents, 30-Year ERBapa Anniversary, Members Roster, Art Credits, Shawn Cavender elected OE for another term, Membership Report: Ken Webber and Lyuba Johnson resign - Robert Zeuschner rejoins, RIP Bob "Tarak" Woodley, Kreegah!, Membership Dues, Treasury Report, Back Issue Report
KAORSPONDENCE: Ken Webber, Bob Zeuschner, DJ Howell
Goodwin, Jim: Del Rey Canada edition comments ~ Colour images of the Warlord of Mars card set across three pages
Critchfield, David: Pellucidar Mention by Ray Bradbury's The Exiles short story ~ ERB Dedication in graphic novel: Fables: War and Pieces ~ Shades of ERB's Beyond Thirty in Moorcock's Warlord of the Air series of alternate histories ~ Bob "Tarak" Woodley Tribute in ECOF 200 - 3 colour photos from ERBzine (issues #0371-0388) ~ 2-page reading list ~ Note: Gilak's Guide to Pellucidar at ~ 7 mailing comments
McKosky, Ted: At the Earth's Core comments and 9 illos ~ 8 Tarzan Trading Cards created by author.
Hanson, Alan: Paris: "The City of Lights in ERB's Fiction" - 20 references with strip illos ~ Citizens of Paris, Visitors to Paris, Dreamers of Paris, A Final Dream of Paris - 6 pages
Howell, DJ: Fiction: Lord of Two Worlds: Synopsis ~ Ch. XI continued over 8 pages ~ Postscript: Culture Icons: Dracula and Superman, ERB appearances: TV and various books, still more Disney backlash
Huckenpöhler, J.G.: ERB and Steampunk - influences and heirs ~ In Memoriam: Nick Cardy (Oct 20, 1920-Nov 3, 2013) and Bob "Tarak" Woodley ~ Comments on APA 119
Ekman, Fredrik: Jujutsu in ERB's Works: "What is Jujutsu, Anyway?" - Land That Time Forgot - Ito Tokugoro - Tarzan the Untamed - Tanar of Pellucidar - Back to the Stone Age - Land of Terror - Conclusions - Derivative Works ~ Sources ~ John Carter Song Book: A Review ~ 4 Mailing Comments ~ 7 illos
Denkena, Kurt S.: Fuwalda 100 ~ Report on German doc: Mythos Tarzan with 12 illos ~ Message to ERB-fans and Fuwalda-Fans ~ Cover art by Andy Schmid
Griffin, Scott Tracy: ERBapa at 30 ~ Longevity and Output of members ~ IMDB Tarzan Film Rankings and User Nos. - Most-reviewed authorized ERB films and Analysis ~ Tarzan and Hollywood Part 7: Locations (cont.)
Conran, Mike: Dynamite Comics Lords of Mars Cover Checklist Nos. 1-6 with alternate covers and synopses ~ 36 small b/w illos
Dumont, Richard: Lost in Pal-ul-don: Gryfs and Gyors ~ Ceratopsia examples (many illos) ~ Illos: Marsh, Manning, Hoban Blue Book, Gold Key Tarzan, Japanese cover
Martin, John: Fiction: Tusks of Tantor (seque to Tarzan Switches Blades ERBapa 119) ~ ERB Legend Russ Manning in Dark Horse book ~ Converging Trails Comments on 119 ~ False Advertising by Burroughs Bibliophiles (publication of the Bulletin and Gridley Wave appear to have ceased) ~ 8 illos
Ross, Bill: Burroughs Fan Publications from the "P" File Pt. 2 ~ 9 titles detailed
Guidry, John H.: Lost Fanzine of Jasoom: Thuvia, Maid of Mars: Comments/HistoryImpact ~ 2 books read ~ Mention of India Boone's mention of Greystoke in Tanzania (see Bob Hyde's Africa Odyssey in
Hillman, Bill: ERBzine Directory Issues 2500-2551: Tarzan Comics ~ Colour logos of Hillman ERB Websites ~ 60 colour logos of the lead-off ERBzine features from 2012  Sean Egan's SFX Fantasy Magazine article: TARZAN: A CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION adapted from ERBzine coverage in:
Menegazzo, Tony: Clippings, cartoons - Tony's 4-page Tarzan comic
Lupton, Robert Allen: Under the Dum Dum Tree ~ Looking back 30 years ~ Illos and comments on Russ Manning Dark Horse Vol. 2 and Art of Dejah Thoris from Dynamite ~ Fiction: THE HUNTING BUDDIES of 6 pages ~ Comments on Edson's Bunduki plus Azan, Norwood's books. Kpjm Russell Fearn ~ Fiction: DEJANNA OF MARS of 7 Chapters ~ In-depth APA Comments on previous submissions ~ A giant submission of 52 PAGES!
Zeuschner, Bob: Fantasy Realms of ERB: "It's Been a Long Time. . ." Short intro for rejoining - Progress on his revised ERB Bibliography and comments on ERB events over the last few years ~ Included: Sample two pages of the revised Biblio with The Return of Tarzan entries.
Van Hise, James: Pulp art by Frank Hoban from Tanar of Pellucidar: Blue Book, March through August 1929 ~ 43 art illlustrations by Hoban
Cavender, Shawn: Alien Worlds of ERB ~ Comments ~ Fishing with Dynamite (comics): Warlord of Mars, Lords of Mars, Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris, Dejah Thoris and the Green Men of Mars ~ 6 sample illos
Thompson, James F.: Update on the health of George McWhorter, George's Medal of Honor book, Dum-Dum 2013 Louisville Report ~ 4 photos (ERBzine Coverage of the 2013 Dum-Dum)
Franke, Henry G.: Tarzan the Stage Musical at Liberty High School, Eldersburg, Maryland: Playbill, articles, photos, comments
Grainger, Frank: Argument for the Chimpanzee ~ descriptions/characteristics ~ and what are the Mangani? ~ Jane Goodall ~ Frodo photo
OE Shawn Cavender: The Last Word ~ Comments on this issue's submissions
ERBapa 121 ~  Spring 2014 (with ERBzine references)
The ERBapa Webpages in ERBzine start at:
Front and Back Cover Art: Louis Paradis
Kaor: Membership Report: New member is Roddy Frey and rejoining is former member Bob McGeeney ~ Early Mailer Awards ~ Next Issue: The Bandit of Hell's Bend Summer Symposium ~ Membership Dues Reminder ~ Treasury and Back Issues Reports ~ Kaorspondence: Mike credits Bob Zeuschner with two of the photos he used last issue.
Goodwin, Jim: Tarzan and the Crystal Vault of Isis trading cards referenced to ERBzine 0174 and ERBzine 0175 ~ Feedback on all of last issue's submissions ~ Two card illos
Critchfield, David: Tarzan the Stage Musical report for James River High School in Richmond, Virginia ~ 3 colour illos plus the play's b/w Playbill ~ Mailing Comments on 5 submissions.
    Refs: ERBzine reports of Tarzan Opening Nights: Broadway ~ Holland ~ Hamburg ~ Utah
Ekman, Fredrik: An Aviator of Three Worlds ~ John Carter, Aviator of Barsoom, of Eurobus, of Earth ~ Douglas M-2 aircraft photo ~ Sources: ERB novels, Marvel comic 16, ERBzine ERB Bio ~ Comments of 5 submissions ~ ERBzine Ref: Barsoom Airships
McKosky, Ted: Tarzan Who? A Look at Some Tarzan Imposters: 7 illos
Griffin, Scott Tracy: Completist's Library: I: Leading Men and Ladies, Firsthand (cont.): Remarkable Enid Markey by Brian J. Bohnett, Jock Mahoney by Gene Freese, Buster Crabbe by Jerry Vermilye, Maureen O'Sullivan by David Fury, Maureen O'Sullivan by Connie J. Billips, Hollywood Royalty by Gregory Speck, Santa Barbara Celebrities by Cork Millner ~ IMDB Revisited ~ Feedback on 5 Submissions ~ RIP: Bob Woodley and Frank Westwood ~ Suggestions for Honorary APA Membership: Alan Hanson, Mike Conran, ERBzine's Bill Hillman
Menegazzo, Tony: 2 clippings ~ Continued Tarzan strip by Tony (Story and Art) - 3 pages
Hillman, Bill: directory for Issues 2552-2599 ~ Logos of other ERB sites by Hillman ~ ERBzine 2013 Lead Story Logos: 5 colour pages ~ Compendium of Quotes Recognizing the Influence of ERB in Popular Fiction from ERBzine 2875 (6 pages) ~ Milan Fibiger Mars art featuring the Hillmans
Denkena, Kurt S.: Fuwalda report on new Tarzan 3D film in Germany with mag reprints ~ New SF Website: DIE ZUKUNFT featuring The Ape Man's Brother by Joe R. Lansdale
Conran, Mike: Winter Adventures: Visit Fred Mallon to Bill Ross, Bill Wagner and Christ Church ~ Panthan's 18th Ann. Meeting at Huck's ~ Mucker Meeting in Chicago and Oak Park ~ California visit to ERB, Inc. staff, Mike Shaw and Bob Zeuschner: examined rare Return of Tarzan 1st ed. ~ Visit to Windy City Pulp and Paper Con. ~ 14 Photos
Hanson, Alan: Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen: ERB's Tribute to the American Military: ERB's military connection ~ Monster Men, Mucker, Moon Maid, Girl from Hollywood, Master Mind of Mars, War Chief, Apache Devil, Tarzan at the Earth's Core, Elmer, Tarzan and the Champion, Uncle Bill, Tarzan and the Foreign Legion ~ 2 photos of ERB in uniform ~ 5 Mailing Comments for APA 120.
Huckenpöhler, J.G.: Tarzan Comic Strips: Artists and Writers: Lists, Dates, etc.~ Comments on all APA 120 Submissions ~ ERBzine Refs: Hucks's Daily Strips List ~ Huck's Sunday Strips List
Hadac, Jim: Visiting Philippe: Our Trip to Europe, Sept. 2013: 8 photos: Hadron Collider, Philippe's house, collection and countryside
Martin, John: Biographic reprint on Tarzan, TrivQuizes, Fanfics: Tarzan injuries and tooth problems, Ode to John Carter, John Carter of Counter Mars, More in the Safe, A Boy Named Boy poem, TrivQuiz and Biograhic "cartoons" Reprints: Lambert, Mahoney, Weissmuller, Crabbe, Sally Field/Supremes, McCalla ~ Converging Trails Comments on APA 120
Burrows, Robert J.: FanFic: The Case files of Dotar Wat: Ch. 14 - The Long Walk to the Past ~ Ch. 15 - Onward! ~ ERBapa 118 (10 comments) ERBapa 119 (12 comments) ERBapa 120 (12 comments) ~ Photo: Gordon Scott being laid to rest 2007
Frey, Roddy: Memoirs of a Wannabe Apeman: Autobio Intro of new member ~ 3 illos
Howell, Dorothy J.: FanFic: Lord of Two Worlds - Jer'ok in the Valley of Mithos: Synopsis - Ch. XIII Arenas (cont) ~ Postscript: Factoids and updates and connections from ERB world ~ Childhood Memories with 4 photos
Zeuschner, Bob: How Time Flies . . . Admiring the new Return of Tarzan 1st edition at ERB, Inc. with staff ~ Preview of the Table of Contents from the Zeuschner ERB Bibliography update ~ Mailing Comments
Lupton, Robert Allen: Under the Dum Dum Tree (20 pages): Acknowledgment of Fanzines and Burroughs Bulletin concerns ~ Reviews: Dynamite Comics' Dejah Thoris ~ GrayMorrow: Visionary ~ Please Don't Call Me Tarzan by Mike Chapman ~ Other titles of interest and comments on the new Russ Manning and Burne Hogarth collections ~ Art: Dejanna of Mars II by Newton Burchan ~ FanFic Chapters 8-10 ~ ERBapa #120 Comments
Dumont, Richard: Reflections of a Collector - Looking back over a lifetime of collecting
Franke, Henry G.: Tarzan the Stage Musical - Another Visit ~ MTI and UWFox Valley productions ~ Synopsis ~ Playbook ~ Facts ~ Reviews and assorted small photos
Guidry, John H.: Beyond Thirty ~ Looking back to his first issue 30 years ago ~ Greystoke film
Spargur, Richard C.: Purchase and disatisfaction with the John Carter Chest Prop from the film ~ Return of chest and purchase of 3 "jewels" from the Barsoom Atmosphere Factory ~ 5 photos of the chest and jewels
McGeeney, Bob: Return to membership ~ History of the long connection with ERB ~ Current Passions: Metal miniatures, comics and strips, Princess of Mars illustrated by Michael Kaluta ~ Illos: 2 commissioned Artist Cards by Anthony Gay, Dejah and Lana from Solar Winds ~ The Great Sandow: ERB's Inspiration for Tarzan? ERBzine Ref: 1893 Columbian Exposition 2 Sandow photos.
Sigmund, Rudy: A Tribute to Pete Ogden and ERBANIA ~ A stellar fanzine published since 1956. Pete has published the last issue. 2 Illos: Covers of issues 1 and 28 and last issue: No. 103 December 2013.
Wilcutt, Dennis: Interview with Steven E. Gordon - April 13, 2014  - Sample art from ERB, Inc's Eternal Savage strip (3 strips)
Cavender, Shawn: Comments on the Contantin Tarzan film and Dynamite Comics ~ 3 illustrations.

ERBapa 122 ~  Summer 2014 (with ERBzine references)

The ERBapa Webpages in ERBzine start at:

Front and Back Covers by Joe Orsak
Contents and Roster
Kaor: ART CREDITS: Joe Orsak covers celebrating the Summer Symposium topic, The Bandit of Hell's Bend ~ MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Four New Members: Rick Barry, Tom Krabacher, Kurt Shoemaker, Dave Karlen ~ EARLY MAILER AWARDS: Jim Goodwin, Bill Hillman, Bob McGeeney, Alan Hanson ~ KREEGAH! and MEMBERSHIP DUES Reminders ~ TREASURY REPORT ~ BACK ISSUE REPORT: 8 issues available
Goodwin, Jim: Formation of the Texas ERB Group: The Hell's Benders with 27 members to date ~ Local Witchita Falls Tarzan Musical ~ 20 mailing comments ~ 1 Playbill cover illo
        (ERBzine Refs for Tarzan Musicals: Broadway, Holland, Hamburg, Utah )
Hillman, Bill: ERBzine Directory for Issues 2600-2699 Manning Tarzan Strips ~ Novelization of John Coleman Burroughs' Sunday Strips by Dale Broadhurst: JOHN CARTER AND THE PERILS OF MARS Ch. 9 "Plummeting from the Ledge" and Ch. 10 "Lost in the Desert ~ Page 1 of the Illustrated Version of The Bandit of Hell's Bend ~ Link to the series and Illustrated Biblio of the title ~ Illos: 14 logos, 2 colour Sunday pages, 1 Illustrated BHB page
        (ERBzine Refs: JCB John Carter Series plus Broadhurst related novel version ~ BHB Biblio ~ BHB Illustrated version by Al Martin Napoletano )
McGeeney, Bob: Song Lyrics from The Bandit of Hell's Bend: "Untitled" by Bull and "Bad Hombre" by Texas Pete ~ 23 Mailing Comments
Hanson, Alan: A New ERB Reading List for the Elderly: Commentary on authors extensive use of personal titles index and article themes compiled from multiple readings of all of ERB's books ~ New ERB Reading Checklist of only personal favourites: 1. Return of Tarzan - 2. The Girl From Hollywood - 3. The Martian Trilogy (PM, GM, WM) - 4. Tarzan of the Apes - 5. The Mucker - 6. Tarzan and the City of Gold - 7. The Bandit of Hell's Bend - 8. The Moon Maid - 9. Tarzan and "The Foreign Legion - 10. The Girl From Ferris's / The Efficiency Expert ~ 2 paperback cover illos
        (ERBzine Refs: Illustrated ERB Biblio)
Denkena, Kurt S.: Tarzan and Jane Luminous Figures German building project ~ New French comic book: John Arthur Livingstone - Master of the Apes ~ Newspaper with Lex Barker as Karl May's Old Shatterhand ~ 4 pages of representative photos
Huckenpöhler, J.G.: On the Road Again: ECOF 2014: Thursday and Friday Commentary ~ 6 photos from Thursday ~ 26 Mailing Comments
        (Fargo ECOF in ERBzine)
Critchfield, David: Review of War Over Lemuria: Richard Shaver, Ray Palmer and the Strangest Chapter of 1940s Science Fiction by Richard Toronto ~ The Ray Palmer / ERB Connection: Palmer's promotion of Tarzan On Mars by John Bloodstone ~ 9 pulp covers that illustrated Richard Shaver stories with art by Robert Gibson Jones ~ 19 pages of charts detailing Shaver-related pulps
        (suggested ERBzine refs: 19301967Tarzan On Mars text  19381966Tarzan Never Dies by Palmer1970 )
Karlen, Dave: Dave's Intro Bio to ERBapa ~ Doug Wildey's Edgar Rice Burroughs Stories ~  Wildey Bio ~ 2 Wildey pages of comic art
        (Wildey Tarzan Gold Key Comic Issues: 179 - 180 - 181 - 182 - 183 - 184 - 185 - 186 - 187 )
Ross, Bill: Burroughs Fan Publications From the "Q" and "R" File ~ 2 Illos: Krenkel and Bergen Reference Guide Cover
Conran, Mike: ECOF 2014 Report with 28 photos and chart of Sites, Guests, Leather Plaque Awards, Souvenirs
        (Fargo ECOF in ERBzine)
Martin, John: Yin and Yang of The Bandit of Hell's Bend ~ Strange Link of Hell's Bend to Willows, Calif. ~ Sing Along with Bandit! ~ FanFic 12 pages: A Gentleman of Mars: Ch. 1 "I Didn't Ask For This - Ch. 2. "Thark You Very Much" - Ch. 3. "You Want Me To Do What?" - Ch. 4. "In the Footsteps of John Carter" - Ch. 5 "Crash Course on Warlordology" - Ch. 6 "Spit and Polish Off" - Ch. 7 "Reality Check" ~ Review: Medal of Honor by George T. McWhorter ~ Illos: 5 photos and Mahlon Blaine Thark, 2 Barsoom sketches ~ McWhorter book cover.
McKosky, Ted: Tori Allen: A Young Woman who Could Give Tarzan a Climb for his Money ~ Burroughs-Tarzan Pictures, Inc.: The Phantom of Santa Fe: Collage of 18 colour screen captures.
        (ERBzine Ref: ERB Film Producer 0287 ~ ERB Film Lobby Display and Collage 0287a )
Thompson, James F.: George McWhorter Update ~ Dum-Dum 2013 Louisville, KY Report ~ Local Tarzan Musical Productions ~ 1 photo and 1 page Musical ad.
        (ERBzine Refs for Tarzan Musicals: Broadway, Holland, Hamburg, Utah )
Shoemaker, Kurt: ERB and Me: Autobio Intro for ERBapa ~ The Bandit of Hell's Bend: The Clever and Funny Parts
Zeuschner, Bob: Kaluta and the Bandit ~ Review of the new Kaluta-illustrated A Princess of Mars ~ Comments and Publishing History of The Bandit of Hell's Bend (9 editions)
Guidry, John H.: Conclusion of Pete Ogden's ERBania Fanzine published since 1956 ~ Reviews of recently read publications with Tarzan refs: Sex: Portraits of Passion and Blood 'n' Thunder
Lupton, Robert Allen: Under the Dum Dum Tree ~ ERBapa history ~ State of Burroughs Bulletins lamented ~ Recently read ERB-related books: Tarzan In the City of Gold (Volume One) (Burne Hogarth Sundays) Buzz Sawyer Sundays book ~ At The Queen's Mercy (Lupton jacket design) ~  Recent Dejah Thoris comics from Dynamite ~ 6 cover illos and 6 Postal illos ~ 25 comprehensive comments on last issue submissions ~ Comments interpretations and illustrations of cattle brands.
        (ERBzine Refs: Burroughs Bulletins ~ Tarzan Comics and Cards ~ 1893 Columbian Exposition: Sandow, etc. ~ Tarzan Alive ~ Chrono Biblio of all the ERB Titles ~ ERBapa Site ~ ERBANIA ~ New ERB, Inc. Sunday Strips ~ ERB/Zane Grey Connection )
Hadac, Jim: A "Hawk's Eye" View of "The Bandit" - History of and Comments on the book - 1 illo: 1st Edition Cover
Krabacher, Tom: Thark Horizons ~ "Hi - I'm the New Guy!" Intro Bio ~ ERB and Me ~ Northern California Mangani chapter ~ ERBapa and Me ~ BHB Comments ~ APA zine title explained
        (ERBzine Refs: NoCal Mangani ~ NoCal Mangani Event )
Barry, Richard H.: "I'm a Very Old Man" Bio Intro ~ The Monticello Book Club reading group ~ Ray Bradbury: My Gateway Drug ~ The 2012 ECOF in Tarzana ~ Aftermath ~ 1 PM DJ Illo
        (ERBzine Refs: Ray Bradbury ~ Bradbury Intro in Porges ~ Bradbury On Air and in Comics ~ John Carter of Mars Film ~ Thomas Yeates Princess of Mars Illos ~ Tarzana 2012 ECOF )
Dumont, Richard: Rereading Burroughs ~ Favourite Mysteries and Other Authors
Howell, Dorothy J.: FanFic: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'ok in the Valley of Mithos: Synopsis, Ch. XIV King's Ward ~ Postscript: John Carter the Undead ~ ERB in Unexpected Places - related works in print and film ~ What If? column ideas ~ Summer Symposium: Excerpts from the 2008 ECOF chapbook by DJ Howell and Phyllis Evanuk: "Looking at the West in the Lilfe and Works of ERB"
        (ERBzine Refs: ERB in the Wild West ~ ERB Fan Fiction )
Sigmund, Rudy: ECOF EMAILS: Tom Fleming ~ George McWhorter Greetings ~ Sigmund Tarzan Illo from 1972
        (ERBzine Refs: Rudy Sigmund's 2013 Fargo ECOF ~ Tarzan and the Golden Lion FilmScreen Captures I and Screen Captures II ~ George McWhorter )
Cavender, Shawn: New old words in BHB: Brobdingnagian and Habiliment ~ Dynanite Comics Announcement: Permission from ERB, Inc. to do comics on ERB characters ~ Discussion of latest Dejah and Warlord comics from Dynamite ~ Illos: 1 Delmonico photo, 1 Jungle Girl photo and Original Dynamite art over 3 pages ~ Constantin Tarzan film review ~ 17 Mailing Comments.
Franke, Henry G. III: Discussion and background on BHB with quotes and ERB's Wild West experiences ~ BHB 1st page of Al Martin Napoletano version featured in Hillman entry above
        (ERBzine Refs: ERB in the Wild West ~ BHB Illustrated )
Last Word by Editor Shawn Cavender: Comments on all of this issue's submissions

ERBapa 123 ~  Autumn 2014 (with ERBzine references)

The ERBapa Webpages in ERBzine start at:

Cover: Denny Miller Movie Poster for Tarzan the Ape Man
Contents and Roster ~ 230 pages
Kaor: Remembering Denny Miller ~ Annual ERB Ballot for OE and Honourary Member ~ Membership Report ~ Early Mailer Awards ~ Kreegah! ~ Membership Dues ~ Treasury Report ~ Back Issue Report
Griffin, Scott Tracy: Tarzan and Hollywood - Another Shelf in the Completist's Library Part 3: Supporting Actors and other Contributors to the Tarzan Film Legacy (cont.): Two Raymond Burr biographies ~ Staters' Rights!: ERB Conventions by State and City ~ Feedback on 4 submissions from APA 122
Goodwin, Jim: Interview with Bill Hillman at Brad Vinson's during Dum-Dum 2014: "A Mover and Shaker in the ERB World" Refs: Hillman Roots and Wings starting at: ERBzine 0573 ~ Hillman Music Bio Book ~ Gig NotesBill and Sue-On Hillman Website   ~ 2 photos ~ 24 Comments ~ 8 pages
Hanson, Alan: Tarzan the Swimmer: His Adventures in Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans: Tarzan of the Apes, Return of Tarzan, Beasts of Tarzan, Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar, Tarzan the Terrible, Tarzan the Invincible, Tarzan and the Lion Man, Tarzan and the City of Gold, Tarzan and the Forbidden City, Quest of Tarzan, Tarzan and The Foreign Legion", Summary ~ 16 Comments ~ 3 Illos ~ 8 pages
Critchfield, David: Another Book from the Hollow Earth Bookshelf: The Great Stone of Surdis by Frank R. Stockton ~ 2 Illos ~ 6 Comments from #121 and 6 Comments from #122.
Denkena, Kurt S.: Fuwalda - German Copyright Info ~ Disney's Tarzan Blu-Ray Release and Illos ~ Tarzan Radio Plays ~ Publication on German Tarzan Merch
McGeeney, Bob: FunAddict: Summer Travels and collectibles acquisitions ~ 23 Mailing Comments
McKosky, Ted: Tarzan Trading Cards on 3 colour glossy pages.
Martin, John: Denny Miller Tributes ~ Las Vegas Review-Journal tribute article on Denny ~ Farewell Gesture for a Young Boy (John's grandson Schuyler White) ~ Tarzan and the Circus (6 parts) ~ Tarzan and Bad Guys: Jack Elam and Leo Gordon ~ POEM: "That Daring Ape Man" by John Martin ~ Converging Trails: Comments of Nos. 121 and 122 ~ 'In Memoriam' postal cover for Denny Miller ~ Approx. 25 illos ~ 16 pages.
Conran, Mike: Dum-Dum 2014 Report with 26 photos and list of Sites, Panels/Presentations, Tours, Souvenirs, Events and Reports
Karlen, Dave: John Carter, Warlord of Mars: History and Comics appearances with JC Sunday page by John Coleman Burroughs and recent comic book page ~ 4 pages
Huckenpöhler, J.G.: In Memoriam: Denny Miller (25 Apr. 1934 - 9 Sept. 2014) Email Correspondence: Bill Hillman, Nancy Miller, Huck and Victoria ~ 3 Denny Photos: With Panthans, with Nancy, with his Tarzan License Plate) ~ 24 Mailing Comments ~ 6 pages
Zeuschner, Bob: Reviews on Jake "Buddy" Saunders' THE MARTIAN LEGION ~ ERB, Inc. and LA SubERBs News: Warner Tarzan Movie ~ Possible LA ECOF 2016 ~ 3 pages
Burrows, Robert J.: FanFic: The Case Files of Dotar Wat - Chapter 16: Conception vs Deception ~ Notes: APA 121 (9) APA 121 (9)
Krabacher, Tom: Thark Horizons: Denny Miller, John Carter On The Move back to ERB, Inc., Tarzan (Constantin Films), 11 Mailing Comments, A Look Inside The All-Story Oct, 1912: Summaries of the stories in that landmark Tarzan of the Apes issue ~ 10 pages
Spargur, Dick: Seeing Brad Vinson's Art Collection: Dum-Dum 2014 - Bryan, Texas: 20 photos of the Vinson ERB Art Collection ~ 4 pages
Shoemaker, Kurt: Texas Wave: Summer activities ~ In-Depth discussion of all the submissions in APA 122 ~ 8 pages
Lupton, Robert Allen: Summer Activities and Events ~ Review of DeWet Dutoit short Tarzan film on YouTube ~ Fake Tarzan vs. Predator poster ~ 6 First Day Covers ~ Dejanna of Mars Fiction: Ch. 11: "Rock Me Like a Wagon Wheel" ~ 10 Illos ~ 24 Mailing Comments ~ 16 pages
Barry, Richard H.: Leon Rom and George Washington Williams: Who Art They?. . . What Are They Doing in David Yates' New TARZAN Film?: Intro ~ Alexander Skarsgard Buzz, King Leopold's Ghost ~ Historical background of Rom and Williams ~ 4 Illos ~ 4 pages
Thompson, James F.: Medical updates on George McWhorter and Bob O'Malley and Phil Normand ~ Denny Miller Tribute ~ Dum-Dum 2013 Louisville Part 3 Report ~ 4 pages
Hadac, Jim: Say It Ain't So! Bigfoot a Fake? Through the years reports and tie-in with ERB ~ Denny Miller Tribute and General Comments on APA 122
Van Hise, Jim: Reprints Burroughsiana 18 - April 1958 ~ E. Everett Evans poem to ERB ~ Analog June 1964 Reviews of new ERB editions ~ 5 Illos ~ 8 Pages
Frey, Roddy: Memoirs of a Wannabe Apeman: Mangani for Moderns: Apes - Mangani names for apes in today's world ~ Thoughs on Tarzan's Physique As ERB described him ~ 4 RGF Illos ~ 4 pages
Hillman, Bill: Russ Manning Tarzan Daily Strips reprinted in ~ Logos for other ERB Websites published by Hillman ~ Denny Miller (April 25, 1934 - September 9, 2014) Obituary by George McWhorter. A multitude of photos of Denny in 2 collages plus 2 Xmas Cards from the Millers and Denny's fitness book cover: "Me Tarzan, You Train - Without Pain"
Wilcutt, Dennis: Mike Grell Interview over 12 pages ~ 4 photos ~ 12 reproduced Tarzan Sunday pages by Grell.
Franke III, Henry G.: Tarzan and the Leopard Men: Discussion and Review ~ 12 Colour covers and 3 photos ~ 20 pages
Howell, DJ: FanFic: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'ok in the Valley of Mithos -- Synopsis, Ch. IV King's Ward (cont.) ~ Postscript: New Tarzan animated, Kitsch in Lone Survivor, about Tony Goldwyn profile, Newsweek reports dangerous Tarzan rides in amusement parks, Tarzan ref in Chasing Fire ~ "Looking at the West in the Life and Works of ERB" Part 2
Guidry, John H.: Denny Miller Tribute ~ Books/Videos referencing ERB: Casanova Was a Book Lover. . . " by John Maxwell Hamilton, Martin and Lewis DVD Tarzan skit, "Best of the Badmen. . . " by Magers, Nareau and Copleand.
Grainger, Frank: FanFic TARZAN AT EMPIRE'S END: Intro ~ Chapter One: A Most Curious Safari ~ Chapter Two: "What Are You Doing Here?" ~ Chapter Three: Introductions and Explanations ~ Chapter Four: A Life in the Balance ~ 27 pages
Cavender, Shawn: Alien Worlds of ERB: Remembering Denny Miller ~ New Era of Dynamite Barsoom Comics Begins ~ Comic page: Dejah Thoris and the Green Men of Mars #10 page 13 - 2 other illos of Dejah ~ 3 pages
Ekman, Fredrik: The Third Republic backround: Early Republics, France, Holland, Switzerland, California Republic, Conclusions ~ Sources: PM, GM, Wikipedia ~ Jujitsu Addendum ~ Tarzan Spottings: Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. and W. G. Grace's Last Case by William Rushton ~ Reasons for Being a Member of ERBapa ~ 6 Mailing Comments ~ 7 Illos and 1 Strip
LAST WORD by OE Shawn Cavender ~ 3 pages

ERBapa 124 ~  Winter 2015 (with ERBzine references)

The ERBapa Webpages in ERBzine start at:
Cover: Barsoom art by Cesar Grego
Contents and Roster - 216 pages
Kaor: Art Credits ~ Ballot Results: George McWhorter voted Honorary Member - Shawn Cavender voted OE) ~ Farewell Bob O'Malley and Paul Spencer ~ Early Mailer Awards (11) ~ Membership Report ~ Kreegah! (Submission Warnings) ~ Membership Dues ~ Treasury Report ~ Back Issue Report (Numerous issues after No. 93 available) ~ ERBapa Rules ~ Honorary Members (6)
Griffin, Scott Tracy: Tarzan and Hollywood: Another Shelf in the Completist's Library -- Part 8: Novels and Non-Fiction by the Tarzan Film Players and Crew
Goodwin, Jim: ERB books published by ERB, Inc.: First, Second, 1940, 1948 Editions ~ Mailer Comments for all (More info on all the ERB Editions at ERBzine Online Biblio)
McKosky, Ted: Comic Con 1 at New River Community College Nov 2014 - Report ~ 8 illos including Tarzan Radio Club Membership Card - Station WVRU
Hanson, Alan: Was ERB a Racist Author? - Understanding Context in the Tarzan Stories: Part One - The Accusers, ERB's Use of the "N-word", The Evidence: The "N-word" in the Tarzan Stories, The Context -- 2 St. John Illos ~ Mailing Comments on 5 submissions.
Critchfield, David: Archair Fiction: Discussion on ERB-related books plus 2014 Reading List - 4 cover illos ~ Comments on 3 member submissions
Dumont, Richard: Tarzan's Jungle Annual #1 comments ~ Illos: 5 comics pages plus Jungle World Map of Pal-ul-don from Dell Tarzan #20 (Read Annual #1 in ERBzine 2711) (See the Pal-ul-don map in ERBzine 2420)
Zeuschner, Bob: The Fantasy Realms of ERB: Mention of Jim Gerlach's edition of Back to the Stone Age (see ~ Review of Buddy Saunders' Martian Legion book: Intro, Physical Book, Story, Writing Style, Religion, Appendices, Plot Complications, Conclusion. (See the ERBzine review at: and a Web version of the Zeuschner review at: ERBzine 5353)
Karlen, Dave: National Comics. . .  Korak, Son of Tarzan: Intro to Korak - Gold Key Korak Comics, DC Comics, Other Korak Appearances ~ Bio DC artist Frank Thorne - Other DC artists: Murphy Anderson, Florese, Kubert ~ Illos: 2 Korak comics splash pages.
Huckenpöhler, J.G.: The Burroughs Bibliophiles at Robercon 2 (Binghamton, NY) 9 Dec 2014: Report with 8 photos ~ Memoriams: Bob O'Malley and Phyllis Evanuk with two photos ~ Mailing Comments on all member submissions.
Lupton, Robert Allen: Family, collecting and travel updates. Reviews and titles list on numerous ERB-related books (print and eText) ~ 10 illos (photos and covers) ~ Mailing comments on all (many in-depth)
Martin, John "Bridge": An epic poem: John Carter: The Saga of the Gods of Mars by John "Bridge" Martin with covering 15 pages with 8 illos by Larry Ivie from the Canaveral edition (Web version of the poem was later published in ERBzine 5159) ~ In-Depth Comments on all APA 123 submissions ~ plus 2 ERB First Day Covers
Conran, Mike: John Carter of Mars Dynamite Comics Cover Checklist: Nos. 1-5 all covers illustrated including alternates and Special Edition plus Summary and artist info.
McGeeney, Bob: Customized Tarzan Miniatures, background and process with 4 illos  ~ Comments on all APA 123 submissions.
Ross, Bill: Burroughs Fan Publications from the "S" File: 10 titles ~ 2 illos
Cavender, Shawn: Alien Worlds of ERB: At the Earth's Core Blu-Ray review ~ ERB, Inc. Online Comic Strips comments ~ Photo with Jungle Girl Taryn Terrell ~ 6 illos including comic art
Denkena, Kurt S.: Fuwalda: List of all the Tarzan of the Apes publications in Germany and Austria ~ 7 illos
Ekman, Fredrik: Some Dynamite Perspectives: Comments on these now-authorized ERB comics - Chronology, Chronology Notes, Cover Statistics, 3 charts ~ APA 123 Comments on 4 submissions.
Guidry, John H.: Lost Treasure - Review of the new Kellan Lutz Tarzan film ~ Paul Spencer RIP Tribute
Hillman, Bill: Directory for ERBzine issues 2700-2751 - Logos/Links for Hillman ERB-related sites ~ Review and Descriptions of The Martian Legion: In Quest of Xonthron by Jake "Buddy" Saunders (adapted to the Web in
Shoemaker, Kurt: The Texas Wave: Tarzan's Quest and Gods of Mars Comments ~ Sundry Memories: "So That's Where I Got That" connection to classic films ~ 17 Mailing Comments ~ Collecting and Current Reading.
Barry, Rick: How I May Have Stumbled on a "Lost" Burroughs Essay: Intro ~ The Phillips Academy Connection ~ Ed Burroughs at Andover: A Horrible Example; or the Man Who Couild Not Say No ~ New Tarzan film storyline straight out of Burroughs' original Tarzan of the Apes ~ ERB questions
Hadac, Jim: "Elephant Bill": "A Reverse Tarzan" in Burma" ~ Discussion on "Elephant Company: The Inspiring Story of An Unlikely Hero and the Animals Who Helped Him Save Lives in World War II" by Vicki Constantine Croke.
Franke, Henry G.: "Tarzan and the Well of Slaves" and "Tarzan and the Tower of Diamonds" D&D roleplaying game reviews with scans of pages of alternate endings.
Grainger, Frank: FanFic: Tarzan at Empire's End, Part II: Ch. 5 Finding the Breaking Point ~ Ch. 6: Save My Granddaughter, Old Friend! ~ Ch. 7: Life and Death on the Savanna ~ Ch. 8: Dire Plans by Moonlight ~ Ch. 9: This French Woman Dies First! ~ Ch. 10: A Fateful Choice ~ Ch. 11: Tarzan and the Oathing . . .  to be continued. (37 pages)
Sigmund, Rudy: My Memories of Denny Miller plus 8 autographed posters and photos of Denny - many with Rudy.
Krabacher, Tom: Thark Horizons - Rod Taylor remembered ~ Commentary on the film: People That Time Forgot ~ Likes: Tradition, Model Work, Casting, The Score, 90 minutes length ~ Comments on submissions of 13 contributors
Howell, DJ: In memory of Phyllis Hooghkirk Evanuk: Friend, Burroughsian, Fellow Aficionado of Popular Culture. ~ FanFic: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer-ok in the Valley of Mithos: Synopsis ~ XV Forced Estrangement ~ Comments on 9 submissions ~ ERB in Unexpected Places ~ Looking at the West in the Life and Works of ERB Part 3. From Life to Works.
Wilcutt, Dennis: Review of The Martian Legion by Buddy Saunders ~ Visit with George McWhorter in his new lodgings ~ 3 illos ~ ERBapa 123 Contributor Comments.
Thompson, James F.: Report on George McWhorter ~ Tributes to Phyllis Evanuk and Bob O'Malley with Obituary ~ Letter with memories of Bob from his son-in-law and the first letter from Bob describing his devotion to ERB and fandom ~ Many memories of Jim's longtime friend ~ 3 photos of Bob at fan gatherings.
LAST WORD: From the OE an acknowledgment of this issue's submissions.
ERBapa 125 ~  Spring 2015 (with ERBzine references)

The ERBapa Webpages in ERBzine start at:
Cover Art: John Carter by Mick Hoffman ~ Back Cover: Herman Brix's The New Adventures of Tarzan movie poster
Kaor: Contents ~ Farewell, Pat Adkins ~ Membership Report ~ Treasury Report ~ Back Issues Available ~ Total Pages 177
Kaorespondence Re: Pat Adkins RIP: Obituary Links ~ Roddy Frey Resignation ~ Report on George McWhorter by Jim Thompson
Hillman, Bill: Directory for Nos. 2752-2799 ~ Logo Links to Companion ERB Sites ~ ERBzine Lead Story Colour Logos for 2014 (5 pages of many images)
Griffin, Scott Tracy: Bully or, the Birth of the Jungle-Zoo Wild Animal Picture: Selig ~ Dueling Reviews: Hunting Big Game in Africa ~ Tarzan and Hollywood Part 6: Moguls and Studios: Col. William N. Selig, the Man Who Invented Hollywood by Andrew A. Erish, Motion Picture Pioneer: The Selig Polyscope Company by Kalton C. Lahue
Hanson, Alan: Was ERB a Racist Author? Part Two: Other Black Slurs ~ Unfinished Tarzan Novel ~ Conclusion Plus Promo for Spokane to Welcome World Sci-Fi Convention ~ One pulp illo
Goodwin, Jim: Confessions of a Waldo Wannabe: Description of ERBAPA #1 ~ Issue 124 submission comments
Conran, Mike: ECOF Sculptures Created by Martine Blond: 38 small photos
McKosky, Ted: Tarzan's Savage Fury 3D Trading Cards - 8 cards front and back in colour
Spargur, Richard C.: Songs of the Outlands by Henry Herbert Knibbs description with 4 illos plus "Out There Somewhere" poem by Knibbs
Karlen, Dave: Gold Key's Jesse Marsh and Dan Spiegle with 2 illos
McGeeney, Bob: California Visit ~ Comments on issue 124 ~ 4 illos
Critchfield, David: Review: The Number of the Beast by Robert A. Heinlein ~ Remembering PJ Farmer ~ Comments on issue 124 ~ Cover illo
Denkena, Kurt S.: Korak Comics in Germany 1966-1976: Discussion and many covers
Zeuschner, Bob: Publishing History of ERB's Back to the Stone Age with info on the latest Jim Gerlach/ERB, Inc. Publisher's Edition
Guidry, John H.: Patrick Adkins Tribute: The Lonely Land ~ 5 Photos
Dumont, Richard: The Wizard of Venus and Roy Chapman Andrews ~ 2 illos
Huckenpöhler, J.G.: Review: The Martian Legion ~ Patrick H. Adkins (January 9, 1948-April 7, 2015) In Memoriam ~ 3 illos with German cover art ~ Comments on issue 124
Burrows, Robert J.: FanFic: The Case Files of Dotar Wat: The Case of the Unsung Hero: Ch. 17 - Hallowed Ground ~ 123 Comments (15) 124 Comments (13)
Martin, John: Back To Back to the Stone Age!: Project background with 11 photos ~ Issue 124 Comments (23)
Shoemaker, Kurt: The Texas Wave: Personal events and reading ~ In-depth comments on most issue 124 contributors
Van Hise, James: ERB Pulp Magazine reprint material: Editor notes, Opening pages, Letters ~ 4 illos
Howell, D.J.: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'ok in the Valley of Mithos: Synopsis ~ Ch. XV: Forced Estrangement, cont.  ~ Postscript: Billy Byrne, Open Letter and Challenge to Fellow Apas
Lupton, Robert Allen: Remembering Pat Adkins: Tarzan and the Diamonds of Asher, etc. ~ Latest ERB-related books read ~ Tarzan Lord of the Jungle video slot ~ 10 illos
Grainger, Frank: FanFic: Tarzan At Empire's End: Ch. 12 The True Face of Mau Mau ~ Ch. 13 Pursuers Pursued ~ Ch. 14 Arrival at Greystoke ~ Ch. 15 A New Species of Mau Mau Emerges ~ Ch. 16 The End of a Pleasant Evening ~ Ch. 17: Jackals at the Kitchen Door  ~ 35 pages from Frank's Tarzan novel
Krabacher, Tom: Thark Horizons: Ruminations on The Girl From Farris's ~ Comparing two covers ~ A Princess of Mars poem by Charles R. Tanner ~ 6 illos
Franke, Henry G.: Analysis of ERB's The Cave Girl: 13 pages and 4 covers
Ekman, Fredrik: Burroughs' Plots: The Hero and the Princess: 1. First Meeting ~ 2. Alienation ~ 3. Consolidation and Separation ~ 4. A Fate Wors than Death ~ Exceptions ~ Conclusions ~ Sources ~ 4 comments on issue 124.
Cavender, Shawn: Alien Worlds: Personal medical recovery ~ Dynamite Comics discussion ~ 2 illos
Last Word: Shawn Cavender ~ Comments on each of this issues submissions

I've come under some degree of personal criticism for not writing Mailing Comments in each ERBapa issue. I feel I must remind those who have expressed this concern that I spend quite a few hours going through each issue and compiling fairly detailed descriptions of the contents and making scans of the cover art. This is not only provides a reference source for ERBapa members, but also goes out to a worldwide audience far beyond our clique and hopefully will generate more interest and awareness in what normally would be available to our limited group of 36 members.


We need YOUR help to compile content descriptions of each issue.
APA members are also invited to submit previous articles for worldwide presentation
in our weekly online fanzine: ERBzine ~ The ERBapa Archives

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