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Edgar Rice Burroughs'
At the Earth's Core (1976)

Edgar Rice Burroughs'
At the Earth's Core 
1976 - 90 Minutes

They're in it DEEP now!
Take the Most Terrifying Journey of Your Life !
4,000 miles to the center of the Earth to a world within a world

Producers: Samuel Z. Arkoff  | John Dark | Max Rosenberg 
Director: Kevin Connor
Writers: Edgar Rice Burroughs (novel: read the e-text edition), Milton Subotsky (screenplay)
Filming Location: Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, England, UK 
Production Companies: American International Pictures (AIP) | Amicus Productions | Burroughs Productions Inc.

Actor/stuntman Bobby Parr who played the Sagoth Chief, lost a finger during a fight sequence with Doug McClure that went wrong.
Memorable quote by Dr. Abner Perry: "You cannot mesmerise me! I'm British!"

This is the second of three sci-fi adventures based on novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the first being 1975's The Land That Time Forgot and the third being The People That Time Forgot.

A Victorian scientist -- Dr. Abner Perry (Peter Cushing) -- and his young American backer -- David Innes (Doug McClure) -- set off in their new earth-boring machine for a short test on a Welsh mountain. Unfortunately the thing tunnels out of control at ferocious speed and they end up in an enormous cavern at the centre of the earth --  the twilight world of pellucidar. Here they find prehistoric monsters, man-eating plants and cavemen enslaved to the Meyhas (Mahars) --  evil psychic, pterodactyl-type creatures with extra-sensory abilities. They are captured, and taken to the Meyhas' underground empire. They then set out to free the slaves and themselves from the evil that has dominated this underground realm for untold generations.


Doug McClure
as David Innes

Peter Cushing
as Dr. Abner Perry

Caroline Munro
as Dia 

Cy Grant
as Ra 

 Godfrey James
as  Ghak 

 Sean Lynch
as Hoojah

Michael Crane
as Jubal 
Keith Barron as Dowsett 
 Helen Gill as Maisie 
 Anthony Verner as Gadsby 
 Robert Gillespie as Photographer 
 Bobby Parr as  Sagoth Chief 
 Andee Cromarty as Girl Slave 

David Innes

Abner Perry





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