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Electrical Transcription ET LabelJohn Coleman Burroughs: Tarzan and the Forbidden City - colour FP - 4 interior b/w plates
Tarzan and the Diamond of Asher
Radio Serial

Listen To All 39 Episodes
The show opens in an African river port, where, while dining with his old friend  D’Arnot, Tarzan is mistaken for a man known as Brian Gregory, who has been missing in Africa. Gregory had found a lost treasure before he disappeared and the expedition looking for him is passing through the region. Tarzan joins the expedition which includes Gregory’s sister, Helen, and later, the villain Atan Thome. The adventures en route to and within the Forbidden make for an entertaining radio series. 
                                 (A review and synopsis of this 39-part serial is featured in ERBzine 0144)
Original Broadcast Dates
May 14 - August 10, 1934 
on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
Listen to two shows each week here at ERBzine
Mistaken Identity
The Map
A Wolf Among The Sheep
River Boat Of Danger
The Gregory Expedition Begins
The Ape Man Returns
Legend Of The "Father Of Diamonds"
Magra's Story
Stampeding Thunder
10  Reptile Death
11  Voodoo Medicine
12  Sting Of The Black Snake Whip
13  Jungle Fury
14  Desertion
15  Night Attack
16  Captives Of Al-Ton-Tome
17  The Pact
18  Helen Vanishes
19  The Ancient Causeway
20  Tu-Em-Baka Beckons
21  The Death's Head
22  Cave Of Dinosaurs
23  The Land Of Tu-Em-Baka
24  Escort To Ashair
25  The City Of Ashair
26  The Guardian Of The Diamond
27  Al-Ton-Tome's New Alliance
28  King Suten's New Prisoners
29  Another Try For The Diamond
30  The Queen's Offer
31  The Diamond's New Owner
32  Together Again
33  Help From A Friend
34  Royal Wedding
35  The Tower Of The Sun
36  Temple Of Ma-Chu
37  Escape Plans
38  Out Numbered
39  Victory And Death


The Red Star Mystery
by Vern Coriell, founder, the Burroughs Bibliophiles
from his Preface to the 1974 reprint (Burroughs Bulletin Old Series #41-44)
of the 1938 Argosy magazine serial that evolved into the novel Tarzan and the Forbidden City

When "The Red Star of Tarzan" appeared in Argosy magazine in 1938, it caused a minor stir among Burroughs fans. Some thought that ERB was not the author of the story. Later, in September, 1938, when the book version, Tarzan and the Forbidden City, was published, fans noted a great difference between the book version and the magazine version, both in style and story. Burroughs Bibliophile Paul Spencer points out these variations in his article entitled "The Mystery of the Red Star of Tarzan." With the publication of the book, I simply filed it in my mind as a genuine Burroughs product, and the magazine's version as the tampering of Argosy's editor. The original version of this story was produced as a radio serial drama entitled "Tarzan and the Diamond of Asher." ERB makes no mention of the radio drama in his working notebook, but he does mention starting the book on October 10, 1937 and finishing it on November 18, 1937. It was accepted by the editor of Argosy and published with considerable rewriting by someone at the magazine office, under the title of "The Red Star of Tarzan." When ERB published it in book form in 1938, he published it as he had originally written it in 1937 under its original title, Tarzan and the Forbidden City.

Why "Red Star?" Upon reading the prologue of the Argosy version (not in the book version) (see ERBzine 0729), you will find that a witch-doctor mentions Tarzan and "the red star" which would lead him to a world long dead. Also, the fact that the Munsey line of magazines were at that time referred to as "Red Star" magazines, ay or may not have been a coincidence. 


by Robert Barrett

Burroughs began advertising for scriptwriters in early 1934 and produced a three-page "suggested outline for new series of 39 Tarzan episodes." The reason for this outline was to give copies to potential scriptwriters responding to his ads and to ask them to write one or more episodes to give him an idea of their abilities and whether they understood the character of Tarzan. After narrowing the field down to six writers, Robert (Rob) W. Thompson was chosen. 

It has been assumed for years that the two Tarzan radio serials produced b Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. were adapted from either a story or synopsis written by Burroughs. However, Rob Thompson wrote these stories, furnishing Burroughs with synopses of each of the thirty-nine episodes for two serials which Ed would critique and make suggestions on. 

James Pierce and his wife, Joan Burroughs Pierce, decided not to continue in their roles of Tarzan and Jane. Jim Pierce, however, continued in radio starring in an obscure adventure show entitled "Sky Gypsies." Many of those responsible for the Dahlquist shows would continue on the programs produced by Burroughs, and many of the same stars stayed too. Fred Shields would direct, and John McIntire would be the announcer. Carlton Kadell would take over the role of Tarzan, but Ralph Scott would reprise his role as Paul D'Arnot. John McIntire's wife, Jeanette Nolan, played the second female lead in the firs serial, Tarzan and the Diamond of Asher. All of the Tarzan radio shows, rom those in the 1930s to the half-hour shows in the 1950s, were produced on the West Coast, using California radio talent. Tarzan and the Diamond of Asher was broadcast  over thirty-six radio stations, including stations in Hawaii, Canada and Australia.

Ref: Edgar Rice Burroughs' TARZAN ON RADIO
An Anecdotal Guide to Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan On Radio
Published by Radio Spirits, Inc.
by Robert Barrett
Pages 27 & 28


From ERB ON THE AIR: ERBzine 0141

"There is one factor that may have more effect on reducing book sales than any number of depressions, and that is radio, to which we are looking for far greater returns than our book royalties ever brought us. Already, with two programs, we are netting more than we do from the sale of all our books, which, taken in connection with the fact that there are hundreds of similar programs on the air, suggests that people are taking their fiction this way instead of through books."

  When the contract with American Radio Features came up for renewal in March 1934, they had not quite finished serializing Return; and Tarzan and Jane were not yet married. ERB did not renew the contract and took over production of the series himself. He had started a Tarzan script with a strong part for Jane which he wrote with daughter Joan in mind but before production could begin, Joan Pierce dropped out (she may have been pregnant) and Jim Pierce announced that he would prefer not to appear without his wife. ERB contacted all the show's clients and promised that the show would go on -- better than ever. He proceded to write another script without Jane. The now-shelved  "Jane" script was subsequently turned into the novel, Tarzan's Quest

Stage and radio actor Carton KaDell was signed for the Tarzan role and a large group of experienced actors was signed for the supporting cast.. Each story was planned to be a 39-episode serial spread over 13 weeks. Burroughs provided the plot outline for the first series: Tarzan and the Diamond of Asher. ERB's story continued on from the point in The Return of Tarzan where the previous series had been interrupted. For continuity he kept the characters Lord Tennington and Hazel Strong but he wrote Jane out of the script.

From ERBzine 0144
Although originally broadcast in 1934, the following introduction was penned by Edgar Rice Burroughs for the announcer to read as an introduction to a 1940 broadcast of Tarzan And The Diamond of Asher

"We bring you Tarzan, that immortal fictional character of Edgar Rice Burroughs, in a new and exciting serial entitled TARZAN AND THE DIAMOND OF ASHER, which is adapted from the novel, 'Tarzan And The Forbidden City.' Deep in the heart of Africa rises a mighty cone-shaped mountain, an extinct volcano, in the huge crater of which lies The Forbidden City of Asher... To reach this stronghold two safaris endure hardships and perils that bring death to some and high adventure to all... One safari is bent on the rescue of the son of its leader... the other, headed by a wily and unscrupulous Oriental, seeks only the Father of Diamonds... And through the intrigue and mystery and the danger moves the majestic figure of Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle."

This serial started on May 14, 1934, airing Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, consisting of  39 15-minute episodes.  It was directed by Fred Shields and narrated by John McIntire.

Read the ERBzine synopsis, analysis, and review of this series.

Tarzan     -  Carlton KaDell
 D'Arnot    -     Ralph Scott
 Helen      -  Karena Shields
Gregory    -   George Turner
Magra      - Jeanette Nolan
  Atan Thome -      Cy Kendall
Lal Taask  -      Don Wilson
 Wolf       -   Victor Rodman
Larson     -    Victor Potel
 Mitchell   - Fred Harrington

Carlton KaDell
Carlton KaDell went on to star in shows such as
Red Ryder, Armstrong of the SBI, Sky King, and many soap operas.
He narrated the Amos 'n' Andy Show from 1945 to 1947
Carlton Kadell
Carlton Kadell Entry at IMDB
Jeanette Nolan
Jeanette Nolan was born on December 30, 1911, in Los Angeles, California. She began her acting career at the Pasadena Community Playhouse and made her radio debut in 1932 in "Omar Khayyam", the first transcontinental broadcast from station KHJ.

She continued acting until the 1990s. Her final film appearance was in Robert Redford's "The Horse Whisperer" as Robert Redford's mother. She was the wife of actor, John McEntire, and the mother of actors, Tim and Holly McEntire. 
She died on June 5, 1998, in Los Angeles, California following a stroke at the age of 86.

Jeanette Nolan at Wikipedia
Jeanette Nolan at IMDB




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