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The Many Worlds of
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ERBapa 56: Numa art by David AdamsERBapa 60 ~ Dave Hoover artERBapa 61 ~ J. Allen St. John Tarzan the Terrible artERBapa 62 ~ J. Allen St. John Master Mind of Mars art
ERBapa 64 ~ J. Allen St. John art~ Bob Lubbers artERBapa 66 ~ Harrison Fisher art 1923: Marcia of the DoorstepERBapa 67 ~ Roy Krenkel: Tarzan and Jad-bal-jaERBapa 68: Cover: Art by Berne Wrightson
ERBapa 69: Cover Art by Joe KubertERBapa 70: Cover Art by Dave Hoover ~ ERB Heroines IssueERBapa 71 ~ Fall 2001 ~ Cover art by John CelardoAPA 72 ~ Cover art by Pierre Joubert (Savage Pellucidar)ERBapa 73: Spring 2002ERBapa 74: cover art by Butch Burcham
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ERBapa No. 56   WINTER  1998
ERBapa No. 57 SPRING 1998
ERBapa No. 58  SUMMER 1998
ERBapa No. 59 AUTUMN 1998
ERBapa No. 60   WINTER 1999
ERBapa No. 61     SPRING 1999
ERBapa No. 62   SUMMER 1999
ERBapa No. 63  FALL 1999
ERBapa No. 64 Winter 2000
ERBapa No. 65  May 2000
ERBapa No. 66  Summer 2000
ERBapa No. 67  Fall 2000
ERBapa No. 68   Winter 2001
ERBapa No. 69  Spring 2001
ERBapa No. 70 Summer 2001
ERBapa No. 71 Fall 2001
ERBapa No. 72 Winter 2002
ERBapa No. 73 Spring 2002
ERBapa No. 74 Summer 2002
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ERB APA #56   WINTER  1998

Cover: Numa by David Adams  ~ Page Count: 238
Kaor ~ Contents ~ Roster ~ ERBapa Rules by OE John Martin
Cavender, Shawn: Dien of SF ~ Pirate Blood article
Menegazzo, Tony: SF Then & Now reprint ~ cartoons ~ Original graphic Tarzan novel serialized
Richardson, Darrell: First Comments On Tarzan of the Apes in 1912: All-Story letters ~ Stolen pulp collection
Adams, David: Quest for Dejah Thoris ~ illustrated fan fiction
Conran, Mike: History of ECOF Gatherings ~ events & photos
Ross, Bill: Buttons and Pins of ECOF Gatherings ~ JCB WWII Telegram
Ogden, Peter: Index to Tarzan Daily Strips ~ Pt. 9 ~ John Celardo 65-67 ~ samples
Cuthbert, Raymond: Frank R. Paul: Worst Most Successful Artist ~ Master Mind of Mars & Metal Emperor art
Huckenpohler, J.G.: Brief History of Barsoomian Cartography
Webber, Kenneth: ERB, ETC.: Van Dien ~ Joe Kubert On His DC Tarzan, sketches
Ferrier, Joe: Tarzan & King Tut ~ illustrations
Bledig, Joan: Leti Ginny Qua Memshab: I'm Back! ~ Elephant Jokes
Hanson, Alan: ERB and the 50 States
Myrhoj, Nels: ERB Quest: Commissioned art: Aaron Lopresti & Mike Grell
Moody, James Michael: Greystoke Chronologist: Tarzan's 2nd Visit To France
Howell, D.J.: Lord of Two Worlds: Destiny of Jer'ok-ta ~ Ch. VI Terror ~ fan fiction
Wilcutt, Dennis: Tooth & Nail Review ~ Movies: Conan vs Tarzan ~ Art: Cho and Hoover
Woodley, Bob: Guest contributor: Tarak discusses Tarzan
Van Hise, James: Tarzan 1998: Van Dien Interview ~ Autobiography ~ "Tarzan back for Roadshow" article reprint ~ Barrett letter sets the record straight ~ Hoover art
Thompson, Jim: Diary: LA August 1997 ~ Bob Zeuschner collection, Hollywood, San Diego, Tracy Griffin, Tarzan homes, Dracula Convention, Tony Menegazzo ~ Recent publications ~ Web images
Dunn, Laurence: Tarzan Down Under... BBH's adventures in Australia
Spencer, Paul: A Treat from Tarzana ~ anecdote of Tarzana correspondence ~ Fantasy Times '47
Guidry, John: Impressions of Weissmuller/O'Sullivan epics
Brown, Ralph: Never Ending Story: Problems Arise on California trip ~ Yeates art
Denkena, Kurt: Sample of German Tarzan versus Predator comic ~ Tarzans Durchhalteparolen illustration ~ cartoon
Miller, Steve: Rushing Towards Venus: Kline & ERB, Grandon & Napier ~ two illos
Griffin, Scott Tracy: State of the Union: Hollywood, Cinefantastique, Lost City, Keller Tarzan info, Disney preview, Bulletin news, SubERBs in Tarzana, etc. ~ LA Times Crossword, clippings
Cook, Robert: Wazirian Ruminations: Time's Last Gift mysteries ~ Dark Horse stories & art ~ Cripps art
Alonso, George: Simba: The New Tarzan Movie: "Tarzan in the White House" spoof ~ Clinton cartoon
Hyde, Bob: Odyssey of a Tarzan FANatic Ch. XXXIX: PJ Farmer, '74 Dum-Dum ~ Greystoke Castle '97
Daley, Jack: Tarzan Smiles! Cheerful Times of "Smiling Jack" Clayton Pt. 4: Tarzan the Terrible
Franke, Henry: apaBits: Refs in comics, mags, SF books, TV, OTRadio serials, cartoons, ~ Kubert, Ellison, Manning Nautilus art, Yeates art
Zeuschner, Bob: Disney's "Tarzan of the Apes" preview viewing of art & footage
Martin, John: Walt Dizzy's Tarzan: suggested original songs for soundtrack ~ Xmas '97
INDEX by Themes ~ Adams art

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Scans by Scott Tracy Griffin

ERB APA #57  SPRING 1998
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Scan by Scott Tracy Griffin

ERB APA #58  Summer 1998

Scan by Scott Tracy Griffin

ERB APA #59  AUTUMN 1998
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Scan by Scott Tracy Griffin

ERB APA #60   WINTER 1999

Kaor ~ Contents ~ Roster by OE Steve Miller  ~ Total Pages 178
Wait List: Guy Bergeron, Richard Borkowski, Phil Petras, Dale Barkman, Duane Adams, Robert Woodley, Richard Dumont, William Morse
Ross, Bill: ERB Collector #35 ~ ERB Appearance in Fan Press: Tarzine ~ ERB Collector
Webber, Kenneth: JOHN: An intriguing French Short Film comments and photos ~ French Tarzan comic cover
Ferrier, Joe: Ogungato fiction
McGeeney, Bob: FunAddict ~ Copyright comments
Ogden, Peter: Tarzan, Zorro and Other Topics ~ pulp & film refs
Conran, Mike: Magnificent Obsessions Museum display of ERB collectiion - commentary, photos, brochure
Cuthbert, Raymond: Swinging Vine to Vine with Frank Cho: Interview & Art
Richardson, Darrell: Tarzans Schopper ~ 1959 article in German Utopia SF Mag & correspondence ~ New Year Message
Menegazzo, Tony: Miscellaneous clippings & photos of personal collection
Cavender, Shawn: Dum-Dum 1998 Homecoming
Guidry, John: More TV Tarzan Tapcap synopses
Dunn, Laurence: Dum-Dum Baltimore 1998 Journal
Hanson, Alan: My Fifteen Years in ERB-APA: Reminiscences and Index
Huckenpohler, J.G.: Meetings Between ERB & Subjects Pt. I ~ Barsoom refs
Martin, John: Tarzan On The Radio: A McDonald's Fish Sandwich ~ OTR ~ Clippings ~ Jack Elam
Van Hise, James: Dream Weaver chapbook reproduction
Franke, Henry: Issue #60 observations ~ Horn's Comic Encyclopedia ~ Mag refs
Moody, James Michael: Greystoke Chronologist: Cape Town 1894
Zeuschner, Bob: Disney Collectibles - A Glimpse ~ Photos
Adams, David: A Princess In Heroic Couplets: First three chapters
Three Shells: Jen, Ann, Bill: Tarzan the Ape Man review ~ Of Pastiches and Lost and Epic Adventures ~ Polish Tarzan Books
Brown, Ralph: Never Ending Story: Copyright abuses on You Lucky Girl - Legal Letter & appeal ~ Comics & Strip compilations list
Cook, Bob: Wazirian Ruminations: Coloring book - Tarzan On Parade
Howell, D.J.: Destiny of Jer'ok-ta Chapter IX Manhunt
Shellhorse, Brooks: Internet Racism analysis ~ Sanders of the River film with Paul Robeson
Hyde, Bob: Odyssey of a Tarzan FANatic: ERB events of 1977 ~ Brackett
Albert, Walter (Contributor): La Tribune des amis: Decuyper's Final Issues
Denkena, Kurt: Fuwalda: German cards, magazines, movie ads, clippings, etc.
Miller, Steve: The Sly One ~ Pellucidar observations ~ St. John art

Scan by Scott Tracy Griffin

ERB APA  # 61     SPRING 1999

Kaor ~ Contents ~ Roster by OE Steve Miller ~ Total Pages: 222
Wait List: Richard Borkowski, Dale Barkman, Duane Adams, Robert Woodley, Richard Dumont, William Morse
Ferrier, Joe: Greystoke Guns XI: Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle ~ Review Trouble in Paradise book
Ross, Bill: ERB Collector #36: ERB in Fan Press Pt. II: ERBdom ~ Blue Book art
Three Shells- Jen, Ann, Bill: Puzzles, Intro to Tarzan in China
Menegazzo, Tony: New Adventures of Tarzan and Jane (fiction & art)
Richardson, Darrell: Creation of Tarzan translation from German Utopia SF Magazine 1958
McGeeney, Bob: FunAddict: Reviews of recent good & bad pubs ~ InstaBook pubs
Webber, Kenneth: Mike Grell, Tarzan Artist: Tarzan Sunday panel secrets
Adams, David: Jack London's Influence on ERB ~ Thin Veneer of Civilization Essay
Cuthbert, Raymond: The First Time Ever I Saw Her Face... Initial encounters of ERB heroes & heroines
Conran, Mike: History of ERB Fan Conventions: Dum Dums and ECOFs
Martin, John: Edgardemain #48: Tarzan Forever reviews: Boston Globe & Martin ~ Signal Oil Ad
Dukena, Kurt: German clippings, Toy Box, films, art
Brown, Ralph: Never Ending Story: Disney film, posters & collectibles report, new editions
Thompson, Jim: Dum Dum 1998 Baltimore Diary Notes & photo ~ Mag ERB refs
Guidry, John: Return of Tapcap: more Tarzan TV synopses ~Forever Tarzan
Huckenbohler, J.G.: Meetings between ERB & Subjects: Pt. II: Clayton Connection - Writing dates for Tarzan novels
Dunn, Laurence: Bunduki by J.T.Edson ~  Synopsis & Covers
Franke, Henry: My Kentucky Visit ~ Disney Tarzan books to date ~ Dark Horse ~ Tarzan Forever info & review ~ Larson
Howell, D.J.: Destiny of Jer'ok-ta Chapter IX: Manhunt
Wilcutt, Dennis: Thoughts on Savage Heart, Disney, Tarzan Forever, conventions ~ ERBlist reprint word count
Hanson, Alan: Heritage of the Flaming God: Classic Essay published
O'Malley, Don: In the Tarzan Tradition: Comics sample art
Cook, Robert: Wazirian Ruminations on Internet, Tarzan "fear", Karzan erotic, art
Myrhoj, Nels: ERB Quest: Observations on visits and travels
Moody, James Michael: Greystoke Chronologist: Tarzan Returns
Miller, Steve: Disaster: Commentary
Hyde, Bob - Two from Thuria: Visits to Vinson, Steinberg Ranch, Fort Grant, Mike Pierce, Phoenix Dum, etc.
Daley, Jack: Laughing Lord Returns Pt. 7: Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle ~ covers
Griffin, Scott Tracy: It Came From the Slush Pile: Monsters Mashed ~ Monster Men to film? ~ Coloring Book of Southern California Authors
Van Hise, James: Stepsons of ERB: Michael Moorcock ~ Cawthorn art ~ conventions
Wild, Mary McGeehan: Patchwork of Torn: Notes on The Outlaw of Torn

ERB APA #62   SUMMER 1999
Cover: Master Mind of Mars by J. Allen St. John
Tarzan and "The Foreign Legion" Symposium Issue ~ 182 pages
Kaor Comments & Roster by OE Steve Miller
Waiting List: Robert Woodley ~ Richard Dumont ~ William Morse
Ferrier, Joseph: Zoning Zodanga & Plotting Ptarth: Mars Mapping & Place Names ~ Letter to Clinton re: ERB stamp
Ross, Bill: ERB Collector #38: ERB Fan Press Pt. IV ~ Dum '99 Pics
Guidry, John: Toonzan of the Gorillas: Disney Tarzan comments
Cuthbert, Raymond: Tarzan and "The Foreign Legion" ~ Stories are not Written in Books Alone
Howell, D.J.: Destiny of Jer'ok-ta Chapter X: Arrest (fiction) ~ Open letter re: Disney
Three Shells ~ Jen, Ann, Bill: Puzzles ~ Van Dien review &Philippine article
Cavender, Shawn: Alien Worlds of ERB: Disney Tarzan comments
Menegazzo, Tony: ERB Corner: cartoons, news clippings, puzzles
Adams, Duane: Lionman's Tale ~ Intro autobio
Richardson, Darrell: Tarzan in the Wide World Pt. 1 ~ Wide World July 1946 UK pulp
Hanson, Alan: In Defense of Taliaferro ~ Tarzan Forever review
McGeeney, Bob: Fun Addict: Disney Tarzan: press reviews, colletibles, analysis
Adams, David: Opar the Golden City of Our Dreams: article with photos & art ~ Dark Heart of Time PJF & Tarzan Chronicles reviews
McGeehan, Thomas: Normal Bean News: Tarzan movie comments
Brown, Ralph: Never Ending Story: Dum '99 Tarzana memories
Huckenpohler, J.G.: Meetings Between ERB & Subjects III: ERB-Prime & Inner World
Webber, Kenneth: TFL Commentary ~ Michael Winger letter re: Heritage of the Flaming God
Denkena, Kurt: Fuwalda: German Piccolos & Art
Dunn, Laurence: Dum-Dum 1999 Tarzana notes
Martin, John: Hooray for Disney's Tarzan! ~ TFL Group Dynamics
Miranda, E.: Madness: Ackerman, Scarlet Street, Tarzan DVDs, OTR
Cook, Robert: Wazirian: Cartoons ~ Tarzana Dum Dum '99 Diary - MGM Grand photo
Hyde, Bob: Two from Thuria: Odyssey of a Tarzan FANatic Ch. XLV: ERB WWII & TFL
Daley, Jack: Two from Thuria: Cheerful Times of "Smiling Jack" Clayton in LE
Van Hise, James: Stepsons of ERB Pt. 2: O.A.Kline & pulp art in Outlaws of Mars ~ Tarzan's 7 Lives Article
Franke, Henry: ERBapa Rap: LA Dum Dum '99 diary & photos - Ackerman & Hillman ~ Disney Tarzan, Dark Heart of Time, Tarzan Forever, Zeuschner Biblio, Hemingway ~ Top Ten ~ TFL Comments
Thompson, Jim: ERB in new books & mags
Zeuschner, Bob: Dum Dum Comments ~ Zeuschner article Pasadena Star-News ~ Nishiuye Barsoom art
Conran, Mike: Oak Part Affair: Historical Society Burroughs Exhibit & photos

ERBapa #63       FALL    1999
Cover:  1995 Krenkel pen & ink study of Tarzan by David Adams
Wilcutt, Dennis: ERB APA 62
Shelhorse, Brooks: ERBLine: Tarzan of the Billboards - Disney Tarzan
Myrhoj, Nels: ERB Quest
Moody, James Michael: Greystoke Chronologist: Tarzan Meets the Waziri
Ross, Bill: ERB Collector #34: ERB's Appearance in the Fan Press, Part V:  ERB News Dateline
Ferrier, Joe: The Dark Heart of Farmer
Webber, Ken: ERB, etc.: The Sunday Tarzan Strip:  Gray Morrow and Many Hands
Hanson, Alan: Burroughs on Boxing - From Gentleman Jim to Sir Dempsey
Menegazzo, Anthony: The ERB Corner: Meet Chicago's Literary Lions
Richardson, Darrell C.: Tarzan in the Wide World ~ Part II
Adams, David A.: A Structural Analysis of the Expositions of ERB and Mark Twain's Visit to Barsoom
Huckenpohler, J.G.: Author and the Characters: Summary of Known Meetings between ERB & Principal Subjects - Part IV: Remaining Series
Zeuschner, Robert: Fantasy Realms of ERB: Includes fabulous pen & ink sketches of Tarzan and ERB by Ron Jimenez
Denkena, Kurt: Fuwalda #43: German Disney Tarzan
Martin, John: Edgardemain #50: Disney Tarzan merchandise at Disneyland
Cuthbert, Raymond: Where are They Now? - The Russ Manning Studio
Miranda, E.: Lord Tarzan
McGeeney, Bob: A FanAddict
Conran, Mike: Mangani Zugor: Disney Tarzan:  The World Premiere
Guidry, John: Lost Fanzine of Jasoom: With the Yellow Men
Cook, Bob: The Wazirian: The Tarzan Trap
Franke, Henry: ERBapa Rap:
Moody, James Michael: Greystoke Chronologist - Tarzan, Chief of the Waziri
Three Shells: A Siskel & Ebert on Disney's Tarzan
Van Hise, James: Avenue of the Ancestors #25: The 1999 Russ Manning Tribute Panel
Woodley, Robert: Poem of Mars & The Ape Man
Two from Thuria by Two from Thuria
Adams, Duane: The Making of the Burroughs Empire Medal - Part One
Dunn, Laurence: Beyond 30 W: Disney Tarzan British Premiere
Howell, D.J.: Lord of Two Worlds - X. continued
O'Malley, Don: In the Tarzan Tradition
Griffin, Scott Tracy: The Quest for Dejah Thoris part XIII
Thompson, James: ERB APA #63: The First ERB Wake, March 19-21, 1999
Total Pages this mailing - 219
Submitted by David Adams

ERB APA #64    Contents     Winter  2000
Kaor & Roster Information from OE Ken Webber
Waiting List: Murray Gibbs ~ Robert Burrows
Dumont, Richard: Lost In Pal-Ul-Don ~ Intro bio ~ Favorite ERB Scenes ~ Hyaenodon ~ Recommended Books
Cavender, Shawn: Alien Worlds of ERB ~ Butch Burcham art & info:
Menegazzo, Tony: Barsoom Revisited (fiction)
McGeehan, Thomas: Normal Bean News ~ Index contributions: Nos. 1-65
Ross, Bill: ERB Collector #41 ~ ERB Fan Press Part VII
Conran, Mike: Caroline Monro ~ Michigan Military Academy ~ Spannraft Xmas Party
Adams, David: Tarzan's Rock Climbing Records
Richardson, Darrell: Tarzan in the Wide World Pt. III from Wide World UK Pulp
Shellhorse, Brooks: ERB Line ~ New books & art for the Millennium: Icon Legacy Bios Manning
Webber, Ken: Winslow Wilson ~ Clint Walker ~ Mexican poster ~ Tarzan stickers
McGeeney, Bob: Fun Addict: ERB Humor Pt. I ~ New releases & collectibles
Guidry, John: Lost Fanzine of Jasoom: Tapcap continued ~ Henry Herbert Knibbs ~ Brackett
Adams, Duane: Making of the Burroughs Empire Medal Pt. II
Ferrier, Joe: Africa Games: Nile Source ~ Africa 1880 ~ Wadjet
Brown, Ralph: Never Ending Story: Ebay: comments & ERB letters & collectibles
Denkena, Kurt: Fuwalda #44: Disney Zoom (German Mag)
Myrhoj, Nels: ERBQUEST: ERB & Hogarth article reprints ~ Open Road mag Sept 1949
Hyde, Bob: Two from Thuria: Odyssey of a Tarzan FANatic Ch. XLVII
Daley, Jack: Two from Thuria: Tarzan Recycled ~ Tribune des amis d'ERB #34 summary
Huckenpohler, J.G.: Meetings Between ERB & Subjects Pt. V: ERB-Prime & Singletons
Moody, James Michael: Sinking of the Lady Alice
Cuthbert, Raymond A.: From the Outer Burroughs: Burroughs Art Collecting
Miranda, E.: Freedom: Manning Dark Horse reprints
Martin, John: Edgardemain: Disneyland retools for Tarzan
Three Shells - Jen, Ann, Bill: Open Letter ~ Unlikely Similarity ~ Icon & Legacy
Howell, D.J.: Destiny of Jer'ok-ta Chapter XI: Intervention
Franke, Henry: ERBapa Rap: apaBits: back issues, GH, PJF, ACD, OTR, AMC, FF, Elvis
Wilcutt, Dennis: Yeates art, Dark Horse, Movies: ERB's Life, 13th Warrior
Thompson, Jim: London Trip Diary 99.12-00.01
Hanson, Alan: Burroughs Boxing Tournament: Results ~ BB Storm Clouds, Ballot, Gridley Wave
Van Hise, James: BB pulp art ~ Bibliophiles & Gridley ~ Pulp zines ~ ERB  April 1921 in American News Trade Journal
Woodley, Robert A.: A few movies, but mainly Disney's Tarzan
Dunn, Laurence: Disney UK Collectibles ~ BB Comments
Griffin, Scott Tracy: Open letter to Bibliophiles ~ Review: Bowl of Baal 1916 All Around pulp ~ Hairston obit ~ Danton profile
Morse, Bill: On Safari in Manhattan: Disney, videos, toys, OTR, Steve Hawkes

ERBAPA #65, Spring 2000
Cover: Bob Lubber's Tarzan
Frontispiece:  Bob Lubbers, Nov 5, 1997 with collage of Tarzan illustrations superimposed behind him.s
Reverse frontispiece:  Tarzan, Jane, and apes cartoon by Bob Lubbers
ERB-APA Members list with addresses and phone numbers
Kaor:  Ken Webber’s greeting as the new Editor, Murray Gibbs is a new member, Don O’Malley is out, new
waitlisters are Bill Hillman and Terry Alan Klasek
Ross, Bill: ERB’s Appearances In The Fan Press:  Part VIII - lists short-run and one-shot ERB fanzines along with rare covers
Adams, David:  Land of Terror - Introduction, chapter summary, and essay
Cavender, Shawn:  The Alien Worlds of ERB:  Comments
Conran, Mike:  Mangani Zugor:  ECOF 1999 with pictures, Dum-Dum 1999 - complete listings of sites, guests, awards, souvenirs, panels, special events, convention reports
Menegazzo, Tony:  Barsoom Revisited, Part 2, The Critical Moment - pastiche with pen & ink drawings
Three Shells, The (Bill and Ann E. Shell-Johnson and Jennifer L.Shell-Frisbie):  Ann:  A Semi-Beginner’s Look at ERB.  Jennifer:  T2 (T-squared) (Tarzan and the Terminator compared)  Bill:  A listing of the 40 ERB-related inks and paintings found in Frazetta’s LEGACY and reviews of 5 early Dell comics from 1947-48.  Covers from the Chinese and Malay Disney Tarzan books
Ferrier, Joe:  Deputy & Bandit:  An in-depth study of the guns found in these books, illustrated
Denkena, Kurt:  Fuwalda #45:  New German ERB publications, illustrated
Cook, Robert B.:  The Wazirian:  A Learned Consanguinity - a genealogy proving that Cook and ERB are 8th cousins!  Comments and ruminations
Dumont, Richard J.:  Lost in Pal-Ul-Don:  A study of Dyals, “The Terrible Bird” in ERB’s books and the Dell Comics
McGeeney, Bob:  The Fun Addict: Humor and ERB-Part 2 (The Girl from Farris’s)
Adams, Duane:  Moon Maid-Suppliment from the Moon Maid Trilogy - Glossary and original illustrations by Duane Adams, comments
Guidry, John H.:  The Lost Fanzine of Jasoom:  Chapter 65:  The Vanishing Mr. Greeves (a listing of former owners in his ERB books) Tapcap items
Hanson, Alan:  ERB-The Sports Man:  (ERB’s own participation in sports and how it influenced his writing) comments
Huckenpohler, J.G.:  Barnacle Blitherings:  Burroughs Unbound: Preliminary Notes for a Complete Listing of the Unpublished Works of ERB (a listing of 204 items and 5 more of uncertain authorship) comments.
Gibbs, Murray:  Application for ERB-APA (autobiographical information)
Dunn, Laurence G.:  Beyond 30 degrees W:  Tarzan’s Filofax, map included
Franke, Henry G.:  ERBapa Rap-thoughts on many items, especially Tarzan and the Forbidden City
Two from Thuria (Bob Hyde & Jack Daley)  - Bob’s account of Dum-Dum #22 in Denver in 1981; Jack’s continuing record of “Tarzan’s smiles” in Tarzan Triumphant
Richardson, Darrell C.:  Articles about ERB and his Work Collected by Darrell C. Richardson & John Harwood:  1.  A Tribute to John Harwood by Vernell Coriell  2.  John Harwood, Burroughs Bibliophile by Darrell C. Richardson 3. Tarzan of the Apes (Play) The Weekly Review, Sept 17, 1921  4.  “Tarzan of the Apes,” Life, Sept 29, 1921   5.  Extract from “The Great Apes” by Robert M. and Ada W. Yerkes  6.  Extract from “Animal Facts and Fallacies” by Osmond P. Breland  7.  Extract from Animal IQ by Vance Packard  8.  ERB Multi-millionaire, Author by Cyril Clemens, Hobbies, May 1950
Martin, John:  Edgardemain No. 52: The Cave Girl - in-depth study and illustrations
Webber, Ken:  ERB. ETC. - Gil Kane Burroughs Artist - biography, commentary, illustrated-includes quotes and remarks from Gil Kane himself
Griffin, Scott Tracy:  The Sad Saga of The Rape of the Ranch - very compete account of the  recent history of Tarzana, the first of a two-part series.  In this issue, the media coverage of the ranch parcel’s development is reprinted.  Sy Weintraub obituary reprinted. Comments
Thompson, Jim:  Items of interest from magazines and newspapers
Ogden, D. Peter:  Plan B and Other Topics:  A Few Comments Relating to ERB/APA 64
Cuthbert, Raymond:  The Quest for Dejah Thoris:  Chapter 14 - Story by Raymond A. Cuthbert; Art by Kenn Buchanan - part 14 of a comic series by various ERB-APANS [pencil drawings by a new ERB artist]
Howell, D.J.:  Lord of Two Worlds:  Destiny of Jer’ok-ta - Synopsis and part XII. Trial, comments
Shelhorse, Brooks:  ERB Line:  Ruminations - thoughts on various Tarzan books, an Open Letter to Gray Morrow Concerning his visual depiction of Tarzan the Ape Man
Van Hise, James:  Avenue of Ancestors #27:  The Land that Mailing Comments Forgot- comments
Zeuschner, Bob:  Art:  Krenkel, Jungle Girl and 2 by Tom Yeates - a Tarzan and a Jane
Myrhoj, Nels:  ERBQUEST ERBAPA:  Illustrations:  Lex Barker & Val Njord (Your Physique), Gordon Scott (Strength and Health 1955) Blue Book table of contents, July 1932, “Tarzan for President”
Wilcutt, Dennis:  ERB-APA Spring 2000:  Reviews of Dark Horse’s Tarzan the Savage Heart -  Claws of the Catwoman (Batman and Tarzan) and Tarzan, The Rivers of Blood,  illustrated
Webber, Ken:  The Last Word - comments
Insert:  Flyer for Special ERB Issue of RBCC (August 2000)

ERBAPA #66, Summer 2000
Cover: Marcia of the Doorstep
ERB-APA Members list with addresses and phone numbers
Kaor:  OE Ken Webber Intro Comments and Last Word
Howell, DJ: Lord of Two Worlds: Destiny of Jer'ok-ta ~ Ch. XII
Brown, Ralph: Never Ending Story - ERB Letters from eBay
Ferrier, Joseph: Greystoke Guns XII - Tarzan and the Lost Empire
Two from Thuria: Bob Hyde's Odyssey of a Tarzan FANatic Ch. XLIX
    Jack Daley: No Way, Jose. PJF
Huckenpohler, J.G.: Barnacle Blitherings: Marcia of the Doorstep, apa at ECOF
Adams, David: A Warrior's CodePPersonal Philosophy of ERB
Cuthbert, Raymond: Marica of the Doorstep - At Last!, Sketch
Adams, Duane: Dell #1 - Tarzan the Magnificent - a comparative study
McGeeney, Bob: The Fun Addict: Humor and ERB - Pt. 3
Ross, Bill: ERB Collector: LaurenceCon, ERB Fan Press Pt. X, Books with a past,
Dumont, Richard: Lost in Pal-ul-don: Sadok of Pellucidar
Hanson, Alan: ERB- The Sports Man: Pt. 2 - Individual Sports
Guidry, John: Lost Fanzine of Jasoom: Ch. 66: Flotsam - ERB Anagrams
Conran, Mike: Mangani Zugor: Inscriptions That Time Forgot
Webber, Ken: Marcia of the Doorstep comments, Sable by Mike Grell, Dark Horse
Martin, John: Edgardemain: Marcia Symposium
Denkena, Kurt: Fulwalda: German cartoons and Art from Tarzan and the Twins
Cook, Bob: The Wazirian: Ruminations on Dark Horse, Ape language article reprint
Miller, Steve: Old Friends: ERB and realistic fiction, Marcia, etc.
Van Hise, James: Avenue of Ancestors: reprint Saturday Evening Post 39.07.29 ERB article
Franke, Henry: ERBapa Rap: ECOF 2000 and Dum-Dum 2000, Marcia Comments
Wilcutt, Dennis: Blue Lagoon / ERB Connections
Woodley, Bob: The Mucker commentary
Thompson, Jim: Dum-Dum 2000 Diary, Recent ERB items of interest, Sheffield pics
Zeuschner, Bob: Fantasy Realms of ERB: ERB and Test of Time Revisited
Morse, William: On Safari: Recent ERB news

ERB-APA #67  Fall 2000
Cover: Tarzan and Jad-bal-ja by Roy Krenkel
KAOR, et al by the O.E. Ken Webber
Ross, Bill: ERB Collector #45: Fantastic Worlds of ERB Contents
Ferrier, Joseph W.: Bloodthirsty, Greystoke, Addendum
Cavender, Shawn: The Alien Worlds of ERB
Burroughs, Robert J.: Precambrian Winter, Chapter One
Huckenpohler, J.G.: Seven Phases of Fandom & Birthday Bash
Conran, Mike: Mangani Zugar: ECOF 2000
McGreeney, Bob: The Fun Addict: ERB Humour
Adams, Duane: Jesse Marsh
Menegazzo, Tony: ERB Corner: Johnny Sheffield - Cartoons
Dumont, Richard J.: Lost in Pal-ul-don: Lesser Creatures of Pellucidar
Cook, Bob: Marvin Cartoons and #66 Reflections
Webber, Ken: Tarzan Sunday Strip First Session - Morrow and Gross - Carts
Denkena, Kurt: Fuwalda #47 - German articles and art
Adams, David: ERB Writings by Adams charted - ERBmania & ERBzin-e
Richardson, Darrell: Million Dollar Letter
Daley, Jack & Hyde, Bob: Odyssey of a Tarzan FANatic - Ch. L
Cuthbert, Raymond A.: ERB in the Fantasy Times / SF Times
Thompson, Jim: Dum-Dum 2000, Grandville, Michigan
Myrhoj, Nels: ERB Quest #67 - Tip Top #7 page on ERB
Hanson, Alan: Porges Biography: Twenty-Five Years Later
Dunn, Laurence G.: Famous Last Words: Dum-Dum 2000 etc.
Three Shells: Conflict With A Villain
Gibbs, Murray: A Matter of Agility
Woodley, Bob "Tarak": Kipling or ERB
Guidry, John H.: Lost Fanzine of Jasoom: Ch. 67 Jimmy Torrance, Jr.
Franke, Henry G.: 125 Birthday Celebration - Torn - Man-Eater - New Readers - Restoring Films
Howell, D.J.: Lord of Two Worlds: Destiny of Jer'ok-ta
Shelhorse, Brooks: ERB Line - Discussion of Tarzan Novels
Moody, James Michael: Tarzan Escapes Opar - Jane's Visit to Opar
Wilcutt, Dennis: Sunday Tarzan Page - DH Carson of Venus
Griffin, Tracy: Au Revoir
Last Word by O.E.

ERB-APA #68  Contents  Winter 2001
COVER: Berne Wrightson
Author                                                    Submission
KAOR, et al by the O.E. Ken Webber
Ferrier, Joseph W.: Greystoke Guns ~ Tarzan At The Earth's Core
Dumont, Richard J.: Lost in Pal-ul-don ~ Dubois' Dr. MacWhirtle in Dell Tarzans
McGeehan, Thomas: Normal Bean News ~ British Tarzan & Korak Contents
Woodley, Robert A.: The War Chief ~ Commentary
Richardson, Darrell: Guest Articles: Sam Moscowitz & A. Langle Searles
Huckenpohler, J.G.: Barnacle Blitherings ~ The Three Foot Bookshelf
Menegazzo, Tony: The ERB Corner ~ Story & Art for original Tarzan strip
McGeeney, Bob: The Fun Addict ~ Humor & ERB (Tanar & Savage Pellucidar)
Ross, Bill: The ERB Collector #47 ~ Softcover Burroughs - checlist
Adams, David Arthur: Lord Greystoke, I Presume ~ Curious behaviour in EL, BT, ST & JO
Guidry, John H.: The Lost Fanzine of Jasoom ~ The Guld Between (Westerns & Wolf Larson's Tarzan)
Conran, Mike: Mangani Zugor: Dum-Dum 2000 ~
Hillman, Bill: Hillman ERBzine n01v01 - Roots & Wings Intro Bio Pt. I & Contents of first 50 ERBzines
Webber, Ken: ERB ETC. ~ John Severin, Tarzan Humorist
Adams, Duane: The Fires of Tohr - Comparison of Dell Tarzan & Radio Serial
Thompson, Jim: OJT-Xon 2000 ~ Washington, D.C.
Dunn, Laurence G.: ...Beyond 30 W ~ Jungle Adventures on Ice in London Arena ~ Betty Callwell Now?
Martin, John: Edgardemain ~ Tarzanopoly ~ Laugh It Off ~ Brix
Gibbs, Murray: Art On A Limb ~ Mixing Business with Pleasure
Shelhorse, Brooks: ERB-Line ~ Brothers of the Spear Introduction
Denkena, Kurt: FUWALDA #48 ~ Caprona
Zeuschner, Bob: The Fantasy Realms of ERB ~ ERB and the Test of Time: Religious Themes
Hanson, Alan: Real People in ERB's Fiction Part 1, APACHES
Albert,, Walter and Daley, Jack: Two From Thuria ~ Lord Greystoke's Last Laugh
Morse, William T.: ON SAFARI ~ 10 French Tarzan Escape tabloid strips 1947
Howell, Dorothy J.: Lord of Two Worlds ~ Destiny of Jer'ok-ta
Cook, Robert B.: The WAZIRIAN #24 ~ Ramblings
Brown, Ralph: Never Ending Story ~ ERB e-Bay Letters ~ Disney's Tarzan's Treehouse
Moody, James Michael: Greystoke Chronologist ~ Amphitheater ~ PJF Dark Heart review
Miller, Steve: In Futile Search
Franke, Henry G.: ERBapa Rap ~ Visit with Bob Barrett
Cuthbert, Raymond A.: Jeanine of the Jungle fiction
Van Hise, James: Avenue of the Ancestors #29 ~ Bruce Boxleitner Interview Pt. 1
Burroughs, Robert J.: Precambrian Winter, Chapter Two ~ fiction
O.E. Ken Webber: The Last Word

ERBapa 69  Page Count 267    Spring 2001
COVER: Joe Kubert
Contents ~ Roster ~ Kaor
Ferrier, Joe: Greystoke Guns: Tarzan the Invincible ~ 11 pages with illos ~Grunts/Groans
Ross, Bill: Collector #48: Findings On Collecting Ace PBs for 29 Years I:  Pellucidar
Cuthbert, Raymond: Jeanine of the Jungle: Chapters 2-8 ~ Mailing Comments ~Stout illo
Howell, D.J.: Lord of Two Worlds: Destiny of Jer'ok-ta: Ch. XIII cont. - Postscript
Conran, Mike: ERB's 125th Birthday Celebration ~ Oak Park ~ Photos
Cavender, Shawn: Comments ~ Burcham Dejah art ~ Mailing Comments
McGeeney, Bob: Humor and ERB VI: Humour in Epic Adventures ~ Reflections
Menegazzo, Tony: Original Tarzan & ERB strips continued ~ Quotes, Cartoons, Puzzles, Article, Jokes
Huckenpohler, J.G.: Partial list of Burroughs Pastiches ~ Comments on Submissions
Richardson, Darrell C.: Reprints: Burroughs of Barsoom, Tarzan and the Tots, ERB Multi-millionaire Author, John Burroughs
Adams, Duane: Send in the Clones ~ Novels/Dell Comics comparison  ~ Comments
Wilcutt, Dennis: Russ Manning Revisited ~ 2 Grell lost Sunday pages ~ List of "Toughest Fighters" ~ La illo ~ eBay screen of Foster 1932 original ~ Comments
Adams, David: WORK IN PROGRESS fragments: watercolours, summary project, ERB articles, Oz comparisons, African history, Nkima Chats in ERBzin-e. TIMELINE: Tarzan's Life In Relation To African History & Exploration. MINIDOKA: A Study
Van Hise, James: Bruce Boxleitner Interview: Part Two ~ Blevins' JC pencils ~ Galsworthy PM illo ~ Krenkel Chessmen sketch
Dumont, Richard: Creatures of the Pellucidarian Seas ~ Illos
Webber, Ken: The Comedies: Carry On Tarzan, Shame of the Jungle, Jack Benny, strips, Modesty Blaise
Brown, Ralph: Disney's Dinosaur ~ Steve Hawkes ~ Eleanor Holm ~ Tarzan's Revenge
Hanson, Alan: Real People in ERB's Fiction II: Soldiers of the Apache Wars ~ Refs
Shelhorse, Brooks: ERB-Line: CORE by Paul Preuss and ERB Pellucidar
Daley, Jack: "Smiling Jack" Clayton Down for the Count ~ Total number of smiles in 26 novels
Hyde, Bob: Odyssey of a Tarzan FANatic Ch. LI: 1984: Museum Comic Art, First ECOF, Coriell ailing, JW and Michael Pierce died
Burrows, Robert: Precambrian Winter (fiction): Ch. 3 - 5 ~ APA Notes
Three Shells: Activity update ~ Puzzle ~ ERB bio bit ~ TA Penguin 20th Century Classics series release.
Guidry, John: Marica of the Doorstep commentary ~ Maker of Universes by PJF quote
Moody, James Michael: Clayton's Fever 1894 ~ APA Talk
Denkena, Kurt: German Touche strips ~ 1980 cover of 1924 German Tarzaniade parody by Mynona
Dunn, Laurence: Gone, but not forgotten... Info on 5 early ERB films ~ ERB honeymoon pic
Gibbs, Murray: Hey Buddy! Why Don't you Go Swing On A Vine? Author emulation of Tarzan ~ Pics
Franke, Henry: Writing Deadlines ~ Lost World ~ National Geographic Africa Trek ~ Mars Fever in recen mags ~ Time 65.10.29 reprint ~ Argosy 24.06.28 color cover repro
Hillman, Bill: Roots & Wings II: Introductory Bio ~ Tarzana Visit with Hulbert, Joan & Jim, Internet, ERB Conventions ~ Contents of ERBzin-e Online Fanzine Issues 51-100 ~ On the Spoor
Martin, John: Edgardemain ~ Postal Tributes to ERB: Article and stamps ~ Converging Trails ~ CRACKED page
Morse, Bill: On Safari: Tarzan media news ~ Tarzan Escapes 1947 French comic adaptation ~ Comments
Myrhoj, Nels: APA 67 Comments ~ Guest Page by Viki Myrhoj "Wife of A Collector"
LAST WORD by OE Ken Webber
COMING! Summer 2001 Symposium Special: The Ladies of ERB in ERB-APA #70

ERBapa #70  ~  Summer 2001
COVER: Dave Hoover: The Women of  ERB: Dian ~ Jane ~ Nemone ~ Thuvia ~ La
Contents ~ Roster ~ Kaor ~ Page Count 254
Ferrier, Joe: Greystoke Guns ~ Tarzan Triumphant ~ 8 pages with guns & cover illos ~ Grunts & Groans
Ross, Bill: ERB Collector #50 ~ Ace ERB paperback bio Pt. II: Venus ~ 8pp ~ Comments
Cuthbert, Raymond A.: Jeanine of the Jungle Chapters 9-21 ~ Frazetta illo, comments, 38pp
Hyde, Bob & Daley, Jack: Odyssey Ch. LII ~ Ethel Dwyer star of TA stage 1921: photos, articles
Thompson, Jim: APA #70: Evening with Darrell Richardson reprint ~ recent ERB articles
Menegazzo, Tony: A Dream of All Dreams ~ cartoon, Wray clipping, Rigid Tool Calendar girls ~ comments
Brown, Ralph: Never Ending Story: Weissmuller postcards & photos in Windber, PA ~ eBay poster, Disney, razor blades
Adams, Duane: Women in the Dell Comics ~ first 40 issues ~ Adams Nemone art ~ comments
Dunn, Laurence: LaurenceCon III report ~ Hyde, Ross, Bohnett, Albert, Richardson, Huckenpohler, Wadding visits ~ ComicCon, ChillerCon ~ Denier, Munro, Kahluta.etc.
Howell, DJ: Lord of Two Worlds: Destiny of Jer'ok-ta Ch. XIV fiction: Postscript comments
Adams, David: La of Opar and Her Relatives
McGeeney, Bob: The Little Door discussion (Forgotten Tales of Love and Murder)
Hanson, Alan: The Women of Opar ~ St. John art, mailing comments
Huckenpohler, J.G.: The Ladies of ERB: charts & discussion of heroines Princesses, Savages, Outdoor, Slave), villainesses, supporting & bit players ~ art ~ Comments
Webber, Ken: La, Burroughs' Tragic Priestess ~ 14pp ~ much art: Yeates, St. John Frazetta, etc.
Dumont, Richard: Lost in Pal-ul-don: The Dryrth of Pellucidar ~ research & art
Richardson, Darrell: Tarzana Times repro: "ERB Museum," "History" Hulbert photo
Martin, John: Edgardemain: Jane of the Jungle discussion and art ~ Converging Trails comments
Conran, Mike: Dum-Dum 2001: A Florida ERB Odyssey report ~ many photos & info
Woodley, Robert: Tarzan of the Apes: A Personal Journey Through 24 Volumes - Pt. 1 ~ 18pp
Guidry, John: Forgotten Tales: Behind the scenes with the Forgotten Tales of Love & Murder project
Burrows, Robert: Precambrian Winter: Ch. 6: Bhallero Bhandari fiction ~ Comments
Myrhoj, Nels: ERBQUEST: Local BC ECOF ~ Repro: Police Reporter May 1929: Citizen and the Police by ERB
Shelhorse, Brooks: Second String Ladies ~ Comments
Hillman, Bill: ERB Heroines of Hearth, Stage, Screen & Radio: Chrono checklist with bios, titles, dates, times, trivia and 90 photos ~ ERBzin-e index issues 101-150 ~ On the Spoor comments ~ 26pp
Miller, Steve: Growing Danger ~ discussion of ERB heroines ~ St. John & Krenkel art
Franke, Henry: ERB Press Fever ~ Dum-Dum 2001 report & 8 photos ~ OAK Argosy colour cover
McGeehan Wild, Mary: She-Who-Must-Be-Attained: ERB Women Pt. I: Survey of Secondary Sources ~ literary research (Stableford, Moskowitz, Aldiss, Gunn, Holtsmark, et al)
Morse, Bill: On Safari: News: WB series, Universal nix PM, Morrow strip replaced, Hogarth suit, etc. ~ comments
Wilcutt, Dennis: Dum-Dum 2001 report ~ ERB Heroines: Art: Yeates, Morrow, Manning, Foster ~ Robin Cook
OE Ken Webber Last Word comments with much art: Yeates, Blevins, Jusko, Frazetta, Hughes, Hildebrand Bros., Buscema, Lubbers. Back cover photo of Kala and son by Lord Snowden.

ERBapa #71  ~  Fall 2001
COVERS: Tarzan by John Celardo
Contents ~ Roster ~ Kaor ~ Page Count 241
Frontispiece: Celardo signed photo and enlargement of a Tarzan strip frame
Moody, James Michael: Setting the Story Straight: Revised RETURN Chronology
Ferrier, Joe: Russian Revolver: Its possible use by ERB villains ~ Contributor gradings
Ross, Bill: Biblio info on ERB Short Series in ACE Paperbacks (Pt. 3 – 16 pages)
Cuthbert, Ray A.: FanFic: Jeanine of the Jungle: Ch. 19b & Ch. 22-28 (28 pp) Jones Art
Cavender, Shawn A.: Burcham art ~ News: Superman/Tarzan comic, Robbins westerns, book shopping
Menegazzo, Tony: Tony collection in news ~ Dum2001 photos ~ SF writers ~ Lupoff
Dunn, Laurence: Parallels: The twin towers of Helium and New York ~ suspicious ERB package
Guidry, John: Pearl Harbor Murders comments
Huckenpohler, J. G.: Ladies of ERB Part II: Villainesses: Hags, Gold Diggers, Scorned, Others
Webber, Ken: Gray Morrow, Tarzan Artist: An Appreciation ~ art ~ tribute quotes
Adams, David Arthur: 12 Labors of Hercules Compared With The 12 Jungle Tales of Tarzan
Hillman, Bill: Roots & Wings IV: Flashback Memories & Music ~ JCB Art ~ ERBzine 151-200 ~ On the Spoor
Three Shells: Pearl Harbor Murders ~ TA on Palm Pilot ~ Tarzan & Scarlet Pimpernel
Richardson, Darrell C.: Book Mart Marginalia ERB reprints April/May 1984
Adams, Duane: Pal-ul-don of the Dell Comics ~ Marsh map
Conran, Mike: Michigan Military Academy Symposium report with photos
Hanson, Alan: Lex and Lana: Dark Side of the (Barker-Turner) Fairy Tale ~ photos
Hyde & Daley: 1985 events: Forgotten Jane Pt. 2: Dwyer Obits ~ Louisville ECOF
Zeuschner, Robert: New old ERB interview in 1929 PERSONAL GLIMPSES ~ Hoban art
McGeeney, Bob: Fun Addict: New home ~ Disney Tarzan Items
Van Hise, James: Gay Galsworthy art from Oxford University Press A PRINCESS OF MARS edition
Thompson, Jim: Report: Third Annual ERB Wake ~ Bellaire, Texas ~ March 16-19, 2001 ~ new mags
Gibbs, Murray: Return to Venus: Rereading Napier: Art: Krenkel, Gibbs, Morrow, Crandall/Williamson
Martin, John: Postal Tributes to ERB ~ Weissmuller stamps ~ Tarzana postmarks
Franke, Henry G.: ERB Style ~ Collins background ~ Ely colour ad
Howell, D.J.: FanFic: Lord of Two Worlds: Destiny of Jer’ok-ta: Chapter XIV ~ PS Observations
Denkena, Kurt S.: Excerpts from an encyclopedia of films for young people (German text)
Myrhoj, Nels: ERBQUEST Comments
Brown, Ralph: Report & Photos: Brix/Bennett at Collectors Show in Hollywood 011006 ~ 1953 Garzan parody comic
Burrows, Robert J.: FanFic: Precambrian Winter: Ch. 7 – Of Science and Other Things
Wilcutt, Dennis: Gray Morrow Tribute ~ 5 sample Sunday pages
LAST WORD: Farewell comments from departing OE Ken Webber with much Celardo art
Last Page: Gray Morrow Photo: March 7, 1934 – November 6, 2001

ERB-APA #72    Winter 2002
COVERS: Front: Pierre Joubert (Savage Pellucidar) ~ Back: Joe Jusko
Contents ~ Roster ~ Kaor ~ Rules of ERBapa ~ Page Count 281
Cuthbert, Raymond A.: Jeanine of the Jungle ~ Chapters 29 – 33 ~ Gray Morrow Memoriam & Art
Ferrier, Joe: Breasts of Barsoom ~ Greystoke Guns: Tarzan and the  Lion Man ~ Kubert art
Cavender, Shawn A: New OE Comments ~ Werper Review ~ Books in Raleigh, NC
Dumont, Richard J.: Beasts of Pellucidar: Illustrated Glossary ~ Cross-Reference to Surface Beasts
Klasek, Terry Alan: Intro Autobio: Musings of a New Member? ~ Comments
Adams, David: Selous Bio & Photo ~ Ed’s African Journey (ERBzin-e 452 Reprint ~ Nkima Chat #19)
McGeehan, Thomas & Mary McGeehan Wild: Bomba the Jungle Boy books & movies
Ross, Bill: Ace Bibliography: Part 4 Standalone Titles ~ Frazetta & Krenkel Art
Richardson, Darrell C.: Foulds’ Statues ~ Leopard of Opar ~ Princess La, Mad Frazetta art ~ Roy’s Canadian Editions
Hanson, Alan: Real People in ERB’s Fiction
Menegazzo, Tony: Cartoons ~ Tarzan Commentary ~ Lions news clipping
Dunn, Laurence G.: Dum-Dum 2001, Tampa, Florida ~ Reprinted in ERBzine 0605
Huckenpohler, J. G.: Ladies of ERB Pt. III: Supporting Characters ~ Charts & Illustrations
Wilcutt, Dennis: Reviews of four recent books on Tarzan ~ Art: Frazetta & Lubbers
Three Shells: Bill, Ann & Jen:  A Celebration of Sons: Family Photos with jungle theme
Webber, Ken: Unauthorized Tarzan Films IV: Rubber Tarzan ~ Observations on United Features TARZAN ~ Tarzan’s Tonsillitis
Adams, Duane: Murray Comics: Comparison to American Comics ~ Two covers
Martin, John: Postal Tributes to ERB Part 3
Conran, Mike: ECOF 2001: Binghamton, New York ~ Photos
McGeeney, Bob: ERB Humour Part 7: Forgotten Tales of Love and Murder
Burrows, Robert J.: Precambrian Winter Chapter 8
Thompson, Jim: Recent Publications of Interest
Guidry, John H.: Tarzan Film Connections to Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings
Franke, Henry G.: Comments of Tarzan the Magnificent ~ Argosy Article: Real Life Tarzan
Hillman, William G.: Hal Foster Bio and Tarzan Summaries ‘31-’32 ~ ERBzin-e Index Nos. 201-250 ~
                                        Rare JCB WWII art from the Danton Burroughs family collection
Howell, D. J.: Lord of Two Worlds: Destiny of Jer’ok-ta: Epilogue ~ Postcript
Moody, James Michael: Greystoke Chonology: Tarzan’s 2nd Visit to Opar & Return to the Coast
Miller, Steve: The Lion Pit: Burroughs On DVD ~ Descriptions and Disc Covers
Two from Thuria: Jack Daley and Bob Hyde with Walter Albert: Dead Lions and Deja Vu ~ Greystoke Kills ~
                                        Aging Bibliographer’s Perspective
Morse, William T.: ...On Safari: News ~ Legal: Hogarth vs. ERB Inc.  ~  Gray Morrow ~ Comments ~
                                        “On the Tarzan Trail” clipping ~ Last Manly Man cover
Denkena, Kurt S.: Fuwalda: German comic covers ~ Jane bikini ~
Shelhorse, Brooks: Barsoom and Beyond ~ Pearl Harbor Murders review ~ Al Jolson Connection
Myrhoj, Nels: Adventures of Tarzan serial correspondence 1921 ~ art & foreign covers
Zeuschner, Bob: Tarzan of the Apes Printing Records
Cook, Robert B.:  Farewell... for now
Webber, Ken: Last Word from the departing OE with art: Yeates, Blevins, Marquez, Hoffman and MacLeod.

ERB-APA #73    Spring 2002
COVER: Tarzan by Bill Maus ~ INTERIOR ILLOS: Kaor & Last Word by Duane Adams
Contents ~ Roster ~ Kaor ~ Rules of ERBapa ~ Page Count 238 ~New O.E. Shawn Cavender ~
                                Announcement of  new Shawn Cavender Website:
Ferrier, Joe: Greystoke Guns: Tarzan and the City of Gold ~ Ferrier illos ~ Grunts & Groans
Cavender, Shawn A.: Book Shopping in Greenville, NC ~ Comments
Cuthbert, Raymond A.: Collecting ERBapas ~ Hampton art ~ Mailing Comments
Webber, Ken: Unauthorized Tarzan Films #5: Tarzan and the Hidden Treasure ~ Buscema obit & art
Menegazzo, Tony: #71/72 Mailing Comments ~ art & cart & article reprints ~ Irish McCalla obit & pic
McGeeney, Bob: Humor and ERB – Pt. 8
Conran, Mike: Collector’s Guide to the Bomba Books: covers, title pages, autographs, ads, poster
Dunn, Laurence G.: ECOF 2001, Binghamton, New York ~ Zits cartoon ~ comments
Adams, Duane: Murray Comics Part II ~ Illustrations
Howell, Dorothy J.: Jer’ok in Exile (fan fic) ~ Young Jer’ok-ta art by Mile Kaluta ~ Postscipt
Hunton, Robert L.: Hunton Bio ~ Of Brush-Whackers and Buckaroos: A Dedication to America’s
                    Western Cowboy and the Related Writings of ERB
Dumont, Richard J.: Tarzan Movie I’d Like to See Them Make
Richardson, Darrell C.: The Legendary Letter by R. Brunkhorst to Hully and Caz: 66.09.08
Huckenpohler, J.G.: Madison Squares: Variations of the “Ugly Ducklings” ~ Illos ~ chart ~ Comments
Guidry, John H.: More TAPCAP summaries
Ross, Bill: Ace Paperback Books part 5: Standalone Titles: Complete info on all printings
Adams, David: Index ERBapa: A Topical Index to ERBapa (Issues 43-72) (Fall 1994 – Winter 2002) ~ Afterword
Hyde, Bob (Two From Thuria): Odyssey of a Tarzan FANatic: The Year 1984
Albert, Walter (Two From Thuria): La Tribune des amis d’Edgar Rice Burroughs: Nos. 40-42
Hanson, Alan: Real People in ERB’s Fiction Pt. 4: Monarchs, illustrations ~ comments
Klasek, Terry Alan: Pellucidar: Commentary & Summaries of first four books in the series
Three Shells: Tarzan and the Sorcerer’s Stone ~ Tarzan As Superhero ~ ERB and the Military
Denkena, Kurt S.: Tarzan German Piccolo reprints: Barry, Lehti, Reinman
Hillman, Bill: Tarzan the Ape Man film: Background Notes, Trivia, Credits, Chrono-Log Test, Jane Ralston Burroughs Tribute,
         ERBzine Contents: Issues 251-300
Brown, Ralph: Results of Eddie Gilbert Auction ~ New ERB items
Thompson, Jim: MidSouthCon 20 / KhublaKhan 30 ~ New “Of Interest” publications
Zeuschner, Bob: New Paramount John Carter Movie Deal ~ William Stout Thark & Thoat art
Van Hise, James: ERB Article Reprints: “Creator of Tarzan” “With the Author of Tarzan”
                    “Entertainment is Fiction’s Purpose” “Romance Isn’t Dead” Son of Tarzan movie ad
Franke, Henry G.: All the latest news from ERB World ~ Comments ~ PS mag cover art
Moody, James Michael: Chronology: Tarzan and Jane Get Married ~ APA Talk
Shelhorse, Brooks: Commentary: Tarzan: Period or Timeless Emphasis? ~ illos
Gibbs, Murray: Scrapbook: Ron Ely TV Stills ~ Gibbs Tarzan art ~ Comments
Wilcutt, Dennis: John Carter movie comments ~ APA Comments ~ JC illo
Cavender, Shawn: Last Word ~ Comments on this issue’s submissions
ERB-APA #74    Summer 2002
COVER:  Pellucidar Heroine colour art by Butch Burcham ~ BACK COVER: Mucker art by J. Allen St. John
Contents ~ Roster ~ Kaor ~ Rules of ERBapa ~ Page Count 280 ~ O.E. Shawn Cavender
Ferrier, Joe: Jackleg Logic: Korak Birth/Age discrepancy theories ~ Ferrier & St. John art ~ Leopard Men & Quest Guns ~ Grunts & Groans
Cavender, Shawn: Mike Hoffman art ~ Mucker commentary ~ Cavender art ~ DVD Revenge/Trappers review ~ Werper 2 reviw
Webber, Kenneth: Summary of Tarzan On Yoka Island: Sunday strip by Morrow and Kraar ~ Morrow art
Menegazzo, Tony: Article on Disney's Glen Keane ~ Cartoons ~ Clippings ~ original Tarzan comic story 8pp
McGeeney, Bob: Observations on The Mucker and  ERB's humour
Ross, Bill: Dum-Dum 2002 Photo Album including APAian group photo ~ The Vinson Art Collection
Van Hise, James: Manning art ~ Story behind the Story (ERB comics/TV) ~ Tarzan Glory Days ~ Fan Fiction ~ Blevins Mars art
Cuthbert, Raymond: La Ascendant fan fiction
Richardson, Darrell: Lovecraft, A Burroughs Fan
Dumont, Richard: Man Eating Lions of Tsavo, commentary, biblio, Chicago Field Museum letter
Adams, Duane: "Growth Pellets" in Dell Comics, commentary, Jesse Marsh comic art ~ mailing comments
Hanson, Alan: Transformation (and Affirmation) of The Mucker
Huckenpohler, J.G.: Some Thoughts On The Mucker: The First Of The "Twofers" ~ mailing comments
Klasek, Terry: Pellucidar commentary
Adams, David: Metamorphosis of The Mucker
Martin, John: The, uh, Mucker, commentary
Three Shells: Potpourri on ERB ~ Teaching Our Children ~ Tarzan's Ashes
Denkena, Kurt: '50s & '60s memorabilia
Dunn, Laurence: Dum-Dum 2002: College Station Texas. . . (reprinted in ERBzine 0952)
Conran, Mike: Canaveral Press variants of ERB editions ~ Mailing comments
Guidry, John: Hal Foster: Prince of Illustrators review and memories
Hunton, Robert: Shaping Billy Byrne: ERB and the Creation of an American Archetype
Burrows, Robert: The Winter of My Unbelief: Chapter 9 fan fiction ~ Notes on APA 73
Morse, Bill: ERB News ~ Dum-Dum 2002 ~ mailing comments
Shelhorse, Brooks: The Mucker commentary
Thompson, Jim: A Visit with Bob Barrett, Wichita, Kansas, July 8, 2001, Part 1
Hyde, Bob (Two from Thuria): Photographs of the Hyde Collection: Part 1
Zeuschner, Bob: Tarzana ECOF 2002 Promos
Franke, Henry: Dum-Dum 2002 report ~ Carson of Venus commentary ~ DVD Review: Disney's Tarzan and Jane
Howell, D.J.: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'ok in Exile: II: Mystery
Miller, Steve: Through the Dark Forest: eating habits in ERB worlds
Moody, James Michael: Why Do You Do It? The Greystoke Chronologist explains his rationale
Myrhoj, Nels: ERBQUEST: Tribute to friend Phil Mancey
Hillman, Bill: ERBzine Mucker edition: covers ~ Out There Somewhere ~ HH Knibbs bio, bib, poetry, archive in Stanford U. ~
                        Oakdale Affair ~ All-Gory pulp parody on Billy Byrne and ERB characters ~ ERBzine index: Issues 301-350
McGeehan, Thomas and Mary McGeehan Wild: Beauty, Breeding, Bravery and Brains: Women in ERB's Fiction, Part 2

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