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Issue 0652

The Many Worlds of
Edgar Rice Burroughs Signature

51 - 100
Edgar Rice Burroughs Amateur Press Association
Work In Progress
We need YOUR help to compile
cover and contents descriptions of the early issues

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ERBapa 69: Cover Art by Joe KubertERBapa 69 back coverERBapa 70: Cover Art by Dave Hoover ~ ERB Heroines IssueERBapa 71 ~ Fall 2001 ~ Cover art by John Celardo
APA 72 ~ Cover art by Pierre Joubert (Savage Pellucidar)ERBapa 73: Spring 2002: Cover by Bill MausERBapa 74: cover art by Butch BurchamERBapa 74: back cover Mucker art by St. John 76: Cover art by Chris PepoERBapa 76: Back cover art by David AdamsApa 77 cover art by Joe FerrierAPA 77 back cover art by David Adams
ERBapa 78: Summer 2003: Hal Blane cover art ~ I Am A Barbarian IssueApa 79: Autumn 2003 ~ Tony Menegazzo cover art ~ Out of Time's AbyssERBapa 80: Winter 2004 ~ Shaun Hoadley art ~ 20th Anniversary IssueERBapa 80: Winter 2004 ~ Shaun Hoadley art ~ 20th Anniversary Issue
ERBapa 81: Tom Yeates front coverERBapa 81: Shaun Hoadley back coverERBapa No. 82 ~ Cover Art by David BurtonApa 83: Fall 2004 ~ Thomas Floyd Cover Art
ERBapa 84: Cover art by Joe FerrierERBapa 84: Back cover art by Thomas FloydERBapa 85: Cover art by Joe FerrierERBapa 86: Cover by Dan Parsons
APA 87: Cover art by Tony MenegazzoAPA 87: Back Cover art by Tony MenegazzoERBapa 88: Cover art by Joe FerrierERBapa 89 - Spring 2006
APA 90 art by Mark WheatlyERBapa 91: Movie Poster artAPA 92 art by Bruce Bozarth
ERBapa 93: Shane Glines cover artERBapa 94: Covers by FrazettaERBapa 94: Covers by Frazetta
ERBapa 95: Cover art by ChoERBapa 95 back cover by Frank Cho

100th Anniversary Issue

Front Cover
Artist: Joe Ferrier

Back Cover
Artist: Murray Gibbs

Inside Front Cover
Artist: Doug Wirth

Inside Back Cover
1934 Serial Ad

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Issue 0652

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