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The Many Worlds of
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Edgar Rice Burroughs Amateur Press Association
1. What is ERBapa?
2. Photo ERBapa members in Attendance at the '99 Tarzana Dum-Dum
3. ERBapa Highlights
4. A Few Clever Bylines Used By ERB-APA Contributors Over The Years
5. ERBapa Members ~ Past and Present
Links to ERBzine Sites By/About ERBapa Members

Edgar Rice Burroughs Amateur Press Association
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ERBapa:  Edgar Rice Burroughs
Amateur Press Association
Intro: Guidelines ~ HiLites ~ Bylines
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ERBapa Cover Gallery
Early Years: 1-50
Index of ERBapa Issues I
Index of ERBapa Issues II
Amateur Press Associations are a means to bring together those interested in a common subject through their regular contributions to a shared publication. Its members must maintain active participation to remain in good standing. Memberships in APAs are usually small to keep the publications manageable. Each member offers a unique perspective which meets few restrictions from editorial control. Because of the limited membership and the number of issues published, only a few outsiders are able to see all the hard work and worthwhile articles put into most APA issues.

ERB-APA was founded in 1984 by ERB fan, John Guidry. He modeled the society after other typical amateur press societies, seeing the organization as one which would allow ERB fans to share their “comments, musings, rantings and ravings, fond memories, whatever....”

John decided to limit membership to 36 -- to commemorate the age at which ERB began writing. Members would pay a nominal membership fee and would then, four times a year, type up a minimum of two pages of material and send 50 copies to John. He would then collate and bind the material, and return a copy to each member. Six slots were set aside for “Honourary Members” (chosen by member vote) which were honoured for their lifetime commitment to ERB fandom. People on the waitlist had first option to buy any extra copies.

ERBapa Rules

ERB APA members, past and present, are invited to submit their APA submissions to this Archive site so that they may be shared with ERB fans around the world.


ERB-APA Members in Attendance at the '99 Tarzana Dum-Dum
More photos of ERBapa members at ERB Conventions are featured at:
ERBzine 0839


No. 1: The appearance of the inaugural issue of John Guidry’s brainchild. Eighteen ERB fans contribute 78 pages.
No. 3: APA membership has already grown to just two members short of the full slate of 36.
No. 4: APA membership reaches 36 and already several dropouts insure that the organization will remain vital and dynamic.
No. 6: Paul Spencer begins his long-running series of ERB book reviews.
No. 7: John Guidry inaugurates the Annual Symposium. Each year a topic is chosen to encourage members to concentrate on some of ERB’s lesser-known works. This year’s issue focussed on The Bandit of Hell’s Bend.
No. 9: Leonard Homel succeeds John as the new OE and inaugurates the "Kaorspondence" section.
No. 11: The Cave Girl is the featured Symposium topic.
No. 13: A Vern Coriell tribute issue in which members share their memories of the founder of the Burroughs Bibliophiles.
No. 15: The Mad King Symposium
No. 16: The death of APA member, John F. Roy is announced.
No. 17: In keeping with the now-tradition of two year editorial shifts, Leonard steps aside for the new OE, George McWhorter. George replaces staples with comb binding.
No. 19: The first published indication of strife between APA members.
No. 23: John Martin takes over the OE role as George McWhorter turns to reviving the Burroughs Bulletin. John introduces the regular closing section "The Last Word.," which gave each member a showcase for immediate feedback.
No. 25: A landmark giant issue of 383 pages.
No. 30: The idea of a symposium issue is revived after a four year hiatus: The Land That Time Forgot is featured.
No. 33: Alan Hanson takes over from John Martin. Alan works at increasing membership and also introduces spiral binding.
No. 34: The Pellucidar Series is the symposium topic. John Martin submits a record 54-page contribution.
No. 38: The Girl From Hollywood is the symposium topic.
No. 40: Ten Year Anniversary features a 359 page edition. Over the 10 year span, over 7,000 pages have been issued.
No. 41: Henry Franke takes over as OE.
No. 64: Ken Webber takes over as OE
Shawn Cavender takes over as OE
No. 137: Scott Tracy Griffin takes over as OE

Akut's Archives & Nkima's Notes & Talking Drums ~  - John Rose
Alien Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs ~ Shawn Cavender
Ape-Men and Lost Cities ~ Dale Cozart
Avenue of Ancestors ~ James van Hise
BarAmPol (Barsoom, Amtor, Poloda) Newsletter ~ William Lakey
Barnacle Blitherings ~ J. G. "Huck" Huckenpöhler
Barsoom Chronicles ~ Tom Lindgren
Beyond 30oW ~ Laurence Dunn
Burroughings ~ Dr. George Jones
...Burroughs Buff...  & Monkey Shines ~ George McWhorter
Cajun Kaldane ~ Jason Hardy
Case Files of Dotar Wat ~ Robert Burrows
Cathne-Courier ~ Jim Thompson
Confessions of a Waldo Wannabe ~ Jim Goodwin
Cry of the Red Hawk ~ Jim Hadac
Dream Vaults of Opar ~ Patrick Adkins
Edgardemain ~ John Martin
Enchanted by ERB and Friends ~ Ken Webber
Enjoying ERB & Edgardemain ~ John Martin
ERB-AL Essence & Musings from Sasoom ~ Ward Ordnoff
ERBapa Rap ~ Henry Franke
ERB-ETC. ~ Kenneth Webber
ERB-Line ~ Brooks Shellhorse
ERBzine ~ Bill Hillman
ERB Collector ~ Bill Ross
ERB Corner ~ Tony Menegazzo
ERBographia ~ Demo Sachlas
Fantasy Realms of Edgar Rice Burroughs ~ Bob Zeuschner
For Love of All Things ERB ~ Jess Terrell
Fun Addict ~ Bob McGeeney
Fuwalda ~ Kurt Denkena
Gathol Gazette ~ Paul Spencer
The Guy From Hollywood ~ Scott Tracy Griffin
Honourary Member: ERB, Inc., Camille Cazedessus II, John H. Guidry, D. Peter Ogden, Frank Westwood
Jewels from Opar ~ India Boone Grow
Jodades ~ Ken Manson
Kaor ~ Current OE
Kaor & Neverending Story ~ Ralph Brown
Last Word ~ Official Editor
Leti Ginny Qua Memshab! ~ Joan Bledig
Lord of Two Worlds ~ DJ Howell
Lost Fanzine of Jasoom ~ John H. Guidry
Lost In Pal-Ul-Don ~ Richard J. Dumont
Mangani Zugor ~ Mike Conran
Memoirs of a Wannabe Apeman ~ Roddy Frey
Munango-Keewati ~ Peter Geissler
Most Remarkable (the famous words of Professor Porter) ~ John F. Roy
NAZRAT ~ Rick Norwood
Never Ending Story ~ Ralph Brown
Normal Bean News ~ Mary McGeehan Wild
On Safari
Oongowa! ~ Brian Bohnett
Papyrus Scroll of Erich von Harben ~ Terry Klasek
Polodan Times ~ Lee Strong
Professor Porter's Dime Lecture Series ~ J. G. Huckenpöhler
Random Burroughsing & Sketches from the Ruins of My Mind ~ Bob Barrett
Return of the Heretic ~ Mike Resnick
Sacrifice of Tarzan ~ DJ Howell
Tarzan Chronologist ~ James Moody
Texas Wave ~ Kurt Shoemaker
Thark Horizons ~ Thomas Krabacher
Thirty and Beyond ~ Jack Mallette
Three from Thuria ~ Walter Albert, Jack Daley, Bob Hyde
Three Shells ~ Bill Shell, Ann E. Shell-Johnson, Jen L. Shell-Frisbie
Under the Dum Dum Tree ~ Robert Lupton
Under the Moon of Earth & Chain Mail ~ Doug Wirth
The Wazirian ~ Bob Cook
A Writing Man of Earth ~ Steve Mitchell

ERB-APA MEMBERS (Past and Present)
The current Official Editor is Bob McGeeney

Current members are highlighted
(C) indicates Charter Member
(Hon) indicates Honourary Member
NOTE: This list is not complete ~ please send in additions/revisions

Chris Adams
David Adams
Duane Adams
Patrick Adkins (C)
Walter Albert (Pittsburgh Trio)
George Alonso
James Anderson
Diane Bahlmann (Tarzan Twins)
Bob Barrett (c2)
Jeremy Barry (C)
Lee Billings
Doug Blake
Joan Bledig (C)
Brian Bohnett
Ralph Brown
Danton Burroughs (Hon) (deceased) ERB, Inc.
Robert Burrows
Larry Burrows
Trey Causey
Shawn Cavender (OE)
Camille Cazedessus, Jr. (Hon)
Vernon Clark
Mike Conran (C)
Dale Cozart
David Critchfield
Bob Cook (deceased)
Raymond Cuthbert(Winnipeg, MB  Canada)
Jack Daley (Two From Thuria) (Pittsburgh Trio)
Tim Deforest
Kurt Denkena(Bremen, Germany)
Richard J. Dumont
Laurence Dunn (South Croydon, England)
Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. (Hon)
Fredrik Ekman (Linkoping, Sweden)
Clayton Emery
Glenn Erardi
Joe Ferrier (Greystoker Duo)
Henry Franke (OE)
Frey, Roddy
Peter Geissler (Vienna, Austria)
Murray Gibbs
Jim Goodwin
Frank Grainger
Jay Dee Grayfalken (Greystoker)
Scott Tracy Griffin ()OE
India Boone Grow (C)
John H. Guidry (C)(OE)(Hon)
Jim Hadac
Ken Hall (Worthin, England)
Alan Hanson (C)(OE)
Jason Hardy
Shaun Hoadley (Deceased)
Bill Hillman (Brandon, MB  Canada)
Leonard Homel (OE)
Dorothy Howell
J. G. "Huck" Huckenpöhler
Robert Hunton
Bob Hyde (Pittsburgh Trio)(c) (deceased)
Morris Jacobs
Hamilton Johnson
Lyuba Johnson
Dr. George Jones
Debbie Keais (Tarzan Twins)
Terry Alan Klasek (deceased)
Krabacher, Thomas
William Lakey
Tom Lindgren
Robert Lupton (c2)
Ted McKosky
Charles Madison
Jim Malachowski
Jack Mallette
Ken Manson
Joe Marcello
John Martin (OE)
Tom McGeehan (C)
Bob McGeeney
Ted McKosky, Jr.
George McWhorter (C)(OE)(Hon) Deceased
Tony Menegazzo - Deceased
Steve Miller (OE)
E. Miranda
Steve Mitchell
Mike Moody
Daniel Moore
Matt Moran
Matthew Moring
William Morse
Nels Myrhoj
Deborah Newmark
Rick Norwood
Bob O'Malley
Peter D. Ogden (Hon)(Deceased)
Ward Ordnoff
Willis Potthoff
Bert Proegler 
Mike Resnick
Darrell Richardson (C)(Hon) (deceased)
David Robbins
John F. Roy (Deceased)
Bobbie Rucker (deceased)
John Rose (c2)
Bill Ross (C)
Dale Russell
Demos Sachlas
Brooks Shelhorse
Ann E. Shell-Johnson (The Three Shells)
Bill Shell-Johnson (The Three Shells)
Jennifer L. Shell-Frisbie (The Three Shells)
Abraham Sherman
Kurt Shoemaker
Rudy Sigmund
Joel Simon
Richard Spargur
Paul Spencer
Lee Strong
Richard Taube
Jess Terrell
Jim Thompson
Kevin Toelle
Roland Trenary
James Van Hise
Louis Verardo
Bill Waters
Ken Webber
Frank Westwood (Ilford, England) (Hon)(deceased)
Dennis Wilcutt
Mary McGeehan Wild(C)
David Winiewicz
Doug Wirth
Robert Woodley (deceased)
William Yakey
Bob Zeuschner


Visit Our Edgar Rice Burroughs Amateur Press Association Archive Sites

ERBzine Features By ERB-APA Members

ERBzine Issue          Title                                            Contributor
The ERB-APA Story ~ ERBzine 0328

2. Fan Fiction (Poems & Parodies) ~ India Boone
17. FANS ON THE NET ~ Many
76. HUCK'S GAZETTEER OF BARSOOM  ~ Huck J. G. Huckenpöhler
104. TTe Story Analysis ~ David Adams
105. TTe Art - J. Allen St. John - Nkima's Gallery ~ David Adams
111. TTe Fan Fare: India's Pan-at-lee ~ India Boone Grow
117. ERBdom Fanzine Cover Mosaic I ~ Camille "Caz" Cazedessus, Jr.
118. ERBdom Fanzine Cover  Mosaic II ~ Camille "Caz" Cazedessus, Jr.
119. ERBANIA Fanzine Cover  Mosaic I ~ Peter Ogden
120. ERBANIA Fanzine Cover Mosaic II ~ Peter Ogden
123. Lions of War: Analysis by Nkima ~ David Adams
124. TU St. John Art Gallery Pt. 1 ~ Commentary by David Adams
125. St. John Art Gallery Pt. 2  with Commentary ~ David Adams
131. Jungle Sketchbook & Ratnaz Logo ~ David Adams & Duane Adams
137. Tarak's Review of FC ~ Robert Woodley
138. FC JCB Illustrations -  Nkima's Impressions ~ David Adams
148. History of Burroughs Bibliophiles & Bulletins ~ George McWhorter
149. OB/s  Burroughs Bulletin Fanzine Mosaic I ~ George McWhorter
150. OB's Burroughs Bulletin Fanzine Mosaic II ~ George McWhorter
168. Grand Opening of the New Oak Part ERB Museum ~ Joan Bledig (JtheV)
170. Title Page Medallions ~ (APA Issue) ~ Joan Bledig (JtheV)
199. Study of the ERB Frame Stories (APA Issue) ~ David Adams
205. NKIMA ART ANALYSIS  of JCB Art in "Foreign Legion" ~ David Adams
ERBzine 0234: Archetypal Vision in the Works of ERB (ICON 1) ~ David Adams 
ERBzine 0236: Primal Dreams of Tarzan (ICON 2) ~ David Adams 
ERBzine 0237: New Theory of Icons & ERB Heroines Pt. I (ICON 3) ~ David Adams 
ERBzine 0238: In The Image of Tarzan by Nkima (ICON 4) ~ David Adams 
ERBzine 0239:  Sacred Icons of J. Allen St. John (ICON 5) ~ David Adams 
ERBzine 0246m: Map of the Burroughs Crater on Barsoom ~ Huck J. G. Huckenpöhler
ERBzine 0282: Lord Greystoke's Asian Gallery ~ Tom Lindgren
ERBzine 0288: An Illustrated Proppian Analysis of "Tarzan Jr." ~ David Adams
ERBzine 0294: Chattering From The Shoulder #1  - 00.02.11 ~ David Adams
ERBzine 0295: Chattering From The Shoulder #2  - 00.02.18 ~ David Adams
ERBzine 0297: Duane Adams Art Gallery ~ Duane Adams
ERBzine 0302: Chattering From The Shoulder #3 - 00.02.25 ~ David Adams
ERBzine 0303: Chattering From The Shoulder #4 - 00.03.03 ~ David Adams
ERBzine 0305: Chattering From The Shoulder #5 - 00.03.10 ~ David Adams
ERBzine 0306: Chattering From The Shoulder #6 - 00.03.17 ~ David Adams
ERBzine 0308: Chattering From The Shoulder #7 - 00.03.24 ~ David Adams
ERBzine 0309: Chattering From The Shoulder #8 - 00.03.31 ~ David Adams
ERBzine 0310: An Ode to ERB (APA Issue) ~ Tom Lindgren
ERBzine 0315: Jeff Jones' 1998 ERB Calendar: A Spiritual Analysis ~ David Adams
ERBzine 0327: Burroughsian Language Banks (APA Issue) ~ David Adams
ERBzine 0324: Chattering From The Shoulder #9 - 00.04.07 ~ David Adams
ERBzine 0325: Chattering From The Shoulder #10 - 00.04.14 ~ David Adams
ERBzine 0334: Jim Thompson Preface for JCB Tribute Booklet
ERBzine 0389: Laurence Dunn: ECOF 2000 Report
ERBzine 0390: George McWhorter & Duane Adams Moon Maid Glossary
ERBzine 0391: Laurence Dunn: International ERB Fan
ERBzine 0396: Chattering From The Shoulder: Directory of Over 20 Columns in the Series
ERBzine 0402: George McWhorter hosts a Virtual Tour of the Louisville ERB Collection
ERBzine 0418: Bob 'Tarak' Woodley: Jewels of Louisville
ERBzine 0419: Tarak: A Princess of Stories
ERBzine 0420: Tarak: Tarzan of the Apes in All-Story
ERBzine 0435: Dennis Wilcutt in conversation with brother Terry, NASA Shuttle Commander
ERBzine 0439: Laurence Dunn at Greystoke Castle 
ERBzine 0458: Laurence Dunn Homepage: ERB Traveller Navigation Charts
ERBzine 0532: Laurence Dunn: ECOF 2003  APA 77
ERBzine 0576: The Mike Conran ERB Collection   Alternate quick-loading Mosaic version
ERBzine 0577: Mike Conran: ERBapa Biography ~ Mangani Zugor
ERBzine 0573:  ERBapa Companion v1n1 Bill Hillman Bio I: Roots & Wings
ERBzine 0574: ERBapa Companion v1n2 Bill Hillman Bio II: Roots & Wings
ERBzine 0575: ERBapa Companion v1n2 Bill Hillman Bio II: Roots & Wings (cont)
ERBzine 0578: Bob "Tarak" Woodley: The War Chief
ERBzine 0603: Laurence Dunn at MMA 
ERBzine 0605: Laurence Dunn at Dum-Dum 2001
ERBzine 0607: Bill Hillman: ERB Screen Heroines I (Special Summer Theme Issue #70)
ERBzine 0608: Bill Hillman: ERB Screen Heroines II (Special Summer Theme Issue #70)
ERBzine 0609: Bill Hillman: ERB Screen Heroines Photos (Special Summer Theme Issue #70)
ERBzine 0649: George McWhorter Bio Intro and Contents
ERBzine 0650: George McWhorter's Burroughs Bulletin Index
ERBzine 0659: Duane Adams' Fires of Tohr (Issue 68) 
ERBzine 0660: Duane Adams' Fires of Tohr Summary Chapters 1-18
ERBzine 0661: Duane Adams' Fires of Tohr Summary Chapters 19-36
ERBzine 0664: David Adams' Contents List for Chattering from the Shoulder ~ Second Series
ERBzine 0673: Laurence Dunn: ECOF and Dum-Dum 2002
ERBzine 0678: Darrell Richardson Intro to Bio and Ongoing Series of his APA Reprints
ERBzine 0685: Tarak's Personal Journey Through Tarzan Novels I: Tarzan of the Apes APA 70
ERBzine 0686: Bob Hyde's Intro to his Odyssey of a Tarzan FANatic series of APA reprints
ERBzine 0707: Woodley and Wilcutt at Dum-Dum 2002
ERBzine 0708: Bob Woodley: ERB in Verse - APA #63 Reprint
ERBzine 0709: Bob Woodley: Kipling and ERB? - APA #68 Reprint
ERBzine 0710: Bob Woodley: The Mucker - APA #66 Reprint
ERBzine 0712: Bill Hillman - Roots and Wings I: Flashbacks - APA #71 Reprint
ERBzine 0713: Bill Hillman - Roots and Wings II: Music - APA #71 Reprint
ERBzine 0714: Bill Hillman - John Coleman Burroughs Tribute - Intro to the Giant Online Version APA 76 
ERBzine 0830: Bill Hillman - Russ Manning Tribute: Bio Illlustrations Biblio I APA #77
ERBzine 0831: Bill Hillman - Russ Manning Tribute: Biblio ~ Art II APA #77
ERBzine 0847: Duane Adams Bio: Intro to his many APA Reprints on Dell Comics
ERBzine 0893 Terry Klasek ERBapa No. 79 18
ERBzine 0942: Bill Hillman - APA #79 Reprint: Major George Tyler Burroughs Tribute - Illustrated Bio
ERBzine 0943: Bill Hillman - APA #79 Reprint: Major George Tyler Burroughs: Memoriam Letters
ERBzine 0950: Bill Hillman: Mucker and Knibbs - APA 74 Reprint 
ERBzine 0951: Bill Hillman: H.H. Knibbs - APA 74 Reprint 
ERBzine 0952: Laurence Dunn: Dum-Dum 2002 
ERBzine 0961: Bill Hillman - Tarzana Adventure: Intro Page to series of APA 75 Reprints 
ERBzine 0970: Bob Hyde ERB Collection -APA 73
ERBzine 0971: Bob Hyde ERB Collection II APA 74
ERBzine 0970: Bob Hyde ERB Collection III APA 75
ERBzine 0985: Laurence Dunn: ECOF 2002  APA 75
ERBzine 1019 ERB War Years Letters - Hilites  APA 78

ERBzine 1670 The Bob Hyde Odyssey Ends by Jack Daley APA 88
Many More to List Later

Segments from the ERBzine Archive has accompanied each Hillman APA contribution.
Fifty titles with descriptions and links have been featured in each issue for printout.
The online version of the ERBzine Archive is available at: ~ ~

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