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Welcome to ERBapa
ERBapa 24Amateur Press Associations are a means to bring together those interested in a common subject through their regular contributions to a shared publication. APA members must maintain active participation to remain in good standing. Memberships in APAs are usually small to keep the publications manageable. Each member offers a unique perspective which meets few restrictions from editorial control. Because of the limited membership and the number of issues published, only a few outsiders are able to see all the hard work and worthwhile articles put into most APA issues.

ERBapa was founded in 1984 by ERB fan, John Guidry. He modeled the society after other typical amateur press societies, seeing the organization as one which would allow ERB fans to share their “comments, musings, rantings and ravings, fond memories, whatever....”

John decided to limit membership to 36 -- to commemorate the age at which ERB began writing. Members would pay a nominal membership fee and would then, four times a year, type up a minimum of two pages of material and send 50 copies to John. He would then collate and bind the material, and return a copy to each member. Six slots were set aside for “Honourary Members” (chosen by member vote) which were honoured for their lifetime commitment to ERB fandom. People on the waitlist had first option to buy any extra copies.

Our ERBzine APA site has been created to give Burroughs fans a better idea of this very special organization for ERB fans and scholars. We have included all the APA cover art from issue #1, membership information, APA news, searchable contents lists from the later editions, membership lists -- past and present -- and links to scores of articles by ERBapa members that have been reprinted in our weekly online fanzine -- ERBzine.

We hope you enjoy your visit to world of ERBapa


ERBapa 138 ~ Summer 2018
(with ERBzine references)

Summer Symposium Issue: TARZAN FILM CENTENNIAL
Covers: Two Tarzan of the Apes 1918 Film Posters plus two colour-tinted Lobby Cards
Kaor!:  Cover Art background~ Roster Changes ~ Dues ~ Early Mailers ~ Back Issues ~ Treasury Report
Hillman, Bill: Early submission since the Hillmans travelling in Asia ~ ERBzine Webzine Contents: Nos. 3400-3451 ~ ERB Companion Site Links ~ Literary Digest Nov. 30, 1929 Article on ERB: "How Tarzan Kept the Wolf From the Door" scanned and transcribed ~ 4 Photos (2 of ERB, 2 of son JCB posing as his father)

Lupton, Robert Allen: Book and Film Reviews: The Author's latest 2018 Dragonborn book, "The Man Who Tried Out For Tarzan" 1973 by Harry H. Taylor ~ Two Stephen Hawkes Films: Zan, King of the Jungle 1969 ~ Tarzan and the Brown Prince 1972 ~ Lady Tarzan Films from India ~ Tarzan, the Mighty Man, aka Tarzan Korkususuz Adam 1974 film from Turkey ~ Many more unauthorized Tarzan films from India are covered along with illos of 35 movie posters. The Lupton Unauthorized Tarzan Films Series is featured in ERBzine.
Goodwin, Jim: Review of the first Tarzan movie: Tarzan of the Apes 1918 ~ Comments on 11 submissions from ERBapa 137
Cavender, Shawn: Overview of the Tarzan film series with top 10 favourites ~ Comments on 7 Jungle Jim movies ~ Mailing Comments on Nos. 136 and 137 - 13 for each.
Malachowski, Jim: A Brief History including ERB Cons attended and the writing of his "Song of Opar Book"
Martin, John: A Century of Tarzan Movies: Favourites ~ Author's Poem: Tarzan: Poetry in Motion Pictures
David Critchfield: Comments on Books: Reliquary by Preson and Child, Dynamite Comic #4, Song of Opar by Malachowsk ~ 4 Comments for APA 137 ~ 5 Photos
Hanson, Alan: Remembering Pete Ogden: Tributes and Memories ~ 3 Illustrations
Howell, DJ: The Author's "Sacrifice of Tarzan" Ch. V: Tropical Storm ~ Postscript: ERB in Unexpected Places: Dells, Marvels, Stan Lee, Nora Roberts ~ First Film: Tarzan's Magic Fountain and Lex Barker
Conran, Mike: Folsom ECOF 2018 Report: 20 photos ~ Sites, Guests, Awards, Souvenirs, Panels, Souvenirs, Music ~ Symposium: Newspaper ads and stills from Tarzan of Apes and Return of Tarzan.
Zeuschner, Bob: Folsom ECOF 2018 Report: Including thanks for the Outstanding Achievement Award
Strong, Lee: Essay: "Princess, Queen and Ruler: How Many Burroughs Universes Are There?" - 6 pages
Wilcutt, Dennis: Comments on two favourite films: Tarzan and His Mate and The Legend of Tarzan ~ Art Book Review: Twixt Two Worlds #3 by Thomas Yeates ~ National Geographic Quote on ERB ~ ERB: The Bibliography by Robert Zeuschner.
Denkena, Kurt S.: 10-page report on new and old German editions of ERB books.
Ekman, Fredrik: Stellan Windrow: The Man Who Should Have Been Tarzan: Parents, Younger Years, Travels Abroad and Passing, Second Coming ~ 3 mailing commentsgptAPA 137 ~ ERBzine Info on Windrow
Hadac, Jim: The Ultimate Tarzan -  Notes and Quotes on Herman Brix ~ Growing Up In The Northwest ~ College Athlete and Olympian ~ Tarzan. . . and Kioga! ~ Bruce Bennett ~ 3 photos ~ More on Brix in ERBzine 0584
McGeeney, Bob: Notes on two film favourites: Tarzan and the Leopard Woman ~ Tarzan: Disney Animated ~ 3 illos including author's resin miniature of Tarzan ~ 24 Mailing Comments
Terrell, Jess: Author's Pastiche: "Tarzan and the Lost Boy" ~ 42 pages with 10 illos ~ Footnotes and Dedication
McKosky, Jr., Ted: 16 Trading Cards (front and back) of the Tarzan Film Directors
Huckenpohler, J. G.: Tarzan in Washington ~ Fan get-togethers with Denny Miller and 5 illustrations ~ 24 Mailing Comments for APA 137 ~ National Panthans Award: Panthan First Class Certificate to DENNY MILLER ~ Our Denny Miller Tributes in ERBzine
Dumont, Richard: Appreciation of ERB's The Gods of Mars
Shoemaker, Kurt B.: Review: Son of Tarzan 1920 Film Serial: Cast and Chapter Summaries ~ Random Thoughts on the serial ~ Mailing Comments: Full commentary on all APA 137 submissions ~ Tarzan Sightings.
Sherman, Abraham: Returning to the Source ~ ERB's sources and influence on others ~ 7 illos
Hardy, Jason: Tarzan's influence from Tarzan's New York Adventure: The dive off Brookly Bridge ~ 10 Question Interview with Artist Mike Hoffman ~ Poem "1934 Harlan 2018" and 3 art pieces by the author
Ross, Bill: Burroughs Fan Publications from the "T" Files: TBN Annuaal (Burroughs Newsbeat Annual One) ~ Thuria ~ La Tribune Des Amis D'ERB (Michael Decuyper Publisher) 
Thompson, James F.: Report on George McWhorter ~ In Memoriam: D. Peter Ogden (1932-2017) ~ 2 photos ~ 5 Mailing Comments  ~  ERBzine Peter Ogden Tribute ::  George McWhorter Tribute Pages
Spargur, Richard C.: Memories of Larry Ivie Burroughs Artist ~ 6 illos ~ Larry Ivie in ERBzine
Guidry, John: Dear Mr. Hodes letter ~ request to see an ERB reprint project similar to the Zane Grey Matched Set from Walter J. Black, Co. ~ Denver Post Article: "Real He-Man Tarzan Type Still Best"
Krabacher, Tom: 2018 Folsom ECOF Report ~ ERBzine References ~ Pulpfest 2018 Report ~ 8 illos
Grainger, Frank: What I DIDN'T Lie about The Legend of Tarzan . . . and How to Fix It ~ 6-page critique
Sigmund, Rudy: Tarzan of the Movies Collection: Photo presentation of Tarzan film-related collectibles ~ Over 30 illos, many of them autographed
Sachlas, Demos: The Influence of the Cinema on ERB's Tarzan Novels ~ 6-page article with Reference Notes and Links ~ 12 Mailing Comments ~ ERBzine Silver Screen Ref
Franke III, Henry G.: 2018 Folsom ECOF Report with 45 colour illos
Griffin, Scott Tracy: Mysteries and Tragedies of the Burroughs Players: Death in the Centre Ring: The Tragic Ends of Lilian Leitzel, Vera Bruce, and Alfredo Codona plus Highlights of Tarzan in Black Newspapers, 1917-1940 ~ Rafer's Long Working Vacation ~  IMDB ERB Film Rankings ~ The Last Word ~ 9 illos

ERBapa 137 ~ Spring 2018 (with ERBzine references)


ERBapa 136 ~ Winter 2018 (with ERBzine references)


ERBapa 135 ~ Fall 2017 (with ERBzine references)

Kaor: Cover art by Staz Johnson
Welcome to the new Official Editor: Scott Tracy Griffin and new member Demos Sachlas.
Hillman, Bill: ERBzine links to Rex Maxon Tarzan reprints: Tarzan the Untamed ~ Tarzan the Ape Man ~ Tarzan the Invincible plus the ERB/German Controversy and logo links to the other ERB Companion sites ~ World War II On The Tarzana Ranch by Ralph Herman (text from Ralph's special edition plaque from the WWII Army Radio Shack ~ 8 photos of ERB in WWII

Griffin, Scott Tracy: Tarzan in the Los Angeles Sentinel ~ Tarzan Theatrical Ads for Segregated Theatres ~ Ralph Rothmund ~ Tarzan by numbers in the Sentinel ~ Joe Louis ~ Selection of stories with Tarzan reference
Goodwin, Jim: The John Carter Vinylmation Figures with illustration ~ Feedback on 15 submissions from last issue
Critchfield, David: Review of another Hollow Earth book: The Land of the Central Sun by Park Winthrop ~ Argosy and book cover illo ~ Comments on 5 submissions from last issue.
Hanson, Alan: A Short History of Dogs In the Life of Edgar Rice Burroughs: Tarzan (I) An Airedale Terrier ~ ERB: Dogs Kill Wantonly ~ Tarzan (II): An Old English Sheepdog ~ No Late Life Dogs for ERB ~ Test Your Knowledge of ERB's Fictional Dogs
Conran, Mike: Dum-Dum 2017: Coldwater Michigan Report with 30 photos ~ Convention Sites ~ Guests ~ Awards ~ Souvenirs ~ Panels/Presentations ~ Special Events ~ Convention Reports :: Dum-Dum 2017 in ERBzine
Hardy, Jason: Gino D'Achille Tribute ~ 2 Book Reviews: Tarzan and the Cannibal King by Jake Saunders - Tarzan Trilogy by Thomas Zachek ~ Barsoom Poem ~ The Alphabet Time Forgot ~ Raymond Chandler Tarzan quote ~ 6 of Jason's sketches.
McKosky Jr, Ted: ERB at the Movies Trading Cards ~ 16 cards created in colour.
Burrows, Robert J.: The Case of the Unsung Hero II: Ch. 3 - Skirmish of Time on the Red Planet ~ Fiction by Robert ~ 15 Comments on Issue #133 ~ 19 Comments on Issue #134
Martin, John: The Cruise of the Sub-Mole-Rine . . . or, Exploring the Northwest Territories with an Edgar Rice Burroughs Mindset: 1. Everywhere is ERB Country ~ 2. Silver Threads Amongst the Gold ~ 3. A Land Not Quite Forgotten ~ 4. Realm of the Cave Bear ~ 5. Riding with the 7th Cavalry ~ 6. The Thunder of Old Faithful ~ 7. From Mountains to the Earth's Core (NOTE: This article is reprinted with more photos - larger and in colour at: ERBzine 6011 and ERBzine 6012) ~ Converging Trails (#134 Comments on all submissions)
Zeuschner, Bob: Notes of the 2017 Texas ECOF and 2017 Coldwater Dum-Dum with two photos.
Huckenpohler, J. G. (Huck): Report on Robercon Five: The Weird Weapons of Mars (Panthans September gathering at Binghamton, N.Y.) Panel: Weapons of the Hero: Fighting the Good Fight ~ Huck's Presentation: The Weird Weapons of Mars ~ Comments on all submissions in APA #134.
Strong, Lee: Untamed Pellucidarians Return to Tarzana After a Stay in Alexandria, Virginia (Final draft for Lee's Untamed Pellucidar sent to ERB, Inc.) ~ Next Projects: Kirov of Pellucidar, Duare of Venus, and Bandits of Zamoya. A Soldier of Poloda released. ~ ERB represented in Museum of SF 5,000 Trivia Questions ~ Reviews:Boys of Steel - The Creators of Superman by Marc Tyler Nobleman -- The Massacre of Mankind by Stephen Baxter.
Karlen, Dave: Britain's TV Tornado and Tarzan - A review of a new anthology containing Tarzan ~ 4 illos: 4 pages of Tarzan comic.
McGeeney, Bob: Additions to collection: pulps, Death Dealer statue, miniatures, and dioramas ~ 3 illos.
Lupton, Robert Allen: Published works: Running Into Trouble, Snotslinger, and The Ghost of Martha Rae ~ Reviews: King Kong vs. Tarzan by Will Murray and You Tarzan, Masculinity, Movies and Men edited by Pat Kirham
Terrell, Jess: Report on the opening of the McWhorter ERB Memorial Collection at the Ekstrom Library, University of Louisville ~ 20 photos
Franke III, Henry G.: Discussion on "Barney Custer of Beatrice" from Mad King - A major in-depth article with historical connections, illustrations, charts, and maps spread over 34 pages.
Grainger, Frank: A Burroughs Miscellany: Random thoughts on the first appearances of ERB's pulps on newstands, ERB reference in the Wonder Woman film, interesting book: Becoming Batman, and ERB/Tarzana memories of an acquaintance.
Ekman, Fredrick: Yugoslavian Tarzan Comics: Yugoslavia to the Rescue ~ The Callonga Cycle ~ The End of Atlantic and Maretprint ~ The Index: Dates, Issues, Swedish Titles, English Titles, Writer, Penciller, Inker ~ Contents :: 7 comments on submissions in Nos. 133 and 134.
Sachlas, Demos: Introduction with auto-bio info and influence of ERB
Barry, Rick: Michael Chabon: Comments on His Experience as a JOHN CARTER Screenwriter ~ 4 illos ~ Review of Michael Chabon's The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay ~ Links to 6 additional Chabon Interviews and Reports including the Michael Chabon Interview conducted for ERBzine by Richard Lupoff in ERBzine 3047
Howell, DJ: Novel: The Sacrifice of Tarzan: Chapter II: Struck Down! ~ Postscript: Background and ERB influences in DJ's writing ~ Note of the ERB reference in the Wonder Woman film
Sherman, Abraham: A major comparison of the works and legacies of Edgar Rice Burroughs and J.R.R. Tolkien - 9 illustrations including ERBzine's Barsoom map by Oberon Zell ERBzine 3937 etc.
Guidry, John H.: Promo for John Carter: Adventures on Another World ~ Disney ~Sticker Code Puzzles Mazes  in 16 3-D pages
Thompson, James F.: Report on George T. McWhorter and the re-opening of the McWhorter ERB Collection at U of L. ~ Full report on Jess Terrell's presentation and the current situation ~ 1 illo: a Karl Comendador sketch


Kaor: Cover art by Brazilian artist  May Santos
Summer Symposium Topic: Tarzan the Untamed ~ Bill Hillman was in China and had submitted this issue before he learned of the Summer topic. His "Untamed" input may be found via the Rex Maxon daily strips and the ERBzine C.H.A.S.E.R. entry for Tarzan the Untamed.
~ Jim Goodwin sent in a supplement for this issue the Tarzan the Untamed section from Joe Lukes' G and D Bibliography
Membership: We welcome new member Jason Hardy. Request for an ERBapa Official Editor volunteer.
Critchfield, David: Tarzan the Untamed evolution, WWI connection and review with 6 illos ~ Comments on 7 submissions from last issue.
Hillman, Bill: Contents for ERBzine issues 3200-3251 including Tarzan the Untamed Maxon strips ~ Companion site logos and links ~ 1934 Malibu Post article: ERB Lord of the Jungle: Malibu's First Mayor: 3-page text transcription plus photo of Ed in office.
Goodwin, Jim: Tarzan the Untamed supplement from Joe Lukes' The Descriptive Bibliography of the Grosset and Dunlap Reprints ~ Comments of 18 submissions from issue 133
Dumont, Richard: Review of Weinberg Tales by Doug Ellis, Robert T. Garcia and Phyllis Weinberg with cover illustration.
Hanson, Alan: "Sufferin' Cats!" ERB and the Domestic Feline: The importance of cats in ERB's life and works. 8 pages with one illustration.
Zeuschner, Bob: Report on the northern California Northwest Coast Mangani gathering in Fresno followed by the 2017 Dallas ECOF: Mention of all the guests, attendees and the flood of the new ERB-related books presented at each event.
Howell, DJ: First part of The Sacrifice of Tarzan ~ Based on the characters created by Edgar Rice Burroughs ~ Summer Symposium entries ~ Comments on 11 submissions from the last ERBapa issue.
Hardy, Jason: Jason's intro bio, 6 samples of his art plus a short essay: "Two Heroes, One Bird: When Tarzan and Conan Me Ska"
Ross, Bill: The ERB Collector visits Tarzan, Texas with 13 photos.
Karlen, Dave: Report on the 2017 Dallas ECOF ~ Appreciation of Roy G. Krenkel with two of his pencil sketches.
Shoemaker, Kurt B.: Some lifetime events since last issue ~ Topical Allusions in Tarzan and The Foreign Legion: An indepth 10-page analysis.
Martin, John: Gold Key and Dark Horse feature "Tarzan the Untamed Lite" ~ BLB ~ Comments on the original story ~ Untamed Quiz ~ Martin Poem: Tarzan's Undefeated Feet in 11 stanzas ~ Postal Covers ~ 7 illos
Conran, Mike: 2017 Irving, Texas ECOF report ~ including Sites, Guests, Awards, Souvenirs, Panels, Special Events ~ 17 photos
McKosky, Ted: Jungle Jottings: Description and 10 colour photos of Johnny Weissmuller's 1931 LA mansion and future owners.
Krabacher, Tom: Report: NW Coast Mangani convention in Folsom CA ~ Review of Tarzan the Untamed: The Fix-Up, Non-death of Jane, War in E. Africa, Tarzan's Africa, Bertha Kirchner, The Knife, Ska and his progeny, Rapine, Tommies, An Oddity: No Middle Name, Parrots, The Wrap Up. ~ 8 illustrations
Huckenpohler, J. G.: Some Thoughts on "Tarzan the Untamed" ~ Comments on all the submissions in issue #133 ~ Frazetta cover for Land of Hidden Men in ACE quite possibly meant for "Untamed"
McGeeney, Bob: Two Spiritual Concepts in Tarzan's Quest ~ Recent new ERB books collected
Strong, Lee: Info on Lee's A Soldier of Poloda: 9 illos
Hadac, Jim: The 4 German Colonies in Africa -- Askari! ~ Further comments on "Tarzan the Untamed" and the wWI East African CAmpaign, 1914-1918 (continued from Apas #96 and #97 ~ 3 illos
Lupton, Robert Allen: Tarzan and the Cannibal King comments ~ Body count for "Tarzan the Untamed" and other observations. Quotes from "Untamed". India Boone poem reprinted from ERBzine 0111. plus her quotes from ERBzine 0772 ~ 4 illos.
Terrell, Jess: Essay: Core Values of Taran the Untamed with many Chapter excerpts and "Hero Factor" chart with References and Websites
Wilcutt, Dennis: Review of "Untamed" ~ Comments on most submission in #133 ~ 3 illos
Thompson, James F.: Update on George McWhorter's health ~ Memories of the early influences of "Untamed" and early essay.
Spargur, Richard C.: Comments on All-/Story Magazine: December 1913 - Scans of 7 pages (cover and Table-Talk)
Guidry, John H.: Found on the Internet: List of a multitude of ERB-related URLs
Grainger, Frank: Untamed: Defending my Favourite Historically Inaccurate Tarzan Novel - many examples and quotes.
Griffin, Scott Tracy: ERB Comics' First Fandom - Part VI: Conclusion ~ Fans who sent letters to the comics . . . by topic.
Franke, Henry G.: Mad King extended review with many quotes and 9 images
Cavender, Shawn: This and That comments: Reading, TV, Youtube ~ Comments on 16 submissions from #133
Barry, Rick: Joe Lansdale, "Champion Mojo Storyteller" A Literary Heir to Edgar Rice Burroughs. Experience of reading 36 of the Lansdale titles ~ The Finest Art ~ Who is Joe Lansdale? ~ Lansdale Does Burroughs ~ How Lansdale Is Like Burroughs -- and Unlike Him ~ 16 pages with topics: Recommended Reading ~ Lansdale Quotes Re: ERB in Essays/Interviews and Fiction ~ Selected Resources ~ Photo and 16 cover illustrations.


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