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ERBapa 24Amateur Press Associations are a means to bring together those interested in a common subject through their regular contributions to a shared publication. APA members must maintain active participation to remain in good standing. Memberships in APAs are usually small to keep the publications manageable. Each member offers a unique perspective which meets few restrictions from editorial control. Because of the limited membership and the number of issues published, only a few outsiders are able to see all the hard work and worthwhile articles put into most APA issues.

ERBapa was founded in 1984 by ERB fan, John Guidry. He modeled the society after other typical amateur press societies, seeing the organization as one which would allow ERB fans to share their “comments, musings, rantings and ravings, fond memories, whatever....”

John decided to limit membership to 36 -- to commemorate the age at which ERB began writing. Members would pay a nominal membership fee and would then, four times a year, type up a minimum of two pages of material and send 50 copies to John. He would then collate and bind the material, and return a copy to each member. Six slots were set aside for “Honourary Members” (chosen by member vote) which were honoured for their lifetime commitment to ERB fandom. People on the waitlist had first option to buy any extra copies.

Our ERBzine APA site has been created to give Burroughs fans a better idea of this very special organization for ERB fans and scholars. We have included all the APA cover art from issue #1, membership information, APA news, searchable contents lists from the later editions, membership lists -- past and present -- and links to scores of articles by ERBapa members that have been reprinted in our weekly online fanzine -- ERBzine.

We hope you enjoy your visit to world of ERBapa


ERBapa 132 ~ Winter 2017 (with ERBzine references)
Kaor: Cover art by Marcelo ~ Contents (Total Pages 178) ~ ERBapa Ballot Results: Shawn Cavender won Official Editor election 15-0 ~ Membership Report ~ Kreegah! ~ Early Mailer Awards ~ Membership Dues ~ Back Issues Available ~ Treasury Report ~ Lee Strong Update: Soldier of Poloda to be published by Dark Horse, 5 other ERB-related novels approved by ERB, Inc. for publication, Caspak TV series being considered
Griffin, Scott Tracy: ERB Comics' First Fandom Part V: The Honor Role - Correspondence in ERB comics by name and location and issue ~ 18 pages
Critchfield, David: Another Book from the Hollow Earth Bookshelf: Godzilla at World's End by Marc Cerasini: Review with two illos ~ 8 Mailing Comments ~ 2 Mike Hoffman art pieces ~ Reading List over 2016
Ekman, Fredrik: Tarzan of the Dogs ~ Review of 1945 Swedish book by Gunnar Nilan: Lost with Tarzan ~ Actually about dogs named Tarzan. 3 illos ~ List of 7 more Swedish books with Tarzan in the title.
Goodwin, Jim: Invitation to 2017 ECOF hosted by the Hell's Benders June 8-11 in Irving, TX ~ ~ Many Guest Authors with new releases ~ Review: Russian edition of "Tarzan, the Mark of the Red Hyena ~ 3 illos ~ Comments on 15 submitters
Conran, Mike: The Burroughs Bibliophiles 2016 Dum-Dum in Morris, Illinois. Report with 20 photos and Lists of Sites, Guests, Panels, Awards, Souvenirs, Special Events. ERBzine Coverage HERE
Hanson, Alan: The Waziri: Transformation from Primitive to Colonial Tribe: Part Three ~ Waziri Self-sufficiency ~ Tribal Deaths in Battle ~ War Parties Large and Small ~ The Waziri and their "Lady" ~ Guides, Trackers, Porters, Mechanics and Pilots ~ Freed from Superstitious Fear. WAZIRI PROFILES: #11 Buira, #12 Balando, #13 Waranji, #14 Usula ~ 1 illo plus Dell Tarzan #118 cover READ in ERBzine
McKosky, Jr., Ted: Jungle Jottings: 28 screen captures from a Tarzan filmstrip from the Netherlands from Ron de Laat and Rob "Tex" Donkers.
Dumont, Richard: Piltdown Man in the Land That Time Forgot - 7 phases of evolution ~ 4 illos
Karlen, Dave: Alberto Giolitti's Gold Key ERB Comics: 5 Tarzan Comics starting at #168 (Read all the Gold Key Tarzans in ERBzine) plus issue #22 of Korak ~ Critical review of The Legend of Tarzan film ~ 1 John Carter illo and Jungle Tales of Tarzan comics page.
Denkena, Kurt S.:  Fuwalda - Dr. Tarzan: German newspaper article and photo and coverage of the death of Carrie Fisher.ds
Strong, Lee: The Polodan Times: Jim Sullos efforts for promoting Soldier of Poloda and Expanding Burroughs Appeal ~ Reviews: Tarzan: Return to Pal-ul-don by Will Murray ~ Tarzan on the Precipice by Michael Sanford ~ King Kong versus Tarzan by Will Murray ~ Tarzan Trilogy by Thomas Zachek
Hillman, Bill: ERBzine 3100-3150 Contents ~ Logos and Links to ERBzine companion sites ~ John Carter and the Perils of Mars: 1941-43 Sundays by John Coleman Burroughs ~ Novelization by  Dale R. Broadhurst: Ch. 11: "The Princess Abducted" ~ full colour Sunday page and chapter novelization.
Ross, Bill: Burroughs Fan Publications from the "T" File - Part 2: 6 pages
Spargur, Richard C.: A Burroughs Fan Finally Enters a Jungle - Costa Rica visit ~ 8 colour photos
Hadac, Jim: Sasquatch! Tarzan meets Bigfoot ~ 3 illos - including one from Tarzan on the Precipice
McGeeney, Bob: The Fun Addict: Report on Tarzan paperbacks in Europe with 3 illos.
Terrell, Jess: My Fellow Burroughs Fans: Fandom today and information on his Facebook group "For the Love of All Things ERB." as well as ERBzine FB group and pages and "Website. Discussion: Whiy is Jane absent in the latter Tarzan books? ~ When did Tarzan receive two immortal treatments. ~ Is the Va-Gas shaped like a centaur ~ What is La's hair color? ~ Was La immortal? ~ 4 illos
Huckenpohler, J.G.: Archimedes Q. Porter's Tarzan Chronology ~ Paul Privitera's Memoriam ( ~ Comments on all Contributors' Submissions
Lupton, Robert Allen: Report on Tarzan Garden in Jamaica ~ Comments on King Kong vs Tarzan by Will Murray and Tarzan on the Precipice by Michael Sanford. Three short ERB parodies by the author.
Martin, John: Any Excuse to Feature Tarzan: Cacheted envelopes with special postal cancellations: "Tarzans of Indiana" ~ El;mo Lincoln postmark ~ The Science of Pellucidar
Wilcutt, Dennis: Political thoughts ~ Matt Marriott original daily art (2 illos) ~ Comments: Tarzan and Jane on Netflix, The Beckoning reprint by Thomas Yeates, ERB: The Bibliography by Bob Zeuschner, Tarzan on Film by Scott Tracy Griffin, At the Earth's Core on Dark Horse and The Tarzan Trilogy. Discussion on Beyond the Farthest Star  ~ 3 Tom Grindberg Tarzan Sundays art ~ Comments on 15 submissions.
Guidry, John H.: Found for ERBapa -- Three pages of recommended Websites ~ one photo
Zeuschner, Bob: Sailing through the Panama Canal ~ In-depth comments on last issues submissions
Sherman, Abraham: The Music of Barsoom - recommended tracks ~ Comments on submissions ferom last issue
Cavender, Shawn: Updates on Dynamite ERB comics ~ 3 illos
Shoemaker, Kurt B.:  Texas Wave: Tarzan and the Short Snorters: Topical Allusions in Tarzan and the Foreign Legion  ~ In-depth comments on last issue's submissions
Grainger, Frank: Tarzan the Exotic: A Brief and Admittedly Incomplete Overview of Thoroughly Unofficial Tarzan Movies, Part II: Bollywood ~ 4 colour posters of Indian Tarzan movies
Thompson, Jim: Review of Tarzan on the Precipice by Michael A. Sanford ~ Comments on Michael Sellers' "The Legend of Tarzan" Website and the film.
Franke III, Henry G.: Full discussion on Beyond the Farthest Star and Out of Time's Abyss. With 31 colour illos including 6 comics pages.
DJ Howell: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'ok in the Valley of Mithos: Synopsis ~ Ch. XX: Defeat ~ POSTSCRIPT:  Dissertation/novel: Where YouCan Hear the Sea and See the Sound  now published (cover illo) ~ Destiny and Book I now serialized in ERBzine
Krabacher, Tom: Thark Horizons: Report on the gathering of the Northwest Coast Mangani in Sacramento ~ Plans to host the 2018 ECOF in May in Sacramento ~ Richard Lupoff Launch Party: Where Memory Hides: A Writer's Life ~ Other new releases: Japanese Edition of Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar with 5 illos ~ Tarzan, Jungle King of Popular Culture by David Lemmo ~ Tarzan on the Planet of the Apes 5-issue comics series from Dark Horse.


ERBapa 131 ~ Fall 2016 (with ERBzine references)
 Kaor: Contents (151 pages) ~ Cover Art Credit: Rey Alicea - Tarzan and Sheeta ~ New Members: Lee Strong and Jess Terrell ~ Early Mailer Awards ~ Kreegah ~ Membership Dues for January 31 ~ Back Issue Report ~ OE Ballots ~ Treasury
Hillman, Bill: ERBzine Archive 3050-3100 ~ Colour Logo Links of ERBzine Companion Sites ~ ERB's Genghis Khan Poem Pages 6-10
Goodwin, Jim: Tarzan The Epic Adventures Toys: Kerchak, Tars Tarkas, Tarzan City of Gold, Tarzan the Hunter, Horib, Nolach the Kaldane, Tarzan of Mars, Tarzan Dino Armored, Numa ~ 15 Comments
Griffin, Scott Tracy: ERB Comics' First Fandom Letters: Malibu Comics Part III: Tarzan The Warrior, Tarzan the Beckoning ~ Part IV Dark Horse: Tarzan The Lost Adventure, Tarzan ~ Vincent Starrett on Edgar Rice Burroughs
Critchfield, David: Another Book from the Hollow Earth Bookshelf: Five Thousand Miles Underground by Roy Rockwood: A Review, Hollow Earth influences and ERB Connection ~ 6 illos ~ 3 Comments.
Zeuschner, Bob: Comments on "Legend of Tarzan" film and ECOF ~ Maui Wedding Anniversary ~ Bob's new ERB: The Bibliography and Facebook page ~ Purchase at
Hanson, Alan: Muviro: Tarzan's Loyal and Trusted Waziri Chief - Waziri Profile #15 ~ 4 illos
Conran, Mike: 2016 ECOF Gathering Report - Woodland Hills and Hollywood ~ 20 illos ~ Sites, Guests, Souvenirs, Panels, Special Events
Lupton, Robert Allen: UK Visit ~ New ERB-related Releases: ERB The Bibliography, Tarzan on the Precipice, Vic Challenger Fast, Tarzan Jungle King of Popular Culture, Jesse Marsh Tarzan Omnibus, Tarzan Memes, Tarzan the Buscema Years Omnibus ~ 15 illos
Denkena, Kurt S.: Fuwalda: German Caprona release with Denkena Epilogue ~ 20th Anniversary of Blitz Publishers ~ also Das Land das die Zeit Bergessen ~ 6 illos
Strong, Lee: Introductory Autobio: Who Is Lee Strong?: Citizen and Fan ~ Current Projects ~ Comments on Soldier of Poloda book ~ Future Projects.
Huckenpohler, J. G.: Memories of the 2016 Dum-Dum ~ 5 photos ~ Comments on all 31 contributors to APA 130
McGeeney, Bob: Reviews on three new ERB books: Tarzan on Film by Scott Tracy Griffin, Tarzan on the Precipice by Michael A. Sanford, ERB: The Bibliography by Bob Zeuschner ~ 3 cover illos
Ekman, Fredrik: Function Before Form: Doors On Mars - Locks and Keys - Secret Doors ~ Conclusions and References ~ 4 Mailing Comments
Martin, John: The Legendary Tarzan 67 stanza poem based on The Legend of Tarzan film ~ 12 pages with 13 movie stills
Karlen, Dave: Gold Key's Amazing Jungle Fact Pages ~ 2 Tarzan and Korak Comic pages.
Thompson, James F.: Update on George McWhorter ~ Comments of The Legend of Tarzan film ~ Comments on and to ERBapa fans
Shoemaker, Kurt B.: The Texas Wave ~ In-depth comments on all APA 130 contributors
Sherman, Abraham: John Carter of the Round Table: An Exploration of the Differences Between ERB's Novel and Andrew Stanton's Film: A 14-page essay ~ 2 illos ~ 4 pages of Responses to #130
Howell, DJ: Lord of Two Worlds: Jer'ok in the Valley of Mithos: Synopsis ~ Ch. XIX: Silence ~ Postscript: ERB in Unexpected Places.
Cavender, Shawn: Comments on ERB: The Bibliography, Dynamite's ERB Comics Fizzle, "The Legend of Tarzan" Film, Dejah Thoris Cosplayer: Tasha Mackenzie ~ Mailing Comments on 6 contributors ~ 5 illos
Franke III, Henry G.: Major review of ERB's The Rider ~ 2 colour covers and map
Terrell, Jess: Burroughs Football League Pre-Season Interviews: Coach Abner Perry - Gilak Gladiators and Coach Lady Jane Clayton - Greystoke Growlers
Guidry, John H.: A page of ERB-related Internet links ~ ERB photo
Sigmund, Rudy: "The Legend of Tarzan" Film Posters ~ 19 large poster illos
OE Last Word: Comments on the Issue #131 Submissions


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