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ERBapa 24Amateur Press Associations are a means to bring together those interested in a common subject through their regular contributions to a shared publication. APA members must maintain active participation to remain in good standing. Memberships in APAs are usually small to keep the publications manageable. Each member offers a unique perspective which meets few restrictions from editorial control. Because of the limited membership and the number of issues published, only a few outsiders are able to see all the hard work and worthwhile articles put into most APA issues.

ERBapa was founded in 1984 by ERB fan, John Guidry. He modeled the society after other typical amateur press societies, seeing the organization as one which would allow ERB fans to share their “comments, musings, rantings and ravings, fond memories, whatever....”

John decided to limit membership to 36 -- to commemorate the age at which ERB began writing. Members would pay a nominal membership fee and would then, four times a year, type up a minimum of two pages of material and send 50 copies to John. He would then collate and bind the material, and return a copy to each member. Six slots were set aside for “Honourary Members” (chosen by member vote) which were honoured for their lifetime commitment to ERB fandom. People on the waitlist had first option to buy any extra copies.

Our ERBzine APA site has been created to give Burroughs fans a better idea of this very special organization for ERB fans and scholars. We have included all the APA cover art from issue #1, membership information, APA news, searchable contents lists from the later editions, membership lists -- past and present -- and links to scores of articles by ERBapa members that have been reprinted in our weekly online fanzine -- ERBzine.

We hope you enjoy your visit to world of ERBapa

ERBapa 151 ~ Fall 2021
(with ERBzine references)

Cover Art by Haley

Official Editor: Bob McGeeney
Deadline for Issue #152 submissions: November 1, 2021
Griffin, Scott Tracy: A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder: A Burroughs Progenitor ~ A Lost Race Manuscript by Canadian novelist Professor James De Mille published 1880 and 1888. ~ Public Domain ERB Titles of Dynamite Entertainment 2010-2014: A Monthy Sales Report and Analysis: Raw Data and Analysis with Graph ~ Comic Book Sales Figures and Rankings 1960s ~ Plus Feedback for Issues 149 and 150. One Illo and 12 pages.

Unknown: Ron Ely TV Tarzan: Review of "Jungle Dragnet" Episode. (Fans interested in the Ely series episodes might enjoy ERBzine 7420)
Goodwin, Jim: Commentary on Fanzine BEM Science Fiction and Facts #1 - 1962 which contains an ERB-related article by Harrison Pratt. Plus Comments on APA Issues 149 and 150 (Check out ERBzine Fanzine Archive for more ERB Fanzines)
Kristoff, Kenneth: Wanderings With Woola ~ New member Kenneth introduces himself and his collecting and discovery and love for ERB ~ (ERB Comics Reference:
Huckenpohler, J.G.: My Trip To Mars: Report on Pulpfest / ERBfest 2021 - August 19-21, 2021. ~ 4 Illos ~ Comments on APA #150 Submissions
Hanson, Alan: A Mangani Addendum Pt. Two ~ Excerpt from Alan's book "Exploring Tarzan's Africa" ~ 6 pages ~ 2 illos (ERBzine Ref: Navigation for Alan's Online Articles:
Conran, Mike: ERBfest at Pulpfest ~ Mars, Pennsylvania ~ August 19-22, 2021 ~ Description and review of events over 4 pages and 13 illustrations
McGeeney, Bob: The Fun Addict representing ERBapa at Cleveland's first Pulpfest Convention ~ Description and five illustrations.
Moran, M. J.: My Adventures Through ERB #2 ~ Remembering his first San Diego and San Jose Comic Cons at age 15 ~ Treasures from the Cons and memories of meetng Mike Roiyer and otherERB personalties ~ Review of Tarzan: Battle for Pellucidar by Win Scott Eckert and Mailing Comments ~ 7 pages with two illustrations
Adams, Chris L.: Five Themes to Conquer ~ Opening with: To Kidnap, or Not to Kidnap ~ Discussing how ERB used this literary device across many of his novels. Examination of Five Themes: 1. Numa the Buddy, Numa the Pal ~ 2. The Lion and the Mouse ~ 3. Blind Fury ~ 4. Gropers in Darkness ~ 5. Horse Swaps Riders plus Comments on ERBapa #150 ~ Invitation to explore Chris' many interests and pursuits via his Website: ~  25 illustrations including many of colorizations by Chris, across 16 pages.
Denkena, Kurt S.: Fuwalda. . . The latest from Germany for ERB collectors of foreign publications ~ 4 Illos
Frey, Roddy Gerard: Memoirs of a Wannabe Ape Man: Green Men I have Known: Memories of enjoying Barsoom and sketching through the years ~ 9 illos.
Terrell, Jess: Review of Beyond the Farthest Star: Warriors of Zandar #2 by Mike Wolfer plus discussion of ERB's Land That Time Forgot and impressions of the Fearless comic series from American Mythology ~ 14 pages and 13 colour illustrations
Trenary, Roland: Mahlon Blaine - Before He Was a Burroughs Illustrator ~ Illustrations for Salammbo by Gustave Flauber ~ 8 pages ~ 18 illos (Mahlon Blaine in ERBzine: )
Strong, Lee: ERBapans Travel to Mars for Pulpfest/ERBfest 2021 ~ New ERB, Inc. Projects ~ Burroughs Parodies Pulpcast ~ Lee's Secret Plans with ERB, Inc. ~ 4 pages
Franke III, Henry G.: ERB Film Synopses and Scenarios Pt 1 ~ 4 pages
Martin, John: Jane Porter: The Primordial Peril ~ Jane in comics and contrast with portrayals of Dejah Thoris. (ERBzine Ref: Navigation for John's many online articles and stories: )
Wilcutt, Dennis: News of George McWhorter's Estate ~ Illustration: Letter re: George's Estate from University of Louisville plus notice that an American Flag was dedicated in the Rotunda of the US Capitol for MR. GEORGE T. MCWHORTER at the behest of President Ronald Reagan
Sachlas, Demos: ERBographia ~ A multitude of quotes from ERB and his works ~ 6 illos ~ 10 pages
Lupton, Robert Allen: Robert's writing activities ~ Tribute to actress Laraine Day ~ 2 illustrations ~ (ERBzine Ref: Navigation for Robert's many online articles: )
Shoemaker, Kurt: Notes on Pulpfest 2021 in Cranberry, PA ~ List of Kurt's many purchases ~ Extended commentary on submissions from ERBapa 150 ~ 10 pages
Comments on all the submissions in this ERBapa Issue 151.

ERBapa #150 ~ July 2021

Official Editor: Bob McGeeney
Deadline for Issue #151 submissions: October 31, 2021
Goodwin, Jim: Current discovery: "Reviews of ER Burroughs and Star Trek Price Guides" with cover illustration. Jim Goodwin's ERB Paperback Bibliography

Griffin, Scott Tracy: ERB and the El Caballero Country Club in the Los Angeles Times 1925, Part 2 ~ Many entries concerning ERB's involvement with the El Cab and Southern Califonria
    Plus: TARZAN AND HOLLYWOOD: Another Shelf in the Completist's Library: Part 8: Novels and Nonfiction by the Tarzan Film Players and Crew (cont) ~ 10 pages, Enjoy Tracy's many ERBzine features
Buckingham, Gary A.: Let History Be Your Guide: Preview of the author's book: Tarzan: Untamed Frontiers plus one art piece illustration ~ 4 pages
Dumont, Richard: Review and appreciation of the ERB Authorized Library editions from ERB, Inc. ~ Lists of favourite movies and authors.
Hanson, Alan: ERB and the Automobile Part 3 ~ More of ERB's Fictional Cars: Appearances in The Lad and the Lion, The Son of Tarzan, The Man-Eater, The Rider, The Oakdale Affair, Tarzan the Untamed, The Efficiency Expert, The Girl from Hollywood, Marcia of the Doorstep, Tarzan at the Earth's Core, You Lucky Girl!, Calling All Cars, Pirate Blood, Tarzan and the Lion Man, Tarzan and the Lost Empire ~ One photo of ERB and his new 1937 Packard in Vancouver, BC ~ 10 pages ~ Navigation Guide to the 73 Hanson articles in
    PLUS: Exploring Tarzan's Africa: A Mangani Addendum - Part one ~ 4 Tarzan illustrations ~ 12 pages
Conran, Mike: Dynamite Comics Dejah Thoris Volume 3 Cover Checklist ~ Part 3 ~ 57 Comics cover illustration
Martin, John: ERB Originated a Universe: Discussion of the multiple related ERB books -- including ERB's Worlds plus John's original 15-stanza poem: A Visit to the Bookshop Plus 12 mailing comments. ~ 7 illustrations ~ 14 pages ~ Guide to the Many John Martin Articles in ERBzine
McGeeney, Bob: Review of "Edge of All Worlds: Carson of Venus" by Matt Betts plus The Artist Edition of "Tarzan of the Apes" from ERBbooks. Three illustrations
Moran, M.J.: My adventures though ERB ~ Musings: Memories of the author's longtime ERB hobby ~ Reviews: "Carson of Venus: The Edge of All Worlds" by Matt Betts and "Pellucidar: Dark of the Sun" by Christopher Paul Carey. Caveat: Reflections in Adventure: Introduction, 1903-1911: Minidoka 1903 ~ A Princess of Mars 1911 ~ Outlaw of Torn 1911 ~ Tarzan of the Apes 1912 ~ 8 Pages
Lupton, Robert Allen: Looking back over the last 38 years to APA's beginning. List of the multiple attractions to take in while at the 2021 Albuquerque Dum-Dum plus Registration info ~ List of Actresses who portrayed Jane in film and on stage with 42 photos ~ The latest Lupton short story publications ~ Reminder that all 1,200 of the author's 100-word ERB Drabbles with illustrations and links may be enjoyed in ERBzine at ~ 6 pages with 42 photos
Ross, Bill: ERB Collector: A Princess of Mars: Cover illustrations for 12 of the countless paperback editions plus a list of the 72 publishers of "Princess" softcover editions listed in AbeBooks.
Denkena, Kurt S.: Fuwalda: Description and covers of some of the ERB editions in Germany ~ 4 illustrations
Strong, Lee: Essay: "Empowering Minor Burroughs Characters"  ~ "Dragons of Pellucidar" Ch. 6 ~ Comments on issue #149 submissions ~ 8 pages
Sachlas, Demos: ERBographia: "The Tarzan Twins" ~ A review of Burroughs' activities between 1924 and 1928, the period during which these two short Tarzan stories were written. ~ 8 illustrations with list of publishing notes and submission comments ~ 8 pages
Huckenpohler, JG: Book Review: "Tarzan: Battle for Pellucidar" by Matt Betts ~ Submission Comments for APA 149 ~ In Memorium: Joe Lara ~ Huck's beloved 14-year-old cat, Numa ~ 2 photos
Ekman, Fredrik: ERB in Early Swedish Newspapers: Movies ~ Books ~ Animal Names ~ Various Sightings . . . Fredrik's ERBapa Submissions over previous editions: Analyzing Burroughs Writings ~ Comics ~ Movies ~ Games ~ Burroughs Inspiration ~ Pastiche and Literary Relevance ~ Baroomian Language ~ Burroughs in Sweden ~ Miscellaneous. . . Mailing Comments for Nos. 147, 148, 149. Read Fredrik's many features in ERBzine.
Franke III, Henry: ERBapa Rap (submission featured only pages 5 and 6 of article)
Shoemaker, Kurt: Texas Wave: Recent Seattle visit of six weeks with books, etc acquired ~ Comments on recent APA submissions
Bob McGeeney OE: The Last Word . . . comments on this issue's submissions

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