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Volume 1402
Den Valdron's
Fantasy Worlds 
Edgar Rice Burroughs



Den Valdron, is a maritime born Canadian writer and fan, who lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Like many writers, he's held a variety of odd jobs, including journalist, projectionist, drive-in theatre worker, ditchdigger, teacher, mechanic, carpenter, etc.

Along the way, he obtained a University education, studying history and anthropology, as well as education and law. Currently, he's a lawyer practicing aboriginal law and working directly with a northern Cree band. 

As a fan, he discovered science fiction before he was a teenager and never looked back, his cultural influences are notably devoid of official art and culture, but are chock full of 50's sci-fi films, Godzilla movies, 70's drive in movies and 80's, video releases.  In print, he's read everything from Adams and Asimov to Yolen and Zelasny, but holds a special fondness for Edgar Rice Burroughs, particularly the wilder stuff. 

Partly inspired by the interest in SF, he's also read extensively in the areas of biology, physics, history, anthropology, politics, etc., and applies a combination of academic training and real world practicality to these studies.

As a writer, he's had short stories published in magazines and anthologies in Canada, the United States, Britain and Australia, as well as having his work translated and published in France and Russia.  Six of his stories have merited honourable mentions in Years Best Fantasy, Horror or Science Fiction collections.  He's the author of an Experimental Multi-media novel called Spacerunners, as well as the creator of two Chapbook series, Dark Icons (a six volume series of horror stories, each volume focusing on a different archetype of horror - Vampires, Shapeshifters, Ghosts, Serial Killers etc.), and Lite Fancies (a three volume series of comic fantasy/sci fi stories).  In addition, he has story credits on two short films.

The big 'almost' claim to fame was to be a book on the strange and surreal saga of the LEXX television series.  Invited to do the book by the creator of the series, the project ended up taking almost three years and going through two publishers.  Unfortunately, it was never published, although there is quite a nifty manuscript waiting to be discovered, and portions of the book have been published or circulated among fans.

Among his diversions is writing essays about the backgrounds of various film, television or literary works.  Sometimes these are literary, such as a dissection of the Starlost TV series as an artifact of Canadian culture.

As often as not, they are excursions into what might be called the Archeology of Unreality  (AU).  Essentially, treating a particular film, film series, television show or book series as real, and then applying rules of biology, physics or geology to work out how it works, or what its history is.

The Burroughs series of articles on the ERBzine site is a good example of the "Archeology of Unreality." 

Other areas that Valdron has written AU essays on include Pokemon, LEXX, Farscape, Blake's 7, Starlost, Matrix, Terminator, Godzilla, Gamera, Tremors, Aliens and Vampires, as well as creating hypothetical shared universes of 50's and 60's sci fi films called the Retroverse, and for 80's and 90's sci fi films called Gigerverse. Yes, this is a man with two much time on his hands.

For those who are interested, here is a nifty "Scientific Analysis of the Graboids" of the Tremors movies/TV series:

Also, the Godzilla and Gamera fans will find an entire series of Valdron articles in the Guest section at Chris N's "Godzilla Saga" site:

When not writing "pointless" things like this, Valdron works on novels in the hope of getting real (serious money) publishing credits, and spends time renovating the house.  He leads a busy life.

World Fantasy Convention 2002: Minneapolis, MN
Josepha Sherman, Darlene D. Bolesny, Den Valdron, Matt Hughes
Josepha Sherman, Darlene D. Bolesny, Den Valdron, Matt Hughes 

Den Valdron presenting some of his published works to fellow Manitoban Bill Hillman in Brandon

The chart below indicates the titles that make up the 
Den Valdron's Fantasy Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs Series.

Exploring The Fantasy Worlds of ERB with Den Valdron
ERBzine 1402
Den Valdron: Fantasy Worlds
ERBzine 1403
Valdron: Gulliver On Barsoom?
ERBzine 1404
Valdron: HG Wells' Barsoom!
ERBzine 1405
Earth Invades Mars
ERBzine 1406
Griffith's Honeymoon in Space
ERBzine 1407
Mighty OAK of Barsoom I
ERBzine 1408
Mighty OAK of Barsoom II
ERBzine 1409
Malacandra on Barsoom
ERBzine 1414
Lost Canals of Mars
ERBzine 1415
The Real Primeval Mars
ERBzine 1416
Religions of Barsoom
ERBzine 1417
The Fall of Barsoom
ERBzine 1418
Are Barsoomians Human?
ERBzine 1419
Matching Mars & Barsoom
ERBzine 1420
Barsoomian Geography II
ERBzine 1421
Secret of Thuria I
ERBzine 1422
Secret of Thuria II
.ERBzine 1423
Evolution of Common Language
ERBzine 1484
Valdron Feedback Forum
ERBzine 1485
Monkey Men of Pal-ul-don
ERBzine 1486
Star of Pellucidar
ERBzine 1487
Pellucidar: Survival of Species
ERBzine 1488
Next Stop, Pellucidar
ERBzine 1489
Weiroos of Caprona
ERBzine 1490
Mystery of Caprona
ERBzine 1491
Paradox of the Moon
ERBzine 1492
Lunar Lost Worlds
ERBzine 1493
Puzzles of Amtor
ERBzine 1494
Unravelling Amtor
ERBzine 1495
Anthropology On Amtor
ERBzine 1496
Inside Amtor
ERBzine 1497
Beneath Barsoom
ERBzine 1498
Barsoom Before JC
ERBzine 1499
Mass Extinction On Barsoom
ERBzine 1502
Evolution On Barsoom
ERBzine 1503
Matching Mars III: Poles
ERBzine 1504
Eurobus Deconstructed
ERBzine 1505
Eurobus Revisioned
ERBzine 1506
World Fantasy Convention 
State of  Publishing Today.
ERBzine 1507
JC and the Giant of Mars
ERBzine 1508
Linguistic Archeology & Orovars
ERBzine 1509
White Apes & Green Men
ERBzine 1510
Tharks In Space!
ERBzine 1511
Kline's Venus
ERBzine 1512
The Other Moon Maid: Maza
ERBzine 1513
Pulp Venus
ERBzine 1514
Farley - Radio Free Venus
ERBzine 1515
Farley - Radio Pellucidar
ERBzine 1516
Pulp Pellucidar
ERBzine 1782
Time and Pellucidar
ERBzine 1743
Cummings Tama/Mercury
ERBzine 1744
Monsters of Sesame Street | a | b |
ERBzine 1520
Skull Island Lost Civilization
ERBzine 1521
How'd Kong Get So Big?
ERBzine 1742
Aelita Russian Princess/Mars
ERBzine 1780
Otis Adelbert Kline's Jan
ERBzine 1781
Otis Adelbert Kline's Tam
ERBzine 1786
Valdron Sex On Mars
Lovecraft: Almost Human
ERBzine 1741
Barsoom Religions II
ERBzine 1783
Brackett: Colonial Barsoom
ERBzine 1784
Carter Colonial Barsoom
ERBzine 1785
Post-Modern Barsoom
ERBzine 1935
Sojarr Titan
ERBzine 1936
Jongor Saga
ERBzine 1937
Secret History of Opar
ERBzine 1938 
Tarzan on Mars Review
.ERBzine 3337
Religion of Manator 
ERBzine 1968
Tarzan at Core of Mars Review
ERBzine 1969
La, Priestess of Barsoom
. Lin Carter Articles by Den Valdron
Carter's Callisto
Shape of Thanator
Alien Races of Callisto
Civilization of Callisto
Barsoom-Thanator Connection
Callisto Pellucidar
Callisto Future
Literary Zanthodon
Literal Zanthodon
Linguistic Zanthodon, 
Pellucidar, Mangani, Pal-ul-don
. .
Colonial Barsoom
Colonial Appendix
Unnatural History of Lemuria
Den Valdron's "Ganymede or Bust" Series
ERBzine 1930
1. Tarzan On Mars
ERBzine 1931
2. Forgotten Sea of Mars
ERBzine 1932
3. Mike Resnick's Ganymede
ERBzine 1933
4. Ganymede: Two Universes
ERBzine 1934
5. Resnick's Ganymede II

Den Valdron Film Reviews

ERBzine 3034
Traci Lords: 
Asylum's Princess of Mars
ERBzine 3033
Asylum's Princess of Mars
A Review 
ERBzine 3030
People That
Time Forgot
ERBzine 3032
At the
Earth's Core
Princess of Az-Lium
The Latest Den Valdron Mars Novel
is now featured at:
ERBzine 3160

Mars Art by Joe Jusko


Chapter Guide
Contents: ERBzine 1580
PART I: Chapters 1-4
1. Torakar Thor
2. Slave Driver
3. Azara
4. A Bad Night
PART II: Chapters 5-8
5. Life or Freedom
6. Freedom and Treachery
7. Dread Reckoning in a Dead City
8. A Strange Meeting
PART III: Chapters 9-12
9. A New Direction
10. The Tower of Korvas
11. The Terrible Mission
12. The Thing in the Pit
PART IV: Chapters 13-16
13. A Desperate Flight
14. Lost in the Desert
15. Found and Lost
16. Lovers Parted
PART V: Chapters 17-20
17. Hazorn
18. Azara Among the Ossa
19. The Lusts of the Hazorns
20. Tora's Refusal
PART VI: Chapters 21-24
21. Azara's Trial
22. The Odil
23. The Secret of the Hazorn
24. A Cold Night
PART VII: Chapters 25-28
25. Captured
26. Captives 
27. The Emperor of All Barsoom
28. Hope and Despair
PART VIII: Chapters 29-32
29. False Words
30. The Garden of Horrors
31. The Final Fate of Fan Gas
32. Azara's Story
PART IX: Chapters 33-36
33. The Artificial Bride
34. The Desert Journey
35. A Midnight Flight
36. Trapped in the Circle
PART X: Chapters 37-40
37. Sharp Fingers
38. Tora's Mother
39. A Happiness That Could Not Last
40. Moving On
PART XI: Chapters 41-44
41. Face On Other Side Of The Gun
42. Fortune Turns
43. An Unexpected Reunion
44. Visiting Friends & Family
PART XII: Chapters 45-48
45. Fortress
46. Bitterness of Victory
47. Conversation with a Jeddak
48. Conversation with a Spymaster
PART XIII: Chapters 49-52
49. The Man From Dor
50. Hard Decisions
51. Tumult Before the Storm
52. A Battle
Torakar Thor 
of Mars
Den Valdron
Chapter 53
53. Conclusion

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Princess of Az-Lium

The Latest Den Valdron Mars Novel 
80 Chapters Removed for Revision

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