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This CONTRIBUTORS INDEX serves as both a tribute to fans and scholars who have shared their work with us... 
and as an aid for readers/researchers who ask, "Who wrote what... and where's it hidin?'"
The list of contributors is alphabetized and includes links and brief descriptions of their projects. 

Leathem Mehaffey
ERBzine 1438 Burroughs’ Barsoom and Lowell’s Mars: A Map for the Interpretation of Barsoomian Geography

Bruce Meyer
ERBzine 2090 : The Story Behind the Creation of a Script by a Tarzan Fan (A Burroughs Biblio-Pro-Phile)
Denny Miller

ERBzine 1163 Dum-Dum 2004: Fort Collins ~ Convention and Career Memories
ERBzine 4550: Denny's Flashbacks - Scores of Denny's Career Anecdotes spread across 20 Webpages
Sandy Miller

ERBzine 2109   The Burroughs Legend 
James George Monahan

ERBzine 1671  ERB Artist P.J. Monahan Bio family contributors
Gray Morrow

ERBzine 3501: Bio and most Sunday Pages
Maureen Moynihan

ERBzine 1517: An Interview with a Burroughs Expert: Bill Hillman for the U of Nebraska
Nels Myrhoj

ERBzine 1428  The ERB/Canada Connection
ERBzine 0533  OkaR'n'R - Photo Feature
Thomas Akira Nakasone

ERBzine 2188  Danton Burroughs Eulogy
Al Martin Napoletano

ERBzine 2860  - Bandit of Hell's Bend Illustrated
Woodrow Edgar Nichols, Jr. Directory for Scores of ERB-related articles
ERBzine 3177 ~ Nakedness on Mars 
Bill Niemeyer

ERBzine 3430: Personal Collection of Original ERB Barsoom Art
Charles Nuetzel

ERBzine 0886 ERB: A Real Hooker ~ “The Mystery of Missing Foreword” 
Andy Nunez

ERBzine 5638: Meet Andy Nunez 
Pete Ogden ~ ERBANIA

ERBzine 0119 ERBANIA Fanzine Mosaic Pt. I
ERBzine 0120 ERBANIA Fanzine Mosaic Pt. II
Dum-Dum Dossier: Dum-Dum 2001: A Florida Odyssey

Jerry O'Hara
ERBzine 1163 Dum-Dum 2004: Fort Collins ~ A Photo Journal
ERBzine 1188 A Photo Tour of the Vinson Collection I
ERBzine 1189 A Photo Tour of the Vinson Collection II

Peter O'Keefe
ERBzine 1162 Farewell Tarzana: A Final Photo Tribute  and Reports from the Tarzana Cultural Center
Michael Orth

ERBzine 0443 Review of Tarzan Forever
Robert Owen

ERBzine 5399: How I Met Johnny Weissmuller
John Pappas

ERBzine 2276  ECOF 2009 Photos
Dan Parsons

ERBzine 1158  ERB Artist Profile ~ Autobio ~ Art

Sean Edward Phillips
ERBzine 1720  Jahlanna of Pellucidar novel - Many chapters
ERBzine 1720a: Jahlanna of Pellucidar Illustrations I
ERBzine 1720b: Jahlanna of Pellucidar Illustrations II
ERBzine 3150: Pellucidar
ERBzine 3151: Pal-Ul-Don
ERBzine 3633: Babes of Burroughs
ERBzine 3633a: Babes of Burroughs II
ERBzine 3634: Beasts of Barsoom
ERBzine 3635: Niocene Era
ERBzine 3637: Did ERB Write Alternate History?
James H. Pierce (ERB's Son-in-law ~ Silent Film Tarzan)

ERBzine 2729   Autobiography: The Battle of Hollywood
ERBzine 4973: College Years
ERBzine 0940: My Famous Father-In-Law
Leia Barrett-Durham Powell

ERBzine 5050: Author, Artist and Creator of ERB Works in Stained Glass 
Martin Powell Author of many of the ERB,Inc. series of ERB Sunday Page Comics
R. E. Prindle

ERBzine 1329: Only A Hobo / The Big Rock Candy Mountain ~ ERB On The Road To Salvation ~ Affair Jack Johnson: a many-part series
1333  ERB On Autopilot in Ozone I
1335 ERB Origin of Tarzan
1336 Something of Value Pts. 1-4
1337 Tarzan Homage to Heracles
1338 Prindle & Adams Forum
1339 Magic Shop ~ Time Travel
1340 4 Crucial Years of ERB Parts 1 - 4
1344 Something of Value II Pt. 1, 2, 3, 4
1345 Something of Value III
1346 Tales of Time and Space II & III
1347 Tarzan and the ABCs
1355 Tales of Space & Time 4
1451 Tarzan's Quest Review
1452 Tarzan/Forbidden City

Paul Privitera
ERBzine 2708: Intro and Directory to the hundreds of pieces of ERB art
    Barsoom ~ Tarzan ~ Pellucidar ~ Other Worlds ~ Amtor
Frank Puncer

ERBzine 1637 Caryl Lee Burroughs:ERB's World War II Letters to Caryl Lee Burroughs/Chase
ERBzine 1632: A Visit With Lee Chase I (ERB's Stepson)
ERBzine 1643: The Return of Lee Chase
ERBzine 3482: On the Border with Bourke

Steve Ramada
ERBzine 1162  Farewell Tarzana Ranch: A Final Photo Tribute and Reports from the Tarzana Cultural Center
ERBzine 0678 BURROUGHS BIBLIO-PRO-PHILE FEATURE: From the Den of the Old Tiger ~ Links to six chapters

Dale "Vandor" Robinson
ERBzine 0098 Vandor Reviews The Lost Continent (Beyond Thirty)
ERBzine 0060: My Path to ERB
Frank M. Robinson

ERBzine 3388: The Story Behind the Original All-Story 
Harry Roland

ERBzine 2382    Bio and Art Galleries I
ERBzine 2383: Art Gallery II
ERBzine 2384: Art Gallery III: Kendar
ERBzine 2386: Art Gallery IV: Prince Valiant
Bill Ross

ERBzine 0196 History of the BB Dum-Dum Conventions
ERBzine 1155 Bill Ross: ERB Collector I: Paperbacks
ERBzine 1156 Bill Ross: ERB Collector: Dark Horse I
ERBzine 1157 Bill Ross: ERB Collector: Dark Horse II
ERBzine 1460 Bill Ross: ERB Collector: Dark Horse III

S.A. Russell
1360 FanFic: Calot of Dar 1-3
1361 Calot of Dar 4-6
1362 Calot of Dar 7-9
1363 Calot of Dar 10-12
1364 Calot of Dar 13-15
Marci'a Lincoln Rudolph
ERBzine 0283 MY FATHER, ELMO LINCOLN - The Original Tarzan

Charles Rutledge
ERBzine 1746  ERBLOG BITS: ERB and Tarzan Blog Appearances in SINGULAR POINTS
ERBzine 1745  Secret Masters of Callisto novel
Ken St. Andre

ERBzine 3180  Rose of Stormgaard: A Serialized Fantasy Adventure Novel - 30 Chapters

Bruce Salen "Hadron: The Brooklyn Banth"
ERBzine 0060: An "abused childhood"
ERBzine 3481: Bruce Salen Remembered I
ERBzine 3481a: Bruce Salen Remembered II: Canadian Safaris
ERBzine 3481b:  Bruce Salen Remembered II: Eulogy

Jerry Schneider
ERBzine 0595 Tarzan the Fearless: Credits and Production Notes
ERBzine 0599 Tarzan the Fearless:  Jerry Schneider Presents: Serial Synopsis

Richard Senate
ERBzine 3990: Tarrid, The Green Man of Barsoom - Mars Fiction in 12 chapters
Michael Sellers ~ Quantum Entertainment

ERBzine 1059 An Evening With Danton Burroughs
ERBzine 1061 Tarzana Photo Scrapbook
ERBzine 3038  ERB and Avatar

Steve "Thoar" Servello
ERBzine 0352 John Coleman Burroughs Tribute: Synthetic Men of Mars ~ Art and Summary
ERBzine 0896 Tarzan / Bomba Comparison ~ Bomba Glossary
ERBzine 1948  A Review of the Lin Carter "Green Star" Series
ERBzine 1717  Zanthodon Overview
ERBzine 2120 Caspak Review
ERBzine 3566: Sword and Planet Fiction with Charles Allen Gramlich 
Abraham Sherman

ERBzine 4399: John Carter of the Round Table: Differences between ERB's book and Stanton's Film
ERBzine 4972: Thoughts on the John Carter (of Mars) Film
Stu Shiffman

ERBzine0215 Barsoomian Reminiscences of Sherlock Holmes

Frank Shonfeld
ERBzine 1159 Burroughs Biblio-Pro-Phile ~ JCB Correspondence ~ letters ~ photo ~ art ~ bio
Rudy Sigmund

ERBzine 3564: Thoughts of an Aging ERB Fan
ERBzine 3550: ECOF 2011 Minneapolis: Host and Reports
ERBzine 5043: ECOF 2014 Fargo: Host and Reports
Cristian Sildan

ERBzine 1601  Meet Christian Sildan
ERBzine 1518  Barsoom Analysis Part I: Demography, Polity, Society and Economy
ERBzine 1796   Barsoomian Analysis II: Sociology and Morality
ERBzine 1940   Barsoomian Analysis III: Girl, Reconstructed
ERBzine 2038  Tarzan and Nemone of the City of Gold
ERBzine 2094   More Barsoomologist and also Amtorianist musings
ERBzine 2146  Pellucidarian Cogitations
ERBzine 2163  Pal-ul-don
ERBzine 3347: Religion of Manator - Cross-Talk with Den Valdron
ERBzine 3349: Interesting Survivability Rates 
Penny Singleton

ERBzine  0845  Blondie: Comics ~ Sundays & Dailies ~ Movies ~ Radio Shows ~ Merchandise ~ Trivia ~ Photos ~ Bio

John Allen Small
ERBzine 1579  ERB: Master Storyteller
ERBzine 1966: Tarzan On Mars review
Jerry Spannraft Many Gridley Wave Scans
Richard Spargur

ERBzine 0379 Observations on the Tom Yeates Technique
ERBzine 1684 2006 Dum-Dum/ECOF in Rockville, Maryland: A Report
ERBzine 2801 ERB in My Life I
ERBzine 2802 ERB in My Life II
ERBzine 1167: OkaR'n'R visit to the Hillmans in Canada
ERBzine 2878: Host 2008 Dayton Dum-Dum
James Killian Spratt

ERBzine 1148 Artist Profile: James Spratt, Jetan Artist ~ Part I
ERBzine 1149 Artist Profile: James Spratt, Jetan Artist ~ Part II
ERBzine 1147: Jetan-Sarang: Player pieces, moves, rules
ERBzine 1302: A Serialized Illustrated Interpretation of ERB's A Princess of Mars
David Spurlock

ERBzine 2195: The ERB/David Spurlock Connection 
Ed Stephan
ERBzine 0066a   Characters in ERB Novels

Jim Sullos (President ERB, Inc., Tarzana)
ERBzine 3557: Meet Jim Sullos
ERBzine 3584: Presentation at the 2012 Tarzana ECOF
Gloria Draper Sweetser

ERBzine 1636  - Photos and clippings for our Sweetser/Burroughs Bros. Feature
Col. David Taylor

ERBzine 4195: Rare ERB WWII Photos I
ERBzine 4196: Rare ERB WWII Photos II
G. W. Thomas

ERBzine 0285 Tarzan, Jungle Detective - An Article

Jim Thompson
ERBzine 0334 Preface to the ECOF 2000 Tribute to John Coleman Burroughs Book

Michael Tierney
ERBzine 1695  I am the Ape Man
ERBzine 3719: Meet Michael Tierney ~ Intro to John Carter in the FUNNIES
ERBzine 5398: Tarzan Comics' Mabu Checklist
ERBzine 5660: Tarzan Comics: Dell and Gold Key Index 
Christine Toomey

ERBzine 2162   Me Tarzan, You Paying  ~ A 1993 article from the London Sunday Times
John Tyman ~

ERBzine 2091  New Guinea Tribes ~ ::
ERBzine 2092   Living with the Inuit ~
ERBzine 3390: African Habitats: Forest, Grassland and Slum
ERBzine 4121: Environments and Traditions
ERBzine 4122: Nepal Videos
ERBzine 4128: Sahara and Egypt 
David Ullery

ERBzine 3180: Science Fiction and Fantasy Art
Jairo Uparella

ERBzine 2112   Investigating Mangani and Mangani Dictionaries
ERBzine 2114  A Tarzan Fan from Bogota, Columbia
ERBzine 2113  ERB Ape Language Mangani Dictionaries featuring The Uparella Mangani Project
ERBzine 2307  The Sounds of Spoken Mangani
ERBzine 2385   Hero of the Amazon
ERBzine 2399   Uparella: Tarzan Wild Weapons
ERBzine 2998: Mangani Species
ERBzine 3560: Mangani Grammar Intro
ERBzine 3561: Mangani Grammar I
ERBzine 3562: Mangani Grammar II
ERBzine 3563: Mangani Grammar III
ERBzine 3740: Waziri
ERBzine 4149: Approximation to Tarzan Animation
ERBzine 4998: Real Art Behind the Comic
Steven Utley

ERBzine 1191 Perusing the pulp stacks ~ letters, articles, bios, promos relating to ERB
Den Valdron

ERBzine 1402  Contents Page: Guide to scores of Den's major articles and fan fiction
ERBzine 1580  Torakar of Mars novel
ERBzine 3160  Princess of Az-Lium novel
ERBzine 3347: Religion of Manator - Cross-Talk with Cristian Sildan 
John "Numa" Vaughn

ERBzine 0974  From the House of Greystoke to Vietnam: ERB Memories from the '60s
ERBzine 0997    Letters from Hully Burroughs ~ ERB, Inc. ~ 1963 - 1965

Keith Vaughn
ERBzine 2149   Thoughts on the Evolution of Current Day Flora and Fauna of Barsoom by Vad Varo (Captain Ulysses Paxton) 
Steve Wadding

ERBzine 2869: Ghak's Tales from Pellucidar
Steven A. Warner and Oberon Zell

ERBzine 4299: The Archives of Horz
ERBzine 4497: The Fall of Ancient Barsoom 
Ken Webber

ERBzine 0833 The Russ Manning Collection
Professor John Westervelt

ERBzine 1074 Tarzana Classic Car Collection ~ ERB's Packards
Michael Wexler

ERBzine 0530 Introduction to the Removed Jatora Novel of  24 Chapters
ERBzine 1681: Jatora Novel 
Dennis "Predator" Wilcutt

ERBzine0435 Brothers Dennis and Terry Wilcutt in Conversation: From Comics to Cosmic!
ERBzine 0707 Wilcutt/Woodley Dum and Dummer 2002 Report
ERBzine 2967  Mike Grell Tarzan Sunday pages
ERBzine 4202: Favourite Foster Prince Valiant Splash Pages
ERBzine 4203: 200 Prince Valiant Sunday Pages

Terrence W. Wilcutt ~ NASA Shuttle Commander
ERBzine 0435 Brothers Dennis and Terry Wilcutt in Conversation: From Comics to Cosmic!
ERBzinee 0435a NASA Report
Cathy Wilbanks

ERBzine 2295  ERB, Inc. and Tarzan Swing into the Licensing International Expo June 2-4, 2009 Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada
ERBzine 2290  Photos from ECOF 2009: Janet Mann and Cathy Wilbanks represent ERB, Inc. at the Burroughs Convention
ERBzine 3301  - ERB in Las Vegas pictorial
Mary McGeehan Wild

ERBzine 0938 Review of John Coleman Burroughs' Treasure of the Black Falcon
ERBzine 9939  Synopsis of John Coleman Burroughs' Treasure of the Black Falcon

Eric Wilson
ERBzine 1753  Archetypal Symbols and Erotic Sub-Texts of  Tarzan and His Mate and Tarzan and the Valley of Gold I
ERBzine 1753a: Archetypal Symbols and Erotic Sub-Texts of  Tarzan and His Mate and Tarzan and the Valley of Gold II
Bruce Wood

ERBzine 3039  The ERB Atlas - Many Pages
ERBzine 3046: The Legacy
Bob "Tarak" Woodley

ERBzine 0099 TARAK'S FARSIDE CHAT:  Disney Tarzan Preview Review
ERBzine 0137Tarzan and the Forbidden City Review
ERBzine 0191 DD99: Thanks for the Memories by Tarak
ERBzine 0418 Tarak and the Jewels of Louisville
ERBzine 0419 Tarak and a Princess of Stories
ERBzine 0420 Tarzan of the Apes in All-Story pulp magazine
ERBzine 0316 Tarak Poetry in Motes & Quotes
ERBzine 0060  The First Time
ERBzine 0578 ERBapa Reprint: War Chief
ERBzine 0707 Wilcutt/Woodley Dum and Dummer 2002 Report
ERBzine 0708 ERB in Verse
ERBzine 0709 Kipling and ERB?
ERBzine 0710 Tarak Visits The Mucker
Bill Wormstedt

ERBzine 0060: Fan Anecdote

Scott Van Wynsberghe
ERBzine 3743: Ray Bradbury: The Wizard From Waukegan
ERBzine 3727: Venus: Our Weird, Nasty Sister
ERBzine 3926: Mars Attracts
Thomas Yeates  Gallery of ERB Art
ERBzine 0378 At work creating ERBzine art at ECOF 2000
ERBzine 0379 At work creating ERBzine art at ECOF 2000
ERBzine 2182  Danton Burroughs Remembered

Ed Youngstrom
ERBzine 0165 Warlord Tribute

Oberon Zell
ERBzine 3937: A New Map of Barsoom
ERBzine 3938: Clues to Barsoomian locations in the Chronicles
ERBzine 4497: The Fall of Ancient Barsoom with Steven A. Warner
ERBzine 4851: Doom of Barsoom
ERBzine 5110: Anomalies in the Barsoom Paradigm I
ERBzine 5111: Anomalies in the Barsoom Paradigm II
ERBzine 5112: Anomalies in the Barsoom Paradigm III
Bob "Tardos Mors" Zeuschner

Illustrated ERB Bibliographies Contributed many images and references
Illustrated ERB Pulp Bibliography Contributed many images and references
ERBzine 1120 ERB Religious Themes
ERBzine 2279  Strolling Through the Huckster Room at ECOF 2009
ERBzine 4190: 100 Years of John Carter Art
ERBzine 4191: 100 Years of Tarzan Art I
ERBzine 4191a: 100 Years of Tarzan Art II
ERBzine 4187: Zeuschner Open House


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