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The Ape-Man: his Kith and Kin
A collection of texts which prepared the advent of Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs

A Major Research Project
Georges Dodds (Ph.D.)
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ERBzine intro to The Ape-Man: His Kith and Kin
Tarzan and his Fellows: “Fact, Fiction, Legend?” by Douglas K. Candland
PART II:  Selected 19thCentury Simian Fiction (1830-1914)


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General categories
Feral or Isolated Humans Human-Ape Interaction Tarzan's African Settings
(Ibn Tufail)
Children Adults Apes amongst humans Humans amongst apes Ape Language Darwinism mocked Fiction Non-fiction
Shipwreck Other Hunting or Searching for Apes Man Visits a Simian Society
Author Short Story
Novel or Collection
or Magazine Title
Year Mentioned by Story type Language
of origin
of document
W.L. Alden A Darwinian Schooner Pall Mall Magazine 1(4): 543-552. 1893 Research Advanced apes mutiny on ship English English
Anonymous Crusoe Graves; or, The Surprising Adventures of an Only Son 1820 My Research Teenager shipwrecked on island English English
Anonymous (as His Royal Highness Mammoth Martinet)   The Gorilla Origin of Man: or, the Darwin Theory of Development Confirmed from Recent Travels in the New World called Myn-me-ae-nia, or Gossipland 1871 Angenot & Khouri, 1981 Hollow Earth simian society English English
Anonymous   The History of Autonous 1736 Altrocchi, 1944 Feral infant English English
Anonymous .
Joe, the Jungle Boy
Being the Adventures of a Boy Who
Was Carried 
Off by Gorillas
1903 Research Boy who lived among gorillas English English
Anonymous   The Life and Surprising Adventures of Don Antonio de Trezzanio 1761 Altrocchi, 1944 Feral infant English English
Anonymous Mems from Monkey-Land Punch, Or the London Charivari 101(Nov. 21): 25-26 1891 Research Parody of Garner's studies English English
Anonymous Second and Third Dreams Les songes du Chevalier de la Marmotte orig. 1745
Georges Dodds, transl., 2006
Research on gallica Simian society French English
Anonymous The Tale of Dulcarnain Abumaratsid Revista de Archivos, Bibliotecas y Museos. 47: 241-269. orig. 16th cent.
Altrocchi, 1944 Feral infant Arabic/Spanish Spanish
R.M. Ballantine   The Gorilla Hunters 1862 Kasson, 2001
Taliaferro, 1999
African settings, gorillas English English
Sabine Baring-Gould Valentine and Orson 1895 Originally published in Lyon in 1479 A wild-man named raised from a baby by a she-bear French English
David W. Belisle "Capture of a Wild Man" The American Family Robinson 1854 Personal Research A wild-living white man is captured in the American west. English English
Élie Berthet   The Wild Man of the Woods orig. 1865
anon. transl., 1968
Research Human child living with orang-outangs French English
Cyrus Townsend Brady   The Island of Regeneration, A Story of What Ought to Be Year Stableford Feral adult, Robinsonade English English
Arthur Montagu Brookfield (as Anon.)   Simiocracy; a Fragment from Future History 1884 Research Simian society takes over England English English
J.W. Buel   The Heroes of the Dark Continent [...] (text only) 1890 Atamian, 1997 African settings English English
Frank Constable Challice   The Curse of Intellect 1895 Research Ape in human society English English
E.W. Cole Discovery of a Race of Human Beings with Tails Melbourne Herald  1873/1875 Research Simian society, hoax English English
James Fenimore Cooper    The Monikins Year Research Simian society English English
Henry Curwen (as Anon.) Zit and Xoe: Their Early Experiences. Blackwood’s Magazine 139(846): 457-478, 139(847): 612-634 1886 Angenot & Khouri, 1981 Advanced human-like apes English English
C.J. Cutcliffe Hyne   The New Eden 1892 Research Feral infants English English
John Davidson   A Full and True Account of the Wonderful Mission of Earl Lavender [...] 1895 Research Humorous Darwinist extremism, missing link English English
Pieter de la Court A Frenchman and a Dutchman in the Kingdom of Apes. Fables Moral and Political, with Large Explications 1703 Research on ECCO Simian society English English
John de Morgan In Unknown Worlds; or, Searching for the Missing Link Brave and Bold Weekly No. 303 Year Research Hunt for missing link English English
Ernest Dodillon   Hemo orig. 1886
Georges Dodds, transl. 2005
Messac, 1935; Stead, 2004; Angenot and Khouri, 1981 Advanced ape in human society, miscegenation French English
François Guillaume Ducray-Duminil   Ambrose and Eleanor; or the Adventures of Two Children, Deserted on an Uninhabited Island French orig. Lolotte et Fanfan, 1788
Lucy Peacock, transl., 1796
Personal research Infant boy and girl survive on desert island French English
William Tillinghast Eldridge "The Monkey Man" The All Story Magazine
18: 1-15,232-247, 438-451, 648-659
1910 Taliaferro, 1999; Nesteby, 1980 Couple shipwrecked on island have to deal with feral human English English
Ernest Favenc "A Haunt of the Jinkarras." Tales of the Austral Tropics. 1894 Personal Research Underground race of apes English English
Gustave Flaubert "Quidquid volueris"
Starts page 204
Śuvres Complètes 1837 Messac, 1935 Ape in society, loves human woman French French
Paul DuChaillu   Explorations and Adventures in Equatorial Africa  Year Atamian, 1997
Kasson, 2001
Exploration account, describes gorillas English English
Sir Percy Fitzgerald   Jock of the Bushveld 1907 Atamian, 1997 Hunting in Africa, tigers in Africa English English
J. Fogerty   Mr. Jocko 1891 Research Ape in human society English English
Gustavus Frankenstein The Little Boy and the Elephant St. Nicholas. An Illustrated Magazine for Young Folk 1900 . Feral or Isolated Humans - Children  English English
Mr. Gabriel and Rochefort   Jocko; or, The Monkey from Brazil 1825 Leblanc, 1987 Ape amongst humans, play French English
Richard Lynch Garner   Apes and Monkeys: Their Life and Language  1900 Research Scientific study of ape language English English
Clarence Gordon
as 'Vieux Moustache'
Rough's Story of the Old Man and the Ape. The Riverside Magazine for Young People. An Illustrated Monthly. 1(11): 520-525. 1867 Research on 19th century magazine database Ape amongst humans English English
Léon Gozlan   Monkey Island orig. 1856
Charles S. Cheltnam, transl., 1888
Stableford Human amongst apes French English
Baltasar Gracián y Morales   The Critick orig. 1651-57
Paul Rycault, transl. 1681
Altrocchi, 1944 Feral infant Spanish English
Nicolao Granucci Bella Favola dello Istinto Naturale La piacevol notte, et lieto giorno, opera morale 1574 Altrocchi, 1944 Feral infant Italian Italian
William Murray Graydon The Jungle Boy Union Jack, 4(85), New series, 27 May 1905 Research Feral child leads panthers English English
William Murray Graydon . Jungle Trappers:
A Tale of the Indian Jungle
1905 Research Wild animal trappers of India English English
William Murray Graydon The White King of Africa Good News: Best Stories from Every Quarter 1901 (book) Research Lost race in Africa English English
John Griffiths
Henri Soustras, 'transl.'
Péters Musée des Familles 1:197-200 1834 Leblanc, 1987 Plagiarism of C.M. Pougens' Jocko (1824) French French
Carl Grunert Der Schreibende Affe Reclams Universum, 27: 349-352,371-373. 1911 Research Ape in human society German German
H. Rider Haggard   Allan's Wife 1889 'Nealus', alt.pulp - gmail groups Woman raised by baboons comes to live amongst humans English English
H. Rider Haggard   Nada the Lily 1892 Personal research Old native man hunts with the wolves English English
Leo d'Hampol The Missing Link Nos Loisirs No. 44, 1411-1415 1910 Research Ape in human society French English
William Hauff The Young Englishman Tales of the Caravan orig. 1826
Edward L. Stowell, transl., 1882
Research Ape in human society German English
Max Haushofer Pithekanthropos An des Daseins Grenzen. Geschichten und Phantasien orig. 1908 Research Ape in human society German German
Mrs. [Barbara] Hofland   The Young Crusoe 1828 Personal Research Young boy survives on a tropical island English English
Abu Bakr Ibn Tufail   The History of Hayy ibn Yaqzân original 12 cent.
Simon Ockley transl. 1708
Altrocchi, 1944 Feral infant Arabic English
Rudyard Kipling   The Jungle Book
The Second Jungle Book
Altrocchi, 1944
many others
Feral child English English
John Kirkby   The Capacity and Extent of Human Understanding Exemplified in the Extraordinary Case of Automathes 1745 Altrocchi, 1944 Feral infant English English
Don Mark Lemon The Gorilla The All-Story Magazine 3(2) 1905 H.P. Lovecraft Simian family curse English English
Jules Lermina To-Ho the Goldslayer Journal des Voyages orig. 1905
Georges Dodds, transl., 2005
Marc Madourand Advanced ape society French Italian
Gaston Leroux   Balaoo orig. 1911
Alexander Teixeira de Mattos, transl. 1913
Research Ape in human society French English
Grégoire Le Roy Brother Levrai's Strange Adventure Joe Trimborn  orig. 1913
Georges Dodds transl. 2005
Research Missing link discovered French English
Peter Longueville   The Hermit: Or, the Unparalled Sufferings and Surprising Adventures of Mr. Philip Quarll [...] 1727 Research Robinsonade, monkey Friday English English
Lieut. Lionel Lounsberry
pseud. of Henry Harrison Lewis
The Treasure of the Golden Crater Good News: Best Stories from Every Quarter, 6(144-155) 1893 Research Race of advanced apes which sacrifice humans to their deity English English
Leopold Lugones Yzur Fuerzas extrañas orig. 1906
C. Costa & G. Dodds, transl., 2005
Research Monkey language Spanish English
Mme. Mallès de Beaulieu   The Modern Crusoe. A Narrative of the Life and Adventures of a French Cabin Boy Who was Shipwrecked on an Uninhabited Island. orig. 1818
F.L. transl., 1827 Feral children/Robinsonade French English
W.H. Mallock   The New Paul and Virginia; or, Positivism on an Island Year Research Robinsonade, Feral adult English English
Capt. Marryat   The Little Savage 1848-49 Altrocchi, 1944 Feral child, shipwreck English English
Philip Verrill Mighels   The Crystal Sceptre 1901 Research Humans amongst apes English English
J.E. Preston Muddock   The Sunless City 1905 Research Hollow Earth simian society English English
Bill Nye Personal Experiences in Monkey Language Pall Mall Magazine Aug. 1894 Research Monkey language English English
Arthur James Ogilvy (as A.J.O.)   The Ape-Man 1913 Angenot & Khouri, 1981 Human amongst advanced apes English English
Plutarch "Romulus" Plutarch's Lives 1817 Burroughs mentioned Romulus & Remus myth as an inspiration Infants raised by a she-wolf Latin English
Thomas Love Peacock   Melincourt 1817 Nesteby, 1978 Ape in human society English English
Antony Pogorelsky A Journey in a Stagecoach The Double; or, My Evenings in Little Russia. orig. 1829
Ruth Sobel transl. 1988
Leblanc, 1987 Ape mothers human child Russian English
Karl Anton Postl
Charles Sealsfield
Two Nights in Southern Mexico Blackwood's Magazine and
Frontier Life, or, Tales of the Southwestern Border
1853 Ebay posting Hunting or 
Attacked by apes in Mexico
German English
C.M. de Pougens   Jocko, anecdote détachée des lettres inédites sur l'instinct des animaux. orig. 1824, rpt. 1881
Georges Dodds, transl. 2006
Leblanc, 1987 Human amongst apes French French
Harry Prentice   Captured by apes : or, How Philip Garland became King of Apeland  1892 Lupoff, 1965
Taliaferro, 1999
Human amongst apes. English English
Samuel Purchas The strange adventures of Andrew Battell of Leigh in Essex, sent by the Portuguese prisoner to Angola, who lived there, and in the adjoining regions, near eighteen years. Purchas his pilgrimes (2: 970-985.) 1625 Research Feral child among monkeys, sailor explores west Africa English English
Frederic Remington John Ermine of the Yellowstone
1902 Seelye introduction to Penguin ed. of  Tarzan White boy raised by Indians cannot find his place among 'whites'  English English
C.S. Rice Katie's Forest Friends St. Nicholas. An Illustrated Magazine for Young Folk 1897 . Feral or Isolated Humans - Children  English English
J. Compton Rickett   The Quickening of Caliban: A Modern Story of Evolution 1893 Angenot & Khouri, 1981 Ape in human society English English
Morgan Robertson Primordial Where Angels Fear to Tread 1899 Stableford Feral children English English
Morgan Robertson Three Laws and the Golden Rule Three Laws and the Golden Rule 1898 Stableford Feral children English English
Albert Robida The King of the Apes Voyages très extraordinaires de Saturnin Farandoul dans les 5 ou 6 parties du monde et dans tous les pays connus et même inconnus de M. Jules Verne orig. 1879
Brian Stableford transl. 2005
Lacassin, 1982
Atamian, 1995
Feral infant raised by monkeys French English
Phil Robinson The Hunting of the Soko Under the Punkah 1881 Research Hunting cryptoanthropoid English English
Marcel Roland   Almost a Man orig. 1905
Georges Dodds transl., 2005
Messac, 1935 Ape in human society French English
Marcel Roland The Missing Link Journal des Voyages, 2nd ser., No. 909 orig. 1914
Georges Dodds, transl., 2005)
Marc Madourand Missing link discovered French English
Sir Ronald Ross   Child of Ocean 1889 Stableford Feral child English English
Epes Winthrop Sargent Beyond the Banyans The All-Story Magazine, Oct. 1909 1909 Cazedessus Ape-man English English
Zaccaria Seriman Review and translated excerpt of Della viaggi di Enrico Wanton alle terre Australi, 4 vols. London, 1772 Monthly Review 47: 501-506. 1772 Angenot & Khouri, 1981 Review of Simian society novel English English
Sir W.H. Sleeman "Wolves Nurturing Children in their Dens" The Zoologist Ser. III, 12: 87-98, 221. 1888 Personal research Review of accounts of humans raised by wolves English English
Elton R. Smilie (as Elton Smile)   Investigations and Experiences of M. Shawtinbach at Saar Soong, Sumatra 1879 Angenot & Khouri, 1981 Cult wishes to return to bearing pre-Adamic tail and resultant sinless state English English
Frank Sheridan
pseud. of John DeMorgan
The Young Marooner; or, An American Robinson Crusoe Brave and Bold No. 314 1908 Research Robinsonade, ape Friday English English
Willy Speyer Bobbi  the Chimp: A Crime 
Against Humanity
Simplicissimus 1909 Personal Research Ape does not fit into human society German English
H. de Vere Stacpoole   The Blue Lagoon 1908 Stableford Feral children English English
Burt L. Standish Frank Merriwell in Gorilla Land; or, The Search for the Missing Link Tip Top Library 1(28) 1896 Research Hunting missing link in Africa English English
C.A. Stephens Was it an 'Indian Devil?' Ballou's Monthly Magazine 1876 Personal research A feral/wild man in Maine backcountry  English English
George Archie Stockwell  Wolf-Children Lippincott's Monthly Magazine  1898 Personal research Reviews evidence of wolf-children  English English
Rounsevelle Wildman Baboo's Good Tiger  The Youth's Companion 1896 Personal Research Young boy follows tiger into jungle English English

Bibliography of Sources

Selected 19thCentury Simian Fiction (1830-1914)

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