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1937: Nov: Tarzan and the Elephant Men is serialized in Blue Book. The 41,000-word story is the sequel to Argosy's Tarzan and the Magic Men. Both are combined in the 1939 book Tarzan the Magnificent
1940: ERB runs into astronomical problems in his creation of the new "Canapa" solar system in  Poloda series. Starts correspondence with Professor J. S. Donaghho of Honolulu
1914: Barney Custer of Beatrice (MK sequel) is sent to Davis
1917: Starts Little Door  (unpublished in lifetime)
1942: Sends thank-you letter to George Carlin who has sent UP war correspondent's credentials
1948: Ed, a staunch Rep.votes for Dewey - as does his entire family, other than Joan and Jim

1912: Submits TA to The Bobbs-Merrill Co., Reilly & Britton, and Dodd, Mead & Co. (All decline)

1911: Metcalf offers $400 for the serial rights of the finished manuscript to be published as In the Moons of Mars
1921: Davis writes that he is returning to Munsey's
1945: Ed is house hunting. Houses are scarce and high priced . . . eventually finds one in Encino in Dec.
1935: Ed's political speech for Tarzan appears as a large ad with Maxon illustrations under the heading Down with Lion Politicians
1944: Emma  dies of a stroke after a losing battle with depression & alcoholism. Ed views her death as an escape from an agonized life.
Swords of Mars - St. John DJ
1933: Starts Swords of Mars
1935: Starts Gang Murder
1940: 6-10: Writes Tiger Girl pt 3 of the new Pellucidar series
1911: Starts OT

1914: Ed's biography appears in the Press Club's publication The Scoop. Ed is admitted to the Press Club
1927: Suggests  the cartoon compilation of Tarzan strips be named Tarzan Book No. 1, & others titled consecutively
Tarzan Cups Ice Cream Ad - '30s
Illustrated Tarzan Book No. 1 - Hal Foster - Pioneer Comic Book
1939: The first French edition of Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar is published by Hachette

Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar - Big Little Book

Horse Sketch by ERB

1946:11: After many requests, Ed refuses to buy a horse for Caryl Lee

Caryl Lee Today

Liberty Magazine containing Tarzan and the Lion Man
1933: LiMstarts as a 9-part serial in Liberty ($10,000 -  first time Ed pays commission of $1,500 to an agent). British mag Tid-Bits purchases it for 200 pounds
1934: Flo drives back to Vegas with Ed while Ashton tends the kids
1934: Walter Winchell reports ERB is staying at the Apache Hotel in preparation to end 34 years of marriage. His next bride will be Florence Dearholt of Queens Road, Hollywood.


1934: ERB assigns all rights to Romance Films to George Stout, including the boy scout film serial, Young Eagles
1936: Submits an idea for a dice-board game to Whitman. They reject the idea and refer him to Parker Brothers
1943: ERB  completes an article reporting on a year of martial law in the Islands
1962: Carol Burnett Tarzan Skit on Jack Benny Show

1947: Ed turns down an invitation to visit Sol Lesser in Palm Springs, citing health reasons

1915: NY Evening World starts Man-Eater serial  in six parts ($350)
1925: Nov 16:

Weird Adventure on Mars (Mastermind of Mars) completed but is rejected by Argosy, Popular Magazine & Elks Magazine

1918: Peace and the Militia is published
1921: Starts The Penningtons (GH) Accepted by Munsey's but rejected by McClurg. Titles considered: Shannon, Fetters of Snow, The Snow Slave, The Demon of the Snow, Rancho del Ganado, The Little Black Box - & Davis' suggestion, Needlewoman
1944: Nov 17: Ed and Hulbert board a plane for the States.
1911: Receives  $400 cheque from All-Story for Under the Moons of Mars
1936: Nov. 16:

Writes Argosy to complain about the title change of TaM (renamed Tarzan and the Magic Men) & major revisions in style & content
1940: In a letter to Irene Ettrick, a London fan, Ed expresses his concern over Japan's growing strength, on and off the islands. He believes that there will be war with Japan in weeks
1893: Played left halfback in a football game in which his Michigan Military Academy team defeated Ypsilanti 36-22. (Friend Bert Weston was right tackle)
1916: Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar starts in 6 parts in All-Story
1932: LV submitted to Argosy and is accepted after revisions
1940: 18-22: Writes Invisible Men of Mars," pt 4 of  new Mars series
1946: Nov 20: Michael Mills comes to discuss the "reprinting of 27 Burroughs books to be priced at $1 or $1.25." 

Tarzan and the Golden Lion - Later G & D Edition - Munroe Art

1925: Wampas is a poem written for Western Assoc. Motion Picture Advertisers group attending a Breakfast Club meeting. Other poems were written around this time
1931: TI 1st published under the ERB Inc. imprint -Kingsport Press, Kingsport, Tenn. do all  printing & binding  until 1948. DJ and FP  by nephew Studley
1931: Starts Tarzan and the City of Gold. Working titles: Tarzan and the Lion People, Tarzan the Courageous & Tarzan Courageous

Tarzan and the City of Gold - St. John Cover Art

I Am A Barbarian - ERB Inc. Edition
1888: Tarzan's birth day according to PJ Farmer
1941: IB is completed but rejected by McCall's Red Book and Blue Book as being: "...too gruesome and downbeat a story for us to consider at this time, can't you give us something a little cheerier?"
1914: Starts Pellucidar  & prepares a long glossary & maps. (SP & TP Maps appear later in the series)
1923: S
ubmits Tarzan and the Antmen - based on an idea suggested by Davis

1912: The Pioneer published at Camp E. S. Otis in the Canal Zone publish ERB's Nov 13 letter answering a trooper's fan letter
1925: Emma has gall bladder surgery and later suffers from arthritis

1926: Starts Tarzan Twins
1940: Starts Tarzan and the Castaways
1934: Ed writes in his diary that Emma is bent on ruining him.
1940: Rothmund sends word that feedback on Tarzan and the Jungle Murders and The Giant of Mars is bad - many fans do not believe that ERB has written them

1934: Tarzan film expedition sails for Guatemala
1911: Submits the OT manuscript to Metcalf

Chessmen of Mars - St. John DJ Art
1922: CMby McClurg
1948:  John Lehti takes over the daily Tarzan strip.
1928: Completes TP (77,000 words). For one of the cities in the book Ed spells the nearby town Pacoima backwards: Amiocap

1929: How Tarzan Kept The Wolf From The Door - bio article on ERB is published in Literary Digest
1934: Swords of Mars starts in Blue Book
1939: Suffers several slight heart attacks

1898: Business is bad and Ed is considering selling the stationery store. Idaho is very much a part of the "wild west" and is not ready for music, fancy magazines and photography
1935: Still suffering from bladder obstruction trouble, Ed enters the Good Samaritan Hospital under the name John B. Downs. A long period of  convalescence follows.
1916: Honoured with  membership card #1 in the Tribe of Tarzan  - a club formed by a fan in Virginia

1930: TEC by Metropolitan
1933: Flo Dearholt seeks Ed's help in booking passage to join Ashton in Guatemala
1930: Burroughs family return to their original Tarzana home (El Caballero Club House)
1930: Ed, suffering severe pain from a bladder obstruction, has a series of operations. Epididymitis, involves an inflammation related to the testicles. 2 operations at Hollywood Hospital - Nov and Jan: $2,551.45
1927: AD (sequel to WC) is rejected by Collier's, Liberty, Popular and Blue Book
1934: Dearholt reports casting problems for the Tarzan film. He is anxious to start a treatment on MK
1941: Living Dead appears in Fantastic Adventures ($400.60)





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