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ERB  portrait by John Coleman Burroughs
 From Tarzana, California
Memories from the 
Danton Burroughs
Family Archive
Danton Burroughs
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The Wartime Letters and Journals of the 
Dean of Correspondents in the WWII Pacific Theatre

Edgar Rice Burroughs

The War Years

Compiled by Bill Hillman

This is your introduction to our online booklength feature
chronicling the many adventures of the
Dean of American War Correspondents in the
WWII Pacific Theatre.
The Dean of WWII Correspondents in the Pacific
Edgar Rice Burroughs: The War Years
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ERB with grandsons Mike, Johnny and Danton

ERB personal letter to young Danton

June 22 1944
         Master Danton Burroughs 
         Tarzana, California. 

         Dear Danton: 

         Just two years ago today your brother arrived when our world 
         did not look too bright.  But you come in on the crest of a 
         victorious wave that is carrying us and our allies to success- 
         ful ending of World War II much sooner than we had expected.

         If your generation shows more intelligence than past generat- 
         ions, perhaps there will be no more wars.  But that is almost 
         too much to expect.  However, there is a chance.  You have been 
         born into the greatest nation the world has ever known.  Keep it 
         great.  Keep it strong.  If you do, no country will dare to go to 
         war if we say no. 

         Put this letter away and read it June 21st 1965.  You will be of 
         age then.  See then if the politicians have kept your country great 
         and strong.  If they haven't, do something about it.  If I'm around 
         I'll remind you. 

                     Good luck my boy, 
                             Your Grandfather, 
                                         (sig) Edgar Rice Burroughs

Sources: The Danton Burroughs ~ John Coleman Burroughs ~ ERB, Inc. Archives
The McWhorter Memorial ERB Collection ~ University of  Louisville
Copyright 2004/2011 ~ Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.

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