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Volume 2340

Shows 41-60

Unpublished Tarzan Sunday page featuring the characters of
Captain Lawrence, Torgo and Mama N'gama of the Punya tribe
from the Commodore Tarzan radio show. Circa 1970s.
Script writer: John Rose ~ Artist: Franc Reyes

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41. All Presumed Dead - 51.10.11 - Tarzan tries to save the Meyugu from a hurricane, but they refuse to leave unless Anakeea, a beautiful native girl, leaves also. She is waiting for the great "man-bird." At the same time, Rex Hakon, pilot of a DC-4 from Cairo, bails out of his plane leaving the crew and passengers to a horrible death. Tarzan and Captain Lawrence search for the wreckage and the reason for its plunge to earth.
42. Small Packages - 51.10.18 - (CBS: 52.11.01) - Lord Kerracebrook hopes to interest his grandson Anthony in business and sets up an account for him at a financial institution. Anthony longs for a life of adventure and draws against his account to run off to Africa. An unscrupulous Arab trader attempts to kidnap the youth and hold him for ransom, but Tarzan intervenes. 
43. Ghost of Karmiki - 51.10.25 - Tarzan rescues Najugi, a youth of the Karmiki tribe, from the slave block. But Najugi runs away and returns to the slave mart. Tarzan travels to the land of  the Karmiki to solve the mystery of Najugi's strange behaviour and must battle an evil magician.
44. Adventure on the Road to Timbuktu - 51.11.01 - (CBS: 52.11.08) - Tarzan receives a mysterious summons to come to the city of Tarzak. There he meets Keith Roberts, who persuades Tarzan to accompany him to Timbuktu. They are attacked, captured and taken to the Temple of the Golden Zebra where they are brought before Kayir, the supreme ruler. Kayir had planned for Tarzan's arrival because he considers himself to be Lord of the Jungle and wants to rid himself of the upstart using his title. 
45. Strange Island - 51.11.08 - (CBS: 52.11.15) - Lieutenant Jacque Corday hates Africa and decides to arrest Tarzan in order to achieve a transfer. When Tarzan kills a protected white rhino to save a life, Cordayi sees his chance. When Tarzan and Corday travelling by a small sailboat are sunk, a mysterious island has newly arisen from the ocean depths. On the island is the beautiful seventeen-year-old Pamela Johns, who tells Tarzan that she has long had a crush on him. Tarzan must also face the false accusations of Lt. Corday who swears that he tried to kill him.
46. Message to Fort Shabier - 51.11.15- Major Beekman, newly appointed commander of Fort Shabier, is disliked by his men because of his arrogance. He thinks more about getting a new uniform than acquiring the needed ammunition to put down a possible native uprising. Unknown to the men of Fort Shabier, the Kameuma tribe is planning to rebel against the hated British. When the soldiers are attacked in an almost indefensible area, Tarzan must carry a message to Fort Shabier for ammunition and reinforcements.
47. African Thanksgiving - 51.11.22 - (CBS: 52.11.22) - Tarzan saves Renee, a young French girl, who has fallen into an animal pit with a lion. After killing the lion, Tarzan discovers that the girl has apparently returned to a nearby town where she has once again fallen into the clutches of Sheik Hassan en Mohammed Hazara. Sheik Hazara lies to the girl about Tarzan, telling her that a terrible fate would befall her if she leaves with the ape-man. Later, Tarzan meets an American, who is no in love with Renee, and they set out to rescue her.
48. Hunter's Fury - 51.11.29 - (CBS: 52.11.29) - Herbert Riggs, an unscrupulous contractor, blackmails Douglas Hanley, an assistant zoo curator, to go to AFrica with him to capture animals for zoos. Torgo, the Punaya boy, raises a panther cub to adulthood and when he is told the beast is too dangerous to keep in the village, he runs away with the beast. He stumbles into the camp of Riggs and Hanley, and they keep him to track animals for them. Tarzan, searching for Torgo, falls into a trap and is caged and left to die. With the help of Nkima, the monkey, he escapes and takes up the trail.
49. Trouble Comes in Pairs - 51.12.06 - Jackie and Jill Evans, twin dancers from America, are booked to appear in Africa by their agent, Robert Elliot. The spoiled Jackie doesn't like the Dark Continent and insists that they leave on the next boat. Since there won't be another boat in some time, they decide to trek cross-country to another port. They must travel through he land of the Biyuko who have a custom and tradition that twins are really one person and must share everything from wives to death. When Jackie dies from eating a poisonous toadstool, the Biyukos insist that Jill must also die. Tarzan must outsmart the Biyukos so that Jill may live.
50. Congo Murder - 51.12.13 - (CBS: 52.12.06) - Tarzan befriends a young American named Johnny Convy, who is in Africa prospecting for gold. When he makes a rich strike, he travels to Omdurmara to have his samples assayed. Following him at a later date, Tarzan discovers that young Johnny has been murdered. It is up to Tarzan to discover who killed his friend.
51. Congo Christmas - 51.12.20 - (CBS: 52.12.20) - In the isolated village of the Karmiki, Reverend Collier has established a mission school and a small church. He is opposed by the High Priest of the Moon God and must constantly struggle against the heathen rites practiced in the Temple of Neomopo, the Moon God. Tarzan sees what he is up against  and comes to his aid.
52. Hand of Death - 51.12.27 (CBS: 53.01.03) - (A special March of Dimes show.) Mike, an American, and his wife Deborah, an English woman arrive home from a rare evening out to discover Steven, their nine-year-old son, under the care of a doctor. The doctor tells them that Steven has contracted poliomyelitis and his diagnosis is that he may be crippled for the rest of his life. Mike, who once had saved Tarzan's life, decides that because of his magnificent body and kn owledge of jungle remedies, Tarzan can help his son recover his health. Tarzan takes the boy to his jungle cabin and begins a regimen of physical therapy and mineral spring baths.
53. The Man from Another World - 52.01.03 - (CBS: 53.01.10) - Tarzan saves the life of Joanna van Kruger and escorts her back to her father's rubber plantation. Tarzan's motive is double: to make sure Joanna arrives safely and to check rumours about van Kruger's cruelty to his workers. While there the plantation seems to be visited by a strange being - who claims to have come from the planet Uranus.
54. Quicksands of Wadehara - 52.01.10 - (CBS: 53.01.17) - Her Royal Highness of an unnamed European country travels incognito to Africa and takes a safari (under the name of Jane Higgins) into the interior. Accompanying her is the villainous white hunter Jungle Harry. A diplomat of her country asks Tarzan to watch over her, and he takes a job as second guide of the safari under the name of John Clayton. Jungle Harry figures he can use Tarzan as a scapegoat if anything happens to the girl. An Arab potentate abducts the girl for his harem, and Tarzan must go to her rescue.
55. The Trail of Death - (CBS: 53.01.24) - Tarzan relates to Captain Lawrence that he is tired of being "Robin Hood of the Jungle" and is disillusioned with the people he's tried to help; he wants to get as far away from civilization as he possibly can. He decides to return to the Mutea Escarpment where he was raised by the great apes. Unscrupulous George Anthony Fellows wants to find the Mutea Escarpment and the elephant's graveyard. He conspires with his nephew, Malcom, to start a fight with Tarzan and make it appear as if Tarzan has killed him, whereby Fellows persuades Tarzan to flee from the law so that he can accompany him to the Escarpment. (Based on elements from the MGM Tarzan films starring Johnny Weissmuller.)
56. Killer at Large - (CBS: 53.01.31) - One of Africa's most beloved citizens, Judge Cartwright, is found murdered. Captain Lawrence once again asks for Tarzan's help. A convict had earlier escaped from the prison but the warden for some reason has been covering up. Tarzan, undercover, enters the prison to discover the identity of the escaped prisoner and to determine if he might have had a motive for killing the judge. Discovering his name, Tarzan tracks the man down only to make a surprising discover.
57. First Prize: Death - (Not broadcast over the Don Lee Mutual Broadcasting System nor by CBS.) - Reginald Whiting, an Egyptian assuming an English name, asks the governor of the province to back a contest in America to find the All-American girl. Because tourism has suffered due to Arab and native unrest, the contest is presented to the governor as a means of attracting publicity. However, the contest is rigged so that the daughter of dead archaeologist Emil Johnson is the winner because he once desecrated the tomb of the Pharaoh. Tarzan is asked to watch over the girl and must save her from sacrifice at the hands of the priests of Nakhar.
58. Paradise Island - (CBS: 53.02.07) - A man, his wife, and small son are flying in a chartered plane off the West Coast of Africa. The plane crash lands on Paradise Island, and Tarzan and a native friend see the plane go down. They canoe to the island to see if they can give aid. They find the family unhurt although the pilot has a minor injury. As the pilot recovers, Tarzan encourages the others to enjoy the beauty and peace of the tropical island. Little does he realize that giving the boy a piece of quartz (pretending that it is a diamond) will reduce the others to greed and avarice.
59. The Demon of Rongu - (CBS: 53.02.14) - Tarzan tries to settle a dispute between the Punya and the Rongu tribes. He learns that a "demon" has been terrorizing the Rongu, stealing food and animals. When he tracks down the "demon," he is surprised to learn that it is a wild, white boy. Tarzan decides to take the boy back to his seaside cabin and raise him as his son -- educating him in the process -- not realizing that the boy's relatives are searching for him.
60. Simba Hudari - (CBS: 53.02.28) - Tarzan finds Professor Reynolds, an archaeologist, from whom his bearers have stolen a valuable notebook and deserted him. He and the professor track the bearers to their homeland. They discover that they are members of a tribe who punish thievery and lesser crimes with death, while allowing murderers to go free. They are also lion worshippers, and when Tarzan saves a member of one tribe from a man-eating lion, trouble ensures.
Rerun: Pirates of Cape Bandera - 52-03-06

Rerun: Hooded Death - 52-03-13 
61. Oman of the Emeralds - 52-03-20 
62. Volcano - 52-03-27 
63. None So Blind - 52-04-03
64. Tarzan and the Arena of Death -  52-04-10 
65. Jungle Smoke - 52-04-17 
66. Evidence Destroyed - 52-04-24
67. The Missing Element - 52-05-01 
68. Tarzan and the Lypagor  - 52-05-08
69. Mask of Montiki - 52-05-15 
70. Night Riders of Tomkia - 52-05-22 
71. Tarzan and the American Family Robinson - 52-05-29
72. Tarzan and the Long Journey - 52-06-12 
73. Rays of Death - 53-05-02
74. Tarzan And The Hot Rod Kid - 53-05-16
75. Two in the Bush - 53-06-27

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