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1951-1953 Series: LISTEN TO ALL THE SHOWS 

Part I: Edgar Rice Burroughs Radio Projects
Part II: Program Logs of the Various Tarzan Series &
A List of Those Currently Available
Part III: Synopsis of 77 Episodes of the First Series
1954: Rod Taylor star of Australian Tarzan Radio Series
-- Tarzan of the Apes 
Part I: Edgar Rice Burroughs Radio Projects

From his first success in selling Under the Moons of Mars to a pulp magazine in 1911, ERB had been successful in selling his ideas and literary creations to other media: newspaper serials, magazine articles, art, book publishing, movie features & serials, comic strips, phonograph records, advertising schemes, real estate development, special books & clubs for young people, music, foreign licensing, and merchandising.

In the late '20s, ERB was intrigued by the new medium of radio which he recognized as a another avenue for creative expression, as well as an opportunity for great money-making ventures. Noticing the strong interest of the radio-listening public in the top shows of the day, he suggested, "I have evolved a wild and possibly ludicrous plan of publicity for (my books)...there might be possibilities in the reading of one of my books by myself over the radio for fifteen minutes nightly in conjunction with some program having a national hook-up." He felt he could overcome professed nervousness if he could read from "familiar copy" and not be required to speak extemporaneously. Apparently the timing and circumstances were not right for this proposal, but this early interest led to other radio projects. 

ERB 1931: Perhaps in my radio contract I shall insist upon the reservation to me of the interplanetary rights. Why not? Radio rights and sound and dialog rights would have seemed as preposterous twenty years ago...long before my copyrights expire television rights will be worth a fortune.... 
In 1931 Burroughs approved a Tarzan series of fifteen-minute, daily radio shows transcribed to 16" discs, by the American Radio Syndicate. The scripts, which used a combination of narration, dialogue and sound effects, were closely supervised by ERB who had a special interest in the serial since it starred daughter Joan and her husband James Pierce. He was fascinated with the quality of the sound effects but did not hesitate to criticize the scripts whenever they appeared to be sloppily prepared, or whenever they presented the apeman as showing fear, laughing or exhibiting any other out-of-character behaviour. 
TARZAN PROGRAM OFF TO FLYING START -- World Premiere Introduces Radio Tarzan to Thousands

Saturday, September 10th, the first Radio Premiere on record presented to radio fans all over the State the first episode in the thrilling adventures of "Tarzan of the Apes," sponsored by the Signal Oil and Gas Company. Critics and thousands of motorists who jammed the World Premiere Radio Show at Fox Pantages Theatre in Hollywood proclaimed it the most fascinating and colorful radio program they had ever heard.

Among those who participated in the stage show were Jim Pierce, all-American football player and well-known actor, who takes the part of Tarzan in Signal's sensational radio serial; Miss Joan Burroughs, talented actress and daughter of Edgar Rice Burroughs; Mr. Burroughs himself, internationally known author of all "Tarzan" stories together with the entire radio cast.... --Signal News - Published by the Signal Oil & Gas Co. in the Interest of Its Dealers., Vol. 1, No. 3, September 1932. 
Within two years Burroughs, perhaps anxious to gain more control of the radio shows for ERB Inc., started to voice great dissatisfaction with the scripts and considered taking on the actual writing of the scripts himself. 
ERB 1935:

There is one factor that may have more effect on reducing book sales than any number of depressions, and that is radio, to which we are looking for far greater returns than our book royalties ever brought us. Already, with two programs, we are netting more than we do from the sale of all our books, which, taken in connection with the fact that there are hundreds of similar programs on the air, suggests that people are taking their fiction this way instead of through books. 
1936 - I SEE BY THE PAPERS Radio Show Proposal:

ERB conceived a "live talent program" for radio. The setting would be the editorial office of the Tarzana Tribune. The cast would include Burroughs as a columnist, along with a good-hearted but sarcastic and critical small-town editor-publisher, a dumb blonde stenographer and an office boy. ERB would discuss his daily column -- filled with news, quips and gags -- with the editor who would give caustic comments about it. The human interest would center about the problems and family troubles of the stenographer and office boy. Demo recordings of the show, as well as proposals for spin-off column, were rejected. 
1939 - QUIET, PLEASE! Radio Show Proposal:

ERB saw this as a weekly, fifteen-minute, one-character show in which he would comment on, and present listener responses about, news events, jokes and verses. The emphasis was on quiet -- ERB vehemently expressed his objections to noise. His ramblings on the topic would include verse such as:
The saddest sound that ere did cut
The silence and disturb:
The traffic coppers "putt-putt-putt"
That pulls you to the curb.
Again there was no sponsor interest and the show was never broadcast.

Part II: Program Logs of the Various Tarzan Series
I. TARZAN OF THE APES - The first Tarzan appearance on radio September 12, 1932 -- a syndicated serial that lasted for 286 episodes. It starred James and Joan Burroughs Pierce - also in the cast was Gale Gordon. See Part III for a synopsis of the first 77 episodes in the Hillman collection.
See the results of JJ's recent research on 
the broadcast times of the Tarzan radio serial 
in an MS-EXCEL document:
The Tarzan Log of Play Dates from the LA Times
in ERBzine 0011a


American Gold Seal Productions  World Radio Network
STARS: James Pierce and Joan Burroughs
WRITER: Edgar Rice Burroughs
REF: Revised log based upon 2005 research by JJ
REF: (Older) Jerry Haendiges Vintage Radio Logs
* 32/09/12  001 Tarzan's First Birthday
* 32/09/13  002 Battle with the Apes
* 32/09/14  003 Tarzan in Young Manhood
* 32/09/15  004 Tarzan Attacked by Tabor
* 32/09/16  005 Tarzan Sees a Ship
* 32/09/19  006 Tarzan Rescues the Captain
* 32/09/20  007 Tarzan Rescues the Captain Again
* 32/09/21  008 Did the Bottle Really Go Overboard
* 32/09/22  009 The Captain Is in Quicksand
* 32/09/23  010 A Fight Aboard Ship
* 32/09/26  011 Tarzan's Shack
* 32/09/27  012 Mutinous Captain Killed
* 32/09/28  013 Tarzan Delivers the Sailor
* 32/09/29  014 Tarzan Rescues Jane's Father
* 32/09/30  015 Clayton Tries to Rescue the Professor
* 32/10/03  016 Tarzan Saves Clayton
* 32/10/04  017 Tarzan Saves Jane
* 32/10/05  018 Tarzan Reads Jane's Letter
* 32/10/06  019 Morning Arrives
* 32/10/07  020 Tarzan Presides over Apes
* 32/10/10  021 Tarzan Rescues Jane from the Apes
* 32/10/11  022 The Professor Wants to Search
* 32/10/12  023 Rescue
* 32/10/13  024 Tarzan's Hut Afire
* 32/10/14  025 Clayton Hunts Tarzan
* 32/10/17  026 Tarzan Fires at Clayton
* 32/10/18  027 The Ship Leaves
* 32/10/19  028 Search Party Is Attacked
* 32/10/20  029 Philander Is Captured
* 32/10/21  030 Search Party Finds a Clue
* 32/10/24  031 The Jungle Awakes
* 32/10/25  032 Jane Is Captured by Cannibals
* 32/10/26  033 Search Party Is Trapped
* 32/10/27  034 Tarzan Learns More English
* 32/10/28  035 Jane and Tarzan Go into the Hut
* 32/10/31  036 Search Party Makes Their Move
* 32/11/01  037 Cannibals Chose the Professor
* 32/11/02  038 Second Escape Try
* 32/11/03  039 Jane Is Attacked
* 32/11/04  040 The Poison Drink
* 32/11/07  041 Ape Battles Snake
* 32/11/08  042 Return of the Ship
* 32/11/09  043 Tarzan Saves Jane
* 32/11/10  044 Tarzan Recaptured
* 32/11/11  045 Reunited
* 32/11/14  046 Escape
* 32/11/15  047 Rain Comes
* 32/11/16  048 Jane Receives Greystoke Locket
* 32/11/17  049 Tarzan And the Crocodiles
* 32/11/18  050 Rescuers Seek Safety in Cave
* 32/11/21  051 Attempted Rescue
* 32/11/22  052 Sounds in the Cave
* 32/11/23  053 The Witch Doctor Escapes
* 32/11/24  054 Witch Doctor Noises
* 32/11/25  055 Tarzan Fires Dynamite
* 32/11/28  056 The Cannibals Attack
* 32/11/29  057 The Attack
* 32/11/30  058 The Lion Attacks
* 32/12/01  059 The Professor Collapses
* 32/12/02  060 The Party Gets Made at Clayton
* 32/12/05  061 The Mutineers Return
* 32/12/06  062 Jane Is Attacked
* 32/12/07  063 Tarzan and Jane Talk
* 32/12/08  064 Jane Is Captured Again
* 32/12/09  065 Tarzan to the Rescue
* 32/12/12  066 Tarzan to the Ship
* 32/12/13  067 Ship Rescue
* 32/12/14  068 Ship Wreck
* 32/12/15  069 Captain Tracy's Arm
* 32/12/16  070 Others on the Reef
* 32/12/19  071 Tarzan with the Apes
* 32/12/20  072 Jane at the Dum Dum
* 32/12/21  073 Elephant Stampede
* 32/12/22  074 Lt Makes His Escape
* 32/12/23  075 Tarzan Meets Mutineers
* 32/12/26  076 The Escape
* 32/12/27  077 Weeks Later
"TARZAN'S FIRST BIRTHDAY"                 1  09-12-32  :10:00
"BATTLE WITH THE APES"                    2  09-14-32  :10:00
"TARZAN IN YOUNG MANHOOD"              3  09-16-32  :10:00
"TARZAN ATTACKED BY TABOR"                4  09-19-32  :10:00
"TARZAN SEES A SHIP"                          5  09-21-32  :10:00
"TARZAN RESCUES THE CAPTAIN"             6  09-23-32  :10:00
"TARZAN RESCUES THE CAPTAIN AGAIN"    7  09-26-32  :10:00
"DID THE BOTTLE REALLY GO OVERBOARD"     8  09-28-32  :10:00
"THE CAPTAIN IS IN QUICKSAND"             9  09-30-32  :10:00
"A FIGHT ABOARD SHIP"                        10  10-03-32  :10:00
"TARZAN'S SHACK"                             11  10-05-32  :10:00
"MUTINOUS CAPTAIN KILLED"               12  10-07-32  :10:00
"TARZAN DELIVERS THE SAILOR"             13  10-10-32  :10:00
"TARZAN RESCUES JANE'S FATHER"           14  10-12-32  :10:00
"TARZAN SAVES CLAYTON"                       16  10-17-32  :10:00
"TARZAN SAVES JANE"                          17  10-19-32  :10:00
"TARZAN READS JANE'S LETTER"                 18  10-21-32  :10:00
"MORNING ARRIVES"                            19  10-24-32  :10:00
"TARZAN PRESIDES OVER APES"                  20  10-26-32  :10:00
"TARZAN RESCUES JANE FROM THE APES"      21  10-28-32  :10:00
"THE PROFESSOR WANTS TO SEARCH            22  10-31-32  :10:00
"RESCUE"                                         23  11-02-32  :10:00
"TARZAN'S HUT AFIRE?"                        24  11-04-32  :10:00
"CLAYTON HUNTS TARZAN"                       25  11-07-32  :10:00
"TARZAN FIRES AT CLAYTON"                    26  11-09-32  :10:00
"THE SHIP LEAVES"                            27  11-11-32  :10:00
"SEARCH PARTY IS ATTACKED"                   28  11-14-32  :10:00
"PHILANDER IS CAPTURED"                      29  11-16-32  :10:00
"SEARCH PARTY FINDS A CLUE"                 30  11-18-32  :10:00
"THE JUNGLE AWAKES"                          31  11-21-32  :10:00
"JANE IS CAPTURED BY CANNIBALS"            32  11-23-32  :10:00
"SEARCH PARTY IS TRAPPED"                    33  11-25-32  :10:00
"TARZAN LEARNS MORE ENGLISH"             34  11-28-32  :10:00
"JANE AND TARZAN GO INTO THE HUT"     35  11-30-32  :10:00
"SEARCH PARTY MAKES THEIR MOVE"           36  12-02-32  :10:00
"CANNIBALS CHOSE THE PROFESSOR"            37  12-05-32  :10:00
"SECOND ESCAPE TRY"                          38  12-07-32  :10:00
"JANE IS ATTACKED"                           39  12-09-32  :10:00
"THE POISON DRINK"                           40  12-12-32  :10:00
"APE BATTLES SNAKE"                          41  12-14-32  :10:00
"RETURN OF THE SHIP"                         42  12-16-32  :10:00
"TARZAN SAVES JANE"                          43  12-19-32  :10:00
"TARZAN RECAPTURED"                          44  12-21-32  :10:00
"REUNITED"                                       45  12-23-32  :10:00
"ESCAPE"                                         46  12-26-32  :10:00
"RAIN COMES"                                     47  12-28-32  :10:00
"JANE RECEIVES GRAYSTOKE LOCKET"         48  12-30-32  :10:00
"TARZAN AND THE CROCODILES"              49  01-02-33  :10:00
"RESCUERS SEEK SAFETY IN CAVE"           50  01-04-33  :10:00
"ATEMPTED RESCUE"                            51  01-06-33  :10:00
"SOUNDS IN THE CAVE"                         52  01-09-33  :10:00
"THE WITCH DOCTOR ESCAPES"                   53  01-11-33  :10:00
"WITCH DOCTOR NOISES"                    54  01-13-33  :10:00
"TARZAN FIRES DYNAMITE"                  55  01-16-33  :10:00
"THE CANNIBALS ATTACK"                  56  01-18-33  :10:00
"THE ATTACK"                                 57  01-20-33  :10:00
"THE LION ATTACKS"                         58  01-23-33  :10:00
"THE PROFESSOR COLLAPSES"                59  01-25-33  :10:00
"THE PARTY GETS MADE AT CLAYTON"        60  01-27-33  :10:00
"THE MUTINEERS RETURN"           61  01-30-33  :10:00
"JANE IS ATTACKED"               62  02-01-33  :10:00
"TARZAN AND JANE TALK"           63  02-03-33  :10:00
"JANE IS CAPTURED AGAIN"         64  02-06-33  :10:00
"TARZAN TO THE RESCUE"           65  02-08-33  :10:00
"TARZAN TO THE SHIP"             66  02-10-33  :10:00
"SHIP RESCUE"                        67  02-13-33  :10:00
"SHIP WRECK"                         68  02-15-33  :10:00
"CAPTAIN TRACY'S ARM"            69  02-17-33  :10:00
"OTHERS ON THE REEF"             70  02-20-33  :10:00
"TARZAN WITH THE APES"           71  02-22-33  :10:00
"JANE AT THE DUM DUM"            72  02-24-33  :10:00
"ELEPHANT STAMPEDE"                  73  02-27-33  :10:00
"LT. MAKES HIS ESCAPE"               74  03-01-33  :10:00
"TARZAN MEETS MUTINEERS"         75  03-03-33  :10:00
"THE ESCAPE"                         76  03-06-33  :10:00
"WEEKS LATER"                        77  03-08-33  :10:00

Collated by "JJ"
Episodes 1- 55 of Tarzan of the Apes (15 minute serial episodes)
were aired on KNX Los Angeles - Monday through Friday - at 7:45 pm each evening.
Episode 1: Monday, September 12, 1932 to Episode 55 Friday, November 25, 1932

Episodes 56 - 130 of Tarzan of the Apes
were aired on KFWB (ABC) Los Angeles - Monday through Friday - at 7:15 p.m. each evening.
Episode 56: Monday, November 28, 1932 to  Episode 130: Friday, March 10, 1933

Episodes 131 - 286 of Tarzan of the Apes
were aired on KFWB Los Angeles - each Monday, Wednesday and Friday - at 7:15 p.m. each evening.
Episodes 131: Monday, March 13, 1933 to Episodes 286: Friday, March 09, 1934

For alternate broadcast dates on
WOR New York ~ WJSV Washington ~ WBBM Chicago
See JJ's Log Work Spreadsheet on EXCEL

Purchase an authorized release of this series at Radio Spirits
Sample many of the episodes at the Newport Vintage Books Site

Although originally broadcast in 1934 or 1935, the following introduction was penned by Edgar Rice Burroughs for the announcer to read introducing a 1940 broadcast of Tarzan And The Diamond of Asher. "We bring you Tarzan, that immortal fictional character of Edgar Rice Burroughs, in a new and exciting serial entitled TARZAN AND THE DIAMOND OF ASHER, which is adapted from the novel, 'Tarzan And The Forbidden City.' Deep in the heart of Africa rises a mighty cone-shaped mountain, an extinct volcano, in the huge crater of which lies The Forbidden City of Asher... To reach this stronghold two safaris endure hardships and perils that bring death to some and high adventure to all... One safari is bent on the rescue of the son of its leader... the other, headed by a wily and unscrupulous Oriental, seeks only the Father of Diamonds... And through the intrigue and mystery and the danger moves the majestic figure of Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle." (Originally a 39-episode serial of 15 minute installments)

The 39 15-minute episodes of this serial were aired on WRP Washington, each Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:00 p.m, from  Monday, September 23, 1935 through Friday, December 20, 1935 . (Note: The first nine episodes aired at 5:45 p.m.)


Mysterious Africa is home to Edgar Rice Burroughs' immortal character, Tarzan of the Apes. While investigating the illegal activities of slave traders and ivory smugglers, Tarzan and his friend, Paul D'Arnot save a member of the Burton-Ashleigh Expedition from death. After learning that the expedition is lost, Tarzan agrees to lead the group out of the jungle. Little did they realize however, that they would soon be captured by a strange yellow race, and taken to the lost city of Tohr... There they faced the dangers of the arena, rogue elephants and sacrifice to the Fires of Tohr—the result of a hidden lake of volcanic fire that shoots up through a pit to the very arms of the temple god, an idol carved in the likeness of a lion. Befriending the son of the ruler of a rival city who is held as a slave in Tohr, Tarzan and his friends face death at every turn. Love, hate, jealousy, and political intrigue—as well as courage and loyalty—all play parts in this thrilling serial produced under the personal direction of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Adaptation of EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS' Story TARZAN AND THE FIRES OF TOHR © 1939 EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS, INC. TARZAN® Owned by EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS, INC. Used by Permission (This series of 15-minutes installments was transcribed but never released for broadcast. )


                                    1951 - 1953
"From the heart of the jungle comes a savage cry of victory. This is Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle! From the black core of dark Africa... land of enchantment, mystery and violence comes one of the most colorful figures of all time. Transcribed from the immortal pen of Edgar Rice Burroughs—Tarzan, the bronzed, white son of the jungle!” Thus Commodore Productions introduced their 1951 radio series based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' immortal character, played by Lamont Johnson. These exciting stories carry Tarzan the length and breadth of Africa and let listeners' imaginations send them on flights of fancy throughout the Dark Continent. The collection includes:

The Decoy - 1/11/51 Black Ivory - 1/18/51 The Hooded Death - 1/25/51 Manuema - 2/1/51 The Siren of Omdurmara - 2/8/51 Black Gold of Africa - 2/15/51 The Coward - 2/22/51 The Female of the Specie - 3/1/51 The End of the World - 3/8/51 Across A Continent - 3/15/51 The Killer - 3/22/51 Jungle Legacy - 3/29/51 TARZAN® Owned by EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS, INC. Used by Permission.

The Complete Log for the Tarzan- Lord of the Jungle series:
This Commodore series was first broadcast in 1951. The CBS re-broadcast of this series of 67 stand-alone, 1/2 hour episodes started on March 22, 1952 and ran until June 27, 1953. Starring Lamont Johnson.

1. The Siren Of Omdur Mara - 2. Tarzan And The Manuema - 3. Black Gold Of Africa - 4. Black Ivory 1 - 5. Tarzan And The Coward - 6. The Female Of The Species - 7. Tarzan And The Killer - 8. Jungle Legacy - 9. Jungle Orchids - 10. Gold Coast Robbery - 11. Life Or Death - 12. D For Diamond And Death - 13. Pirates Of Cape Bandera - 14. Lake Of Blood - 15. Jungle Heat - 16. Jungle Hijackers - 17. Tarzan And The Stranger - 18. Arab Vengeance - 19. Tarzan In Captivity - 20. Gold of the Sudan - 21. Stolen Jewels - 22. The Drum Without A Heart 1 - 23. Danger Off San Lorenquo - 24. Terror At Night - 25. Headhunters Of Yambesi - 26. Trophy Room - 27. Death Has Small Wings - 28. Tarzan's Magic Amulet - 29. The Strange Book Of Araby - 30. Cathedral Of The Congo - 31. The City of Sleep - 32. Jungle Odds - 33. Small Packages - 34. Adventure on the Road to Timbuctu - 35. Strange Island - 36. African Thanksgiving - 37. Hunter's Fury - 38. Congo Murder - 39. The Strange Book Of Araby (Repeat) - 40. Congo Christmas - 41. The Siren of Omdur Mara (Repeat) - 42. The Hand of Death - 43. Man From Another World - 44. Quicksands of Wadehara - 45. Trail of Death - 46. Killer At Large - 47. Paradise Island - 48. Demon of Rongu - 49. Hooded Death - 50. Simba Hodari - 51. Omen of the Emerald - 52. Volcano of the Sun - 53. Jungle Orchids 34 (Repeat) - 54. End Of The World - 55. Arena Of Death - 56. Jungle Smoke - 57. Evidence Destroyed - 58. The Missing Element - 59. New Death - 60. The Lipagor - 61. The Hot Rod Kid - 62. Mask Of Monotiki - 63. None So Blind - 64. Night Riders Of Tomkia - 65 The American Family Robinson - 66. The Long Journey - 67. Two In The Bush - ??. Hooded Death - ...not broadcast... Tarzan And The Decoy ... Across A Continent ... Curse Of The Pharaohs ... Tarzan's Mistake (Thanks to Buxton & Owen's Radio's Golden Age, Munango-Keewati, AVPRO, Jay Hickerson et al)

Part III: Synopsis of 77 Shows in the First Series
Tarzan of the Apes 
Tarzan first aired in Los Angeles and to much fan fare. In excess of 3,000 people including many celebrities were in attendance at the first broadcast on KNX.  In the original syndication, 286 shows were produced. The first 130 were titled "Tarzan of the Apes" and the remaining episodes were called "Return of Tarzan." Seventy-seven of the first 130 are in circulation today. The show originated in Los Angeles on September 12, 1932 on KNX and played five days a week at 7:45 pm. 
On November 28, 1932 the show switched to KFWB and still played five days per week, but at 7:15 pm. On Monday March 13, 1934 the show switched to three days per week but continued to air at 7:15. It continued to play three days per week on KFWB at 7:15 through the end of the series which was March 9, 1934.

New York only aired 97 of the 286 episodes. Also, in NY the series started as a 3-day-a-week program.  It appears as though someone has taken the actual start date (which was not in NY) and applied the 3-day-a-week dates to the episodes. Hence the confusing and incorrect dating on these Tarzan episodes.

Note 1: The show did not air in NY (and Washington DC) until January 16, 1933. Here it ran as a 3-day-a-week on WOR at 7:45 pm until April 21, 1933. After these 42 episodes aired there was a 2 month break, then the show resumed on June 19, 1933 (WOR 5:45 pm) and ran as a 5-day-a-week for another 55 episodes.

Note 2: In Chicago the show probably premiered on September 12, 1932 (same as LA). It appears that the entire run (130 episodes) of the first series "Tarzan of the Apes" aired. It ran on WBBM at 5:15 pm five days a week. The first 26 episode dates can not be confirmed because the Chicago Tribune did not carry the complete daily WBBM schedule until October 18, 1932.

See the results of JJ's recent research on 
the broadcast times of the Tarzan radio serial 
in an MS-EXCEL document:
The Tarzan Log of Play Dates from the LA Times
in ERBzine 0011a
Jim and Joan in a Tarzan Radio Show Promotional Photo
An American Gold Seal Production
Starring: James Pierce as Tarzan  ~  Joan Burroughs Pierce as Jane
Ref: : The story is complete in 286 episodes. The production is filled with lots of jungle action, but the production technique is fairly primitive. The story is based on the novel, Tarzan Of The Apes, by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
CREDITS FOR THE ENTIRE SERIAL: (The cast members vary by episode.) Eily Malyan (Lady Greystoke), Fred Harrington (Lord Greystoke, Snipes), Frederick C. Dahlquist (producer), Edgar Rice Burroughs (author), James Knight Carden (director), James Pierce (Tarzan), Joan Burroughs (Jane Porter), Lawrence Sterner (Professor Porter), Wilfred North (Mr. Philander), Gale Gordon (Cecil Clayton), Ralph Scott (Lieutenant Paul D'Arnot), Cy Kendall (Captain Tracy), Art Kane (Francois, Joe Miller, captain of the gunboat "Calais", Alexis Paulvitch, Lieutenant Gernois), Horace Harley (Tarrant), Ralph Robinson (King), A. M. Ghio (Carlos), Jacques Jou Jerville (Lieutenant Charpentier), Frederick Shields (Bill Fraser, Basuli The Waziri), Ed T. Meyers (Captain Gault), Dave Taylor, Allan Garcia (Vallons), Victor Lambert (Robert Canier), A. S. Kane Jr. (Captain Dufranne), Frank Nelson (Nikolas Rokoff), Jean Jostyn (cabin steward, Serge), Hanley Stafford (Count Raoul de Conde, Lord Tennington, Karanoff), Winnie Fields Moore (Olga de Coude), Peggy Dolan (Hazel Strong), Ann Sawyer (Maya, Arab dancing girl), Jeanette Nolan (La of Opar), Dave Taylor (Mac, Chief Engineer of Tennington's yacht, British Commissioner), Ted Osborne (Sheik Joseph). 15:22.
TEXT IN BLUE: Old notes from rough listening notes made by the author shortly after 77 of these shows on reel-to-reel tapes were added to the Hillman Library in July 1969. By request, dubs of these reels were sent to Jim and Joan Burroughs Pierce as well as to Vern Coriell, founder of the Burroughs Bibliophiles. See ERBzine 0192 & ERBzine 0193

1. Tarzan's First Birthday ~ The story line is about how Tarzan came to be and how he met Jane. On the first birthday of their son, Lord and Lady Greystoke, stranded in the jungle, are attacked by a crazed ape. 
2. Battle with the Apes ~ Lord and Lady Greystoke are killed by a marauding band of great apes. Kala, the she-ape, leaves behind her dead baby and takes young Lord Greystoke into the jungle with her. Only Lord and Lady Greystoke and apes are heard in this episode.
3. Tarzan in Young Manhood ~ Tarzan is described as a "super-man!" It is twenty years later and Tarzan is now grown. Tarzan, who is not heard in this episode, battles Histah (the snake) to save the cub of Sabor (the lioness). 
4. Tarzan Attacked by Tabor ~ Captain Tracy faces a mutiny off the coast of Africa. Tarzan fights again with Histah (the snake), but is rescued by his friend Tantor (the elephant). The Tarzan yell is heard for the first time on radio.
5. Tarzan Sees a Ship ~ The mutineers demand the treasure map, but Jane Porter has thrown it out of a porthole, inside of a poison bottle. Tarzan watches the mutineers come ashore and fights to rescue the captain.
6. Tarzan Rescues the Captain ~ Tarzan watches the strange men from the boat, fights a chinese mutineer and is knifed in the shoulder! Battling the man, Tarzan quickly kills him and removes the knife.
7. Tarzan Rescues the Captain Again ~  Tarzan sees Numa (the lion) about to attack Captain Tracy. Battling the lion, Tarzan twists the animal's head back until Numa is dead. He then gives the Tarzan cry of victory. Tarzan speaks to another human for the first time. Yount, the mutineer, plans to drown Jane Porter, her father and Philander.
8. Did the Bottle Really Go Overboard ~ Professor Porter and Jane try to cause an explosion to free themselves from being trapped in the sinking ship. Meanwhile, Tarzan kills Hortah (the boar) for dinner for himself and Captain Tracy. While fighting the beast, Captain Tracy becomes trapped in a pit of quicksand!
9. The Captain Is in Quicksand ~ Tarzan and his ape friends pull Captain Tracy from the quicksand. Jane and her father set out from the mutineers in a small boat.
10. A Fight Aboard Ship ~ After battling a hostile great ape, Tarzan visits his secret hut.
11. Tarzan's Shack ~ Jane and her friends come upon Tarzan's hut in the jungle, while he watches them...unobserved! Tarzan is fascinated with Jane, the first white woman he's even seen! Meanwhile, the mutineers come ashore, start to dig for the treasure and fight among themselves.
12. Mutinous Captain Killed  ~ The mutineers endanger Jane and her friends, but are protected by Tarzan. They find the treasure and decide to bury it elsewhere, as a French ship is approaching the coast!
13. Tarzan Delivers the Sailor ~ Tarzan sees where the treasure is buried, digs it up and hides it himself! Professor Porter and Philander wander off into the jungle! ~ Tarzan drops pirate from tree...Retreats...Buries treasure...Tarzan digs up chest...Buries in jungle...Porter and Philander wander off...Numa attacks
14.Tarzan Rescues Jane's Father ~ Tarzan saves Professor Porter and Philander from Numa (the lion). The diary of the Greystokes is found, but where is the famous diamond encrusted locket?  ~ Numa attacks Porter and Philander...Tarzan pulls them to safety...Clayton and Jane housecleaning...Ship has gone...Find Greystoke diary...Clayton rushes out with rifle...hears Porter
15. Clayton Tries to Rescue the Professor ~ Professor Porter and Philander tell Jane how a strange creature saved their lives. Jane tells them that the mutineer's ship has departed. Cheetah (the leopard) attacks! ~ Clayton rushes to save...Porter returns in meantime...Tells of strange rescue...Tarzan follows...Clayton examines him...Gun goes off...Porter and Philander go to search for Clayton...Jane hears shot...goes to door...Lion attacks cabin...Breaks window bars...Jane shoots...
16. Tarzan Saves Clayton ~ While Tarzan examines Clayton's rifle, a shot rings out! Sabor (the lioness) threatens Jane while she's in Tarzan cabin! ~ Tarzan and Clayton hear Jane...Tarzan returns...Grabs Sabor by the tail...Tarzan fights and kills the lion...Tarzan gives his ape cry...
17. Tarzan Saves Jane ~ Tarzan battles Sabor (the lioness) and gives his mighty victory cry of the bull ape! Watching Jane within his cabin, he sees her write a letter, which he quietly takes through the window after she's asleep. ~ Party talks of ape language...Prepare to eat ... Tarzan looks in the window at night...Steals Jane’s letter... 
18. Tarzan Reads Jane's Letter ~ Tarzan hears the drums of the great apes calling him to the victory dance of the "Dum-Dum." Tarzan must join them! ~ Tarzan reads Jane’s letter...finds kinship...Next sunset...Quote Shakespeare...Cecil and Jane check wood on beach headland...Hear Dum Dum...Tarzan goes to Dum Dum...Porter discusses skeleton...Tarzan dances with apes...Victory dance... Apes sleep...Tarzan returns...
19. Morning Arrives ~ While Jane and her friends have breakfast, Tarzan and Tantor (the elephant) go for an early morning swim. Seeing Clayton endangered once again by Hortah (the boar), Tarzan supplies meat for Jane and her friends. He gives the victory cry after killing Hortah.  ~ Jungle wakes...Tarzan meets Tantor...Breakfast...Talk of position...Clayton to hunt... Clayton wounds Horta... Boar attacks...Tarzan kills and carries boar to hut...
20. Tarzan Presides over Apes ~ Tarzan sits in judgement of his fellow apes. Terkoz, the rogue bull ape, kidnaps Jane and carries her off into the trees! ~ Tarzan at Dum Dum...Tribal meeting...Terkoz has run amok...Porter discusses Tarzan...Cecil sets traps and nets...Jane goes for fruit...Terkoz steals Jane...
21. Tarzan Rescues Jane from the Apes ~ Jane Porter is kidnapped by a giant ape! Tarzan battles the ape and gives the victory call after killing the beast. Tarzan and Jane have their first conversation (sort of)! ~ Porter and Philander helpless...Pursue...Tarzan hears her scream...Tarzan fights Terkoz...Jane hugs Tarzan...Share names...Calls him white skin...
22. The Professor Wants to Search ~ Tarzan leaves Jane alone in a tree while he goes to get breakfast. Professor Porter is very upset when Jane fails to return the next morning. The French naval vessel is seen offshore.  ~ Porter decides to wander to jungle...Ships off coast...Beacon...Tarzan builds shelter...Teaches language...Takes her to look for food...Look for wood for beacon... A light
23. Rescue ~ Lt. Paul D'Arnot, of the French navy, comes ashore and meets Professor Porter and Philander. D'Arnot attempts to help recover Jane. Tarzan warns Jane about a tribe cannibals nearby, and then the whole jungle erupts in fire! ~ Ship sees signal...Sends boat...Jane feels safe...D’Arnot arrives...French navy...[poor quality skips here]...Tarzan and Jane talk...Fights beast 
24. Tarzan's Hut Afire ~ Tarzan leaves Jane to battle the flames threatening his hut. Meanwhile, D'Arnot and Professor Porter find the body of the ape Tarzan killed and fear Jane has been rescued from the ape only to fall into the hands of the cannibals. Clayton raises his rifle and shoots at Tarzan! ~ Tarzan sees smoke...This it is the hut...Wants to tell Jane must go...Search party finds Terkoz [poor quality skips]...Tarzan puts out beacon fire..goes to hut for diary...Party returns...Clayton shoots him...
25. Clayton Hunts Tarzan ~ Lieutenant D'Arnot assumes command of the search for Jane. Tarzan learns to speak more English from Jane. Tarzan returns to the hut, draws his bow and shoots an arrow in the direction of Clayton! ~ D’Arnot stops him from pursuing...Tarzan returns to Jane...Says he was shot at...Party finds Diary gone...Night...Door left open...White sailors carry supplies...Cannibal aims arrow...
26. Tarzan Fires at Clayton ~ Clayton concludes that Tarzan is a cannibal. Jane realizes a ship has come to the rescue of the expedition. ~ Arrow misses...They think it’s Tarzan...Morning...Jane awakes...English lesson...Tarzan teaches archery...Party about to leave...close door...Depart...Jane communicates....Tarzan takes her back...Hear ship...
27. The Ship Leaves ~ Tarzan brings Jane back to his hut. Jane fears that her father and everyone else has left the jungle, leaving her alone with "White Skin." ~ Party see evidence of Cannibals...Talk of poison arrows...Jane and Tarzan reach hut...Steamer disappearing...Jane cries...Thinks left behind...Depends on Tarzan...Swing into trees...Hear horrible noise....
28. Search Party Is Attacked ~ Tarzan and Jane watch a fierce battle between Numa (the lion), Cheetah (the leopard) and Hortah (the boar). Philander has disappeared from the camp. He is heard crying for help in the distance!  ~ Weird noise...To lure them into ambush....find black exhausted men from plantation going back to tribe...Died...Whites tortured...Night...Jane and Tarzan watch stars...English lesson...Numa and Sheeta fight below...Numa kills...Party has seen torches...Philander calls for help...
29. Philander Is Captured ~ While the crazed natives attack D'Arnot and the Porter expedition, Tarzan introduces Jane to Manu (the monkey). While the drums beat, the natives come ever closer to D'Arnot and his friends!  ~ Philander taken...D’Arnot attacks...Find trail...Jane and Tarzan watch moon...Meet Manu...Hear war drums...Gomangani...Tarzan leaves...Sees blacks crying Philander...Drums all around the party...See something on edge of trail...
30. Search Party Finds a Clue ~ Tarzan sleeps and all is well! ~ Find witch doctor with Philanderhelmet and binoculars...Black magic...Tarzan ropes savage...Kills with arrows and frees Philander...Party comes...Philander tells story...Tarzan returns to Jane...English lesson and sleep...
31. The Jungle Awakes ~ Tarzan is called off to settle an argument among the apes. The search party approaches the village of the cannibals ~ Morning...English lesson...Tarzan leaves for tribal problem... Party approaching Cannibals... They wonder who Tarzan is... Reach village...  plan... Jane hears... Lowers self to meet them 
32. Jane Is Captured by Cannibals ~ D'Arnot suspects a trap as a stockade is found in the jungle. Jane wanders into the jungle after hearing voices, but is found by Tarzan. The stockade gates close behind Professor Porter and Philander as the jungle drums begin to sound! ~ Village empty...Strange...Tarzan returns...Finds Jane...Returns to platform...Party enters village...empty...Drums...Gates close...
33. Search Party Is Trapped ~ Tarzan spares the life of a native after Jane teaches him that "man does not kill man." Freeing the native, the black man returns to the stockade where he tells the others of being threatened by the white devil who now has a white woman with him! ~ Natives close in...D’Arnot talks to leader...Put down guns....Taken to hut...Says Jane not there...Tarzan and Jane see Gomangani .... Attack for arrows... Party imprisoned in hut...Black returns to village saying he saw Tarzan and white woman...
34. Tarzan Learns More English ~ D'Arnot, Professor Porter and Philander are overjoyed to learn that Jane is still alive. However, their joy is short lived when the ceremonies of sacrifice begins. They are to be killed! While in Tarzan's cabin, Jane is meanced by a party of savage black warriors! ~ Jane tells Tarzan to take her to the hut...Party realizes Tarzan and Jane together...Party in trouble... Tarzan and Jane reach hut... Blacks enter hut...Jane alone...
35. Jane and Tarzan Go into the Hut ~ Jane is thrown into a pit by the savages. Tarzan calls Tantor (the elephant) to help him free Jane. Meanwhile, D'Arnot, Professor Porter and Philander are planning an escape from the cannibal's kraal with the help of a friendly native. ~ Party plan escape...Befriended black plans to help to repay service...Blacks throw Jane into pit...Tarzan comes...Tarzan calls Tantor... Party has rifles smuggled to them... Tantor attacks blacks...Rescue...Party attempts escape...Seen...
36. Search Party Makes Their Move ~ The attempted escape from the native village fails. D'Arnot and the others are tied to stakes! ~ Capture...Fastened to stake...D’Arnot wounded blind...Sunset...Tarzan and Jane return to shelter...Thanks Tantor...English lesson... Blacks dance... D’Arnot and Professor try to free selves...Blacks take Porter...
37. Cannibals Chose the Professor ~ Jane tries to speak with Tarzan about his father and mother. This is not an easy job! D'Arnot, Professor Porter and Philander make an attempt to escape from the cannibals.~ Get Clayton’s knife...Bring back Porter...Black promises to come to them...Jane teaches word “father”...Tarzan wants father...Chief waiting to capture Tarzan and Jane before any sacrifices...Then word that Tarzan escaped...Blacks come to kill...Party run...
38. Second Escape Try ~ Jane finally convinces Tarzan to go in search of her father...when a load explosion is heard! D'Arnot's men have set off an explosion of dynamite, which leads the cannibals to think that their prisoners can work magic. While Tarzan is gone, Cheetah (the leopard) attacks and starts to climb the tee in which Jane is cowering! ~ Tarzan hears an explosion and guns at village...Goes to village..Party flattened...Stupefied natives think it is the work of a god...He plans to act the part...Throws bullets into the fire...Tribe dances a welcome...Sheeta attacks Jane...Fights with branch
39. Jane Is Attacked ~ Tarzan battles Cheetah to save Jane and gives his victory cry after killing the beast. Jane tells Tarzan that she wants the gun that is in the hut. D'Arnot, Professor Porter and Philander are to be forced to drink a cup of poison to prove that they have supernatural powers! ~ Tarzan returns to save Jane...Tarzan jumps on Sheeta...they roll off platform...Tarzan kills...Party talk of situation and devil god Tarzan.... Now to prove godliness must drink poison cup...Jane sleeps...
40. The Poison Drink ~ D'Arnot and his friends use a rocket to impress the cannibals. Tarzan asks his friends, the great apes, to watch out for Jane while his gone. Professor Porter drinks the poison! ~ Party to work magic and swallow poison...chant...Egypt sun worship chant...Clayton lights rocket...aimed at natives...Tarzan and Jane go to hut...Apes approach...Tarzan introduces them...They go back to jungle...Witch doctor trying to save face...Party must drink poison...Porter drinks Episode 41 Synopsis...Tarzan and Jane on platform.. .Ape calls Tarzan to Dum Dum...Leaves Taug to protect...Party drinking poison...Witch doctor drinks...Then party puts tablet in it...Doctor falls to ground...Party comes to hut...Pretends to save him...Hista attacks Taug... 
41. Ape Battles Snake ~ James Pierce and Joan Burroughs are given air credit for the first time (Edgar Rice Burrough's daughter's name is pronounced as "Jo-ann" by the announcer). D'Arnot and the professor call the Witch Doctor's bluff and ask for a second cup of poison! Histah (the snake) attacks Jane and wraps himself around her body! The announcer ends the program by declaring it to be an "American Gold Seal Production."
42. Return of the Ship ~  Jane kills Histah (the snake) with the revolver. There is peace in the jungle tonight! ~ Taug weakening...Jane kills snake...Tarzan returns...Apes know Jane to be feared...Party explains poison... Promise bring rain and return spirit to cave mummy... Shot from cruiser? (actually Jane’s shot)... Night falls...Jane happy...Sings...Tarzan likes it...
43. Tarzan Saves Jane ~ Tarzan plans to go to the village of cannibals to get more arrows. Jane is determined to go along with him, to possibly find her father. jane is pulled into a hut by a black arm! The Witch Doctor disappears as Professor Porter finds strange heiroglyphics! D'Arnot, Professor Porter and Philander are trapped in the sacred cave of the cannibals! ~ Blacks celebrating because whites are going to bring rain...Witch Doctor makes them give up rifles...Tarzan and Jane go to village for arrows...village empty... Jane captured by lone black in hut...Party reach cave behind waterfall...Jump down into .... Witch Doctor disappears... Trapped in cave...
44. Tarzan Recaptured ~ Tarzan and Jane are taken prisoner by the cannibals. Professor Porter and Philander use their archeological knowledge to find an exit from the cave. Tarzan frees himself, kills a cannibal and gives his cry of victory. Using Jane's revolver and his bow and arrows, Tarzan seems to be fighting he way free. However, the son of the chief of cannibals sets the hut on fire! ~ Tarzan saves Jane but more blacks close in ...Capture...Party hears Tarzan has been caught...Find secret exit...Tarzan frees self...Gets guard...Throws him out of hut...Gives a shout...Chief’s son sets fire to hut... 
45. Reunited ~ Tarzan and Jane escape from the burning hut and hide in the hut of the Witch Doctor. The cannibals start to close in! ~ Blacks circle blazing hut triumphantly...Tarzan and Jane get out back...Escape to Witch Doctor’s hut...Party reaches village...Witch Doctor knows Tarzan and Jane escaped...Party tries to show their god power...Witch Doctor goes to hut and sees Tarzan and Jane... Tribe surrounds them and closes in....
46. Escape ~ Jane is to be sacrificed. D'Arnot has a plan to free her. Tarzan frees himself and attacks the Witch Doctor, freeing Jane. ~ Tarzan and Jane captured...Put into hut...Jane then put in another hut...Party makes plan to rescue Jane...Tarzan frees self...Kills guard... Follows Witch Doctor carrying Jane... Ropes him...Carries Jane to trees...
47. Rain Comes ~ Tarzan takes Jane deeper into the jungle. Predicting a large rainstorm will soon begin, Tarzan takes Jane's sugguestion that they go to the hut. Professor Porter and D'Arnot plan to impress the natives by claiming to start the coming rainstorm. ~ Party sees escape...Grab Witch Doctor and chief...Tarzan and Jane return to platform...Smell rain coming...go to hut...Party read barometer...Rain coming...Go through ceremony...Rain comes... 
48. Receives Greystoke Locket ~ Most of this episode consists of the mumbo jumbo by D'Arnot and Professor Porter to convice the cannibals that they have power over the rain. At Tarzan's hut, Jane is shown the valuable papers and the valuable Greystoke locket. ~ Burn effigy of Tarzan...Long native ceremony...Party free to leave...Clayton cracks...Leave for hut...Tarzan shows Jane letter and locket... Gives Jane locket...
49. Tarzan And the Crocodiles ~  Tarzan and Jane go for a swim in a jungle river. Tarzan wonders about the meaning of love. D'Arnot, Professor Porter, Clayton and Philander decide to re-enter the sacred cave. Gimla (the crocodile) starts after Jane! ~  Jane learns that the apeman is Tarzan...Party prepares to leave...Witch Doctor plans revenge...Witch Doctor sends word...Tarzan and Jane at cave... All go there... Trap... Jane and Tarzan go to river...Jane falls into water... Gimla attacks... 
50. Rescuers Seek Safety in Cave ~ Tarzan rescues Jane from Gimla (the crocodile). D'Arnot, Professor Porter, Clayton and Philander seek shelter in the sacred cave and Tarzan warns them of their danger. Clayton takes another shot at Tarzan (fortunately missing him). At last, Professor Porter knows that Jane is alive! ~ Tarzan saves Jane from crocodile...Tarzan and Jane to village...Hear drums...Reach blacks and party...Jane writes message to warn them and Tarzan puts it on an arrow... Clayton shoots at them... Natives turn against them... Retreat to cave...
51. Attempted Rescue ~ Tarzan and Jane plan to try to rescue her father and his friends who are trapped in the sacred cave. Clayton disputes D'Arnot's authority which causes the death of five French sailors. They have a confrontation. What is that strange sound? ~ Party go to cave...Five sailors left behind...Turn on Clayton...See trapped...Tarzan and Jane plan...Tarzan to kill black... Party tortures Witch Doctor to find another exit... Hear inhuman noise...
52. Sounds in the Cave ~ Tarzan kills one of the cannibals. Seeing another about to spear Tarzan, Jane shoots him! Tarzan kills a second cannibal and gives the yell of victory! The Witch Doctor escapes! ~ Party trapped in cave...Tarzan and Jane go to village...Beats drum...Sets fire to hut...Tarzan and Jane return to cave...See stone across cave mouth...Sees black trap...Retreats... Hear noise again... Approaching ... Witch Doctor dead?...
53 The Witch Doctor Escapes ~ Witch Doctor in suspended animation...Clayton finds balcony with purer air up stairway...Tarzan goes to shoot blacks...Jane saves Tarzan from black with arrow...Shoots...Cry...Party hears...Witch Doctor has escaped...Francois gone...
54. Witch Doctor Noises ~ Francois calls to them from exit...They try to find...Tarzan waits to kill chief...Tarzan and Jane hear strange noise again...Blacks go away...Tarzan says he loves Jane...Tarzan and Jane go to cave...Call down through cleft...Witch Doctor noise and Jane and Tarzan don’t answer...
55. Tarzan Fires Dynamite ~ Jane answers...Francois comes to...Jane sets dynamite to open cavern...It Blows!... 
56. The Cannibals Attack ~ Explosion...Hole opened...Must get up before cannibals come...Reach top...Start for hut...Hear Witch Doctor noise again...Cannibals coming ... Tarzan prepares...
57. The Attack ~ Not blacks but the sailors...Go farther...Find place to make a stand...Attack...Tarzan to the trees...Clayton goes after Witch Doctor...Says he killed him...Tarzan warns of mass attack...ATTACK!
58. The Lion Attacks ~ Attackers are beaten off...Tarzan goes to get Witch Doctor’s body...Sailors dead...Party retreats farther...Tarzan throws Witch Doctor at attackers...Retreat...Stop for Porter and Clayton...Fever...
59. The Professor Collapses ~ Lion attacks...Leaps on Clayton...Tarzan attacks lion...Gives ape yell...Tarzan eats...Porter collapses... Jane cries...
60. The Party Gets Made at Clayton ~ Travelling...Professor walking now...Not far from hut...Tarzan hunts...Clayton hates Tarzan...Tarzan returns... Clayton shoots...They fight...Jane stops him... Tarzan leaves Clayton to Jane and leaves... 
61. The Mutineers Return ~ Clayton makes excuses...Cabin ransacked...Francois goes for water...Saw marks of a boat...Switch to pirates... Hear party and close in... 
62. Jane Is Attacked ~ Tarzan returns to the apes...Takla challenging his kingship...Charges...Tarzan wins...Clayton finds pirate camp...Returns to cabin...Pirates take Jane as hostage...Porter fires shots... 
63. Tarzan and Jane Talk ~ Jane drops to ground so Clayton and rest can shoot...Mutineers run off...Tarzan returns...Finds mutineers...Kills boar...Gives ape cry...Scares off mutineers...Tarzan returns to talk to Jane...
64. Jane Is Captured Again ~ Tarzan and Jane talk...Philander warns about falling in love with society...Tarzan goes for arrows...Mutineers kidnap Jane from hut... 
65. Tarzan to the Rescue ~ Mutineers lead Jane away...Try to force her to tell where treasure is....Tarzan returning...Morning and party awake...Jane gone... Tarzan comes... Tarzan leaves to find Jane...
66. Tarzan to the Ship ~ Question Jane...She bargains with one of the mutineers...Tarzan approaches but hears mutineer at hut...Tarzan goes to hut and tries to make mutineer tell where Jane is...Jane at ship... Tarzan swims out to ship... 
67. Ship Rescue ~ Pirates see men running on beach...pretend to take off...Tarzan swimming...Others try to fix boat on beach... Tracy pounds on wall of Jane’s cabin...shows how to open port to escape...Tarzan reaches ship and enters port... Pirates come and he hides behind door and waits... 
68. Ship Wreck ~ Tarzan kills pirate...Tracy talks...Thanks Tarzan from other room...Another man comes for her...Party work to repair boat on beach...Tarzan kills other man...Can’t free Tracy...Go to deck...Tries to wreck ship on rocks... 
69. Captain Tracy's Arm ~ Ship goes wild...Find helmsman dead...Tarzan says storm coming...Snipes says must get Tarzan...Men won’t do it -- afraid to go alone...Party prepare to go to ship in boat...Tarzan and Jane go below while mutineers fight...Try to free Tracy...Free him and go to his cabin for guns...Mutineers come...Go to wheel house....Pirates spot them with light...charge...Plan to smash wheel house and drop weight... 
70. Others on the Reef ~ Episode 70: Survive but Tracy’s left arm broken...Tarzan and Jane jump into water...Tracy covers retreat... Tarzan and Jane swim... Tarzan kills shark...Tarzan and Jane reach shore...Boat party reach reef...Tarzan takes Jane to platform... Jane afraid...Party in trouble on reef... anger of being washed away... Big Breaker!...
71. Tarzan with the Apes ~ Morning...Tarzan and Jane go for fruit...Tarzan says Clayton still hates him...Party stranded on rock...King signaled Snipes...Lower boat and come after party...Trouble at ape tribe...Tarzan takes Jane... 
72. Jane at the Dum Dum ~ Sheeta attacking baby ape...Tribe around...Tarzan attacks...Plan to have Dum but first go to hut....Pirates reach rock and force party to dig for treasure...Tarzan and Jane reach hut...Empty...Return to jungle...Dum Dum... 
73. Elephant Stampede ~ Jane watches Dum Dum ...Ends...Party digging...Make deal with King...Jane is sad that Tarzan is so wild... Distant rumble... Elephant stampede toward them... 
74. Lt Makes His Escape ~ Stampede passes by destroying platform...Go to sleep in tree crotch...Crew makes Snipes let party stop digging...D’Arnot pretends he knows where treasure is...Jane can’t sleep on branch...Asks Tarzan to come to America...Tarzan accuses her of loving Clayton...She wishes he was gone...He goes...Sits on a branch overhead...Goes to sleep on his shoulder...D’Arnot calls King...Pirates return...Clayton warns...Pirates shoot....D’Arnot gets away to jungle... 
75. Tarzan Meets Mutineers ~ Pirates Tie up Clayton...Question King...Shoots...Morning...Tarzan and Jane reach hut...D’Arnot reaches hut and gets gun...King shot in arm...Confesses...They send him to jungle to find D’Arnot...Tarzan meets King and two men...ropes front man...Throws him down dead...King shoots at Tarzan... 
76. The Escape ~ Tarzan climbs...King misses...Moves...Ropes Mike...Throws him down...King runs off...Tarzan jumps on other...Knocks rifle as he shoots...Ape cry...Goes back to Jane and D’Arnot...Go to camp...Party still digging...Snipes goes to strike Clayton...Men rebel...King returns and tells of Tarzan...Snipes tries to send men after Tarzan...Rebel and fight...Party runs...Pirates pursue...Tarzan and Jane hear...Jane shoots to save father...Tarzan shoots arrows... 
77. Weeks Later ~ Pirates put boat over from Arrow...Party get into boat to go down coast and upstream to hut...Pirates fight each other...Tarzan and Jane and D’Arnot go to hut on foot...Snipes won...Send for men on Arrow...To go to hut to get D’Arnot...Tarzan and Jane and D’Arnot reach hut...No one there yet...Party aground in boat on stream...Meet cannibals...

In the early '50s Australian radio imported the Tarzan radio show from America. 

After they had aired 104 of these episodes they produced 1040 12-minute episodes of their own serial -- 
Tarzan, King of the Apes. 
The series started about 1953 and many of the storylines were based upon ERB's books. 
The most intriguing thing about these shows is that they starred Rod Taylor. 

Rod Taylor: Australian Tarzan

Rod Taylor became famous across Australia for his performance as Tarzan. 
The show aired at 6 p.m. Monday to Friday in 1954.
It was one of many action-adventure serials for young listeners that were so popular in the 1950s. 
Other actors took over the Tarzan role after Rod left the show 
to become a popular Hollywood film actor.
Listen to two of the Australian Tarzan Episodes:

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Rod Taylor Site

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