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Volume 2338

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Unpublished Tarzan Sunday page featuring the characters of
Captain Lawrence, Torgo and Mama N'gama of the Punya tribe
from the Commodore Tarzan radio show. Circa 1970s.
Script writer: John Rose ~ Artist: Franc Reyes

Click Titles to Play - A new show each week.
1. The Decoy - 51.01.04 - (Pilot program) Baron, a wild animal broker, his daughter, Zyra, and Hammet, a white hunter, invade Tarzan's jungle. They have two goals: to capture elephants (which they plan to round using female elephants as decoys) and Tarzan. Zyra is the decoy to capture Tarzan. The Lord of the Jungle falls for the beautiful girl, who he refers to as his "White Goddess." His infatuation, however, is short lived when he discovers that beauty is only skin deep and narrowly escapes being caged.
2. Black Ivory - 51.01.11 - (CBS: 52.04.12) Tarzan is adopted into the Mawa tribe, whose members are noted for their tall and handsome physiques. But he didn't realize that he would be required to take Velda, the chief's daughter, as his wife. This creates problems with Kalo, who she had previously been promised; further complicating matters is Ajib Ben Zahman, a Bedouin slave trader, who is determined to make slaves of the Mawa.
3. Hooded Death - 51.01.18 (CBS: 53.02.21) - Tarzan accompanies an American research scientist to the village of the snake people. The scientist is conducting research into the use of snake venom as a cure for certain illnesses. He gets more than he bargained for with this tribe who worships the King Cobra.
4. The Maneuma - 51.01.25 - (CBS: 52.03.29) - Drought has ravaged the crops of the Punya. To save them, Tarzan will lead them to the mountains where there is sure to be rain. However, in the mountains the Manuema living in the shadow of the volcano, Kenyara are also suffereing from lack of rain. Their witch doctor states that the volcano is angry with them because they have gone too long without giving Kenyara a sacrifice. Tarzan's friend Torgo, a small native boy of the Punya, is captured by the Manuema cannibals. Tarzan must rescue him before he is sacrificed.
5. The Siren of Omdurmara - 51.02.01 - (CBS: 52.03.22) - CBS used this episode as their pilot when they purchased the syndicated series for national broadcast. Jalnar, the beautiful and sultry "Siren of Omdurmara," will only accept the suitor who brings to her the sacred emerald of the Karniki. Ibn el Suman journeys to Karniki and steals the gem. Tarzan travels to Omdurmara in search of the thief, and when wounded is nursed by the self-centered Jalnar -- who learns to care for someone other than herself.
6. Black Gold of Africa - 51.02.08 (CBS: 52.04.05) - Alexis Verron and Herbert Graves, two unscrupulous prospectors, persuade Tarzan to give them permission to mine for gold on Punyan land. They find oil instead, and whenever Tarzan is absent, they mistreat and cheat the natives. After discovering their duplicity, Tarzan must protect the Punyas.
7. The Coward - 51.02.15 - (CBS: 52.04.19) - William Pembler, a self-made millionaire, is disappointed in his gentle bookish son Billy. Pembler decides that the way to make a man of Billy is to take him on an African safari. Accompanying them is a villainous cousin Harry. Harry owes money to a bookie, and when he learns that he will inherit the Pembler estate, he plans a hunting accident for father and son. Tarzan must rescue both, and in the course of their adventure, both father and son learn the true meaning of manhood.
8. Female of the Species - (51.02.22 - (CBS: 52.04.26) - Tarzan is asked by Murivo for help against the strange women warriors of the Kahili. These Amazons use a strange music to cast a spell, which allows them to capture men, who they sacrifice. Tarzan and Murivo, after being captured, must use subterfuge to escape the city of "man killers."
9. End of the World - 51.03.01 - (CBS: 53.03.28) - Tarzan saves the Reverend Thadious Martin from an attack by a rogue elephant. Reverend Martin tells Tarzan that he is on his way to the village of the Nagalas who are being robbed by a magician who has them believing that the world is about to end. As he is performing a trick, the magician renders Tarzan temporarily blind and binds him in chains. The rogue elephant, still in the area, charges the native compound, wreaking havoc, which allows Tarzan to break free. Tarzan then kills the elephant with his knife. 
10. Across a Continent - 51.03.08 - Tarzan helps Gabrielle, a singer in an African cafe, to escape from two men. She tells him that she had workd fo r the underground in Warsaw during World War II and that the men are Nazi war criminals. Tarzan escorts Gabrielle across the continent from Bachurata to Angola, during which he falls under the spell of her charms. He soon discovers that he has been duped and that she is really a diamond smuggler.
11. The Killer - 51.03.15 - (CBS: 52.05.03) - Herbert Graves, an old enemy seeks revenge against Tarzan and enlists the aid of a giant prizefighter. Dressing the fighter like Tarzan, Graves instructs him to commit several robberies and murders -- all of which are blamed on Tarzan. Tarzan is arrested by his friend, Captain Lawrence, but soon escapes. He discovers Graves and the "killer" in the village of Yumbooys, which they have terrorized. A terrific battle ensues with Tarzan emerging victorious.
12. Jungle Legacy - 51.03.22 - (CBS 52.05.10) - Alexis Verron returns, intent on revenging himself against Tarzan. This time he joins forces with an enemy agent of a foreign power in search of uranium in the country of the Mowa. Once again, Tarzan foils his prospecting plans.
13. Jungle Orchids - 51.03.29  (CBS: 52.05.17) - Tarzan encounters the exotically beautiful Edwina Clarke, and he is instantly smitten with the almond-eyed, silver-haired woman. Edwina seems as fragile, gently and beautiful as the orchids she is collecting. Soon, however, Tarzan discovers that, like some orchids, her beauty covers an evil disposition.
14. Gold Coast Robbery - 51.04.05 - (CBS: 52.05.24) - An exhausted native, Nungo, arrives at Tarzan's cabin begging for help. He is being pursued by Abdul el Kafin, chief of the Cassonia Railway police, who suspects him of being part of a native group who robbed the gold train. El Kafin states that he has found some of the gold in Nungo's hut, and he and his fellow warriors must stand trial for robbery. He accuses Tarzan of being the possible mastermind behind the robbery, but does Abdul el Kafin accuse too loudly?
15. Life or Death - 51.04.12 - (CBS: 52.05.31) - Tarzan agrees to lead the safari of an American multimillionaire, his daughter and son-in-law on a quest for the fabled fountain of youth. Thinking they have discovered the secret of the riches and knowledge it will bring them, they are soon at one another's throats. Tarzan settles things and brings peace once more to the jungle.
16. D is for Diamonds and Death - 51.04.19 (CBS: 52.06.07) - A native chief asks Tarzan to find his son and to bring him back to his tribe. Tarzan ends up working at the mine in order to help the chief's son return a diamond that he has stolen. Vincent, the mine owner, believes Tarzan is the thief and plans to brand him on the forehead with the "D" of a diamond thief.
17. Pirates of Cape Bandeira - 51.04.26 - (CBS: 52.06.14) - Tarzan decides that he needs a vacation from dealing with the various trials and tribulations encountered in the jungle and sails down the coast in a small skiff. His vacation comes to an end when he must join a band of pirates in order to thwart their evil plans.
18. Contraband - 51.05.03 - Unrest and rebellion is fomented on the island of San Laurencia by the sultry beauty, Tah. Captain Lawrence enlists the aid of Tarzan to quell the revolt. He crosses the desert to the land of the berber to discover who is making the guns (the contraband of the title) used by the insurgents. Captured and left to die in the desert by Ali es Tagar, Tarzan arrives on San Laurencia in time to stop the use of the guns.
19. Lake of Blood - 51.05.10 - (CBS: 52.06.21) - Tarzan and Natessa search for Torgo, the small Punya boy, who has followed a flight of cranes to their winter grounds. Tarzan discovers the forbidden Lake of Blood, whose waters are the color of blood and nothing survives within them. Trader Morgan, who runs a small trading post in the area is taking advantage of the native's superstitions.
20. Congo Magic - 51.05.17 - In Fort Zaroka, CAptain Lawrence takes Tarzan to his Club and introduces him to the various guests. Mr. Mooney ridicules Tarzan and plays practical jokes on Shorty, the dwarf bartender. The local pygmies think Shorty possesses great magic and try to kill him in order to acquire that magic. Tarzan, Mooney and Shorty travel by safari to the pygmy village to learn the origin of their belief in Shorty's magic.


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