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 FEATURE 1: ERBzine 1172
John Coleman Burroughs Correspondence File 1960s
 Remember These Guys?
Vernell Coriell: Burroughs Bibliophiles Founder
Charles N. Reinsel: Norb's Notes Fanzine
Rev. Henry Hardy Heins: Golden Anniversary Bibliography of ERB
Allan Howard: ERB Scholar & Writer
Jim Thompson: ListMeister ERBCOF ListServ
Stan Vinson: Renowned Collector ~ Burroughs Bibliophile President
Clarence B. (Bob) Hyde: President Burroughs Bibliophiles & Longtime Collector
Robert R. Barrett: ERB Researcher and Writer
Maurice B. Gardner: Author
Bob Horvath: Artist
Dum-Dum 1968: Oakland, California
Hulbert Burroughs ~ ERB Son, JCB Brother & ERB, Inc. Discovery of the Week

FEATURE 2: ERBzine 1182
European Quest for Tarzan

Travel Journal and Photos 
by Wayne and Edie James

FEATURE 3: ERBzine 1183
Wayne and Edie visit Tarzan in Paris

Travel Journal and Photos 
by Wayne and Edie James 


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ERBapa 82: La of Opar by David Burton
FEATURE 5: ERBapa Update
Following the release of the ERBapa Summer Symposium 
Lost Worlds Edition  No. 82
Our ERBapa pages have been updated 
Detailed contents and cover art 
have been added to the appropriate sections,
starting with the main page at:

FEATURE 6: Archive ERBzine 1091
~ El Caballero Souvenir Booklet 1927 ~
Tarzana Ranch Photos with Art by Studley O. Burroughs
Introduction and Overview
Text & Art Work Pt. I
Text & Art Work Pt. II
Main Ranch House and Ballroom-TheatreTarzana Ranch and Rider

Gleanings from the ERB Timeline Bio: August 1930 - 1949

1930: Miss Pickford comes out to look at the property ~  He does a radio interview on radio station KTM where he discusses conservation, prohibition, and  writing, expressing the belief that successful writing is an inherent ability and can not be taught ~ The Burroughses and Dearholts (18 Amherst) exchange social visits and business advice ~ Ed goes through all his note books and makes index pages in alphabetical order (i.e. Elmo Lincoln: page 97), Ed's notebooks contain references to a Xonthron - Dr. Science project. Graduation Ceremonies for the kids ~ he is very proud of the children ~ Ed carries on much of his writing by dictation onto cylinders. Ed returns to dictate more cylinders ~ Ppainters are painting the kitchen. ~ Ed meets with California Bank and ERB, Inc. to work out finances for the new El Cab plan.
1930 August 17: Ed notes receiving letters from the Dearholts who are travelling around the Southwest in their "land yacht" -- a mobile home constructed by Ashton.
1931: An article praising the merits of travelling in a Pullman Aerocoach appears in the company's Caravan Club publication. Ed describes their 1929 trip to Grant's Pass in which they use two Aerocoaches.  Pleased with English teacher Miss Bischoff's editing job, Ed sends her "The Dancing Girl of the Leper King" and three instalments of Tarzan and the Leopard Men. He is dissatisfied with Rex Maxon's Sunday Tarzan page. Maxon's run will end in a month.
1932: Tarzan and the Leopard Men starts its run in Blue Book. ~ Signal Oil purchases exclusive broadcasting rights for California.  ~ Ed purchases a home in Malibu at 90 Malibu La Costa Beach when he realizes that the planned renovations of the Tarzana home will be too expensive.
1932: August 6: Lost on Venus is written at ERB's beach home at 90 Malibu La Costa.
1933: August 31: The editor of Modern Screen requests a story along the theme of "If Tarzan Came to Hollywood" which may have been the inspiration for Tarzan and the Lion Man.
1933: Sol Lesser, who has obtained rights to Tarzan the Fearless, releases it as combined full-length feature and serial. Tarzan is played by 1932 Olympic swimming champion Buster Crabbe who has pushed out the actor originally contracted for the role - James Pierce. The film is running in competition with the MGM Tarzan films. Further complicating the number of Tarzan films on the market is the  unauthorized re-release in Europe of the old 1921 silent The Son of Tarzan which has been partially transformed into a sound picture. However, Elmo Lincoln's efforts over the years to re-release the original Tarzan of the Apes have been unsuccessful, as are ERB's attempts to find work for the now-struggling actor. ~ Hulbert graduates from Pomona College and attends the University of New Mexico summer school of archaeology at Jemez Springs.
1933: August 13: Mildred Bernard Jensen is hired as an assistant to Rothmund.
1934:  Ed, Florence with her two children, and Mrs. Gilbert take a vacation in Big Basin at Santa Cruz and on to San Francisco. They return home to a whirl of social affairs
1934: August 13: A son, Michael, is born to Joan and Jim Pierce.
1935: August 17: Rothmund begins a barrage of submissions of ERB's 1930 western "That Damned Dude," now renamed "The Brass Heart" by John Mann. There are 24 rejections. It is eventually purchased by Thrilling Wonder stories in 1939 and is serialized in 1940.
1936: Ed turns down an offer from Shell to appear on a New York radio program but Florence persuades him to reconsider. He has Ralph tells them he will appear if they up the ante which they do. It gives them a paid trip to New York where he can seek outlets for BTP films. He then returns home via  Chicago.
1937: August 19: Carson of Venus is finished and subsequently rejected by Liberty, Saturday Evening Post, Collier's, and Ladies' Home Journal.
1937: August 20 - 31: Ed adds 21,000 words to the 1914 novelette, The Lad and the Lion and retitles it "Men and Beasts."
1937: August 22: The "Man-Eaters" an article on the behaviour of lions, appears in Sunday Magazine of the Los Angeles Times.
1937:  ERB enrolls stepchild Lee in the Hollywood Military Academy in Brentwood hoping that his studies will improve. The boy is not happy and is soon removed.
1938: Ed and Florence sail to Honolulu on the Lurline for a planned two-week visit with Wayne and Mary Pflueger. (The Deputy Sheriff of Comanche County was dedicated to Mary Lucas Pflueger.)
1939: Ed has another idea for a radio show which he submits to Thompson Agency - Quiet, Please!The emphasis of this fifteen-minute, once-a-week show is on objections to noise - quiet. In the sample columns written for the show he makes it known that he has no love for the Roosevelts, Hitler, Nazis or communists. He mentions that the recently deceased Douglas Fairbanks came close to playing Tarzan in the first Tarzan film. There is no sponsor interest and the show is never broadcast.
1939: Ed and Florence spend time sailing in Balboa at friends' club. Ed tired of the experience except for when he was piloting the ship himself.
August 22: Harry Monty, a dwarf who doubled as Boy in Tarzan Finds a Son, writes to request a meeting with ERB.
August 29: ERB, who was highly critical of the plans to eliminate Jane in Tarzan Finds a Son, sends a  letter to producer Zimbalist voicing his approval the job he has done on the film.
August 31: The family moves to luxurious 716 North Rexford Drive (rent $300 per month) to make Florence's recuperation more pleasant.  After eight months, however, the cost of maintaining two establishments (Emma's home in Bel-Air), high spending, and the loss of income resulting from the war in Europe will force a move to Hawaii.

1940: August 28: The family moves to 2623 Halelena in Honolulu and a week later, Ed moves into an office at 1298 Kapiolani Boulevard. He is at the office from nine to four, preferring to keep his work separate from his homelife. 
1941: August: "Yellow Men of Mars" appears in Amazing Stories. 
August 1: Ed submits a letter from longtime fan, Frank Shonfield, who is now in the English Army, to Life Magazine. It is rejected. 
August 12: Ed instructs his children to elect Rothmund president of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. and to look after him financially. 
August 23 - September 6: Tarzan and the Castaways appears as a three-part serial in Argosy. It is revised and retitled "The Quest of Tarzan" ($450). 
August 27: Ed writes to Jack that he is delighted to hear of Carlin's reaction to his John Carter Sunday page. He feels that Jack will at last come into better money and recognition and be freed from the menial work he's been saddled with.
1942: Ed shares a "military secret" in a letter to Jack. He explains, for the first time, his fascination with the name John. A 12-year-old tough guy used to bully the younger Eddie during his walks to Brown School in Chicago. Eddie was scared stiff and wanted to grow up to be just as tough and to be named John... rather than Edgar. 
August 5: Ed reports in a letter to Joan that he gave a talk to 30 officers at an officers' school  relative to possible co-ordination of BMTC and AA units in event of an emergency.  He  met  the commanding AA general and innumerable other officers, and was taken  to some very interesting and one very secret place.  He also met two negro AA majors and noticed no distinction being shown between white and black. He was  invited out to AA target practice to  fire at targets towed by planes. 
1943: August 4: Stepdaughter Caryl writes that she is attending the private Marlborough School for Girls. She persists in using the last name Burroughs - against her mother's wishes. She fought the adoption by Florence's new husband, Dr. Chase. 
1944: Ed writes an article for Hawaii Magazine: "What Price Tolerance," in which he demands automatic citizenship for alien parents of any man who has served honourably in the armed forces. 
August 9: Ed attends another card game at Mildred's and loses 25 cents. Much of his time is spent writing entries in his notebook.
1945: August 10: Hulbert  relays news from Hickam Field that the war is over. 
August 14: ERB celebrates the end of the war with friends and Hubert who brings his fiancée Marian Thrasher. Ed is arrested after a parking lot altercation with another motorist. 
August 22: ERB who first considered the parking lot incident a joke, is embarrassed by it all  and avoids the reporters 
1946: The affectionate correspondence between Ed and Caryl Lee continues. She asks for a horse. 
1947: August 4: ERB receives a letter from Brigadier General Truman Landon at the War College in Washington. The General thanks him for the dedication in Tarzan and the 'Foreign Legion' and praises him for his fine work. He makes a few technical criticisms.
August 22: Tarzan and 'The Foreign Legion' is published by ERB, Inc. The dedication is: "To Brigadier General Turman H. Landon". Landon is the Commanding General of the Bomber Command of the 7th Air Force stationed at Hickam Field near Honolulu, Oahu. In the book ERB pokes fun at another wartime friend, Colonel Kendall J. Fielder, picturing him dressed up as a witch doctor. 
1949: August: The Cave Girl is published by Dell as a paperback. 
August: The article "Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc." appears in Writer's Digest. 

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JCB's Treasure of the Black Falcon ~ Letters ~ Reviews
DUM-DUM 2004 Photo Memories by Wayne and Edie James I: 5k Run
DUM-DUM 2004 Photo Memories by Wayne and Edie James II: Banquet
Religious Themes in the Novels of ERB by Robert B. Zeuschner, Ph.D.
Gleanings from the ERB Timeline Bio: August 1900-1929

John Coleman Burroughs at work in his studioVideographer Wayne James at BanquetDenny Tarzan MillerGeorge McWhorter: Call to the Mangani
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