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Argosy: January 7, 1939 - Synthetic Men of Mars 1/6

DJ Image
Larger Cover Image by John Coleman Burroughs
Large Pulp Cover Image by Belarski

ERB commenced writing in March 1938
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Argosy Weekly: 1939 January 7, 14, 21, 28 ~ February 4, 11
    Rudolph Belarski: first installment cover ~ Samuel Cahan: one b/w interior per issue
ERB, Inc. Tarzana: March 15, 1940 ~ 315 pages ~ Print Run: 3,500 ~ Heins word count: 70,000
    John Coleman Burroughs: DJ, spine drawing and five interiors
ERB, Inc. Tarzana: March 26, 1948 ~ Burroughs DJ and frontispiece
Ballantine paperback: June 1963 ~ 160 pages
    Robert Abbett cover
Ballantine paperback: October 1973
    Gino D'Achille cover
Doubleday Science-Fiction Book Club: January 1975 ~ with Swords of Mars ~ 345 pages
    Frank Frazetta: DJ and six b/w interiors
Ballantine - Del Rey: October 1979
    Michael Whelan cover

For detailed information, see Robert B. Zeuschner's
Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Bibliography (ERB, Inc., 2016).
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Synthetic Men of Mars
John Carter desperately needed the aid of Barsoom's greatest scientist. But Ras Thavas was the prisoner of a nightmare army of his own creation, half-humans who lived only for conquest. And in their hidden laboratory seethed a horror that could engulf all Mars.

The sight that met my eyes was one of the most horrible I have ever looked upon. Something had evidently gone wrong with the culture medium, and instead of individual synthetic men being formed, there was a single huge mass of animal tissue emerging from the vat and rolling out over the floor. Human parts and organs grew out of it, a leg here, a hand there, a head somewhere else: and the heads were mouthing and screaming. It could go on growing until it engulfed the building, the city... and perhaps all of Barsoom .... unless it were destroyed. And I knew of no way to Synthetic Men of Mars destroy it.


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From the ERB Pulp Biblio ~ 1930s: Part 3

Scans of original art

Scans of original art ~ Pencil on board ~ 17 x 12 in.

Click for full image
"The culture tank swarmed with writhing life like an enormous witch's pot."

Click for full image
"Strange creatures were coming toward us in prodigious leaps and bounds."

Directly before me, on a table, lay my body.

Synthetic Men of Mars, frontispiece
"Directly before me, on a table, lay my body."
(Charcoal pencil on paper laid on board 16.75 x 11.75 in.)
(Restoration of piece damaged in Burroughs fire)
This artwork has been extensively restored, in particular the upper left and right quadrants;
most notable, the monster in the upper right quadrant has been re-created
from his belt and forearm up; burnt area visible on the bottom center edge.

See ERBzine 0352: JCB Tribute for larger images of this art
Scans courtesy the Robert Zeuschner Library

Directly before me, on a table, lay my bodyThe culture tank swarmed with writhing life like an enormous witch's potMy superhuman strength and long sword arm gave us a great advantageA number os strange creatures came running toward usThere is no place in the world for such a hideous monster as I.

My superhuman strength and long sword arm gave us a great advantageThere is no place in the world for such a hideous monster as I.

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Frazetta cover art for the Doubleday Swords and Synthetic edition. . . one of them carried a woman in front of him on the neck of the great bird . . .
I threw him as high as I could.Janai saw the body of Vor Daj lying on the cold ersite slab . . .


Robert Abbett art: Ballantine 1963Gino D'Achille art: Ballantine 1973Frank Frazetta art: Doubleday 1975Michael Whelan art: Del Rey edition 1979Four Square UK edition cover art

Synthetic Men of Mars on Methuen
Full DJ Cover Image

Michael Whelan Del Rey Cover from the Laurence Dunn collection

Michael Whelan Art

Cover art by Gino D'Achille plus rough preliminary from Catspaw
New English Library edition.

Belarski pulp cover art sans text from Charles Madison

Alternate scan of Belarski's actual original

1939 Dutch rip-off of the Belarski cover

The ERB Art of Robert Abbett

Cover art for Synthetic Men of Mars, 1963

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