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Checklist and Sample Art

The history of ERB books and comics published in Britain is a long and complex one. The first British publication of an ERB novel was on September 13, 1917 when Methuen and Co.debuted Tarzan of the Apes -- the first of a long line of ERB novels that would be published in Great Britain. The Methuen editions usually appeared a year or two after the American releases. Throughout the years they occasionally reprinted US dust jackets but very often drew upon their own stable of artists which included: Champneys, Leist, G. W. Goss and G. P. Micklewright.  From 1929 to 1937 Methuen published no new ERB titles, preferring to reprint titles they had originally debuted between 1917 and 1929. They would resume their publishing of new titles in 1937.
New Titles Introduced 1917-1929 (Most titles went through many reprints)
Tarzan of the Apes ~ 1917 ~ Champneys dj art (later reprints by G.W. Goss)
The Return of Tarzan ~ 1918 ~ Champneys dj art (later reprints by G. W. Goss)
The Beasts of Tarzan ~ 1918 ~ Champneys dj art
The Son of Tarzan ~ 1919 ~ Champneys dj art (reprints by G. W. Goss)
A Princess of Mars ~ 1919 ~ Schoonover US dj art
The Gods of Mars ~ 1920 ~ Schoonover US dj art
Warlord of Mars ~ St. John US dj art
Thuvia, Maid of Mars ~ P.J. Monahan US dj art
Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar ~ 1919 ~ St. John US dj art
Jungle Tales of Tarzan ~ 1919 ~ St. John US dj art
Tarzan the Untamed ~ 1920 ~ Leist dj art
Tarzan the Terrible 1921 ~ Goss dj art
The Mucker 1921 ~ Unknown UK artist
The Man Without a Soul 1922 ~ Unknown UK artist
At the Earth's Core 1923 ~ St. John DJ & Interiors
The Chessmen of Mars ~ 1923 ~ St. John DJ and Interiors
Tarzan and the Golden Lion ~ 1924 ~ St. John US dj art
The Girl from Hollywood ~ 1924 ~ Unknown UK dj artist (later issue by G.W. Goss)
Pellucidar ~ 1924 ~ St. John US dj art
Tarzan and the Ant Men ~ 1925 ~ St. John US dj art
The Land That Time Forgot ~ 1925 ~ Graham Myde dj art (later edition by "Nick")
The Bandit of Hell's Bend ~ 1926 ~ Frank Wright dj art
The Cave Girl ~1927 ~ St. John US dj art
The Eternal Lover ~ 1927 ~ St. John US dj art
The Outlaw of Torn ~ 1927 ~ Unknown UK dj artist
The War Chief ~ 1928 ~ Starr US dj art
Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle ~ 1928 ~ Cassell & Co. ~ De Walton dj art

Tarzan and the Lost Empire ~ 1931 ~ Cassell & Co. ~ De Walton dj art

COLLINS SONS & CO. ~ 1930 & 1940

The Tarzan Twins ~ 1930? ~ Collins Sons & Co. ~ "Swales" dj,fp, 30 interiors
Jungle Girl ~ 1940 ~ Collins Sons & Co.

THE BODLEY HEAD (London) ~ 1932-1936

A Fighting Man of Mars ~ 1932 ~ The Bodley Head ~ Rogrenis dj art (reprint art by J. H. Hartley)
Tarzan the Invicible ~ 1933 ~ Studley Burroughs US dj art
Tarzan the Triumphant ~ 1934 ~ Lawrence Fast dj art
Pirates of Venus ~1935 ~  unknown UK dj art
Tarzan and the City of Gold ~ 1936 ~ Hartley dj art
Tarzan and the Leopard Men ~ 1936 ~ St. John US dj


Jungle Girl ~ 1933 ~ Studley Burroughs US dj
(Odhams' The Passing Show Magazine serialized Pirates of Venus and Lost On Venus ~ Fortunino Matania art)


New Titles Introduced After 1937
Lost On Venus ~ 1937 ~ unknown UK dj art
Tarzan's Quest ~ 1938 ~ UK dj art by "B"
Tarzan At The Earth's Core ~ 1938 ~ unknown UK dj art (1941 part of their paperback Sixpennies series)
Tanar of Pellucidar ~ 1939 ~ UK dj art byG. P. Micklewright (1893-1951)
The Master Mind of Mars ~ 1939 ~ UK dj art by G. P. Micklewright
Tarzan the Magnificent ~ 1940 ~ UK dj art by G. P. Micklewright
Synthetic Men of Mars ~ 1941 ~ UK dj art by G. P. Micklewright

W. H. ALLEN ~ 1950s

Tarzan and the Foreign Legion ~ 1950 ~ John Coleman Burroughs US dj
A multitude of paperback editions with UK cover artists
TOM STACY ~ 1970s

The Moon Maid (1972)
Apache Devil (1973)

METHUEN COVERS (Mostly Reprint Editions)

Methuen 1st Edition
Tarzan of the Apes ~ 1917 ~ Champneys dj art (later reprints by G.W. Goss)
Cover art by Goss
This was the first good edition of Tarzan of the Apes
I was able to find to read back in the mid-'50s

The promo blurb on the dj flap of this reprint edition reads: 
"This world-famous and sensational book the story of a young English aristocrat who, 
born on a desert island, is adopted by a huge ape. 
From him he learns the dread secrets of the forest and takes 
on the appalling strength of his foster-father. 
The adventures which befall him, his perils and his triumphs -- 
must be read to be believed."
This blurb is adapted from the text that appears 
on the dj spine of the first edition.
Methuen Covers:

The Return of Tarzan
The Beasts of Tarzan
The Son of Tarzan

Champneys dj art
Cover art by Goss
The spine blurb on 1918 first edition reads:
"The story of the young giant of the jungle in civilization, 
meeting wherever he goes 
with adventures as strange and thrilling 
as those of his boyhood in the primeval forest."
Champneys art
Cover art by Champneys
The spine blurb on the 1918 first edition reads:
"How the wife and child of the famous Tarzan are abducted by his enemies. 
Their pursuit and rescue form a series of adventures 
so exciting that one gasps with astonishment."
Champneys art
Cover art by Goss
The spine blurb of the 1919 first edition reads:
"Tarzan's son is taken to the African Wilderness. 
The lore of the jungle comes easily to him; he battles mightily 
until there is no one greater in the forest than himself."

Dust Jacket art by Schoonover: With my back against a golden throne, I fought once again for Dejah Thoris
The dj blurb on the 1919 first edition reads:
"An absorbing tale of adventure and romance 
forty-three million miles from earth and 
the boldest piece of imaginative fiction in this generation."

Submitted by Rob Hughes of the Hughes/Yeates Illustrated Outlaw of Torn Project

Warlord of Mars cover by J. Allen St. John
jungletalesa.jpg (53148 bytes)
The dj blurb on the 1919 first edition reads: "A story of Mars written with all the inimitable vigour and marvelous imagination which has made the author's 'Tarzan' stories the delight of countless admirers." The dj blurb on the 1920 first edition reads: "A combination of the remarkable adventures of John Carter on the mysterious planet of Mars. A story full of thrills and excietemen, breathless incidents and extraordinary situations, written by the author of the 'Tarzan' books." The dj blurb on the 1919 first edition reads: The Tarzan stories have been wonderfully popular both with readers and frequenters of the cinema, and these further exploits of the Ape Man will be found as good as their predecessors." The dj blurb on the 1919 first edition reads: "In this volume we have another entrancing narrative woven about the marvelous Ape-Man, presenting the new adventures and desperate encoiunters which befell him in the dark heart of his native jungle."
Cover art by Leist
Cover art by Goss
Methuen: Man Without A SoulFrank Wright DJ for 1926 British 1st. Ed.
Synthetic Men of Mars on Methuen
J. Allen St. John: Tarzan and the Golden Lion - 8 interior sepia plates
J. Allen St. John: Tarzan and the Ant Men - wrap-around DJ - sepia FP


For more paperback covers see:

Cover art by John Coleman Burroughs

The Collections of and Shared Material from:
J. G. Huckenpohler
H. H. Heins
Pete Ogden
Mike Shaw
Bob Zeuschner
The Hillman Collection and ERB C.H.A.S.E.R. Illustrated Bibliography

For cover images of the UK paperback editions see the
ERB C.H.A.S.E.R. Online Encyclopedia
Illustrated Bibliography section
Lord Greystoke's British Paperback Gallery

Although it contains no information on "foreign" editions, 
an excellent source for the many American ERB editions is 
The Huckenpohler Pocket Checklist
American publications listed in the Checklist include:
I.   Magazine and Newspaper Publications
II.  First Editions
III.   Hardbound Reprints
IV.   Paperback Printings
V.    Burroughs Stories in Anthologies
VI.   Stories Adapted for Young Readers
VII.  Non-Burroughs Additions
VIII. Big Little Books and Fast Action Books
IX.    Comic Books
X.     Secondary Works
XI.    Canadian Hardback Publications
XII.   Canadian Paperback Publications

Huck's ERB Collector's Pocket Checklist

The 6th edition of Huck's "ERB Collector's Pocket Checklist" is now available at $10 (US) + $1 p&h.

J. G. Huckenpöhler

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