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Some of the ERB Collection

Earliest photo I have of my book collection showing my
early G&Ds, Burts, Canaverals and ERB, Inc. reprints.
Also present are Charles Alden Seltzer and Zane Grey, 
both of whom I enjoyed, but not as much as Burroughs.
Also visible are the 1950s G&D Books 
for Boys and Girls Tarzan titles with dustjackets removed.

My first ERB book collection in 
Victorian bookcase, 1972


I always liked the toys and 
other ERB related memorabilia.
Here is a 1930s vintage Hormel Theatre with 
Tarzan the Ape Man movie stills on a reel or spool.
Also, an early Burt Tarzan of the Apes in first state Burt jacket.

On the wall above my desk are original paintings for the covers of
two Tarzan coloring books from the 1950s 
published by Whitman of Racine WI.
Purchased at The Good Old Days nostalgia shop, 
Milwaukee WI ca. mid-1970s.

My ERB book collection in Tucson, circa 2005.


Another incarnation of my ERB book collection circa 2005-2006.
I've always been fond of barrister's glass door stacking bookcases.
This is Globe-Wernicke sectional bookcase.  "Built to Endure"
An ideal home for an Edgar Rice Burroughs collection!

These are some of the books from Lee Chase
that were the property of his mother, 
ERB's second wife Florence.
Carson of Venus and Tarzan the Magnificent are first bound copies.

New Adventures of Tarzan original one-sheet poster inside
The Good Old Days nostalgia shop, Milwaukee, 
WI circa 1973.  First Tarzan movie poster I owned.

These books all have bookplates of Florence Gilbert Dearholt
or Florence Gilbert Burroughs, from the Lee Chase collection.


In 2007 I published this softcover facsimile 
edition of the original hardbound notebook
with original poems and watercolors by 
Ed Burroughs and dedicated to his wife Florence.
The book was at the time the property of Lee Chase.
The copyright inside mistakenly said Lee Chase 
but should have read Copyright 2007 
by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.

People and Places

My first meeting with Danton at Tarzana offices ca. early 1980s.
We swapped stories and Dan bought the Harper's Raven 
by Poe and illustrated by Gustave Dore.
He was super friendly and we had a great time.

Jock Mahoney, Dale Manesis & Frank Puncer 
at New York City Nostalgia Con September 1977.
Jocko signed my G&D copy of Tarzan of the Apes with dustjacket.
Does anyone know where the book is now?  It was near mint in like jacket.

Mike Conran, Frank Puncer, Bill Ross at the 2010 Chicago Dum Dum.

Warning sign approaching Fort Grant, Arizona, now a unit of the Arizona State Prison Complex.
It is possible to drive to the front gate and enter the lobby.
Only one original building from ERB's time there is still standing.
The old Fort Grant commissary building which is locked and unused.
I visited the place and was given a tour of the bulding in 2002 when I wrote an article for
The Burroughs Bulletin about ERB's cavalry days.

The Warden, Assistant Warden, and Gatekeeper
in front of the main entrance gate to Fort Grant State Prison, Arizona.

Warren Earp is the only Earp brother actually buried in Arizona.
He was gunned down in Headquarters Saloon in Willcox AZ in July 1900.
Shot dead by a cowboy who had a grudge against him.
By most accounts Warren Earp was a hardcase and ill-tempered man.
Evidence suggests that he may have driven the stage that carried ERB to Fort Grant in May 1896.
Can't be proved but it is possible, as Earp was in the vicinity of Willcox when ERB was there
and is known to have driven the mail and passenger stage to and from Fort Grant.
Warren Earp is buried in the old Willcox cemetery. (Photo by Frank Puncer)

Frank Puncer (right) and Bill Golden on the flight deck of aircraft carrier USS America CVA-66,
somewhere in the South China Sea 1968.
Destroyer escort in background.
I had some Ace and Ballantine ERB paperbacks stowed in my bunk/locker below decks.

Here I am inside the offices of ERB, Inc.
on the occasion of my meeting Hulbert Burroughs in June 1972.
Tarzan and the City of Gold original St. John dustjacket painting is a stunner to behold.

Hulbert "Hully" Burroughs and Frank Puncer at ERB, Inc. offices June 1972.
Hully allowed me to pose with his personal copy of the A. C. McClurg first edition
with original dustjacket of Tarzan of the Apes.

Lee Chase holding the A. L. Burt edition of Tarzan of the Apes
that was given to him by ERB in the 1930s.
Photographed outside the front entrance to his Los Angeles home in 2001.
(photo by Frank Puncer)

Ron Ely, myself, and Denny Miller at one of the
L.A. Sub-ERBs hosted ERB gatherings in southern CA.
The two Tarzan actors are trying to decide which one of them is my long-lost 'father.'

Front cover of Long John Latham's True Treasure magazine of July-August 1974
featuring my article "Tarzan is Lost!" about the "lost"
and missing artwork of J. Allen St. John.
Interior photos were supplied by Hulbert Burroughs of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.

Recovery of lost original art that was sold many years ago.

Lee Chase's father's birth record

Compiled by Bill Hillman

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