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Mikerocosmos Contents
Excerpt from Who—What—Why— 
     by Caz [Camille Cazedessus, Jr.] 
     and Steve [Steven Ellis], ERB-dom #6
The History of Life on Barsoom
The Art of Jetan 
Five Barsoomian Maps- Commentary
Map References 
Five Barsoomian Maps 
     -Apologia For ERB-dom’s Barsoomian Map
Burroughs’ Torture Chambers 
     or The Fiendish Side of ERB 
A Journey Through Caspak
Swords Against ERB 
Literature and ERB
The Prophetic Side of ERB
To Tars Tarkas 
The Forgotten Sea of Mars- In Retrospect
Correspondence by the Readers
The Problem of Timelessness
The Untold Tales of Pellucidar
The Satiric Side of ERB 
Edgar Rice Burroughs 
Tarzan: Biography of a Cultured Anthropoid
Return of the Heretic #1 
Return of the Heretic #2 
Return of the Heretic #3 
Return of the Heretic #4 
Return of the Heretic #6–7
Return of the Heretic #8–9
The Lord of the Jungle - From Adventures
Introduction to The Land That Time Forgot 
     - Burroughs and Caspak
Flower Children of Mars 
     by Mike Resnick and M. Shayne Bell
Introduction to Tarzan Alive 
ERB: The Man Who Held the Hero’s Horse 
A Princess of Earth 
***  Nineteen of the 20 hotel rooms reserved in the room block at the Quality Inn, 200 Gore Road, for the 2016 Dum-Dum have been booked. And only a handful of rooms are available that weekend beyond the block. If you want to try to get a room, call  815- 942-6600 and mention “Burroughs Bibliophiles.” The rate is $99.99 plus tax for Wednesday through Sunday nights.
    If the rooms are booked, four other hotels are in that area- The Holiday Inn Express and Suites, 222 Gore Road; Comfort Inn, 70 Gore Road; the Days Inn and Suites of Morris, 80 Hampton Road (0.3 miles north of the Quality Inn); and Super 8, 70 Green Acres Drive (1 mile south of the Quality Inn). But the Holiday Inn only has rooms available for Aug. 3, 4 and 7, according to the hotel’s website; the other three hotels have rooms listed for Aug. 3 to 7.
    Telephone numbers are Comfort Inn, 844-656-5932;    Days Inn,  815-942-9000;     Super 8, 815-942-3200; and    Holiday Inn, 844-357-6216.
***   Sixteen of the 36 dealers tables have been booked for the 2016 Dum-Dum.  Whether you want to sell or promote a book you have written or published, or are selling duplicates in your collection, the Dum-Dum is a great way to meet ERB fans and make money. 
***   The extra charge if $5 for those attending the farewell breakfast and who are not staying in the hotel. Please notify us beforehand, email so we can make sure the hotel supplies enough food.
***   Mikerocosmos is the illustrated, 6-by-9-inch 144-page trade paperback collecting many of Guest of Honor Mike Resnick’s ERB fan writings, that will be given free to those who register for this year’s Dum-Dum.   The collection includes Mike's Hugo-nominated story “A Princess of Earth”; a story where Tarzan meets one of Mike's favorite characters, Lucifer Jones; and articles from Burroughs' fanzines, ERBdom and ERBapa.

   If any extra books are available after the convention, they will be sold for $15, plus $5 for shipping and handling. Contact Joan Bledig after Aug. 7 at
***    Our second guest of honor, Robert Garcia, recently announced he had designed the interior of the updated “Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Bibliography” by Robert B. Zeuschner. 

All programs will be held in the breakfast room of the Quality Inn, unless noted otherwise
Thursday, Aug. 4:
* 10 a.m.: Registration starts in the dealers room or as soon as table setup is finished. 
* 3 p.m.: Guest of Honor Robert Garcia will interview Jim Sullos, president of ERB Inc., on publishing being done by the company
* 4 p.m.: Author Michael Hatt will give a presentation on ERB’s association with Coldwater, Mich., and the research he has done on his book “Tarzan Slept Here: Edgar Rice Burroughs and the Coldwater Connection” 
* 8 p.m.: Joint meeting of Chicago Muckers and National Capital Panthans 

Friday, Aug. 5:
* 11 a.m.: Christopher Paul Carey will discuss the Opar novels he has continued from Philip Jose Farmer
* 1 p.m.: Guest of Honor Mike Resnick, Q-and-A kaffeeklatch
* 2 p.m.: Talk by GoH Bob Garcia on art used in ERB stories
* 4 p.m.: Burroughs Bibliophiles Auction
* 8 p.m.: Burroughs Bibliophiles Board meeting

Saturday, Aug. 6:
* 11 a.m.: Author Michael A. Sanford will discuss his book “Tarzan on the Precipice” being published by ERB Inc.
* 1 p.m.: Talk by Doug Ellis on ERB’s works in the pulp magazines
* 2 p.m.: Reading by GoH Mike Resnick
* 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.: Banquet in Maria’s Italian Restaurant, 1591 Division 
          Our speakers  include GoHs Mike Resnick, Bob Garcia, Jan Novak Dressel and others

Sunday, Aug. 7:
* 6 a.m. and on: Farewell breakfast in the breakfast room of the Quality Inn until the room closes. Guests not staying in the Quality Inn but wish to join us will be asked to pay a $5 fee to cover the cost of their breakfast. Thank you!

Registration is being held inside the dealers room, the Ashford, Berkley and Carlisle rooms, during dealers room hours. 
Registration will start Thursday as soon as setup of the room, between 9 and 10 a.m., is finished. 
Our table will be inside the far front door.
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Aug. 4 to 6, in Morris, Illinois


Help the Chicago Muckers chapter of the Burroughs Bibliophiles celebrate its 10th anniversary at the 2016 Dum-Dum, being held Thursday through Saturday, August 4 to 6, with a farewell breakfast Sunday, August 7, in Morris, Illinois. 

Our guests of honor will be Mike Resnick, Hugo-Award winning science fiction author, former ERB fandom writer, and co-editor of Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs; and Robert Garcia, his co-editor and the book’s graphic designer. Be sure to bring your copies and get them autographed.

In keeping with the Muckers’ tradition, each registered Dum-Dum attendee will receive a book containing, in part, a number of Mike Resnick’s early ERB fan writings. At the 2013 ECOF Gathering in Morris each registered attendee received a copy of The Best of the Muckers, and in 2010 the freebie was a profusely illustrated hardcover combination edition of The Mucker and The Return of the Mucker with cover art by Tom Floyd. 

Chicago-area, award-winning artist Douglas Klauba is our signature artist. He is designing this year’s Dum-Dum logo. His 2016 Adventure Calendar, designed by GOH Bob Garcia, includes John Carter as well as other pulp characters. Doug will be happy to take commissions to personalize your souvenir book or other.

Both guests will participate in programs. Mike Resnick will hold a Q-and-A kaffeeklatch on Friday afternoon, and a reading on Saturday. Bob Garcia will host a panel on art used in ERB stories. 

A program about Edgar Rice Burroughs’ works in the pulp magazines will be presented by pulp expert Doug Ellis, co-chairman of the Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention. 

A joint meeting of the Muckers and National Capital Panthans will be held Thursday night. The Burroughs Bibliophiles Board will meet Friday evening.

The auction will be held 4 p.m. Friday afternoon. Other programs may be scheduled. 

Our Saturday night banquet attendance will be at Maria’s Italian restaurant, a short drive south of the hotel on Illinois Route 47. Mike Resnick and Bob Garcia will be among our speakers.

The farewell breakfast will be Sunday morning in the breakfast room of the hotel. Those who choose to stay elsewhere will be asked to pay a minimal cost to the Quality Inn for the farewell breakfast. 

Setup of the dealers’ rooms is expected from 9 to 10 a.m. Thursday. The room will be open until 5 p.m. that day for selling and from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday (closing a bit early to allow for the auction), then will open Saturday at 9 a.m. All dealer materials must be removed from the room by 5 p.m. on Saturday. Thirty-six tables will be available. Because the hotel has to rent tables from an outside source, regrettably we have to pass on that fee on to our dealers. Be sure to indicate whether you need a table. The hotel does not have drapery for the tables, so we recommend dealers bring a bottom cloth if they wish to cover their table’s surface plus a top cover for when the room closes or the table is left unattended. 

The registration fee is $105. Huckster tables are $15 each for the weekend. Additional banquet tickets for significant others are available for $35 each. Send your check payable to The Muckers to 

Jim Hadac, 
3618 Raymond Ave., 
Brookfield, IL 60513-1564

Download and Print Out the Registration form from the link below:

Our convention hotel is the 
Quality Inn 
200 Gore Road, 
Morris, Illinois
at the junction of Interstate 80 and Illinois Route 47 (about 60 miles southwest of O’Hare Airport). 
Our special convention rate is $99.99 per night plus tax. The hotel will extend the convention rate to folks who plan to check in Wednesday and/or check out Monday morning. Included in your stay is a free guest breakfast that is more than just a Continental breakfast, with at least one prepared hot dish.

A block of 20 rooms is being held until July 4, so don’t wait until the last minute to book your room. 
The hotel telephone number is (815) 942-6600. Mention “Burroughs Bibliophiles” when you register. 
If the block fills early, we can request an increase in the number of rooms in the block. But, remember, the block is gone July 4th.


Quality Inn ~ 200 Gore Road ~ Morris, Illinois

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Dum-Dum 2015 was hosted by Peggy Adler ~ Clinton, CT ~ August 20 - 23

5683: Intro and Contents

ECOF 2015 was hosted by the National Capital PANTHANS ~ Rockville, MD ~ June 4-7

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The 2014 Bryan and Texas A&M Dum-Dum hosted by Brad and Pat Vinson
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ECOF 2014 was hosted by Rudy Sigmund in Fargo, ND JUNE 19-22

Read the reports and see all the photos from this event

2013 Dum-Dum in Louisville, Kentucky: August 8-11



Special Guest
Mike Hoffman

Click to see the 
Mike Hoffman Collage

The 2012 Centennial Celebrations were a terrific success.
Visit ERBzine to see hundreds of photos and reports of these events.
Also see links to the ERBzine Reports below.
Read the photo journal reports from the 

Hollywood Screening ~ Mingling ~ Presentations and Panels 
Burroughs Bibliophiles Meeting and Auction ~ ERB Commemorative Stamp Ceremony
Tarzan Yell Contest ~ Banquet ~ Guest Speakers: Jane Goodall and Jim Morris
Tarzana Dum-Dum 2012: August 16-18
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Tracy Griffin, Robin Maxwell,  Jim Sullos, Denny Miller and John Ralston Burroughs
were in Louisville on October 28th for book signing at the Burroughs Memorial Collection.
The event was hosted by George McWhorter - Curator of the ERB Memorial Collection at the Ekstrom Library University of Louisville and was attended by many ERB fans and scholars. Sunday, October 28, 2012
ERBzine 3899 REPORT
Dr. Stan Galloway's Tarzan Centennial Conference
Bridgewater College, Bridgewater, VA ~ November 1-4, 2012
Guests: Denny Miller ~ Henry Franke ~ DJ Howell ~ Ellen Vartanoff ~ Jonathan Atkins ~ Lee Strong ~ Rand Muender ~ Chuck Early ~ Demo Sachlas ~ Jim Sullos ~ John Ralston Burroughs ~ Huck Huckenpohler, Lee Strong ~ Stan Galloway
ERBzine 3939 REPORT

Photos and Reports from Conventions Past
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What is ECOF?
English fan ~ Frank Shonfeld ~ established a loose network of pen pals
who shared his love for Burroughs, the man and his works.
He eventually named this group the
Edgar Rice Burroughs Chain of Friendship (ECOF).
See the Shonfeld story in ERBzine 1159

Frank Shonfeld and Danton Burroughs

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