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A Major Update to Dr. Zeuschner's previous publication:
 Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Exhaustive Scholar's and Collector's Descriptive Bibliography
of American Periodical, Hardcover, Paperback and Reprint Editions

Prince Valiant, Vol. 13: 1961-1962


A Geological Map of Mars

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Submitted by Robin Hillman

Visit the ERBzine Cartographic Study of Barsoom

Barsoom Atlas


A nice review on the film from a few years back
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Submitted by Laurence Dunn

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Tarzan meets the Three Stooges:
By John "Bridge" Martin

Larry and Moe and his brother named Curly
Went out in the jungle one day
This trio of lackeys
Were dressed in their khakis,
Prepared for an over-long stay.

The ape man was sitting up high in a tree,
As bored as an apeman can be.
When he heard slaps and bonks
And "ouches" and conks
And "woop woop" and "Why'd you hit me?"

He watched with great interest as down on the trail
They entered the apeman's domain.
Moe, with a tweezer,
Had yanked Curly's beezer,
And Curly was yowling in pain.

Larry was laughing to witness such sport,
Til Moe said, "So you think that's funny?"
He grabbed at ol' Lar'
Took a handful of hair
And plugged up Lar's nose (which was runny).

Along about then came a headhunting warrior,
"Those heads will look good on a pole!"
One shiny bald dome,
One needing a comb,
And one with a top like a bowl.

But the apeman was there to rescue the three,
And made the poor headhunter bungle.
"With stooges like these
"To watch from my trees.
"I'll have comic relief in my jungle."

By John "Bridge" Martin

I said, "I'll have the burger,
"The one that has low fat."
She punched a code, then wondered,
"Would you like fries with that?"

I tried the Buzzard Special
Out on the desert flat.
The maitre' d inquired,
"Would you like flies with that?"

I asked my zombie server for
Some brains stewed, in a vat.
He wrote it down, then asked me,
"Would you like eyes with that?"

A simple soul named Simon,
Had just one caveat,
"If you give me a penny,
"I'll give you pies for that."

In singing for my supper,
I had the words down pat;
The harpist said, "And sir would you
"Like lullabies with that?"

I made a foolish wager
And had to eat my hat.
My grinning foe then offered:
"Would you like ties with that?"

Blofeld celebrated, for he
Took Bond to the mat.
The waiter brought him champagne:
"Would you like spies with that?"

While visiting Mbonga,
He brought to where I sat,
A roast he claimed was Weintraub.
"Would you like Jai with that?"


John "Bridge" Martin
EDGARDEMAIN: Celebrating the literary 
legerdemain of Edgar Rice Burroughs


Leigh Brackett and Edmond Hamilton at the 1955 Midwestcon.

Screen capture from Rick Barry
ERB is Everywhere -- Even Rocky is a Fan
 Rocky reading ERB's The Deputy Sheriff of Comanche County
to comatose Adrian in ROCKY II (1979)
Earlier in the film Rocky even gave a Tarzan yell while at the zoo.
Learn more about this ERB book at:
John Coleman Burroughs cover art, frontispiece and 22 chapter headings

ERBzine's ERB C.H.A.S.E.R.

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Covers from the ERBzine Pulp Gallery: 1929 Section

Actress Caroline Munro celebrated a birthday this month. 
She played Dia in the film AT THE EARTH'S CORE.
Visit ouir Silver Screen pages for AT THE EARTH'S CORE
Read the original book in e-Text
and learn more about it in our
ERB C.H.A.S.E.R. Illustrated Bibliography series:
and see our photo tribute page for Ms. Munro at:
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J. Allen St. John: At the Earth's Core - 9 sepia interior plates

See the full ERBzine Trader Horn Feature at

ERBapa Covers from

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Pulp Fiction Legends: Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. 
Recognizes L. Ron Hubbard’s 75th Anniversary of “Typewriter in the Sky”

James Sullos, President Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. presented a plaque that 
recognized the 75th anniversary of L. Ron Hubbard's "Typewriter in the Sky." 
The presentation was made in Hollywood, in the L. Ron Hubbard Library on Tuesday, December 22.

Hollywood, CA, December 24, 2015 --( “Typewriter in the Sky” was first published 75 years ago in the November-December 1940 issues of Unknown Fantasy Fiction. In recognition of this anniversary, James Sullos, President Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., offered his congratulations on the diamond anniversary with a presentation made at the L. Ron Hubbard Library in Hollywood, CA, Tuesday, December 22. Sullos presented a plaque to Galaxy Press President John Goodwin, which read: “Congratulations to L. Ron Hubbard on the 75th anniversary of Typewriter in the Sky. What literary and creative genius to have the featured antagonist modify the author’s storyline to become the protagonist. Edgar Rice Burroughs and Mr. Hubbard are pulp fiction legends. Their personal interchanges spoke fondly of their respective talents. May both of their legacies continue to survive over the centuries.”

“Typewriter in the Sky” remains one of Hubbard’s most celebrated titles. In the book Resnick at Large, authors Mike Resnick and Robert J. Sawyer cite “Typewriter in the Sky” as an example of ‘Recursive Science Fiction,’ a subgenre described as science fiction about science fiction." It is additionally listed in “Fantasy: The 100 Best Books,” by James Cawthorn and Michael Moorcock. In “Rivals of Weird Tales: 30 Great Fantasy and Horror Stories from the Weird Fiction Pulps,” Robert E. Weinberg, Stefan R. Dziemianowicz and Martin H. Greenberg write that “Typewriter in the Sky” is classed among stories published in Unknown which "still rank as some of the best fantasy produced in this century." Author David Wingrove notes in “The Science Fiction Source Book,” “His [Hubbard's] best work is outstanding within the pulp tradition: ‘Typewriter in the Sky’ is a fine fantasy about a man who gets trapped within a story written by a pulp writer." Writing in A Short History of Fantasy, authors Farah Mendlesohn and Edward James characterize the book as "The best of Hubbard's stories" and notes that it "is better seen as a rationalized fantasy."

Typewriter in the Sky is available from Galaxy Press, and in both print and digital formats.

Born on March 13, 1911 in Tilden, Nebraska, L. Ron Hubbard was one of America’s most prolific writers of popular fiction producing over 15 million words of fiction with a writing career that spanned over five decades. During the 1930s and 40s he authored more than 200 short stories, novelettes and novels under his own name and any of his 15 pen names at a production rate of about 100,000 words a month. His published works from that era encompassed adventure, detective, science fiction, western and fantasy work and can be found at

See the Edgar Rice Burroughs / L. Ron Hubbard Connection at:
"Tarzan: The Centennial Celebration" 
author Scott Tracy Griffin's 2016 appearances are now posted.
More dates will be added following the publication of "Tarzan on Film" later this year.
2016 Appearances (Posted on January 20, 2016)
All dates tentative—please check back to confirm times and details. 
Additional dates will be added following the release of Tarzan on Film.
  • Sunday, March 13 – San Fernando Valley Comic Book Convention, Granada Pavilion, Granada Hills, CA, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Friday-Sunday, March 25-27 – WonderCon, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA
  • Sunday, April 3 – Los Angeles Vintage Paperback Collectors Show, Glendale Civic Center, Glendale, CA, 10 – 11 a.m.
  • Wednesday, May 25 – Orange County Science Fiction Club discussion, Denny’s, 3000 West Chapman, Orange, CA, 7:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, June 11 – Santa Monica Pier Paddleboard Race and Ocean Festival, Pop-Up Museum (Johnny Weissmuller exhibit), Santa Monica, CA, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  • Thursday-Sunday, July 21-24 – Comic Con International, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA
  • Friday-Sunday, October 30 – November 1 – Comikaze Expo, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA

Aug. 4 to 6, in Morris, Illinois
Mike Resnick ~ Guest of Honor

Help the Chicago Muckers chapter of the Burroughs Bibliophiles celebrate its 10th anniversary at the 2016 Dum-Dum, being held Thursday through Saturday, Aug. 4 to 6, in Morris, Illinois.

    Guests of honor will be Mike Resnick, Hugo-Award winning science fiction author, former ERB fandom writer and co-editor of “Other Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs,” and Robert Garcia, his co-editor and book graphic designer.

    In keeping with the Muckers’ tradition, we will give a free, newly published book to registered Dum-Dum members – a collection of Mike Resnick’s early ERB fan writings. At the 2013 ECOF Gathering in Morris we gave registered attendees a copy of “The Best of the Muckers,” and in 2010 the freebie was a hardcover combination for the first time of “The Mucker” and “Return of the Mucker” with 41 new illustrations and cover art by Tom Floyd.

     Both guests will participate in programs. Mike Resnick will hold a Q-and-A kaffeeklatch on Friday afternoon, and reading and autograph sessions are expected on Saturday. Bob Garcia will host a panel on art used in ERB stories.

 A program about Edgar Rice Burroughs’ works in the pulp magazines will be presented by pulp expert Doug Ellis, co-chairman of the Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention. Other programs are expected.

Tarzan Fun Facts - Trivia Quiz
 Interesting Questions, Facts, and Information

Ron de Laat has created a new ERB Timeline on his Website: Holland Meets ERB:


Fans seek to preserve sci-fi legend 
Forrest Ackerman's last abode as a landmark
SCPR.ORG ~ January 5, 2016
"Mr. Science Fiction", Forrest Ackerman, stands with the reproduction of the female robot Ultima Future Automation from the 1926 German film "Metropolis" in his home in Los Angeles, on Oct. 31, 1979. The robot is surrounded by Ackerman's extensive collection of science fiction and fantasy memorabilia.

Forrest Ackerman — literary agent to sci-fi writers including Ray Bradbury and Isaac Asimov, publisher of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine and inspiration to generations of writers and filmmakers including Steven Spielberg and Guillermo del Toro — was also a collector of the highest order. "Uncle Forry," as he was known, stored up to 300,000 items of sci-fi, fantasy and horror memorabilia in his 18-room Los Feliz home. Known as the "Ackermansion," it functioned for more than half a century as a private museum. Every Saturday it was open to visitors who were invited to wander among its wonders, free of charge.

In 2002, Ackerman was broke. He he couldn't find a home for the entire collection, so he sold off most of it piece-by-piece and moved to a smaller home about a mile away. This modest Craftsman bungalow, located at 4511 Russell Avenue, became known as the "Acker Mini-Mansion." It also functioned as a private museum with the same schedule as the previous house. Although Ackerman's collection had been greatly diminished, he retained some key pieces: the cape Bela Lugosi wore in "Dracula" and "Plan 9 From Outer Space," a replica of the Robotrix from Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" and hundreds of paintings, photos and books. Ackerman remained here until he died in 2008 at age 92.

Now, according to a group called Concerned Citizens of Los Feliz, developers want to tear down the Acker Mini-Mansion and replace it with a parking lot. Screenwriter Alexandra Kondracke, who lives with her partner across the street, is among the neighborhood residents fighting to prevent the house from being torn down. She learned about the proposal about a year ago, at a meeting of the planning and zoning committee. "The entire neighborhood ... found out that this house, which was kind of like a badge of honor for the whole neighborhood, was going to be knocked down and turned into parking lot," Kondracke said. "Then everybody kind of just went to work and said we can't let this happen. This is part of Hollywood history, and our history, and Los Feliz history."

The group has posted a petition requesting that the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission declare the house a cultural landmark. The designation would prohibit the property's owner from making any exterior or interior changes to the structure without a review by the CHC. It would also give the CHC 180 days to object to a demolition permit. Commenting on the online petition, Turi Meyer wrote, "I don't want to see a part of Los Feliz and Hollywood's past bulldozed to create a parking lot for yet another bank. It's a historical building that will be lost forever if this is allowed to go forward. Forrest Ackerman's legacy is worth honoring."

Receiving "cultural landmark" status is a lengthy process with many hurdles. On January 13, the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council's Planning, Zoning & Historic Preservation committee will meet and make a recommendation that the full Los Feliz Neighborhood Council may take up at its January 19 meeting. The neighborhood council will, in turn, pass along a recommendation to the city's Cultural Heritage Commission, which meets on February 4. If the CHC supports the application, it will move on to City Council, which then has 90 days to act. The city's Central Area Planning Commission will also meet on February 23 to discuss the Russell Ave. property.

For Joe Moe, who started out as Ackerman's friend and became his caretaker, the potential preservation of Ackerman's abode is well worth the hassle. "It was never about the stuff," Moe says. "The magic of the houses, and particularly the Russell house, was that it was the hub where some of the most important people in Hollywood congregated, like a Mecca, to visit their mentor. I was there when Steven Spielberg called his kid over and said, 'Son, this man and grandpa are the reason I make movies.'"

See our 1999 visit to the original Ackmansion in our ERBzine feature starting at:
Father and daughter enthrolled by tales from the master storyteller
ERBzine's Bill Hillman and daughter China-Li 
enthralled by Forry's tales.


Thanks to John Martin for submitting the majority of these cartoons.

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