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ERB-Date: 2001.02.09
Happy Valentine's Day from Barsoom
1. Classic Images:
6 Tarzans  ~  Frazetta Canaveral Illustration
2. Jungle Girl Serial on Video
3. Zor Fanzine 1969
4. Tarzan Composition Book
5. Covers of Mad Magazine containing Tarzan
6. Sparkler Comics containing Tarzan
7. Tip Top Comics containing Tarzan
8. Romance of Tarzan Lobby Cards
9. Tarzan's Savage Fury 3-D Trading Cards
10. Mailstrom: Legend of Hawkwind novel offered for review
11. ERB in National Geographic
12. Mars Revealed Timeline and Mars References


Johnny Weissmuller, Gordon Scott, Jock Mahoney, Buster Crabbe, Denny Miller, and Jim Pierce on the Mike Douglas Show
MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW with Totie Fields and six apemen
Johnny Weissmuller, Gordon Scott, Jock Mahoney,
Buster Crabbe, Denny Miller, and Jim Pierce.
Frank Frazetta illustration for the 
Canaveral edition of 
Tarzan At The Earth's Core


A 2 VHS set, with 15 episodes ~ Classic Cliffhangers: Jungle Girl, Starring Frances Gifford. Based on the novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Directed by William Witney and John English. Original Screenplay by Ronald Davidson, Norman S. Hull, William Lively, Joseph Poland and Alfred Batson.

"In 1941, Republic thrilled audiences with perhaps the best jungle serial ever produced. This thrilling adventure was loosely based on the famous novel Jungle Girl by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It starred the very beautiful Frances Gifford as Nyoka, with Tom Neal as the male hero Jack Stanton, and Trevor Bardette and Gerald Mohr as their villainous adversaries. Jungle Girl was packed with thrilling cliffhangers as opposing sides fought from chapter to chapter for a fortune in diamonds hidden in the African jungle. With both Helen Thurston and David Sharpe providing incredible stunt work, Gifford was able to swing through the jungle on vines with the agility of Tarzan, dive from cliffs into alligator-filled lakes, wrestle with man-eating lions, and battle quicksand and poison gas throughout all 15 exciting episodes!"

Starring: Frances Gifford, Tom Neal, Trevor Bardette, Gerald Mohr, Eddie Acuff, Frank Lackteen, Tommy Cook
Directed by William Witney, and John English.
Copyright 1941, 1968 Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.

Articles: BURROUGHS westerns, one titled: Frank Ifield as the next screen Tarzan? 
~ plus other features. 
16 pages. 

Circa. 1940



Lobby cards from the 1918 silent film:
The Romance of Tarzan
The film was made by First National, and
starred Elmo Lincoln and Enid Markey.
See the Official Elmo Lincoln Site at:

Lord Greystoke's life hung by a threadThis is what Tarzan saw as fresh from his jungle he peered through the window in search of his mate
Now-n-now I-look heah niggah!  She stammered. Doan you-all dah lay you hans on m-me!  I's a quality niggah, I is!When Tarzan returned to his native jungles, his old friends no longer knew him.
ERBzine of the Silver Screen
The Romance of Tarzan
Credits ~ Posters ~ Lobby Cards ~ Publicity Stills ~ Synopsis ~ Trivia

Starting in ERBzine 0580
A Combined ERBzin-e of the Silver Screen and ERB Emporium Edition
A Four-Part Series
(The 1952 Film)

3-D TRADING CARDS (60 Scenes)
(Dig out your old 3-D glasses)

My husband is releasing the first in a series of fantasy novels called The World of Marna, the first title is The Legend of Hawkwind, and I have been looking for a list of reviewers that handle that genre. I thought perhaps you might have currently at your site people that would be willing to take a look at a readerís copy or be able to direct me to other reviews that would. We'd be pleased to have you come take a look at the excerpts at our site:
Thank you
Katrina (Moondancer) Drake
Press Release
The Legend of Hawkwind by Adrian Drake
Available April 1st, 2001 
Author: Adrian Drake
6820 N 42nd Street
Milwaukee, WI. 53209
ISBN: 1-58776-099-1
Author Bio
Adrian Drake lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with his wife and muse Katrina, and his son and primary distraction, Raistlin.  When not writing, which isnít often, he can be found banging on his computer or pursuing his hobby of medieval armor making. Adrian Drake follows the druidic path and most of his writing reflects that feel.  His series of novels, the first titled The Legend of Hawkwind, are a new look at fantasy compared to many of the current novels on the market.  Instead of the typical 'priestess' that seems much too close to one of the christian stories, his main character in this series is a shamaness, strong in body as in spirit.  Come join us and take a peek.  We have several excerpts as well as a special surprise, a small piece from the still being written book two.
A Brief Synopsis
On the world of Marna, there are thirteen gods who watch over the people.  These gods are worshiped by most of the races of the land.  The proud and stoic Grom. The calculating and logical Anai.  The playful and child-like Zithaen.  The varied and adaptive Humans.  On the lost continent of Telnir, a young savage priestess has a vision that will change her life and her destiny.  Outcast by her people, the young priestess leaves her land and is thrust into a world she had only dreamed of.

Her vision had a purpose.  She is "The Child of Thirteen", a figure of prophecy and legend.  Surrounding herself with a band of unlikely companions, they travel the lands discovering the fullness of the prophecy and her place in the world.  There is a force at work against her.  Born of darkness and hatred, "The Child of None" a necromancer and priest of the god of destruction, Dealthagar, is determined to kill her and her companions.

Marna is at a crux.  In her hands lies the fate of the world.  If the Child of None succeeds, "The Reckoning", an apocalyptic nightmare, will come to pass and Marna will be destroyed.  If she is able to triumph, the world will know peace for the first time in generations.

2001 Dum-Dum Trivia:
Steve Hawkes ~ Guest of Honour at 2001: A Floriday Odyssey
While filming the Tarzan and the Rainbow in 1970, on location at Rainbow Springs, Steve Hawkes (Tarzan) and Kitty Svanholm (Jane) were badly burned. During the filming of a torture scene, the two actors were tied to stakes when gasoline-soaked leaves ignited and both were burned seriously. They were rushed to the University of Florida Medical Centre in Gainsville. They remained there for months for skin graft treatment, while the rest of the crew departed for Bogota, Columbia and on to Spain,  to shoot more scenes. The film  eventually saw Spanish release in 1974.

National Geographic ~ February 2001
ERB Featured in National Geographic

Martian gullies in Newton Crater.
National Geographic ~ February 2001 ~ pp 30-51
The more scientists see of Mars, the more mystified -- and astonished -- they are about
the powerful forces that shape its terrain.
Images from the Mars Global Surveyor intensify debates about the
role of water and the chances of finding life.
Polar Ice ~ Wind Features ~ Canyon Layers ~ Faulting ~ Wind Trails ~ Volcanic Activity ~ Impact Craters ~ Water Marks?

Nirgal Vallis, south of the eastern part of Valles Marineris, superficially resembles a river-cut valley on Earth

"The human perspective on Mars has flickered over the centuries, but in some sense it has always centered on water. Percival Lowell's famous notebooks -- drawn from telescope observations enhanced by a hopeful imagination -- proposed in the late 1800s that vast, engineered canals, or irrigation ditches, carried water from the Martian poles to a mighty civilization concentrated nearer the equator, where the Martian climate was no less comfortable than, say, "the South of England."

A more skeptical assessment by Alfred Russel Wallace in 1907 described a much colder, perpetually frozen place as dead and forbidding as Earth's moon. Still, life-giving waters flowed compellingly through the Mars novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs, while H. G. Wells conjured a race of intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic.

Our first space-age close-up -- a glimpse from Mariner 4 as it swept over a slice of ancient cratered terrain -- revealed a staggeringly inhospitable world."

Map Insert Feature: A New Look At Forces That Shape The Desert Planet
National Geographic ~ February 2001

TIMELINE 1605-2005

Astronomer Johannes Kepler describes elliptical orbit of Mars
Christiaan Huygens's sketch of Syrtis Major records the first recognizable feature on Mars.
William Herschel observes seasonal change at the poles.
Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli detects a network of canali, or channel-like lines.
Percival Lowell Uses his map of the "canal" system as proof of irrigation ditches on Mars.
Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs publishes a series of books set on Mars.
W.W. Coblentz calculates that in some places Mars experiences above-freezing temperatures.
Orson Welles's radio broadcast of War of the Worlds panics listeners, who fear a Martian invasion.
Carbon dioxide identified by Gerard Peter Kuiper as component in Mars's atmosphere.
Ray Bradbury's Martian Chronicles describes the first attempt of Earthlings to conquer and colonize Mars.
Cold War Hollywood turns Martians into scary monsters and femmes fatales.
Soviet Union's first Mars effort ends with failed launches of two spacecraft.
Sputniks 29 and 30 fail in attempted Mars flybys. Sputnik 31, a lander, also fails.
My Favorite Martian introduces to television a sweet, non threatening alien.
Mariner 4 achieves successful flyby, transmits first detailed images of surface
Mariners 6 and 7 make close passes at 2,200 miles. Cameras photograph 20 percent of Martian surface.
The Soviets' Mars 3 lands on surface and sends a few brief signals.
Mariner 9 returns 7,300 images, covering entire planet.
Mars 4, 5, and 6 reach Mars, but one crashes, one fails to achieve orbit, and one -- Mars -- transmits images for only nine days.
Vikings 1 and 2 send back data from orbit and the surface. Viking 1 lander makes the first color pictures on Mars.
Phobos 2 photographs the larger of Mars's two moons, Phobos, but vanishes shortly afterward.
Mars Observer, the first U.S. Mars mission in 17 years, loses contact before reaching orbit.
Mars Pathfinder, after a successful landing, dispatches rover to study rocks.
Circling Mars 12 times a day, Mars Global Surveyor collects data for a planetary map.
Japan's Nozomi Orbiter will study Mars's atmosphere.
Mars Climate Orbiter burns up in Mars's atmosphere after a navigational error.
Mars Polar Lander and Deep Space 2 probes fall silent, likely crashing on the surface.
2001 Mars Odyssey orbiter will analyze the makeup of the Martian surface for three years.
The U.S. plans to send two long-range rovers to explore the surface.
The European Space Agency expects to launch its Mars Express orbiter and Beagle 2 lander in 2003.
Future U.S. missions hope to collect rock samples and return them to Earth.
Mars References:
ERBzine 0554: The Case of the Missing Mars Water
ERBzine 0246: Burroughs Crater Named On Mars
ERBzine 0246m: Huck's Mars Map
Huck's Original Gazetteer and Glossary of Barsoom
ERBzine 0247: ERB Predictions and Images of Barsoom I
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