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JUNGLE GIRL - newest online comic strip from ERB, Inc.
- further expands their exciting web comic collection of adventures by
The Master of Adventure – Edgar Rice Burroughs
This series is the latest of 14 strips that have been added to their classic web comic collection.

 JUNGLE GIRL is based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' novel The Jungle Girl
with script by Martin Powell, art by Will Meugniot and color by Jo Meugniot.

Coming Soon from ERB Inc.  . . .  
The Publisher’s Limited Edition 
See more description and 
full ordering information at:
Back to the Stone Age 

by Edgar Rice Burroughs™ 
John Coleman Burroughs: Back to the Stone Age - 7 b/w plates
Printout Version in WORD

Recently, the printing plates for Back to the Stone Age were discovered - stored in their original wooden shipping crates.   They are thought to be the only surviving set of plates for any Burroughs book.  While most plates were used for as many as 30 printings, these plates were only used once – to print the first edition in 1937.  Back to the Stone Age was the only pre-war Burroughs title not reprinted by either ERB Inc. or Grosset & Dunlap.  That is until now. 

This Publisher’s Limited Edition for Back to the Stone Age will be the first book published by ERB Inc. in almost 50 years, and their first book to feature multiple color illustrations – stunning works by some of the best ERB artists past and present.  It will be printed in the same way ERB books were made 80 years ago – only better.   A master printer will use the original plates to letterpress print the text on premium paper which will be sewn and cased into a vintage-style binding.  Each of the 300 books produced will be signed, numbered and covered in a dust jacket produced by Phil Normand. 

And most importantly, every copy of the Publisher’s edition will include one of the first edition plates used to print this edition – all housed in a custom clamshell presentation box. 

The Publisher’s Edition will include: 

A First Edition Printing Plate for Back to the Stone Age
Each Publisher’s Edition will include one copper electrotype plate used to print a page of the book.  ERB production plates were used to print the first edition and then for up to 30 additional printings of a book.  These plates will have only been used twice – in 1937 for the first edition & again in 2015. 

Back to the Stone Age by Edgar Rice Burroughs™, ERB Inc., Tarzana, CA. 2015.  
This second edition by ERB Inc. will be printed using the first edition plates and limited to 300 signed and numbered copies. 

A Presentation Box housing both the book and the plate. 
Each book and plate will be secured in a custom clamshell presentation box with gilt titles. When opened, the printer plate will be displayed in a tray on the left side across from the compartment securing the book. and the book will be secured in the compartment on the right side. 

- RETAIL PRICE:   $249.99 (+ $9.00 for shipping). 
- ADVANCE ORDERS (before 02.01.15)   Receive a 10% Discount + Free Shipping - 
- EXPECTED SHIP DATE:  On or Before March 30, 2015 

For more information go to  or email

Trademark Edgar Rice Burroughs(TM) Owned By Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. And Used By Permission.  Back to the Stone Age (c) 1937 Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc.  All Rights Reserved. 

For more information on the publishing history 
visit ERBzine's Illustrated ERB Bibliography

J. Allen St. John: Cave Girl - sepia FP using DJ   .J. Allen St. John: Chessmen of Mars - 8 sepia interiors - Jetan board on back cover
Burroughs Bulletin #90 ~ 2013
The most recent publication sent out to 
Burroughs Bibliophiles Members
Related references in ERBzine

Burroughs Bulletin No. 90 Contents

John Carter: Stanton Style by John Martin

Richard Lupoff Interview
Conducted by Richard Lupoff in 2010

Cover Art Credits
Front Cover Art: A Steve Rude Commission
Back Cover: C.C. Beck Tryout for The Gods of Mars


Edgar Rice Burroughs's Tarzan Omnibus 
Volume 1 Paperback
by Various Authors and Artists

The Dark Horse contributions to the Lord of the Jungle are highlighted in this omnibus of previously uncollected stories from Bruce Jones, Thomas Yeates, Timothy Truman, Al Williamson, Lovern Kindzierski, Darko Macan, Igor Kordey, and more! 

In this volume, Tarzan discovers a new form of helplessness when a deadly virus threatens Jane's life, races against Nazis to uncover an artifact of immense power, encounters classic characters from Victorian literature, and battles Martians in the twenty-fourth century! 

Collecting Tarzan #1-#20 and Tarzan: A Tale of Mugambi, this omnibus an essential addition to any Tarzan library!

Available in Pre-Release - June 30, 2015


Marten Jonkers
2015 Dutch Catalogue of the works of ERB
Splendid catalogue of 164 pages
Fantastic job on this. . . excellent research and reproduction of the covers

Tarzan and the Great Lakes State
Book recounts author Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Michigan connections
Lansing CityPulse ~ 2014.11.19 Review by Bill Castanier
Generations have grown up reading the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs, including his enduring “Tarzan” and “John Carter of Mars” fantasy series. They’ve pored over the countless movie, TV show and comic book adaptations, but few know about the love-hate relationship the Chicago native had for Michigan. Michael Hatt, a former postal employee living in Montgomery, Mich., has written the new book “Tarzan Slept Here: Edgar Rice Burroughs and the Coldwater Connection.” It’s about the nearly two decades Burroughs spent vacationing with his family in Coldwater. Hatt will sign his books Saturday Nov. 22 at the Classicon 46 Collectible Pulp and Paperback Show, which will have 35 tables full of magazines, comics, rare books and original paperback art.

Two of Burroughs' works pay homage to the Southern Michigan city. In “Beyond Thirty,” a dystopian science fiction tale, there is an “aero-sub” named “Coldwater.” And the fourth chapter of the “Jungle Tales of Tarzan,” a collection of 12 inter-connected short stories, describes a lake setting that sounds a lot like Michigan. Turns out that wasn’t a coincidence. In his boyhood, Burroughs was restless and poorly disciplined. After basically flunking out of the exclusive Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass., he was sent to the Michigan Military Academy in Orchard Lake, where he spent a tumultuous five years. He was often restricted to his living quarters for disciplinary violations. This period has been exquisitely detailed in another Michigan author’s book, “Them Were the Days,” by Brian Bohnett.

At the academy, Burroughs became an accomplished horseback rider. After graduation, he enlisted for a short stint with the U.S. Calvary (sic). His first book, 1911's “Under the Moons of Mars,” was the first of the John Carter sci-fi action/adventure series about a U.S. Calvary officer who becomes a superhero on the Red Planet.

Hatt, 65, knew of the significant Orchard Lake connection, but he was more drawn to Burroughs’ relationship to the Coldwater area. Hatt lived there for 17 years while working for the U.S. Postal Service. As a teenager growing up in Hillsdale in the 1960s, he said his interest in Burroughs was piqued when he saw a fellow student reading a Tarzan book. Hatt said he knew nothing of Burroughs’ Michigan connection when he was younger, only that the author’s work stirred something in him. “My life’s passion (became) collecting the works and related material of Burroughs,” Hatt said. Then, sometime in the '90s, a fellow employee at the post office mentioned that the family of Burroughs’ wife, Emma, owned a summer home near Coldwater. Emma was a member of the wealthy Chicago Hulbert family of hoteliers. “It floored me and I thought I should look into that,” Hatt said. “I didn’t, (but) in 2001 I was at the Michigan Antiquarian Book and Paper Show and I met Brian Bohnett and bought one of his books. He inscribed it, ‘Looking forward to ERB Coldwater Connection.’’’

Hatt said he went to the local library and made a few notes, but walked away from the project. “Then in 2012, I found those files and I went back to the library and got started,” he said. In the book, which took 15 months to write, Hatt details the times that Burroughs and his family visited both Sunnyside Farms, owned by the Hulbert family, and then later a family cottage on Morrison Lake outside of Coldwater. “Coldwater was his escape for getting out of Chicago,” Hatt said. He used the 819-page Irwin Porges biography of Burroughs, considered the best biography of the author, and began to put together a timeline. He located the farm where the family stayed. “The farmhouse was still there,” he said.

He also discovered that Burroughs had planned a family car tour to Maine in 1916. Burroughs planned on writing a travel  series, which were popular at the time, but after problems with roads and vehicles — including a trip to Alma for repairs — he and the family camped at Camp Branch (named for his in-laws) for 37 days overlooking Morrison Lake. It was at this site he wrote the fourth chapter of “Gods of Tarzan,” and the trip to Maine was canceled. Burroughs would move to California soon afterward, where he would settle for life, returning to the Coldwater area only once more in 1919.

There is a famous photo of Burroughs standing with Morrison Lake as his backdrop. Hatt said the most memorable thing he did was track down the exact spot where the photo was taken and stand right there and pose there for a photo. Hatt said it is difficult to say what Burroughs’ inspirations for his edgy, farout fantasies were, but he said he could understand how Burroughs wrote “Gods of Tarzan” while “overlooking the lake and the blue sky and blue water.”

Classicon 46 Collectable Pulp and Paperback Show
Author Michael Hatt appearance/book signing 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday Nov. 22, 10 a.m-4 p.m. University Quality Inn 3121 E. Grand River Ave., Lansing $3/students FREE (517) 332-0112,


Comics Excerpt: John Carter
Indiana Gazette ~ November 23, 2014
John Carter, the Earthman hero of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “A Princess of Mars,” has been around for more than 100 years in one form another. Debuting as a pulp character in “The All-Story” magazine in 1912, ERB’s Martian stories were collected in both hardback and paperback throughout much of the 20th century. Comic books got into the act as well, with publishers such as Dark Horse, Dell and Marvel all trying their hand, beginning in 1940.

So when Dynamite Entertainment started publishing “Warlord of Mars” in 2010, and later titles like “The Green Men of Mars” and “Lords of Mars,” most folks assumed that Dynamite was simply the latest lessee of the franchise rights. That opinion wasn’t even altered much when the books were published with the disclaimer that they weren’t approved by Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc., the company that owns and leases the rights to all Burroughs’ work. After all, the Princess of Mars character Dejah Thoris was incredibly hyper-sexualized, more so than even most comic book heroines. (Some things never change.) Most people, including your humble narrator, assumed ERB Inc. disapproved of the depiction, and were simply distancing themselves until the contract ran out.

Also, it was odd that John Carter himself didn’t headline a book, but, hey, maybe that cost more or something.

Then the “John Carter” movie came out in 2012. And even though it didn’t do well at the box office, a comics adaptation of the film, and a sequel, came out anyway — from Marvel Comics. It turns out that Dynamite didn’t have the comic book franchise rights to John Carter after all!

Fortunately, it’s all moot now, because recently Dynamite announced that not only had it achieved a comprehensive licensing agreement with ERB Inc., but on Nov. 5 launched “John Carter: Warlord of Mars” #1. It’s beautifully drawn (by Indian artist Abhishek Malsuni), and it’s written by fan-favorite comics veteran Ron Marz. Marz writing about Mars? It seems like fate. explained the situation this way: “Dynamite’s ‘John Carter: Warlord of Mars’ comes on the heels of the reacquisition of comic book rights by Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc., that had been held by Walt Disney Pictures and its Marvel Entertainment subsidiary, as well as a recent legal settlement with Dynamite that cleared the way for Dynamite to introduce key characters and plot elements from the John Carter back story that were, until now, absent from recent comic book interpretations.”

MAILSTROM: We Get Letters 
So great to hear from one of our all-time favourite authors -- Robin Maxwell -- who has just returned home to her California High Desert Eden abode from her business trip to Australia.

Hi Sue-On, Bill,
Just back from my Australia adventure, working with those two TV writers to adapt THE WILD IRISH and THE QUEEN'S BASTARD into a cable series. Learned so much from these great people, and it was truly the chance of a lifetime. Most authors aren't allowed within 10 miles of the writers room, but I was a vital member of the team. Truly a peak experience in my writing career.

Anyway, I had to hit the ground running, as my longtime collaborator and I have two new books that just published - Middle Grade novels in the Augie Appleby Adventure Series, WILD GOOSE CHASE and TROUBLE IN TOYLAND. To our surprise and delight, while researching the history of Santa Klaus for TOYLAND, we learned that in Renaissance England the idea of a jolly, gift-bringing immortal of the Yuletide season called “Father Christmas” came into existence during the reign of none other than Henry VIII! This inspired us to write a Renaissance romance short story (with a touch of fantasy) that takes place on Christmas Eve at the court of Elizabeth I, when one of the queen's waiting ladies first lays eyes on a young, sexy, mysterious stranger.

Would you be so kind as to post something about this in ERBzine and ask your readers to share it.
We're working our butts off to get word out about TOYLAND and WILD GOOSE CHASE before Christmas - They're great stocking stuffers! Here's the link to the (very short) short story:


SKIES OF VENUS by Neal Romanek
As of today, I can say I've joined the wretched, unwashed ranks of paid novelists. 
Dark Horse has bought the rights to "Skies Of Venus",
a new installment in Edgar Rice Burroughs' Venus-Amtor pulp sci-fi series I wrote in partnership with the ERB estate.

How did I end up writing an Edgar Rice Burroughs novel? 
Is this my life? 
Poke me in the face with a stick if you ever...ever...hear me complaining, about anything, ever.
~ Neal

Edgar Rice Burroughs' Wartime Autograph Book Series 1945
"For more than a quarter of a century, I have been giving autographs.
Thousands of them. And I have never asked for one.
The worm has turned. He wants your autograph. Thanks!
Edgar Rice Burroughs ~ United Press, Honolulu"

October 22, 1945: "Just want you to get well sooner and also am not wishing for you to go back to the mainland."
Grace Tomeko Nagano Corrales

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hillman,

 I stumbled on your website this evening while looking up information on my grandmother who passed earlier this year on January 29, 2014 at the age of 89. Apparently she has a note written to her from Mr. Burroughs while he was in Hawaii on Oct. 22, 1945. My grandmother's name is Grace Tomiko Nagano (Corrales, formerly) Houchin (remarried to my grandpa, Alfred Houchin, also deceased). I just thought this was such an amazing find and just wanted to thank you for posting it. It was the only other document I was able to find on her, aside from the obituary. It would really mean a lot if you would grant me permission to print a copy of it as a memento. I will respect your decision either way and am just grateful that the image exists and that you were kind enough to share it. Thank you kindly and warmest wishes this holiday season
God Bless,
 Micah Palmer

So good to hear from you, Micah.
Please feel free to print out the copy of the autograph book page dedicated to your grandmother.
I would love to see  any more information on your grandmother that you care to share.

ERB also mentions her in a letter:
“. . . Grace (Grace Tomeko Nagaro Correles) brings my breakfasts and dinners. . .”

ERB wrote a Wartime article in defence of the Japanese on the Islands
I also included a photo of his Japanese house keeper from after the war.
Bill Hillman

Sure thing Mr. Hillman! She was a really neat woman, my Tutu. 
She and I shared a special bond that was unique to us. Like two peas in a pod! 
I'd love for her memory to live on in and I only wish I had been able to document all her stories before her passing... 
I guess that's one of those things in life...
- Micah
"There is one simple thing wrong...You think you have plenty of time" - Carlos Castaneda

Thanks for sharing these wonderful memories, Micah.
With your permission I would very much like to share your memories of Tutu 
with the Burroughs family and on the ERB history pages in
I hope we can stay in touch.
I assume that you still reside in Hawaii.
A few things on where ERB lived while in Hawaii:
Bill Hillman

A future edition of ERBzine will feature more of our correspondence and 
more of Micah's memories and research she has done on her grandmother.


World War I Propaganda (U.S. Government Printing, 1917).
Liberty Bond Poster by "The Godfather of Modern Fantasy Art," J. Allen St. John.
Here, the poster suggests, the hand of the despised "Hun"
has just been dipped in the blood of a US soldier and the bloody handprint left behind.
See St. John's many famous illustrations for
the Edgar Rice Burroughs novels spread across our ERBzine site.
Hundreds more St. John illustrations appear across the pages.
For links to more St. John work see:


Coming Soon in the Latest Amtor Art Gallery
Part of the Paul Privitera Art Exhibit in ERBzine

ERB, Inc. Meets the Fans

Mo Gollub: Tarzan Comics Cover Illustrator

Created by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Created in 1954 by a 10-year-old ERB enthusiast :)
Back in the early '50s
I was captivated by the first ERB Mars book I read:
I created my first Jetan set (Barsoomian Chess) 
out of hand-cut cardboard circles 
on which I drew symbols representing the player pieces 
described by ERB at the end of his novel.
I then pestered my sister and cousins to to join me
in endless sessions of Jetan.
Sixty years later I still have some of these crude little gems 
and have scanned them for posterity.
My interest in the game was revived in recent times by
the aquisition of the beautifully crafted set from sculptor/artist,
James Spratt.

JETAN SET by James Spratt


Voice of America first adapted 
A Princess of Mars
for readers learning English about 10 years ago. 

We featured this in ERBzine 1436 back in 2005:

VOA has adapted ERB's first novel again at:

Much more about 


Tarzan star Christoph Waltz was awarded a well earned star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.
Nearly 100 actors and crew members from the ERB films have stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The double Oscar winner was joined in his celebrations by
his Tarzan co-star Samuel L Jackson, and good friend Quentin Tarantino.

It's been a sad month for the ERB fan family
STU SHIFFMAN (1954-2014)

Stu Shiffman (middle) in 1981

Stu Shiffman died November 26, 2014, almost two-and-a-half years after suffering a stroke; he was 60.
The renowned fan artist, who generously shared his talents in fanzines, apas, and convention publications and ERBzine,
received the Best Fan Artist Hugo Award in 1990 and the Rotsler Award in 2010.
Stu was a native New Yorker but moved to Seattle about 20 years ago with his partner Andi Shechter.
Visit some of Stu's work in ERBzine at:
Adventure of the Martian Hegira:
Fragments from the Barsoomian Reminiscences of Sherlock Holmes
as edited by Stu Shiffman, FWA,

Andi Shechter and Stu Shiffman on their wedding day, June 18, 2014
BOB O'MALLEY CONDOLENCES ~ November 28, 2014
Condolences and Obituary for this long-time and much-loved friend of ERB fandom
are featured online at: / St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The above photo of Bob is from our coverage of the Bryan 2014 Texas Dum-Dum
Bob was a devoted fan and true friend of those in our ERB family.


Sad news from Phyllis' friend, DJ Howell ~ December 7, 2014
 It is my sad task to report to my Burroughsian friends that one of my dearest friends and a relatively new but devoted member of the Burroughs Bibliophiles and general ERB-aficionados died this morning. 
As my friends of Forgotten Felines say, she has crossed the rainbow bridge -- I prefer that image to sailing down the River Iss, although Phyllis was more a John Carter fan than I and might appreciate that image.
As those who engaged with Phyllis at Dum Dum or ECOF were almost certainly aware, she was suffering from a condition that tended to close her throat very close to her windpipe rendering eating difficult and hazardous. 
She had undergone several bouts of stretching her esophagus (not unlike Joan Rivers and our friend, Bob O'Malley), but the last two sessions went bad, the last requiring a tracheostomy and feeding tube, again as was the case with Bob.
I spoke to Phyllis just before Thanksgiving, and she sounded strong and in good spirits.  She was looking forward to the lobster she had in her freezer in anticipation of celebrating the removal of the trach and being able to eat again. 
I understand the trach was removed in the last couple of days but suspect that was her undoing.  Her daughter called me this morning to say she had just passed away.
Phyllis and I had been friends since about 1949, although we had lost touch after college until the late 80s when I moved to New Hampshire and she to Vermont in the very same month.
 It turned out we were less than an hour apart.  We got back together, picked up the friendship as if it had never known a gap, and eventually started attending Burroughsian affairs together.  I had no idea she was still interested, but it was great to so discover and to enjoy our gatherings together.
Wanishi (may your path be beautiful) to all, DJ

Photos of Phyllis at the
Tarzan: Lord of the Louisiana Jungle Festival ~ Morgan City 2012
Dining with fellow-ERB fans at Morgan City seafood restaurants

Phyllis standing ~ Phyllis (middle) with friends DJ Howell (left) and Ray and Shirley Le Beau.

Our friends will be deeply missed.
We send sincere condolences to their families.
Bill and Sue-On Hillman

from the Bard of Barsoom
John "Bridge" Martin
The ERB Fan Thanksgiving
By Bridge

The ERB fans were gathered for Thanksgiving dinner;
With such a great group, it would be a real winner.

The J.A.N.E.S. in the kitchen were roasting the bird,
While off in the book room excitement was heard:

The fellow whose home was the scene of the feast
Had a hairpiece once worn by a Martian high priest.

This guy bought it all; he couldn't resist!
He was the ultimate ERB completist.

Some fans were ogling his nice McClurg jackets,
While others were oohing at old ECOF packets.

The TV was on but, no game on the screen,
Instead, it was Tarzan, with Casper Van Dien.

One guest was an artist, a fellow named Boris,
Drawing each fan posed beside Dejah Thoris.

Tom Yeates, with guitar, sang a new Burroughs ballad,
While out in the kitchen the gals mixed fruit salad.

"This salad reminds me," one said to her peers,
Of how our men have enjoyed ERB for years.

Some guys are a peach, but each needs his 'nana,
The variety's like it is on the savannah.

Some buy stuff in pears (two's better than one),
Some are just nuts, but they're still lots of fun.

Dinner is served! All rushed to the spread,
Ah, the smell of the turkey! The freshly baked bread!

The host carved the turkey, in loin cloth attire,
Using the knife of his long-deceased sire.

All were so thankful, for stuff that transcends,
The doodads are temporal, but ever are friends!


J.A.N.E.S. -- scroll down at

Discovered just in time for Xmas
by John "Bridge" Martin

Fans of Edgar Rice Burroughs will have plenty of exciting things to choose from this year as they flock to the shopping malls to buy John Carter-related gifts for their family members, friends and fellow ERB fans.

  The Planet of the White Apes Playset. This new story has been specially commissioned to tie in with the resurgence of the Planet of the Apes earth franchise. The White Apes are taking over Mars, setting up civilizations in abandoned towns, developing technology to conquer all of Barsoom, and only John Carter and a million fighting men of Mars stand in their way. Who will prevail? There are droves of action figures that come with this set. Collect them all.

  Magnets & Martians. It's a wonder this marvelous toy wasn't marketed earlier. The package contains cardboard dioramas to mimic the city of Kadabra but the tower in the middle is a real magnet and the little fliers are of die-cast metal. Kids will be entertained for hours tossing their fliers toward the magnet, to see them sucked in by the power of the pole and crash in a pile of junk at the bottom. Comes with realistic body parts to spread around the crashed fliers.

  The Tan Hadron Action Figure and Flyer -- Relive the exciting moments from A Fighting Man of Mars with the invisible Tan Hardon and the invisible airship. The two are packaged together and also come in a matching invisible box. Due to the invisibility factor, it will be hard to locate this item on the shelves of the stores, but look for what appears to be an empty spot and grope around with your hands and you are likely to find one. The good thing is that the bar code is also invisible so you will probably not even be charged for the item at checkout.

  The John Carter Movie Maker Kit. This kit is not intended for commercial purposes but is ideal for the backyard movie maker. It comes with a replica contract from ERB Inc., assigning rights for making a John Carter film and toys to whoever fills their name into the blank spaces. Of course, we must point out that there is a disclaimer on the "contract," stating that it is only for play purposes and not real at all, much the same way that children used to be able to to purchase candy cigarettes with names like Hairyton, Scar'em, Marboro and Jolly Pall Mall. The kit comes with a  real video camera and plastic sword, harness with fake jewels, loin cloth and sandals.

  Uncle Milton's Pit Farm. Kiddies will be able to duplicate the prison pits which, traditionally, are below each Martian city, with this see-through plastic container that comes with red (to similate the Martian complexion) ants, which will spend several days digging the pits of Barsoom right before one's very eyes. After digging the pits and realizing there is nothing else to do, the ants will then simply sit still within the pits, effectively becoming the "prisoners." Hours of fun! When it starts to get boring, watching the stationery ants sitting in the pits, one need only shake the set so that all of the tunnels collapse and then retrieve new excavators from the nearest red ant hill and the fun starts all over again.

  Green Gumby of Mars. This Gumby character toy is a special one, with an extra set of limbs, just like the ones that adorn the Tharks and Warhoons of Barsoom. Kids who get tired after a few hours of bending Gumby's appendages this way and that will find extra joy with this extra set of limbs and will keep themselves occupied even longer while mother does the ironing.

EDGARDEMAIN: Celebrating the literary legerdemain of Edgar Rice Burroughs
John Martin, who goes by the name of Bridge on the erb-list and erbcof-l listservs, is nearing retirement as a rural mail carrier for the U.S. Postal Service. Much earlier in his working career, he was a jack of all writing trades for The Daily Chronicle in Centralia, Wash., where he still resides. He also published an independent weekly sports newspaper in Washington for awhile, as well as edited Loggers World, a monthly timber industry publication. Martin also worked in the distribution area of the newspaper business, owning and operating the dealerships for The Oregonian and USA Today in Centralia and vicinity for several years.

In his spare time, Martin reads and collects Edgar Rice Burroughs and makes themed covers for special postal cancellations. He was delighted when issuance of the Edgar Rice Burroughs stamp on Aug. 17, 2012, enabled him to combine his two favorite hobbies by making many special covers for the ERB First Day of Issue postmark.

He has also enjoyed writing poems and songs, which is why he chose the email list name of Bridge, ERB’s rhyme-loving character from The Mucker and The Oakdale Affair.

  Besides ERB, Martin collects books by lots of other adventure story writers. He’s active in a local church and he and his wife Peggy enjoy the close proximity of the four grandchildren born of their own two children.



Thanks to John Martin for suggesting many of the above cartoons


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