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Edgar Rice Burroughs in our Electronic Matrix
Main Goal of ERBzine - the World's Largest Online Author Tribute Website:
To follow the Achievements of the Pioneering Master of Entertainment Technology
Edgar Rice Burroughs (l875-l950) is known as the Grandfather of American Science Fiction. 

He predicted the invention of radar, sonar, television, teletype, the radio compass, the automatic pilot, homing devices on bombs and torpedoes, genetic cloning, living organ transplants, antigravity propulsion and many other concepts deemed totally fantastic in his time. 

His soaring imagination, coupled with the sure instinct of a master storyteller, assures him a position of honor among American writers of the twentieth century.  -- George T. McWhorter ~ ERBzine 0459


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Illustrated Annotated Version

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Edgar Rice Burroughs in our Electronic Matrix
PART II: As a Research, Media and Fan Resource 
The ERB Electronic Matrix - ERBzine the Online Electronic Resource -
may be used to explore how ERB has been on cutting edge for last 120 years in
Entertainment and Electronic Media.
Illustrated Annotated Version At:

The marvels of this futuristic Expo set the teenaged Ed Burroughs on a life's journey in which he remained on the cutting edge of the entertainment media until his death in 1950. . . and beyond. ERB spent the entire summer of 1893 on these grounds which showcased many of the scientific and social advances that would launch America into the 20th Century.
ERB promoted Chicago's first electric horseless carriage driving it around the Exposition grounds - an event staged by his father's American Battery Company. This new invention was also part of the ABC display in the Electricity Building.

Nikola Tesla's exhibit in which he demonstrated his amazing futuristic inventions was located near the Burroughs battery company and horseless carriage exhibit.
Hagenbeck Animal Exhibit, Midway, first Ferris Wheel, hot air balloon, futuristic architecture, pavilions from far off exotic countries, finger printing, stereoview arcades, etc. all had an incredible influence on the mind set of this adventurous teenager.
1892-95: ERB the Writer - Artist - Publisher - Researcher
While at Phillips Academy, Andover and Michigan Military Academy he wrote and edited school newspapers/magazines using some of the most up-to-date printing equipment available at that time. Ed is a probable founder of the The Military Mirror and is a contribuor of drawings and articles to the  Cadet newspaper, The Adjutant. He was under the tutorage of Commandant Charles King one of the most successful novelists of the Indian Wars and US Cavalry exploits in the West.
Gold Miner ~ Cowboy
Worked with his Yale-graduate brothers on a revolutionary gold dredging operation.
They built a steam dredge, the Argus, to mine gold on the Snake River. They live in a large houseboat.
1895: MMA Instructor: Darwin Geology
ERB returned to MMA as an Assistant Commandant where he studied and taught Charles Darwin's groundbreaking Theory of Evolution in his geology courses. Years later he incorporated variations of this revolutionary scientific concept in numerous novels.
1895 Gatling Gun Instructor
Instructed students in the Gatling gun. . . forerunner of the modern machine gun.
This knowledge served him well when he later joined the 7th US Cavalry in Arizona Territory. 1896-97
1898: Photographer and book/magazine distributor
Returned to Idaho : Introduced a photography service to Pocatello as a service of his stationery and magazine store 1898.

Private Rail Car and Travel
Toured Eastern USA and Canada in a state-of-the-art private rail car belonging to a friends father. A night on the town in Toronto resulted in receiving severe head injuries from a street brawl. Third of three serious head injuries which many attribute to the lifelong fantastic nightmares - many of which were fodder for his imaginative thinking and writing.
Illustrated Annotated Version
Ongoing Creativity
ERB found time to continue to dabble in writing, cartooning, poetry, reading, etc.

Reading/Research: ERB Personal Library:
Sketching: Cartoon Diary and Political Cartoons ~ Family Xmas Cards
Poetry: Published anonymously in the Pocatello Tribune and in Chicago papers under the name Normal Bean
"Black Man's Burden": Parody on Kipling's "White Man's Burden" ~ Pocatello Tribune April 8, 1899
Writing: Carbon copies of all letters ~ Booklets for family ~ Minidoka filed away and forgotten
1907 ERB managed the Stenographic Department at Sears-Roebuck:
Busiest Sears Department:  This "high tech" department consisted of 150 stenographers, dictaphone operators, multigraph operators and typists, and as such, was a kind of showroom. ERB over job was to oversee all of this and was also in control of  stereoview development and distribution - magic lantern projection - catalog engraving, photos, publishing, distribution, mail order, etc.
"If Sears, Roebuck & Co. records go back far enough, I'll bet they show I was a good departmental manager for them." ~ ERB
Illustrated Annotated Version:

Scientific Predictions:
First big success was Mars Science Fiction Under the Moons of Mars - drawing upon his own brilliant imagination and the science of the day:
ERB: The Prophet ~ Predictions and Images of Future Innovations and Inventions Compiled by Bill Hillman

His Mars, Tarzan, Pellucidar,and Venus series set the mold and blazed a trail for future SF/Adventure stories.
Follow-up success: Tarzan of the Apes drew from existing research on Africa integrated with latest theories on feral children, evolution, genetics, finger printing, as well as his own very enlightened views on women, minorities, environment/ecology, and free thinking.

Motoring Adventures
One of the very early Cross-Country Auto Trips to California using the latest vehicles, tent, gramophone, cameras, etc.
Film Innovation
Moved to California to learn the film technology and business, resulting in the first million grossing film: Tarzan of the Apes with Elmo Lincoln
Al Bohl's Documentary on the Making of this film is revealing a tremendous number of behind the scenes stories.
Illustrated and Annotated Version:

Tarzana Ranch
He designed a ballroom/film room at the Tarzana mansion to project films weekly for valley neighbours. . . and also used the projection room as a cutting room to edit Tarzan films. . . and assisted in the editing of Tarzan serials into feature films
Added a large garage to house his fleet of modern luxury cars
Hi-Tech Hobbies
Ed obtained the latest camera and 16mm equipment (from friend Bert Weston) to produce home movies such as Them Thar Papers
Film-making associate, Ashton Dearholt, and Ed designed and used a fully equipped land yacht
- early version of a mobile home or RV - loaded with hi-tech toys of the day
One of first authors to incorporate himself: Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.
Tarzana was accepted as a Post Office
Subdivided Tarzana Ranch which he promoted through self-created illustrated booklets and innovative promotions.
In 1922 he first experimented with dictating some of his novels into an Ediphone dictation machine (Moon Maid)
- he later switched to a Dictaphone in the '30s (1922)
One of first adventure comic strips - collated into early comic book - 1929
Tarzan illustrated by Foster and Maxon - in latest 4-colour printing process.
Illustrated and Annotated Version:

Created one of first syndicated radio serials on 16" ET discs - Starring daughter Joan and son-in-law James Pierce
ERB was always in the forefront of merchandising and promotion: ice cream, cereal, toys, games, clothes, razor blades, glue, etc.
using the latest technology in creation, promotion and distribution of merch . . .including the formation of associated youth clubs
Tarzan Clans
Signal Oil Tarzan Club
George McWhorter: Lord of  Tarzan ~ ERB Memorial Collection
Pioneer Animation
He endorsed plans for a John Carter adventure animation feature that pre-dated Disney's Snow White.
Animators were son John Coleman Burroughs and the legendary Bob Clampett.
ERB took pilot training, earned his wings and bought a modern aircraft
He promoted ongoing radio serial syndication and Tarzan film features which used the latest technology
Formed own film production company - Burroughs-Tarzan: used latest film and recording equipment to produce numerous films including the New Adventures of Tarzan on location in Guatemala.
Illustrated Annotated Version:
ERB: The War
ERB witnessed the Pearl Harbor attack and formed a Business Man's Melitia BMTC, wrote columns for newspapers, became WWII Pacific Theatre's oldest correspondent travelling through war zones in ships, bombers and transports all over the Pacific.
ERB Interrogating Jap Prisoner
Masters of Imagination Meet
POST 1950
Illustrated Annotated Version:
The 1952 Commodore Tarzan Radio Serial was produced on tape. . . and since then has been released on disc, cassette, CD, and MP3.
Currently, nearly every Tarzan radio show from 1932 onward is available on CD or via electronic download.

Pop songs - 78, 45, 33 1/3 - adapted short shows, Tarzan songs, re-broadcasts
Dan's Jukeboxes
The popularity and mass distribution of paperback books contributed to an explosive "Burroughs Boom" in the early '60s.
The second boom was brought about by the widspread emergence of the Internet in the '90s.
This boom spawned online Groups/Listservs such as ERB-List, ERBCOF-list, Barsoom,
and soon led to the creation of hundreds of Websites devoted to the works of ERB which may be found via any casual Google search.
The popularity of the Internet evenetually led to an avalanche of Social Media activity - the most popular venues being FaceBook and Twitter.
ERB's words - many of them written 100 years ago - are currently being downloaded electronically and read on computer screens and hand-held electronic devices: iPods, iPads, Kindles, etc. ~ Project Gutenburg, etc. :
Many ERB-related books are sold as Print-On-Demand publications and in various other reprint formats as a search of will show.
ERB books, films, TV and radio shows, art, and memorabilia are currently fetching record prices from online dealers and eBay auctions :
ERB, Inc. control legacy - enforce print and electronic copyrights - licence use - Andy Briggs: Greystoke Legacy :
Nearly all the ERB films ever produced, from 1918 to present day, are show regularly on TV. . . and hundreds of TV shows have been produced over the last 50 years.
The ongoing ERB Films exhibit the most advanced technology of the day: colour, wide screen, exotic locations, Disney animation, released on 8mm, 16mm, 35mm, Video Disc, DVD, surround sound, YouTube, downloads from the Internet, Pay-Per-View, etc.
What was Burroughs' first novel 100 years ago is currently being produced as a mega-million dollar, 3D film production: JOHN CARTER. Previous attempts at this all failed because film technology hadn't yet caught up with ERB's imagination. Developments in filming techniques, equipment and projection, CGI, and 3D should make ERB's vision of a century ago finally come alive. :

A debt is owed to James Cameron who perfected 3D techniques for the top-grossing film of all time: AVATAR. The ERB legacy carries on since Cameron has often attributed his inspiration for this innovative blockbuster to be: Edgar Rice Burroughs ~

The popularity of cell phones has opened a market for ERB-related apps. . . the most popular being the Tarzan Yell ringtone :
2012 will see the introduction of an ERB/Tarzan stamp from the United States Postal Service, in recognition to Burroughs' literary and cultural achievements :
For decades now, many generations of Tarzan games have been popular:
These games started with board games and progressed to video computer games which recently evolved into Casino Slot Machines.
Recently an ERB, Inc. licensed, hi-tech Tarzan Slot Machine has generated much excitement in gambling casinos : ~
Remarkably, this "pulp" author who first put pen to paper a century ago has created worlds and characters who have invaded every thread of the electronic matrix to survive and multiply and to capture the imagination of generations -- worldwide. Edgar Rice Burroughs was the first popular author to so totally take over the Electronic Matrix. Edgar Rice Burroughs, as truly the first Avatar, still lives.
Emma's Lament - Ramblin' OB
(Thanks to Ian Tyson's Someday Soon)
There's a young man that I know, whose age is twenty-one
He's workin' with the Bar-Y boys in the Idaho wilds
Just out of the service, he's lookin' for his fun
Someday soon, goin' with him, someday soon

My parents can not stand him 'cause he loves to ramble on
My father says that he will leave me cryin'
I would follow him right down the roughest road I know
Someday soon, goin' with him someday soon

But when he comes to call, my pa ain't got a good word to say
Guess it's 'cause he's just as wild in his younger days

So blow, you old Blue Norther, blow my love to me
He's ridin' in tonight - my Pocatello fellow
He loves his damned old ramblin ways as much as he loves me
Someday soon, goin' with him someday soon 

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