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Volume 2304

By Rick Johnson

The Ensign was looking over the cliffs, still awed by their majesty.  Hundreds of feet high, unclimable, rising from a bottomless sea with no anchorage and stretching for hundreds of miles in either direction, a sub-continent or the largest island in the world.  And totally unknown until today.

He was joined by one of the Chiefs who offered, “Beautiful sight, isn’t it sir?”

“It surely is Chief.  And to think, we are the first to see it.”

The Chief glanced to the chopper being readied on the flight deck and added.  “No we aren’t.  The Washoe was the first, then the Marriott.  Sonar found them both on the bottom, three miles down.  I don’t know what sank them but whatever it was, it happened so fast neither had a chance to send out a mayday!”

With the arrogance of what the Chief called the ‘butter-bar syndrome’, the new officer, fresh from the Academy who thought he knew everything, replied, “There is a big difference between a destroyer escort, a cruiser and this Aircraft Carrier.”

“Yep, there sure is.  We’ll take up a lot more space on the seabed, Sir” then saluting, he returned to the chopper to do something worthwhile.  He was heard to say as he walked away, “Something inside that island doesn’t want us here.”

The flyovers had returned an hour ago and he had attended the briefing for no reason other than the Old Man wanted the new ensigns to learn fast and being a part of this mission would make or break them.  The photos were astounding.  An oval island some 120 miles wide by 175 miles long with a central lake that covered most of the land.  One officer suggested that it was the caldera of the last of the ancient Super-volcanoes, possibly dredging from the Earth’s core so much iron that the compasses and GPS refused to work.  Even the electronics were breaking down and the jets failing and the radio picked up only static so they were cut off from the rest of the world.  Also this may be the reason why the place had remained undiscovered for so long and the other two ships were unable to send out any messages before they had sunk..

But one of the most amazing things was the photos brought back by the one surviving jet, her companion having suffered engine trouble and crashed into the lake with no survivors.  Dinosaurs.  Real live dinosaurs!  Every freaking man on that carrier would be famous for discovering a real live Jurassic Park.

But the downed pilot was a sad event, for he hadn’t had a chance to eject and went to the bottom of the internal lake with his Tomcat.

But the decision was made to send a chopper with a small crew to place a beacon on the cliff-face, one that would allow the teams which were readying their gear a chance to find their way home, possibly get a satellite link, and Ensign Harper would be assisting that team.  It was his first real job in the Navy and he intended to do it right.

While loading the chopper, his best, which meant only, friend came to him to comment, “radar sighted a UFO landing inside last night.”

Exasperated, Harper replied, “EVERYTHING is an Unidentified Flying Object until we can identify it.”

“I may be a Flying Saucer Nut but to believe that we are the ONLY intelligent life in the Galaxy is arrogant.  Besides the Reptilians from the Draco Constellation are said to have a secret base in this area.”

“Lizard-like aliens from a constellation named after a snake.  Isn’t that a bit too convenient?  Or have these Reptilians been talking to ancient Greek Astronomers?”  he said with not a little sarcasm.  “And I suppose that beautiful Blonde Amazons come from the constellation Andromeda?”

“Vega Lyrae,” his friend replied, casually.  “Nordics come from Vega Lyrae. Tall, blonde, human looking.  They are at war with the Reptilians.”

“You are such a freak,” the ensign added.  “I have no idea of why I hang with you!”

“Because, buddy, no one else will.  Your Lt. is calling.”

It was far less than fifteen minutes later that the chopper landed on the cliff, finding a small level site with little effort which was well within sight of the USS Williams.  She wasn’t the Enterprise nor the Nimitz but she WAS one of the most powerful carriers in the Pacific fleet.  Why she was here in the South Pacific so close to Antarctica alone, without her normal escort vessels was known only to those higher up than he.

He watched, assisted, checked and all the while fidgeted until the LT (Junior Grade)  asked, “Too many cups of coffee?”

“Yes sir.”

Laughing, “Learn from that.  Better to be a bit drowsy then pee your pants in flight.  Go take a leak, we’ll wait for you.”

Harper saluted then walked along the cliff, seeking a place private enough for his.. task, yet close enough to hear any recall.  There she was, the Williams, her screws moving to keep her in place on this bottomless ocean with no anchorage, still a giant even as far away as she was.  He was still shaking the drops free when the carrier vanished.

No, not vanished, it was as if something had reached up from below and pulled her under so fast she was gone.  Even cut in half and with all her magazines blown, it would take minutes, perhaps twenty to sink and even then there would be debris.  What happened was that she sat there, then ‘bloop’, she went under within a second!  Shocked he almost didn’t hear the Lt (JG) running and screaming, “Run!  They’re here!” then the chopper was flung.. no pulled from the cliff to strike the water and sink instantly, followed by three of the crew and the beacon.  Harper ran!.

Exhausted, the Lt caught up with him and screamed, “Up! Find a tree and hide!” then he began to climb too.

Harper climbed as high as he could, finding a tree that looked like an oak but was as thick as a redwood then, hiding between branches and leaves by the trunk, he waved to the Lt, also in hiding, who pointed to the ground.

Four of them entered the clearing, the wind so cold that any reptile would have gone dormant but these ignored the cold and looked around.  They were definitely lizard-like but walked erect and looked like some unholy cross between a dinosaur and a  man.  One even wore a scarlet hooded-robe.   Finally, the robed one glanced up to point to the Lt and as the rest looked up, there was a scream and the Lt fell, no was pulled to the ground as if he had gone from rest to terminal velocity within a second.  His body was pulped when it struck the sward even though he wasn’t that high.  A fall that would, at most, have broken a leg, instead shattered every bone in the man’s body.  It was as impossible as the Williams sinking and the chopper being pulled to the sea.

The dinosaurs, looking as if a velociraptor had evolved intelligence but had evolved along a path away from the reptilian, picked up the body in their claws and returned the way they had come.  Harper lay there, shivering both in terror and cold and tried to not think.  The Lt hadn’t fallen, some invisible force had pulled him to the ground at a speed so fast that…  The chopper hadn’t fallen or been pushed, it had been pulled from the cliff going from rest to what, a hundred miles per hour instantly?  And the Williams hadn’t sunk, she was pulled under.  There was something underwater that had pulled the Washoe, the Marriot and now the Williams to the bottom.  How long would it take the carrier to sink the three miles to the floor?  No, he was thinking rationally, think like ... well think from the information… the carrier, thirty stories from keel to flight deck and another dozen of tower probably hit the sea floor within seconds.  And these intelligent dinosaurs were responsible.  They were unarmed as best he could see but… Harper pulled his handgun and checked the magazine.  Fifteen rounds of 9mm.  He hadn’t fired a handgun since the Academy and somehow he feared that his weapon would be useless against the things.  Not that they were bulletproof, but that they wouldn’t be harmed.

Now the question was, what to do.  He saw a saber tooth cat, lacking the stripes he thought they should possess, slink off after the beings and a part of him gladdened at the thought that they’d die.

Moments later he had climbed far enough to see a bit of what happened.  The cat, easily twice the size of a Bengal tiger, had approached the group, readied to spring then froze, shivered and turned to run like a bat out of hell!  The four raptors returned to searching the landing site, picking up anything that looked like it came form the chopper then one touched the ground and moved along the trail he had taken to pee.  Then when he reached the still-wet rock, it leaned down, and the others joined it.  He had been made!

Quickly Harper left the tree and ran!  When he couldn’t run any further, he walked and when he couldn’t walk he stumbled, afraid that if he stopped for even a minute to catch his breath, the Hunters would catch him.

Then he ran into the three.

The three women were walking along the path, mostly quiet but responding to the darker-skinned blue-haired woman when she spoke.  All three were savages, naked save for a well-made bikini, made from leather or fur, each carrying a bow and knife with one also possessing a stone-headed spear.  But they were a bit from being human for each bore a prehensile tail, cat-eyes, pointed ears and ape-like feet and each grew a pair of moth-like antennae from her forehead. All froze when Harper entered the glade.

This island was trying to kill him, it had murdered his ship, his chopper and crew, thousands of America’s best had been murdered by this hellish place and he had a handgun with fifteen bullets while the three before him had nothing but a stone spear and a few arrows.  His decision was made instantly!

“Run!” he screamed.  “They’re right behind me!”

Instantly two of the women were up a tree then the older grabbed him as if he were a child and tossed him up into the branches where he was caught by the other two.  These then pulled him to a leafy branch and wrapped their nearly naked bodies around his, the one with blue hair binding his legs with her own and one arm around his face to smother any outcry.  The youngest simply snuggled as close as she could and helped the trio hold onto the branches as the Hunters entered the glade to face the final woman who had picked up the fallen spear.

She watched the Hunters and they her.  Neither giving ground nor advancing.  It was as if two junk-yard dogs had met and each were trying to decide if the one could take the other.  The woman slowly slid into a fighters ready stance, her borrowed spear at the ready as the Hunters approached, then carefully separated to pass her, giving the woman plenty of room.  She turned on the balls of her feet to watch them pass on into the brush.  Harper knew that had even one of the five made a wrong move, violence would have ensued and the woman would be killed.

The group remained in position for some minutes, Harper struggling to move then subsiding when the blue-haired girl choked him into submission.  After that he relaxed and waited, trying to see below.  Finally, the one on the ground relaxed and the younger released him to drop to the jungle floor.  The blue-haired woman released him, her hand still covering his mouth and turning his face to hers, she smiled, placed her fingers over her mouth to indicate ‘silence’ and when he nodded in the affirmative, she smiled again and pushed him out of the tree!

Harper fell but was caught by the pair below who were obviously far stronger than was he.  Then the blue-haired woman landed and they looked each other over.  Harper was still wearing his flight suit, a web-belt with holster and not much else, his cap and other possessions being long lost.  So he focused on the trio facing him, his hand well away from the holster at his side.  These were the closest he had to allies and he wasn’t about to do something stupid to jeopardize that.

All three were of the same race in the same way that a Chinese and German are of the same human Race.  But there were differences.  The youngest was barely five foot tall and appeared to be maybe fifteen or sixteen years old.  Her skin was white, her hair brown and in a pony-tail high on her head and her eyes, as far as he could tell through her slitted cat-eyes, blue.

The oldest, clearly the leader, was in her mid to late twenties, some inches taller, maybe 5’5” or 5’6”, very curvy with an hourglass figure that most women couldn’t achieve with a corset.  Her full and large breasts were firmer than was possible and her bikini top was obviously for decency and not support.  Her brown eyes were small and Harper wanted to gaze into them forever.

The middle one was of another race entirely for her skin was brown, her hair blue and her slitted eyes violet.  Unlike the other two, the blue-haired woman smiled a lot and that made her incredibly beautiful.  Harper judged her age at early twenties and her height at between that of the other two.

Finally the older snapped, “Myra!” and the teen girl took her spear back and left at a jog, the remaining two and Harper following at a brisk walk.  Was ‘myra’ a name or a command to take point, Harper didn’t know but his eyes were torn between watching the hips of then older as she moved ahead and the chest of the blue-hair who walked alongside him, chatting to the woman ahead who rarely answered.  When Harper stumbled over a branch, the blue-hair caught him then raising his face to hers, laughed, pointed to his eyes then her chest and shaking her head to indicate that he should watch the ground and not her body.  The older commented to blue-hair who replied in a manner that caused the older to giggle and move on.

After what seemed like hours, though Harper’s watch had broken, the youngest ran back crying to the others.  The older immediately turned and said something which caused blue-hair to grab him by the biceps.  The older then knelt, pulled his web-belt apart until the plastic buckle snapped, then she tossed the belt with its attached holster and handgun into the jungle with enough force that had she been in the Olympics, the other teams would have forfeited immediately rather than be embarrassed at failing to match that throw.  He was then released with the older wrapping her tail around his right wrist, blue-hair taking his left in her hand with the peculiar grip where both thumbs were around his wrist, then all four ran, Harper being more dragged than not.  He remained upright only because he knew that were he to fall, one of the women would pick him up, toss him over her shoulder and carry him like a sack of potatoes, an indignity that Harper refused to endure so he forced himself to run even when exhausted.

Finally, near a stream they threw him to the ground in some tall grass and before he could even catch his breath, the three had stripped naked, jumped onto him and began to kiss, caress and fondle each other.

Now a part of Harper realized that he was now in every man’s fantasy. Underneath three beautiful women in a lesbian grope-fest, only they were using their tails instead of a penis, but the main part of him realized that he was still fully clothed.  They were on top of him as if he were nothing more than a mattress and were totally ignoring him and his needs other then to keep him underneath.    He was able to look past the older, whose naked genitals were over his face so close that had he a wish, he could have licked them (he noticed that they were remarkably human-looking)  and see that blue-hair was excited and really enjoying herself when they slowed and the older stood to pick up the younger’s spear.  Harper, still buried under the other two who continued to caress and touch each other, though slower and without the intensity of  before, saw the older, still naked, holding the spear, her tail twitching as the Hunters reappeared.

Again, they stared at each other, the older woman’s tail twitching as would a cat facing another cat.  Now Harper realized that there was an uneasy truce between the Reptilian Hunters and these monkey-like women, a truce that could be shattered into war if either did anything stupid… and both sides hoping that the other would commit that one single stupid act.  For some minutes the Hunters watched, the older watching back, the other two still caressing and occasionally kissing, but their attention divided between each other and the Hunters, when the Hunters turned and left, the robed one carrying Harper’s belt and handgun.  The older watched, then rejoined her companions, still crushing Harper as he watched tails and hands do what he wished he could.  With a tail like that, they needed no man and he saw the tip of the brown tail slide into the wetness of the older who moved up enough to allow easy entry.

They kissed, caressed, sucked and tail-fucked each other for long minutes until, without warning, all three climaxes simultaneously.  It was obvious for blue-hair (who a lowered glance showed her to be a natural blue-hued woman)  screamed as she climaxed, the others shuddered with the youngest moaning and clutching her companions.

Then they separated, climbed off Harper and all approached the stream where they began to wash themselves and each other.  It was clear that the light-skinned women were finished and equally clear that the brown-skinned blue-hair wanted more but she subsided and washed her own hair.

“Excuse me!” Harper called.  The three stopped and looked at him.  “But what the hell is going on here?”  Then as they approached, again oblivious to their nudity.  No, blue-hair was showing off, smiling at his reaction to her walk and motion.  The others didn’t care but blue-hair enjoyed his gaze, then spoke with some animation, pointing to Harper and then to the outside until the older woman came to a decision.  She gave an order and instantly, the two obeyed.

The two younger began to search him, patting him down with blue-hair giggling as she felt his erection, pretending that the bulge was a weapon until the older said something which caused her to move on.  Harper suffered the indignity only because he knew he was helpless to stop them.  Then the youngest found his folding knife which she handed to the older.  Older looked at it, opened it, tested the edge, then folded and returned it to Harper with a smile.  “Ok, so do I get my knife back because you aren’t thieves or because you know I cannot possibly hurt you?”

This elicited a giggle from even the older who rarely smiled so he smiled back and said, “My name is Harper, Ensign Dennis Harper.”

The older said, “Myrmadon.”  The younger, “Myra” and blue-hair smiled, rattled something off too quickly for him to understand so she said slowly, “Ayiesha” followed by a hug and a kiss on his cheek.  Since she was still naked and he was still erect as she did so, she looked down, giggled again and separated as he covered himself with his hands.

“I’m sorry. I’m not used to this.  You see,  Hell I don’t know why I am telling you this since you don’t understand a word I’m saying but Thank You for helping me.”   Then he realized, “Every time those .. things came around, you piled on top of me.  You were masking my scent or whatever with your bodies!  You threw my handgun away to throw them off the trail!  I guess I owe you more than I can repay.”  He began to shake, the stress of the last day finally getting to him so Ayiesha took him by the hand and led him to the water where she removed his boots, easily unlacing them, and washed and rubbed his feet as he talked, her ministrations very relaxing.  He told them about how a satellite had discovered the island then, somehow the data had been lost, erased from the DoD computers.  How the Washoe had been sent to the area to investigate and vanished, followed by the Marriott then by his own ship, the Williams.  As Ayiesha rubbed his feet and Myra his shoulders, he relaxed more and continued to talk, telling them about how he watched the carrier go down, his friends die and his Lt somehow being pulled to his death and carried away.  He spoke of his terror and flight and even his meeting with the three, “I know this sounds strange, hell, telling you this knowing you cannot understand a word I’m saying is strange, but when I saw you three, I couldn’t let those things hurt you.  I had to warn you but it seems you didn’t need my help.”  He laughed at this, a sound bordering on hysteria until Ayiesha moved up, caressing his flight suit with her brown nipples (the other women had pink nipples) until she found the zipper to his flight suit.  She fumbled with it a moment then slid it open, kissing him with a ‘shhh’ and pulling his hands away with her tail as she kissed his neck and ears as she undressed him.

He relaxed, not thinking, as she removed his suit then underwear then, took him into her mouth, returning him to his erect state, stopping only long enough to move back to kiss his lips, gently.  He felt her tail caress his cheek as she placed his hands on her breasts and still kissing, slid onto and engulfed him, resting when she could take no more.

Harper caressed her large breasts, tight in her youth, as they kissed and he felt her vaginal muscles begin to squeeze as if she were massaging him with her kegals.  Glancing around and embarrassed, he noted that Myrmadon was ignoring them as unimportant while Myra was watching intently, caressing herself and sliding her own tail inside herself, then as Ayiesha began to rise and lower herself, Myra matched her movements with her own tail, her fingers joining to massage her own clit.

Ayiesha made love to Harper, and too soon, he erupted.  Ayiesha looked down, disappointed, then smiled and kissed him as he stammered, “I’m sorry.  I’m under a lot of stress.  I usually last longer…” but she ‘shhhh’ and kissed him, using her muscles to massage him hard again.  He then rolled her over and as she lifted her legs to wrap them around his hips, he began to slowly make love to the woman, pushing her tail away as she sought to penetrate him as he was her.  “Please, don’t,” he stammered, unfamiliar with that and fearing the stigma of being ‘gay’ were she to slide her tail into his rectum.  She laughed, said something to Myra who laughed back, never stopping her own masturbation and Ayiesha moved her hips to encourage him to move again, her tail wrapped around his leg.

This time it lasted longer and he felt her climax a number of times, she screaming with orgasm as she climaxed again.  Then she held him on top of her body, whispering soothing but unintelligible words to him as he softened and fell out.  She took his face, looked into his eyes, said something that he knew meant “feel better now?” and when he replied, “Yes, thank you, I needed that.” she kissed him and hugged him tight, almost too tight for she could easily have crushed him had she wished.  Then Myrmadon said something and Ayiesha pushed Harper off, jumped into the stream, crying out with the cold water and quickly washed herself, including her privates then dressed as Myrmadon handed Harper his clothes.

Not knowing if he was expected to wash too, he decided to wash his genitals and dressed quickly as the cold water caused him to shrink almost out of sight, to the amusement of Myra who looked and asked Ayiesha some question.  It appeared that Ayiesha was the more experienced with Myra possibly being a curious virgin.

The group then left and continued on, Ayiesha chatting with Harper  as they did.  “Arabic!  I recognize that from Bahrain. You were speaking Arabic just then!  Damn! I wish I had learned some while I was there.  Then we could speak together.”

“Ayiesha,” Myrmadon warned.  Chastised, Ayiesha lowered her head and apologized then was quiet for the rest of the journey.

“What’s wrong?” Harper asked. “Are you in trouble?  All because you speak Arabic?  Is that why your skin is darker than theirs?  Did some Arab Dhow-boat come here and you are the result?  Damn I wish you spoke English.  Myrmadon! It’s not her fault!    If you must punish someone, punish me.”

Myrmadon stopped, looked at him, sighed, smiled a bit and spoke to Ayiesha as if she were translating for her what he said, then Ayiesha stood up and kissed Harper on the cheek in gratitude.  “Why do I get the idea that you and Myra understand me but don’t want me to know you do?”  Although Ayiesha was quiet the rest of the journey, she was in a better mood.

It was dark when they reached  a cave and met a man of their alien race.  He was shorter than Harper, maybe five-ten if that, wearing a vest and loincloth from some animal and slowly roasting a large unidentifiable animal over a fire as they approached.  Surprised at Harper’s appearance, Myrmadon spoke at length while Ayiesha took over the cooking, occasionally slicing the carcass and sprinkling herbs over the carcass as if she were spicing the meat.  When Myrmadon was done, the man looked at Myra who spoke, then to Ayiesha who curtseyed to the man (curtsey?) and spoke as if she were pleading with him.  He sighed, spoke back to her then paced for some time, thinking.

“I gather that is your chief?  Or maybe your husband or father?  Damn, I wish you could speak English.”

The alien male then spoke to Harper in English, “I’m sorry for the loss of your ship.  Ayiesha wants me to get you home safely but I’m not prepared to start a war I cannot win and send too many of my Lanai to their deaths to save one human who should not be here.”

“You speak English!  Wait!  That accent.  Ayiesha speaks Arabic, you English with an…. Irish, that’s it, your accent is Irish.  What the hell is going on here?”

“Ensign Harper, I am His Grace, Jason Obrien, Baron Drakonis.  We are on a scouting mission here to rescue some Galu prisoners.  But our presence here in Caspak is tolerated only so long as we respect the technology laws and don’t interfere with their experiment.  By saving you, they,” he motioned to the women,  “have placed themselves and our Barony at risk.

“So here is the deal.  I will do what I can to get you off this island safely but I will NOT risk my people to do so.  If you want me to save you, you must help me in return.”


“This place never existed.  Your naval records will be altered to show your ships went to a different location.  You never entered the island.  Your  helicopter crashed and you managed to get out alive but remember nothing else.  You will be watched for the rest of your life and if you reveal the truth, you will suffer an unfortunate accident along with everyone with whom you spoke to keep Caspak safe.”

“What’s so important about this place that you’re willing to murder thousands of people to keep it secret?”

“Nothing actually.  This is not my place and I didn’t murder your friends.  The.. well let us say that this place was created by someone who listened a bit too closely to the “Ontology Recapitulates Philogony” theory and created Caspak to test the idea.  Previously, they didn’t care if you visited, the first to enter the cliffs being a German submarine during the First World War[*].  Those left without too much interference but the Billing’s mission a year later decimated the western arm of the experiment [**].  Dozens upon dozens of the local natives were killed in an attempt to rescue Tyler who had been marooned here and the experiment was threatened.  So the owners of Caspak put their foot down and have been sinking any ship that finds this place to protect it.

“Ensign Harper, if your country discovers this island, the owners of Caspak will simply destroy your country to protect their interests.  And since this is not the cinema or television, you won’t win.  You have my offer. Take it or leave it.”

“I don’t have any choice.  What do I do?”

“Nothing.  I’ll contact my people and arrange for you to be picked up.  Have dinner and get some sleep.”

Harper walked over to Ayiesha who had been standing next to Myra, looked into her eyes and spoke to her, “Thank you for everything.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am.”

“She doesn’t speak English,” Myra offered.  “German, Hebrew, Arabic and our native Spanglic but not English.”

“I gather you are aliens too, those Vega Lyrans?”  Receiving a blank look, he decided that they were from someplace else or native to Caspak so continued on another track, “Can you translate for me, please?”

“I have been.”

Ayiesha kissed him and he asked, “If I am so dangerous, why did you risk your lives to save me?”

Ayiesha spoke and Myra translated, “Because when you were being chased and found us, your first thought was to help us.  We could not abandon one who would risk his own life to save a stranger, even an alien.  This is why we protect your world.  Because people like you give us hope for your race.”

Harper removed his dog-tags, loosened the one on the smaller chain and handed it to Ayiesha. “Thank you. When you look at this, remember me fondly.”  Then, “I don’t suppose you are single?”

Laughing, Ayiesha replied as Myra translated, “I’m only twenty-one and won’t be legal to marry until I am twenty-five.  Besides, I have a lover, Tulan, to whom I hope to be betrothed in a few years [***].  But I will think fondly of you.”

“I suppose it was too good to be true.  A beautiful, sexy, woman with a kind and gentle heart and she’s taken.”  He sighed and kissed Ayiesha on her cheek then moved to look over the island from the cave opening.

Jason look Ayiesha’s hand and offered, “I’ll get him out of here.  We’ll put him in a life vest and dump him in the ocean far away and send a distress call that sounds like his ship.  They’ll find him safe and alive and search for the others so far away that they will never find Caspak.  I know I sound cynical at times, but some humans are well worth saving. This is one of them.”

They found Harper unconscious in a raft from the Williams and three hundred miles south of Hawaii. He claimed to remember nothing of the sinking despite their questioning but when he opened the leg pocket of his flight suit, he found a waterlogged picture of himself and three women, one with brown skin and blue hair, all with eyes, ears and antennae airbrushed out and looking human.

 [*] see: The Land That Time Forgot by Edgar Rice Burroughs
[**] see: Out of Times Abyss by Edgar Rice Burroughs and Land that Darwin Forgot by David Bozarth
[***]  see: A Maiden on Barsoom by Rick Johnson
Rick Johnson,
PO Box 40451, Tucson, Az. 85717

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