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Volume 1525
Edgar Rice Burroughs'

(Adventures of John Carter)
An illustrated adaptation of 
Edgar Rice Burroughs' 
Classic Novel
A Princess of Mars
From the Czech magazine ABC from 1968-1971
26 Installments
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Dobrodružství Johna Cartera
The complete Czech text has been transcribed by Fredrik Ekman.
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Thanks to ERB Contributor
 Frantisek Hudak
Fredrik Ekman

Adventures of John Carter
Translation in progress
1st Prospectors
Carter, this is gold !
Finally , Powell !
Buy gold and buy what we need , John
Godspeed , James! I will still hunt
A few hours later ...
Gosh ! Indian tracks! Fasted for Powell ! Do I need him ...
Shot ! Go to a friend !
Christ! They killed him !
I will not leave you here ! Alive or dead !
Caves ! Perhaps I have those demons disappeared . Here you rest and bury James ...
No - I can not sleep now ... ... But it is ... weird ... smell ... What the ... with me ...
Phew ! Pale face now is not moving .
Perhaps it is our missiles sent into eternal fisheries ...
Evil spirit ! Flee or perish !
Late at night ...
What is it? Indians ...
Goodness! I'm asleep or awake ? Here is my body - and yet I live ! Where are the Indians ? Get away from this cursed cave ! I need fresh air ...

It's night ... and there ! Yes, that September the Mars ! My desire , my dream ... I'm so easily - as if I had to take off ...

2nd Mars
What, the sun ? Where am I .. ? These strange plants ... John Carter , get up - you're not on earth ...!!!
Oops! What are you ? I jump like a flea ! Perhaps I'm not on Mars ? I have to look ...
This way is more secure ... and there ! A building - and nobody !
What do you know ? Hatchery ! Greens and ?ty?rucí Martians ? Gosh ! Someone is coming ! Late ...!!
Um, do not look very friendly ... I have gone ...
And now, gentlemen ?
I did not run them away . But this now put down weapons ... - I might go with them?

John Carter became a kind of ' free ' captive wild thark? , the inhabitants abandoned city in the Martian seas dried . Of course , that Carter did not know this at first and he was ready for everything ...

It seems that we are on target - a city .
Finally, the clothes ! But what about that - perhaps - a lady and it would be a terrible beast that my guards ?
Sola - o - Woola
I seem to have an audience with the Chief
What should I jump ? Please!
Jackets - jackets
... But once that's enough , guys !
After the audience recognized the chamber ...
Ah , Sola ! Really good time - I'm hungry . I should learn their language.
It is getting dark ... I look around ? Do I have a window , otherwise it will not escape this monster ...

3rd Among Tharks
Hail , I'm out! it around a little look.
It seems that someone is after me ! Disappear here inside ...
Vida - at least a gun ! And now we 'll see if it is air, clean ...
Damn ! What is this beast ?
Oh , Woola ! This lovely beasts spied me at the right time !
Here, the monsters !
Poor , oola ! This monster, you nearly killed ... and saw the guards !
Damn ! Do not kill the beast 's true !
Will you help me to cure him , Solo ?
Ao , Woola

In the coming days, Carter began to diligently teach the Martian language - Sola He was a good teacher. One day he announced ...
We're going to our incubator for kids , get ready !
Do mothers know their children ?
Yes , women choose Thark? children of raising - this is the law . Our incubators are in the barren lands are protected from enemies . Oh , the big celebration of children ...

Alert! Take cover!
What's going on sola?
It 's air squadron of red Martians of our enemies !

Forth a fierce battle ...

4th Princess of Helium
After an hour fighting remnants of red squad went flying ...
On the battlefield, leaving only a single aircraft - rather a burning wreck , driven by wind to the city . Horde green darted at him like a flock of vultures pounced on the deck where waited a rich booty ...

Away! I Dejah Thoris , Princess of helium.
Oách ! You hear the warriors ? Helia is the Daughter jeddaka Thark? great booty !
How to Sola, the woman looks earthly ?
As the red race who inhabit the great city of Helium on the far south. Her father is a great Kayak Mors jeddak
Take the Lorquas Ptolemy captured for questioning
And - and
What brought your squad into the region Thark? ?
It was a scientific expedition ! You are treacherously attacked us !
Oh, Wickedness! Beat your wife - and probably speaks the truth !
Jeddak Thark? , Shut it offends us !
That you might learn !
Come on , I neleknu you !
Attention , John Carter , is a dangerous swordsman !
Here you go
Perish !
Who are you ? Although similar to red , you're the other - plus Tharks badges ...
I am a prisoner , Dejah Thoris ! I come from planet Earth - my name is John Carter
John Carter , this is your booty - have become one of our chiefs.
I could not otherwise - he would kill me , Tars Tarkas !

5th Again, the life
Tars Tarkas , how do you control thoats , if you do not bridle ?
Directed by telepathic force of will - or blow the ears . They are very wild , Carter
I'll try after we - well, peace ...
Within days of  Carter's thoat was trained with not only strength but also gentle treatment ...
I am happy , Dejah , see you again
Oh , great fighter! thoat? trainer , teacher thark? - a few days we will be at the target ...
The next morning ...
Good morning , Dejah ! What are you ? What attracted you ?
Sarkoja , John!
Tars Tarkas , let Dejah !
On the way, you might escape, but do not do it without Dejah
You are right my friend
Beware , John, old Sarkoja evokes something to the back
Thanks Sola, I'd be careful
Later in the rest
Out the back ! Why beat my thoat ?
I will send you into the arms of the goddess Issus ! Dejah is Thoris Tharkum !
Glad you learn , the back, the power of his sword ! You're supposedly a good swordsman
Damn , that old devil has blinded me Sarkoja ...
You will die with me , princess ! 
For it will kill you, Sarkojo !
God, Dejah , help , Sola !
Perish , cursed !
But you go with me, out the back !

Back and fell dead - Carter fainted ...
Scarcely had he recovered - rushed to Dejah ...

Sola is alive?
Just fainted because she thought that you're dead!
Oh , my master , you're alive ? Thanks to the sole living ...
Soon afterwards arrived journey to the capital Thark? . Here you should decide the fate of two prisoners . What about that?
Hail, Sola ! You bring us what news ?

Jeddak Tal Hajus decided to throw the annual games at the arena with wild dogs ...
He leaves us alone - to flee tonight ! thoat and prepare you, Sola , come with us . In Helium you will be better ...

6th On the run
Waiting for them at the end of the city , Sarkoja said it !
Ah , the devil has betrayed us ! I need to find Dejah and Sola are lost or ...
Barren yard! Here you will be well before I bring the princess .
Dejah Thoris house was guarded , however . Carter , however, secretly climbed to the window .
The Princess is in Tal Hajuse . His killing , when he returns - and he comes !
Soon Carter broke into the palace Hajusova Tal ...
Bring the women and let alters them alone . Little to amuse ...
Grr ! This pay for life , the old coward !
Becomes , oh , jeddaku Thark?
Princess Helia , I do not want ransom - but you . And then you and tortured you . And then you will be tortured and your grandfather , jeddak Helia die of grief ! Cha -Cha ! Come ...

Hold on , Carter ! Tal Hajus belongs to me ! Flee rather abstain from persecution !
Thanks , Tarsus Tarkasi !
Obelstíme is - now we're going in the opposite direction !
Helios is a huge debt , either escape or perish , Carter !
Hurry before it's dark !
After several days, the refugees knew that got lost . They ran out of stocks and thoati melted ...
Oh , Issus ! I see a horde of warriors ...
Dejah , solo flee to the mountains. Will I keep it ...
Ned will send you , John Carter . I die with you ...
The gods know that I will not go !
Brightness will return to you , Dejah ! Believe !
Lie low and then try to escape. Perhaps I help my jumps ...

The last shot - and it remains to run ...

Damn ! Damn the spice!
And this is the end ...

7th Prisoner Warhoon?
Have you woke up ? I jeddak Warhoon? , Dak Kova ! Who are you? You Thark? badges , but the white skin and ...
Tharkové Dotar Sojat called me ! That you must do !
Oa ! See you on the big games !
When she arrived in town a bunch ...
Soon added an additional prisoner . skin was red like Dejah Thoris ...
Who are you ? It is too dark in here .
John Carter , a friend of the red Helium!
I do not know about you, but I want to believe ! I Cantos Kan airman from the expedition , which sought Dejah Thoris . My plane was shot down Warhoon ...

Carter said Kano everything he knew about Dejah . Flyer reinforced his hopes of rescuing the princess . But their hopes were small . The big games waiting just on the freedom of the bravest - the winner of all fights . In day games filled the amphitheater . In the caged captives waited and wildlife . He began fighting for his life ...
Carter won , and happily beat the wild calots ...
Cantos Kan after a series of battles kill the last enemy by throwing a sword like a spear into his heart
Late in the evening stood facing the two of them - all past winners of the fights ...
Does not kill you , Carter !
Pass the race - now with the series . Then as you kill me - perhaps save !
Finally, the appropriate moment ...
Winner Cantos Kan jeddaka calls for freedom !
Warhoon? laws are fair ! Go ! Exiting a great game !
In the mountains behind the town, Carter waited in vain in Kana Cantos . So he gave way to the Heli , which might have waited even Dejah Thoris . After a few days arrived famished for a mysterious building .
It is futile , perhaps not even there ... and yet ...
Who are you ? I see Thark? badges , red body , white skin, but ...
Hello! Where are you ? I'm starving ... I am a friend of the red ...
That you ?
Yes, I ! I can see everything - even your heart , brain , authorities ... Not just your thoughts ! Therefore you are not from Barsoom , because even then I could read . That's enough - eat !

8th Airman in Zodanze
These machines are concentrated in the ninth ray of sunshine - the base of the atmosphere Barsoom
And what if someone gets here ?
Not to know the secret keys telepathic
The station is closed impenetrable ... but it is time to sleep !
Thank you , I'm really tired !
Gosh ! What are you thinking ? I must be careful !

Middle of the night ...
I was right ! I have to flee - lucky that I know telepathic key ...
Before the guard saw his error , Carter managed to penetrate the station gates to freedom . Headed south to helium. On the way he passed a farm red . One ...
Halt , stranger ! Where are you going ?
I'm not armed , I fled Warhoon and go into Helium
How? You know ...
... Zodanga that war with helium ?
Well , my prisoner again !
Not - we are against war !
Carter found friends . He told them everything and they advised him to have colored skin and went into Zodangy . Perhaps they will learn about Dejah Thoris .
Carter arrived in Zodangy ...

Gosh ! Cantos Kan !

By Issus , quiet! Who are you ?
What? John Carter ! Where did you change skin color ?
And where you are here you take it?

Up elsewhere ...
Cantos Kan was scouted . The prince is said Sabu Than seized Dejah Thoris . Happens - if his wife will end the war . Helium , however, an ultimatum to adopt ...

We must find a princess
I'm going with you Kan!
I joined the Air Force here . I will help you do the test and teach you polished . Will it fit ...
The plan is successful. After several days, Carter started for the first time .
Gosh ! Three green to red ? And it's an aviator ...
Thanks , brave pilots ! You came at the right time !
I am a nephew Than Kossise , jeddaka Zodangy ! I will suggest you to his uncle's Guards !
Thanks for granted the honor !

9th Meeting with Dejah
From here you keep jeddakovu chamber ! His life is too precious !
I will fulfill orders!
Coming Soon ...
Than what is due to visit Kossis Dejah Thoris ?
Close válkus helium and Sabu will Thanova . Maybe I really loved
What ?
Oh , I love you , Dejah ! Father, stop the war!
See you son ...
No, I do have to avoid talking to Dejah .
Dejah Carter followed up to her quarters , but stood guard at the entrance ...
Than I go from Kossise to dejah Thoris !
Where are you going ?
Then tell me the password !
Here is my password !
To arms !
Last ! Oh , Sola ! Finally, I'm with you ...
What's happening ?
Who are the men of Zodanga ?
Dejah ! Did you recognize me ?
The voice ? John Carter ... Too late my friend ! I thought ...
... you're dead . Just because today I gave my word to save Helium . I'm not your princess already , and you my lord . Sab Than lives until ...
You have uttered his sentence of death !
Carter may not be the wife of the murderer !
Leave a Friend ! All is futile !
Half mad with grief Carter escaped from the palace and sought Cantos Kana ...
There remains only one thing: The Assassination of Richard Than Sabu ! And you vzbou?íte Helium - Fly !
Corridors are monitored - will try to climb the walls ... it was dark ...
Either the hook up captures , or ...
Who are you and how you come here ?
I aviator - I had almost lost his life , just look down ...
See? - Oh , and sleeping now !
Damn ! Alarm : Perhaps caught Cantos ... Do I have to planes - Helium revolting !
Oráá !

10th Tarsus Tarkas
At least I have a little edge goodbye , Dejah !
The carrier tank ! On the ground , sic ...
Glory flies away ! Now he has toNokat in the morning - the plane is over ...

After daybreak
Damn ! Gang green on both sides . Here, something will happen ...
Ora !
Damn ! Tars Tarkas ! Hang on to a friend !
John Carter ! This will never forget !
Forward, Tars !
Tharkové beat Warhoony afternoon. Carter then drove them into town . Jeddak Tal Hajus he wanted revenge and Tarsus Tarkas John advised to flee ...
Your jeddak is a coward and the time has come to account with him ! Stay!
Many will be with you , John! Let's go !

In jeddakov? Palace
Finally I got you! See what 's hit jeddaka ! Seize him !
Yes , Tal Hajus , you coward ! once you tortured my wife and I 'm waiting years for this day .

Where was the great jeddak today when his Thark fight? In his palace !
Now I will send you to her! And a child who had , Tarsus Tarkasi !
Oách !
You're not so good swordsman Tal Hajusi ! I killed you !
Vive jeddak Thark? , Tarsus Tarkas !
I have a surprise for you , Tarsus Tarkasi !

11th At the last moment
Child to your wife alive - this is Sola . She told me her story of escape from here , but the father did not know ...
Is it possible? And where is it?
Captured with Dejah Thoris in Zodanga . Brave Thark Help Hélio !
Now will call all the tribes and go !
One hundred thousand Thark? stopped at midnight on the fifth day before Zodangou ...
These walls nezdoláme ...
Construct a pyramid of bodies and the others I !
Tharkové Carter created a springboard ...
Go to the north gate , I will open the South !

Happens !
... with fifty men to jeddakovu Palace !
Let 's go !
So many lights ! I look ahead window.
Dejah and Sab Than ! Goodness! Than Kossis with a chain .. ? Surely ... No !
Hold up !
Who dares to ...
Dejah !
Oách ! John Carter ?
Kill It
... disturb the sacred rite ?
John Carter , Are you crazy ? Such a preponderance ...
Honey , look at the door !
I will kill you , dog !
You will not have the time , Than Kossisi !
Uráá !
To arms , attacked the Greens Zodangu !
There was a brutal bloodbath ...

12th To help Heli
Sab Than die by my sword Than Kossisi !
Alas, not who would avenge me ! I'm dying ! ...
Zodanga fell , large jeddakové Thark? !
Thank you , brave Thark
John, in the underground palace UPI Cantos Kan ! He was captured when he tried to kill Sab Than ...
Thanks , Dejah , liberate him immediately ...
After a long wandering in the underground ...
Finally, we find you , my friend !
John Carter ! Hélio glory !
Helium is still surrounded by troops Zodangy ...
Boarding Thark the aircraft and go !
Yes , immediately !
The following day, the roof raised Zodanga great fleet - heading toward Hélio ...
Tardos Mors Zodangy from near the Helios air fleet ! Now is the end ...
Mors kajak , son , we fall as Helios laws apply ...
Flag Helia ! Fire !
Prepare airdrop Thark? !
Forward, Tharkové !
Impossible! Air Force attacked Zodanga !
Whoever she is , w go for help!
The flagship - the Helium !
We're doomed !
Start flag, rides ! Zodangan? save lives - have been defeated !
Helium was liberated ...
De - jah , my daughter !
Brave fighters , rescuers Helia ! Who are you ?
Coordination , great jeddaku Helia ! Take John Carter of planet Earth and jeddaka Thark? Tarsus Tarkase !
I'm glad you have chosen the granddaughter to you, John Carter ! The whole Barsoom values your business !

13th Barsoom in danger
John, the first time in history Thark? recognizes their jeddak his daughter publicly
Thank you and good luck ! not thank me , Solo ! We both owe a lot to you and your father ...

Later ...
Decision of the State Board of helium, you became the prince of the royal house !
I am extremely obliged to you , Father !
After nine years he lived , John Carter of Mars , and revered by weighing, alongside beloved Dejah . Already soon be in the golden womb incubates their first-born - a son or daughter . One evening ...
John. The aircraft transmits alarm signals !
Really !
Prince , Tardos Mors immediately convene the Council of State !
... failure occurred at the air station and still could not connect with her guardian ! For three days now ...
... no answer ! Air pressure decreases at Barsoomu - inside and flush take weeks ... This leaves us just two days of life !
What to do ?
Die bravely ...
Mad? We wait around to die ? I will fly to the station !
And I am with you , I know about are the machines !
Carter and Dejah farewell flew Cantos ...
I was at the station way into helium .
Break through in three places , but also decreases air forces . Perish before he gets in. ...
From what guns to try ?
Damaging the whole system would stop . Just telepathic key ...
Yes ! Key ...
At that time the old man ... I read his mind ... Something he wanted me to conceal ... I wish I remembered !
For Issus , John , remember ! Save Dejah and all Barsoom !
Wait , Cantos , I have to concentrate !
Hours passed, while the air ubívalo and people fainting ...
John, a friend ... Have not see ... Goodbye ...
Cantos - perhaps ... Last ...
Seven key features telepathic Carter swept the brain and then ...

Carter woke up from fainting ...
Heavens , Dejah ! Cantos ! Where am I ? This is ... Arizona accursed caves ! And here ... Powell ...
Like back then ... Could not it be a dream - had been years - Mars! Dejah ! Alive!

Thuvia, Maid of Mars
From the Czech magazine ABC from 1968-1971
25 Installments


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