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ERBzine 1287a
"To My Son Jack"
Written between July 1911 and September 28, 1911

1. My First Adventure on Mars, 
2. The Green Martians, 
3. Dejah Thoris, Martian Princess, 
4. Under the Moons of Mars 

Under the Moons of Mars (1912)

A Princess of Mars (A.C. McClurg, 1917)

Newspapers (1921): A Princess of Mars
Modern Mechanics (1929):  Carter of the Red Planet

Hillman Log Notes Series
A Study Guide for Fans and Researchers
Part II
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ERBzine 1287

These log notes sequentially pinpoint the important events throughout  the novel. 

The information is  presented in the form of 530 questions and answers. 

Each chapter title bar has links to the novel text.

Foreword: 30Q
Chapter I: On The Arizona Hills: 20Q
Chapter II: The Escape Of The Dead: 10Q
Chapter III: My Advent On Mars: 25Q
Chapter IV: A Prisoner: 25Q
Chapter V: I Elude My Watch Dog: 15Q
Chapter VI: A Fight That Won Friends: 10Q
Chapter VII: Child-Raising On Mars: 25Q
Chapter VIII: A Fair Captive From The Sky: 15Q
Chapter IX: I Learn The Language: 10Q
Chapter X: Champion And Chief: 20Q
Chapter XI: With Dejah Thoris: 20Q
Chapter XII: A Prisoner With Power: 10Q
Chapter XIII: Love-Making On Mars: 25Q
Chapter XIV: A Duel To The Death: 25Q


Chapter XV: Sola Tells Me Her Story: 25Q
Chapter XVI: We Plan Escape: 15Q
Chapter XVII: A Costly Recapture: 15Q
Chapter XVIII: Chained In Warhoon: 10Q
Chapter XIX: Battling In The Arena: 15Q
Chapter XX: In The Atmosphere Factory: 30Q
Chapter XXI: An Air Scout For Zodanga: 25Q
Chapter XXII: I Find Dejah: 20Q
Chapter XXIII: Lost In The Sky: 10Q
Chapter XXIV: Tars Tarkas Finds A Friend: 15Q
Chapter XXV: The Looting Of Zodanga: 15Q
Chapter XXVI: Through Carnage To Joy: 20Q
Chapter XXVII: From Joy To Death: 20Q
Chapter XXVIII: At The Arizona Cave: 10Q
A Princess of Mars: eText Edition

1. Zad's fate: Dead with Carter's sword buried to the hilt in his breast.
2. Nature of Carter's wound: Zad's sword has torn at an angle through the flesh and muscles of his left breast.
3. Reaction the tribe: Applause.
4. Reason for Carter's rapid recovery: his Thark women are adept at applying healing agents and dressing wounds
5. Object that had saved Sola from a serious wound from Sarkoja's dagger attack: One of her metal breast ornaments.
6. Reason for Dejah Thoris' grief: She believes that John Carter is dead
7. Only other people Sola had seen weep: Her mother before being killed and Sarkoja as they dragged her off after today's attack.
8. What is unusual about Sola's relationship with her parents: She knew them.
9. Carter's station in the caravan: Beside Tars Tarkas at the rear of the column
10. Name of the heavy draught animals: Zitidars
11. Reason for so little noise created by the huge procession: Enormous broad chariot tires and padded feet of the animals on moss-covered sea bottoms
12. Reason for no trace of their passing: Moss springs back up and there is little dust on Mars -- and an absence of high winds.
13. Reason the animals can go months without water: They live off the moss which holds moisture in its tiny stems.
14. Reason for Carter's nighttime visit to Sola's chariot: To hear her life story.
15. Reason that Sola was lonely: Her own people reject her because of her feelings and Dejah Thoris is asleep.
16. What made her mother different: Too small for motherhood, less cold and cruel than those in the Thark society she did not care for - roamed alone.
17. What she had in common with the young warrior she met among the hills: Dislike of the cruelty of their loveless society -- they became lovers.
18. How did Sola come to be: The egg from her parents' forbidden love affair was hidden and hatched in a secret tower where Sola was cared for by her mother's secret nightly visits.
19. Person who discovered the secret and reported them to Tal Hajus: Sarkoja.
20. How Sola was spared death: Her mother mixed her in with other newborns returning from the incubator.
21. Fate of Sola's mother: Attempting to learn the identity of Sola's lover Tal Hajus tortured and killed her.
22. The made-up story of Sola's fate that Sarkoja did not believe: Sola's mother had killed her and thrown her to the white apes.
23. Reaction of Sola's father when he returned from an expedition: None -- he hid all emotion but hated Tal Hajus from then on for his cruelty.
24. Her father's knowledge of Sola's identity and of Sarkoja's betrayal: None
25. The name of Sola's father: Tars Tarkas


1. Problems presented by the canals on their return journey: To avoid red Martian troops they cross these cultivated areas at night.
2. What Carter could see of these farmlands by moonlight: Walled fields, low rambling farmhouses, tall trees, penned animals, roadways.
3. Carter's theory on a man's way with women: "In inverse ratio to his prowess among men."
4. Number of subjects under the control of Tal Hajus, Jeddak of Thark: 30,000 divided into 25 communities, each with a jed.
5. After their reunion in Thark what Carter laid at the feet of Dejah Thoris: His heart "beating alone for you until death stills it forever."
6. Tal Hajus' plan for the captives, instigated by the treacherous Sarkoja: They are to be thrown to the wild calots (dogs) at the yearly games.
7. The prisoners' request of Sola: That she accompany them in their escape.
8. Distance to Dejah Thoris' city of Helium: 50 miles to the waterway and then 500 miles along the canal.
9. What Dejah Thoris created with the diamond from her hair: A map of Barsoom: waterways, cities, seabottoms, mountains
10. The escape plan: They will leave tonight on two thoats and take a longer route than the Tharks would expect
11. Carter's actions when Dejah and Sola did not make the rendezvous place: He hides the thoats and leaps to Dejah's second-story apartments.
12. Who set a trap for him: One of Tal Hajus' chieftains and four warriors.
13. What they were planning to do with him: To capture him and chain him beneath the jeddak's quarters.
14. Who was behind the betrayal: Sarkoja.
15. Where was Dejah Thoris: "safe" in the arms of Tal Hajus.

1. Carter's means of entry to the headquarters of Tal Hajus: He leaps to the unlighted third floor
2. Scene in the great circular hall beneath him: Tal Hajus and his chieftains, warriors and women . .  and Dejah Thoris and Sola.
3. Description of Tal Hajus: An enormous hideous thark with cold, hard, cruel, terrible features and not a mark of dignity or pride.
4. Last to leave the room after Tal Hajus' order to be left alone with his captives: A reluctant Tars Tarkas
5. Tal Hajus' plans for Dejah Thoris: To ravish and torture her for 10 days as an act of vengeance against the red race.
6. Reason Carter's only knocked Tal Hajus unconscious: He does not want to rob Tars Tarkas the sweet moment of revenge and chance for becoming jeddak.
7.  After reaching their mounts they made their escape in what direction:  Toward the more distant waterway to the northeast.
8. Reason for the party's eventual fatigue: No time to pack water and supplies for their non-stop flight and they eventually became lost.
9. One of their pursuers who caught up with them: Faithful Woola.
10. Event that forced Sola and Carter to go on foot: The collapse of one of the fatigued thoats.
11. Why Carter decided to send Sola and the Dejah Thoris on alone: They had been discovered by a green war party.
12. Carter's actions when Dejah refused to leave the man she loves: He kisses her, tosses her onto the mount with Sola and sends them off.
13. Carter's defence against the green warriors: His long range radium rifle with 200 rounds of ammunition.
14. Carter's actions when he ran out of ammunition: He takes off in leaps in the opposite direction from that taken by the women
15. Significance of a protruding piece of quartz: Carter trips over it and is beaten into submission by the pursuing green warriors.

1. Description of Carter's captor: Dak Kova, a huge, scarred Warhoon jed decorated with straps supporting human skulls and hands
2. Dak Kova's plan for Carter: He is to battle a wild thoat in the great games
3. Carter's role in the jed becoming jeddak of the Warhoons: Dak Kova defeats jeddak Bar Comas in a fierce battle over Carter's fate
4. Funeral rites for the deceased jeddak: Body left for three days, hands and head removed to decorate his successor, cremation amid wild laughter.
5. The war party's original mission: A raid upon a small Thark community in retaliation for the destruction of their incubator.
6. How Warhoons differed from Tharks: A smaller horde but much more ferocious and warlike
7. Carter's long ordeal in Warhoon: Chained imprisonment in the complete darkness of a dungeon surrounded by crawling creatures.
8. Fate of Carter's jailer: Carter kills him with a slack of chain when he brings food.
9. Sight that interrupted Carter's search for the jailer's keys: Six pairs of eyes approaching in the darkness
10. Noise that accompanied the retreat of the eyes: A strange grating sound


1. Reason for the failure of Carter's escape plan: The jailer's body with the keys has been dragged off into the darkness.
2. Carter's new cell mate: Kantos Kan, a padwar (lieutenant) in the navy of Helium.
3. Event that interrupted his return to Helium after they were attacked at Thark: All but his ship were destroyed by enemy red men from Zodanga.
4. Result of his eventual return to Helium: Seven great fleets were launched in search of Dejah Thoris among the northern hordes.
5. Where Kantos Kan had been captured: During his covert search for Dejah Thoris in the city of Warhoon.
6. Site of the great games: An enormous unkept amphitheatre excavated below ground level that seats 20,000 Warhoons.
7. Contents of the arena cages: Carter and Kantos Kan, wild calots, thoats, mad zitidars, green warriors and many strange beasts.
8. Method of obtaining freedom: The last one combatant surviving at the end of each of the 10 days of the games.
9. The first combatants: 12 green Martian females against a pack of 12 wild calots.
10. The two final combatants at the end of the day: John Carter and Kantos Kan.
11. Kantos Kan's method of overcoming his giant green adversary: Throws his sword twenty feet into the heart of the warrior.
12. Carter's instruction to Kantos Kan before they began the battle: Prolong the battle until darkness falls.
13. Kantos Kan's method of disposing of John Carter: He thrusts his sword between his arm and his chest. Carter fakes death
14. Reward to Kantos Kan, the victor: Freedom.
15. Carter's plan of escape: He crept out after the amphitheatre had cleared and hid out in the hills beyond to await Kantos Kan.

1. Description of Carter's journey to the nearest waterway: Two weeks of stumbling night travel, fighting off wild beasts and living on vegetable milk.
2. Carter's rescuer from a wild beast: Woola.
3. Woola's condition:  Half starved.
4. Discovery made by the starving travellers on the 15th day: A gigantic building 200 feet high and covering four square miles with one tiny entrance.
5. After pleading through a speaking tube by what means was Carter allowed entry: Through a long corridor secured by a series of 20-foot thick sliding doors.
6. What awaited Carter and Woola in an inner chamber: Food and drink on a great stone table
7. Occupant who interrogated and examined Carter: A strange, dried up, little mummy of a man in a robe with a collar of gold supporting a huge chest plate decorated in diamonds. In the centre of the disk is mounted a strange stone that scintillates nine different and distinct rays.
8. Carter's communication advantage over the man: While his own thoughts were private, he could read the old man's every thought.
9. The function of the building: It contains the machinery which produces the artificial atmosphere which sustains life on the planet.
10. The secret to the entire atmosphere creation process: The ninth ray which special machinery separates from the sun's rays and stores in the giant building.
11. The process that created atmosphere: The 9th ray is treated electrically and the result is pumped to the five principal air centers of the planet where contact with the ether of space transforms it into atmosphere.
12. The old man's duty at the plant: He and an assistant each take half-year shifts keeping the battery of 20 radium pumps operating.
13. The length of a Martian year: 688 Earth days.
14. Security of the plant was guaranteed by: 150 foot-thick walls, 5' glass covering on the roof, and only two people ever know the telepathic entry codes at any one time.
15. The reason for the old man's suspicion of Carter: He believes that he has been tricked into revealing the telepathic entry codes.
16. What function did the old man's talisman perform: His protection in all parts of Barsoom
17. The danger that Carter read in the old man's good-night thoughts: A picture of the man killing him with a dagger in his sleep "for the best good of Barsoom."
18. Carter's method of escape: He uses the telepathic codes he has learned to open the doors to exit the building.
19. The nature of the Martian house where Carter found shelter: Home of government employees surrounded by giant trees and which uses power from a radium engine to raise it fifty feet on a large metal shaft each night.
20. People who did the farm labour: Convicts, POWs, delinquent debtors and poor bachelors.
21. The reason for bachelor debt:  Some are too poor to pay the high celibate tax.
22. Why Carter made no mention of Dejah Thoris: Nearby Zodanga and Helium are at war.
23. Suggestion for a change of appearance made by Carter's friendly hosts: To colour his body with reddish oil  to appear more Martian.
24. Suggestion for finding employment: Go to Zodanga and join the army or navy.
25. Parting gift for transportation: A small domestic bull thoat to ride (horse size, gentle but otherwise a replica of the huge wild thoat).
26. Carter's Martian hairstyle: Cut square at the back and banged in front.
27. Carter's new identity: He wears metal and ornaments in the style of a Zodangan gentleman attached to the house of Ptor.
28. Contents of Carter's side sack: Zodangan oval coins.
29. The Zodangan monetary system: Paper money is issued by individuals as they require it and redeemed twice yearly. If a man issues more than he can redeem, the government pays his creditors in full and the debtor works out the amount in the government farms or mines.
30. Carter's route to Zodanga: Along a broad white turnpike

1. The source of the water that filled the canals: Flow from the poles' melting ice caps is stored in underground reservoirs and then pumped through long conduits.
2. Explain how irrigated land was laid out: Tracts of land make up cultivated districts stretching along either side of the conduits.
3. How the water was distributed to the fields: Through a vast underground network of small pipes that take it directly to the roots.
4. Reasons why the crops were always uniform: No droughts, no rain, no high winds, and no insects, or destroying birds.
5. Foods enjoyed by Carter: Steaks and chops from domestic animals, fruits and vegetables entirely different from anything on Earth.
6. News of Dejah Thoris: She is the most beautiful woman on Barsoom and all Helium is mourning the loss of their princess.
7. Expected fate of Helium: Zodanga is about to overrun the city since the Helium forces are all out in search of Dejah Thoris.
8. The reason Dejah Thoris was thought to be dead: Her mount was found wandering near the scene of a bloody conflict with the Warhoons.
9. Carter's reason for abandoning Woola: This species has never been tamed by the red men so its presence in Zodanga would cause problems.
10. The reason Zodanga's shops are not raised for safety at night like their homes: Thievery is unknown upon Barsoom but assassination is a major fear.
11. Description of Zodanga's plaza: It covers a square mile in city centre and is surrounded by the palaces of the leaders as well as by public buildings, cafes and shops.
12. The first person Carter met in Zodanga: Kantos Kan
13. Kantos Kan's mission in Zodanga: Sent by Tardos Mors to find Dejah Thoris, who is held prisoner by Sab Than, prince of Zodanga.
14. Why is Dejah Thoris was being held here: Jeddak Than Kosis has made her voluntary marriage to his son the price of peace between the countries and the only way to save Helium.
15. Unusual feature of the eating place they visited: The food is untouched by human hands and is ordered by the touching of tiny buttons.
16  How Carter passed the examination to enter the air-scout squadron: Kantos Kan, an accomplished airship pilot, takes the exam for him.
17. Description of the one-man craft that Kantos Kan taught Carter to fly: 16 feet long, two feet wide, three inches thick tapering to a point at each end. The driver sits on a seat over the small noiseless radium engine.
18. The medium of buoyancy contained in the thin metal walls of the craft: The 8th Barsoomian ray, the ray of propulsion. The ray is found in all light and is the energy that propels the light of the sun to the various planets. This ray when reflected off Barsoom is a source of repulsion of gravity and can lift enormous weights from the surface.
19. Fate of the first great battleship equipped with the ray 900 years ago: Too great a quantity was put into the reservoirs and the ship with its crew of 500 shot into space where it can still be seen in orbit around Mars.
20. An average speed of the flyer: 200 miles per hour
21. An incident during Carter's first flight that promoted him to residence in the Palace: He uses his craft to rescue a downed pilot from three green warriors and later he fights off two more.
22. The importance of the rescued Zodangan: He is cousin of the Jeddak.
23. Purpose of the huge parade ceremony assembled before the Jeddak: To confer honours on warriors for bravery and distinguished service.
24. The earthly group that the parade participants resembled: North American Indiands - use abundant feathers and colour for decoration.
25. Result of the rescued flyer's conversation with his cousin the jeddak: John Carter, air scout, is promoted to padwar of The Guards and is to be quartered in the palace.


1. Method used to light the jeddak's apartment: Imprisoned rays of sunshine held between the ceiling and a ground glass panel below.
2. Area in which Carter was to stand guard: Behind the tapestry hangings that encircle the room.
3. Property of the tapestry material: one-way view allowed Carter to see through them into the room.
4. The person escorted into the jeddak's apartment: Dejah Thoris.
5. The princess, who had apparently changed her mind, made a promise that: She will marry the jeddak's son, Sab Than.
6. Dejah Thoris' reason for agreeing to marriage: To save Helium from attack.
7. Effect on Carter: His dream of happiness is dashed and broken.
8. Reason for Carter's swordplay with four palace guards: To get to Dejah Thoris.
9. Reason for Dejah Thoris' refusal to go with Carter: She is bound by her promise of marriage to save Helium.
10. Dejah's explanation of Carter's dishonourable social blunder back in Thark: He called her his princess before asking her hand in marriage and boasting that he had won her through combat.
11. Why killing Sab Than would not help Carter's cause: Convention dictates that she cannot marry the man who kills her intended.
12. Why Carter went into hiding: The whole palace is on alert and he waits for nightfall to escape.
13. What the royal psychologist had read from the minds of the dead guards: They were killed by one man.
14. What the psychologist had read from the mind of Dejah Thoris: Nothing as she has perfect mind control.
15. The man who suggested that the attacker was John Carter: The cousin of the jeddak who had been rescued by Carter.
16. Why they didn't trust Kantos Kan:  He is Carter's friend and is probably a Heliumite spy.
17. The order that made it difficult for Carter to leave the city: The air patrol has been quadrupled.
18. Why they believed Carter was still in the palace: Records show that no one meeting his description has left.
19. Person Than Kosis decided to question more thoroughly: Dejah Thoris.
20. What Carter accomplished after nightfall: He escapes the palace.


1. Carter's reason for returning to the air patrol quarters: To relate to Kantos Kan the news of his meeting with Dejah Thoris.
2. Why Carter supported Kantos Kan's decision to assassinate Sab Than: It is the only way Carter can win Dejah Thoris.
3. How Kantos Kan planned to gain entry to the palace: He discovered a secret passage from the tower to Sab Than's quarters while on flight duty.
4. What Carter gained by scaling the machine building and overcoming the rooftop guard: He returns to Kantos Kan with two stolen flyers.
5. The destination to which Kantos Kan set the "auto-pilot" compass on Carter's flyer: Helium.
6. Helium adaptation that gave their flyers an advantage: A trick in the gearing of the craft.
7. Obstacles that Carter met on his escape flight from the city: Searchlights, dozens of air scout patrol craft, a large cruiser and a barrage of firepower.
8. Problem caused by the damage to Carter's flyer: Because of a broken compass he cannot find Helium.
9. How Helium may recognized from the air: Two immense circular walled cities seventy-five miles apart.
10. Description of Helium's twin towers: one is scarlet, the other yellow -- each one rises one mile high from its city centre

1. Carter's situation after being shot down: Battling for survival in the middle of two tribes of warring green men.
2. Identity of the two tribes: Warhoons and Tharks.
3. Name of the green man Carter assists: Tars Tarkas.
4. Result of their shoulder-to-shoulder, all-afternoon battle: The Warhoons retreated at nightfall.
5. Another old friend that Carter met in Tars Tarkas' quarters after their triumphant return to Thark: Woola.
6. Tars Tarkas' advice upon his return: Sarkoja recognized Carter and told Tal Hajus. Carter must make his escape.
7. How did Tars Tarkas plan to help: He will provide Carter with his pick of thoats and escort him to the nearest Helium waterway.
8. Why Carter refused the offer: It will probably mean death for Tars Tarkas -- Carter wants them both to face the tyrant so Tars Tarkas can kill him.
9. How Carter convinced him that they should go before Tal Hajas: He relates the story that Sola had told him about her parents.
10. How Tars Tarkas convinced Sarkoja to take the pilgrimage down the river Iss: He warns her that Gozava's lover will seek vengeance tomorrow.
11. What Carter recommend in his speech to the chieftains of Thark: He accuses Tal Hajas of being unworthy and that he should be replaced by Tars Tarkas.
12. Who insisted that the jeddak fight Tars Tarkas to defend his honour and position: Lorquas Ptomel and the 20 Chieftains
13. Tars Tarkas' first act as the new jeddak: He makes Carter a full-fledged chieftain.
14. The battle plan that Tars Tarkas and the chietains agreed to: Unite the green hordes and form an alliance with Helium to attack and loot Zodanga . .  and free Dejah Thoris.
15. Leaving a force of 150,000 around the city, what did Carter accomplish with a small force: They scale the 75-foot wall, open the gates and make it to the palace without firing a shot.


1. The first of the invaders to ride through the Zodangan gates: Tars Tarkas leading 50 Thark warriors.
2. The sight that met Carter within the palace audience chamber of Than Kosis: The immense hall is packed with nobles and their women for an important royal ceremony.
3. Objects carried in by the jeddak's Guard: A great golden chain joining padlocked collars displayed on a scarlet silk cushion followed by a display of official royal ornaments for the prince and princess of Zodanga.
4. The procession that filed to the foot of the throne: Dignitaries, officers and two figures completely covered in scarlet silk.
5. The two people about to be joined together in marriage by the gold chain and collars: Than Kosis and Dejah Thoris.
6. Carter's reaction: He leaps into the hall and severs the gold chain with his longsword.
7. His reason for not killing the attacking Sab Than: The age-old custom of Barsoom that would have separated him from Dejah forever.
8. Indication that "Zodanga has fallen": Tars Tarkas and 50 warriors on thoats charge through the entrance portals of the palace.
9. Reason for Sab Than's sudden promotion to jeddak: Than Kosis is killed in a sword fight with Carter.
10. Fate of the Zodangans: The red men all bravely fight to the death but Carter and the Tharks are victorious.
11. How Kantos Kan came to be imprisoned in the dungeon: The air patrol had captured him before he had reached the palace high tower.
12. Situation in the city: The green men and Zodangans are battling in the streets.
13. Carter's incredible achievements inspired by his love of Dejah Thoris: He has brought the green hordes together to fight as allies of Helium.
14. What Carter felst was his greatest accomplishment: The winning of Dejah Thoris.
15. The promise of a princess made at chapter's end: Dejah Thoris, Princess of Helium and John Carter, Gentleman of Virginia will wed.

1. Result of the battle for Zodanga: The city's forces are entirely destroyed or captured, thousands of airships are under guard and looting has begun.
2. To what use were the airships put: They are used to transport prisoners, green warriors and thoats to Helium to rescue the city from Zodangan siege.
3. Event following their arrival at Helium: A great air battle -- the airborne green men attack the Zodangan warships and are assisted by Helium forces.
4. Reason for only small arms fire from the green men's ships: They have no training in using the naval gunnery of the ships but their small arms accuracy is deadly.
5. Result of the hour-long air battle: The fleets of the green men and the Helium navy win a complete victory.
6. Fate of the commanders from each of the defeated Zodangan airships: Following tradition they voluntarily leap to their deaths.
7. Act that officially brought an end to the conflict: The commander of the entire Zodangan fleet leaps to his death.
8. News that signaled a great volley of cheers from the Helium flagship: Dejah Thoris is alive and wishes to board the flagship
9. Why the warriors of Helium held Carter in awe: He has rescued their princess and has managed to unite the fierce Tharks to defeat Helium's enemies.
10. Person with whom Carter was quick to share all honours: Tars Tarkas, Jeddak of Thark.
11. Carter's reason for not accompanying Dejah Thoris to Helium: He must assist Tars Tarkas in finishing the battle against the Zodangan land forces that still surround Helium
12. Difficulties involved in unloading the thoats from the transports: Without landing stages being available the animals have to be lowered by slings.
13. Problems that faced the attacking Tharks: Zodangan land forces are well-entrenched, outnumber them 10 to 1 and the assisting forces from Helium are late in arriving.
14. Event that turned the tide of battle to the Tharks favour: The Helium allies attack from the opposite direction.
15. The scene in Helium after the defeat of the Zodangans: The triumphal procession of conquering heroes is greeted with applause, gifts and adulation.
16. Why the Tharks generated the wildest excitement: This is the first time ever that an armed body of green warriors have entered the gates of Helium.
17. The crowd's reaction to Carter: Cries of his name fill the air, ornaments are bestowed upon him, and they crowd around him in spite of Woola's ferocious appearance.
18. Carter's first impressions of Tardos Mors:  A noble ruler - a perfect specimen of manhood: tall straight, muscled and possessing a regal carriage and bearing.
19. The title bestowed upon Tars Tarkas by Tardos Mors:  "The greatest living warrior of Barsoom."
20. The precious jewel that the Jeddak of Helium granted to Carter:  Princess Dejah Thoris, his granddaughter.

1. Reasons for the green warriors' 10-day stay in Helium: They are feasted, entertained and loaded with costly presents.
2. Announcement made by Tars Tarkas before all his chieftains: Sola is his daughter.
3. Reason for the return of Tars Tarkas and Sola three weeks later:  The marriage of John Carter and Dejah Thoris.
4. Carter's activities for the next nine years: Serves in councils, fights in the armies of Helium as a prince of the house of Tardos Mors and receives great adulation from the people.
5. Reason for the five year watch by 10 guards on the palace roof: To guard the incubator and snow-white egg containing the child of John Carter and Dejah Thoris.
6. The emergency dispatch brought to the jeddak by airship: Wireless contact has been lost with the keeper of the atmosphere plant.
7. Condition of the assistant keeper: Assassinated.
8. Why the situationwas serious: Air pressure all over Barsoom is dropping, suggesting that the engines in the pumping plant have failed.
9. Estimated time it wouild take to break into the atmosphere plant to facilitate repairs: A number of months.
10. Expected fate of every living thing on Barsoom: Death from lack of oxygen.
11. Situation on the third day: People start to sink into unconsciousness
12. Place where the royal family and the incubator had moved: The palace's sunken garden.
13. The only person not resigned to meeting death from asphyxiation:  John Carter.
14. Knowledge that Carter recalled about the atmosphere plant: A series of nine long forgotten sounds -- the key to the three great doors of the plant.
15. Carter's order to the jeddak: Prepare Helium's swiftest flier for his use
16. Carter's last image of Dejah Thoris as he embarked on his frantic flight to the atmosphere plant:  His princess collapsing into unconsciousness.
17. Description of Carter's desperate flight in his stripped down flier: Steering from a prone position he skims low across the sea bottoms for maximum oxygen and arrives at the entrance an hour before dark.
18. Progress of the crew trying to break through the walls: Most are lying unconscious and their labours have made hardly a scratch on the impenetrable walls.
19. Why Carter enlists the aid of one of the collapsing workers:  The man knows how to start the pumping engines.
20. What Carter accomplished before he sank unconscious upon the ground: He uses the nine thought waves to open each of the three doors to the plant to allow the man to crawl toward the pump room.

1. What happened to Carter's clothes as he regained consciousness: They crack and powder away as he sits up
2. Where he found himself: In a huge cave
3. What he first found toward the back of the cave: The mummified remains of a little old woman with long black hair leaning over a small charcoal burner and a round copper vessel containing greenish powder.
4. What was attached to her dead hand: a rawhide thong attached to a long row of human skeletons hanging from the cave roof.
5. What happened when Carter touched the thong: The skeletons swung producing a noise as of the rustling of dry leaves.
6. Cause for consternation when Carter stepped out of the cave into the night: A new landscape with mountains and cacti-studded valley and a different night sky with a stationary moon and a distant Mars -- Arizona!
7. Questions that would plague Carter for 10 years: Were the pumps restarted? Did the vitalizing air revive Dejah Thoris?
8. Source of Carter's wealth on Earth: The gold deposit that he and Powell had discovered.
9. The place where Carter was writing the manuscript:  His little study overlooking the Hudson river.
10. The special feeling he had on this night:  Mars seems to be calling again and he feels he will soon be united with his  princess on his beloved Mars


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