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John Carter of Mars (Library of Wonder): A Princess of Mars, The Gods of Mars, The Warlord of Mars
by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Thomas Yeates (Illustrator), Michael Ashley (Introduction)
Hardcover ~ 504 pages ~ $12.98 Membership discounts apply ~  Available at your local Barnes & Noble store or online.


Captain Carter of Virginia. p20

Within an instant from the moment the scene broke upon my view
I had whipped out my revolvers and was charging down
upon the entire army of warriors. p27

There upon me was the point of that huge spear,
tipped with gleaming metal. p36

Gathering myself together I 'saaked' with such marvelous success
that I cleared a good hundred and fifty feet. p42

Just as she was disappearing through the portal of the building
which was to be her prison, she turned, and her eyes met mine. p59

Sola instructed me in the mysteries of the various weapons. p18/61

As I approached the captive girl she gave me one haughty glance
and turned her back full upon me. p66

Springing upward, I struck him full in the face
as he turned at my warning cry. p69

Dejah shrank against me and I felt her two little hands fold tightly over my arm. p73

She moved of the carriage of the queen that she was. p88

I promised to tell you my story. p96

I sprang upward until I grasped
the sill of a second-story window. p107

I grasped Dejah Thoris by the hand and sped noiselessly
from the chamber and to the floor above. p111

Kantos Kan and I were not pitted against each other. p122

The building in which I found myself contained the machinery
which produces the artificial atmosphere which sustains life on Mars. p127

We  made our way through the maze of low flying vessels
until we hung over the Jeddak of Zodanga. p138

As my machine sank among them
I realized that it was fight or die. p154

We travelled by night, timing our marches so that we
camped during the day at deserted cities. p157

My sword found the spot that made
Sab Than jeddak of Zodanga. p161

He tried a dozen times to express his gratitude to me,
but his voice choked with emotion and he could not speak. p168

I can see her shining in the sky through the little window by my desk. p175

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