Commissioned Work

I Am A Barbarian
I Am A Barbarian
Commissioned by Rob Greer
The Mad King
The Mad King
Commissioned by Rob Greer

La and the Beasts of Opar
From the Dennis Wilcutt Collection

La's Sacrifice
From the Jim Reid Collection

Queen Nemone and Her Guardsman
From the Jim and Linda Thompson Collection

Skeleton Men of Mars
From the Henry Franke Collection

Tarzan and the Waziri
The Bob Cook Collection - ERBapa Logo

Tarak the Barbarian
The Bob Woodley Collection

Commissioned Work for the Rob Greer Collection
The Fantastic Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs
Commissioned by Rob Greer
Now in the Bob Zeuschner Collection
From the Bob Zeuschner Collection
From the Bob Zeuschner Collection

From the Bill Kamper Collection

ERBapa #99 Cover 
Dennis Wilcutt Collection

ERBapa #98 Cover
Tracy Griffin Collection
   .Published in ERBANIA 1988
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