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Spectacular opening for the first International production of Tarzan the Musical. 
See the ERBzine coverage at:

Believers seek doorway into Earth's interior realm
National Post ~ May 30, 2007
An American scientist and a small band of believers are planning a journey to the Canadian Arctic for what they call "the greatest geological expedition in history." They're looking for a fog-shrouded hole in the Arctic Ocean that leads - they claim - to the centre of the Earth, where an unknown civilization is lurking inside the hollow core of the planet.  Kentucky-based physicist and futurist Brooks Agnew is the latest in a long line of people to peddle the nutty, yet persistent, theory that humans live on the surface of a hollow planet, in which two undiscovered openings, near the North and South poles, connect the outer Earth with an interior realm.

In the 17th century, English astronomer and mathematician Sir Edmond Halley, who calculated the orbit of Halley's Comet, advanced hollow-Earth theories, as did German scientist Athanasius Kircher. The theory gained traction in the United States in the 19th century when John Symmes, a St. Louis trader, published a wildly popular article announcing that "the Earth is hollow and habitable within; containing a number of solid concentric spheres, one within the other, and that it is open at the poles. . ." Soon afterwards, French author Jules Verne had fun with the notion in his book Journey to the Centre of the Earth, which in turn inspired a 1959 Hollywood movie. More recently the myth has experienced a slight revival, thanks in part to a 2006 book, by American author David Standish, titled Hollow Earth: The long and curious history of imagining strange lands, fantastical creatures, advanced civilizations, and marvellous machines below the Earth's surface. The Arctic portal has been pinpointed at 84.4 degrees north and 41 degrees east, roughly 400 kilometres northwest of Ellesmere Island. While he insists the journey has a genuine scientific purpose, Agnew also says the expedition will include several experts in meditation, mythology and UFOs, as well as a team of documentary filmmakers. More>>>
ERBzine Refs:

Dateline Jasoom Podcast: ECOF Edition
For episode 34, Dateline Jasoom interviews fans at the ECOF convention this weekend in Binghamton, New York. Now available at
Fans not able to attend can experience the annual Edgar Rice Burroughs con -- "almost live." 
Doubleday Posts Summer Fantasy Blockbuster ~ May 26, 2007
"I spent endless hours reading every kind of science fiction I could get my hands on growing up," recalls Doubleday editor Gerald Howard, sitting in his office as we watch a blimp float above the East River. "Then I went to college and got all snooty.". . . he's cradling a copy of Acacia: The War With the Mein, the first volume in an epic fantasy trilogy by David Anthony Durham—totally not the sort of book that Doubleday or Howard is known for publishing. 
Howard's youthful enthusiasm for the Martian tales of Edgar Rice Burroughs was a helpful mental starting point while going through Durham's manuscript, but the editor says that plotting was never much of an issue. Instead, he worked with Durham on "matters of diction," ensuring that the "high mythic style" of the prose didn't get overblown, and that too-modern turns of phrase didn't creep in.

Unauthorized John Carter Meets Harry Potter Fan Fiction
John Carter of Hogwarts
A Harry Potter fanfic 
By Andrew yclept Aelfwine
Exclusive POTC 3 Coverage: 

Pixar Heads Lasseter and Catmull on John Carter of Mars!
IESB.Net ~ May 21, 2007
So if you happen to be a SciFi geek and have the two top people from Pixar coming up to you for a couple quick questions during the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, what would you ask them? All about John Carter of Mars of course! Let me say that from the get go I knew it was going to be difficult to get Ed Catmull andJohn Lasseter to talk about John Carter of Mars, but we still had to try.

Ed gave up a little saying that John Carter will be different when compared to other kid friendly Pixar/Disney Animated Films because it will be based on the book. Hmm, so does that mean we will get something with a little more punch than your standard animated Pixar film? John Lasseter was a little less forthcoming, we tried twice to get him to say something about the property but all he would say is that it’s moving forward and that he can’t say much more than that. Hey, we had to try.

Ron de Laat reports that Tarzan the Musical in Holland has just won two awards:
Ron Link for most promosing newcomer 
and Clayton Peroti for best non leading actor
For more on the musical see:
Can Tarzan and Phil Collins teach about evangelism? 

Why not? The Smart Pastor thinks so . . . see:

ReelArt Studios ~ May 15, 2007
ReelArt Studios presents a tribute to Edgar Rice Burroughs' iconic jungle hero, Tarzan of the Apes. 
Inspired by the classic illustration of Burroughs artist J. Allen St. John, the statue depicts Tarzan and Jad-bal-ja, his fierce golden lion from the dust cover of the 1923 first edition A.C. McClurg book of the same title. 
On sale: August 14, 2007 
10" tall ~ Limited edition of 1000 units ~ Certificate of Authenticity included
Tarzan [TM] owned by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.  Used by permission
Illustrations and contact information at:
Reporter is up to monkey business in Tarzan Forest

News Shopper Online UK ~ May 15, 2007
The treetops of Bedgebury Forest are home to a new high-wire adventure course. The high-wire forest adventure course of rope bridges, Tarzan swings and zip slides is 40ft above ground in the pine trees of Bedgebury Forest in Kent. It might sound a bit scary, but this is the idea. There are five courses, each offering different challenges of varying degrees of difficulty. The first course is blue and gets you into the swing of things with a leap of faith from a wooden platform into a cargo net. By the time you reach course five, you realise this first flight into the void is child's play. You exit each course via zip lines between 30 and 50 metres long. Go Ape was started by Tristram and Rebecca Mayhew, who found a tree-top course in the Auvergne National Forest while on holiday in France. The Bedgebury Forest course is the newest of 12 UK centres. More>>>
Just Asking

AdWeek Magazine ~ May 14, 2007
We asked industry execs which literary figures would make the best copywriters—and why?
Writers listed: Pablo Neruda ~ Ellsworth Toohey ~ Charles Bukowski ~ Dashiell Hammett ~ Don DeLillo ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes ~ Shakespeare ~ Vladimir Nabokov ~ Jon Krakauer. . .
Though we know most famous literary figures tried to write ad copy and failed miserably, some did pretty well. Notably Hemingway, whose terse, vivid prose lent itself well to tiny copy holes under photos of guys smoking cigars and shooting lions. I'd also vote for Edgar Rice Burroughs (Tarzan.) He got everyone buying the idea of an English lord raised by monkeys who travels by vine all over Africa, a place Burroughs had never seen. —Chris Knopf, chairman, ecd, Mintz & Hoke, Avon, Conn. More>>>

Pulp affection
What Mitt Romney's taste for science fiction really means.
Boston Globe ~ May 13, 2007
When asked recently by a Fox News interviewer to name his favorite novel, Mitt Romney's answer, the 1982 science-fiction epic "Battlefield Earth," raised eyebrows across the political spectrum. As if reassuring the general public about his Mormonism wasn't enough of a hurdle for the GOP presidential hopeful, now Romney was praising a book by...L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology? . . .The damage-control team mobilized, and Romney soon announced that Hubbard's book was merely his favorite science-fiction novel, while his favorite novel was Twain's "Huckleberry Finn," just the kind of safe choice he no doubt wishes he'd started with. . . .  True, the book isn't particularly well-written. I discovered it when I was 15, and although I was an omnivorous reader, even then I recognized that Hubbard was nowhere near as talented a stylist as Edgar Rice Burroughs, Dashiell Hammett, Philip K. Dick, or certain other pulp authors. That said, "Battlefield" is no worse than some of the lesser works of, say, science-fiction giant Robert Heinlein (who called it "a terrific story"). More>>>
Tarzan Celebrates One Year on Broadway

To mark its one year anniversary on Broadway, Michael Lassell, author of Tarzan: The Broadway Adventure—a lavishly illustrated hardback book detailing the five year process of putting together the Disney musical's journey to the Great White Way—hosted a starry book signing party at the Lincoln Square Barnes & Noble bookstore on May 10. A throng of Tarzan fans stepped in line to get our copy signed by Lassell, as well as the show's stars Josh Strickland, Jenn Gambatese, Chester Gregory II and its Oscar-winning composer (and 7-time Grammy-winning pop star) Phil Collins. 
Tarzan Book Release: Tarzan of the Apes
David Burton's highly anticipated vision of Edgar Rice Burroughs' beloved tale...
After many years of reprints in standard paperback format with average cover artwork and little to no illustration, David Burton and Leanta Books bring to you this re-imagining of one of the most beloved stories of all time! This edition of Tarzan of the Apes will feature a complete edition of the ape-language dictionary for the first time ever! Burton has worked with a number of different sources to ensure that this ape-language dictionary is the most complete ever put together in print. For order information see
David Burton Art Galleries are featured in ERBzine:
Bruce Scivally, longtime ERB fan and researcher, who has worked on a major documentary on Johnny Weissmuller and is author of one of the most comprehensive books on the cinematic James Bond, James Bond: The Legacy ~ has just completed:
Superman on Film, Television, Radio & Broadway - Mcfarland & Co Inc 
The book will be released in a few months. 
Advance orders are now being taken at Amazon
Contact information in
BLOG WATCH: 10,000 Comic Books Journal:
"My initial plan for this year's Fringe Festival was a great script written by Mark Jensen entitled "Cannibals are Cooking," dealing with an aging Edgar Rice Burroughs, recounting his life and berating a hapless production assistant who needs Burroughs' signature for a new Tarzan movie. Unfortunately my request for a venue with a videoprojector was denied-- I was assigned to the Ritz Theatre, (Which I think has a videoprojector, but it's just not available to Fringe productions... ). Since "Cannibals" is made so much more awesome with video, I decided to defer it to some time in the hopefully near future at the BLB."

Dateline Jasoom Episode 33 Podcast is available for download at
~ Bollywood Tarzan song/video ~ A chat with Jim Thompson, who shares memories of his dad, Gordon Scott, and Edgar Rice Burroughs. ~ A promo for the Farscape podcast, Scapecast.
New "God of Tarzan" Podcast

"I'm doing a reading of "The God of Tarzan" on my podcast at this week and next week.  I'd love to have feedback from other ERB fans.  My podcast is usually dedicated to all-original SF/Fantasy  material, but we ran into deadline trouble this week; so I decided to share one of the Master's public domain works with my listeners.  The story should be available indefinitely, and downloading is completely free.  If I ever do the whole book, I'll also submit it to, which already has readings of the first two John Carter novels by various readers." 
(Ed: Read the full text in ERBzine Online PD Reference Library)
Steven H. Wilson:  Director, Prometheus Radio Theatre
— B-17 pilot’s telegram to his wife on Dec. 7, 1941 

Villages Daily Sun - Florida ~ May 12, 2007
Waiting rooms can be interesting . . .
“Am safe. Wire mother. Love, Roy”
Mr. Reid told me that his story had appeared in the Air Force Magazine’s 50th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Commemorative Issue and that I could find it online in ERBzine 0718
(scroll down on that page to “Shot Down at Pearl Harbor” for the rest of the story.)
Entertainment Weekly's top 25 sci-fi movies and TV from the past 25 years

In the tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Lin Carter, and Michael Moorcock comes the latest and greatest Adventure Hero...Richard Anthony" in a classic planetary romance novel... Cover Art by William and Chris Carney. contact
Gordon Scott
Popular '50s film Tarzan, died April 30, 2007 in Baltimore 
Obituary and tributes from friends and family to follow. 
Remembrances from fans are welcome and will be added to our tribute pages
See our ERBzine Gordon Scott tributes starting at:
Gordon Scott; Him Tarzan In '50s, Only Better-Spoken
By Adam Bernstein ~ Washington Post Staff Writer ~ Friday, May 4, 2007; Page B07
"William Hillman, an assistant professor at a Canadian university 
who runs official Tarzan tribute sites, said of Mr. Scott: 
"There have been so many bad Tarzan films, but his stand out pretty well. They had pretty fair production values, and he was a good-looking Tarzan. He's well-regarded by most fans."
"Hillman described Mr. Scott as a transitional figure who tried to break out of the formulaic use of "me Tarzan" pidgin English into a more literate lord of the jungle."
Gordon Scott, 1926-2007
Movie 'Tarzan' dies in Baltimore ~ Star of 1950s, 1960s dies at 80 after reclusive last years
By Frederick N. Rasmussen ~ Sun Reporter  ~ Baltimore Sun ~ May 2, 2007
"He was an absolutely wonderful Tarzan who played the character as an intelligent and nice man who carried himself well, much as my grandfather had originally written it," said Danton Burroughs of Tarzana, Calif. "He also gave a wonderful rendition of Tarzan's call which didn't have so much yodel in it."

Maureen O’Sullivan No Average Jane by David Fury
Artist’s Press 2007, 520 pages, 150+ photos, $40
The first full-length biography of the beloved Irish actress Maureen O’Sullivan, after several years of research, has been published by Artist’s Press. Author David Fury has also written biographies of Burt Lancaster, Chuck Connors, and Olympic swimming champion Johnny Weissmuller, also fondly remembered as Tarzan of the movies. While O’Sullivan is remembered as Jane of the Tarzan pictures, she was a major star with MGM in the 1930s and had lead roles in many classic films.
For full description and contact information see:
A Princess of Mars Classic Books Review

SciFi Weekly ~ April 30, 2007
From the creator of Tarzan comes the saga of a Civil War soldier who escapes an Apache attack only to find himself in the midst of a Martian war. It was in his next work, the fantasy novel Tarzan of the Apes (All-Story Magazine, 1912; book, 1914), that Burroughs created the best-known character of the 20th century. However, it was his interplanetary romances, especially his John Carter of Mars series, that made him the most influential author of 20th-century SF. Scores (probably hundreds) of writers pastiched his interplanetary romances with their own tales of swashbuckling Earthmen on alien worlds, but Burroughs' influence spread beyond this subgenre to cover the entire SF field. A few of the many writers who have directly or indirectly acknowledged his influence are Terry Bisson, Leigh Brackett, Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, Robert A. Heinlein, James P. Hogan and Michael Moorcock. And the new millennium brings a revival of the Burroughsian interplanetary romance, reimagined for the 21st century in works like Al Sarrantonio's Haydn of Mars (2005), Chris Roberson's Paragaea (2006) and S.M. Stirling's The Sky People (2006). 

It's strange to think, at this late and literarily sophisticated date in SF history, that a turn-of-the-20th-century pulp writer could have penned anything other than a now-unreadable pile of purple-prose poop, especially in his first published fiction. However, A Princess of Mars is surprisingly good. The prose style, while clearly beholden to an earlier era, is generally smooth and clean, and, in defiance of the "glacially slow" image of Victorian fiction, the novel moves at a vigorous pace that many a modern SF author (or director) might do well to emulate. John Carter is more complex than pulp's typical cardboard character, mixing the expected bravery and love of combat with kindness and a strong sense of honor. 
A Princess of Mars is clearly a parent of the Star Wars movies, and just as clearly overdue for film adaptation. Now that technology has finally caught up with Burroughs' vivid imagination, there's a John Carter movie in progress. Here's hoping it turns out better than the Tarzan movies. More>>>

Dateline Jasoom Episode 32 Podcast is available for download at
Nu hates the Geico commercials ~ Disney's Tarzan screenwriters at 1999 Dum Dum. 

Brendan Fraser has closed a rich deal to return in "The Mummy 3," but Rachel Weisz is not coming back. Rob Cohen will direct the pic, which is expected to begin production late in the summer.

Novelist Kurt Vonnegut dies at 84
New York Times Review ~ April 12, 2007
Kurt Vonnegut, the satirical novelist who captured the absurdity of war and questioned the advances of science in darkly humorous works such as "Slaughterhouse-Five" and "Cat's Cradle," died Wednesday. He was 84. 

Operations of Tarzana's newest Aeros 40D Sky Dragon airship begin in China
Aviation News Network ~ April 13, 2007
Tarzana, CA -- The FAA Type Certified Aeros 40D Sky Dragon airship – the most technologically advanced on the market – began operations in China. Worldwide Aeros Corp, leading airship manufacturer in the world and maker of the airship, launched operations with the successful first flight on March 27, 2007. 
April 9-26, 2007
ERBzine News is on hold until we return on April 26 
from the April 15th Opening Ceremonies 
for Disney's Tarzan the Musical 
at CircusTheatre near Amsterdam
We will continue to monitor our e-mail while in 
The Netherlands and the United Kingdom

Podcast from Panthan Press:
Opening Day at Pellucidar Park, with the Sari Sabretooths versus the Caspak Bo-lus.
Dateline Jeopardy, with Jim Hadac, Greg Phillips, Ken Manson, and Joan Bledig.

Disney's 'Tarzan: The Broadway Adventure' Book On Sale
Broadway World ~ March 27, 2007
Disney Editions, an imprint of Disney Book Group, has announced the release of the book Tarzan: The Broadway Adventure by Michael Lassell. "Tarzan: The Broadway Adventure is an intimate backstage look at the five-year development process of Tarzan, from early concept drawings to auditions and exploratory flying workshops, through rehearsals and previews, and even to the gala opening night. The book features never-before-published photography of the cast at work as well as a look at the collaboration among the members of the creative team. Tarzan: The Broadway Adventure features the photos of three amazing photographers: acclaimed Broadway production photographer Joan Marcus, revolutionary sports photographer Heinz Kluetmeier and stylized portraits by renowned photographer Ruven Afanador," state press materials.

"The book gives the reader a peek at the production from the inside, a story that isn’t told anywhere else. In this colorful volume are exquisite costume and set design sketches and models as well as images of the set in all stages of its development. The book conveys the full beauty of the show’s unequalled drama and offers readers unique insight into a process few will ever see. It’s the next best thing to a front-row seat."

Author Michael Lassell was given complete behind-the-scenes access to the production.  He says of Tarzan: The Broadway Adventure, "I love going to the theater and being surprised, but I have the kind of mind that always wants to know 'How did they do that?' Observing the rehearsal process is really the only way to find out, because what you see in the theater is meant to hide the mechanisms behind the magic. Because this production rehearsed for so long on the actual set, the rehearsal process for this show was much closer to performance than is usual. Especially when the company was in Brooklyn, with set building and costume construction and harness fittings and rigging and dancing going on all the time—on two facing sets. Bob Crowley called the studio 'an ecology' of activity. It was a masterpiece of organization and a real privilege to watch.” 
Published by Disney Editions, the book has a list price of $40. More>>>

The musical opened May 10, 2006 at the Richard Rodgers Theatre (226 West 46th Street) on Broadway
Premiere night for Tarzan the Musical in Holland will be April 15 at Circustheatre near The Hague

ERBlog Watch:
UNGAWA! The Weismuller Tarzan Movies 
Accelerated Decrepitude Blog ~ March 27, 2007
Sean Connery fans are fond of saying "There is but one James Bond" when poo-pooing the many Bonds who came after him. Likewise, fans of the countless Tarzan movies often say, "There is but one Tarzan - Johnny Weismuller." (Actually, the Connery-Tarzan connection isn't so far off: according to ERBzine, Sean Connery played a villain in the 1959 film Tarzan's Greatest Adventure and was set to play Tarzan himself in 1961 but instead took the role of James Bond in Dr. No know how that worked out.) 

Whatever the merits of all the Tarzan adaptations by all the various actors and studios, most critics agree that the 12 Johnny Weismuller films made at MGM and RKO between 1932 and 1948 represent the Golden Era of moviemaking for Edgar Rice Burroughs' King of the Jungle. (And of that dozen, most fans consider the 6 films made at MGM between 1932 and 1942 to be the real cream of the crop, particularly 1934's Tarzan and His Mate.) 

Museum of the San Fernando Valley ~ March 25, 2007
The Directors of the Museum of the San Fernando Valley wish to express our gratitude to Danton Burroughs of Tarzana for the loan of family historical materials for our just closed "Burroughs Family Exhibit. The exhibit featured books, photographs and artifacts from the lives and careers of the world famous author Edgar Rice Burroughs and noted American illustrator John Coleman Burroughs. The Burroughs family has lived in Tarzana for four generations. Edgar Rice Burroughs earned a fortune through his famous Tarzan books. He was the grandfather of Danton Burroughs. John Coleman Burroughs was Danton's father.

The Museum plans future exhibits based on the Burroughs family and well known Tarzana Ranch, when we secure our new headquarters and exhibit space. We are now actively collecting books and other materials on the lives of both Edgar and John Burroughs. Steve Falk, long time San Fernando Valley resident, heads the Museum of the San Fernando Valley's effort to pursuade the United States Postal Service to issue a 4-stamp block celebrating the genius of the Burroughs family. The four stamps in the block would feature: Edgar Rice Burroughs - American author. John Coleman Burroughs - American illustrator and artist. Tarzan of the Apes/Jane/Boy and Cheetah. And, the community of Tarzana. If you support the effort to have these stamps printed, add you comments to this blog post or contact Steve at The Museum of the San Fernando Valley. More>>>

Mark Fergus: John Carter Talk
Film Stew ~  March 23, 2007
Screenwriter and first-time director Mark Fergus (First Snow) came this close to convincing Paramount to move forward with an adaptation of the Edgar Rice Burroughs novel John Carter of Mars. But he’s still stoked at the prospect of Pixar picking up the slack, either by way of animation or special effects enhanced live action. “[Executive producer] John [Lasseter] brought us in to do an adaptation of the trilogy,” Fergus explains during a recent interview with FilmStew. “The trilogy is huge and I hadn’t read them before, which was great because it made it fresh material. I was like, ‘Wow. Everyone has pillaged these books over the years for sci-fi stories and movies.’” “What we really had to do is focus it to just be a mythical fairy tale,” he adds. “It could be a four-hour movie if you wanted it to be. But it’s quite a simple story when you strip away the hundreds of side characters and layers and all of that. When we showed them that we knew how to travel through this material and find that story, I think that’s really what made them want to get us involved. I think we nailed that.” 

“I felt so happy about that draft. It’s a giant proposition for anyone who wants to make that. It’s almost employing technology that’s not even invented yet. It has got to be very scary to a filmmaker to need the resources that that one might take, to mix different size creatures and different worlds and different layers and have it all be very seamless. Even if the creatures are not of this earth, you’d still get an actor to do a performance and their face would actually be melded with the creature, so you’d get a real performance. I think Pixar is going to do it now.” More>>>

Jersey Boys' Trujillo Working on European Tarzan
Playbill News
Broadway World News ~ March 19, 2007
Sergio Trujillo, who was nominated for a Drama Desk Award for his choreography for Jersey Boys, is currently in Amsterdam working on the European debut of Disney's Tarzan. 
Tarzan, as previously reported, will open April 15 at the Circustheatre near Amsterdam. Heading the cast of the Dutch-language production will be 27-year-old Ron Link from Nijmegen in the title role with 27-year-old Chantal Janzen from Tegelen as Jane.
Trujillo, according to a presss release, is "collaborating on a new concept for the European production of [Tarzan]." The choreographer said in a statement, "I am truly honored to be working with Disney. Tarzan is a wonderfully inventive show and I look forward to moving the characters and story in new and different ways."
In addition to Jersey Boys, Trujillo also choreographed All Shook Up, the City Center Encores! productions of Kismet and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. He also choreographed Zhivago and The Wiz, both at the La Jolla Playhouse. More>>>
Filmation "Superman" & "Batman" Cartoons Coming to DVD

ToonZone ~ March 21, 2007 reports that two classic Filmation toons are coming to DVD. The New Adventures of Superman: Season 1, and The New Adventures of Batman: The Complete Series will be out on June 26. The New Adventures of Superman will be a 2 disc set containing 36 classic episodes of The Man of Steel in action.The New Adventures of Superman was the first big hit for Filmation Productions, and aired on CBS in 1966. The New Adventures of Batman will be a 2 disc set containing all 16 episodes. The New Adventures of Batman aired on CBS in 1977 and later became part of The Batman/Tarzan Adventure Hour, which became part of Tarzan & the Super 7 for CBS, and after that Batman & the Super 7 for NBC. More>>>
Broadway Outer Critics Circle Awards

Broadway World ~ Friday, March 16, 2007
Nominations for the 56th Annual Outer Critics Circle Awards will be announced on April 23rd at the Algonquin Hotel. The awards ceremony will take place at Sardi's Restaurant in the Eugenia Room May 24 after the winners are announced on May 14th. The awards are chosen by writers and journalists that "cover New York theatre for out-of town newspapers, national publications and other media beyond Broadway."  Simon Saltzman is president, with Marjorie Gunner as president emerita. A new category for Outstanding New Score, applicable to Broadway and Off-Broadway musicals, has been added.  It was also announced that Tarzan, Disney's Broadway musical version of its hit animated film, will be eligible this year since last year's committee was unable to attend the show by Tarzan's eligibity cut off date. More>>>

ERB's Harvard School converting to condos
YoChicago ~ March 15, 2007
When planning the conversion of the Harvard School for Boys in the South Side's Kenwood neighborhood, developer Steve Soble pored over old yearbooks to retain period touches. Few finishes from the dilapidated 1917 building were salvageable, so Soble hung onto parts of the original terrazzo floors and the oak doors, which are nearly three inches thick and include wire-glass windows. The Harvard School’s history is notable for more than its architecture . . . He noted some of the school’s other famous graduates: Edgar Rice Burroughs, creator of Tarzan; Mandy Patinkin, Broadway and television star; and William Shawn, perhaps the best-known editor of the New Yorker magazine. Aside from the gym, the Harvard School Condominiums will have four units, each with four bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. Three condos will be housed within the school building, with one unit on each floor. A fourth condo will occupy two stories in an adjacent portion of the building, across a courtyard. All of the units are available, and prices, which include two garage spaces per unit, range from the $830s to the $940s. More>>>
The Sky People
St. Paul Pioneer Press ~ March 15, 2007
Is Tarzan next? Famed sci-fi author S.M. Stirling has pulled lots of cool stunts. He threw the island of Nantucket into the Bronze Age and made it a superpower. He deprived the world of technology and sparked medieval mayhem. And now, in a tribute to Edgar Rice Burroughs, he's reimagined Venus and Mars as Earth-like worlds. In "The Sky People," set on Venus, he mixes Terran colonists with dinosaurs, greatwolves and Neanderthals packing AK-47s. But this isn't quite E.R.B. That old master could be hard to beat. The terrific "Sky People" cover art is a dead ringer for the Frazetta art on E.R.B.'s great old "Beyond the Farthest Star," More>>>

Insatiable appetite for Disney musicals
Monsters and Critics ~ March 15, 2007
The number of Disney musicals on New York's Broadway has doubled to four in the past year, and the number of productions opening in other cities has also increased. 'It's unprecedented,' said Thomas Schumacher, president of Disney Theatrical Productions, which this year will open 'The Lion King' in Johannesburg and Paris, and 'Tarzan' in Holland.
Disney has headed the comeback of Times Square and 42nd Street and scored a stream of hits for a decade. When one show closes, another opens. 'Beauty and the Beast' closes in July and will be replaced by 'The Little Mermaid' by year end. 'Tarzan' and 'Mary Poppins' both opened on Broadway last year, resulting in an increase of Disney's Broadway revenues by 42 per cent, or $39 million, to a total of $131 million, according to Disney. 
But where Disney has succeeded on Broadway others have failed. Its rival Warner Bros. challenged Disney's opening of 'Tarzan' last year with its Broadway foray, the Elton John musical 'Lestat.' While Tarzan received mixed reviews but continues on Broadway, 'Lestat' flopped and closed within two months.

Tune in to Dateline Jasoom Podcast ~ Episode 29 
New George of the Jungle cartoon series in production at Studio B Productions. 
Phone calls to Dateline Jasoom.
Game show with a panel of "experts" on Tarzan, Little Orphan Annie and Dick Tracy

TARZAN Celebrates 350 Performances on Broadway
TARZAN® will celebrated 350 performances on Broadway on Sunday, March 11th. Heralded by Time Magazine as “sensational” and by The Financial Times as “the only show of the [2005-2006] season that places us joyously in a world of wonder, TARZAN® has proven to be a hit, having set the box office record at the Richard Rodgers Theatre an impressive five times in 2006. Audiences have responded enthusiastically with over 368,000 people having seen the show on Broadway to date. Disney Theatrical Productions started 2006 with the world premiere of Broadway’s high-flying adventure, TARZAN®, one of the most artistically innovative shows to come to Broadway in recent memory. 

TARZAN® opened May 10, 2006 at the Richard Rodgers Theatre (226 West 46th Street).  TARZAN® is presented by Disney Theatrical Productions (Thomas Schumacher, Producer).  Featuring direction, set, and costume design by multi-Tony Award®  winner Bob Crowley, and music by Academy Award®  and multiple-GRAMMY® winner Phil Collins, TARZAN®  has thrilled audiences since opening in May 2006.” The original cast recording of TARZAN® was released by Walt Disney Records and is available now at the Richard Rodgers Theatre, in music stores nationwide and at online retailers including Amazon, iTunes and Disney Shopping.

Disney’s first international production of TARZAN® is currently in rehearsals and will open April 15, 2007 at the Circustheatre near Amsterdam. The production is a continuation of a long-standing partnership between Disney Theatrical Productions and Stage Entertainment, the collaboration that has mounted six Disney musicals in Europe, grossing over $400 million in ticket sales.  More at ERBzine Disney

Prince Korak & a princess hatched from an egg on two warring planets. . . mmm?
A space-age spectacle from Northern ballet 
Observer-Guardian UK ~ March 4, 2007
Northern Ballet Theatre ~ Grand Theatre, Leeds 
David Nixon's new production for Northern Ballet Theatre, A Sleeping Beauty Tale, references Petipa's masterpiece in its title and the intermittent use of Tchaikovsky's music, but thereafter the similarities are few. Bravely, and perhaps recklessly, Nixon has set the piece in outer space, with a tale of two planets: one peaceable, one set in a fascist mould. A political marriage is arranged between the two, that of Princess Aurora (Keiko Amemori), who has been born fully-grown from an egg, and Prince Korak (Mark Biocca). Early evidence of Korak's psychotic character suggests that the marriage is not going to be a happy one, as does his association with Kasak (Tobias Batley), his scheming and decidedly camp Grand Vizier. Betrayal, nuclear holocaust and light-speed travel follow, all set to a frothy cocktail of late 19th-century Russian symphonic music. More>>>
~ Submitted by Wayne James

For First Time, Chimps Seen Making Weapons for Hunting
Washington Post  ~ February 22, 2007
Chimpanzees living in the West African savannah have been observed fashioning deadly spears from sticks and using the tools to hunt small mammals -- the first routine production of deadly weapons ever observed in animals other than humans. The multistep spearmaking practice, documented by researchers in Senegal who spent years gaining the chimpanzees' trust, adds credence to the idea that human forebears fashioned similar tools millions of years ago. The landmark observation also supports the long-debated proposition that females -- the main makers and users of spears among the Senegalese chimps -- tend to be the innovators and creative problem solvers in primate culture. Using their hands and teeth, the chimpanzees were repeatedly seen tearing the side branches off long, straight sticks, peeling back the bark and sharpening one end. Then, grasping the weapons in a "power grip," they jabbed them into tree-branch hollows where bush babies -- small, monkeylike mammals -- sleep during the day. More>>>
Chimps Make and Use "Spears" to Hunt

National Geographic ~ February 22, 2007
Since the 1960s scientists have known that chimpanzees are able to make and use tools—behavior once thought to be an exclusively human trait. Now National Geographic-funded researcher Jill Pruetz has observed toolmaking behavior that further blurs the line between the apes and humans: chimps in Senegal sharpening sticks into crude spears and thrusting them into tree hollows, presumably to hunt small mammals More>>> 
Watch footage of a female chimp caught in the act of removing a spear from a tree hollow and then breaking the tree to recover her prey, a primate called a bush baby. 
See Video HERE:
Herman Brix
A Salute to the Memory of
Herman Brix - Bruce Bennett
May 19, 1906 - February 24, 2007
Each of his 100 years was a 
New Adventure
See ERBzine News Archive 19 for Mr. Bennett's Obituary and More Media Tributes
Tarzan, eloquently 
Herman Brix: Tarzan the way he was meant to be (Virginia) ~ March 1, 2007
HAD HERMAN BRIX lived to be 100, he would never have found a more perfect acting role than Tarzan. In fact, Mr. Brix did live to be 100--he died at that age just Saturday--and he never found a more perfect acting role than Tarzan. How perfect? Of all the actors he saw playing the ape man on the Big Screen, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan's creator, certified Mr. Brix as his favorite. 

Like two more famous Tarzans, Johnny Weissmuller and Buster Crabbe, Mr. Brix was an Olympic medalist--although, while their sport was swimming, his was the shot put. But it wasn't just Mr. Brix's sculpted body, wavy blond hair, and eagle-like profile that put him, in ERB's view, at the top of the tree. Mr. Brix talked.

Not for him was that "Me Tarzan, you Jane" simian pidgin. In the 12-chapter serial "The New Adventures of Tarzan," produced by Burroughs' own film company, Mr. Brix's hero spoke the Queen's English, much like the aristocratic Tarzan--aka Lord Greystoke--of the novels. Proper syntax didn't slow the Jungle Lord down a bit when it came to wrestling alligators, and precise diction was no hindrance at all to his cracking the skulls of headhunters.

After his Tarzan portrayal, Mr. Brix did good work in disregarded genres, such as Saturday afternoon cliff- hangers (e.g., "Daredevils of the Red Circle"). He changed his screen name in 1940 to Bruce Bennett and climbed up a few cinematic rungs, gaining praise for a small part in "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" that he landed at the expense of a rival named Ronald Reagan. Mr. Brix's stock in Hollywood gradually declined, but in the 1960s, with almost half his life before him, he successfully switched careers to sales and real-estate investment.

A fit man, at age 96 he sky-dived over Lake Tahoe. "The New Adventures of Tarzan" wowed aficionados. Mr. Brix's adventures weren't so shabby, either.

Herman Brix, 100; Olympian became Tarzan in movies
Washington Post ~ March 1, 2007
WASHINGTON -- Herman Brix, 100, an Olympic shot-put medalist who became a screen Tarzan in the mid-1930s and went on to act in more than 100 other films under the name Bruce Bennett, died Feb. 24 at UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, Calif. He had complications from a broken hip. Mr. Brix was a star on the University of Washington football team and won a silver medal in the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam, throwing the shot 51 feet, 8 1/8 inches. He was competing for the Los Angeles Athletic Club and doing film stunt work when he befriended Douglas Fairbanks Sr., the athletic star of silent pictures who encouraged the strapping blond athlete to make a screen test. 

At first, Mr. Brix appeared in serials that showcased his physique -- "The New Adventures of Tarzan," "The Lone Ranger," and "Hawk of the Wilderness." He was one of several Olympians to make the transition to Tarzan stardom, including Johnny Weissmuller, Buster Crabbe, and Glenn Morris. To many Tarzan aficionados, Mr. Brix was among the best of the nearly 20 actors to play the Lord of the Jungle and truest to Edgar Rice Burroughs's idea of a young British lad of refinement left to survive in the wilds. In the book "Tarzan of the Movies," Gabe Essou wrote that "Brix's portrayal was the only time between the silents and the 1960s that Tarzan was accurately depicted in films. He was mannered, cultured, soft-spoken, a well-educated English lord who spoke several languages, and didn't grunt." Burroughs hand-picked Mr. Brix for the 12-chapter serial, "The New Adventures of Tarzan," made in 1935. Filmed on a low budget in Guatemala, the new Tarzan film had its hazards. "There was only a single sharpshooter up in the trees to keep the croc away from me," Mr. Brix told the Christian Science Monitor in 1999. He performed his own stunts, including swinging from real jungle vines. At one point, the crew placed a 200-pound weight on the vine to test its strength before Mr. Brix leaped from the vine into a small pool of water. But Mr. Brix approached the scene with a bit more verve than a dead weight. "I ran for the rope, which of course gave it an extra push," he told the Monitor. "I swung way too far out and dropped way beyond the pool. . . . I still have the scars from that fall." After his movie career, he enjoyed parasailing and skydiving, leaping out 10,000 feet over Lake Tahoe when he was 96. More>>>
More in ERBzine News Archive 19

Mahars Next?
Simple Country Physicist ~ March 1, 2007
Researchers at Washington State U have discovered a subterranean sea under east Asia. The volume is approximately the same as that of the Arctic Ocean. See Hillman EduTech News Notes:
Great celebrations have formed spontaneously in Tarzana of the Land of Golden Earthquakes. Pellucidar has been found! Chalk up one for Edgar Rice Burroughs!

From Mission to Movies in the San Fernando Valley - Take the Tour
Michael Trust - Real Estate Blog ~ March 1, 2007
Our continuing tour of the San Fernando Valley visits Tarzana today. And it's not much of a guess that the town has close ties to The King of the Jungle. But before the friend of chimps was a celebrity, this town already had a couple hundred years of history. In the late 1700's, what is now Tarzana was part of the San Fernando Mission. Through the next 100-plus years, the land changed hands several times and became cattle ranches and farm land until 1911 when 550 acres were purchased by General Gary Otis, the founder of the Los Angeles Times. 

The author Edgar Rice Burroughs brought his family here in 1919 when he bought the Otis ranch, built his home on a hill, and called it Tarzana. In time Burroughs subdivided his land and sold off building lots, and the town of Runnymede grew up around and including Tarzana. By 1927, the 300 or so residents of Runnymede wanted their own post office. Only trouble was, there was already another Runnymede in California. So a local contest was held and the decision was clear: the town would be called Tarzana in honor of its most famous inhabitant and his heroic character.

Today, almost 30,000 people call Tarzana home. Most of them live in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains south of Ventura Blvd. According to Wikipedia, Tarzana is a multi-cultural town with many lands and languages represented. It is well known for its Persian (Iranian) restaurants and bookstores, as well as a thriving and long-established Jewish community and the first and only branch of the Hebrew language bookseller Steimatzky constructed outside of Israel. A number of popular delicatessens can be found in Tarzana, including the Tarzana Armenian Grocery and Mort's Deli. 

Next time you need a conversation starter, here are some interesting tidbits about Tarzana:

  • Edgar Rice Burroughs also wrote "The Girl from Hollywood" which received bad reviews. Burroughs complained: "The critics have panned 'Girl from Hollywood.' They said that no ranch such as I described in the story ever existed. The joke of it was that I merely described my own ranch!"
  • According to the Tarzana Chamber of Commerce, Tarzana was the site of the Valley's first swimming pool.
  • Wikipedia tells us that notable residents have included comedian Jeremy Hotz, actor Jamie Foxx, actor Chuck Norris, filmmaker John-Erik Jordan, Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora, and frequent Star Trek guest star Hana Hatae (in both TNG and DS9 as Molly O'Brien - Miles' and Keiko's daughter.)
  • And do we really need to mention a certain celebrity's recent self-shearing in a Tarzana salon? No, probably not. 
Tarzana is just one of the fascinating destinations on our San Fernando Valley tour. Be sure to join us again when we visit...Woodland Hills.

ECOF 2007
Elaine Casella has planned ECOF 2007 for May 24, 25 & 26 at Vestal, New York
Attendees may stay at the Howard Johnson Express Inn where 14 rooms are being held until May 1st. 
Room Rates:
$69.95 for king-size bed (1 or 2 people)
$79.95 for 2 double beds, (1-4 people)  Tax is 11%. 
When calling for reservations, mention the "ECOF group."
3601 Vestal Parkway East (also known as Route 434 W.), Vestal, NY, 13850.
Phone: (607) 729-6181  ~  Fax: (607) 797-0309
(Telephone is the recommended method for reservations.)
The dealers' room will probably be at Courtyard Marriott .2 mi. east of the Howard Johnson.
See for more details
Also mark your calendar for Dum-Dum 2007 Louisville, Kentucky -- August 2 - 5, 2007

Home of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Memorial Collection
There will be a formal dedication of the Bob Hyde Collection, and an exhibition of his ERB highlights.
For past reports and up-to-date info on ERB conventions check the ECOF/Dum-Dum Dossier at:


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