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By Ken Manson

For 60 years, conventions – the Dum-Dums and Edgar Rice Burroughs Chain of Friendship Gatherings
– have been held throughout the United States, and even in Canada and England .
The majority have been held in four areas
– Kentucky, California, Maryland/D.C. and Illinois - and tied to groups located there -
the SubERBS, Panthans and Muckers, and the ERB Collection at the University of Louisville.

While has a timeline of conventions from 1960 to Present and reports of those following,
I thought it was time to take a look at where those conventions have been held, state by state.
Hopefully, this will help groups or persons thinking about hosting a convention and wondering if one was held in their state.

I divided the list into Dum-Dums held during science fiction Worldcons and Dum-Dums
that were held individually, then combined the totals. I also listed the ECOF gatherings by state.

I did not list any conventions that were announced then later cancelled.
No Dum-Dums were held from 1984-88, but informal gatherings were held.

Here are Dum-Dums held at Worldcons from 1961 to 1989:
(Editor's Note: ERBzine's alternate listings for these early events are featured at: )

      California- 4                One each are: New York, Michigan,  Florida,
      Illinois-      3                Arizona, Kentucky, Colorado and Georgia.
      Missouri-   2
      Ohio       -  2               And one was held in Canada
      Maryland-  2
      Mass. -       2
      D.C. -         2

George McWhorter reinstated Dum-Dums in 1990 outside of Worldcons.
(Editor's Note: Reports on many of the following are featured in my ERB Cons Past: )
Here is where they were held:
     Kentucky-     5              One each are Pennsylvania, Georgia, Vermont, Florida, Colorado, Ohio
     Illinois -        4              Idaho, Connecticut, Louisiana and Arizona
     California-    3
     Texas-            2             The 2020 Dum-Dum in Texas was cancelled.
     Iowa-             2
     Michigan-      2
     Maryland-      2

                Totals are:
                California-      7                               D.C. -                2
                Illinois-           7                               Iowa-                2
                Kentucky-       6                               Missouri-          2
                Maryland-       4                               Florida-             2
                Michigan-       3                               Arizona-            2
                Ohio-              3                               Louisiana-          2
                Texas-            2
                 Colorado-      2                               One each in Pennsylvania, Georgia, New York, Vermont,
                Massachusetts- 2                             Idaho, Connecticut and Canada.

 ECOFs were held in:
          California-             8                       One each was held in Oregon, Texas, Colorado, Minnesota
          Maryland-              7                       North Dakota, Kentucky, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin
          Illinois-                  3                       and Connecticut.
          Michigan-              3                       One was held in England.
          New York-             3
          Canada-                  2

Totals for Dum-Dums and ECOF Gatherings are:
        California-             15                        Massachusetts-           2           One each in Georgia, Idaho,
        Maryland-              11                        Iowa-                          2           Vermont, North Dakota,
        Illinois-                  10                        D.C.-                           2           Minnesota, Tennessee
        Kentucky-                7                        Missouri-                    2           and Wisconsin
        Michigan-                6                        Florida-                        2          Plus England
        New York-               4                        Arizona-                      2
        Ohio-                        3                       Louisiana-                    2
        Canada-                    3                       Pennsylvania-              2
        Texas-                       3                       Connecticut-                2
        Colorado-                 3

That is 91 conventions held in 24 states, the District of Columbia and two countries.

To update ERBzine’s convention listings,
with announced guest of honor (in boldface) and
speakers (Jim Sullos of ERB Inc. spoke at many conventions about company projects):
(Editor's Note: I've added links to my ERBzine coverage of the following events ~ BH)

 Year               Dum-Dum                                                           ECOF

 2013               Louisville, Ky.                                                     Morris, Ill.
                         Dr. Phillip Currie,                                             Artist Mike Hoffman
                         scientist and fanzine publisher, Joan Bledig,
                         D.J. Howell, Lane Batot, John Kushkins,
                         Martin Powell

 2014               Bryan, Texas                                                      Fargo, N.D.
                         Buddy Saunders, speaker, Frank                        Artists Pablo Marcos, Diana Leto
                         Grainger, Bob and Becky Hibbard                     Leia Barrett Durham and author
                                                                                                     David Fury

 2015               Clinton, Conn.                                                   Rockville, Md.
                         Will Murray, animal trainer Bill Berloni,          Artist Tom Grindberg, artist Mark
                         Buddy Saunders, Diana Leto, Mark Ellis          Wheatley, Buddy Saunders, Joan
                         artist Thomas Yeates, Nancy Miller, Scott         Bledig, Dr. Stan Galloway
                         Tracy Griffin, artist Joe De Vito

2016                Morris, Ill.                                                           Tarzana, Calif.
                         Author Mike Resnick, editor Bob                       Actor Casper Van Dien, Nancy Miller
                         Garcia, artist Doug Klauba, Doug Ellis,             authors Scott Tracy Griffin, Michael
                         author Michael Sanford                                       Sellers, Stan Galloway. Michael Hatt
                                                                                                      Michael Sanford, Buddy Saunders,
                                                                                                      Robert Zeuschner, Martin and Leia

2017                Coldwater, Mich.                                                 Irving, Texas
                         Artist Bo Hampton and Martin                          Authors Joe Lansdale and
                         Powell,  Mike Chapman, Robert                         Buddy Saunders, Thomas Zachek,
                         Zeuschner                                                            and bibliographers Robert
                                                                                                      Zeuschner and Joe Lukes

2018                Morgan City, La.                                                 Folsom, Calif.
                         Speakers -Al Bohl, Henry                                    Author James Rollins,
                         Franke, Scott Tracy Griffin                                  artists Dan Parsons, Mike
                         and Win Scott Eckert                                           Royer, Thomas Yeates, author
                                                                                                      Christopher Paul Carey and David
                                                                                                      Lemmo; and Bud Plant

2019                Wilcox, Ariz.                                                       Oak Brook, Ill.
                         Bob “Boze” Bell, keynote speaker                      Artist Joe Jusko; Vicki LaLonde.
                         Speakers were Dr. Deni Seymour,                       member of John Carter of Mars and
                         archeologist; Bernd Brand, Apache                     Tarzan and all ERB Gaming Group;
                         scholar; and Doug Hocking, historian                 Jack Norris, designer of John Carter
                         and novelist                                                         game

2020                 San Antonio, Texas                                              Fort Atkinson, Wis.,
                         (cancelled due to pandemic)                                Artist Dan Parsons
                                                                                                      (he cancelled due to pandemic but
                                                                                                    spoke via Zoom, as did Peggy Adler
                                                                                                      and Will Murrray) Other speakers -
                                                                                                      Gary Buckingham, Chris Adams and
                                                                                                      Henry Franke

(If I missed anyone, I apologize)



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