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Volume 0196
Vern Coriell - Burroughs Bibliophile - Special Bio Tribute Booklet
From 1960 

The Burroughs Bulletin
The Gridley Wave
The Dum-Dum
Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar with St. John Folio
Tarzan of the Apes Picturized by Harold Foster (Illustrated Tarzan Book No. 1)
The Return of Tarzan (Illustrated Tarzan Books No. 2)
The Beasts of Tarzan (Illustrated Tarzan Books No. 3)
Tarzan Under Fire (Illustrated Tarzan Books No. 23)
The Girl From Farris's
The Efficiency Expert
The Master of Adventure by John Harwood
Lost On Jupiter by William Gilmour
Tarzan and the Lightning Men by William Gilmour
Back to the Earth's Core  by William Gilmour
The New Adventures of Tarzan Film Book
David Innes of Pellucidar by John Coleman Burroughs
The Master Mind of Mars
John Carter of Mars by John Coleman Burroughs
Tarzan Sunday Page Folios:
        1. The first 28 pages by Rex Maxon
        2. First 4 Foster Adventures: Foreign Legion ~ Jungle Goddesses ~ Return of Korak ~ Elephants Graveyard
        5. Tarzan and the Vikings & The Sinister Safari by Hal Foster
        6. Tarzan and the Golden City by Foster and Hogarth
        7. Tarzan and the Pioneers of the Veldt by Hogarth
Beware! The Scientists Revolt
The Barsoomian Bazaar (Ad-Zine)
The Burroughs Biblio-File
Jocko: Jungle Lord

The Wizard of Tarzana
Adventures of Tarzan Film Book
Tarzan the Mighty Film Book
The Red Star of Tarzan
A Pictorial History of the Tarzan Films:
        1. The Golden Silents
        2. Tarzan Yells! (The Thrilling Thirties)
        3. The Lesser Years - Aquacades and Africa
        4. Tarzan the Globetrotter - Africa to Asia
        5. Tarzan in the TV Jungle
        6. Tarzan - The Reel Image and the Imitators

The Illustrated Tarzan Book No. 1 - Tarzan of the Apes
Date: 1967
Page count: 88 pages
Drawn by: Hal Foster

The Illustrated Tarzan Books No. 2 - The Return of Tarzan
Date: 1968
Page count: 68 pages
Drawn by: Rex Maxon

The Illustrated Tarzan Books No. 3 - The Beasts of Tarzan
Date: 1971
Page count: 44 pages
Drawn by: Rex Maxon

The Illustrated Tarzan Books No. 4 - The Son of Tarzan
Date: Never published

The Illustrated Tarzan Books No. 13 - Tarzan the Ape Man
Date: Undated
Page count:
Drawn by Rex Maxon

The Illustrated Tarzan Books No. 20 - Tarzan and the Mayan Goddess
Date: Never published

The Illustrated Tarzan books No. 23 - Tarzan Under Fire
Date: 1968
Page count: 92 pages
Drawn by: William Juhre

Tarzan Sunday Page Folio No. 1
Featured story: Tarzan and the River Pirates
Date: Undated
Page count: 30 pages (13.75" x 10.25")
Drawn by: Rex Maxon

Tarzan Sunday Page Folio No.2
Featured stories:
1. Tarzan and D'Arnot with the Foreign Legion
2. Tarzan and the Jungle Goddesses
3. The Return of Korak, the Killer
4. Tarzan at the Elephants Graveyard
Date: 1971
Page count: 64 pages (14.75" x 11")
Drawn by Hal Foster

Tarzan Sunday Page Folio No. 5
Featured stories: Tarzan and the Vikings & The Sinister Safari
Date: 1970
Page count:
60 pages (11" x 8.5")
56 pages (14" x 11")
Drawn by: Hal Foster

Tarzan Sunday Page Folio No. 6
Featured story: Tarzan and the Golden City
Date: 1973
Page count: 76 pages (11" x 8.5")
Drawn by Hal Foster and Burne Hogarth

Tarzan Sunday Page Folio No. 7
Featured story: Tarzan and the Pioneers of the Veldt
Date: 1974
Page count: 40 pages (11" x 8.5")
Drawn by: Burne Hogarth

Tarzan Sunday Page Folio No. 8
Proposed feature stories: Tarzan and the Forbidden Empire & The Perilous Paradise
Date: Never published
Drawn by Burne Hogarth

Burroughs Bibliophile No 5 (Erroneously listed as Burroughs Bulletin #5)
The Master Mind of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Date: 1971
Page count: 56 pages

Jocko Jungle Lord - Jock Mahoney
Date: Undated
Page count: 16 pages

The New Adventures of Tarzan
Date: Undated
Page count: 16 pages

The Burroughs Bibliophile presents:
Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Date: 1964
Page count: 124 pages

The Burroughs Bibliophile presents:
David Innes of Pellucidar illustrated by John Coleman Burroughs
Date: 1968
Page count: 60 pages

The Girl from Farris's by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Date: 1965
Page count: 80 pages

The Efficiency Expert by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Date: 1966
Page count: 88 pages

John Carter of Mars drawn by John Coleman Burroughs
Date: Undated (Sept. 1st 1970)
Page count: 78 pages
(A preliminary issue of this was issued at the 1970 Dum-Dum. The cover was printed with black ink on yellow paper and is missing the biography of J.C. Burroughs from the back).

J. Allen St. John: Art Folio
Date: Undated (1964)
Page count:

The Master of Adventure by John Harwood
Page count:

Vern Coriell - Burroughs Bibliophile
Date: Undated
Page count: 8 pages

The Battle of Hollywood by James H. Pierce
Date: 1978
Page count: 204 pages
Limited to 500 numbered and signed copies and 2000 un-numbered, unsigned copies.

Other stuff STILL (?) in the vaults of Opar…

The Wizard of Tarzana

Tarzan the Mighty Film Book

A Pictorial History of the Tarzan Films:
1. The Golden Silents
2. Tarzan Yells! (The Thrilling Thirties)
3. The Lesser Years - Aquacades and Africa
4. Tarzan the Globetrotter - Africa to Asia
5. Tarzan in the TV Jungle
6. Tarzan - The Reel Image and the Imitators


More covers are featured in ERBzine 195

The Master of Adventure by John HarwoodNew Adventures of Tarzan - Booklet featuring Posters and Serial Synopses
The Girl From Farris's - Frazetta CoverEfficiency Expert
Tarzan Book No. 1 - 1967 - Tarzan of the Apes - Harold Foster - 300 Pictures (1929 & 1938)Illustrated Tarzan Books No. 2 - 1968 - Rex Maxon - 239 Pictures (1929)
Illustrated Tarzan Books No. 3 - 1971 - The Beasts of Tarzan - Rex Maxon - 336 Pictures (1929)Illustrated Tarzan Book No. 13 ~ Rex Maxon
Illustrated Tarzan Books No. 23 - 1968 - Tarzan Under Fire (Tarzan Twins) - William Juhre - 336 Pictures  (1936-38)
John Coleman Burroughs' David Innes of Pellucidar - 1968 -- 269 Pictures (1940)John Coleman Burroughs Sunday Pages - John Carter of Mars

Compilation of Rex Maxon daily strips: ERBzine 2041
Fan publication by LOHAE Press ~ Dayton, Ohio ~ 2008
Continuation of the House of Greystoke format

Tarzan Folio No. 1 - 1969 - First 28 Rex Maxon Sunday Pages - 1931Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar - 1964 - Pulp/Newspaper Text Reprint - Original ArtJ. Allen St. John Art Folio - 1964 - Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar
Folio 2: First 4 Foster Adventures: Foreign Legion ~ Jungle Goddesses ~ Return of Korak ~ Elephants GraveyardTarzan Sunday Page Folio - 1970 - Tarzan and the Vikings and The Sinister Safari - Hal Foster (1935-36)
Tarzan Sunday Page Folio No. 6: - 1973- Tarzan and the Golden City - Foster & Hogarth  (1936-37)Tarzan Sunday Page Folio No. 7: 1974 - Tarzan and the Pioneers of the Veldt (1936-37)


In the early years the Burroughs Bibliophiles Dum-Dum was an annual luncheon meeting held in conjunction with the World Science Fiction Convention on the Saturday preceding Labor Day, excepting the times when the SF Convention was held overseas.

The Guests of Honor through the early years were each presented with "The Golden Lion Award" in appreciation for their contribution in keeping alive the works and characters and the spirit of Edgar Rice Burroughs. With each "Golden Lion" award went a lifetime membership in the Burroughs Bibliophiles.

The BBs is not the original ERB club. As early as 1916 there was the TRIBES OF TARZAN clubs and still later the Signal Oil Tarzan clubs and the TARZAN CLANS, etc. However, all of these were TARZAN clubs and most were commercal endeavours. The Burroughs Bibliophiles is a literary society dedicated to Edgar Rice Burroughs, and as such remains the first of its kind.

Please see Beyond 50 in the ERB LifeLine Bio for other important BB dates
  • 1960 September 4: The Burroughs Bibliophiles are formed in Pittsburgh: Bob Hyde Pres. - Stan Vinson, VP - Robert Horvath, Sec. - Charles Reinsel, Treas. - Vern Coriell, Ed.
  • 1961 June 24: Cincinatti  ~ No special guests
  • 1962 September 2:  Chicago  - Mrs. J. Allen St. John
  • 1963 September 1: Washington, DC  ~  L. Sprague de Camp ~ Sam Moskowitz
  • 1964 September 5: Oakland  - Frank Merrill (could not attend due to illness)  ~ Hulbert Burroughs
  • 1965 September 4-5:  Chicago - James H. and Joan Burroughs Pierce
  • 1966 September 3: Cleveland - Hulbert Burroughs
  • 1967 September 2: New York - Harold Foster ~ Frank Frazetta ~ Bob Hodes
  • 1968 August 31: Oakland  - Russ Manning and  John Coleman Burroughs (unable to attend)
  • 1969 August 30: St. Louis  - William Juhre and Sam Moskowitz
  • 1970 September 5: Detroit  - Philip Jose Farmer and Frank Schoonover (unable to attend)
  • 1971 September 4: Boston  - Johnny Weissmuller
  • 1972 September 2:  Los Angeles  - Herman Brix (Bruce Bennett) and Burne Hogarth - John Flint Roy is the recipient of the First Order of Edgar Award (A McClurg TA First Edition)
  • 1973 September 1: Toronto  - Buster Crabbe ~ Vern Coriell
  • 1974  August 31: Washington, DC  - Joe Kubert ~ Mrs. Rex Maxon  (unable to attend) ~ Neal Adams ~ Russ Cochran
  • 1975 September 1: Los Angeles  - Tarzan and Jane Reunion ~ 4 Tarzans & 5 Janes
  • 1976  September 4:  Kansas City, MO  - Jock Mahoney ~ Philip Jose Farmer
  • 1977 September 3: Miami Beach - Hotel Fountain Bleu - Leigh Brackett
  • 1978 September 2: Phoenix, AZ  - James Pierce (not in attendance) ~ Buster Crabbe, Michael Pierce who is introduced as the new President of ERB, Inc.
  • 1979 September 1:  Louisville, KY  - Special guests James Pierce & Lester Del Rey
  • 1980 November 1:  Hunt Valley, MD  - Honoree Boris Vallejo
  • 1981 September 5:  Denver, Colo. - Honoree Michael Whelan
  • 1982  September 5:  Chicago, Ill.  - Don Wollheim and Denny Miller (Denny not present)
  • 1983 September 3: Baltimore, MD  - Jack Williamson & Forrest J. Ackerman - special guest Mrs. Rex Maxon - Last Dum-Dum organized by  Vern Coriell (Achievement Award)
  • 1984-1989 - [Bill Ross Notes] "There were no official Dum-Dums from 1984  through 1989.  The supposed Atlanta Dum-Dum in 1986 was actually something 4E threw together to raise money for Vern.  There was no banquet or meeting.  1983 was the last Vern organized Dum-Dum and 1990 was the first George McWhorter organized Dum-Dum."
  • 1984 - [Huck notes] "I have a postcard from Vern saying there would be no Dum-Dum at the Worldcon (in Los Angeles that year) but that he would organize something later in the year. If he ever did, I didn't hear about it."
  • 1985 - (only ECOF this year)
  • 1986 - August 31:  Atlanta, GA - organized by Forry Ackerman
  • 1987 - Morgan City, LA ~Not actually a Burroughs Bibliophiles event.The city wanted to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the filming of "Tarzan of the Apes", but ERB Inc. demanded a $5,000 royalty and then shut the event down . . . after buttons were printed and the city had incurred other expenses. The celebration never occurred.
  • 1988 - New Orleans, LA - [Huck Remembers] -"A group of about 20  went to a Cuban restaurant just outside the French Quarter for dinner. I believe Bill Ross found the place.  No GoH, no awards."
  • 1989 - Boston - The nadir of the Dum-Dums.  Four showed up -- Cole Richardson, Larry Burrows, Joe Wilcoxen, and Huck. [Huck remembers:] "The only time they would give us a room was at the same time as the First Fandom meeting, and  then they refused to publicize it in the daily bulletin.  I made up signs and posted them around the Con but it wasn't enough."
  • 1990  Aug. 30-Sept. 2: Dum-Dum is reinstated by George McWhorter ~ Burne Hogarth & Danton Burroughs Louisville, KY - The Galt House -  [Huck remembers:] - "Burne Hogarth (who spoke at least as long as he did in '92), Denny Miller, Russ Cochran, Sammy the baby Gorilla (who pretended to be a wind-up toy when  hotel staff were around).  The ill-fated Tierra del Fuego Expedition (going back from the university to the Galt House, our carload got headed the wrong way and drove about 5 miles without seeing a  familiar sight, until finally I said, 'Shouldn't the sun be on the OTHER side of the car?')  Denny can confirm; he was in the same carload."
  • 1991 Aug. 31 - Sept. 1:  Chicago, IL  - Omni Hotel - Erling B. Holtsmark ~ Guests: Sam Moskowitz ~ Richard Powers ~ Mike Chapman ~ Forrest J. Ackerman  The BB Dum-Dum banquet was held at a downtown restaurant on  Saturday evening
  • 1992  August 27-30: Louisville, Kentucky - Gault House - Mitchell Harrison ~ Frank Westwood ~ Bob Zeuschner ~ Rita Coriell ~ Denny Miller~  Guests: Burne Hogarth, Don Kraar, Sam Moskowitz, Dick Lupoff, Henning Kure (all 107 minutes of Burne Hogarth's speech is captured on tape by J the V)
  • 1993   September 16-19:  Pittsburgh, PA  - Don Kraar ~ Guests: Tom Yeates, Denny Miller, George Evans (absent), Gray Morrow and Dave Fury
  • 1994  September 1-4: Atlanta, GA  - Perimeter Center - Dave Fury (in absentia) & Tracy Griffin ~ Guest: Sam Moskowitz  (spoke on the Burroughs-Kline feud)
  • 1995  Aug. 31- Sept. 6:  Rutland, VT - Joe Jusko, Surprise guest Maureen O'Sullivan
  • 1996  August 22-25: Woodland Hills/Tarzana, CA  - Harlan Ellison - Guests: Danton Burroughs, Tom Yeates, Chuck Porge, Janes & Tarzans: Joanna Barnes, Eve Brent, Vanessa Brown, Gordon Scott, Denny Miller
  • 1997  August 22-24: Newton, IA  - Gordon Scott ~ Jim Thompson ~ George McWhorter ~ Guests: Earling B. Holtsmark ~ Bob Zeuschner and Dave Fury 
  • 1998  August 3-6: Baltimore, MD - Gabe Essoe ~ J.G. Huckenpohler ~ George McWhorter ~ Guests: Al Williamson and Mark Schultz
  • 1999 - Woodland Hills/Tarzana, CA 1999--Special Advance Screening of the  new Disney Tarzan movie ~  Eddie Gilbert, Stu Byrne, Forry Ackerman ~ 4E ~ Achievement Award to Bob Barrett
  • 2000 July 13-16: Grandville, Michigan: Hosted by Mike Conran ~ Guests: Johnny Sheffield - Buzz Brown ~ Brian Bohnett
  • 2001 June 21-24:  Tampa Florida: Hosted by Pete Ogden ~ Steve Hawkes ~ Lydie Denier ~ Steve Korchak
  • 2002 May 23 - 26: Bryan-College Station, Texas ~ Hosted by Brad Vinson: ERB Original Art Collection ~ Joe Lansdale ~ Scott Beachler  Lifetime Achievement Award to Brad Vinson
  • 2003 August 28-31: Louisville: University of Louisville & Galt House: Hosted by George McWhorter ~ UofL ERB Exhibit  Danton Burroughs ~ Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell ~ Panel: J.G. Huckenpohler & Bob Zeuschner ~ Max Allan Collins (absent due to death in family -- Bob Zeuschner replaced him with after-dinner speech)  ~ Denny Miller ~ Lifetime Achievement Awards to Bill Hillman and Brian Bohnett 
  • 2004  June 25-26 Fort Collins, Colorado ~ Hosted by Mike Chapman ~ Glenn Morris Olympic Medals, etc. ~ Guests Lydie Denier, Denny Miller ~ Achievement Award to Joan Bledig
  • 2005 August 10 - 14: Oak Park, Illinois ~ hosted by Jerry Spannraft ~ GoH: Max Allan Collins ~ Achievement Awards to Jerry Spannraft and Laurence Dunn.
  • 2006 August 3-6: Doubletree Inn, Rockville, MD ~ hosted by the National Capital Panthans ~ GoH: Mat Cohen ~ Achievement Awards: Alan Hanson (Achievement); Matt Cohen (Golden Lion) ~ Panels: The Evolution of Jane -- Bruce Salen (moderator) and Edgar Rice Burroughs -- The Second Century (Bruce Salen, moderator) ~ Banquet Speakers: Matt Cohen, Laurence Dunn ~ Board of Directors Meeting: Aug 3.

  • Special Notes: Combined with ECOF 2006; Bob Hyde Memorial Banquet
  • 2007 August 2-5 Galt House, Louisville, KY ~ Host: George McWhorter ~ GoH: Richard Hescox ~ Guests: Denny and Nancy Miller ~ Awards: John Tyner (Achievement);Richard Hescox (Golden Lion) ~ Panels: Tarzan and Jane:  Forever in Fashion?  (D. J. Howell, moderator) and Burroughs Bibliophiles History -- Past, Present, Future (John Tyner, Moderator) ! Banquet Speakers: Mike Chapman, Denny Miller ~ Board of Directors Meeting: Aug. 4
  • 2008 July 24-27 Ramada Hotel, Waterloo, Iowa ~ Host: Mike Chapman ~ GoH: Jack and Carol Bender  ~ Awards: Henry Franke (Achievement); Jack Bender (Golden Lion); Bradleigh Vinson (Mucker Award)  ~ Panel: Tarzan Comic Strip Artwork (talk by Jack Bender)   Banquet Speakers: Denny Miller, Dave Fury ~ Board of Directors Meeting: July 25.
  • 2009 August 14-16, Holiday Inn, Miamisburg, Ohio ~ Hosts: Dick and Ginnie Spargur ~ GoH: Pete and Joan Ogden ~ Guests: Milan Fibiger (Artist); Cathy Wilbanks and Janet Mann, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. ~ Award: Pete Ogden (Burroughs Empire Medal) ~ Panels: ERB Art (Dennis Wilcutt, Speaker) - Legacies to the University of Louisville Library (Cheryl Crane, Speaker) - ERB’s Influences (Dick Spargur, Moderator) - Documentary on “Tarzan, Lord of the Louisiana Jungle” (Al Bohl, Presenter) ~ Banquet Speaker: Pete Ogden ~ Directors Meeting: August 14.
  • 2010  August 19-22, Best Western Motel, Hillside, IL ~ Hosts: Chicago Muckers ~ GoH: George T. McWhorter ~ Guests: Stephen Korshak; Tom Floyd (artist); Jim Sullos, Cathy Wilbanks, Willie Jones, and Janet Mann, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.; Linda, Llana Jane, and Dejah Burroughs ~ Panels: The Art of J. Allen St. John (Stephen Korshak, Presenter) ~ Awards: George McWhorter (Achievement and Golden Lion); Stephen Korshak (Golden Lion); Tom Floyd (Golden Lion); George McWhorter (Mucker Award) ~ Banquet Speakers: Laurence Dunn, Tom Floyd, Stephen Korshak, George McWhorter ~ Board of Directors Meeting: August 21.
  • 2011 Aug 6-10, Venue: Clarion Hotel, Pocatello, Idaho ~ Hosts: The National Capital Panthans ~ Guests and Awards: None ~ 

  • Panels: Poetry in Burroughs’ Universe (Dr, Stanley A. Galloway,  presenter), ERB in Our Electronic Matrix (Bill Hillman, presenter), Whither for Art Thou, BB’s? (Henry G. Franke III, presenter) ~ Banquet Speakers: John Tyner, Kathleen Hedberg (local historian), Sylvia Crystal, Laraine Hatch (mother of “Pokey”, the Dum-Dum mascot) ~ Board of Directors meeting:  8 August.
    2012 Aug 15-18 Venue: Warner Center Marriott, Woodland Hills, CA ~ Hosts: Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. and The L. A. SubERBs ~ Special Guests: Dr. Jane Goodall, Jim Morris ~ Guests: Al and Allison Bohl, Andy Briggs, John Ralston Burroughs, Linda, Llana Jane, and Dejah Burroughs, Ron Ely, Richard Lupoff, Robin Maxwell, Denny and Nancy Miller, Casper Van Dien ~ Awards: Al and Allison Bohl (Golden Lion), Ron Ely (Golden Lion), ERB Inc. (Golden Lion and individual glass Golden Lion paperweights for Jim Sullos, Janet Mann, Cathy Wilbanks, and Willie Jones), Jane 

    Goodall (Golden Lion), Jim Morris (Mars Globe), Casper Van Dien(Golden Lion) ~ Panels: Narrative Techniques in Tarzan and John Carter (Dr. Stanley A. Galloway, presenter), The Details of Digital Restoration (Phil Normand, presenter), John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood (Michael Sellers, presenter), Tarzan’s History in Comics (Kevin Robinette, presenter),
    Creation Process for the New Tarzan Statue (Joe DeVito, presenter), Question and Answer Session (Lee Chase, presenter)
    ERB, Canaveral Press, and Other Topics (Richard Lupoff, presenter), Tarzan Yell Contest (Bill Hillman, moderator), ERB., Inc. Developments (Jim Sullos, presenter), Memories of my Grandfather (John Ralston Burroughs, presenter), Inside ERB’s World (Linda, Llana Jane, and Dejah Burroughs, Cathy Wilbanks, Janet Mann, and Willie Jones), ERB Authorized Authors (Robin Mxwell, Andy Briggs, Scott Tracy Griffin, Lee Strong, and Michael Sellers), Banquet Speakers:  Dr. Robert Zeuschner, Laurence Dunn, Jim Sullos, Jim Morris, Dr. Jane Goodall ~ Board of Directors meeting:  17 August
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Many thanks to
Joan Bledig (J the V) ~ J. G. (Huck) Huckenpöhler (AQ Porter)
Bill Ross ~ Mike Conran
for their help in completing this list
~ JoN ~
See the expanded ECOF Timeline History at:
ERBzine 3475
  • 1983  September 2: ERB Birthday Party ~ Forerunner of the ECOF gathering
  • 1984  August 10-12:  ECOF holds its first annual gathering in Toronto ~ Honoree Frank Shonfeld, B.E.M.
  • 1985 June 28-30:  University of Louisville, hosted by George McWhorter  ~ Burne Hogarth and Danton Burroughs
  • 1986  July 25-27  ECOF in Jenison, Michigan ~ Honoree John Flint Roy
  • 1987  July 30-August 2:  Arnold, Maryland ~ Darrell C. Richardson (absent) ~ son Coleman Richardson accepted the award
  • 1988  July 6-10: London and Greystoke, England ~ Pete Ogden ~ Mr & Mrs. Stafford Howard and Mr. & Mrs. Neville Howard
  • 1989 June 22-26:   Tarzana, CA ~ hosted by Mike Shaw and Ralph Brown ~ Irwin Porges ~ Guests: Eve Brent ~ Danton Burroughs ~ Gordon Scott ~ Denny Miller ~ Gabe Essoe ~ Burne Hogarth ~ Jack Iverson ~ Forrest J. Ackerman
  • 1990  June 29 - July 1: Binghamton, NY ~ Henry H. Heins (absent) and Bill Ross
  • 1991  June 28-30:  Williamston, Michigan ~ Mike Conran
  • 1992  June 26-28:  Denver, CO ~ Bob Hyde ~ Guest: Danton Burroughs
  • 1993  June 18-20: Willows, CA ~ Tom Yeates and John Eric Holmes
  • 1994  June 23-25:  Baltimore, Maryland ~ Mark Wheatley, Marc Hemple and Damon Willis
  • 1995  June 30 - July 2: Portland, Oregon ~ Thomas Yeates ~ Peet Janes ~ John Eric Holmes
  • 1996  June 20-23:   Chicago, IL ~ Denny Miller
  • 1997 June 21-22:  Holt, Michigan ~ Allan Gross
  • 1998  June 19-21: Pittsburgh, PA ~ Michael Friedlander ~ Guests: Joe Jusko and Allan Gross
  • 1999  August 5-8: Gaithersburg, Maryland
  • 2000 May 18 - 21: Clarksville, Tennessee: Hosted by Jim Thompson ~ Guests: Mary Burroughs - Panels: Bill Hillman ~ Huck Huckenpohler ~ Bob Woodley
  • 2001 August 17, 18, 19: Binghamton, New York: Hosted by Elaine Casella ~ Guests: Michael Kaluta 
  • 2002 August 30 - September 1:  Tarzana, California: Hosted by the LA SubERBs ~ GoH: Bruce Boxleitner, Lydie Denier, Eve Brent ~ Moon Maid hike through the Tarzana hills ~ PBS taping of events for 3-hour ERB bio ~ Danton Burroughs screening of rare home movies at the Tarzana ranch open house, etc.
  • 2003 June 27-29:  Baltimore Area: Hosted by the National Capital Panthans
  • 2004 August 12-14: Sacramento ~ Richard Lupoff ~ Dan Parsons ~ Thomas Yeates
  • 2005 June 24 - June 26: Unionville (Toronto area), Ontario ~ Hosted by Doug Denby
  • 2006 August 3-6: Rockville, Maryland ~ Hosted by the Panthans ~ Speakers: DJ Howell, Laurence Dunn, Jim Thompson, Mike Conran.
  • 2007 
  • 2008
  • 2009 May 29-31 El Dorado Hills, CA ~ Hosted by Don Gray ~ Guest of Honour: Thomas Yeates
  • 2010  June 4-6 Baltimore Area and Shenandoah Caverns, Virginia ~ Hosted by The Panthans
  • 2011 May 26-29 Minneapolis ~ Hosted by Rudy Sigmund  ~ Guest Artists, Writers and Recognition Award Winners: Mike Hoffman, Mike Grell, Mike Chapman, David Fury, Bill Hillman
  • 2012 March 1-3 Tarzana and Woodland Hills ~ Hosted by ERB, Inc. and LASubERBs ~ Presenters: Dr. JG Huckenpohler, Prof. Stan Galloway, Jim Sullos, Robin Maxwell, Michael Sellers
  • 1997  June 27-29:  The British ERB Society host a London Greystoke ERB convention ~ Marci'a Lincoln and Burne Hogarth (In Memorium)
  • 1989  Aug. 31 - Sept. 1:  75th Anniversary Diinner (since TA book publication) ~ Hosted by the Normal Beans of Chicago ~ Honorees: Bob Hyde, George McWhorter,Bill Ross ~ Guest: Philip Jose Farmer
  • 1990  October 19-21:  Second Annual Dinner ~ Hosted by the  Normal Beans of Chicago ~ Honorees: Tim Conrad and Mike Conran
  • 1999  March 19-21: ERB Wake at Bellaire, TX ~ Hosted by ERBlist Moderator Bruce Bozarth
  • 2000  March 17-19: ERB Wake at Bellaire, TX ~ Hosted by ERBlist Moderator Bruce Bozarth
    • 2012 April 13 and 14 ~ Tarzan Centennial Celebration ~ Hosted by Al Bohl

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