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Volume 6607

Remarkable Summer of '93
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Chicago World's Fair of 1893
Ch. 1: Welcome to the Fair
The Columbian Exposition
In 1893, the United States wanted to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Columbus's voyage to the Americas in style. National leaders planned a grand exposition featuring exhibits of new technology and arts from around the globe, spread across hundreds of acres of meticulously designed grounds. After some spirited lobbying for the honor of hosting such an event, Chicago, IL, was finally selected - it was a major railway hub with space to spare.

Under the direction of architect Daniel Burnham, designer-in-chief Charles Atwood, and landscape master Frederick Law Olmstead, the dazzling "White City" took shape. The exposition's soaring Classical buildings and sparkling fountains - all rigged to shine with electricity at night - were as much of a marvel as the wonders contained inside their massive halls. Millions flocked to Chicago to take in the sights, despite the city's history with famous crimes. 

Some aspects of the World's Fair, like its breathtaking architecture and the debuting Ferris Wheel, are still widely admired today. Others, like displays involving people from non-Western cultures, haven't aged as gracefully. The White City was dismantled once the exposition closed a few short months later, but photographs from the fair remain as evocative as the day they were taken

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1. The Bridge To The Electricity Building

2. Visitors By The Ferris Wheel

3. The View From The Balcony Of The Woman's Building

4. Looking Out Over The Grounds

5. The Manufactures Building

6. A Panorama Of The State Buildings

7. The Court Of Honor

8. At The Viking Wharf

9. The Administration Building At Night

10. MacMonnies' Fountain From The Grand Plaza

11. The Crowd On Chicago Day

12. The Japanese Tea House

13. The Women's Silk Culture Exhibit

14. The Horticultural Building And Grounds

15. The Krupp Gun Works Building

16. The Statue Of Plenty

17. Wooded Island And The Lagoons

18. Cadets Drilling

19. The Mammoth Cheese In Canada's Exhibit

20. The Mining Building

21. Javanese House Builders

22. SJ Tellery & Company's East India Exhibit

23. The Great Iron Gates In The German Exhibit

24. A Display Of Animals Native To British Guiana

25. The Wind Mill Exhibit

Remarkable Summer of '93
A Docu-Novel by Bill Hillman
Ch. I: Welcome to Chicago's
Columbian Exposition
Ch. 2: Invasion of the 
Boys from Orchard Lake
Ch. 3: Grand Adventure
Strange New Worlds
Ch. 4: Magic City
The White City
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Ch. 5: Midway Adventure I
The Great Wheel
Ch. 6: Midway Adventure II
Exotic Lands
Ch. 7; Master Mind of 
The World of Tomorrow
Ch. 8
Ed and His Electric Flyer
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