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Dum-Dum 2015 will be hosted by Peggy Adler
Clinton, CT ~ August 20 - 23
See the full schedule of events at:

The local press has shown a real interest in this annual ERB gathering.
Read a few sample articles at:
"Tarzan, John Carter Aficionados Headed for Clinton"
Zip06: Connecticut Shoreline News ~ July 16, 2015

. . .  and this one from August 6:

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Getting In Touch With Your Inner Tarzan
Pem McNerney, Living Editor ~  August 6, 2015

Are you out of touch with your inner Tarzan? That would be too bad. There’s a lot to like about the Edgar Rice Burroughs creation, a fictional feral child raised by apes and then introduced to civilization only to reject it, in favor of returning to and defending the wild.

Bill Hillman, a former teacher and Edgar Rice Burroughs aficionado who has published thousands and thousands of pages on Burroughs on his website,, says Tarzan has numerous admirable traits. “He was one of the first interested in preserving nature, preserving the wild. Burroughs was really ahead of his time on that and on women’s rights too,” he says. “And, he's a hero. We all want heroes to look up to.”

Hillman is one of hundreds of fans of Edgar Rice Burroughs, affectionately referred to as ERB, expected to converge on Clinton from Thursday, Aug. 20 to Sunday, Aug. 23 to celebrate the life and works of the man who created not only Tarzan, but also the Mars adventurer and warlord John Carter, along with heroes in other genres. The free, everyone-is-welcome, family-friendly gathering is called a Dum-Dum, which means "a great gathering of apes," and will feature a movie marathon, presentations and demonstrations, lots of stuff for sale, and, most important for those of you who do want to get back in touch with your inner Tarzan, a Tarzan yell competition.

The competition will be at 1 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 22, and, like the most of the rest of the weekend, (with the exception of one event, a banquet) it is free. For more information about the details of the weekend, visit:
So how does one practice for a Tarzan yell competition?

Ten steps to a perfect Tarzan yell
If you have a background in music, a description of the Tarzan yell is useful and readily available, as part of the trademark the Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. organization sought for the sound. It is as follows:

“The mark is a yell consisting of a series of approximately ten sounds, alternating between the chest and falsetto registers of the voice, as follow — 

1) a semi-long sound in the chest register, 
2) a short sound up an interval of one octave plus a fifth from the preceding sound, 
3) a short sound down a Major 3rd from the preceding sound, 
4) a short sound up a Major 3rd from the preceding sound, 
5) a long sound down one octave plus a Major 3rd from the preceding sound, 
6) a short sound up one octave from the preceding sound, 
7) a short sound up a Major 3rd from the preceding sound, 
8) a short sound down a Major 3rd from the preceding sound,
9) a short sound up a Major 3rd from the preceding sound, 
10) a long sound down an octave plus a fifth from the preceding sound.”
For those who might not be well versed in the intricacies of falsetto registers and Major 3rds, here is another suggestion from Hillman, who was the emcee for the Tarzan yell competition at the 2012 Tarzan/John Carter Centennial Dum-Dum in Tarzana, CA. “Learn how to yodel,” Hillman said. Johnny Weissmuller, one of the most famous and popular Tarzan actors, is reported to have said yodeling helped him develop the trademark sound. There are several guides to learning how to yodel on-line, including this guide at WikiHow:
"Do it like you mean it"

Still too complicated? Start with the most basic Tarzan yell, the Elmo Lincoln version. Lincoln was the first actor to portray Tarzan on the big screen. Hillman demonstrated the Lincoln yell at the centennial celebration. “I put my fists to my chests and pounded,” Hillman said. And when he opened his mouth? Nothing. That movie was made in 1918 and so it was a silent film.

The man who is a reigning Tarzan yell champ, Thomas Yeates, will be familiar to readers of the Prince Valiant comic strip. Yeates is the award-winning artist who draws the Sunday strip created by Hal Foster. He also has illustrated Louis L’Amour and a new graphic novel “Groo vs. Conan” (the Barbarian). He is considered one of the great Tarzan artists as well. He came in first in the Tarzan yell competition at the ERB celebration in 2012 in Tarzana, CA.

His advice? “Find a good note, reminiscent of Weissmuller’s familiar yell, and hold it long, strong, and with feeling,” Yeates said. “It helps if you can yodel, but whatever you do, including making up your own yell, do it like you mean it.”

Hillman says the full-fledged Tarzan yell is perfectly appropriate for any man, woman, or child who would like to have a go at it. There also is a specific “Jane” yell out there for ladies who would prefer an alternative. There are plenty of models and versions, most of them easy to find on YouTube. The yell has been appropriated in a wide range of movies including Indiana Jones and Stars Wars, and by actors, including, perhaps most famously, Carol Burnett, along with others.

Plenty of fun for everyone
Whether you’re in the mood to yell or not, the weekend has plenty to offer everyone, says Peggy Adler of Clinton, who was instrumental in bringing the event to the Connecticut shoreline. She’s been attending Dum-Dums since 2006 and noticed most Burroughs Bibliophiles are in their 60s and up. At that rate, she realized, the group would age out and there would be no more Dum-Dums. “So last March I came up with the idea to plan a Dum Dum a year in advance and then coordinate with the municipality, the library, the public school system, and the press,” Adler said. 

Why Clinton?
“I not only live here and have since 1994, but have always felt that our awesome Andrews Memorial Town Hall would be a fabulous venue for this or any other convention,” said Adler, who has worked closely with the local school system on a ERB-related arts and essay contest for high school students, and to have information distributed to all children in the school system about the event. She also has made an effort to use all local stores and vendors, where possible. And, she’ll be distributing information about local eateries and businesses to attendees of the event, in the hopes it will help the local economy.

In addition to Hillman, who will be driving to the Dum Dum with his wife, Sue-On Hillman, who is a reigning female Tarzan yell champ, from their home in Canada, the event also will be attended by Yeates, who lives in California, and Linda Burroughs, the widow of ERB’s grandson Danton Burroughs, from Tarzana, CA, and her two daughters, Llana Jane Burroughs, and Dejah Burroughs. Linda Burroughs and her daughters will be judging the Tarzan yell competition. Theatrical animal trainer Bill Berloni, who specializes in humane animal training techniques, will be the guest of honor and banquet speaker.

To learn more about the Tarzan yell, visit these links:
Evolution of the Tarzan Yell I:
Evolution of the Tarzan Yell II:
Check out the original Tarzan Yell by Johnny Weismuller on YouTube:

More information about this Dum-Dum, a registration form and other information is available at;; and
as well as at Dum-Dum 2015’s FaceBook page, group & event. 
For more information about Edgar Rice Burroughs and a Bibliophile membership form go to
The deadline for banquet registration is Aug. 12, and a registration form can be found here:
There is a $35 fee for the banquet. 
The rest of the weekend is free

ECOF 2015: June 4-7
"From RUTLAND to ROCKVILLE" 1995 to 2015

We have compiled a photo scrapbook from ECOF photos shared by Bill Wagner:

Here is a Preview Collage of many of the photos from the gallery:

Poster | Web | 5" | Card | Thumbnail

For more see our ERB Art Encyclopedia 

Frank Frazetta's THE RIDER
The Burroughs painting is based on the splash page done for STAR SPANGLED COMICS #113 (February 1951)
for the character TOMAHAWK and the story "The Black Cougar."
                                                                                                                  ~ Thanks to Ray Cuthbert

Carlos Valenzuela               George Wilson            Sanjulian

Original Tarzan vs Bolgani pencil sketch by Frank Frazetta

Tarzan vs. Bolgani painting over FF sketch

Rafael Kayanan's version of a Thoat

Various Artists Featured on the Covers of
Artist's Edition Series
22 Artists Contribute to the
Joe Kubert School Auction Project


Carl Sagan endorses ERB's Barsoom and John Carter

How Kerry Conran saw Hollywood's future - then got left behind
The Telegraph ~ July 16, 2015
Over a decade ago, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow laid the foundations for today's effects-driven blockbusters.
Why haven't its creators made a film since?
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow cover page
Angelina Jolie in 'Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow'
 Credit: Paramount/Everett/Rex Features

Shortly after completing their first movie, in 2004, Kerry and Kevin Conran received an invitation from George Lucas. The Star Wars mastermind would be hosting a summit at Skywalker Ranch, his production facility-cum-small town in San Francisco, gathering some of the most forward-thinking people in the movie business to discuss the future of film. James Cameron was there, as were Robert Zemeckis and Brad Bird. The brothers were newcomers, but that day they were treated as peers; each of their fellow directors told the Conrans how impressed they were with what they’d accomplished. Their work, they were told, was way ahead of its time.  More>>

Re-visit our 2004 ERB News Page for the news items on the Conran projects

An exclusive news release to ERBzine from Danton Burroughs of ERB, Inc., Tarzana
This item was picked up by International news services:
Conran and Paramount Team Visit ERB, Inc. Tarzana Offices
Tarzana, CA ~ Thursday, December 2, 2004

The Hillmans lunch date with Kevin Conran in Tarzana

One of the highlights of our 2012 Tarzana Trek was a chance to finally meet and chat with Kevin Conran over lunch at Jerry's Deli.
Kevin and his brother Kerry produced the film Sky Captain, and were in line to do the John Carter of Mars film before a series of unfortunate events allowed Disney to pick up the option. Kerry did the production art for Sky Captain and had also completed much of the art for their version of John Carter
See: ERBzine 3694 and ERBzine 3695
Our photo memories of this meeting were lost due to a camera malfunction.
A nod to Frank Frazetta in Sky Captain

Evolution of the John Carter of Mars Project

John Carter of Mars Paramount Project Pre-production Events


Roy G. Krenkel and Frank Frazetta clowning it up

Frank giving Russ Cochran's chimp Sammy a lesson in painting

Visit our Galleries of ERB art by Frank Frazetta at

Thoat Concept Art Previously Featured in the ERBzine John Carter of Mars Film Evolution Series


New from Robin Maxwell - the author of JANE: THE WOMAN WHO LOVED TARZAN
Available at AMAZON


Available at various booksellers and online at AMAZON.COM
"Doomed fans, obsessed collectors, crooked dealers - they’re all here in some of the wildest and wackiest yarns ever typed on a mimeograph stencil. Written by John E. Stockman and published in his only too aptly named fanzine 'Tales of Torment' between 1963 and 1979, the stories were centered around the pulp magazine and comic book collecting subculture of the period but are still fresh and funny today. Utterly unique, a little twisted, and taking place in a timeless world of their own that even non-fans can appreciate, the stories have been largely unseen since their original publication. This collection includes eight of Stockman’s best, selected by editor Dwight R. Decker, as well as notes and an introduction to explain it all." Blurb from

Stockman wrote mostly in the early to mid-60s about Edgar Rice Burroughs fans. He was enough older than most of the comics fans of the day that when he mentioned comic books, they were the were late '30s Sunday strip reprint titles like TIP TOP and KING, with TARZAN #20 as the ultimate collectible. The book collecting the stories was published by Richard Lupoff's publishing imprint (a division of Ramble House, a small press specializing in reprints of quirky old mystery novels and various other arcana), which seemed only appropriate since Lupoff was one of the founders of comics fandom as well as a key player in the Edgar Rice Burroughs revival of the early '60s.

~ Dwight Decker

Barsoomian Blade covers events in
The Gods of Mars

Barsoomian Blade parody newspaper
From Jeff Long

Jeff Long's Barsoomian Blade & Panthan Press Features in ERBzine
Blade 1 | Blade 2 | Blade 3 | Blade 4 | Blade 5 | Blade Fiction 1 | Fiction 2 | Fiction 3 | Fiction 4
Princess of Jasoom | Princess 1 | Princess 2 | Princess 3 | Princess 4 | Princess 5 |

For Fall 2015 Release from Brian Bohnett



FLYNN'S WEEKLY Detective Fiction Oct. 2, 1926 - Red Star News Co.; Vol. XVIII, No. 5. Pulp magazine.
Edited by William J. Flynn. Cover art is uncredited for "Crimsoned Millions" (pt. 1 of 4) by John Willoughby.

See all our past-featured cartoons at:

Many of this edition's cartoons were suggested by contributor John "Bridge" Martin.

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