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Issue 0587
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Episode 7: Flaming Waters (Press Book Version)

Expecting to find Tarzan dead, Raglan rushes to the trap, only to find Tarzan dazed and bruized. Helping Tarzan out, he discovers the document on the ground, where Tarzan finds it, believing it to be still intact. 

Gordon escapes from prison and flees with Alice toward the jungle, hoping to overtake Martling and warn him that the code message has placed him under suspicion. 

Back at camp, Raglan offers to go for food supplies and is accompanied by George, whom Martling insists should help him. 

As Martling and Tarzan, discovering the mutilation of the document, make plans to follow Raglan, George returns with a motor launch and food supplies, telling them that Raglan had deserted him. 

They board the launch and head up river. However, Paco, left behind to spy on them, has secretly punctured the gas tank, and as the gasoline flows onto the water, he carelessly drops a lighted match. Instantly, the river becomes a mass of flames and the launch is completely surrounded by fire.

Chapter 7 - Flaming Waters (Synopsis of what actually appears on film)

The stakes miss Tarzan's lean body, and he quickly extricates himself, then frees George from the vines and returns with him to Ula.  Martling leaves the side of the ailing Raglan, who has come out of his delirium and, realizing his position, staggers off, returing to Quirigua, where he retrieves the Goddess and heads off into the jungles.  Learning of this, Tarzan, Martling and George give chase while Ula steps behind a blanket draped across a vine and changes into a native-girl outfit, as N'Kima watches her from the trees.

Meanwhile, back at the Lost City, the High Priest stirs the natives to action in retrieving the Goddess, and a platoon of black-robed and hooded, machete-wielding primitives set off into the jungles to rescue their idol. They soon encounter Tarzan, but he escapes them after a furious fight and goes to warn Martling and George of the new menace.  They, in turn, go to find Ula, who has broken camp and set out along the riverbank in her native garb.  George asks for a brief rest as they follow Ula, and is attacked by a herd of snapping turtles while he sits on a log.  The exasperated Martling pulls out his handkerchief, and the codebook falls from his pocket.  George tries to grab it but only succeeds in knocking it into the river.  Tarzan dives in after it, retrieves the notebook, but is caught in the rapids and swept over a fall as Ula watches in horror from below.

Episode 8: Angry Gods (Press Book Version)

Sinking the launch, Martling, Tarzan and George leap into the raging waters and swim safely to shore. When the flames subside, they salvage the boat and repair it. 

Raglan seeks Ula in an Indian village, but cannot strike a bargain with her as she insists on half the wealth the Goddess yields. Incensed, Raglan loiters, but Ula warns him to leave as the Indians, preparing to hold a sacred ritual, will tolerate no white man in the village. She sends Lopez to spy on Raglan.

Resuming their journey, Martling, Tarzan and George, discover Raglan's kayuka and go to the village in search of him. Unknowingly, they are seen by both Ula and Raglan. A child approaches them with a note which sends them to the Indian ritual grounds in search of the Goddess.

On their approach, the Indian sentinels, espying them, notify the infuriated tribe. They are horrified as the maddened tribe, brandishing machetes and clubs, rush toward them with such haste that they cannot retreat.

Chapter 8: Angry Gods (Synopsis of what actually appears on film)

Tarzan survives the fall and grabs a floating log.  Ula and her two bearers see him floating in the water and row to his rescue in a handy kayuka.  Ula tells the rapidly recovering Tarzan that she has seen Raglan heading downstream in another canoe.  Meantime, the hooded troops of the Lost City capture Martling and George.  Nango, one of Ula's bearers, witnesses this and informs Ula and Tarzan, who decide their rescue is the first mission. Ula and her men proceed to the Lost City via the river trail with N'Kima, while Tarzan cuts through the jungles by the trees.

Tarzan is intercepted by a patrol of hooded natives.  As he fends them off, Martling and George are brought before the High Priest at the Lost City, and meet a nameless white man, who describes himself as "once known in the world of science, but 20 years ago I cast my lot in with these people".  Acting as interpreter for the High Priest, he tells Martling and George they must produce the Goddess - which Raglan has - or die.  Ula reaches the Lost City entrance ahead of the waylaid Tarzan, at the same time, and is attacked by machete-wielding guards, who surround her and close in as she lets out a piercing scream!

Episode 9: Doom's Brink (Press Book Version)

Tarzan quells the attack of the Indians by uprooting a tree and throwing it across the path, and the trio escape.

Raglan, discovering Lopez spying on him, forces the man to lead him to the hiding place of the Goddess. Here, surprising Ula and Garcia, he escapes with the Goddess, leaving Ula and Garcia bound and taking Lopez with him.

Garcia, attempting to sever the bonds with a lamp, accidentally ignites the cabin. Detouring to the village, Tarzan, Martling, and George, attracted by the fire and screams of the victims, came to the rescue and all start in pursuit of Raglan.

In the chase, Tarzan wings across a gigantic waterfall on a liana. Raglan, seeing this severs the liana with a bullet and Tarzan is plunged down over the brink of the huge falls to the rocks below.

Chapter 9: Doom's Brink (Synopsis of what actually appears on film)

But the primitives only take Ula prisoner, and throw her into a cell with an ancient native hag left to guard her closely.  N'Kima has escaped capture, meantime, and summons Tarzan, who races to the Lost City.

Meanwhile, Raglan has reached the port city of Mantique and meets a confederate, Pedro, who advises him that a Captain Blade has a ship waiting for him and the Goddess, just off the coast.  A strange man overhears this

Back at the Lost City, Tarzan appears and is immediately captured by the natives.  He is placed in a cell adjoining Ula's, bound hand and foot, and watches as a lion is chained to the cell's wall just out of reach of Tarzan.  Martling and George are brought to the Lost City's torture chamber, to be forced to reveal the whereabouts of the Goddess to the High Priest and the nameless white man. The old hag attacks Ula with a knife, but Ula knocks her out, then notices a small hole in the wall of her cell.  Through it she can see Tarzan in the next cell, where the lion is lunging repeatedly at the helpless apeman, with such vigor that a link on the chain has begun to give way.  As Ula watches
in horror, the link snaps and the lion springs directly at the apeman!

Episode 10: Secret Signals (Press Book Version)

As Tarzan plunges downward, he grabs an over-hanging tree and pulls himself to safety.

Lopez further aids Raglan by summoning -- by means of sky rockets -- the fast steam-boat (HANSON) Which Ula has chartered for her own use. Ula explains the signals to Tarzan's party and boarding the Expedition's launch, they speed in the direction of the signals.

Meanwhile, the contraband cargo has arrived in the harbor at Livingston. Guatemalan officials are pushing the search for the Goddess and have called out their military planes to search for Gordon and Alice, who take refuge in some caves.

Raglan and Lopez board the HANSON, ordering full speed to Livingston. The Expedition's launch, trying to intercept the journey of the HANSON, enters a lagoon at full speed -- the HANSON looms in front of them and unable to stop, with a terrific impact they crash into the side of the boat. 

Chapter 10: Secret Signals (Synopsis of what actually appears on film)

Before the chain has broken, Ula has been able to widen the hole in the wall, reach through and cut Tarzan's bonds with the hag's knife.  Tarzan kills the lion in a furious fight, then further widens the hole so that Ula can join him in his cell.  There, Tarzan let's out a yell and, when two hooded guards enter to investigate, he overpowers these natives and takes their cloaks and hoods as disguises for Ula and himself.

Thus disguised, Tarzan and Ula reach the torture chamber as George is being tortured with hot pokers pressed to the soles of his feet.  Tarzan is able to surreptitiously untie Martling, and together they overcome the torturers.  The nameless white man,  horrified by the treatment of George, turns on the High Priest, and Tarzan knocks over a flaming urn, causing an explosion which brings the torture room down.

Tarzan, Ula, Martling and George escape the Lost City and, well down the river, meet Lopez, whom Ula knows and who is the mysterious man who overheard Raglan's conversation with Pedro.  They all return to Mantique, where Raglan spies Ula at a hotel and learns the others are in the city also.  He flees to the docks to get the concealed Goddess and proceed to Blade's ship, pursued by Ula and Martling in a rickety flivver driven by George.  Tarzan reaches the docks first, however, and overcomes several Raglan henchmen; but Raglan pulls a pistol and shoots the ape-man at point blank range!

Episode 11: Death's Fireworks (Press Book Version)

Raglan, recognizing the victims, forces the HANSON'S captain, who has lowered a skiff, to leave them in the alligator-infested waters. All save Garcia -- a victim of the alligators -- climb on the skiff, and are picked up by a mail boat headed for Livingston. 

Gordon and Alice, on the river bank near Livingston, seeing Raglan aboard the HANSON, believe Martling to be aboard also, and pursue the steamer. 

At Livingston, Barlatos, a mysterious stranger, and Melville, captain of the contraband ammunition ship, meet Raglan, who opens the Goddess, giving half the gems in payment for the cargo and retaining the balance.

When Tarzan and his party board the HANSON, they discover the empty Goddess. Following Melville to the freighter, Tarzan is tricked and locked in a cabin, while Melville starts to shore with the cargo. Tarzan escapes and swims after the barges. Melville, firing at him, ignites the ammunition and a terrific explosion occurs.

Chapter 11: Death's Fireworks (Synopsis of what actually appears on film)

Just as Raglan fires, Tarzan lunges at him and the bullet passes harmlessly over his head.  Raglan escapes after a brief struggle, but Tarzan has the Goddess!  Joined by the others, he transports the totem to a nearby shack, where Martling safely opens it.  A fortune in jewels tumbles out, along with the explosives formula written in ancient hieroglyphics, and a sample of the unknowns substance as well.  They all agree they must immediately leave Guatemala, before Raglan can do them any more mischief.

Raglan's associate, Captain Blade, is aware of this course of events, and has arranged with the port official that his wood schooner  is the only one available for charter out of Guatemala.  Unaware of his association with Raglan, Martling and George, Ula, and Tarzan all book passage, and they set sail later that day.  Raglan is also aboard the ship, and Tarzan's keen sense of smell alerts him that something is wrong.  As night falls, a violent storm rises and Ula spots Raglan as he sneaks up on deck for a look around.  She alerts Tarzan.  Blade, learning of this, furiously shoots Raglan to death for giving the scheme away, then has Ula, Martling and George locked in their cabins.

The crew then becomes preoccupied with the hurricane, trying to save the ship, and Tarzan, still free, overcomes Blade and throws him overboard.  Ula shoots the lock off her cabin door and joins Tarzan on deck.  George and Martling remain below, tied up in their cabin.  The hurricane is at its peak, and the ship begins to break up!

Episode 12: Operator 17 (Press Book Version)

In the confusion ensuing, Tarzan boards the barge and recovers the gems, but is forced to relinquish them to a secret service agent aboard, who places not only Melville and his crew under arrest, but also asks that Tarzan accompany him to court to face the officials.

At the Court, they find Martling, George, Raglan, Barlatos, Ula, Gordon and Alice. It develops that Barlatos is the mastermind of the smugglers, Raglan their agent. The culprits are turned over to the authorities and the Green Goddess and her contents are returned to Major Martling, who expresses the wish to present the statue to the Government of Guatemala. The Commandante congratulates and introduces Ula Vale, who, he explains, is Operator No. 17 -- the clever secret service agent, who, with Tarzan's assistance has brought the smugglers to justice.

Chapter 12: Operator No. 17 (Synopsis of what actually appears on film)

Tarzan and Ula are able to get back below deck and free Martling and George before the fierce waves dash the ship to splinters.  The only survivors, the four are at sea several days on a raft made of the ship's boards, when they are spotted and rescued by a passing ocean liner.

Safely back in England, at Greystoke Manor, Tarzan - now as Lord Greystoke - gives a gypsy costume party.  D'Arnot is among the guests, as are Gordon and Alice, briefly seen in wedding outfits.  Ula is strangely missing.  At the urging of some guests, an ancient gypsy seer, Old Nag, uses her crystal ball to show them some of the adventures had by Tarzan and the others in Guatemala.

As her final act, Old Nag removes her disguise and reveals herself to be Ula.  Martling decides that the formula is too dangerous for mankind to have, and gives it to Ula who, with Tarzan's concurrence, consigns it to the flames of her campfire, thus bringing the issue of its possession to a final close.

Entire synopsis written and (c) 2001 by Rich Wannen



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