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The Countdown to the Dark Horse Release
April 13, 2011 ~ Order Information

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J. Allen St. John: Outlaw of Torn - no interiors
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One of the Guests of Honour at this year's Minneapolis ECOF is David Fury.
David is making a few of his collectibles available for purchase by ERB fans before puts them up for auction on eBay.





David's Descriptions:
Here is a general description of the posters. If someone could give me a value on the posters, I would also take bids:
"Jungle Jim" (1948) 22x28, good shape, minor age/damage from folding, tape marks on left border (one tape mark has created a small hole), and tiny hole in center of poster. Price: $350
"Voodoo Tiger" (1952) 27x41, good shape, minor age/damage from folding. (Both posters were folded for a long time.) Tiny hole in center of poster, fold by the word "Voodoo" has created a cut. Overall, if you have the damage repaired now and frame these are both fabulous posters. Should be framed and preserved. These are both original posters from the films. Price: $250
The artwork on both is great, especially "Voodoo Tiger"  ~  they are both in plastic now so there is a reflection on both.
Weissmuller: SOLD  I also have one last Johnny Weissmuller signed Hall of Fame Swimming card (4x6). The Johnny card is worth $50.
Lydie Denier: This is my last Lydie Denier calendar, she signed several for me at 2001 Dum-Dum. Every month is signed plus the cover. Great photos, she bares a little but pretty mild calendar photos :-) ... the calendar $40... have sold several of each for that price or more.
Johnny Weissmuller: A rare original studio portrait (10"x13" sepia) shot in Chicago around 1929. Price $200
For a full description of the 2011 ECOF and registration information see


In April 2011, TCM will be showing the following TARZAN movies
with Johnny Weissmuller each Saturday at noon:

April 2: Tarzan, The Ape Man (1932)
April 9: Tarzan And His Mate (1934)
April 16: Tarzan Escapes (1936)
April 23: Tarzan Finds A Son! (1939)
April 30: Tarzan's Secret Treasure (1941)
Visit ERBzine Silver Screen for full info the Tarzan Films all the way back to 1918:


Original Art
Tarzan Parody by Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder
"Goodman Meets T*rz*n"
(Help! mag/Executive's Comic Book paperback)
The first appearance was in the September 1961 Help! magazine.
Will Elder did the inks based on Harvey Kurtzman layouts and script.
"Goodman, Tarzan and Jane" - Final Page 41 (1961/1962)

"Goodman Meets T*rz*n"  (1961)

From "Goodman Meets T*rz*n." This 6.75" x 8.75" ink drawing on Craftint Singletone paper was pasted on to a heavy illustration board. The story was reprinted in Executive's Comic Book, a 1962 "pocket book" reprint from McFadden.  There is also a small barely noticeable paste-over where Elder replaced Goodman Beaver's "monkey-like" face (from the first appearance in Help!) to the more human and "lovable" face here.  This is from the first of five hilarious Goodman Beaver stories that Kurtzman and Elder created for Help! magazine in the early '60s, before Goodman morphed into "Little Annie Fanny" for Playboy. 
In this Cold War parody Tarzan faces an unusual adversary in the jungle: a communist Tarzan! On this page the real Tarzan engages in a push-up contest with his counterpart from the Kremlin.

"Goodman Beaver Tied to Stake" - 1961/1962)


See more Tarzan Parodies at:
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Stefan, our correspondent in Yugoslavia
has contributed to the Foreign Comics section of our
ERB Comics Encyclopedia
art by Russ Manning

Tarzan story from
Crackajack Funnies No. 28 - page 58

See many more Tarzan comics, Sundays and dailies in the 
ERBzine Comics Encyclopedia


Tarzan: The Greysroke Legacy by Andy Briggs
Paperback: 240 pages ~ List Price: CDN$ 12.00 
Publisher: Faber And Faber Ltd. (July 26 2011) 
ISBN-10: 057127238X  ~ ISBN-13: 978-0571272389 
Price: CDN$ 10.80 and eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping 
What lies in the depths of the jungle? Escaping a dark secret, Robbie Canler joins an illegal logging team in the Congo jungle. Now they"re under siege from a sinister force. When the daughter of the camp's boss, Jane Porter, goes missing they assume bloodthirsty rebel soldiers have kidnapped her. Robbie sets out on a rescue mission - unaware he is being watched...Are the rumours of a feral man raised by wild apes true? If so, can the mysterious untamed savage be trusted to help them? 

About the Author
Andy began his writing career working on Hollywood movie projects, such as Freddy Vs Jason and Foreverman for Spider-Man creator Stan Lee and legendary producer Robert Evans. He has written several graphic novels, including the horror-thriller Ritual and Kong King of Skull Island. His first children's books were the eight part and series for Oxford University Press. He's currently working on several exciting TV and feature projects in between his books. Tarzan has been a passion from childhood and he's thrilled to now be writing and updating the legendary hero. 

Gorilla Walks Like a Man
An 18 second piece of footage of a Silverback gorilla in Kent walking upright on his hind legs like a human has become a YouTube sensation.

Over 3 million people have viewed the clip in just a few days and the number is rising. The male named Ambam, 21, is part of a bachelor group of critically endangered Western lowland gorillas at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent.

The footage was filmed by Animal Researcher named Johanna Watson whilst she was working for a project on great ape locomotion. Watch the VIDEO

Rare gorilla twins born in wild
BBC Earth News ~ February 9, 2011
Twin mountain gorillas have been born in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. The babies born on 3 February 2011 are only the fifth set of twins ever recorded in the history of Rwanda's mountain gorillas. The last reported birth of mountain gorilla twins was in 2004, according to conservation group The Gorilla Organization. 

Fewer than 800 mountain gorillas are thought to remain in the wild, though numbers are thought to be increasing. "It is very rare to hear of mountain gorilla twins, so we were all excited to hear the news from rangers yesterday," says Emmanuel Bugingo, Programme Manager in Rwanda for The Gorilla Organization, which has staff in London, UK and Africa. 

Submitted by James O'Brien
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Forrest Ackerman Lives On
Show The Monster
Guillermo del Toro’s quest to get amazing creatures onscreen.
Read more in The New Yorker
Del Toro, whose films include “Hellboy” and “Pan’s Labyrinth,”  has amassed in a house outside Los Angeles
an enormous collection of horror iconography. “All this stuff feeds you back,” he says.
The New Yorker ~ February 7, 2011
In 1926, Forrest Ackerman, a nine-year-old misfit in Los Angeles, visited a newsstand and bought a copy of Amazing Stories—a new magazine about aliens, monsters, and other oddities. By the time he reached the final page, he had become America’s first fanboy. He started a group called the Boys’ Scientifiction Club; in 1939, he wore an outer-space outfit to a convention for fantasy aficionados, establishing a costuming ritual still followed by the hordes at Comic-Con. Ackerman founded a cult magazine, Famous Monsters of Filmland, and, more lucratively, became an agent for horror and science-fiction writers. He crammed an eighteen-room house in Los Feliz with genre memorabilia, including a vampire cape worn by Bela Lugosi and a model of the pteranodon that tried to abscond with Fay Wray in “King Kong.” Ackerman eventually sold off his collection to pay medical bills, and in 2008 he died. He had no children.

But he had an heir. In 1971, Guillermo del Toro, the film director, was a seven-year-old misfit in Guadalajara, Mexico. He liked to troll the city sewers and dissolve slugs with salt. One day, in the magazine aisle of a supermarket, he came upon a copy of Famous Monsters of Filmland. He bought it, and was so determined to decode Ackerman’s pun-strewed prose—the letters section was called Fang Mail—that he quickly became bilingual.

Del Toro was a playfully morbid child. One of his first toys, which he still owns, was a plush werewolf that he sewed together with the help of a great-aunt. In a tape recording made when he was five, he can be heard requesting a Christmas present of a mandrake root, for the purpose of black magic. . . .

Del Toro filled his bedroom with comic books and figurines, but he was not content to remain a fanboy. . . . So del Toro turned to film. In high school, he made a short about a monster that crawls out of a toilet and, finding humans repugnant, scuttles back to the sewers. . . He attended a new film school. . .  In 1985, he launched Necropia, a special-effects company, making low-end bogeymen for films being shot in Mexico City. . . . In 1993, he released his first feature, “Cronos,” about a girl whose tenderness for her grandfather deepens after he becomes a vampire. . . .“Cronos” won an award at Cannes, and del Toro began working in Hollywood . . .Del Toro embraced the clich? with his first studio feature, “Mimic” (1997), in which oozing giant insects overtake the New York subway system. . . . Starting in 2004, he made two lush adaptations of the “Hellboy” comic-book series . . . [Del Toro's latest project is Lovecraft's "At the Mountains of Madness"]
Much more in The New Yorker>>>

See the ERBzine Visit to Forry's Ackermansion at:

Aristocrat's Newest Video Slot Game,
Tarzan®Lord of the JungleTM
 A Visually Dazzling Game

LAS VEGAS, NV ~ Feb 10, 2011 -- Are you ready to swing with Tarzan®, the Lord of the Jungle...?

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Tarzan® is a registered trademark of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. and Used By Permission. © 2011 Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., All Rights Reserved.



More Fabulous ERB Art from
Paul Privitera: Gallery IV

Tour all four of the Privitera ERB Art Galleries
Room I | Room II | Room III | Room IV
Part of our ERB Art Encyclopedia


"Tarzan raises a hand to silence their battle cries. He will give the order to attack."
"They will wait for the moment when he signals them to charge forward, risking it all for their land, women and children. He clutches a spear in his hand and wears nothing but a loin cloth around his waist. No heavy clothes to weigh him down. No clunky weapons to maneuver. He is lean and muscular. His strong legs have great speed and he is agile on his toes. He will need the skills he has obtained over the years to win this fight and live to see another. This handmade sculpture was carefully detailed. Notice his brow arching with determination and his lips parting to deliver the order. 100% bronze, this brown patina sculpture was cast using the 'Lost Wax Method' and mounted on a black marble base." The artist is L. Domenech ~


Lord of the Jungle from Andrea Miniatures

Empire of the Apes from Andrea Miniatures
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Fanzine Cover Archive

Barsoomian No. 2
September 1952

Edgar Rice Burroughs News Dateline Magazine
September 1990 #39

Edgar Rice Burroughs News Dateline Magazine
March 1993 #47/48

Edgar Rice Burroughs News Dateline Magazine
August 1991 #43

Spring 1953 #8 issue of the digest-sized science fiction fanzine, "Destiny"
Featuring articles/stories by David Keller, Sam Moskowitz and history of Tarzan films by Vern Coriell.


From the Jonathan Hart Collection
Warren (Penna.) Evening Times
Tuesday, Mar. 20, 1920


The Boston Post - December 17, 1933
Full-Colour Cover Photography by J. G. Allen
Features and Articles from Authors and Artists:
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Rex Maxon | Paul F. Seavey | Loretta Phillips.
Surrealistic Tarzan Lithograph 
from Rufino Tamayo circa 1970s
Famous Monsters of Filmland #116 - 1975
Featuring The Land That Time Forgot

Hebrew edition of The Return of Tarzan

The Great Book of Tarzan
Wilder Publications ~ 2007 ~ 756 pages
Collected in this mammoth oversized book 
are eight complete Tarzan novels:
Tarzan of the Apes, The Return of Tarzan, 
The Beasts of Tarzan, The Son of Tarzan, 
Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar, Jungle Tales of Tarzan,
Tarzan the Untamed, and Tarzan The Terrible.

French Poster and Audio Book

Joe Jusko's Edgar Rice Burroughs Series Card #55 from FPG


Submitted by James O'Brien

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