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ERB ECLECTICA :: 2000.02.04
Motes and Quotes No. 5
Part of the ERBzine Eclectica Series

Note: The Links shared here were posted in February 2000
Some of the off-site, non-ERBzine links may be no longer active.
Before Social Media There Was ERBzine Eclectica that we debuted in January 2000.
Our ERB Motes & Quotes Eclectica was a weekly showcase for all.
This was one of many Webpages that were featured in each week's ERBzine Webzine 
-- an online fanzine that we have published every week since 1996.
the latest ERB news, releases, readers letters, and a boundless collection of items 
of interest to Burroughs and SF/Adventure Fans. 
Images were smaller then as the Internet and computer systems were slower 
-- also server storage was much more expensive. 
Sadly, some of the off-site non-ERBzine links we've shared are no longer active 
- that, we have no control over but they are left here as a curiosity or reference.

1. Lydie Denier Website
2. Tarzan on Campus
3. The Amazing Frank Cho
4. Lord Greystoke's favourite photographer
5. Forgotten Tales of Love and Murder (Tarzana Project)
6. Jester Hairston Dies
7. The Efficiency Expert
8. Tarzan in Song
9. Tarzan and the Mahars
10. ERB Reference in Howard Browne Memoir
11. Gil Kane will be missed...
12. A. E. van Vogt Dead At 87

Lydie Denier in ERBzine

In Worldvision Enterprises' Tarzan, a weekly, half-hour, action series for syndication, Denier assumed the central role of Jane Porter. She sees her Jane as, "a modern woman who brings the positive aspects of civilization to the Jungle to conduct research on endangered species. But she also has come to find herself. Jane is independant and intelligent. She has no fear and can and will do anything".

Lydie first met Wolf Larson, who plays Tarzan, in acting class when they were both aspiring actors. Little did she suspect then that the two would be working together in the exotic jungle in Palenque, Mexico, near the Yucatan Peninsula.

When the producers of Tarzan were searching for an actress to play the role of Jane, the well-educated, contemporary and passionate scientist, they needed only to meet with Lydie to find exactly who they were looking for.

2. Tarzan on Campus
A few weeks ago we featured the syllabus for Allen Ellis' for Understanding Tarzan: 87 Years of an International Icon at Northern Kentucky University Syllabus. If you would like to sign up for another one, here is a course offered by:

University of Queensland
Ipswich Campus
Tarzan: Changing Channels
The first course in the
Media, Communication and Change

© 1999 Bachelor of Contemporary Studies
The University of Queensland

Aims, Goals, and Objectives

Changing Channels (CT111) aims at introducing students to the influence of technology on the re-presentation of a popular cultural figure: Tarzan. We will examine how print, cinema, radio, and television have all produced different versions of Tarzan. This subject will familiarise students with basic theoretical concepts and give them the tools to "read" and "de-construct" a variety of texts. These skills will provide a theoretical framework for other Contemporary Studies subjects. There is also a significant computer component and thus students will further refine their Internet abilities.

This subject is divided into THREE modules.

In the first module, we will examine Tarzan in print.

  •     In the second module, we look at Tarzan in movies and comics.

  •     In the third module, we examine Tarzan as a serial in radio and television shows.

    3. The Amazing Frank Cho

    Frank Cho's Princess Revenge
    Featured in Spectrum
    Submitted by Jeff Doten

    4. Lord Greystoke's favourite photographer is ready to take your photo at:

    5. Forgotten Tales of Love and Murder
    by Edgar Rice Burroughs

    The Master of Adventure Is Back
    in a new, never-before-published hardcover!

    The Tarzana Project
    Guidry & Adkins, Publishers, is proud to announce the Tarzana Project, a serious effort to bring into print in book form all of the remaining unpublished and/or uncollected works of this celebrated author.

    About the Publishers
      Guidry & Adkins, Publishers, was formed by two long-time Burroughs fans and collectors specifically to publish the previously uncollected works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. John H. Guidry is best known in fan circles as the founder of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Amateur Press Association  (ERB-APA) and chairman of the 1988 World Science Fiction Convention in New Orleans.
     Patrick H. Adkins, editor of the Tarzana Project, is a professional editor and the author of several
      fantasy novels.
    Both have been active in Burroughs fandom since the early 1960s.

    The Dream Vaults of Opar

    6. Jester Hairston Dies
    Another supporting player of the Tarzan films has passed away.

    Jester Hairston's sole credited Tarzan appearance was as the witch doctor in Tarzan's Hidden Jungle, but he mentioned in interviews that he had appeared in several Weissmuller films, also.

    His Los Angeles Times obituary begins:

    "Jester Hairston ran naked yelling, 'Bwana, bwana!" through more Tarzan movies than he carred to remember." The next paragraph mentions his involvement in the Amos 'n' Andy radio and television shows (for which he had to shed his proper Boston accent) and as the "wisecracking Rolly Forbes on the 1980s sitcom Amen" (starring Sherman Hemsley).

    Hairston was born in 1901 in North Carolina, but immigrated North. He was also a prominent Hollywood choir director and was dedicated to preserving the art form of the Negro spiritual (his grandparents were slaves).

    Tarzan is mentioned again later in the obit:

    "He won small parts in movies, playing African natives in Tarzan films and butlers in others. During casting for Tarzan's Hidden Jungle, a 1955 release, the director handed the diminutive Hairston, who had to play screaming savages in previous movies, a  meatier role: witch doctor. Hairston recalled his bemused reaction years later: 'Good gracious, I've been promoted!'"

    Among his many other credits was his ongoing role as calypso singer King Moses in the radio series  BOLD VENTURE, starring Humphrey Bogart as Havana hotel owner
    Slate Shannon and Lauren Bacall as Sailor Duval.

    Submitted by Lord Passmore

    7. The Efficiency Expert
    New from

    Downloadable ERBzine versions of:
    All-Story Weekly - September 23, 1916 - The Girl from Farris's 1/4Argosy All-Story - October 8, 1921 - The Efficiency Expert 1/4

    Alan Johns discusses his latest gift to ERB fans:
    "Girl From Farris's: This text is from the Saturday, September 23, 1916 pulp All-Story Weekly published by Frank A. Munsey Co. The original cover was illustrated by C.D. Williams, a facsimile of which appears at the top of this electronic edition. . In 1920 Mr. Burroughs sold the rights to publish this novelette to the Tacoma Tribune as a 26-part serial starting Feb. 24, 1920. The story was later released in 1959 as a limited edition of 250 copies by four fans following a copyright search which revealed it to have fallen into public domain. And lastly, the HOUSE OF GREYSTOKE, a publication distributed by the Edgar Rice Burroughs fanzine The Burroughs Bulletin released the text in a two-in-one issue (No. 59-60) in 1965. The Girl from Farris's made its first appearance on the net here as an electronic edition in HTML format on January 25, 1998. It made the transition to the Adobe Portable Document File format on 12-17-1998 with two additional graphics (from the Tacoma Tribune issue).

    The Efficiency Expert: This text is from a four-part serial that appeared in the Argosy All-Story Weekly from October 8 through October 29, 1921, published by the Frank A. Munsey Co. The original cover illustration by Stockton Mulford (not present in this presentation due to poor representative source material) depicts "Lizard", standing outside of his taxi, conversing with "Little Eva", who is seated in another taxi (chapter 26). Roger B. Morrison created four interior illustrations which served as chapter headings; one per issue. These illustrations are present at the end of this text. In 1966 the HOUSE OF GREYSTOKE, a publication distributed by the Edgar Rice Burroughs' fanzine The Burroughs Bulletin, released the text in book form. Ten years later, the Burroughs Bulletin again released the text in a two-in-one issue (No. 57-58). On Saturday, January 22, 2000, this little story was released here as an electronic file in the Adobe Acrobat Portable Document File format."

    The Girl From Farris's - Frazetta Cover - House of GreystokeEfficiency Expert - Frazetta Cover - House of Greystoke
    Greystoke Press editions with cover art by Frank Frazetta

    Visit the ERBzine online ERB Bibliography

    Read The Efficiency Expert
    Publishing History

    Read The Girl From Farris's
    Publishing History

    8. Tarzan in Song
    You'll be in My Heart by Phil Collins, from Tarzan, won the
    Golden Globe for Best Original Song of 1999.

    Lyrics to Baltimora's Tarzan Boy

    Tarzan Boy

    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
    Jungle life
    I'm far away from nowhere
    On my own like Tarzan Boy
    Hide and seek
    I play along while rushing cross the forest
    Monkey business on a sunny afternoon
    Jungle life
    I'm living in the open
    Native beat that carries on
    Burning bright
    A fire the blows the signal to the sky
    I sit and wonder does the message get to you
    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
    Night to night
    Gimme the other, gimme the other chance
    Gimme the other, gimme the other
    Night to night
    Gimme the other, gimme the other world
    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
    Jungle life
    You're far away from nothing
    It's all right
    You won't miss home
    Take a chance
    Leave everything behind you
    Come and join me
    Won't be sorry
    It's easy to survive
    Jungle life
    We're living in the open
    All alone like Tarzan Boy
    Hide and seek
    We play along while rushing cross the forest
    Monkey business on a sunny afternoon
    Night to night
    Gimme the other, gimme the other
    Chance tonight
    Oh Yeah
    Night to night
    Gimme the other, gimme the other
    Night to night
    You won't play
    Night to night
    Gimme the other, gimme the other
    Chance tonight
    Oh Yeah
    Night to night
    Night to night
    Gimme the other, gimme the other
    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

    9. Tarzan: The Epic Adventures
    Tarzan and the Mahars
    Directed by John Buechler

    "The hour long follow up to the record breaking two hour premier of Tarzan: The Epic Adventures. A direct sequal to the pilot episode, Tarzan is confronted by his old arch nemesis Rockoff. Originally stranded in the sub-terranian realm of Pelucidar, Rockoff has tunneled back to the outer world of men by stealing Abner Perry's "Iron Mole." Unfortunately he has been followed by massive winged creatures called Mahars."
    Read the rest of this synopsis and the illustrated article: Special Effects Master Directs Tarzan by MJ Simpson.


    10. A Brief Memoir
    By Howard Browne
    which includes an ERB reference:

    "My first novel, Warrior of the Dawn, ran in Amazing Stories, Dec. 1942 and Jan. 1943. 1 bought it from myself, being editor -- can you think of a better reason? As I mentioned before, I'd written the book using a list of descriptive terms gleaned from Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan books. If he could do it, so could I.

    I had met Burroughs when he came into Carson, Pirie, Scott, one day in 1937. The book buyer at the department store knew of my interest in Burroughs' work, so he came up and got me and I took him to lunch at the Palmer House -- it cost me a week's wages, but I didn't give a damn, I was eating with the
    Great Man! He bitched throughout the meal about a ticket he'd gotten driving his 1937 Pierce Arrow through an Iowa speed-trap on the way to Chicago. I doubt if he ever got over it. I told him that I wanted to write a book about a Cro-Magnon man, and he said, "Sounds interesting - send me a copy." I'm sure he didn't think it would ever be published, and I wasn't too sure myself. I did write it, it was published, and I sent him a copy. He wrote me a letter: '"Dear Howard Browne, I've just read Warrior of the Dawn, and regard it as one of the best books I ever wrote. Sincerely, Edgar Rice Burroughs.'"

    11. Gil Kane (1926 - 2000) He will be missed...
    Beyond Thirty and The Man-Eater cover by Gil Kane

    Veteran ERB illustrator, Gil Kane (1926-2000) died of cancer at his home in Florida last month.

    A self-taught artist, Kane worked steadily from the age of 16 until he recently became ill. He was known for his dynamic figures and innovative fight scenes between superheroes and had worked on the Sunday Tarzan strip from 1979-198l. Fans and collectors revered the work Kane did from 1956 to 1969. During that period, he redesigned the costumes of Green Lantern and Captain Marvel and helped make the old superheroes familiar to new generations of readers. Born Eli Katz in Latvia on April 6, 1926, Kane came to New York with his family when he was 3. He grew up reading comics and pulp novels, and later served in the Army toward the end of World War II.

    Kane worked extensively for DC Comics and Marvel but also freelanced for other producers of the genre. He illustrated a variety of DC's lines from mysteries and westerns to Rex the Wonder Dog and science fiction. He didn't became famous until the late 1950s when DC revived Green Lantern and Kane took over its illustration. He soon added a revival of the Atom as well. Moving to Marvel, Kane drew the Hulk, Conan the Barbarian, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Captain America, the Avengers and others and became a model for new comic artists who studied his style. He liked to ink his own work, instead of leaving the details to assistants.

    In the 1980s, Kane spent about five years in Los Angeles, working on animation concepts for Hanna-Barbera and Ruby-Spears. But he soon returned to comics, illustrating the ``Ring'' for writer Roy Thomas in 1990 and drawing new versions of Superman.

    Kane is survived by his wife, Elaine; son, Scott; and two stepchildren, Eric and Beverly.

    12. A. E. van Vogt Dead at 87

    Canadian science fiction writer A. E. van Vogt passed away on January 26 of  pneumonia. He wrote 85 novels and short-story collections over his lifetime, including the World of Null - A Trilogy and The Weapon Shops of Isher.  At the time of his death, van Vogt had been living in a Los Angeles nursing home where he had been suffering from Alzheimer's.

    Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, van Vogt began writing for True Confessions magazine. In the 1940s, his work regularly appeared in Astounding Science Fiction. He was one of the true greats of the Golden Age of Science Fiction.

    Of the writer's contributions to the science fiction field, Paul Levinson, president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, remarked: "A. E. van Vogt helped define science fiction by taking it from the Flash Gordon and bug-eyed monster genre it was in the 1930s to the more profound level it is on today, where it considers and debates such issues as the meaning of life."

    JoN Note: Mr. van Vogt lived about 10 miles from my home when I was a kid. I regret never having met him.

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