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A few years ago, when Trendmaster had the Epic Adventures of Tarzan on the toy shelves I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a green Martian, Tars Tarkus himself, sitting there. Since I associate such toys these days with Movies and TV (and we really don't watch any TV) I used this as an excuse to call up ERB inc. and ask them what it was all about. Danton Burroughs explained to me how he had insisted that there be Mars toys in the series as part of the deal. He said he was eagerly awaiting the fifteen inch version which never happened.

A few years later with Disney's Tarzan and Trendmasters' re-issue of the toys, I knew I desperately needed more. I had my Thark and the Valley of Bantoon play set, but I really needed John and Deja. The toys were not re-released in Canada so Jim Thompson kindly shipped me a mating pair.

This is what happened. Armed with a new scanner and wasting time I should have been using for work I created this Barsoomian image. Below is a a step by step as to how I got there.

- Jeff Doten, Jan10/2000

This is a photo of the badlands of Alberta, one my favorite places in the world, Dinosaur Provincial Park.
Step1- shifting the color to a pinky/red.
Step 2 - was replacing the sky with something more appropriate and adding the moons.
Step 3 - Deja Thoris is scanned. The background around her is removed, and she is placed into the landscape.
Step 4 - Tars Tarkas is scanned, reduced and placed. The posing is limited by the flatness of the scanner and the fact that I'm not willing to prop the figures on angles and paint out the supports.
Step 5 - John Carter is added. He is darkened from the original scan, a highlight added on the sword and a shadow on the ground.

Shadows are added for Tars and Deja. Deja's legs are roughly painted back in. Highlights are added to the moons and stars in the sky.

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