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Topics and Themes
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Books by Hugo Gernsback
New York, A.D. 2600
The Magnetic Storm (1918)
The Electric Duel (1927)
Ralph 124C41+ (1929)
The Killing Flash (1929)
Evolution of Modern Science Fiction (1952)
Extra Sensory Perfection (1956)
Ultimate World (1972)

Magazines Published by Gernsback
(See a sampling of covers and article titles below)
Ref: Magazine Art
Air Wonder Stories
Amazing Detective Stories
Amazing Stories
Aviation Mechanics
Electrical Experimenter: 1913-1920 (Later Science & Invention)
Everyday Mechanics: 1931
    Everyday Science and Mechanics
         Science and Mechanics
The Experimenter 1924-1926
Facts of Life
French Humor (Later Tidbits)
High Sea Adventures
Know Yourself
Life Guide
Modern Electrics 1908 to 1914
Motor Camper & Tourist
New Ideas for Everybody
Pirate Stories
Popular Medicine
Practical Electrics: Dec. 1921 to Oct. 1924
    The Experimenter
Radio Amateur News: July 1919 - July 1920
    Radio News
Radio and Television
Radio-Craft: July 1929 - June 1948
    Radio Electronics July 1948 to ____ 
Radio Electronics Weekly Business Letter
Radio Listeners Guide and Call Book
Radio News July 1919 - July 1948
Radio Program Weekly
Radio Review
Science and Invention Aug 1920 - August 1931
Science Fiction Plus
Science Wonder Stories
Scientific Detective Monthly
Short-Wave and Television
Short-Wave Craft (Later Radio-Craft)
Short-Wave Listener
Superworld Comics
Technocracy Review
Television News
Tidbits, originally French Humor
Woman's Digest
Wonder Stories
Your Body
Your Dreams
Gernsback Publication Highlights
A Sampling of Magazine Covers, Themes and Article Titles
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Electrical Experimenter
Science and Invention I
Science and Invention II
Miscellaneous Covers
May 1915
May 1913 July 1920
Name changed to 
Science and Invention in 1920

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Thumbnail Cover Mosaic

Electro-Gyro CruiserAurora Borealis
Radium Destroyer
A Canal Scene On Mars
Ball Lightning
Electro-Gyro Cruiser
Voice Operated Typewriter
Anti-Gravitation Ray
Bomb Aimer
Gyro Land Flyer
Electricity Lighting Liberty
Saturn and Ultra-Violet Light
The Wireless Girl
Lightning Made to Order
Electric Submarine Camera

Electric Flyer Makes 500 Miles an HourElectricity Guards Neutrality
Trench Destroyer
Electric Flyer Makes 500 Miles an Hour
Wireless Phone Talks With Aeroplane
Electric Torpedo Destroyer
Electrocuting the Enemy
Old U.S. Battleships to the Front
Blinding the Submarine
Electric Bloodhounds Find and Destroy Submarines
Firing Electric Bombs
Seeing Wireless Signals
Daylight Signaling with Searchlights

Television and the TelephotElecro-Magnetic Depth-Bombs
Gyro Electric Destroyer
U-Boats Use Balloons For Wireless
At War With The Invisible
Television and the Telephot
Electro-Magnetic Brakes Stop Aeroplanes
Aerial Mono-Flyer of the Future
Lassoing Aeroplanes with Flame and Bomb
Automatic Soldier
Auto Tows Blimp at the Front
Tanks Uproot Barbed Wire Entanglements

Tesla Wireless LightSmoke Barrage Saves Escaping Plane
Tesla Wireless Light
Search Lights of the Deep
A New Invention for NOT X-Rays?
Thought Recorder
An Aerial Rescue At Sea
The Trees Now Talk
Wheel-less Trains Glide On Water-Film
You Too Can Do This On Eros
Treasure Ships Located Electrically
Cold Fire?
Edison Talks To You

Sea Going Ferris WheelFirst Wingless Airplane
Suspended Gravitation
Power Transmitted by Wireless
Watching Plants Grow
Flying in a Vacuum
Sea Going Ferris Wheel
How To Make An Underwater Finder
Make a 13,000 Ampere Storage Battery
New Disc Loudspeaker
How to Make a Double Tesla Coil
Filming the Impossible
A Hugo Gernsback Publication
August, 1920 August, 1931

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Thumbnail Cover Mosaic II

Chicago's New Monorail
Chicago's New Monorail
Electrocuting Sharks
Electrical Meal
Science Explains the Great Flood
What Makes a Magazine Cover
Water Curtain Protects Firemen

Can We Visit the Planets
Electric Arcs Melt Snow and Ice
Can We Make Ourselves Invisible?
Can We Visit the Planets
To Europe In 15 Hours
How to Build a Buried Treasure Finder
Sightseeing Captive Helicopter
Revealing Your True Vocation
Guided Airplane Makes 150 Miles Per Hour
Work and Learn While You Sleep

Rocket Back Pack
Electric Ice Skates and How to Make Them
Rocket Back Pack
Sea-Going Ferris Wheel
Radio Concerts at Home
Super Nose
Electric Welding Under Water
A Radio Outfit In Your Suitcase
Television by Radio
Truth About Perpetual Motion
Slot Machine Radio
Letters Now Sent By Radio
The Many Science Topics of Gernsback Publications

Automobile of 1973
Newspaper as a Radio Loud Talker
Stellar Express
Sleep Eliminator
Belin's Television Machine
Automobile of 1973
How to Make a Solar Cooker
Forecasting Weather by Radio
Man from the Atom
$12,000 in prizes for pictures
Hearing Through Your Teeth
A Floating Railroad

Evolution On Mars: Possibly the first SF mag
Radio Power Car
Submarine-Land Dreadnaught
Speaking to Mars Over a Light Beam
Scientific Mating
Tesla Destroyer
Radio Police Automaton
End of the World
What Can You Do With This Gold Paper ~ $500 in Prizes
Evolution On Mars: Possibly the first SF mag
Flame Thrower Protects Explorers
Gas Mask for Diving
How to Make a Motopeller

Latest Thriller
Snow Burner
Diagnosis by Radio
Perpetual Motion Myth
Battle of the Colors
Filming the Impossible
New Water Sport Wheel
The Isolator
Latest Thriller
Life Suspended in Ice
$900,000 Ship Blown Up For Movie
Helicopter Helps Build Skyscrapers
Matchcraft: The New Craze

Lightbeam Piano
Submarine Opens Frozen Rivers
Lightbeam Piano
Radio Gold Explorer
Can the Dead Be Reunited
Science Checks the Spirit Medium
What Can YOU Do With This Board
Build Your Own Airplane
How to Build a Rowmobile
Dream Recorder
Truth About Astrology
Health Meter
Wirekraft: A New Art

New Airplane Catapult
Beware the Fake Radio Doctor
Listen to WRNY Radio
Aerial Firefighters
Over 200,000 Copies of this Issue
40,000 Germs in Every Kiss
40 Non Technical Articles
Catapult for Divers
Is This Possible? (Float On Water)
Gravitation Conquered At Last
New Airplane Catapult
Is This Possible?  (Hand-held TV)
Hands Create Radio Music

Do Animals Think?
Airplane Motor Lifeboat
Motor Whip for Ice Skaters
Cover by Newberry - upside down over NYC
To Save Tower of Pisa
Sea Anchor for Airships
Harnessing Nature's Electricity
Undersea Mysteries and Rescues
Do Animals Think?
Can You Find All the Scientific Mistakes in This Picture?
Thermiting Ice Bergs
Build Your Own Television Receiver
Can We Control Sex?

Spirit of Evolution
Can We Control Sex? II
Spirit of Astronomy
Spirit of Evolution
Spirit of Aviation
How To Build A Man-Carrying Glider
Is A College Education Really Worthwhile? How I Broke the Women's Airplane Record
$2,000,000 Sham Battle ~ Diesel Engines for Aircraft ~ Make a Contract to Become Wealthy
Dunninger's Amazing Buzz Saw Illusion
Aerial Fire Fighters ~ When Fate Fooled Houdini
Railway to Airway
Sub-Sea Explorer Finds Old City

Will the Rocket Replace Artillery ~ Billion Dollar Junk Business ~ Sky Jobs - Ground Jobs
Ski Planing ~ Dirigibles or Planes ~ When Fate Fooled Ching Ling Foo
Goddard On Rocket Flight ~ Make Your Own Glider ~ Have A Basement Playroom
Tesla Maps Our Electrical Future ~ Marvelous Eyes of Science ~ Detroit Builds Super Motorways ~
Giants of Industry ~ Riding the Thunderclouds in a Motorless Plane ~ Snow-capped Equatorial Africa
Streams of Steel ~ Norman BelGeddes: Master Builder ~ Hitch-Riding Through the Skies
Towers That Pierce the Clouds ~ Story of Tornadoes ~ Outboard Aquaplane ~ Short Wave Receiver ~ Fireworks
When Your Outboard Balks ~ Truth About Sea Serpents ~ Collapsible Boat from Inner Tubes
Traveling Straight Down ~ Mechanical Love Shack (?)
Hunting Sharks for Meat, Shoes and Vitamins ~ Coast Guard Heroes ~ What a Soaring Pilot Thinks About
Will the Rocket Replace Artillery ~ Billion Dollar Junk Business ~ Sky Jobs - Ground Jobs
Wingless Plane ~ Why TV images Split ~ Circus Freaks

When a Comet Strikes the Earth ~ Hunting with African Giants and Pygmies
Harnessing Sea Temperatures ~ Why Auto Tires Wear Out ~ Boomerangs
Wonders of the Moon ~ Railroad Zepplins ~ Inventor Tribulations
Is the Earth Getting Warmer? ~ Seafloor Adventures
Playing with Two Million Volts ~ When the Earth Quakes
When a Comet Strikes the Earth ~ Hunting with African Giants and Pygmies
Aerial Bombs Will Decide the Next War ~ Harnessing the Tides ~ Forests of Stones
Eclipses: Yesterday and Today ~ Romance of Glass ~ Fortunes in Plain Sight
New Sun Motors ~ Changing Jobs to Keep Healthy
July: Television by Radio
Think and Learn While You Sleep
Power of Radium
1921 & 1922
New Tesla Experiments
Father Fixes the Switch
A Dog-Gone Shock
Electric Xylophone: How to Make It
$5000 for the Best Title of This Picture
Make a Power Battery
A Violent Ray
Electrical Progress in Plain English
New Tesla Experiments

New Tesla Experiments
Electrical Co. - How Does It Work
Electric Ghost
Heartbeats Heard on Loudspeaker
A Sparking Party
New Tesla Experiments
Electric Haircut - Why Not?
Perpetual Motion!?
Amplified Love
Make an Electric Carillon

Electric Power Without Wires
Power of Radium
Power Transmission Without Wires
Electric Music ~ Make a Staccatone
Armoured Against A Million Volts
New Flame Language
Diabolical Ray
Electric Power Without Wires
Make a Small Stream Power Plant
And Now -- The Auto Radio Phone: August 1919
Covers and Titles
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Thumbnail Cover Mosaic

July 1929 no. 1: Islands in the AirFrench Humor: August 6, 1927How To Make It: Wrinkles ~ Kinks ~ Formulas
Modern Electrics: February 1909Phonosone for the Deaf Ear ~ March 1934Can We Radio the PlanetsRadio Set of 1950
Hypnotone Puts You To SleepAugust 1937: The Magazine of Sex ScienceSummer 1929

Cooking By Short WavesAir Wonder Stories Science Aviation Stories 1929:
Authors: Edmond Hamilton, Ed Earl Repp, Jack Williamson, Edsel Newton, etc.
Amazing Stories: Edgar Rice Burroughs, Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Murray Leinster
French Humor: 1927. . .
How To Make It: Wrinkles ~ Kinks ~ Formulas
Modern Electrics 1909. . .1915. . .
Men Who Have Made Radio
Radio's Liveliest Magazine
Submarine Hull is Reproducer ~
Phonosone for the Deaf Ear
And Now -- The Auto Radio Phone: August 1919

Science Wonder Stories: August 1929: Dr. D.H. Keller ~ Ed Earl Repp ~ William P. LockeRadio Doctor -- Maybe!: April 1924
Shielding Needed: January 1927
Television On Phonograph Record: June 1927
1929 Questions and Answers
Can We Radio the Planets
50 Years of Radio
Radio Generates Health Fever
Radio Typewriter
Experiments in Radio Psychometry
Radio Set Prints Newspaper
Radio Waves Kill Plant Insects
Transceiver in Tomorrow's Car (Cell Phone)
Radio Set of 1950

Hypnotone Puts You To Sleep
The Magazine of Sex Science
What is Normal in Sex? ~ Secret Sex Societies
Obscene Phone Call ~ Rape and the Doctor
Which Antenna?
Cooking By Short Waves
Silence: Moscow Calling
The Trans-Atlantic 2 Tubes
Television: How To Articles
Television News: Articles
Radio Listeners' Guide and Call Book: Television of Tomorrow
All About Television
Science Wonder Stories:  Dr. D.H. Keller ~ Ed Earl Repp ~ William P. Locke
Voice of Atlantis

Electrical Experimenter Larger Cover Images
Science and Invention Larger Cover Images
The Man Who Invented the Future by Michael A. Banks
Magazine Art
Theme song from Empire of the Air
Air Wonder Stories Covers and Contents
Hugo Gernsback Papers at Syracuse University Library
Magazines Published by Hugo Gernsback
Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame
Frank Paul Gallery
Tales of Future Past
David Szondy Links
A good selection of Gernsback's writings are featured in:
Hugo Gernsback's Forecast Science Fiction E-zine
"The Electronic Patient"
"The Great Paradox"
"Can Computers Think?"
"Voice From the Future"
"Ralph 124C 41+" Chap. 3
Ultimate World in 12 Chapters
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