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Colour Adaptations of the
MGM Tarzan Films
COOP Chocolate Cards Series II
New Adventures of Tarzan
Published in Belgium in French and Dutch
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A deadly cult of leopard worshippers unleashes a reign of terror in the jungles surrounding the town of Zambezi and wipes out many caravans.  The commissioner is convinced it's wild leopards, so it's up to Tarzan to stop them. Tarzan (Johnny Weissmuller), however,  has suspicions about the leopard killings and the appearance and furtive behavior of a young native boy he and Jane (Brenda Joyce) have taken in after he claims he was lost in the jungle. The boy is actually Kimba (Tommy Cook), the younger brother of the leopard sect goddess, sent to spy on Tarzan. His aim is to get Jane's heart, a deed that would make him a warrior in the eyes of the cult. The goddess is the beautiful but deadly Queen Lea, (Acquanetta). She is aided by her lover Ameer Lazar (Edgar Barrier). Tarzan comes to the rescue of four Zambezi maidens but the leopard-men don't give up easily and they capture Tarzan, Jane and Boy (Johnny Sheffield) and bring them back to the leopard den for torture and sacrifice. Tarzan manages to topple the temple pillars, bringing the building down on the members of the leopard cult. As usual, Cheetah saves the day and steals the film with his monkeyshines. 

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Colour Adaptations of the MGM Tarzan Films
COOP Chocolate Cards Published in Belgium
1373: Tarzan
The Ape Man
1374: Tarzan 
And His Mate
1375: Tarzan 
1376: Tarzan 
Finds A Son!
1377: Tarzan's
Secret Treasure
1378: Tarzan's 
New York Adventure
1379: Tarzan
1380: Tarzan's
Desert Mystery
1381: Tarzan
and the Amazons
1382: Tarzan and the
Leopard Woman
3142 Tarzan and
the Huntress
3143 Tarzan and 
the Mermaids

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