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Volume 1292a
J. Allen St. John: Warlord of Mars - sepia FP duplicates cover
ERB commenced writing this third Mars novel in June 1913 

Yellow Men of Barsoom
The Fighting Prince of Mars
Across Savage Mars
  The Prince of Helium
The War Lord of Mars

Under the Moons of Mars (1912)

A.C. McClurg: September 27, 1919 ~ 296 pages

Hillman Log Notes Series
A Study Guide for Fans and Researchers
Created by Bill Hillman
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These log notes sequentially pinpoint the important events throughout  the novel. 

The information is presented in the form of 405 questions and answers. 

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Chapter I: On the River Iss ~ 25 Q
Chapter II: Under the Mountains ~ 15 Q
Chapter III: Temple of the Sun ~ 25 Q
Chapter IV: The Secret Tower ~ 20 Q
Chapter V: On the Kaolin Road ~ 40 Q
Chapter VI: A Hero in Kaol ~ 30 Q
Chapter VII: New Allies ~ 15 Q
Chapter VIII: Through the Carrion Caves ~ 45 Q


Chapter IX: With the Yellow Men ~ 40 Q
Chapter X: In Durance ~ 25 Q
Chapter XI: The Pit of Plenty ~ 25 Q
Chapter XII: "Follow the Rope!" ~ 15 Q
Chapter XIII: The Magnet Switch ~ 20 Q
Chapter XIV: The Tide of Battle ~ 15 Q
Chapter XV Rewards ~ 20 Q
Chapter XVI: The New Ruler ~ 30 Q

NOTE POINT TOTAL - PT. II: 190 points

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CHAPTER IX: With the Yellow Men ~ 40 Q
1. What the yellow man offered after Carter had rescued him: His shield
2. What this action symbolized: He is offering his life in return for the great favour Carter has done him.
3. The yellow man's name: Talu, Prince of Marentina.
4. The token accepted by Carter and Thuvan Dihn: Bracelets from off Talu's arm.
5. Name of the ruler who had captured the Helium rulers: Salensus Oll, Jeddak of Jeddaks, Ruler of Okar.
6. Talu's relationship to the Ruler of Okar: Salensus Oll is his uncle and enemy.
7. Talu's reason for being in the area: Hunting the sacred apt.
8. That which Salensus Oll worshipped: The sacred apt
9. Why Salensus Oll was not liked: He is a cruel and tyrannous master whom his subject fear. Talu has a faithful following.
10. The reason that Carter and Thuvan Dihn agreed to go to Marentina: To don yellow man disguises: yellow skin, black beards and suitable clothing.
11. Marentina descriptions. . . .Structure shielding the concrete city of Marentina from snow and cold: Walls topped with
a rounded, dome-like, crystal covering that enveloped the whole city. The city lies in a depression near the pole, surrounded by rocky, snow-clad hills.
12. . . . City weather conditions: A warm and humid hothouse ~ summer garden conditions providing luxury and comfort.
13. . . .  Garments: Similar to those worn by red Martians - naked but for leather harness covered with jewels and metal ornamentation.
14. . . .  Atmosphere plant: It serves as a backup system that produces breathable air to maintain life if the planet's main plant fails.
15. . . . Heating: The sun's rays are stored in great reservoirs beneath the city.
16. . . . Streets: The city routes have been seeded with the soft, mossy ocher vegetation found on the dead sea bottoms.
17. . . .  Areas bordering the streets: Stretches of crimson sward and archways of gorgeous trees with wondrous blooms.
18. . . . Transport:  Light and airy ground fliers which are the only vehicles used north of the gigantic ice barrier.
19. . . .  Vehicle wheels: They ride on broad tires that are rubber-like gas bags filled with the 8th Barsoomian ray -- the ray of propulsion for buoyancy.
20. . . . Vehicle propulsion: The tires contain just enough of the ray to give traction for steering. The hind wheels are geared to the engine but momentum is also provided by a propeller at the stern.
21. Properties of the 8th ray: It propels the inherit or reflected light of the planet off into space. When confined it gives buoyancy that is especially useful in airships.
22. Facial changes made by the "court barber": They acquire lemon-coloured skin and false black beards and mustaches.
23. Clothing worn beyond the cities of Okar: Suits of black- and yellow-striped Orluk fur.
24. Capital city of the Okar nation: Kadabra
25. Parting gift from Talu: A ring  set with a dead-black, lusterless, priceless Barsoomian gem -- having the appearance of bituminous coal.
26. Wearers of the only other three such gems: Talu's trusted nobles who had been sent on a secret mission to the court of Salensus Oll.
27. Sensation caused when similar such gems come within 50 feet of each other: The wearer feels a rapid prickling sensation in his ring finger, caused by electrical action.
28. What the travellers saw within the 100-mile circumference, frost-covered wall they approach: Kadabra's crystal domes sparkling in the sunlight.
29. Sleeping quarters for the night: One of the many caves in the hillsides overlooking the city.
30. Request Carter and Thuvan Dihn made of the morning hunting party: They are travellers from the outlying city of Illall who wish to join in the hunt for Orluks.
31. The reason the hunting party returned to a different gate to enter the city: Their hunt for Orluks has been unsuccessful and they are embarrassed.
32. Structure rising hundreds of feet above the city: A tall black shaft surrounded by a tangled mass of partially snow-covered wreckage.
33. Fate of the oncoming airship and its small one-man fliers: It is drawn by magnetic forces to crash into the tower and to slide as wreckage to the ground below.
34. Secret of the shaft: It is a mighty magnet that pulls all approaching fliers to destruction.
35. Geographic feature upon which the shaft is built: The north magnetic pole of Mars.
36. Reaction of the Okarians: Warriors rush from the gates to the wreckage at the base of the tower.
37. Fate of the flier crews who survived the crash: They are killed or taken prisoner.
38. Description of the prisoners: Dazed, shocked, unbelieving and manacled in gold chains.
39. Why the city's chained apts were released through the gates: They race to eat the dead and wound crew members.
40. The travellers' destination after gaining entry to the city: A Martian hostelry.
CHAPTER X: In Durance ~ 25 Q
1. Description of a Barsoomian public house. . . Building: A large chamber with a floor of very clean white marble and heavy glass. Private rooms only for married couples.

2. . . . Where patrons place their sleeping silks: On one of the many small, raised platforms.
3. . . . Danger from theft: There are no thieves on Mars.
4. . . . Reason the patrolling armed guards: Assassinations are common on Mars.
5. . . . Services offered in the attached rooms: A public eating place and baths for the required daily baths.
6. . . . Second and third floor occupants: Single women guests.
7. . . . Type of security in the women's areas: Patrolling female slaves and warriors are on guard outside the doors.
8. . . . Ethnic background of all the guards: Red men captured as slaves and sold to the proprietors by the government.
9. . . . What the guards knew of the fate of Mors Kajak and Tardos Mors: Nothing. They know of them but had not heard they were taken prisoner.
10. Means of exploring Kadabra: They bought a ground flier to ride around the city.
11. Expressed reason for entering the government building opposite the royal palace grounds: They volunteered for service in the palace guard.
12. Reason why men from the more distant cites of Okar are in demand as palace guards: They are less likely to be tainted with the germ of intrigue which had for years infected the household of Salensus Oll.
13. The unusual recording device in the recruitment office: The machine measured, weighed and photographed the men simultaneously and instantly reproduced five copies in five different officers of the government, two of which were located in other cities miles apart.
14. The reason the new recruits were located apart from the guardroom, on the second floor of the palace locked in a semidetached tower at the rear: If closer the older guard members would test the metal of the new recruits. Such conflicts in the past had resulted in many deaths.
15. Identity of the two women seen in an enclosed garden in the courtyard below: Dejah Thoris and Thuvia of Ptarth.
16. Surprise reception from the two women in the courtyard below when Carter gave the sign of love: Contemptuous rejection. They walk away and cover their ears.
17. How the newcomer had gained entry into the girls' garden: He bribed the guard at the gate.
18. Identity of the man groveling at the princess's feet: Thurid, the black dator of the First Born.
19. Reason for Carter's rage that prompted his leap into the garden: Thurid, spurned by Dejah Thoris, had grabbed her by the throat to choke her.
20. Thurid's fate: Carter knocks him unconscious in the manner he had done in the courtyard of the Temple of Issus.
21. The party that entered the courtyard to confront Carter: Salensus Oll, Matai Shang and a score of guardsmen.
22. Carter's excuse for his actions: In his duty as a prospective royal guardsman he had come to the rescue of a woman attacked by a brute.
23. Carter's bewilderment over the girls' attitude toward him: He cannot understand why they had not acknowledged him earlier.
24. Thurid's version of the story: He had come upon Carter trying to help the girls escape. He should be put on trial.
25. Orders given by Salensus Oll as he left with Dejah Thoris: Carter is to be chained in a more secure place until the matter is investigated.

CHAPTER XI: The Pit of Plenty ~ 25 Q

1. The last Carter had seen of Thuvan Dihn as he been escorted to imprisonment: He had stayed behind unnoticed in the garden with his daughter Thuvia.
2. Event that took place three days after Carter's incarceration: A dozen warriors escort him to the audience chamber of Salensus Oll filled with nobles and Thurid.
3. Dejah Thoris's place of honour: She is seated on a small throne beside Salensus Oll.
4. Carter's first thought as he entered the chamber: That he will not leave the chamber alive if he cannot rescue his princess.
5. The reason the nobles lifted their swords in homage: This is the tradition followed when a jeddak announces his intention to wed within 10 days time.
6. The response from Dejah Thoris: She cannot wed the jeddak because she knows that her husband John Carter still lives.
7. Thurid's accusation: That the bearded yellow man before them is John Carter, Prince of Helium.
8. Thurid's proof: He rips off Carter's beard disguise revealing his smooth, tanned white skin and close-cropped black hair.
9. Why Dejah Thoris finally embraced Carter in a show of affection: She had not recognized him earlier in his disguise and had been offended by his earlier sign of love.
10. Words of affection that caused Carter to become choked with emotion: "My beloved Virginian"
11. The final words Carter heard from Dejah Thoris before being beaten into unconsciousness by 50 Okarian warriors: ". . . spare his life. I would rather be a slave with such as he than be Queen of Okar."
12. Carter's fate ordered by Solensus Oll: "Carter shall die a natural death in the Pit of Plenty, and the day he dies Dejah Thoris shall become my queen."
13. The strange sensation Carter felt as he was escorted to the Pit of Plenty: A rapid prickling sensation in his ring finger followed by a signal of recognition from one of the guardsmen.
14. Word whispered in Carter's ear as he was being lowered into the 100 feet deep pit: "Courage"
15. What a sudden light revealed after each day's confinement in the Pit of Plenty: A lavish display of food and drink, cruelly out of reach behind the glass walls of the pit.
16. Carter's response to his captor's mocking laughter to indicate that the constant temptation for food had not driven him crazy: He makes a controlled low laugh of a warrior.
17. Contents of the parcel dropped by a cord into the pit on the ninth day of starvation: Concentrated food lozenges.
18. Why Carter uttered the words "Good-bye, my Dejah Thoris!" as he ate the pellets. He thinks they are poison.
19. Curious second item in the package: Parchlike paper with strange protuberances on its smooth surface -- four separate and distinct combinations of raised lines.
20. Carter's description of Martian writing: It is a cross between shorthand and picture-writing and is an entirely different language from the spoken language of Mars.
21. Characteristics of the universal language of Barsoom. It is understood and spoken by every race on the planet and has remained unchanged except for natural and easily recognizable new words since the beginning of civilization on Mars.
22. What ingenious characteristic allowed it to keep pace with the growth of the planet's ongoing learning and scientific achievements: New words to express new thoughts, or to describe new discoveries form themselves -- no other word could explain the thing that a new word is required for.
23. Way in which the written language differed from spoken: It is different in every nation -- and sometimes even between cities within a nation.
24. Carter's translation of the first word written in Marentina: "Courage!"
25. The next three words deciphered: "Follow the Rope."
CHAPTER XII: "Follow The Rope!" ~ 15 Q
1. Second message attached to the rope: "Bring the rope with you. Beyond the knots lies danger."

2. What was lowered into the pit just as Carter climbed to a tunnel opening halfway up the shaft: A fierce apt
3. Where the rope and tunnel led: To a large and brilliantly lighted chamber under the palace.
4. Two conversing occupants of the chamber: Thurid and Solan, the control room keeper.
5. The plot that Carter overheard: Thurid plans to escape with Dejah Thoris in a flier by bribing Solan, keeper of the machine room.
6. Purpose of the first lever in the chamber: It controls the sun-ray tanks and the maintains the proper heat in the city dome.
7. Purpose of the second lever in the chamber: It controls the Guardian of the North, the huge magnetic tower that destroys fliers.
8. Solan's weakness: Greed
9. Solan's surprise that awaited Thurid: Double cross. Solan will keep the half payment received and will not keep his word.
10. Carter's action while Solan bent to hide his money: He follows the rope across the chamber to an exit door.
11. Problem met when he came to five branching corridors: The guiding rope has been cut.
12. What awaits Carter at the end of the corridor chosen: He enters a chamber filled with yellow warriors.
13. Person to whom Carter surrendered: His ally with the signal ring.
14. Bold assistance given by Talu's spy: He let Carter escape and led the other guards in pursuit down a different corridor.
15. Carter's words that win the allegiance of the shackled red Martian slaves in the tower armoury: "I come for Tardos Mors, Jeddak of Helium, and his son, Mors Kajak. . .  Rise, red men!"
CHAPTER XIII: The Magnet Switch ~ 20 Q 
1. Reason the armed red Martians could not assist Carter against the three guardsmen: All were shackled with two feet of chain attached to floor rings.

2. Carter's weapons of defence against the hook-swords of the three yellow guardsmen: Two straight swords from the armoury wall racks.
3. Carter's reason for forcing the two remaining guards back into the armoury: This put them within reach of the shackled red slaves who finished them off.
4. Tardos Mors' plan to defend against the oncoming reinforcements: Bar the armoury door.
5. Means of releasing Tardos Mors and his red Warriors from their shackles: They hack at the links of the metal chains with swords.
6. Why Carter delayed his exit to the upper chambers when the yellow men broke through the door: To defend the one last red warrior who has not been cut free of his shackles.
7. Battle cry of the 13 red warriors as they fought the hundreds of attacking yellow men: "For Helium!"
8. Situation that put Carter alone against the Okarians: He remained to guard the narrow spiral runway while the others ascended to the upper chambers.
9. The place where the red warriors make their last stand: A large glass-walled room at the top of the lookout tower overlooking Kadabra.
10. Watchtower view. . . to the South: A rugged, ice-clad wasteland stretching to the edge of the mighty ice barrier.
11. . . . stretching out in the other directions: Okarian cities.
12. . . . just beyond the walls of Kadabra: The ominous guardian magnetic tower.
13. . . . of the surrounding streets and gates: A raging battle is taking place and armed men are marching in great columns toward the gates.
14. Insignia displayed by the attacking force that brought cheers from the red warriors: The flags and banners of Helium.
15. Valiant leader of the red men mounted on a giant thoat and accompanied by a fighting calot: Carthoris of Helium -- son of John Carter and Dejah Thoris -- and the faithful Woola.
16. Giant leader of the horde of mounted green warriors from the dead sea bottoms: Tars Tarkas, Jeddak of Thark.
17. Cause for alarm coming from the skies: A mighty fleet of fliers from Helium is approaching and is being pulled to destruction by the magnetic tower.
18. Carter's destination as he fought his way down through the yellow guardsmen: He is racing toward the room housing the control switch for the magnetic tower.
19. Carter's surprise as he entered the control room: Solan the old guardian of the room met him with an incredible display of swordsmanship.
20. Solan's reaction when Carter threw the tower switch in the last seconds before the fliers are destroyed: He is so surprised and horrified he forgets to take advantage of his chance to kill John Carter. He wheels toward the switch with a loud shriek and Carter kills him with his sword.
CHAPTER XIV:  The Tide of Battle  ~ 15 Q 

1. Result of Solan's last loud cry: A dozen guardsmen race into the chamber.
2. Carter's action before retreating into one of the passageways: He destroys the switch controlling the magnetic tower.
3. Occupants of the chamber Carter entered: Salensus Oll is addressing 50 nobles and preparing to wed Dejah Thoris.
4. The manacled person dragged into the chamber: Dejah Thoris
5. Action that prompted Carter's attack: The priest starts the marriage ritual while Salensus Oll reachs for the hand of his bride-to-be.
6. Description of the Jeddak of Jeddaks: A huge, coarse, brutal and enraged beast of a man with fierce black whiskers and mustache.
7. The last words heard by "Okar's rotten ruler": "For the Princess of Helium!" spoken by John Carter as he runs his blade through his enemy's heart.
8. Sound that encouraged Carter as he battled the 50 attacking nobles: Dejah singing the battle anthem of Helium which women sing as their men march out to victory.
9. Cause for Carter's momentary worry that Dejah Thoris may be joining him in battle: Her singing suddenly stops.
9. Announcement that interrupted Carter's battle a half hour later: "The city has fallen before the hordes from beyond the barrier. . . Where is Salensus Oll?"
10. Reaction of Carter's attackers upon hearing the approaching invaders: They all flee the apartment.
11. Carter's new fight: He makes an attack from the rear on the yellow men retreating from Kantos Kan's forces.
12. Two onlookers who made a surprise appearance: Matai Shang, Father of Therns, and Phaidor, his daughter peering into the room.
13. Event that temporarily turned the tide of battle against Kantos Kan and John Carter: A wave of yellow warrior reinforcements arrive and Carter's immediate adversaries bar the door to the throne room chamber.
14. Why Carter started to feel concern over Dejah Thoris during the battle: Her continued silence.
15. Carter's shock after he killed the last of his attackers: Dejah Thoris is gone!
CHAPTER XV: Rewards  ~ 20 Q
1. Man suspected of having kidnapped Dejah Thoris: Thurid, the black dator of the First Born, whom Carter remembers seeing observing the marriage ceremony from behind a curtain.

2. Object Carter found in the passageway behind throne: A fallen jewelled ornament bearing the device of the Princess of Helium.
3. How Carter came by the directions to follow in pursuit of Thurid and his captive: He remembers the conversation he had overheard between Solan and Thurid.
4. Hazardous obstacle along the route followed by Carter: He has to pass above the pit of plenty by following a foot-wide ledge.
5. Contents of the room at the end of the tunnel: Outdoor cold weather apparel made of orluk skin to don before leaving the hothouse for the bitter cold of the arctic world beyond.
6. What the tracks in the snow revealed: The route through the hills and canons followed by Thurid and his reluctant captive, who appears to have fought him every foot of the way.
7. What Carter saw in the basin at the end of the trail: Dejah Thoris, Phaidor, Thurid and Matai Shang arguing beside a flier they had just dragged from a cave mouth.
8. The reason for Carter's quarter-mile race across the snow: He has been spotted by Matai Shang and Thurid and is trying to reach them before they finish repairs to the flier's propeller.
9. Condition of the flier as Thurid activated the buoyancy tanks: It lacks buoyancy and rises too slowly.
10. The conflict taking place over the railing of the flier: Thurid is trying to knife Matai Shang as the thern crawls up the boarding ladder onto the deck of the rising flier.
11. Carter's misfortune as he almost grasped the rope trailing from the flier: He stumbles on the ice, strikes his head on a rock and falls unconscious for a few seconds.
12. Objective of Carter's 30-foot leap into the air: The rope trailing from the drifting flier.
13. Probable reason for Thurid's attack on Matai Shang: To dispose of the man so as to gain buoyancy for the flier.
14. Source of the horrid shriek that rang out as Carter reached the rail of the flier: Matai Shang is plunging to his death.
15. Danger now faced by Carter: Thurid is racing across the deck to prevent him from boarding.
16. Carter's rescuer: Phaidor
17. The last names heard by Thurid as a dagger entered his breast: "Matai Shang! . . . Dejah Thoris! . . . John Carter, Prince of Helium."
18. Thurid's final resting place: A rocky chasm hundreds of feet below.
19. Phaidor's reason for her change of heart: Her love for John Carter and her respect for the type of love exhibited by Dejah Thoris. The princess has shown what real love should and can be.
20. Phaidor's final noble act: She leaps from the vessel's deck into the abyss below.
CHAPTER XVI: The New Ruler ~ 30 Q 
1. The reason Carter opened the buoyancy escape valves of the flier: The buoyancy tanks are leaking, the engine won't start and the craft is hovering helpless above a low hill.

2. Result of opening the valves: The flier sinks slowly to the ground, permitting John Carter and Dejah Thoris to start their journey across the frozen wastes back to Kadabra on foot.
3. How Dejah Thoris' life had been saved back in the Temple of the Sun: Thuvia had wrested Phaidor's blade from her.
4. Surprise awaiting Carter and his princess when they return to the chamber of Solan: A dozen escaping nobles of the court of Salensus Oll.
5. Carter's threat that threw fear into his attackers: He threatens to pull the lever that will cause the solar heating system to destroy the entire city and its occupants.
6. Carter's declaration that prevented the nobles from leaving: "You are prisoners of the Prince of Helium"
7. Why the nobles were not happy to see a troop of yellow warriors enter the chamber: They are led by Talu, rebel Prince of Marentina.
8. What Talu revealed about the escaping nobles: They are a villainous lot led by a hated tyrant who would have been Salensus Oll's replacement.
9. Ethnic description of the one-time enemies from every Martian clime now mingling in friendship in the audience chamber: Red men from Helium and Ptarth, yellow men of the north, blacks of the First Born, green warriors from the dead sea bottoms, and white-skinned therns from the south pole.
10. Noble leaders from all over Barsoom gathered in the audience chamber: Xodar of the First Born ~ Tardos Mors and Mors Kajak, rulers of Helium ~ Carthoris of Helium ~ Tars Tarkas, Jeddak of Thark ~ Kantos Kan ~ Talu of Okar and other Jeds and Jeddaks.
11. The reason for the absence of Thuvan Dihn and Thuvia of Ptarth: They had been captured while trying to rescue Carter from the Pit of Plenty and are imprisoned somewhere in the buried dungeons of the palace.
12. Number of years passed since John Carter's first arrival on Barsoom: 22 years
13. John Carter's great accomplishment through the might of his sword: Great strides have been made to unite all the nations of Barsoom: black man and white, red man and green. . . and now possibly yellow.
14. Honour that Carter bestowed upon Talu: He places him on the throne vacated the Salensus Oll, Jeddak of Jeddaks.
15. Two lovers seated among the blossoms in the palace courtyard: Thuvia of Ptarth and Carthoris of Helium.
16. Fate of the Guardian of the North tower: Total demolition
17. Plans for the Carrion Caves: They are to be cleansed to allow safe passage for all nations.
18. Plans for the sacred apt: The hunting of the beast shall be the sport of the nobles of Okar until the beast is exterminated.
19. First destination of the Helium fleet as it headed south: Ptarth where John Carter, Dejah Thoris and Carthoris stayed for a month as guests of Thuvan Dihn.
20. Second destination: Kaol to cement ties between the nations of Helium and Kaol.
21. The reception they receive as they finally return to Helium: Gaily decorated fliers, costly silks and tapestries on every roof, with gold, jewels and shiny metals scattered everywhere, and adulation from everyone.
22. Where Carter was to report by order of the Jeddak ". . . to be judged this night. . .": The Temple of Reward.
23. Description of the royal tribunal of judges at the Throne of Righteousness who have put Carter on trial: An unprecedented body of 31 Jeddaks and Jeds from all over Barsoom.
24. Why John Carter had a feeling of betrayal: He is surrounded men whom he thought to be close friends but now appear stern, unfriendly and uncompromising.
25. What the clerk read to the judges: A long list of deeds performed by Carter since his arrival 22 years ago.
26. The words from Tars Tarkas that enraged Carter: "Judges, there can be but one verdict. No longer may John Carter be Prince of Helium. . ."
27. Tars Tarkas's verdict that brought an tumultuous eruption of wild shouting from the crowd and the drawing of swords: ". . . but instead let him be Jeddak of Jeddaks, Warlord of Barsoom!"
28. Person who arrives in a splendid car borne by 50 of the mightiest nobles of the greatest courts of Mars: Dejah Thoris. Princess of Helium.
29. Final scene of the Mars Trilogy: John Carter, Warlord of Mars embraces and kisses his wife, Dejah Thoris, the most beautiful woman in all of Barsoom.
30. Name of the artist who illustrated this final scene on the first edition dust jacket and frontispiece. J. Allen St. John

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