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“Circumstances, chiefly. I wasn’t long in finding out that keeping a family on retired captain’s pay is a beggar’s business. I had to go to work, so I took to writing.” - Charles King
FEATURE 1: ERBzine 1170
Rare Potos and Letters used in a PowerPoint presentation given by Brian Bohnett at Madonna University in 2003:

Part I

“My son, Hulbert, had just been born. I had no job, and no money. I had to pawn Mrs, Burroughs’ jewelry and my watch in order to buy food.  I started to write my first story.” - Edgar Rice Burroughs

FEATURE 2: ERBzine 1158
Spotlight on ERB Artist
Dan Parsons
Official Artist for the 
2004 ECOF Convention in Sacramento

 FEATURE 3: ERBzine 1160
An analysis of Arthur Weiss' 
Tarzan of the Apes screenplay 
John Coleman Burroughs


More Articles, Excerpts and Illustrations from the books of
Captain Charles King
King was ERB's Commandant at the Michigan Military Academy ~ 
The celebrated Indian fighter and writer was a role model for the young cadet 
and perhaps the biggest influence on Burroughs' writing style and 
his lifelong fascination with the military.

ERB History for the Week That Was
The Week of July 11-17
Collated from the 

1893: Ed spends much of the summer at the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago where he drives the first automobile in Chicago - an electric "nine-seater horseless
surrey" - in an impressive exhibition staged by his father's American Battery Company. The award presented by the judges refers in glowing terms to George's product as "the only storage battery made in this country deemed worthy of any notice whatsoever."
1895: Ed experiences many adventures while working as bill collector for the Knickerbocker Ice Company in Grand Crossing, Ill.
1896: The young recruit is disillusioned with the life of an enlisted man at Fort Grant, Arizona where he is serving with the U.S. 7th Cavalry.
1897 July 9: Ed's grandfather, Abner Tyler Burroughs dies. He was born May 26, 1805.
1897: Ed finishes a stint at the Chicago Art Institute on Michigan Boulevard. According to family members, Ed only wants to draw horses. His father puts him to work at the American Battery Company where he starts at the bench for $15 a  week and learns the business from the ground up. Eventually he earns a position of company accountant. He resumes his courtship of Emma. Her father, Alvin Hulbert, is manager of several major city hotels, including the Tremont House.
1898: July 16:  Ed back in Chicago from his brothers' ranch in Idaho is still suffering from the effects of Mountain Fever and hallucinations from accidental heavy blow to the head from a policeman's billy club while watching a saloon fight. He writes Colonel Rogers again requesting help in obtaining a commission. He again meets with no success.
1903: After a possible quarrel with George, Ed and Emma load their belongings and a collie dog, Rajah, on a freight wagon and leave to join brother Harry's gold dredging operation at Parma, on the Snake River. Ed gambles away his money ($40) at Hadley and Harry has to fund the remainder of the trip.
1904: Ed is working as railroad policeman for the Oregon Short Line Railroad Company at Salt Lake City. He is armed with a Colt six-gun, serial number 70495. To help pay the bills they take in boarders.
1908: Ed and partner, Dentzer, have formed an unsuccessful advertising agency based upon a correspondence course aimed at preparing students in salesmanship.
1912: July 14: ERB starts the  sequel to Under the Moons of Mars.
1913: July 14 - March 19, 1914: "The Girl from Harris's" is begun in Chicago and finished in San Diego (13 chapters, 136 pages and 44,880  words).
1914: Ed returns from a 10-day stay at the Hulbert family farm at Coldwater, Michigan.
1915: He begins Beyond Thirty while at the Hulbert family farm at Coldwater, Michigan, and finished at Oak Park (August 10) is rejected by Davis.
1916: The Burroughs family are well into a three-month, 6,000-mile automobile camping trip. Ed drives a Packard Twin Six touring car with his family as passengers. Louis Zeibs chauffeurs a three-qurter ton Republic truck outfitted with stove, refrigerator and kitchen cabinet. A trailer loaded with trunks, tents, bedding, tools and a bathtub is pulled by the truck. Other passengers include Tarzan, the family Airedale and "the Jinx" a poltergeist which guaranteed that they have a large dose of bad luck.
1917: Ed receives an appointment in the reserves: Captain,  Company A, Second Infantry.
1924: Grand opening of the club house of the exclusive El Caballero Country Club of which Ed is managing director. Earlier in the year Ed had sold the main house and 120 acres of Tarzana Ranch to the promoters of the new club.
1925: Influenced by the Scopes Trial, Ed sends a pro-evolution article to the newspapers of the International Press Bureau and Universal Service.
1926: The family moves from 674 South New Hampshire, LA, back to Tarzana at 5245 (later changed to 5046) Mecca Avenue where Ed has built a cottage on Lot 76 of his tract 5475. He also moves his office to 5255 (later changed to 5135) Avenida Oriente in Tarzana.
1927: July 14: Start of move of offices to the new store and three-office complex on Ventura Boulevard (the present ERB offices). The new office is fully occupied by the next day.
1929: July 17: ERB telegrams Elser for assistance in finding a job as a war correspondent in the Russo-Chinese conflict. An incredulous Elser replies that he can offer no assistance.
1930:  Morning rides with Hully. Part of the car is stolen under the club.  Jim Pierce's folks visited for dinner -- "nice people"
1930: July 13: Ed rides alone.~ he goes shopping for tiles for the living room ~ meets with Congressman Grant .... to establish a Tarzana post office ~ Emma goes on a shopping trip to Wilshire ~ Joan and the baby come for the night
1930: July 16: Ed and Jack go riding on the trails ~ he gets the living room tile estimate
1930: July 17: Ed and Jack ride in the morning ~ The El Cab pipes are laid
1932: July 9: The article, "Edgar Rice Burroughs Tells All," appears in Script magazine. An hilarious autobiography filled with events that never happened.
1933: July 13: Beset with the pressures of work and a growing rift in his marriage to Emma, Ed takes a solo vacation, driving his Cord to Springerville in the White Mountains of Arizona. Most of the marriage problems involve Emma's over-dependence on alcohol. One of the purposes of the trip is to inspect a Cochise County, Arizona gold mine in which he has bought a quarter interest, but since this is his first vacation without Emma and the children he becomes very homesick and lonely.
1934: Hulbert makes a tour of eastern cities, making contacts with radio stations and advertisers.
1934: July 16: Upset over his sons' attitudes toward his marriage split Ed phones Hulbert in Chicago, asking him to take the first plane home.
1935: Ashton Dearholt and Ula Holt are married and "Tarzan for President" appears in Blue Book.
1937: Ed creates a book of poetry and illustrations for Caryl - just as he had done for his niece Evelyn - "Li'l B. Her Book"
1939: He starts Tarzan and the Champion of the "New Tarzan Series" (10,000 words)
1940: July 10: In a letter to brother George, Ed again expresses his dislike for FDR and his hope that Willkie will win the impending election.
1940: July 16: Ed writes the 10 page, 5,700-word, "The Strange Adventure of Mr. Dinwiddie." It is marketed under the nom de plume, John Tyler McCulloch but it is never published. Ed maintains a daily writing schedule but has regular evening social affairs with friends - two of whom were actors John Halliday and Janet Gaynor. The evenings usually involved drinks followed by bridge. Ed's inner agonies, guilt and fears, as well as his increasing reliance on alcohol, are creating marriage tensions. Friends are starting to note that the two appear ill-mated.
1942: Ed shares a "military secret" in a letter to Jack. He explains, for the first time, his fascination with the name John. A 12-year-old tough guy used to bully the younger Eddie during his walks to Brown School in Chicago. Eddie was scared stiff and wanted to grow up to be just as tough and to be named John... rather than Edgar.
1945: July 15: ERB returns to Honolulu, having travelled 5,000 miles by air and 11,000 miles by ship in his role as wartime correspondent. July 15: Ed  Flew to Guam in a plane piloted by Lieutenant Tyrone Power, and then on to Hawaii.

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July 9 - 15, 2004

Books which ERB cited as being the primary references he used in the writing of his Apache novels.
Custer's Last Battle By Captain Charles King
Rare John Colman Burroughs Collage at the site
Recent additions in the 1910-1919 chapter of the ERB Bio Timeline

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