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In recent years there has been an explosion of new books dedicated to the legacy of
Edgar Rice Burroughs:
Master of Fantasy Adventure ~ Grandfather of American Science Fiction
Creator of Tarzan, John Carter of Mars,
and countless Fantastic Worlds and Exciting Characters.
The authorized editions and most popular releases are featured on this ERBzine Webpage.


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Debut Book in the ERB Universe Series
Carson of Venus:
The Edge of All Worlds
by Matt Betts

The groundbreaking Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe launches with
Carson of Venus: The Edge of All Worlds by Matt Betts
—the first in a series of all-new canonical novels expanding Edgar Rice Burroughs worlds of wonder and adventure!
Scourge of the Ancients

When a myterious enemy attacks this adopted nation of Korva. Earthman Carson Napier discovers 
his own arrival on Venus years ago may have unknowingly triggered the strike. 
The invaders' trail of death and destruction leads Carson and his beloved princess Duare 
headlong into battle against a seemingly invincible, primordial race. 
But that is not Carson's only challenge, for an uncanny phenomenon has entangled him 
with two strange individuals from beyond space time. 
Will Carson be able to solve the mysteries of his past and the enigmatic visitors 
before the entire planet descends into chaos?

An Introducing
by Christopher Paul Carey

I will feature more information on this edition when the authors share it with me.

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“Tarzan of the Apes, Jason Gridley, and the crew of the airship O-220 return to Pellucidar, the world at the Earth’s core, on a wartime mission to stop the Nazis from obtaining a powerful superweapon. But when the Lord of the Jungle’s murderous adversaries partner with the Mahars – Pellucidar’s routed reptilian overlords – and his adventurous grand-daughter Suzanne goes missing on a reconnaissance mission, can Tarzan prevent the conquest and enslavement of all humanity in both the inner and outer worlds?”
* The book also includes the novelette, “Victory Harben: Clash on Caspak” by Mike Wolfer.

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The Wild Adventures of Edgar Rice Burroughs Series
Books One to Nine from Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.

Book #1
Tarzan: Return to Pal-ul-don
By Will Murray
With the African continent engulfed by World War II, John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, abandons his role as Lord of the Jungle in order to combat the spreading Nazi menace. Flying a P40 Tomahawk warplane, Clayton is sent on his first mission: to rescue the missing British Military Intelligence officer code-named Ilex. But the daring task plunges him into his savage past after he’s forced down in a lost land that seems hauntingly familiar. When Tarzan of the Apes returns to the prehistoric realm called Pal-ul-don, he must revert to his most savage persona, that of Tarzan-jad-guru—Tarzan the Terrible!
Book #2
Tarzan: On the Precipice
by Michael A. Sanford
Cover and Interior Illustrations: Will Meugniot
With Tarzan alone in Wisconsin after nobly allowing Jane to leave with his cousin – who believes he is the rightful heir to the Greystoke estate – Tarzan is despondent and seeks the wilderness to console himself. And there is a vast wilderness just north of him in Canada. Intending to be alone, Tarzan is soon anything but. Captured and put in chains by vicious criminals, Tarzan is pushed off the precipice of a volcanic crater. While surviving that fall he discovers a lost Viking civilization, but he again becomes a captive. And this time the odds are overwhelming. Tarzan’s punishment Includes running unarmed through a gauntlet of a dozen heavily armed Norsemen with axes, swords and hammers. Tarzan’s fight for survival is epic and will keep you fascinated throughout the entire novel. Join Tarzan as he ventures into Canada and encounters untold dangers with deadly consequences that cast doubt on whether Tarzan can ever return to Africa.
Book #3
Tarzan Trilogy
by Thomas Zachek
Cover Art: Joe Jusko / Interior Illustrations: Douglas Klauba
Three tales of Tarzan at Point Station – a remote English outpost near the Waziri homelands – set during the advent of World War II. With greater European intrusion to the Bolongo River Basin, Tarzan becomes embroiled in increasingly dangerous events as cultures clash.
1] Tarzan and the “Fountain of Youth”: Searching for the missing son of a friend, Tarzan encounters agents of an unscrupulous pharmaceutical company exploiting jungle resources for its own profit.
2] Tarzan and the Cross of Vengeance: A team of archaeologists make a groundbreaking discovery; a group of well-meaning but naive American missionaries arriving to convert the native tribes; and a ruthless band of men with a dark purpose stir up a heady mix of challenges for Tarzan, fomenting an intertribal war that only he can stop.
3] Tarzan the Conqueror: When the Third Reich invades Africa to exploit the land for riches and enslave the native populations in labor camps, Tarzan leads the tribes in an un-precedented tribal resistance.
Book #4
Tarzan: The Greystoke Legacy Under Siege
by Ralph N. Laughlin & Ann E. Johnson
Cover Art: Tom Gianni / Interior Illustrations: Mike Grell
This is a seminal book as it introduces four generations of Tarzan, including Tarzan’s great grandson, Jonathan, who is unsure of his place in the Tarzan Legacy. Also in this novel, Tarzan’s African estate is demolished and many people are killed by an unknown guerrilla militia; Tarzan’s son, Jack, is accused of Dian Fossey’s murder and is sought by the authorities; and Tarzan’s grandson, Jackie – who runs the behemoth Greystoke Trust – is accused and imprisoned for crimes against the Crown – a capital offense. This compelling tale, set in the 1980s, chronicles the family’s epic battle for survival.
Book #5
A Soldier of Poloda
Further Adventures Beyond the Farthest Star
by Lee Strong
Cover Art: Chris Peuler / Interior Illustrations: Earl Geier
Like fellow Earthman, Tangor from the story Beyond the Farthest Star, American OSS officer Thomas Randolph is mysteriously teleported to a foreign planet where he lands in the center of a 100-year war that mirrors the Allied Powers’ struggle against Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich. Unlike Tangor, Randolph – now Tomas Ran – finds himself behind enemy lines where he gains a first-hand view of the inner workings of the corrupt Kapar empire. Will Tomas, using his OSS skills, be able to devise a plan to escape with the beautiful Unisan prisoner, Loris Kiri, that will allow them to join her countrymen in their struggle against the Kapars?
American novelist Edgar Rice Burroughs debuted the world of Poloda in the pulp story Beyond the Farthest Star in 1940 just as Hitler’s Nazis marched across Europe and the Imperial Japanese extended their reach across the South Pacific. Burroughs’ youthful idealism regarding the nobility of America’s previous war efforts had given way to a mature perspective of the savagery of combat that stains every battlefield. Burroughs’ deeply-held views are reflected in this tale about a planet ravaged by 100 years of conflict as the nation of Unis devotes its entire existence to the struggle of freedom against tyranny.
More at:
Book #6
A sequel to Edgar Rice Burroughs’ THE MOON MAID 
by Christopher Paul Carey
Cover art by Chris Peuler and interior illustrations by Mark Wheatley
Hailed by author and science fiction scholar Richard Lupoff as a "masterpiece of science fiction" and a "pioneer work of the modern school of social extrapolation in science fiction," Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic lunar trilogy—The Moon Maid, The Moon Men, and The Red Hawk—tells the generational tale of humanity’s fight for freedom against alien conquerors from the Moon. The hero, Julian, finds his soul perpetually reincarnated in the bodies of his successive grandsons, fated to confront—down through the centuries —the vicious Kalkars who have subjugated Earth.
The epic saga continues in this by Christopher Paul Carey novel, Swords Against the Moon Men.
Book #7
Untamed Pellucidar
by Lee Strong
Art by Douglas Klauba
Northern Russia, 1924: The Red Army is eliminating those who resist the fledgling Soviet government.  At The Battle of the Plutonian Plain, the White Russian forces, aided by wily American Edgar Rice Burroughs, do not fall, instead retreating into the dangers of Pellucidar. Comrade Trotsky, the Soviet leader, sends his troops to hunt them down—and destroy them.

Mikhail Kirillivitch Kirov, a young conscript caught up in this mad scheme, is fascinated by this new world.  Formerly a student anthropologist, he finds Pellucidar’s Stone Age landscape and inhabitants a revelation—until he’s grabbed by a mammoth Skal and flown back to its aerie to feed its giant offspring.

Thus begins Kirov’s astounding adventure in the Northern environs of Pellucidar, rife with its incredible Paleolithic animal life, including Skals, Trals and Dyals, tremendous birds with sharp talons and fierce beaks; Ryths, the huge  Stone Age cave bears whose claws can tear a man apart; and the vicious Jaloks, hyaenodons whose wild packs slaughter their prey mercilessly.  These and other fantastic beasts stalk Kirov as he navigates the complex world of  Pellucidar’s most dangerous predator: Man.

To survive, Kirov must escape slavery from the Beautiful Ala and her mighty Black Birdriders, foster a civil war, impress the natives with his “inventions,” conquer the terrifying Pulka Horde, and become a warlord of several tribes as they flee the Soviet invaders. It’s a tale in the grand tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ epic adventures at the Earth’s Core.

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Book #8
Tarzan and the Revolution
By Thomas Zachek 
Art by Mike Grell

Eric Benton, an idealistic young Midwestern Peace Corps volunteer, could hardly have known that his mission to help an African village would embroil him and his colleagues in the political struggles of an emerging African nation.

The people of central Africa likewise had no idea how quickly their expectations for freedom could be taken away when a ruthless dictator seizes power. And Tarzan of the Apes had no idea that before long, he would be compelled, once again, to undertake a long and perilous journey with the Waziri to save their families.

Set against a backdrop of political unrest in modern Africa, Thomas Zachek’s latest page-turner takes the reader from the dank treasure troves of the lost city of Opar to turmoil in the city streets as Tarzan battles one of his most ruthless foes!

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Book #9
Tarzan: Conqueror of Mars
By Will Murray
Illustrated by Romas Kukalis
Stranded on the Red Planet, Tarzan of the Apes searches for the one man who could show him the page home --
Ever since Edgar Rice Burroughs created John Carter of Mars and Tarzan of the Apes over 100 years ago, his millions of readers have yearned for a novel in which these classic heroes meet. Now, in an epic adventure authorized by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., the Warlord of Barsoom and the Lord of the Jungle come face-to-face in what must be described as their more most challenging exploit yet. When Tarzan finds himself marooned on dying Mars, without friends or weapons, he undertakes a trek across the dead sea bottoms of the Red Planet in search of food and shelter. What happens when the ape-man falls in with a tribe of four-armed Martian gorillas beside which the bronzed giant is no more than small boy? Will Tarzan sink into abject slavery or rise to ape-lord? By the author of Tarzan: Return to Pal-ul-don and King Kong vs. Tarzan.

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Tarzan and the Valley of Gold
By Fritz Leiber
At long last, Tarzan and the Valley of Gold, Fritz Leiber’s classic novel of the Lord of the Jungle, is back in print—available for the first time in hardcover, and featuring brand-new cover art by Richard Hescox and interior art by Douglas Klauba!
A Tarzan Tale Unlike Any Other
The year 1966 saw the release of one of the most unique Tarzan films ever made: Tarzan and the Valley of Gold. Starring former NFL linebacker Mike Henry in his debut as the cinematic ape-man, the film portrayed a cultured and refined Tarzan who seemed to be molded more after James Bond than the unsophisticated ape-man of past films. The depiction surprised and puzzled some moviegoers, but fans who had read the original Tarzan novels written by Edgar Rice Burroughs rejoiced at finally seeing their beloved character appear on the big screen bearing all the complexity and intelligence with which his creator had imbued him.

Enter critically acclaimed fantasy author Fritz Leiber, whose novelization of the film carried the honour of becoming the first authorized Tarzan novel to be written by an author other than Burroughs. Leiber’s tale was far from just a simple retelling of the movie; it was a faithful installment in the literary saga of the ape-man, with frequent callouts to Burroughs’ original Tarzan canon and myriad creative elements added to the storyline. Now readers can once again enjoy Fritz Leiber’s classic Tarzan and the Valley of Gold in this handsome, new illustrated edition, with an all-new foreword by Burroughs scholar Scott Tracy Griffin (author of Tarzan on Film).

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Featured in ERBzine 6264
Here are some of the many editions featured there:

Robin Maxwell

Jane: The Woman Who Loved Tarzan
by Robin Maxwell
Cambridge, England, 1905. Jane Porter is hardly a typical woman of her time. The only female student in Cambridge University's medical program, she is far more comfortable in a lab coat dissecting corpses than she is in a corset and gown sipping afternoon tea. A budding paleoanthropologist, Jane dreams of traveling the globe in search of fossils that will prove the evolutionary theories of her scientific hero, Charles Darwin. When dashing American explorer Ral Conrath invites Jane and her father to join an expedition deep into West Africa, she can hardly believe her luck. Africa is every bit as exotic and fascinating as she has always imagined, but Jane quickly learns that the lush jungle is full of secrets and so is Ral Conrath. When danger strikes, Jane finds her hero, the key to humanity's past, and an all-consuming love in one extraordinary man: Tarzan of the Apes. Jane is the first version of the Tarzan story written by a woman and authorized by the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate. Its publication marked the centennial of the original Tarzan of the Apes.
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Scott Tracy Griffin

Tarzan: The Centennial Celebration
By Scott Tracy Griffin
With the full cooperation of Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc., Scott Tracy Griffin has compiled the only official commemorative visual history of Tarzan. Lavishly illustrated and with fascinating insight into every element of Edgar Rice Burroughs' extraordinary legacy, the book commemorates 100 years of Tarzan tales, television, movies and memorabilia. Internationally-acclaimed Edgar Rice Burroughs expert Scott Tracy Griffin explores the 24 original novels and the many varied appearances on stage, screen and in print. Each receives a detailed commentary, illustrated with some of the most evocative and beautiful artworks, illustrations and photographs, many rarely seen in print before. 
More at
Tarzan On Film
By Scott Tracy Griffin
In this authoritative volume, writer and historian Scott Tracy Griffin traces the development of the history-making Tarzan franchise, from the motion-picture industry's early silents and serials, through the high point of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer era featuring Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O'Sullivan, to modern worldwide hits like Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes and Walt Disney Studios' animated Tarzan.

Robert B. Zeuschner

Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Bibliography
By Robert B. Zeuschner
This bibliography is the most comprehensive, entertaining and visually stunning guide to the works of ERB ever published. Edgar Rice Burroughs, well known for his tales of Tarzan and John Carter of Mars, has been rightfully dubbed the Master of Adventure, but few are aware of the truly fantastic landscapes encompassed by that title. During his lifetime, Burroughs created worlds that ranged from the Earth's core to the Farthest Star, inhabited by larger-than-life heroes and heroines, populated by unimaginable creatures and captivating landscapes. Now, Dr. Robert B. Zeuschner, one of the world's most highly respected ERB scholars, has put together a one-of-a-kind illustrated bibliography that is a must for anyone interested in ERB, the history of pulp fiction and the works that inspired Superman and every other pulp hero since. EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS: THE BIBLIOGRAPHY, features over 2000 annotated, illustrated entries describing ERB publications from 1911 to the present and 500 color images including 1st and reprint edition books and dustjackets, paperbacks and the 97 ERB story-related pulp covers  Two 736-page editions are available in limited numbers and both editions are 7 by 10 inch hardcover books.
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