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Roswell Daily Record reports the capture of a Flying Saucer ~ Hillmans' Roswell Visit and UFO Museum Tour
~ All-Story First Appearances of ERB's Under the Moons of Mars plus First Edition
*** 1912: Bob "Tarak" Woodley took fans on a tour of The All Story issues containing ERB's first story, "Under the Moons of Mars."
One of the reactions to that story came in a letter, dated July 8, 1912, that was published in the magazine's Table Talk section. The writer, W.A.E., described ERB's story as "fine," but placed it between two other stories on the scale of his likeabilities. First, he placed it higher than a story called "The Bustle." He said, simply. "Please don't print any more stories like 'The Bustle'."
However, he placed it below a story titled "Shanty House." "Of all the stories I have ever read in any magazine or book, the one that stands first in my esteem is one I read in All-Story about three years ago, called "Shanty House." I cannot express in fitting terms my opinion of appreciation of it, but doubtless you will remember it and agree with me that it was 'some' story."
Obviously, this letter writer had excellent taste, since he called ERB's story "fine." So we can assume that "Shanty House" was a pretty good story all right. Anyone ever read it? Was it ever published as a book? Does anyone collect multiple editions of it? Are there fan gatherings and facebook pages for "Shanty House"? Tarak's tour, in which he speculates why "The Bustle" may have gotten a thumbs down, is in ERBzine 0419. NOTE: If you want to read W.A.E.'s whole letter, you'll need to have good eyesight and hold the computer close to your face, or your face close to your computer. But it can be done.
U of L Tour: Under the Moons of Mars Scrapbook
A Princess of Mars: ERB C.H.A.S.E.R Biblio
All Under the Moons of Mars Pulp Covers
*** 1947:
On this date ithe Roswell Daily Record published a story on page one in which is stated that an object crashed near the New Mexico town. "The U.S. Army Air Force insisted it was a weather balloon, but eyewitness accounts suggested that it might have been an alien spacecraft," the article related.
ERB fans, meanwhile, speculated that Carson Napier had gotten the scientists of Havatoo to build him a space ship, with which he could bring Duare back to earth. They note that the last full Venus book was published in 1946, after ERB's last contact with Mr. Napier a few years earlier. Does his Amtorian ship lie in pieces in an Area 51 warehouse and were he and Duare the real centerpieces at the alien autopsy?
This would explain why ERB heard from Carson for a period of 10 years and then....nothing.
    On our way to Tarzana a few years back, Sue-On took a detour to Roswell. We spent much of the day exploring the countryside and town before visiting their UFO Museum -- an interesting visit. Many artifacts and documents were on display and the people we met had many tall UFO tales.  Alas we found no evidence of Napier's ship.
Hillmans Visit Roswell and the UFO Museum
Collage Poster of the Roswell Tour
Last Venus Book: Escape On Venus
Escape On Venus art by John Coleman Burroughs

Off-Site Reference
Roswell in Wikipedia

*** 1914:  The Burroughs Family return from a 10-day stay at the Hulbert family farm at Coldwater, Michigan where they had driven to visit Emma's sisters.
***  Ed entertains his three children by making up imaginative stories in which he creates many unusual characters: Grandpa Kazink and his Flying Machine, Saphronia, Arabella the Coyote, six-legged Moaks, etc.
***  The Burroughs Family acquire two Airedale terriers: one of them named Tarzan. Everyone but Ed are involved in singing and playing piano. Throughout much of his adult life Ed suffers from painful neuritis and frightening nightmares.
*** 1915:  Beyond Thirty, begun while at the Hulbert family farm at Coldwater, Michigan. It was finished at Oak Park (August 10) and was rejected by Davis.
*** 1928:  Ed returns from the Shasta fishing trip.
*** 1936:  Letter to Joan: Ed and Florence are visiting the Mandels in Chicago recovering from a long arduous car trip from Barstow to Omaha.
ERB Bio Timeline


"Edgar Rice Burroughs Tells All (An Autobiographical Sketch)": Script Magazine,
Tarzana Convention and Jerry Schneider Reprints ~ TIME Letter to Alfred Guillory Co-Founder of ERB-dom ~ Celardo Tarzan "Father of Diamonds"
*** 1932:  "Edgar Rice Burroughs Tells All: An Autobiographical Sketch," an hilarious autobiography filled with events that never happened first saw print this date -- July 9 -- in 1932 in Rob Wagner's Script, a magazine which also published several of ERB's short whodunnits. The brief article is ERB at one of his tongue-in-cheek high points, as he apologized for not having led a more exciting life and then went on to list the things he had done, such as being the sole survivor while serving under Custer at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Jerry Schneider used the "Tells All" title for a 605-page compendium of ERB's short articles and poems, including the "Tells All" story. The story was also reprinted in a little booklet all its own and handed out at the ECOF June 22, 1989, in Tarzana. The aricle has been shared on ERBzine 0052 for over 20 years.
"An Autobiographical Sketch" Article
The cover of Script magazine is depicted at:
ERB Tells All - Jerry Schneider Ed.
*** 1945: Recently we reported on the first article written by ERB aboard the Cahaba, a U.S. Navy Oil Tanker. After the Honolulu Advertiser printed that one, it printed a new one on July 9, 1945. It was headlined: "Laughs at Sea Found by Author Traveling With a Naval 'Oiler'."

The article included these words about a ship being sighted on the horizon: "...our lookout in the crow's-nest picked it up even before the men at the marvelous scientific instruments with which we are equipped. In our little world the boy was immediately famous. He is good-looking black haired, 18-year-old Audrey Paul Guillory, S2c, of Crouley, La. His father, Pfc. Archie Gauillory, USA, stationed at Kunming, China, owned a meat market before the war. Young Gauillory ran it before he enlisted in the Navy; then they had to sell it."
The name of the young man appears three times, twice with an "a" inserted and once without. Another person without an "a" in his name was Alfred Guillory Jr., who, like the sailor, lived in Louisiana -- the town of Chataignier -- when he co-founded ERB-dom with Caz. ERB used coincidences to tell a lot of his stories. Just wondering which was the correct spelling of the name and if the boy ERB praised was related to another Guillory who eventually founded that ERB fanzine!
The Cahaba oil tanker article and more, at:
TIME Letter to Alfred Guillory re: Elmo Lincoln
ERBdom Nos. 1-100 Covers and Contents: Start
*** 1947"The Father of Diamonds," by John Celardo and Dick Van Buren, began July 9, 1957, and ran for 59 days.

The Father of Diamonds: All 59 Tarzan Strips

*** 1897:  Ed's grandfather, Abner Tyler Burroughs died. He was born May 26, 1805.
*** 1922, Johnny Weissmuller became the first person to swim the 100 meters freestyle in less than a minute.
*** 1928: Despite the unpopularity of prohibition Ed was convinced that Republican Hoover is a far better candidate for the presidency than Smith, the Democrat.
*** 1931: July 9 - September 25: Tarzan and the Leopard Men was written (80,000 words). After rejections it was accepted by Blue Book for $5,000.
*** 1932: Hulbert and Jack finished school. Hulbert planned to go to the ROTC training camp for six weeks, and Jack was going up somewhere around Big Bear to attend the summer art school.
ERB Bio Timeline


Caryl Lee Burroughs: ERB's stepdaughter: Animal Trainer, At Gay's Lion Ranch with Lee & Herman Brix
Last Photo of Caryl with Lee by Bill Hillman ~ ERB Renames "Girl from Harris's" ~ El Caballero Club Celebration ~ Burroughs kids and their horses
*** 2001: Caryl Lee Burroughs was not officially adopted by ERB, but he regarded her as a daughter and the two formed a close bond during the six years that ERB's marriage to Florence Dearholt lasted. Beyond that, ERB carried on a correspondence with her for many years, demonstrating his affection in every way that he could.
Caryl Lee passed away peacefully in her sleep on this date -- July 10 -- in 2001.
Caryl Lee Burroughs: ERB's Stepdaughter
ERB Personal Letters to Caryl Lee I
ERB Personal Letters to Caryl Lee II
Last Photo of Caryl Lee by Bill Hillman
*** 2015: This was just another day for the lions in Kruger National Park in South Africa, who were out road-hunting. And neither they, nor the kudu which wandered out among the passing vehicles, seemed to mind having an audience as the lions decided to kill, and eat, on the road. One of the tourists was happy to take some photos of the feast but was wise enough to stay inside her car, although a hungry lion might have the ability to break the average car window and reach in...

Tarzan and Golden Lion: Classic Poses
Bob Hyde's Africa Odyssey: Photo Journal
Lions in Tarzan's 3D Africa

Off-Site Reference:
*** 1914: ERB changed Harris to Farris in The Girl from Harris's.
*** 1924: Grand opening of the club house of the exclusive El Caballero Country Club of which Ed is managing director. Earlier in the year Ed had sold the main house and 120 acres of Tarzana Ranch to the promoters of the new club.
*** 1928: Newspaper clippings announcing Joan's impending wedding were starting to appear around the country. Joan, a true actress, loved the publicity and is ecstatic over the wedding gifts that were arriving. Ed noted that he received his most desired clippings from his friends rather than from the clipping bureau he paid to do the job.  Ed was planning a dry wedding -- he hated drunken brawls.
*** 1930: July 10, 11 or 12: Morning rides with Hully. Part of the car is stolen under the club.  Jim Pierce's folks visited for dinner -- "nice people"
*** 1940: In a letter to brother George, Ed again expressed his dislike for FDR and his hope that Willkie would win the impending election.
ERB Bio Timeline


Roy G. Krenkel: Tarzan and the Golden Lion ~ Kim Crosby Carried by Four Tarzans: Jock Mahoney, Joe Lara, Denny Miller, Gordon Scott
Princess of Mars 1921 Serialization ~ Into the Heart of the World by Balloon ~ Burroughs Bibliophiles ~ Celardo: Tarzan's Rescue of Jane
*** 1918: Much-appreciated ERB artist Roy G. Krenkel was born a century ago on July 11, 1918, just a few years after Tarzan and John Carter, whom he would someday illustrate, had been introduced to the world. Most ERB fans were introduced to Krenkel's art, along with that of Frank Frazetta, when Ace Books began publishing paperbacks of ERB novels in the early 60s.
"Roy Krenkel was a key factor in the 1960s revival of my grandfather's writings. Krenkel's illustrations forever secured his position as one of the all-time great Edgar Rice Burroughs illustrators." ~ Danton Burroughs
Roy Krenkel: Bio and ACE Books Art:

Off-Site References:
Krenkel in bpib
Krenkel in Palaeoblog

On July 11, 1897, Salomon Andrée and two fellow explorers lifted off in a giant balloon to seek out the North Pole. They were never heard from again. However, David Innes, in "Tanar of Pellucidar," discovered the remnants of what was very likely Andrée's balloon. And, at about the same time Tanar was published, the outer world had discovered the final camp of the ill-fated expedition.
There are a number of stories about the expedition, written by people from the outer shell of the Earth. These articles do not mention the actual discovery of the balloon in Pellucidar nor describe how it likely got there. However, the John Martin article in ERBzine does.
Into the Heart of the World
David Innes Discovers the North Pole by John Martin
Newsstories and Links to Hollow Earth

Off-Site References:
Martin Balloon article in erblist
NY Times Story
Balloon Expedition in Wikipedia

*** A "Fan Directory" of "The Burroughs Bibliophiles" was published July 11, by Robert B. Zeuschner's Bottleneck Blues Press in Sierra Madre, Calif. George T. McWhorter is copyright holder.
The directory has both an alphabetical and a state-and-country listing of fans who were members of The BB at that time. Since the directory is now more than 20 years old, many of the listings are no longer current but it is still an interesting book to thumb through and is a picture of fandom in the 90s. Bob Zeuschner told me it had occurred to George, who was publishing The Burroughs Bulletin for Bibliophiles members, that it would be a good idea to produce a name-address booklet so fans could contact one another." Bob was doing desktop publishing at that time and and was working on projects for George, including The BB, and so George asked him to put together the Fan Directory. Bob recalled, "George sent me something like a raw database list (or was it a spreadsheet?) which was the mailing list for the Burroughs Bulletin, and I then did all the massaging of raw data to create the pages. I remember it being a lot of work at that time (to do the the desktop publishing I used a DOS program called "LePrint" because in those years the word processing software was not sufficiently WYSIWYG and I had to insert individual command lines several thousand places in the ms.) Then I sent the finished pages to George, and after he finally got it the way he wanted, he then inserted the various pieces of art."
    The Fan Directory has never been reprinted and to do so now would be a monumental task, especially since more attention is being paid nowadays to "privacy concerns" and any such directory would need someone to contact everyone and confirm that it was okay to include their addresses.
Nowadays we have more ways of contacting each other through social media. Scott Tracy Griffin has set up a facebook group, Edgar Rice Burroughs/Tarzan/John Carter Meetup, for instance, specifically to make it easy for fans to make themselves available to other fans if they desire to do so.
Burroughs Bibliophiles Website
Bibliophile Members in the ERBzine BB Pages
Burroughs Bulletin and Gridley Wave Reprints

Off-Site Reference:
ERB Meetup in Facebook

*** 1921:  A serial of "A Princess of Mars" began this date, July 11, in 1921, in the Summit County Journal of Colorado. There are probably some copies of those newspapers lying around somewhere in someone's attic, or nailed up as insulation behind someone's walls. This serial, with the illustrations by Irwin Myers, was making the rounds of several newspapers around that time. Here are links showing the illustrations and some of the pages as they appeared in other newspapers at that time:
1921 "Princess" Serialization: Art by Irwin Myers
*** 1960: Kim Crosby, cab driver Jane Porter in "Tarzan in Manhattan," was born this date in 1960 in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Both she and co-star Joe Lara eventually went on to singing careers. Maybe they should get back together for a remake titled "Tarzan on Broadway." Then again, maybe not!

Kim Crosby carried by four Tarzans
ERB On The Silver Screen

Off-Site References
Crosby in IMDB
Crosby in Wikipedia

*** 1954: "Tarzan and the Challenge," by John Celardo and Dick Van Buren, began July 11, 1954, and ran for 13 Sundays.
"The Rescue of Jane," written and illustrated by John Celardo, began July 11, 1966, and ran for 38 days.
The Rescue of Jane
ERB Comics in ERBzine


Tarzan Trilogy by Thomas Zachek:  Art: Cover by Joe Jusko & Interiors by Douglas Klauba ~ "Tarzan For President" from Blue Book
USS Cahaba from which ERB sent WWII Articles ~ Movie Brats strip by Gray Morrow
*** 2016: "Tarzan Trilogy" by Thomas Zachek is an early entry in the "Wild Adventures of Edgar Rice Burroughs" series launched by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.
Zachek's book was published Dec. 14, 2016, and was in its third edition by July 12, 2017, one year ago. (I don't understand how there can be different "editions" of a print-on-demand book, but that's the way it's listed!). In any case, Zachek's book is three novelettes, "Fountain of Youth," in which Tarzan takes on a pharmaecutical company; "Tarzan and the Cross of Vengeance," about circumstances that lead up to an intertribal war, and "Tarzan the Conqueror," with invading Nazis being the ones who are the object of the conquering. Zachek is looking forward to publication of his next book in the "Wild Adventures" series, "Tarzan and the Revolution."
Tarzan Trilogy: Wild Adventures of ERB
ERB, Inc. Store

Off-Site References:
Trilogy in Wikipedia
Trilogy in Lulu

*** 1932: "Tarzan for President" was the subject of an article in the August 1932 issue of Blue Book. The article is linked on an ERBzine ERB bio page with the date of "July," which refers to the fact that most magazines are on the newsstands during the month prior to the cover date of the magazine. The article, "Tarzan for President," was actually an attention-getting piece written by someone at Blue Book to promote the serial, "Tarzan and the Leopard Men," which had started in that issue and was to run through January of 1933.
The article noted that a letter to the editor of a New York newspaper, from a citizen disillusioned with politics, "had a brilliant and simple suggestion which the newspapers liked well enough to pass on to its readers. "Let us," said the writer in effect, "elect Tarzan to the Presidency. He at least went places and did things."
The Blue Book article added, "Unfortunately we cannot, in this difficult world, have many of the things we want. We cannot, for example, have Tarzan for President. We can, however, have him for a job that is individually more important to us: We can have him for a friend in need, and for a needed refuge and solace from humdrum things, we can go on safari with him in his own primitive and refreshing world." And that is exactly what ERB fans do whenever they settle down with a good Tarzan book.
Tarzan for President: Article scanned and typed
ERB bio timelines for 1930s
*** 1945: ERB made the most of his time aboard the USS Cahaba, filing several stories from its decks. Here's one that was published July 12 in 1945 by the Honolulu Advertiser. It was headlined, "Unsung Fleet Oilers Carrying Ball for Navy." As part of the article, ERB describes a typical Navy meal. Among the items he enjoyed was "tard" (biscuit) -- and unusual bit of navy slang.

Unsung Fleet Oilers Carrying Ball for Navy
*** 1998: "Movie Brats," by Gray Morrow and Mark Kneece, began July 12, 1998, and ran for 14 Sundays.

Movie Brats: 14 Tarzan Sunday Strips


Jack Davis Parodies on Dave Garroway and J. Fred Muggs (Trump & Mad Magazines) ~ White Mountains, Arizona ~ The Cabin and John Carter
Huck "Prof Porter" Huckenpohler ~ Bob Hyde ~ Ed Burroughs & Hully in Arizona ~ Tarzan's New York Adventure
*** 1978: J.G. (Huck) Huckenpohler, who in real life is actually the long-lived Professor A.Q. Porter, once gave one of his Dime Lectures on the subject of known meetings between Edgar Rice Burroughs and some of his characters. As a result of his scholarly research, he reported that ERB left Tarzana for a visit with friends in the White Mountains of Arizona, where he stayed in a cabin on the Little Colorado River, near Springerville. While there, he was visited by his uncle, John Carter, who told him of recent events which had taken place on Barsoom. ERB made a record of Carter's story and published the story in the eighth volume of his Martian chronicles, "Swords of Mars." In addition to giving his Dime Lecture at a time and location unspecified, Professor Porter's papers were published in ERBapa edtions nos. 60, 62 and 63 and have also been reprinted at the ERBlist site.
Bob Hyde, longtime president of The Burroughs Bibliophiles, did some in-person research on the Little Colorado cabin site too, and mentioned it in his "Odyssey of a Tarzan FANatic" in ERBzine:
Bob Hyde's Odyssey: Chapter XLIV: 1978
Swords of Mars
*** 1933: Beset with the pressures of work and a growing rift in his marriage to Emma, Ed took a solo vacation, driving his Cord to Springerville in the White Mountains of Arizona. Most of the marriage problems involvd Emma's over-dependence on alcohol. One of the purposes of the trip is to inspect a Cochise County, Arizona gold mine in which he has bought a quarter interest, but since this was his first vacation without Emma and the children he became very homesick and lonely.

ERB Bio Timeline Notes
ERB in the Wild West
ERBapa with Contents Pages

Off-Site Reference:
Huck's ERBapa articles in ERBlist

*** 1957 Dave Garroway was never in a Tarzan movie, but he did team up with a chimp, just like Tarzan did, and he and Tarzan shared a panel in Trump, Harvey Kurtzman's and Hugh Hefner's a three-issue Mad-type humour magazine of 1957. Garroway, who was born July 13, 1913, had a chimp named J. Fred Muggs who was a regular on NBC's "Today," the morning television show that Garroway pioneered and hosted from 1952 to 1961. Jack Davis's Trump panel showed Garroway and Tarzan, among others, fleeing from King Kong, as Garroway held a gun to his head. The satiric illustration proved to be sadly prophetic as to the manner in which Garroway died as, plagued by years of grief, capped with worsening heart troubles, he killed himself in 1982 with a gunshot.
Jack Davis' MAD and Trump spoofs on Garroway

Off-Site Reference:
J. Fred Muggs in Wikipedia

*** 1958: "Tarzan and the Killer Whale," by John Celardo and Dick Van Buren, began July 13, 1958, and ran for nine weeks.
Tarzan and the Killer Whale: Celardo Sundays List
*** 1942: Tarzan's New York Adventure with Weissmuller and O'Sullivan was released by MGM.
*** 1930:  Ed rode alone.~ he went shopping for tiles for the living room ~ met with Congressman Grant .... to establish a Tarzana post office ~ Emma went on a shopping trip to Wilshire ~ Joan and the baby came for the night

ERB Bio Timeline and Journals


Edgar Rice Burroughs: TARZAN and the Man Who Made Him in Liberty ~ Hully Burroughs & Bill Hillman at the ERB, Inc. Office 1971
ERB, Inc. President Jim Sullos under burial tree ~ An Auto-Biography by ERB with autographed page (99-day road trip) 
*** 1945: "Tarzan and the Man who Made Him" takes 11 minutes and 42 seconds to read, according to a blurb in Liberty Magazine of July 14, 1945. So if you have that much time available you can click on the ERBzine link and read the story on ERB by Lloyd Shearer:
Tarzan and the Man who Made Him in Liberty
*** 1927: On July 14, 1927: The start of the move of offices to the new store and three-office complex on Ventura Boulevard (the present ERB, Inc. offices). The new office was fully occupied by the next day. The building is of old Spanish farm type architecture and is almost completely hidden by a black walnut tree. He had bought the property in 1919 and renamed it Tarzana Ranch. The present chief executive in that office, Jim Sullos, said, "Ventura Boulevard wasn't even paved in those days. Burroughs used to ride his horse to work every day and write his books." ERB is still there, too. His ashes were buried in the front yard and our feature photo was taken of Jim standing under the "ashes tree" in front of the Ventura office. We have taken many photos of the Tarzana office building through the years but our first visit in 1971 where we met ERB's son Hully and daughter Joan are especially memorable. Today, the city of Tarzana has spread out around that original office and visitors delight in taking the Safari Walk along the bustling Ventura Boulvevard.

Hillmans Visit ERB, Inc. Office on Ventura: 1971
Meet Jim Sullos: Current ERB, Inc. President
ERB, Inc. Office Tour and Safari Walk starts at:
*** 1916: On this date ERB and family started off on their 99-day road trip. The experience led to ERB writing "An Auto-Biography" as a promotional giveaway for the Republic Truck Comany. Ed's wife and three kids shared this adventure. Read more about it in our Joan Burroughs Biography series starting in ERBzine 1102.

An Auto-Biography: Promo Giveaway for Republic
Joan Burroughs Biography
*** 1930: "Tarzan and the Lost Empire," by Rex Maxon and R.W. Palmer, began July 14 in 1930 and ran on the comics pages for 84 days.

Tarzan and the Lost Empire: All 84 Maxon Strips
Read ALL the Maxon Tarzan Strips in ERBzine

*** 1912:  ERB started the sequel to Under the Moons of Mars.
*** 1913: July 14 - March 19, 1914: "The Girl from Harris's" was begun in Chicago and finished in San Diego (13 chapters, 136 pages and 44,880  words).
*** 1930: Ed sent Weston one of many letters expressing his regret over having persuaded him to invest in the failed Metropolitan Airport and aircraft engine stock.
*** 1930: Jack was in charge of a cabin full of kids at a YMCA mountain camp for a week.
*** 1945: Ed wrote another  LETTERhome to Joan from "Somewhere" while aboard the USS Cahaba.
ERB's Letter to Joan from the USS Cahaba
ERB Bio Timeline




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