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Our Tarzan's Africa Series Presents:
Another major book which prepared the advent of
Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs

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A Preview and Overview with Sample Illustrations
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Africa was still a mystery to most of the world in 1890 when this book was published. The public's knowledge of the Dark Continent was largely limited to what they read in adventurous accounts of jungle expeditions by explorers and big game hunters. Among the most famous of these was Henry Morton Stanley.

Stanley was well-known to European and American audiences thanks to his famed quest to find Dr. Livingstone in 1872. Sixteen years later, in 1888, Stanley undertook yet another expedition into the heart of Africa via the Congo River -- this time to rescue Mehmed Emin Pasha, who was trapped in the midst of an Islamic uprising.

Fun Fact: Henry Morton Stanley is believed by certain scholars to have been the inspiration for the infamous "Kurtz" character in Joseph Conrad's classic 1899 novel of the Belgian Congo, The Heart of Darkness. Conrad's novel and characters were later updated and moved to a Vietnamese setting in Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now. Thus, the events described in this book can be seen as an inspiration for both of these renowned works.

As an aid to the imagination, this wonderful book also features "more than 200 striking illustrations" of savages, wild animals, and thrilling scenes from Stanley’s journeys. Chapter summaries are given in point form.

The Preface states:

    The wonderful discoveries and thrilling adventures of the world's greatest explorer, Henry M. Stanley, are related in this new work. It is a record of the most daring achievements and heroic deeds of modern times, describing the long and perilous journeys, the terrible sufferings, the brilliant conflicts with ferocious men and beasts, the grand discoveries, which have awakened intense interest and aroused the enthusiastic admiration of all civilized nations.

    This work also gives a full and thrilling account of the marvelous discoveries of other world-renowned travelers in the Tropics. The reader is made a fellow-explorer with the immortal Livingstone, who traversed boundless regions where the foot of civilized man had never trod; with Sir Samuel Baker, Speke and Grant, whose daring expeditions in Central Africa place them in the front rank of modern heroes; with Du Chaillu, Cameron, Andersson, Baldwin and others, whose undaunted bravery in the face of danger, and victories over bloodthirsty savages and wild beasts, have a resistless fascination.

    A brilliant panorama of tropical wonders passes before the reader's gaze. He traverses vast and fertile plains, luxuriant valleys and desert wastes. He sees savage tribes in their curious costumes; their strange marriage customs; their ludicrous superstitions; their reckless deeds of violence; their monstrous social and religious rites, involving the frightful sacrifice of human life.

    He witnesses grotesque war-dances; singular freaks of medicine men and rain makers; and strange antics of wizards. He beholds the majestic lion, the gigantic hippopotamus and fierce crocodile, monkey tribes, gorillas and venomous boa-constrictors, the fleet-footed ostrich, giraffe and zebra, the huge rhinoceros and bounding gazelle, and the ponderous elephant jarring the earth with his heavy tread.

    He witnesses the adventures of the chase, and deeds of daring surpassing the most startling tales of romance. He is captivated with tropical birds, arrayed in plumage of unrivalled beauty, and with brilliant forms of insect life, wonderful as the gigantic beasts of the plain and jungle.

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WONDERS OF THE TROPICS; Or, Explorations and Adventures of Henry M. Stanley and Other World-Renowned Travelers Including Livingstone, Baker, Cameron, Speke, Emin Pasha, Du Chaillu, Andersson, Etc. Containing Amazing Accounts of Famous Expeditions, Miraculous Escapes, Wild Sports of the Jungle and Plain, Curious Customs of Savage Races, Journeys in Unknown Lands, and Marvelous Discoveries in the Wilds of Africa. Together With Graphic Descriptions of Beautiful Scenery, Fertile Valleys, Vast Forests, Mighty Rivers and Cataracts, Inland Seas, Mines of Untold Wealth, Ferocious Beasts, Etc., Etc. The Whole Comprising a Vast Treasury of all that is Marvellous and Wonderful in THE DARK CONTINENT. By Henry Davenport Northrop, D.D. Published in 1889 by National Publishing Company, Philadelphia. 9” x 7” decorated cloth hardcover. “Embellished with More Than 200 Striking Illustrations.” 824 pages.


A Remarkable Man
* Solving the Mysteries of the Dark Continent * Stanley's Birth ill Wales * Sent in Early Life to the Almshouse at St. Asaph * A Teacher in Flintshire * Struggling to Obtain Means for an Education * The Restless Spirit Showing itself * Seeking the New World * A Cabin Boy, Bound from Liverpool to New Orleans * The Welsh Boy Adopted by Stanley of New Orleans * Honesty and Capacity of the Boy * Death of Stanley's Benefactor * No Property Falls to the Adopted Son * Stanley in California * A Free and Happy Life Among Bold Adventurers * The School of Human Nature * Power of Endurance and Readiness for Daring Enterprises * Carrying the Knapsack and Rifle * A Soldier in the Confederate Army * Captured by Union Forces * Becomes Connected with the New York Herald * Off for the Battle-field in Turkey * Robbed by Brigands * Stanley Returns to England * The Children's Dinner at the Poorhouse * Sent by James Gordon Bennett with the British Abyssinian Expedition * Stanley's Messages First to Reach London * Livingstone Lost in Africa * Remarkable Midnight Interview with Mr. Bennett * "Find Livingstone at any Cost"

Africa a World of Surprises and Wonders
* Journeys of Livingstone * The Young Scotch Boy * Born of Noble Parentage * An Ancestry of Sturdy Scotch Qualities * David's Factory Life * Eager Thirst for Knowledge * Tending the Loom, with One Eye on His Book * Studying Latin * A Lover of Heroic Deeds * Early Promise of Rising to Distinction * Resolves to Become a Medical Missionary in China * Departure for Africa * Physical Nerve and Endurance * Encounter with a Ferocious Lion * Livingstone's Narrow Escape * Gordon Cumming's Description of the Noble Beast * A Powerful Animal * Beauty of the Lion * Roar of the Forest King * Frightful Ferocity * The Lion's Fearlessness * Requirements of lion Hunters * Brave Character of Livingstone

Livingstone's Life Among the Backwains
* An Intelligent Chief * Trying to Whip the Heathen into Conversion * Appearance of the Backwains * Peculiar Head-Dress * Expert Thieves * A Bewitched Kettle * A Horrible Deed * An African Congress * Thrilling War Songs * Carrving on War for Glory- -Livingstone* Interest in this Tribe * Singular Superstitions * Medicine Men and Rain Doctors * Barbarous Practices * Severe Training fur Boys * The Girls' Ordeal * Romantic Dances * Construction of Houses * Curious Burial Customs * Funeral Dances Among the Latookas * An Active Chief * The Rich No Better Than the Poor * Odd Decorations -Graceful Movements

Livingstone's Great Interest in the Makololo Tribe
* The Fate of Ancient Nations * Extraordinary Changes in Southern Africa * Obscure Origin of the Hottentots * Displaced by the More Powerful Kaffirs * The Great Chief of the Makololo * Severe Punishment for Cowards * A Royal Young Snob * Fear of the Ferocious Lion * Headlong Charge of the Buffalo upon Hunters * Livingstone's Story of His Wagon * A Race in Eating * Frightful Battle with Hippopotami * Frail Boat Surrounded by Ugly Brutes * Superior Makololo Women * Mode of Building Houses * Strong Walls and Thatched Roofs * Strange Ideas of a Boatman * Offenders Flung to Crocodiles * Dividing the Spoils of Hunting * Sports of African Children * A Queen's Opinion of White People * Better Looking than she Imagined * A Grotesque and Exciting Dance

Remarkable Successes of Livingstone
* Forming a Station in the Wilderness * The Explorer Builds a House * Search for a Great Lake * A Desert with Prodigious Herds of Wild Animals * Starting on a Perilous Journey * Wagons Left in Charge of Natives * Travelling in Frail Canoes * Haunts of the Hippopotami * Thrilling Adventure with Crocodiles * Frantic Struggles to Escape from Death * Shooting the Huge Monster * Seized with a Sudden Horror * A Great Splash and a Cry of Joy * Ancient Crocodiles with Immense Jaws * Exciting Encounter with a River-Horse * A Remarkable Chief * Rivers and Swamps Breeding Fevers * Reaching the Banks of the Zambesi * Prevalence of a Troublesome Fly * A Magnificent River * Livingstone's Journey of a Thousand Miles with his Family * Malicious Attack by the Dutch Boers * Livingstone's House Plundered * The Explorer Reaches the Capital of the Makololo * Cordial Welcome from the Natives * The Young King Has a Rival * Ascending the Great River Zambesi * Attempt on the Life of the King * Makololo Architecture * A Grand Dance * Expedition to the West * The Balonda Country * A Visit to Shinti * Scarcity of Food * Arrival at Loanda * Attacked by Savages * On the Leeba * Arrival at Linyanti

Dangers of River Navigation
* Luxuriant Wild Fruits * Skillful Management of Canoes by Natives * Magnificent Scenery * Man Seized by a Crocodile * Beautiful Flowers and Wild Honey * Strapping Chieftainess Smeared with Fat and Red Ochre * Pompous Chief * Curious Piano * Portuguese Traders * Warm Reception to the Explorers * Lifting off Roofs of Houses to Cover the Travellers * A Chief who Killed His Subjects for Amusement * Remarkable Custom for Cementing Friendship * Tricksters who Want Money * Livingstone Suffers from Fever * Savage Attack upon the Expedition * Making Charms and Cupping for Sickness * Black Corporal for an Escort * Beautiful Country Going to Waste * Vast Herds of Cattle * An Ornamental Garden * Natives Astonished by Strange Sights * Generous Gifts of Jolly Tars * "Stones that Burn " * An Attractive Town * The Irrepressible Donkey * Strange Belief in Evil Spirits * Grotesque Head-dresses * Fine Sport with the Gun * The Expedition Travelling in Small Canoes * Livingstone Charged a Buffalo * Noisy Welcome to the Explorers * Troops of Elephants

Livingstone's Resolve to Reach the East Coast
* A Fine Race of Negroes * One hundred and fourteen Trustworthy Men * The Brave Leaders of the Company * A Terrible Storm * Sailing Down the River * Far.famed Victoria Falls * Scene of Extreme Beauty * Ascending Clouds of Spray * Immense Baobab Tree * Strange Mode of Salutation * Traffic in Ivory * Buffalo Brought Down with the Rifle * Presents from a Peace-loving Chief * Vast Numbers of Wild Animals * Huge Hippopotami and their Young * How the Natives Capture Elephants * Strange Appearance of the Natives * Mouths like those of Ducks * Hostilities by a Village Chief * Remains of an Old Portuguese Settlement * The Doctor's Ox Gallops off * Strange Cries and Waving Fire-brands * Visit from two Old Men * American Calico in a Far Land * Surprising Instinct of the Elephant * The Enormous Beast Taught to Work for his Master * A New Way of Laying Timbers * Remarkable Story by an English Officer * Extraordinary Sagacity of the Elephant * Dangers in the Path of the Expedition * Great Risk from Being Attacked by Lions * Dreadful Encounter with a King of the Forest * A " Civilized Breakfast" * Kind Reception by an English Major * Natives who Plant Gold for Seed * Tree Supposed to Have Remarkable Medical Virtues * Four Years away from Cape Town * Ravages of Famine * A Chief who Wishes to Visit England * Seized with Insanity and Lost Overboard * Livingstone arrives in England

Fresh Start for a Long Exploring Tour
* An English Steamer in African Waters * Battle between the Portuguese and a Savage Chief * Rescue of the Governor * The "Ma.Robert" Commences Her Voyage * Astonishment of the Natives * Hardships of Travelling in the Tropics * A Swift Cataract * The Murchinson Falls * A Chief Loses His Little Girl * Natives Obstructing the Expedition * Searching for a Great Lake * Pursued by a Buffalo * Trap for the Hippopotamus * Failure to Recover the Lost Child * Singular Ideas of Female Beauty * Fearsome Cry from the River * A Native's Deadly Combat with a Crocodile * Monsters Hatched from Eggs * Discovery of the Great Lake * Scarcity of Water * Return of the "Ma Robert" * A Conspicuous Fraud * Hostile Chief Conciliated * Abundance of Game and Numerous Lions * Sketch of the Batoka Tribe * Peculiar Fashion of Wearing the Hair * Masters of the Canoe * Perils among Breakers * Very Po'ite Savages * Singular Customs and Ceremonies * Fearless Hunters * Native Belief in a Future Existence * Melodious Sounds of Music * African Poets * Incorrigible Liars * Put to Death for Bewitching a Chief * Gang of Cattle Stealers * Adventure with a River Horse * Man Saved on a Rock * Tropical Chameleon * A Marvelous Reptile * Shifting Colors * Seized by a Crocodile * Horse and Rider Terribly Wounded

Setting Out in a Leaky Vessel
* A Losing Adventure * Bishop Mackenzie's Arrival * The "Pioneer" gets Aground * Description of a Well-known tribe * Farming in Africa * Generous Hospitality * Remarkable Costumes * Elegant Tattooing * Natives that Seldom Wash * An African Dancing Party * Belief in Visits from Departed Spirits * Burning Villages * Battle with Ajawa Warriors * Transporting the Boats Overland * Sudden and Terrific Storm * Air Thick with Midges * Enormous Crocodiles * Camp Plundered by Thieves * Dangers Thicken * The Expedition on its Return * Mrs. Livingstone's Arrival * Deaths of Bishop Mackenzie and Mrs. Livingstone * Lonely Graves in a Strange Land * Bullets and Poisoned Arrows * Immense Flocks of Beautiful Birds * The Fiery Flamingo * Wine from the Palm * A Bird's Extraordinary Nest * Odd Specimen of the Monkey Tribes * Deserted Country * Lord Russell Recalls the Expedition * Alarm from Savage Invaders * The " Pioneer" Disabled * Livingstone at Bombay

Sensation Caused by Livingstone's Discoveries
* New Expedition * Arrival at Zanzibar * Hard March Across the Country * Desertion of Sepoys * Arrival on the Shores of the Lake * No Canoes * Report of Murders by Arabs * Desertions Among the Men * Story of Livingstone's Death * Excitement in England * Expedition Sent to Learn the Explorer's Fate * Ravages by a Savage Tribe * Thieves in the Camp * Loss of the Medicine Chest * Sufferings from Fever * Arrival at Tanganyika * A New Lake on the West * Further Progress Stopped * Patient Waiting * Off for the New Lake at Last * Down the Lake to Cazembe's * High and Mighty Potentate * Formal Reception to Livingstone * Presents to the Chief * Shocking Stories of Human Sacrifices * Cropping off Ears and Lopping off Hands * A Tribe that Smelts Copper ore * Hot Springs and Frequent Earth-quakes * Exploring Lake Bangweolo * Grave in the Forest * " Poor Mary Lies on Shupanga Brae " * Remarkable Discovery * Modesty of the Great Explorer

Great Excitement Among the Natives by the Presence of a White Man
* Cruise on a Large Lake * Strike of Canoe-Men * Canoe-Food Obtained by Shooting Buffaloes * Fine Sport for the Hunter * How Ihe Buffalo is Hunted * Thrilling Adventure with the Huge Brute * Hottentot Dodging in the Bushes * Terrible Foe * Adventure of a Friend of Livingstone * A Dangerous Meeting with Two Lions * Charge of a Mad Buffalo * Livingstone Pursues His Journey * A Country Convulsed by War * Mohammed and other Arab raiders * Flight for Life * Livingstone Pacifies the Natives * Return of Deserters * Start for Ujiji * Serious Illness * A Dauntless Hero * Encounter with an Elephant * Beautiful Monkeys in the Forest * Thousands of Ants on the March * Graphic Description of Manyuema * Degraded Tribe of Cannibals * Market Scene in Manyuema * Terrible Massacre * Disastrous Attempt to Go Forward * Lake Named after President Lincoln * The Explorer's Account of the Soko * Freaks of a Strange Animal * A Wild Creature that Never Attacks Women * Amusing Female Soko * Ten Men with Stores Meet Livingstone * Shocking Barbarity * Hundreds of Lives Lost * Shameful Cruelty and Destruction * Off on Foot for Ujiji * Near to Death * People Who Eat Their Enemies * Arrival at Ujiji * Sick, Worn out and in Desperate Straits

Livingstone Traced to Ujiji
* Search Expedition Organized in England * Alarm and Sorrow at the News of Livingstone's Death * News Discredited by Sir Roderick Murchison * Mr. Young Sent Out to Find the Lost Explorer * The Little Steel Vessel * The Expedition Hears of a White Man * Traces of Livingstone * Natives Know Livingstone by His Photograph * Cheering News * Another Search Expedition * Money Eagerly Subscribed * Men Selected for the Undertaking * Stanley Leads the Way * Stanley on the March * Guides, Carriers and Donkeys * Band Music and Lively Songs * Natives Carrying Heavy Burdens on their Heads * The neetok * Perils and Difficulties of the Journey * Qualities Required in an Explorer * Tangled Brake and Wild Animals * The Ferocious Rhinoceros * Excitements of the Chase * A Monster Fleet as a Gazelle * Conflict Between an Elephant and Rhinoceros * Mr. Oswald s Narrow Escape * The Hunter Scarred for Life * Stanley’s Misfortunes * Sentence of Flogging on a Deserter * The Donkey Whip * Daughter of an Infamous King * Urging Forward the Caravan-Sending Away a Sick Man * Stanley Frightens an Arab Sheik * Across Marshes and Rivers * Half Buried in a Swamp * Stanley's Graphic Account * Pursuit of a Runaway * The Fugitive Captured * Two Dozen Lashes and Put in Irons * The Captor Rewarded * Coral Beads for a Native's Wife

Stanley's Marvellous Courage and Enterprise
* Abundance of Supplies * Perils Surrounding the Expedition * Paying Tribute to Chiefs * Dense Jungles and Thickets o' Thorns * A Country Teeming with Noble Game * A Merry Bugler and His Horn * Stanley Invited to the House of a Sheik- Three Caravans Arrive in Safety * Letters to Livingstone Long Delayed * Illness of Stanley * The Explorer Senseless for Two Weeks * Shaw Again Breaks Down * Chief Mirambo Disputes the March of the Expedition * Stanley Joins the Arab Forces * Deadly Encounter with Mirambo * Stanley's Graphic Account of the Conflict * Mirambo Gets His Foe into Ambush * Disastrous Defeat of the Arab Forces * Stanley's Hasty Flight * Setting off Hurriedly at Midnight * Urging Forward the Donkeys * Safe at Last * Arab Boy Faithful to His American Master * News of Farquhar's Death * Burning a Village * Mirambo Retreats * Stanley's Little Slave Boy * How the Name Kalulu was Obtained * Shaw is Sent Back * Narrow Escape From a Crocodile * Capture of an Immense Reptile * A Traveler's Startling Adventure * Mutiny in Stanley's Camp * Securing the Friendship of a Powerful Chief * Home of the Lion and the Leopard * Stanley in Pursuit of Adventure * Encounter with a Wild African Boar * Kalulu Badly Frightened * Crossing a Perilous River * Exciting News of a White Man * Stanley Longs for a Horse * Expedition in High Spirits * More Demand for Tribute * A Bivouac in Silence * Passing Through an African Village * Great Alarm Among the Natives * Arrival at Last * March of Two Hundred and Thirty six Days

Stanley's Perseverance * Mastering Mountains of Difficulty
* Bent on Finding Livingstone * Characteristics of the Two Great Explorers * Livingstone's Touching Reference to the Death of His Wife * Wonderful Results of African Exploration * Stanley Approaches Ujiji * News of a Brother White Man * Great Excitement Among the Travellers * Unfurling Flags and Firing Guns * Ujiji Surprised by the Coming of the Caravan * People Rushing by Hundreds to Meet Stanley * Joyous Welcome * Meeting the Servant of Livingstone * Flags, Streamers and Greetings * Livingstone's Surprise * The Great Travellers Face to Face * Stanley Relating the News of the Past Six Years * Livingstone's Personal Appearance * A Soldier from Unyanyembe * A Celebrated Letter Bag * Letters a Year Old * Narrative of Great Events * What Livingstone Thought of Stanley's Arrival * Letter to James Gordon Bennett * The Explorer's Forlorn Condition * On the Eve of Death when Stanley Arrived * Livingstone Thrilled by Mr. Bennett's Kindness * Some Account of the Country Visited * Discussing Future Plans * Stanley's Description of Livingstone * Fine Example of the Anglo-Saxon Spirit * Life Given to Ethiopia's Dusky Children * Livingstone's Marvellous Love for Africa

Stanley and Livingstone at Ujiji
* Cruise on Lake Tanganyika * Giants of African Discovery * Meeting Enemies Upon the Shores * Geographers who Never Travel * Dusky Forms Dodging From Rock to Rock * Mountains Seven Thousand Feet High * Important Discovery * Livingstone's Desperate Resolve * Stanley Leaves for Zanzibar * Affecting Parting Between the Two Great Explorers * Livingstone's Intended Route * Later Search Expeditions * Livingstone's Sad and Romantic History * Timely Arrival of Reinforcements from Stanley * Start for the Southwest at Last Made * Without Food for Eight Days * Westward Once More * Continued Plunging In and Out of Morasses * Turbid Rivers and Miry Swamps * Natives Afraid of the White Mm -Extract from the "Last Journals" * Crossing the Chambeze * Gigantic Difficulties Encountered * Livingstone Again * Very Ill * " Pale, Bloodless and Weak from Profuse Bleeding " * Rotten Tents Torn to Shreds * The Last Service * Livingstone Carried on a Litter * The Doctor Falls from His Donkey * A Night's Rest in a Hut * Natives Gather Round the Litter * A Well-known Chief Meets the Caravan * The Last Words Livingstone Ever Wrote * The Dying Hero Slowly Carried by Faithful Attendants * The Last Stage * Drowsiness and Insensibility * Lying Under the Broad Eaves of a Native, Hut * The Final Resting Place * Livingstone's Dying Words * The World's Great Hero Dead * Sorrowful Procession to the Coast * Body Transported to England * Funeral in Westminster Abbey * Crowds of Mourners and Eloquent Eulogies * Inscription on the Casket

Stanley's Absorbing Interest in Livingstone's Explorations
* His Resolve to Find a Path from Sea to Sea * A Man of Remarkable Enterprise * Determined to Accom-plish His Object at Any Cost * Description of the Congo Region * Once the Most Famous Kingdom of Africa * A King Glorious in Trinkets * People Prostrating Themselves Before Their Monarch * The Whims of a Despot * Taxes Levied on Furniture * Killing Husbands to Get Their Wives * Strange and Savage Customs * Messengers Collecting Slaves and Ivory * A Nation Famous as Elephant Hunters and Men Stealers * Worship of a Wicked Deity * Priests with Absolute Power * Sacred Fire Burning Continually * A Priest so Holy That He Cannot Die a Natural Death * Test of Red Hot Iron Applied to the Skin * How the Congoese Disfigure Themselves * Outlandish Dress * Husbands Rebuked for Neglecting to Beat Their Wives * Pipes and Palm Wine * A Notorious Queen * Followed by a Host of Lovers * Horrible Practices * Slaughter of Male Children * The Queen's Tragic End * Queen Shinga and Her Daring Exploits * Female Demon * Universal Polygamy * Eating Habits of the Congo Tribes * Agonies of Indigestion * Singular Modes of Salutation * Stanley's Description of Welcoming Strangers * Love for Titles and Sounding Names * How Wives Manage Husbands * Famous Old King of the Gaboon * King William's Principal Wife * A Monarch Arrayed in Scarlet * Ferocious Tribes * Traders and Their Wares * Stanley's Description of the Country * Superstitions and Paganism * Animal Life in Congo * Antelopes, Zebras and Buffaloes * Beautiful Monkey Tribe * Wild Attack of Cannibals * Immense War-Boat * Everlasting Din of Drums * Horns Carved out of Elephants' Tusks * Wild War Cry * Singular Temple of Ivory * Horrid Monument of Mud and Skulls

The Greatest Feat on Record
* Stanley's Journey Across the Continent to the Congo * Expedition Planned by the Daily Telegraph of London and the New York Herald * Englishmen in the Party * The Barge Named the " Lady Alice " * An Army of Followers to Carry the Outfit * Journey to the Victoria Nyanza * Speculation as to the Sources of the Nile * Dangers of Travelling in the Dark Continent * Crawling Through Jungles * A Famine-stricken District * Two Young Lions for Food * Stanley's Pity for His Famishing Men * Death of a Young English-man * Burial Under a Tree * Discovery of the Extreme Southern Sources of the Nile * Arrival at Vinyata * Strange OW Magic Doctor * Breaking Out of Hostilities * Severe Loss of Men * Treachery of Natives * Arrival of Six Beautiful Canoes * Stanley Receives a Royal Invitation * The Creat King Mtesa welcomes the Traveller * Prodigal Display of Hospitality * Great Naval Parade in Honor of the Visitor * Uganda, the Country of King Mtesa * Startling Horrors of African Life * Severe Punishments Inflicted by the King * Errand Boys in Picturesque Dress * The King's Power of Life or Death * A Queen's Narrow Escape * Instruments of Torture * A Powerful Despot * Review of the Warriors * History of the Old King * Strange Tales of the Ancjent Times * Marvellous Military Drill * Singular Funeral Customs * Description of King Mtesa in Early Life * How the King Receives Visitors * Royal Ceremonies * Superstitious Dread of a Water Spirit * Decorations and Mystic Symbols * Worshipping with Fife and Drum * The African's Indolent Character * Stanley's Estimate of King Mtesa * A Doubtful Eulogy

Stanley Off for Victoria Nyanza
* A Redoubtable General Who Had to be Put in Irons * Stanley Received With August Ceremonies by a King * The Great Mtesa Agrees to Join the Expedition * The King's Wonderful Army * Splendid Battalions of Warriors * Native Hostilities on Foot * Repulse of Mtesa's Proud Army * Stanley's Cunning Device to Defeat the Enemy * Construction of a Terrible War-boat * Proclamation of Amnesty to Those Who Will Surrender * The Stratagem Successful * A Renowned Arab * Stanley Obtains the Aid of Tipo.tipo * Dreadful Accounts of Ferocious Cannibals and Dwarfs With Poisoned Arrows * Tales Rivalling the Stories of the "Arabian Nights " * Dwarfs That Scream Like Demons * Clouds of Arrows Filling the Air * Terrible Tales of Huge Pythons * Numerous Leopards and Other Wild Beasts * Stories of Gorillas * Stanley's Contract With Tipo-tipo * Arrival at Nyangwe * Livingstone's Description of Nyang. we's Renowned Market * Savage "Dudes" and Hard-working Women * An Amusing Scene * New Journeys and Discoveries * Fierce Attack From Hostile Natives * Engagement With Fifty.four Gun-boats * War Vessels Repulsed by Stanley's Men * Cataracts in a Distance of Eighteen Hundred Miles * Five Months Covering One Hundred and Eighty Miles * Death in the Boiling Rapids * Men Hurried to a Yawning Abyss * Miraculous Escape of One of Stanley's Men * Thrilling Adventure of Zaida * Rescued in the Nick of Time * Brave Frank Pocock Drowned * Stanley's Incontrollable Grief * Nearing the Mouth of the Congo and the Atlantic Coast * Stanley's Letter Appealing for Help * Quick Response of White Men * Stanley's Letter of Grateful Thanks * Final Arrival at the Long-sought Coast * Stanley's Fame Fills the World

Stanley and Emin'Pasha
* Other Famous African Travellers * Achievements Almost Superhuman * Fascination of Tropical Explorations * Sir Samuel and Lady Baker * Lady Baker Determined to Accompany Her Husband * Discomforts of Travelling in Africa * Intense Heat in the Nile Region * Barren Rocks and Sandy Wastes * Blue Sky Over a Blighted Land * The Wretched Town of Korosko * Searching for One of the Sources of the Nile * Arrival at Berber * Courtesier of an Ex Governor * The Travellers Pitch Their Tents in a Garden * A Charming Oasis * Fine Looking Slaves From the White Nile * Slaves Well Cared for by Their Master * Description of a Beautiful Slave Girl * Guard of Turkish Soldiers * Fine River and Forest Game * Sudden Rise of the Nile * A Clew to One Part of the Nile Mystery * The Rainy Season Arrives * Interview With a Great Sheik * Venerable Arab on a Beautiful Snow-white Dromedary * Perfect Picture of a Desert Patriarch * Cordial Welcome to Baker and His Party * A Performance to Show the Sheik's Hospitality * Arrival at the Village of Soft * On the Banks of the Atbara * The Travellers Living in Huts * A German in the Wilds of Africa * Man Killed by a Lion * Baker's Adventure With a River-horse * Savage Old Hippopotamus * Famous Arab Hunters * Wonderful Weapons * Story of the Old Arab and His Trap for the Hippopotamus * Capture of an Enormous Beast * Aggageers Hunting the Elephant * Thrilling Adventure of a Renowned Arab Hunter * An Elephant Dashing Upon His Foes Like an Avalanche * Fatal Blow of the Sharp Sword * Baker's Heroic Wife * Reason Why the Nile Overflows * An Ivory Trader * Baker Arrives at Khartoum * Romatic Beauty Destroyed by the Filth of a Miserable Town

The Immense Region of the Soudan
* Remarkable Character of "Chinese" Gordon * A Man Made of Damascus Steel * A Warrior and Not an Explorer * Mr. and Mrs. Baker Crossing the Nubian Desert * Hardships of a Long Camel Journey * The Romance of a Desert Journey Destroyed * Travelling Through a Furnace * A Nubian Thunder Storm * Baker s Description of a Camel Ride * A Humorous Experience * "Warranted to Ride Easy" * Extraordinary Freak of Nature * Thorns Like Fish-hooks * Camel * Plunging Into the Thorn Bushes * An African Scorpion * Water Six Inches Deep in the Tents * The Explorers Pressing Forward * The Party That Left Khartoum * The Carpenter Johann * Sickness and Death of Poor Johann * Celebrated Tribe of Blacks * Very Cheap Style of Dress * Traits of the Neuhr Tribe * Ludicrous Attempt to Get Into Shoes * More of Salutation * Mosquitoes in Africa * Visit from a Chief and His Daughte' * Leopard Skin and Skull Cap of White Beads * Men Tall and Slender * Puny Children * An Indolent and Starving People * Herds of Cattle * Sacred Bull With Ornamented Horns * How a Prussian Baron Lost His Life * Termination of the Voyage * Appearance of the Country * The Explorers Looked Upon With Suspicion * Native Dwellings * The Perfection of Cleanliness * Huts With Projecting Roofs and Low Entrances * The Famous Bari Tribe * Warlike and Dangerous Savages * Story of an Umbrella * Systematic Extortion * Story of Two Brave Boys

Attempts to Shoot Baker
* Desperate Mutiny in Camp * Notable Arrival * Meeting Grant and Speke * The Little Black Boy from Khartoum * Fresh Plot Among Baker's Men * Disarming the Conspirators * Heroism in the Face of Danger * Mutinous Turks Driven Over a Precipice * Horrible Fate of Deserters * Exciting Elephant Hunt * March Through Beautiful Hunting Grounds * Thrilling Encounter * The Huge Beast Turning on His Foes * Cowardly Followers * Elephant Nearly Caught * Wild Beasts Screaming Like a Steam Whistle * Tales of Narrow Escapes * African and Indian Elephants * Elephants in War * Neetmok * The Explorers a Obbo * Crafty Old Chief * Trouble to Get Rain * Spirited Dance of Obbos * Trying to Trade Wives * Satanic Escort * Grotesque Parade * Serious Illness of Mrs. Baker * Beautiful Landscape * Travelling in Canoes * Storm on the Lake * Tropical Hurricane * Dangers of the Lake Tour * The Explorers Advancing Under Difficulties * Continued Attacks of Fever * Life Endangered by Travelling in the Tropics

A Wilderness of Vegetation
* Hearty Welcome From a Chief and Natives * "Blind Leading the Blind * Voyage Up the Victoria Nile * Severe Attack of Fever * Sufferings of Lady Baker * A Remarkable River * End of Canoe Voyage * Beginning of a Toilsome March * Rumors Concerning a Great Waterfall * Thunder of the Cataract * Rocky Cliffs and Precipitous Banks * Magnificent View * Splendid Fall of Snow-white Water * Murchison Falls * The Niagara of the Tropics * Hippopotamus Charges the Canoe * Startling Shock * Scrawny Travelling Beasts * Curious Refreshments * Arrival at a Chief's Island * Crossing Ravines and Torrents * Sickness on the March * Taking Shelter in a Wretched Hut * On the Verge of Starvation * Baker Arrayed in Highland Costume * Stirring Events * Meeting Between a Slave and Her Former Mistress * Adventurous Journey * Pushing on for Shooa * Hunting Game for Dinner * Travellers Hungry as Wolves * Frolicsome Reception of the Explorers * March Through the Ban Country * Arrows Whizzing Overhead * Savage Fatally Wounded * Night in a Hostile Country * Lively Skirmish with the Natives * Arrival at Gondokoro * Excitement and Hurrahs * Terrible Ravages of the Plague * An Arab Gets His Deserts * Sir Samuel and Lady Baker Arrive at Cairo * Baker Receives the Award of the Victoria Gold Medal * The Hero Again in Africa

The Khedive of Egypt
* Baker Made a Pasha * Second Expedition Towards the Sources of the Nile * A Scene of Desolation * Conveying Steel Steamers for the Albert Lake * The Expedition's Outfit * Musical Boxes and Magic Lanterns * The Military Forces * Baker's Very "Irregular Cavalry" * Grotesque Manoeuvres * The Camel Transport * Gun Carriages and Heavy Machinery * Steaming up the Nile * One of the Bravest Achievements of Modern Times * A Grand River * Immense Flats and Boundless Marshes * Current Checked by Floating Islands * Toilsome Passage * The Expedition Retreats * Pursuing Game * A Beautiful Animal * Baker in Camp * The Shillook Tribe * Superior Savages * Crafty Trespassers * Old Chief with Immense Family * A Pompous Ruler * Wholesale Matrimony * Brown Men Get Jilted * A Little Black Pet * Natives Up in Arms * A Dangerous Encounter * Attack From the Baris * Dastardly Traitor * The Household * Black Boys Who Would Not Steal Sugar * Little "Cuckoo" * A Remarkable Rock * An Old Superstition * On the March * Adventure with a Rhinoceros * Horse Attacked * Timely Shot * The Wild Beast Laid Low * Arrival at Unyoro * Sanguinary Battle * "Chinese" Gordon at Khartoum * Gordon's Untimely Death

Speke and Grant on the March
* Soldiers and Hottentots * Red Flannel and Wooly Heads * Dividing the Duties of the Expedition * Strike for Higher Wages * Rogues and Robbers * Excessive Politeness to Women * Polishing the African Skin * Natives Who Run and Hide * Black Boys Badly Scared * Speke on a Rhinoceros Hunt * Desperate Struggle to Obtain a Prize * Hunter Tossed Skyward * An Extraordinary Animal * Use of the Rhinoceros Horn * Peculiar Eyes * Habits of the Great Beast * A Match for the Swiftest Horse * A Hot Pursuit * Singular and Fatal Wound * A Rhinoceros in London * The Wild Beast Tamed * Fire-eating Monster * The Explorers Meet a Rogue * Kind Attentions of an Old Friend * Singular African Etiquette * How a Wife Welcomes Her Husband Back From a Journey * Murder and Plunder * Speke Obtains Freedom for a Slave * Horrid Cannibals * A Popular African Drink * How "Pomba " is Made * Arrival at Mininga * A Leader Who Was Named "Pig" * Obstinacy and Stupidity * Chief Who Wanted to See a White Man * Sly Tricks of the "Pig" * A Steady Old Traveller * Illness of the Explorer * Reception by a Friendly Chief * Alarming News * Persistent Demands for Tribute * Necklaces of Coral Beads * The Explorer's Guides Forsake Him * Hurried Tramp of Men * Arrival of Grant's Porters

An African Village
* Shelling Corn * Furniture in a Native's Hut * Peculiar Social Customs * Evening Dance * A Favorite Game * Weezee Boys and Their Bows and Arrows * Singular Mode of Shooting * Affectionate Greetings * Fine Models of the Human Form * Treatment of Slaves * A Happy Release * Avaricious Arabs * Horrible Punishments Inflicted Upon Offenders * Attacked by Black Robbers * Little Rohan, the Sailor * Boy's Bravery * Shooting Thieves * Speke and Grant at Karague Combats with Wild Animals * Beautiful Scenery * Interesting Family of a King * Royal Fit of Merriment * Famous Fat Wives * Mode of Fattening Women * Models of Beauty * Amusement in the Palace * A King's Levee * Measuring a very Fat Lady * Desperate Battle with a Hippopotamus * Mountain Gazelles * The Wonderful White Man * A King's Astonishment at Gunpowder * Women Beating the War Drum * Musical Instruments * Wild Musician * Grotesque Band of Music -A Merry Christmas * Speke on His Way to Uganda * Messengers from King Mtesa * A Remarkably Rich Country * Mountains of the Moon * Droll Customs of Savages * Frightening Away the Devil * Interview with King Mtesa * A Black Queen * The King Shoots an Adjutant.bird * Wild and Fantastic Scene * A Famous Colonel * Arrival of Grant * The Explorers Pushing Forward * Speke Loses One of His Men * Arrival at the Banks of the Nile * Singular Conveyances * Brutal Attack of Natives * Speke and Grant at the End of Their Journey * The Explorers Arrive in England * Important Discoveries of Speke and Grant

Remarkable Scenery in Central Africa
* Masses of Rocky Mountains * Foliage Bright with all the Colors of the Rainbow * Rank Growths of Rushes and Grass * Varieties of Animal Life * The Guinea fowl * The Sacred Ibii * The Long-legged Stork and Heron * The Wonderful Shoebill * Primeval Forests and Running Streams * Fine Specimens of Flowers * Perpetual Moisture * The Negro's Taste for Honey * The Fish-eagle * Majestic Flight * An Old Bird * The Eagle Contending for its Mate * Remarkable Claws * Turtle Doves and Golden Pheasants * Crows and Hawks * Fairy Antelopes * Grave-looking Monkeys * Beautiful Valleys and Hillsides * The Beautiful in Nature Marred by Human Cruelty * Cities Built by Insects * Waves of Rolling Land * Villages of African Tribes * Stanley's Description of Tanganyika * Remarkable Lake * Lovely Landscape * A Native Bird * Famous Ibis * A Feathered Idol * Stanley's Glowing Description of Tropical Scenery * Desert of Sahara * Terrific Sand Storms * Whirlwinds of Dust-Fire in the Air * Extraordinary Storm Pillars * Remarkable Reptile Tribes * The Curious Gekko * Brilliant Insects * The Traveller's Pests * Remarkable Trees and Plants * The Wild Ox -The Wild Pig * Ten Kinds of Antelopes * Elegant Animals * Swift Punishment * Famous Gorilla * Inveterate Thieves * Quick Retreat * The Orangoutang * Arms longer Than Legs * Formidable Foe * Pursuit of the Orang-outang * Swinging Easily from Tree to Tree * Expert Climber * Hiding Among the Leaves * The Young Orang * A Motherly Goat * Clever Monkey * Saucy Pet * A Little Thief * An Animal Very Human

Thrilling Incidents in the Life of Baldwin
* A Man of Rare Attainments * Bold Hunter * Kaffirs and Hottentots * Terrible Drought * Two Stately Giraffes * A Rickety Old Wagon * Trouble With an Ancient Musket * Greedy Kaffir * Hostile Natives * Loud Talk and Bluster * The Land for Brilliant Sport * - Troop of Elephants * The Buffalo and Rhinoceros * Bright and Burning Sun * Story of a Little African * Swimming a Turbid River * In Pursuit of a Huge Elephant * Crashing Through the Thicket * Hunter Charged by an Elephant * Fat Meat and Half-starved Natives * Immense Beasts Disappear Like Magic * Canoes Upset and their Crews Drowned * Race of Savages Always'at War * Covetous Chief * An Open Air Dinner * Kaffir Girls for Waiters * Description of Kaffir Beauties * Roasted Giraffe for Dinner * An Unscrupulous Rascal * Trying to Get the Best of the Bargain * In Pursuit of Elands * Riding at a Slashing Pace * Floundering Among Pit-falls * Another encounter With Elephants * Perilous Situation * In' Close Contact With an Immense Beast * Shots That Went Home * A Famous Bird * Pathetic Death of a Dog * Combats With Tigers * Exciting Events in the Jungle * Indiscriminate Combat * Savage Charge by a Buffalo * Caught Among Prickly Thorns * Beast that Cannot Be Driven * Chase of the Giraffe * Unique Animal * Eyes of Wonderful Beauty * Elegant Roan Antelope * Crisis of Fate * A Herd of Harrisbucks * The Plumed Ostrich * Ingenious Method of Getting Water * Ostrich Chicks * Not Particular as to Food

Great Gorilla Hunter
* Du Chaillu in the Jungles * First Gorilla Captured by a White Man * Formidable. Monster * Ghastly Charms * Battle with a Bull * Hunter Tossed on Sharp Horns * The Camma Tribe * A very Sick Man * Infernal-looking Doctor * Snake Bones and Little Bells * Extraordinary Performance to Find the Sorcerer * Huge Fraud * Andersson in Africa * Guides Lose Their Way * Lives of the Whole Party at Stake * A Search for Water in All Directions * Necessity of Returning Without Delay * Two Men Exploring the Country for Water Left Behind * Suffering of Men and Animals from Thirst * Grand and Appalling Conflagration * Magnificent Spectacle * Cattle One Hundred and Fifty Hours Without a Single Drop of Water * Troop of Elephants * A Watch by Night * Wild Animals at a Water Course * Doherty's Description * Battle Between a Lion and Lion Hunter * Dogs and Natives * Exciting Hunting Scene * One Hundred Natives in the Field * Cameron in the Dark Continent * Illustrious Explorer * Expedition from Sea to Sea * Important Discoveries * Agreement Between African Explorers * Stanley's Fame Assured

A Remarkable Man
* Last of the Heroes of the Soudan * Birth of Emin Pasha * Early Education * Charmed with the Life of an Explorer * Determined to Visit Africa * Acquaintance with "Chinese" Gordon * Gordon's High Estimate of Emin * Emin Appointed to an Important Position * Governor of the Equatorial Province * Difficulties of the Situation * Strong Hand and Iron Will Required for the Natives * Emin's Very Irregular Troops * Marvellous Success of Emin's Government * A Large Deficit Changed to an Immense Profit * Construction of New Roads * Villages Rebuilt * Immense Improvements Everywhere * Emin's Devotedness to his Great Undertaking * Wonderful Tact and Perseverance * Great Anxiety for Emin * Speculations Concerning His Situation * Resolve to Send an Expedition * Stanley Called upon for a Great Achievement

Emin's Graphic Story
* Sent to Unyoro by "Chinese " Gordon * Emin's Company on the March * Drenched with Rain * Ox-hide Clothing * Fine Present * Very Difficult Marching * Handsome Young Chief * A Manlike Animal * Ape Nests Among the Trees * The African Parrot * Several Species of Baboons * The King Sends an Escort * Tooting Horns and Rattling Drums * Arrival at Kabrega's * Cows With Neither Horns nor Humps * Country Well Peopled * Tall Grasses and Gigantic Reeds * The King's Greetings * Kabrega on a Stool * How the King Was Dressed * Kabrega's Fair Complexion * Amused with a Revolver * A Merry Monarch * A Savage Who Could Forgive * Funny Little Hump-backs * Numerous Albinos * Interesting Custom * Embassy to Gen. Gordon * A Worthless Governor * Exciting Melee

Emin's Scholarly Attainments
* A Shrewd Observer * The Wanyoro * Cleanly Habits * Sweet Perfumes * Triangular Finger-Nails * Wanyoro Cookery * Eating Earth * How Great Chiefs Eat * How Women Eat * What Africans Drink * Proud Wives of Chiefs * Use of Tobacco * Treating Friends With Coffee-berries * Wild Sports in Unyoro * A Famous Witch * Scene at a Fire * How Love Matches Are Made * Paying for a Wife by Installments * How Crime is Punished * The Country's Government * The King's Cattle * King Kabrega Claims All the Young Ladies * Legend of the Creation * Belief in Charms * Curious Superstitions * Legend of the Elephant * Legend of the Chimpanzee

The War of the False Prophet Goes on
* Emin's Concern for Amadi * Sends Messengers to Obtain News * Stirring Reports From the Scene of Conflict * Heroic Spirit of Some of Emin's Soldiers * Contemptible Treachery of a Part of Emin's Forces * Presumptuous Letter From the Commander-in Chief of the Mahdist's Army * Intelligence of Gordon's Death * Exultation Among Moslem Arabs Over the Death of Gordon * Emin Summons His Officers to a Council of War * Resolution Passed by the Council * General Recommendation of a Retreat South-ward * Emin's Personal Supervision of the Southward March * Manner in Which Emin Received the Summons to Surrender * The Equatorial Provinces in a Perilous Situation * Emin's Letter to Dr. Felkin * News From England of a Proposed Expedition for Emin's Relief * Thanks for Heartfelt Sympathy * Emin's Expressed Resolve to Remain With His People * Gordon's Self-sacrificing Work Must be Carried on * Emin's Statement of What He Wants From England * Disreputable Arabs * Emin Anxiously Awaiting the Outcome of Present Troubles * Destructive Fire and the Loss of the Station at Wadelai * The Station Re-built * Emin's Estimate of His Own Supporters * Emphatic Determination Not to Evacuate the Territory

Stanley Again in Africa
* Fears for the Safety of Emin Pasha * King of the Belgians Resolves to Send an Expedition * Deciding upon a Route * Stanley States the Character of the Expedition * A Country That Does Not Pay * Bees' Wax and India Rubber * Cutting off the Nile * A Country That Might Be Starved * Stanley States That His Mission is Pacific * Stanley's Old Friend Tipo-tipo * Six Hundred Men Enlisted * Meeting the Expenses of the Journey * The Expediton Leaves Zanzibar for the Mouth of the Congo * Overland Journey of Nearly Seventeen Hundred Miles * Appalling Difficulties * Transporting Munitions and Stores * Difficulty to Obtain Porters * Mysteries of the "White Pasha" * Gigantic Falsehood Told Concerning Emin * Gloomy Predictions * Fears for the Safety of Stanley * The Whole Expedition Thought to Have Been Massacred * Blunders Committed in the Soudan and East Africa * Hostile Relations Between the Native Tribes * Dangers Always Threatening a Passing Caravan * Marauders Eager for Plunder * Stanley's Selection of the Congo Rout Criticized

The Great Explorer Heard From
* News of Having Reached Emin Pasha * Interesting Letter from Mr. Stanley * Story of the Expedition's Movements * Awaiting the Arrival of a Steamer * Tipo tipo Again on the Scene * Lively Skirmish with the Natives * Setting Fire to Villages * Making an Attack Under Cover of Smoke * Proceeding Along the Left Bank of the Aruwimi * Again in the Wilderness * Death from Poisoned Arrows * Making Steady Progress * Arrival at the Camp * Attempt to Ruin the Expedition * What Stanley Calls an "Awful Month " * Brighter Prospects Ahead * Extreme Suffering from Hunger * Great Loss in Men * A Halt of Thirteen Days * View of the Land of Promise * Light After Continuous Gloom of One Hundred and Sixty Days * A Battle Imminent * Natives Prepare for Warfare * Terrible War-cries Ring from Hill to Hill * Treating with the Natives * Attempt to Drive Back the Expedition * Sharp-shooters Rout the Natives * The March Resumed * Perilous Descent * Stanley Builds a Fort * Laying Up Stores * Illness of Stanley * Deaths and Desertions * Stanley Starts Again * Obtaining Supplies * News Again of the "White Man."

Wonderful Tales by Natives
* "Ships as Large as Islands, Filled with Men" * Note from Emin Pasha * Strip of American Oil-cloth * Boat Dispatched to Nyanza * Hospitable Reception by the Egyptian Garrisow * Joyful Meeting * Emin and Stanley Together * Only Sixteen Men Left Out of Fifty six * Favorable Accounts of the Fort * Getting Rid of Encumbrances * Moving Foward * Securing Ample Supplies * Immense Flotilla of Canoes * Hair-breadth Escapes and Tragic Scenes * Reorganizing the Expedition * Stanley Reported Dead * Immense Loss of Men * Good Accounts of the Survivors * Vast Forests * Sublime Scenery * High Table-lands * Lake Nyanza * Conversation with Emin Pasha * What Shall be Done? * Planning to Remove * Disposing of Women and Children * Last Words * Stanley Sends a Message to the Troops * Emin Pasha to Visit the Fort * Stanley Makes a Short Cut * Success Thus Far of the Expedition

The Route Taken by Stanley
* A March Beset by Fatal Perils * Death Thins the Ranks * Bushes and Creepers * Most Extensive Forest Region in Africa * One Hundred and Sixty Days in the Dense Woods * Loyal Blacks * Insects and Monkeys * Dwarfs and Poisoned Arrows * Gloom by Day and Frightful Darkness by Night * Sources of Moisture * Wild and Savage Aborigines * Short-lived Vision of Beauty * Light at Last * The Expedition in Raptures at the Sight of Green Fields * Scene on a Derby Day * Wild With Delight * A Leprous Outcast * " Beauty and the Beast " * News of a Powerful Tribe * Frantic Multitude * Fowls Plucked and Roasted * Skeletons Getting Fat * Back and Forth on the Banks of the Aruwimi * Emin Pasha * " See, Sir, What a Big Mountain" * Lake Albert Nyanza * Important Discoveries

The Explorer Again Lost
* Long and Painful Suspense * Welcome Despatch from Zanzibar * Wonderful March * Conspicuous Bravery * Stanley's Thrilling Story * Murder of Major Barttelott * Mission Church * "Outskirts of Blessed Civilization" * Vivid Word Painting * Stanley's Letter to a Friend * Movements of Jephson * Stanley's History of His Journey * Letter to the Chairman of the Emin Relief Fund * Rear Column in a Deplorable State * Land March Begun * Gathering Stores for the March * Small-pox * Terrible Mortality * Bridging a River * Crafty and Hostile Dwarfs * Tracks of Elephants * Fighting Starvation * Stanley Returns to Find the Missing Men * Making Friends with the Natives * Startling Letter from Jephson * Emin a Prisoner * The Insurgents Reach Lado * Emin's Followers Like Rats in a Trap * Stanley's Arrival Anxiously Awaited * Emin Clings to His Province * Stanley's Letter to Jephson * Absurd Indecision * Letter from Emin * Desperate Situation * Emin's Noble Traits * Stanley's Letter to Marston * Recital of Thrilling Events

Stanley's Continued History of His March
* Emin's Arrival at Stanley's Camp * Arranging for the Journey * Arabs who Always Agree with You * That Stolen Rifle * Selim Bey Deposed * The Refugees and their Luggage * Falstaff’s Buck Basket * Emin's Inquiry * Stanley's Reply to Emin * Hankering for Egypt * Stanley Reviews the Situation * The Pasha's Danger * Rebels Threaten to Rob Stanley * Rebels Possessed of Ammunition * When Shall the March Commence? * Reply of the Officers * Emin Acquitted of All Dishonor * Emin's Unwavering Faith * Few Willing to Follow Emin to Egypt * Expedition Starts for Home * The Perilous March

The World Hears the News
* Stanley and Emin Pasha Arrive at Mpwapwa * Newspapers Aglow with the Intelligence * Intense Interest of All Civilized People * Unfortunate Report of Emin's Death * General Rejoicings on Account of Emin's Safety * Stanley's Thrilling Narrative * Incidents of the Homeward March * The Explorer in Perfect Health * Stanley's Summons to Conduct the Expedition * The Aniwimi Explored from its Source to its Bourne * The Immense Congo Forest * "Cloud King" Wrapped in Eternal Snow * Fed on Blackberries * Six Thousand Square Miles of Water Added to Victoria Nyanza * Animals, Birds, and Plants * New Stores of Knowledge * The Hand of a Divinity * Emin Pasha and Jephson Threatened with Instant Death * Prisoners in the Hands of the Mahdists * Jephson's Letters * Stanley's Faith in the Purity of His Own Motives * "Agonies of Fierce Fevers" * What Vulgar People Call Luck * Strange Things in Heaven and Earth * Uncomplaining Heroism of Dark Explorers * Stanley's Letter to the British Consul at Zanzibar * Number of Persons Brought Out of Central Africa * Fifty-nine Infant Travellers * Eighteen of Emin's People Lost * Completeness of Stanley's Story

Stanley's Arrival at Cairo
* Warm Greetings * A Talk with the Explorer * A Fortune Left Behind * Great Preparations to Welcome Stanley * Banquet Attended by Distinguished Persons * Stanley's Letter to Mr. Bruce * A Story that Would Have Thrilled Livingstone * Two Hundred Thousand Spears * White Cotton Dresses * An Unexpected Meeting * The King Finds a Refuge * Mohammedan Intrigues * Terrible Slaughter * Christians in Africa * Stanley has an Opportunity for Adventure * An Imposing Deputation * Christian Converts Mightier than Kings * Students of the Bible and Prayer Book * A Tough Scotchman * " Peace and Good Will to Men" * Stanley Sends Greetings and Best Wishes * Stanley's Return Anticipated in London * Offers for a Prize Poem * An American Girl Wins the Prize * The Poem Celebrating Stanley's Return * "Back from the Dead"

Roger Casement's Account of his Meeting with Stanley
* At Stanley Pool * Narrative of a Heavy March * First Sight of Stanley * Chat with the Great Hero * Famous Little Steamer * A Wild Continent * Story of "Chinese" Gordon * Gordon in China * Stamping out Rebellion * Gordon in the Soudan * Gordon's Illustrious Deeds * Gordon's Tragic Death * The Mystery of Africa


Frontispiece * Henry M. Stanley * The Celebrated Explorers of the World * Expedition Starting for the Interior of Africa * David Livingstone * Wounded Lion Turning on Livingstone * Lions Capturing a Buffalo * Deadly Attack of a Lion on a Native * Peculiar Head-dress * Successful Warriors Celebrating Their Victory * Warrior with Spears and Shield * Fetish Men Selling Charms and Images * Training Boys for Hardships * Curious Houses Built by White Ants * The Latooka Funeral Dance * Commoro Running to the Fight * Wild Charge of a Buffalo upon Hunters * Exciting Battle with Hippopotami * Driving Crocodiles into the Water * House-Building in Africa * Livingstone Haunting the Elephant * A Dead Crocodile * The Famous Antediluvian Crocodile * The Final Attack on a Savage Hippopotamus * Great Baobab Tree of Africa * Curious Mounds Built by Warrior Ants * Immense African Lion Seizing His Prey * Grand Dance in Honor of a King * The Exploring Party on the March * Doherty's Description * The Marimba or African Piano * Stampede of South African Gnus * Scene in a South African Village * Charming Away Evil Spirits * Singular Mode of Dressing the Hair * Beautiful Zebras of Africa * Bringing a Huge Snake into Camp * Elephant Protecting Her Young from Hunters' Spears * Gigantic Baobab Tree at Victoria Falls * Curious Mode of Saluting a Stranger * Hippopotami and Young * Elephants Speared to Death by Natives * Elephants Laying Timbers * Death-Grapple with a Ferocious Lion * Desperate Battle at Mazaro * Igubo Plunged His Knife into the Monster's Side" * African Chief with Shield and War-club * Sudden Destruction of a Boat by a Hippopotamus * Long-tongued African Chameleon * "Instantly He Was Dragged from the Saddle" * Specimen of Elegant Tattooing * Destruction of a Village by Fire * Carrying Boats through a Tropical Forest * Gigantic Heron of Africa * The Pelican * Group of Flamingoes * Curious Nest of the Flamingo * The Marvellous Spectral Lemur * Natives Carrying a Boat in Sections across the Country * Zanzibar * Lake Region of Central Africa * Dr. Livingstone at Work on His Journal * Livingstone and His Men Crossing a "Sponge" * Grand Reception to Dr. Livingstone * A Chief's Most Dignified Conveyance * Casembe Dressed to Receive Livingstone * Hunting African Buffaloes * King of the Forest * Hunter Attacked by a Bull Elephant * A Family of Lion-Monkeys * Ants on the March * Market in Manyuema * Cannibals Capturing Sokos * Arabs Destroying Villages and Murdering Natives * Stanley on the March * Porter Carrying a Cart on His Head * Exciting Chase of the Rhinoceros * "The Rhinoceros Drove Its Horn into Its Body" * Stanley's Expedition Crossing a River * Weapons Used in Warfare * Crocodiles in a Tropical Marsh * Natives Dragging an Immense Crocodile Ashore * White.faced Wild Boar of Central Africa * Map of the Great Lake District * Stanley Finds Livingstone * Stanley and Livingstone Escaping from Savages * African Houses with Thatched Roofs * Conveying Livingstone's Body to the Coast * The Giraffe or Camtlopard * Young "Fetish" Man of the Congo District * King William of the Gaboon and His Principal Wife * Guereza with Beautiful Flying Mantle * Immense War-Boat of Cannibals Advancing to Battle * Monument and Skulls Erected to a Chief * African Warrior Rushing to Battle * King Mtesa and His Officers of State * Peculiar Mode of Execution * One of Mtesa's Wives Rescued from Death * Wild Freaks of a Female Sorcerer * Human Sacrifices in Honor of a Visit to King Mtesa * Wild War-Dance of Savage Braves * Beautiful African Leopard and Young * Battle between Stanley's Expedition and Fifty-four Canoes * Heroic Rescue of Zaidi * A Berber Family Crossing a Ford * The Beautiful Slave Girl at Berber * Exciting Combat with a Hippopotamus in the Atbara * The Old Arab Attacking the Hippopotamus * An Elephant's Furious Charge upon His Foes * Sir Samuel and Lady Baker Crossing the Desert * Neetmok War Dance * Wild Arab's Swift Ride * Venomous Scorpion * Natives of the Nile Region * Natives of Africa Capturing an Elephant * Bull Elephant Shaking a Tree for Fruit * Elephants in Military Service * Curious Obbo War-Dance * Kamrasi's People Welcoming Mr. and Mrs. Baker * The Start from M'rooli for the Lake with Kamrasi's Satanic Escort * Herd of Hippopotami in the Albert Nyanza Lake * Murchison Falls * The Niagara of Africa * Ferocious Attack of a Hippopotamus * Grand Dance of Welcome to Mr and Mrs. Baker * Lively Skirmish with the Natives * Camels transporting Steamers Across the Desert * Antelopes Guarded by a Sentry * Shillook Warriors with Dress and Weapons * “The Black Soldiers Immediately Attacked the Crocodile" * Curious Table-Rock in the Nile Valley * "Crack! went a Bullet against His Hide" * Wazaramo Village * Greedy Natives Fighting over a Captured Hippopotamus * "The Animal Sent Him into the Air" * Desperate Race * Put to Flight by a Sudden Charge * Grand Torchlight Dance of the Weezee * Dancing Party to Welcome a Returning Husband * Peculiar African Bullock * Social Amusements among the Weezees * Young Weezee Shooting Pigeons * An Ivory Merchant's Camp * Combat with an Enraged Lioness * A Happy Native * Landing an Enormous Hippopotamus * Infuriated Rhinoceros Routing His Foes * Peculiar Musical Instruments * Curious Adjutant-Bird * Grant's Rapid Journey from Karagwe * Elephants Escaping from Their Pursuers * Strange African Shoebill * Fish-Eagles Contending for a Prize * Life and Metamorphosis of the Dragon-fly * Desperate Battle with the King of the Forest * A beautiful Pheasant * Columns of Desert Sand Formed by a Cyclone * African Gekko or Wall-lizard * Gigantic Beetle * Native Captured by a Ferocious Leopard * The World-renowned Gorilla * Orang-outang Captured * Apes among the Trees * Herd of African Elephants * Chased by an Enraged Elephant * Dining with a Kaffir Chief * Headlong Chase of Three Elands * At Close Quarters * A Perilous Position * Terrible Combat with Tigers * Narrow Escape from a Wild Buffalo * A Race for Life * Giraffes Fleeing from a Hunter * Herd of Harrisbucks in Full Flight * Curious Mode of Capturing Ostriches * Exciting Chase of a Wild Ostrich * South American Ostrich and Young * Terrible Combat with a Gorrilla * "It Tossed Him High into the Air Once, Twice, Thrice" * O Jganga Doctor Discovering a Witch * A Struggle for Life * Leopard and Ant-Bear in Mortal Combat * South African Kangaroos * Warrior with Battle-axe * Carved Ivory Trumpets * Chief with Remarkable Goatee * Camel of Arabia * Traveller and Camel Crossing the Dessert * Hunting the Wild Boar in Africa * Desperate Combat with a Lion * Kaffirs' Lively War-Dance * Emin Pasha (Dr Schnitzer) * Some of Emin Pasha's Irregulars * African King and His Great Chiefs Returning a Visit * In the Jaws of Death * Chirping Cricket * Arrival at Kabrega's * Map of Equatorial Africa * Expedition Crossing a Temporary Bridge * Henry M. Stanley and His Automatic Machine Gun * Abyssinian Foot Soldier * Stanley Threatens Death if the Box is Dropped * Animals of the Tropics * Skirmish Drill of Kaffir Warriors * Extraordinary Forest Growths in Africa * Monkey Town in Central Africa
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Henry Morton Stanley was born in Denbigh, Wales, in 1841. He became a cabin boy and arrived in New Orleans in 1859. He remained in the United States and served in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. After the war he became a freelance journalist. In 1866 George Ward Nichols interviewed Wild Bill Hickok about his exploits as a gunfighter. The article appeared in the February, 1867, edition of Harper's New Monthly Magazine. Newspapers such as the Leavenworth Daily Conservative, Kansas Daily Commonwealth, Springfield Patriot and the Atchison Daily Champion quickly pointed out that the article was full of inaccuracies and that Hickok was lying when he claimed he had killed "hundreds of men".  Hickok responded to these articles by giving an interview to Henry Stanley. The article appeared in the St.Louis Missouri Democrat in April 1867. It included the following dialogue: "I say, Mr. Hickok, how many white men have you killed to your certain knowledge?" After a little deliberation, he replied, "I suppose I have killed considerably over a hundred." "What made you kill all those men? Did you kill them without cause or  provocation?" "No, by heaven I never killed one man without good cause."  Stanley now joined the New York Herald and in 1868 accompanied an expedition to Abyssina. He alsovisited Egypt, Palestine, Turkey, Persia and India. On 10th November, 1871, Stanley met David Livingstone  in Tanganyika. On his return to the United States he published How I Found Livingstone (1872). Stanley visited Africa again and after exploring Lake Tanganyika he traced the River Congo to the sea. This journey resulted in the book, Through the Dark Continent. After returning to Britain he became a member of the House of Commons for Lambeth.  Sir Henry Morton Stanley died in 1904.


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In Darkest Africa (2 vols.) or
The Quest, rescue, and retreat of Emin, governor of Equatoria.~ 1891


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