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Volume 5995

A STRANGE FOE  ~ 1934.10.14
When his friend Bohgdu the ape was attacked by the mysterious warriors, Tarzan plunged recklessly to his aid. Quickly he laid hold of two men who had seized Bohgdu. He raised them high, one in each hand and hurled them into the ranks of the enemy. The tribesmen were amazed at this display of superhuman strength. In the sunlight they now saw Tarzan clearly for the first time. Suddenly, with piercing wails, they fell to the ground in fearful worship for they believed that Tarzan was some strange white god. Then the trembling warriors rose and invited Tarzan to follow them. The ape-man turned to Bohgdu and spoke calmly. "I shall go with them and see what lies ahead. You go to the others and watch over them."

Boghdu leaped to a tree and vanished skyward. The ape hurried to Princess Mihrama and the sailors. By signs he conveyed to them that they must stay hidden until Tarzan returned. Tarzan was escorted to the village, the like of which he had not seen before. And the people surged forth to pay him homage as a god. He was led to a great house, and through a golden doorway encrusted with rich and dazzling gems. The ape-man found himself in a dark room. Through a hole in the roof, a ray of light streamed down and illuminated a throne of jeweled ivory. The natives fell reverently to the floor, but Tarzan advanced, and saw that the occupant of the throne was a white man! "Who are you?" the strange man demanded in a snarling voice. From the tone of the challenge, Tarzan knew he was facing a ruthless enemy!

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